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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- what really led to the firing of the fbi director. the real story behind the head lines. the investigation into the ar how a canadian teenager in a chat room may have prevented tragedy. >> new this half-hour, education secretary, booed at a college graduation. >> awkward moments as students stood with their backs in defiance over racially insensitive remarks. >> rocking the white house, conquered wrestling, hollywood, is washington next. the movie mogul gets real and talks about giving the nation president johnson. the details in "the skinny," on
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this thursday, may 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we had a president johnson. >> we did. we did. i am fairly certain of that. >> yeah, me too. good morning to you all. >> kenneth moton, and i am diane macedo. we have a lot to get to today. especially with this comey firing. we have some new developments now on president trump's firing of the fbi director. >> last night comey sent a letter to former colleagues at the fbi saying he its not going to dwell on the president's decision. officials say comey asked for resources for the investigation into the russian elect, meddling. a claim the justice department denies. and the senate committee looking into the possible ties between the trump campaign and russia subpoenaed former national security adviser michael flynn. >> president trump is now citing job performance as his motive. abc's lana zach has details. >> reporter: the day after the president decided to fire the man in charge of the fbi
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president met with russia's foreign minister and ambassador in the oval office. suspicious timing for democrats who are questioning the president's motivation to fire james comey. >> fbi director comey was leading an investigation into whether the trump campaign colluded with the russians, a serious offense. were those investigations getting too close to home for the president? >> reporter: an increasing number of republicans raising questions too. >> the white house's timing here was less than impeccable. >> he wasn't doing a good job, simply. >> reporter: the white house saying the president watched comey's testimony on tv last week, and went from questioning senstein's memo arrived before 30 p.m., tuesday, less than three hours the president sent
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the letter to fib headquarters informing phone comey you are hereby terminated and removed from office effective immediately. comey has been invited to testify before the senate tuesday. we'll see if he accepts the invitation. increased calls for a special prosecutor to take over the russia investigation. though the republican leadership is still opposing that move. kenneth, diane. >> thank you, to abc's lana zach in washington. republican congressman leading the house oversight committee calling on the justice department inspector general to look into the decision to fire comey. >> the white house is denying the russian investigation had anything to dupe with the president's decision. abc's brian ross has more on the status of the investigation. >> reporter: the russians were having a good laugh about the firing of the fbi director. president vladamir putin infull hockey gear with his press secretary next to him cold cbs, he was more interested in tt
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scoring some goals. >> we have nothing to do with that. >> reporter: but for the fbi there is nothing funny about the investigation, now in a critical juncture after almost a year. officials tell abc news, a federal grand jury is already impanelled and the white house was asked about reports subpoenas have been issued for documents connected to former national security adviser, general mike flynn. >> was the white house aware at the time of this decision and announcement that grand jury subpoenas in the case of michael flynn had just gone out. >> no, nor would or should we have been. >> adding to white house concerns this week, new indications the investigation may have expanded to include trump's business and personal finances. based on how the former director of national intelligence cryptically answered this question. >> general, during your investigation of all things russia, did you ever find a situation where a trump business interest in russia gave you co
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comment on that because that impacts -- our investigation. >> reporter: officials tell abc news, fbi agents are increasingly focused on general flynn. on trump's former campaign manager, paul manifort, long-time trump friend, roger stone and foreign policy adviser carter page. all denied any wrongdoing. including page who told me recently the allegations are false. >> it's ridiculous. >> what's ridiculous about it? >> everything. making something out of nothing, so. good to see you. >> reporter: page was full of praise for the firing of the fbi director encouraged he said that the investigation may soon come to an end. the justice department denies it, but u.s. officials including democratic senator richard durbin tell abc news comey was fired just days after he asked the justice department for more agents and more resources to expand his investigation. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to brian ross.
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calling on the u.s. to reverse its decision to arm syrian kurds. tensions rising days before he is set to meet president trump at the white house. ghters will be crucial in battling against isis. planning to raise the issue with president trump when they meet tuesday. defense secretary, james mattis is confident they will work out any concerns. dozens of people injured. one man was killed during an especially violent day of anti-government demonstrations on the streets of caracas, protesters are arming themselves with a new weapon to battle security forces. they're using polpotovs, molotov cocktail s filled with feces. >> education secretary nearly drowned out by boos as she delivered the commencement speech at a historically black florida, they owe posed devos as commencement speaker because of past comments sunny made,
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downplaying the role of racism in creation. every time she tried getting a few words out. they booed and turned their backs on her. >> i am honored to become a wildcat. and it is a real honor and privilege to be with you as we celebrate the bethune cookman university class of 2017. one was escorted, protesters, and the university president warned if the behavior continued graduates would be getting their diplomas by mail. >> severe storms roll across the middle of the country. millions will see strong wind, hail and tornados are possible. this was the scene in western illinois yesterday. as a funnel cloud spun above farmland. there were no reports of any damage. forecasters say that area will be spared the worst of mother nature today. >> stock of snapchat p
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following disappointing earnings report. posted a $2.2 billion loss first three months of the year. nearly all related to snap's high profile ipo in march. the stock plunged more than $5 per share late yesterday after the report was issued. >> one of the men seen fighting on southwest airlines flight is going to face charges. the incident comes as a new jd power study shows overall passenger satisfaction at its highest level ever. lower costs, better on time performance, fewer lost bags among reasons for that. alaska airlines, number one among traditional carriers. southwest, rated top, low cost airline. >> oklahoma city police posted the bumbling burglars' video. say that ten times fast, right. trying to steal a pickup truck from the dealership. >> see them walking through the parking lot after some how unlo
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the truck starts rolling backwards on its own. now, it is up to the burglars to try to stop it. one guy tried shooting the windows with a bb gun. >> ♪ >> they gave up. the truck stopped. they never could figure it out. they did figure how to drive it off the lot. after that. the truck has since been recovered. >> oh. bumbling burglars video. ♪ ♪ that or like the "bennie hill" music. >> okay. coming up. she has been showing off her flawless moves on "dancing with the stars" apparently she is not smiling enough. how the gold medalist responded going viral. >> amy schumer got to live out her lifelong dream. live to instagram. right there for it. we have that story ahead in "the skinny." first, here is a look at today's forecast. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. ok honey you play with your monkey while i get your little brother cleaned up.
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take a look at this. an investigation under way to find out why the crane collapsed on ta
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a viaduct in northern italy. construction workers could only watch in horror as all of their hard work came undone. amazingly the crane operator was able to jump clear of the crane as it started to tip. >> police in north carolina believe they may have prevented a school massacre. >> minutes to spare, officers pulled a 16-year-old boy out of class found what investigators say was a stash of knives, gasoline, and a hit list. here is abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: north carolina police are sharing these pictures of the knives the student brought to school to underline how real this threat was. they're not identifying the teenager because he is under legal age. but say he planned to stab up to a dozen students tuesday at forest hills high school, hour south of charlotte. >> who knows who was on that list, that the person made. reporter: the school resource officer seen here is the one who pulled the boy out of a classroom. in his bk
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knives, gasoline, firecrackers, and a hit list, with the names of several classmates. police here say they were tipped off by authorities in canada who learned of the plot from a canadian girl who was in an internet chat room and saw the teenager discussing his plans. within minutes, the phones were ringing in union county. >> he had students that he wanted to harm. some of them were in the classroom. >> reporter: police tell us the teen is in a secure location, getting counseling and has not been charged. >> great work all around there. apparently an hour they were able to pull the kid out of class. >> hats off to that canadian teenager who said something. in another country. >> imagine he dismisses it. >> it is said the student they apprehended was very calm at the time. the school said he is not known to be a troublemaker they found it odd. >> we'll be watching that one. >> when we come back, the rock. is he done with hollywood? he is going to reveal his next career update. >> my eyebrow. >> wait, wait, w
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what's diddy done again? >> getting all the tongue twisters. >> never happens -- >> diddy has done something again for the sixth year in a row. >> what's diddy done again? the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny >> it is time for "the skinny." and we are starting with the possibility of another president johnson. president dwayne the rock johnson that is. >> the 45-year-old actor, wrestler on the cover of the latest gq tells the magazine, it is a "real possibility" he says not only does he think he's got what it takes for the oval office, he has been considering
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the idea of transitioning into politics more and more over the past year. anything happen over the past year that would, you know, that says. i am a celebrity? >> moana. >> moana, that's what it is. >> the fate of the furious star says he would take responsibility for all citizens. and if he didn't agree with some one he wouldn't shut them out, he would include them. he has his platform, diana. >> and going with "gq" come deissue theme, the magazine released a video showing how the rock could reimagine movie franchises, including napoleon dynamite. check this out. ♪ get down, down, down, down >> no word on whether hollywood will try to make the rock version of "napoleon dynamite" how do you not vote for a man with those moves. >> are you kidding running for offi
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>> i'm not. >> hey. hey. >> and the rock, a man of the people. >> he really is. >> the people's elbow. >> did you see him in the mom jeans? >> second time we have seen the rock in mom jeans in a year. >> should we show the people our trick. our little, kenneth and i can both do the rock eyebrow. can you do the other one too? >> let me think about it. i'm still doing the same one. >> ha-ha-ha. >> try the other one. try the other one now. >> ha-ha-ha. >> all right. >> do you remember him in the fanny pack? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. black turtleneck. gold chain. >> absolutely. >> my poster above my bed still. my husband things it is weird. >> dream come true for amy schumer. >> comedienne long a fan of judge judy this week she got a chance to be judge judy. at least for a little while. >> you're out of order.
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>> ha-ha. >> schumer was given the chance to actually sit on the judge's bench and joke around with the world's richest bailiff. i want to know him. >> yeah. >> the world's richest bailiff. >> can he throw some of the riches our way? >> scolding him for handing a te while looking at her. don't you look at me. >> she is getting used to the judge's bench i think. >> also shared snaps on instagram. one thing she didn't do though, didn't get to swim around in, judge judy's money vault, skrooge mcduck. >> a rich woman. you are neighbors from long island, right? >> listen, they don't keep me here because i'm gorgeous, they keep me here because i'm smart. i'm ready. whenever, whenever judge judy wants to retire. >> okay. >> no legal background the i've am ready for the role. >> all right.
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they keep me here because i'm smart and beautiful. >> you know what they say, mo money, mo problems. >> that's what they say. >> don't think for diddy. >> the rapper once again topped the forbes rankings of the wealthiest hip-hop artist with a net worth of $820 million. e he may be getting a run for his money pun intended. jay-z, boosted his net worth last year by 30%, which is a lot of money when you are talking in the millions. he now only trails ditty by $10 million. >> wow. think he, jay z is about to have three kids. >> he has got to pay for the twins. out goes the budget. very good point. >> right. interesting to know that in the race to be a billionaire, the bulk of both men's fortunes involve businesses, endorsements, not their music. >> yeah, years since either one produced an album, well, produced, rapped on an album. y-
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ an olympic gold medalist, simone biles used to winning. and getting attention on "dancing with the stars" after this week's episode getting a lot of attention not because of her dance moves. >> asked on the show why she wasn't smiling. her response is going viral. here's abc's byron pitts. ♪
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simone biles showing off her flawless moves on "dancing with the stars." earning applause from the audience and mixed feedback from the judges >> be careful some times you dance like a metronome, so on the beat, precisely hitting the beat. >> when the host weighed in. >> i was waiting for you to smile at some compliments, you didn't. >> reporter: her response was pure gold. >> smiling doesn't win you gold medals. >> reporter: nobody knows that better than biles. holding 19 olympic and world championship medals. but the fierce competitor's blunt answer igniting a firestorm on social media. igniting women fed up with being told to smile. one writing, i have been told to smile all my life, especially by men. now i can reply, smiling doesn't win gold medals. another tweeting, note to men and negative nellies, a woman's value shouldn't come down to whethe
3:57 am
tom bergeron taking her comment to heart, the question i should have asked what is your reaction to the judge's comments. biles keeping it in classic form. curious how she felt about judge's comments. i unwittingly added to the smile pile. biles keeping the classic form, writing back, we love you, tom. she is clearly dancing on, she ron pitts, abc news, new york. >> it's so easy to, to get how this misunderstanding takes place. he is just trying to get her to say, well this is how i feel hearing what the judges said. trying to get a sense what was going through her head. he probably doesn't understand what it is like to be a woman and be told, smile. >> that's in important message. i am also writing down "smiling doesn't get you gold medals." >> take that. ♪ ♪ ♪
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making news in america this morning, we are getting our first look at the letter the fbi director sent to his former employees. plus, comey's request for more resources for the russia investigation days before getting fired. the new report this morning about the white house not knowing where comey was when he was fired and why the deputy attorney general threatened to quit after the president's decision. a hiker found alive after nearly a week. how she ended up lost and how a dog kept up her spirits. plus, caught on camera, the dramatic moment a crane comes crashing down. a good thursday morning, i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kenneth moton in for kendis gibson. we begin with the outrage in


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