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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight and overnight, as low pressure will slowly make its coast.the when it gets to the coast tomorrow, midday, and starts pulling away, that's when our rain will end. you can see in your futurecast, going through late tonight, plenty of rain. yellow.r the areas of those indicate heavier downpours through the overnight and early morning. around noon tomorrow, we think is when we'll take a break, with the heaviest rain 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. after that, we'll see lingering maybe atill noon and touch of clearing later. >> thank you, doug. for theg now, a manhunt driver who killed five people in this horrifying crash. two and a half years ago. kenneth kelley was supposed to be sentenced today, but he never showed up. bureau chief brad bell joins us live from the prince george's county courthouse. be a this was supposed to day of closure for the victims' families. reporter: oh, yeah. not get it. this was highly unusual. after hewas released
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back here. supposed to have an ankle on.elet but he did not show up today. and the family, they erupted. as the reality of kenneth kelley's failure to appear sank in, the loved ones of those he killed left the courtroom. furious. several appealing to us to get and kelley's picture out. >> i'm angry. finally gonnawas get justice. and now, it's like a slap in the face. think that het understands what he done. he don't wanna take he done.ility for what reporter: what he did was kill five people, including two crashen, in this terrible on the highway back in 2014. drunk. he was speeding. last month, he pleaded guilty to of negligent manslaughter. today he would have been sentenced to up to 50 years in prison. now, that
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until he has been taken into custody. victims' loved ones still waiting for justice. >> he needs to turn himself in. you killed five people. you know, kids lost their moms, moms lost kids. five people. somebody bombs for killing five people -- bonds killin kill five people? reporter: when kelley is caught, on a no bond status. he was supposed to have an ankle bracelet on. we are told that that removed -- was removed, so he couldn't be tracked by g.p.s. many questions. we're working to find out just that happened. at this point, nobody knows. in upper marlboro, brad bell, news. >> thank you. a prince george's county council member pleaded guilty to slamming into the back of a car while driving drunk. mel frankliea,
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full responsibility. that responsibility includes a $645 fine and probation. former, new tonight, f.b.i. director james comey will not be talking about his firing anytime soon, because politico declined an, he has invitation to go before a senate committee. that follows a day of fast and tweets by the president that stirred a firestorm. claims?e that comey better hope there are no recordings of their conversations. raised a critical question. >> for the third time, there is add on to >> some in congress called the president's tweets intimidation or threats. white house denies that. congressman commings is any such recordings be turned over to the committee. new york, this is kind of fun. that's an unforgettable image. that. good look at yep. this is tied to the trump administration, of course. scenes kind of a bizarre heren
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white house spokesperson. mccarter, whoa plays spicer on saturday night live. great picture! >> developing now, hospitals in england, universities in italy, russia's interior ministry, massiveims of a ransomware cyber attack today. more than 70 countries are affected. confirms it has also been hit by the malware attack. unclear if this includes the company's u.s. offices or not. $300ansomware demands bitcoin dollars to unlock a computer. >> a neighborhood rattled by the explosions. tonight officials are calling this townhouse fire suspicious. adding to those suspicions, the man who lives there was seen before the fire, carrying luggage. two nearby homes also damaged by the fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. new video now shows the man that arlington police believe sexually assaulted a wom
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her apartment building, entering another building, prior to the attack. in that case, the concierge stopped this guy and tells him to leave. was then that police say he posed as a maintenance worker at attacked alding and woman when she opened her front door, after he knocked on it. theou recognize this man in video, police in arlington would very much like to talk to you. a heart-wrenching story. a woman in a wheelchair killed men runot-out as two past her. this is surveillance video. four months ago this happened. video wasthat released, still no arrests in this case. at won'teing shot talk. he's scared. the victim's son says that's no excuse. to kill you, what are you scared of? if you get out the hospital, to killna come and try you again. >> police believe a man that has -- police believe a man they have in custody for parole the gunman. so
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it. d.c.'s police chief is now official. peter newsham was sworn into the job this afternoon. role aseen filling the interim chief since sent. the d.c. council confirmed him job permanently last week. >> a major change is coming for metro riders. it's now official. means that you will pay more for less service in just six weeks' time. are the changes you'll see on june 25. monday through thursday, the 11:30 will close down at in the evening, 30 minutes earlier than it is right now. inwill also close at 1:00 the morning on friday and saturday service. and 11 p.m. on sunday. coincide with a fare increase, anywhere between 10 cents and 25 cents per trip rail or bus. >> talk about living on the edge. the scene that may make your knees weak and the daring moment life. saved this woman's >> and a bus consumed in flames. 56 children rushed to safety, just in time. well, now
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called a h (announcer) there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy.
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>> an ohio police chief just days on the job is among three people killed by a gunman in ohio. police say the suspect killed two employees at a nursing home in a columbus suburb. then shot kirksville police chief as he responded to the scene.
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dead in the woods nearby. no word on a motive. was a terrifying scene. a school bus, engulfed in flames carolina this today the hero bus driver who got all 56 kids on board to returned to work. [cheering] >> look at that. so deserving! what a welcome she received. parents waited for her bus to arrive. signs in hand. thanks.ive her >> she deserves that. that's great to see. all right. some incredible video tonight to you. with this is a landing. this helicopter is going to try to land on a yacht. time.o it all the something happened. this was in the norwegian harbor. in,he helicopter was coming something got caught in its rotor and it went down. watch. >> wow. tourists were rolling on cell were watchingy that helicopter try and land. thre
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helicopter, they were hurt but survived. investigators say that a tarp on the yacht, the strings or cables, got tangled in the rotor of the helicopter, spinning it off the deck and into the water. los angeles, terrifying moments as this woman, sitting on the ledge of a high-rise, jump.ens to police officers and firefighters surround her. one talking to her, trying to her to come down. that's when the others sprang into action. >> there they go! woo! yeah! >> you see those officers, they a bear hug woman in and pull her to safety. >> hopefully she gets her help. ahead, a man wakes up to find a car parked in his pool. look at this. it all in stride. plus, sharing a laugh with the driver. a great story here. next, a press secretary pair
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>> look at her go. ha ha! >> definitely the shot of the day. take a good look at that. you'd think it was sean spicer taking a roll on his podium down the street. no. that's melissa mccarthy. she plays sean spicer on saturday night live. it's hilarious. saturday night, she'll be hosting saturday night live. taping this as a part of that bit. i'm sure you will see it come night.w >> ha ha! >> cannot wait for that. been a busyow, it's week at the white house, filled with controversy and many ofparisons to the final days richard nixon's presidency. is the controversy over russia the of director actually changing anyone's opinion of the president? one-on-one with voters from around the country. >> oh, yeah. headlines. those >> can't stop reading about it. >> that russia thing. collision course. contradictions. >> why did he really fire james
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comey? asked folks what they'd ask if they could get a one-on-one with mr. trump... all the tweeting? >> more than a few people say they're getting twitter fatigue. child on his cell phone in the middle of the night. >> now, headlines like this, good for only one day. but many out there would like to ask the white house, is there a for the future? >> how do you think this will end the way you want it to? house, redthe white hats and white signs. >> when is he going to get tougher with the democrats? >> some asking why the president didn't fire comey sooner. >> i think the president made a decision, you know. he had somebody who was out of control. >> others wish he'd open up more. >> i wonder how he feels about just all of this -- that you see around, with people protesting everywhere. the hardest question of all. >> figuring out how the and the f.b.i. in particular moves forward with everythi
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abcorthwest washington, news. >> boeing says mechanics used when doingd tools maintenance on one of the 747's known as air force one when the board.nt was on failing to clean the specialized tools could have led to a fire in the oxygen system. paid $4 million to repair the damage. >> wow. well, an amazing moment that was video in california. check that out. see, no horses do fly! there you go. isn't a pegasus. that's a 1200-pound animal of aed at the bottom ravine. the horse lost its footing and fell. here's the amazing part. horse areider and the just fine. no broken bones, no problems. they had to put blinders on the they rescued him so they
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but that horse is now on solid ground. >> so the horses beat the pigs, because the pigs are supposed to fly. >> haven't seen that yet. we do, we'll show it to you. this is lining the streets of providence. dozens of toilet plungers. this is a form of protest for a cyclist upset that cars kept bike lane.e they went out and got a lot of plungers. >> hmm. makes accepts. -- makes sense. a man woke up and found his above-ground pool with an unplanned addition. bang!eard there it is. there's a car parked in the pool. looked got out and he like a groundhog coming out of his hole. hilarious. >> the homeowner's take -- he's taking this all in stride. got a good sense of humor. the reason is this. happened six times in the past 12 years. this latest case, a
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car.ust bought the new >> you know, that pool company should do a commercial with this look, that pool didn't break. that is a tough pool. even your car can take a dip in it will hold up. >> maybe a strong fence along the street property would that.t >> some big boulders might. >> enough of the rain inner. had enough? in the streets. so many roads you saw all the ponding. >> it's gonna happen again late tonight. the normal areas that get the deep water, a lot of places around the metro, that will be overnight tonight. tomorrow afternoon, the rain end.d come to an then we're in much better shape by sunday. this is doppler radar. steady rain. notice we're not detecting any measurable rain over upper frederick county, county. just wait. it's coming your way too. plenty of rain to go around for the night. hold steady,will in the lower 50's, maybe 49, 50-degree range overnight. the tempo of the rain
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with the possibility of a thunderstorm or two. we check our futurecast, through the late night, this is the suggestion of where things around midnight. easterly winds with coastal flood advisories along the western shore of the bay. arundel county. it's going to be miserably chilly. to see heavier downpours, maybe a few rumbles of thunder. morning, heaviest rain clearly to the east of the metro corridor. midday and afternoon, rain ends. we'll see a touch of clearing in some spots. sunset, sunefore could break through about anywhere as gusty winds bring in air. between now and the time that happens, with the rain moving about 8/10 to one inch of rain in the metro area. more along the beaches. two, three inches more at the maryland-delaware beaches. takes on philadelphia tomorrow. wah
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our bigeads up to conclusion here of sunshine for mother's day! if notg partly sunny mostly sunny and breezy. 72, a real turnaround here. looking ahead to next week, check out this warming trend. we go from 72 on monday to 89 or and thursday. still mid-80's with thunderstorm saturday, friday and even into sunday. but it sure looks to me like the weatheritch in the pattern is just a couple days away. >> we're looking forward to it, doug. wiz. pressure on the they just have to win two games to advance. good gamed be a tonight, scott. >> hey, guys, live to fight another day. the's the motto for washington wizards. they need that win to keep their season alive. otto porter jr. and company up some shots, getting ready for the big game. we'll break it all down, next in sports.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> hello, everybody! i'm scott abraham, live at verizon center for game six of conference semifinals. this is what you call the calm before the storm. in about 90 minutes, this place will be rocking! the washington wizards trying to stave off elimination tonight game seven decisive against those boston celtics.
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times this season, including in the playoffs. the home team is 9-0 this season. sixes at home have not been kind to the wizards in the past. and 2015, their season ended in this very situation. up withtoday, i caught the wizards' beat reporte reporr the washington post to get her breakdown of tonight's all-important game six. do you not press? how do you not overdo things when maybe things aren't going well on the court tonight? >> that's what brad beal was speaking about this morning. him, john wall, and marcin, who have been in the situation before. they have that history. the other guys. this is their first time, especially with this team. so i think you have to lean on the core guys and that's that four, especially john and brad. see you have your coach's hat on already. give me your keys to the game. >> defense. game five, they
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firstreak points in the quarter. they need to stop that in transition. and also, still worry about that guy.e isaiah thomas. last three games, he hasn't really been the one to step up, you would think he's still got another 35-point game in him. defense,e, defense, with my coach's hat on. >> candace, one of the best in the business. i spent the morning with the wizards at shootaround. very calm, very loose, very relaxed. what to do tonight. they gotta just get this win and force that game seven. guys, it should be a good one at verizon center. opening tip, 8:00. >> it will be good. scott, thanks very much. as much pressure on you, doug. >> no. i've got an easy job. rain. tonight. it steve is tracking that for you. he'll let you know what's going to happen for mom's day at 11. >> there's a lot of pressure. mother's day, forecast, are you me?ing >> world news
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tonight, president trump's warning to the fbi director who he just fired. saying james comey, better hope there are no tapes. after the president says they had three conversations clearing him. is that a threat to the man who was heading the russia investigation? and the white house is asked, are conversations being recorded? and the police chief shot and killed. two nursing home employees also dead. and the new surveillance from inside the school. the mother who was told her 8-year-old boy fainted. does the video tell a different story? and the deadly collision


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