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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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the outpouring of love and sympathy they have received. >> an experienced hiker went missing for nearly a week in montana has been rescued. madeline conley says she headed out for a short hike with her dog near the park, took a wrong turn, hopelessly lost with no food. finally, rescuers spotted her in the wilderness. >> i can't believe that, that we were able to get out. like the first night, i realized that i was not in the right place. but i thought if i kept going, i would be on the same loop of a trail and i would just get out. >> just incredible. conley says she couldn't be more grateful especially because she knew the area was full of grisly bears. >> postal service hoping to raise stamp prices again. the service asking congress for a price hike of a penny. usps recorded a quarterly loss of more than $550 million despite an increase in package delivery. >> well as pelt owners know, some animals
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and the strangest things. >> like frank here today and just chewed right through his leash. luckily, he doesn't really, run away. but. this next story is not about frank. it is about a retriever named huckleberry. his owners say his favorite spt spt -- spot to hang out is on the roof of the house. up there so frequently they post messages to let the neighbors know huck is just fine. there is nothing wrong with him being on the roof. >> can i do it? can i do it? can i say it. did he say that he was on the roof! >> wow. >> yeah. >> wow. >> that was good. >> do you know who gave me pointers for this, kendis. that was a kendis joke. >> there you go. makes so much sense. >> frank likes to play a similar game. he was not climb on the roof. when people are over he climbs on the back of the sofa. he is so quiet. you don't realize he is there. every now and then some one sits
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see him. absolutely freak out and lose their minds. he thinks a funny little prank. >> frank the tank. >> coming up the man who tried to outrun an alligator. ear muches, frank. caught on video. let you know how it turned out. >> and in time for mother's day. what one supermodel is trying to do for mothers to be all over the world. why she is saying every mother counts. >> first, here is a look at today's temperatures. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by -- downey. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you. that's why new downy protect and refresh
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difficult video from china. this motorcyclist slamming into the truck which burst into flames. the rider was on fire as well. until people nearby came to the rescue. amazingly the man reportedly did not suffer any life threatening injuries. incredible. >> glad for the bystanders. >> another ominous scene from long beach, california. that is just one of five great white sharks that were swimming in the water. some within just 50 yards of the beach. but not to worry, beach patrol was stationed in the area, keeping an eye on the sharks and the swimmers and boaters. >> was rock there promoting "baywatch." >> don't
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patrol or any one getting me to go into the water no matter how safe they assure me it is. from the water not being so safe. a guy in the kayak followed by an alligator in mobile bay, alabama. the man attracted the alligator attention getting too close while the alligator was hanging out in reeds. after the incident, the woman said the kayaker sclaemd he wasn't panicked at all. >> in new york city, investigating the death of two men whose bodies were found in central park. both found in bodies of water inside the park. the cause of both deaths are being looked into. so far police say the connection between the two cases, they're trying to figure that out. they say neither body showed signs of trauma. >> another death happened more than 140 years ago in san francisco is making new headlines. >> the discovery of the casket of a 2-year-old girl in the backyard of one couple's home. was strange enough. now it has taken an eerier twist. >> wayne friedman of the san francisco sta
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>> reporter: welcome to the oddfellow cemetery in san francisco. you might be wondering where are the graves? >> so she was -- right here. >> that is erika carter pointing to the spot in her backyard where workmen found an expensive coffin. inside, the well preserved body of an unknown 2-year-old girl. when crews removed the bodies from here in the 1930s they left her behind. >> what do you do and what is right for this child? >> as news of the discovery spread she became known as miranda eve, given to her by garden of innocence national which provides dignified burials for abandoned children. after, research, sunny knows the name, edith howard cook. >> we fell in love with her. we wanted her to have her name back. she deserves that. new information touched erika and her husband john who have two daughters of their own. >> when we discovered her, you know i could thinning to
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my gosh could have been my little girl. >> reporter: there is a twist, strange one, they never mentioned it until we left. then they told us about the sound of footsteps. >> i have heard them. >> reporter: the footsteps have no logical explanation. all this has gone on for years until the discovery of the coffin. >> reporter: have you heard the footsteps since she left? >> we have not. >> reporter: in life, death and for eternity, little edith cook will always be 2 years, 10 months and 15 days old. from komo, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> footsteps. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> you know, i don't do anything scary, stop it. stop. stop. >> i don't like it. >> stop it. >> i don't like it. >> did i hear footsteps? sure a lot of "world news now" ghosts around here. >> glad they're not hearing it in their house anymore. we are starting to hear things here. >> may she rest in peace. don't play with me,
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>> it is actually amazing though how much they went through to finally find where she belongs. >> they said they herd footsteps, diane. >> he is focused on food steps. >> jack, come on, jack. come out! >> totally fine. >> forget about it. >> it is not scary at all. >> ha-ha. >> i really don't do scary things. >> clearly. >> i really don't. >> we are going to have fun with this. days away from mother's day, every mother counts. >> sure do. the organization founded by a supermodel quickly turning into a social movement. you're watching "world news now." h means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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♪ mama you know i love you ♪ >> ha-ha.
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>> i love you marx ma. >> you are very good at that. >> the clock counts done to mother's day, hearing about an organization founded by christy turlington burns. for mothers everywhere. >> every mother counts. here's linda lopez. >> reporter: after more than a decade as one of the most successful working motdl ining the world. christy turlington. >> after giving birth i started to hemorrhage without the care of my midwife and nurses i could have died. i had no idea that women still die in child birth. once i knew i had how to do something about it. >> she start aid nonprofit dedicated to making a difference in health outcomes for new mothers around the world. >> every mother counts is invested in 11 grantee partners around the world.
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surgical gloves and soap and bigger items like solar suitcases, which make sure clinics have access to light in the darkness. when delivering babies. >> what we are using was this light. but today, we have this light. >> we have been able to impact more than, 600,000 lives in, since 2012 when we started investing in programs. >> reporter: traveling the world to do field work for her nonprofit keeps turlington inspired to continue her support. >> so many others where we have done solar installations. and gosh, you know you look at the -- at the supply closets. and they're empty. you don't have a normal doppler to be able to listen to the baby's heartbeat. so for mother's day, every mother counts has launched the orange rose campaign. offering gifts to give your mom, that will benefit moms around the world. >> the rose kind of came up as a,
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what, traditionally are gifts mothers would receive on mother's day. >> reporter: all the classices, flowers, jewelry, to scarves and candles. >> marc jacobs desteeigned a t-shirt. chocolate. jewelry pieces, a necklace i am wearing. tom's did some really cute shoes have the orange rose. >> all the items on, created by designers giving proceeds to emc. >> classic gifts, give more than a lovely gift. they will go to support a lot of moms in the world. >> as for her own mother's day, she won't be spending it at home relaxing with breakfast in bed this year. actually going to washington, d.c. for the mothers march to try to continue to spread the message of every mother counts. she tells us that with health care, as vulnerable as the it has been in the past week or two, really important that moms voices are heard. diane,
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diane, kenneth, back to you. >> a great cause. coming up the birthday gift that changed the life of a young boy. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ nice to see the top books there. now to a little boy's birthday surprise, a storybook ending that played out in front of his school. >> all thanks to a community outside of knoxville, tennessee that rallied together for one of its own. here's abc's david wright. >>
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please. i need all students to make their way to the auditorium. >> reporter: at lanier elementary school, a special assembly. >> come on up here. >> reporter: complete with a surprise for one fourth grader. 10-year-old andrew borden haalb. the only we he can see is carting his computer and magnifying glass. >> when i meet people, they'll ask me, why is my hair white? why do i have to be close to things? it is a disorder where i can't see well. i was born that way. >> past few months i would sit up at night after everybody went to bed search the internet. i knew there had to be something out there. andrew's dad found an answer, high tech glasses that could give him 20/20 vision but they cost $10,000. money the bordens don't have. >> $10,000 might seem expensive. but the glasses are priceless with what they can do. andrew just got to try them on. but he
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not until his community joined together and raised the money. now, you know what's inside that box. but andrew doesn't. >> now, andrew can see clearly and see how awful his friend came through for him. >> people you don't even know, and there were, there were a lot of anonymous donations on there. people that didn't want-up to know that they gave money. >> just reinforces what i say about our community. our community is a wonderful community, small, but powerful. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> that is so cool. way to go andrew. way to go to that community. >> must make him feel so good. not only to be able to see again what that does for yourself esteem to know the community cam together to help you look that. >> big boost. >> all right. stay with us for this half-hour.
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this morning on "world news now," the fbi director, bids farewell. >> after losing his job, james comey, use a good-bye letter and appears to be moving on. fallout surrounding his firing growing overnight as details surface about what really happened before the president went public with the decision. the full breakdown coming up. >> mandatory evacuations under way for half of a georgia county besieged by wildfires. crews from around the country are flown in to fight the fast moving flames. we have the details straight ahead. >> and the growing mystery involving bmws mysteriously catching fire for no apparent reason. even while turned off. dozens of luxury vehicles, spontaneously combusting. the abc news investigation ahead. >> what would you do if you were trying to sell your car but couldn't because of the flintstones.


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