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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sho shooting much 1234r0e6789d oh what a block from durant! aldridge gets it back. puts it sbrup gets the hole. lamar jaurms sfrmplt simmons goes eye for the rebound he is bumped by
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>> jeff: that time a great engagement, and that time, klay thompson that's a great look for him. but i still like late in the game, making curry a pass esch, livingston made the next right play. but i cannot live with myself if it's curry or durant. >> and a fismt and rebound by johnson simmons. and thoen the loose ball and better than being good on offense.
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oh i have a beard. oh! a chip. (laughter) binge watching isn't always rewarding. but is. thanks captain obvious. how long have you been here? is . >> mike: aerial coverage brought to you by
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inspire what is they roll into yours. goodyear, more driven. 2:12 remaining, game one. western conference finals, two-point lead for san antonio. lamarcus aldridge had a great start. kawhi leonard was playing fabulously until he injured his ankle. they went dournt and curry. combined 67 points and a big free throw now for jonathon simmo simmons. >> mark: coach talked about anybody not named curry or doesn't. i disagree. that is a layup for thompson. looking a the numbers the, he has to fw better. that is not a shot you live with. >> jeff: you're right. it just can't be those two guys. to me, it's got to be livington and clean or
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three-pointer, won't go, purry, across to durant. durant with a three-pointer. picked up by curry. curry for three. it's good! tie game. >> mark: i know that ginobili is a great competitor but he laid out. he did not give great effort on the second shot opportunity where they got the first offensive rebounds. got to be better. >> 36 for curry. 1:30 remaining. simmons drives on draymond green. rebound taken by thompson. klay thompson off the dribble. pass inside to green. warriors back up and a foul. beautiful look inside. >> mark:
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thompson being better. that doesn't necessarily mean score the basketball and shoot it. it's making plays. puts the ball on the deck and finds a wide open. >> jeff: to go up two possessions, now down three. >> mike: simmons, the cross over, got it back, kicks it out. green, green, corner three. aldridge offensive rebound. turns, shot's no good. rebound thompson. durant's good the ginobili on him. give and go.
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jmp secure the possession. to two long rebounds. secured by golden state. ultimately leading to the steph curry game time three point shot. san antonio will rule that possession all night long. >> mark: the sad thing about it, they make plays like that, dispinting effort. >> mike: you see the time-outs. spurs are out of time-outs. neither team with a foul to give. golden state has a couple fouls remaining. the third quarter, had 19 in the third. they were
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drive, stuchs it. >> jeff: and gets the two for one opportunity. >> mike: taken away, patty mills. patty mills takes it away from klay thompson and fouls him 34rk good job by the spurs. to agrezively chop and come up with the steal. >> mike: mills can make it a one-pound game. >> mark: sampb tone owe has to be aware, no time-out s s 234i67 i'm going
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prepared to get a quality look. one. point game, 30 seconds left. >> jeff: 7.9 differential. securing the defensive rebound is quit cal. >> mike: curry pulls back over, on the drive, and bounces around and dromps through. three-point game. 9.5 remaining. >> jeff: do you foul or not? no good. rebound, fought for it. picked up by mills, thrown away and a whistle and a fouls a mills got hit. so with .5 remaining, he will go to the line.
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thompson with his fifth foul. >> mark: gasol is in the ball game. the second shot has to be missed and brown sends plk gee for the same purpose. >> jeff: you have to make the first though. >> mark: right. >> mike: it's so difficult to execute. but the key is mills the has to hit the first. two-point game and some how you have to figure out how to carom the miss to one of your players for a quick tip in. >> jeff: mills, i saw it earlier in the year. throw it quick off the front of the rim and maybe you can get it back yourself. >> mike: mills misses, rebound tipped and that's it. the warriors survive and take game one.
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gomden state takes advantage of the kawhi leonard injury. they were down 25 in the first half. 20 at half. 23 in the third quarter. and take a 1-0 lead in the western conference final. two great teams going at each other. steph curry right now with doris burke. >> doris: can you describe the difference between your group when you went down 25 versus the one that just erased that deficit? >> we just control what we can control and play martyr. they were playing well but we were beating ourselves the first quarter, the first half just rushing. not getting st
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win any way we can get it. >> doris: your third quarter triggered a huge explosion. what is your intention in those moments? >> just be aggressive and decisive. i thought we were trying to do too much. not taking open shots. and the way they were defending us there are going to be open shots and we are going be willing to take it. i have to go to third. and k.d. has go in the fourth. everybody else contributed throughout. >> what changes about your approach with ren nard off the floor 34i678 and etch attack the paint and do what are we do to get
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shots helps. >> doris: thank you. mike? >> thank you, sorry. golden state remains undefeated in the 2017 post season. now 9-0 as they defeat the san antonio spurs 40 for curry. 34 for durant and the key going forp ward? leonard's ankle. will he be able to play tuesday? that is when nba coverage continues. 7:30 eastern, it's the nba draft lat e lottery followed by game two of the western conference finals with tip-off shortly after nine. the warriors with a huge come back. 113- 113-111 the final
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abc "world news tonight" is coming up flexion. for jeff, mark and doris and the abc crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching here on abc. home of the nba finals.
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good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the specter of audio taping at the white house, and the requests for the tapes to be turned over. president trump threatening james comey, with the possibility that their conversations w
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david wright at the white house starting us off. >> reporter: even as new candidates arrive to be interviewed for the new fbi director job, president trump is being asked about his statements that he recorded conversations with james comey before firing him. the president declines to answer. republicans -- >> this wetweet has to be answered. >> if in fact there are such recordings, i think they will be subpoenaed, and he'll have to turn them over. >> reporter: and democrats. >> we have to make sure the tapes don't mysteriously disappeared. >> reporter: on "this
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george put the question to ken starr. >> if you were looking into this case, would you be demanding tapes from the white house? >> oh, absolutely. the investigation has got to be thorough. that means you go where you think the truth is. >> reporter: for his part, comey is going on with his life. democrats say they want to hear his side of the story, testifying in public on capitol hill. less than two weeks ago, comey confirmed he was still investigationing possible collusion between representatives of the trump campaign and russia. trump admits that was a factor in his decision to fire comey, but insists it's
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>> and david joins us live. sources close to comey now say he would be open to testifying be publicly? >> reporter: that's right, this would be about the circumstances of his firing, not details about the investigation. tom? >> thank you. and information about north korea's latest missile launch. gloria riviera with the reaction. >> reporter: that launch raising troubling questions about the increasing sophistication of north korea's missile program. >> we can be sure they're trying to make it nuclear cabable. >> reporter: the missile reaching an unusually high altitude, before coming down
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and japan. >> because these missiles are getting more and more capable, shooting up towards russia allowed them to test the maximum range. >> reporter: in a statement, the white house said the president can't imagine that russia is please. but russia's defense ministry says the test posed no danger. this was the seventh missile test since president trump took office. the previous three tests failed, leading some to suggest that the u.s. had hacked the tests. >> there's a strong belief that the americans through cyber methods have been successful int r rupting the tests. >> reporter: in response, the trump administration is calling for tougher sanctions. and pressed to explain its overall strategy -- >> you'll soon find
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you? >> we're going to continue to tighten the screws. he feels it. >> reporter: this week in new york, the u.n. security council will hold urgest discussions, tougher sanctions are already on the table. >> thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the escalating attack. the computer virus spreading. brian ross is standing by. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
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intelligence agencies tracking the virus say the numbers continue to grow. >> the latest numbers are over 200,000 victims in 150 countries. >> reporter: with the head of the joint european law enforcement agency, europol, telling abc news the worst may be yet to come with the ransomware tomorrow morning. >> it might be sitting on many computers in companies over the weekend and when they're switched on again monday morning we might see the infection rates going back up. >> reporter: the attack spread at a speed never seen before. across six continents with an ominous message suddenly showing up on the targeted computers. it was only contained when this computer security programmer in indiana, darien huss, discovered there might be a kill switch. >> it would not take for ransom all the files on that computer and it also would not attempt to spread itself. >> reporter: huss' information was then used by a 22-year-old programmer in great britain, who talked by phone with abc news, fearful to show his face. >> i was panicking, looking through the code, and i realized that actually no, we had stopped
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in the u.s. was the giant fedex shipping service. elsewhere around the world, factories, hospitals, railroads, even police departments were all hit. the targets were told to pay between $300 and $600 in ransom to free their essentially kidnapped computers, or have their files erased permanently. so far the number of targets to pay up is remarkably low, according to europol's director. >> i think $20,000, $30,000 worth of dollars only. i would never recommend you pay a ransom because you're dealing with a bunch of crooks. you never know that they're going to do what they promise anyway. >> reporter: the fbi and other law enforcement agencies around the world are now preparing to follow the money, hoping it will lead them back to people responsible for the want to cry before they can modify their attack program and unleash a second wave. tom? >> thank you. when we come back, we take you to an incredib
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finally tonight, the mother's day reunion more than five decades in the making. she gave up her daughter up for adoption 52 years old. the two women now saying they feel complete. with that, we say happy mother's day to all the moms out there, and the moms that help put the show together. happy mother's day. i'm tom llamas in new york. good night.
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anchor: straight ahead at 6:30, powering up to problems. the new concern that people had to work. the attack crippled more than 100 countries. >> we don't try to go to someone's emergency. it happens. harred remains left behind at fairfax fire crews that was flames -- douse flames. the sun coming back out. so does the warm weather. the news starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] now, abc 7 news attacks: 30, on your side. kimberly: good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. this morning, one fire crew had to deal with one of their own. ry


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