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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 15, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm kenneth moton in for kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." president trump is facing some pressure from both sides of the aisle after what seemed like a cryptic twitter threat to former fbi director james comey. hear why lawmakers are now saying hand over the tapes. we have much more on this coming up. north korea claims its missile can carry a nuclear warhead. that missile tested over the weekend, flew about 30 minutes before landing in the sea of japan. the white house condemns the launch and it's calling for more sanctions. a federal appeals court slammed by president trump is hearing arguments today on his revised travel ban. a 9th circuit panel will consider the decision to block the executive order affecting travel from six muslim-majority countries. derek jeter joins 21 other yankee greats in the famed monument
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during a ceremony last night. those are some of your top stories on this monday may 15th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." a good morning to you all. we begin this half hour with president trump facing some pressure from both sides of the aisle after hinting at possible recordings of conversations he had with fired fbi director james comey. >> democrats and republicans say the president needs to turn over any tapes he may have of conversations he had with comey. the president is not confirming or denying that the tapes actually exist. abc's david wright has more. >> reporter: even as new candidates arrive at the justice department to interview for the fbi director's job, president trump is still being asked to explain this tweet suggesting he may have taped his conversations with director comey before he fired him. >> mr. president, are you recording any of your meetings in t
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>> reporter: the president declines to answer. on the sunday shows members of both parties say he'll have to. republicans. >> this tweet has to be answered. i would advise the president not to tweet or comment about the investigation as we go forward. >> if in fact there are such recordings, i think those recordings will be subpoenaed, and i think they'll probably have to turn them over. >> reporter: and democrats. >> first of all, we've got to make sure that these tapes if they exist don't mysteriously disappear. >> to destroy them would be a violation of law. >> reporter: george stephanopoulos put it to ken starr, the independent counsel whose investigation of the monica lewinsky scandal led to the impeachment of bill clinton. >> if you were looking into this case, would you be demanding tapes from the white house if indeed they do exist? >> oh, absolutely. the investigation has got to be thorough. and that means you go where you think the truth is. >> reporter: for his part comey is going on with his life. attending a music aal here in
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democrats say they want to hear his side of the story, testifying in public on capitol hill. >> jim comey deserves his chance to lay out to the american public his side of the facts. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago comey confirmed he was still investigating possible collusion between representatives of the trump campaign and russia to influence the november election. president trump readily admits that investigation was a factor in his decision to fire comey, but he insisted to fox news it's a dead end. >> there is no collusion. we had nothing to do with russia and everything else. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. the new president of france is visiting germany today, just a day after being sworn in. president emmanuel macron took office, pledging to fortify the european union and bring his divided country together. the 39-year-old moderate is also vowing to take on the refugee crisis, climate change, and terrorism. today's meeting with german chancellor angela merkel is focused on programs aimed at bolstering the eu. president trump has
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homeland security to look into the worldwide cyberattack now under way. the virus has affected computer systems in more than 150 countries, threatening to delete files unless a ransom is paid to the hackers. the worm exploits a flaw in mieshl microsoft windows that was fixed in march but many businesses and organizations haven't updated their operating systems yet. the wannacry virus is expected to spread today as workers begin a new workweek. investigators are trying to determine how a chicago-area hospital became a deadly crime scene. an inmate grabbed a gun and took two nurses hostage. that led to a nearly three-hour standoff with police. abc's eva pilgrim has the details from those on the inside. >> reporter: the search for answers. how a prisoner could terrify a hospital holding nurses hostage. >> subject with a gun, delnor hospital. >> reporter: these images taken from inside the hospital once 21-year-old inmate tywon
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grabbed a gun from the guard watching him. >> mr. salters was in a hospital room under guard. >> reporter: and new details from the moment the chaos erupted inside. >> i heard a nurse call a code silver. my husband and i were escorted into a bathroom and we were told to get into the bathroom stalls and lock them. >> one of the ultra-sound techs who told us to stay put, turn off all the lights, kind of stay low until further notice. >> reporter: salters taking those two nurses hostage, one getting away. >> offender is heading out the ambulance bay with the nurse. >> reporter: after the tense three-hour standoff heavily armed police moving in, firing on salters, killing him. an officer shot in his bulletproof vest. authorities say it is their policy to restrain hospitalized inmates. they're now looking to see if that was the case when this happened. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. this morning an investigation is under way after someone shot and killed a high school quarterback days before graduation. police say 18-year-old bryant lee was shot in the head
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a party in baton rouge this weekend. investigators say he wasn't the intended target. lee had planned to study mechanical engineering at southern university. he wanted to try to make the football team as a walk-on. he had a 3.5 gpa. apple's siri is being credited with giving a big assist to a new hampshire man after his mother's house exploded. christopher boucher suffered serious burns from the blast earlier this month. he managed to get to his car and get his cell phone, but he couldn't dial 911 because his hands were burned. instead, he asked siri to do it for him. and siri delivered. that man is now expected to recover. torch-carrying protesters rallied around a statue of confederate general robert e. lee. they chanted "we will not be moved" and "russia is our friend." charlottesville, virginia is the latest southern city debating the future of what some consider a symbol of this nation's painful past. this image from a pro-confederate rally in charlottesville, virginia sparking
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carrying torches to protest the possible removal of the statue they were surrounding, honoring confederate general robert e. lee. charlottesville mayor mike signer saying "we reject this intimidation. intolerance is not welcome here." the event in the public park "harkens back to the days of the kkk." >> no more attacks on our heritage. >> reporter: the protest saturday live-streamed by richard spencer, the man who coined the phrase alt-right for the far right-wing movement. he reent lrecently sat down wit juju chang. >> i think the alt-right has gained a great deal of ground precisely because we are provocative. >> reporter: the scene the latest across the south as more cities remove confederate symbols. in new orleans last week those waving confederate flags calling this jefferson davis statue history. others chanting "take it down." ♪ zbl take them down! >> take them down! >> new orleans is in the process
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of taking down a total of four confederate statues. last night in charlottesville the city held a candlelight vigil to hold an anti-protest to counteract the one that happened over the weekend. a court injunction has stopped the city from removing from robert e. lee statue for six months. in sydney, australia a customer picked up his takeout but didn't exactly use the drive-thru. check it out. onlookers were stunned when this helicopter landed on the lawn next to a mcdonald's. the pilot dashed into the restaurant, got the food, then flew away. aviation officials are now investigating, but the pilot says he had permission to land there. maybe they need a little helipad on top of the mcdonald's going forward. but the takeout food came to the passengers on board an amtrak train. no helicopter needed. the new york to washington train was stuck somewhere in delaware, so a passenger decided to order some pizza. someone tweeted out video of the delivery guy walking down the
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that train was scheduled to arrive before dinner-time, but it was three hours late. and you know, if people are already getting delayed you don't want them to be hangry too. >> i hope he got a good tip. he deserves it. >> also true. he certainly does. there is a soon to be college grad in texas who isn't even old enough to go to his junior prom. that would be his high school junior prom. >> carson hueyou is 14 years old. this weekend he received a diploma from texas christian university. he's a physics major and chinese minor. carson is now the youngest person to ever graduate from tcu. >> i'm probably not the best judge of this at all, but i feel like i've sort of grown up a little bit. >> as carson graduates, his younger brother will be heading to tcu right behind him. >> want to guess how old he is? >> how old? >> 11. 11 years old. that would be cannon huey-you. he joins the class of
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>> that's a smart family. >> underachievers. >> yes. what were you doing at 11? >> i was not going to college. i'll tell you that. or my high school junior prom or any of the above. we were what, fifth grade, sixth grade. >> yeah. about that. >> i might have been learning to tie my shoelaces. >> i was watching power rangers. >> coming up, more turbulence for the airlines. a family kicked off a plane, and they say it's all because of a birthday cake. >> kendis will be back tomorrow, and he won't be alone. he'll welcome a special guest for a spicy cooking segment. that's tuesday morning on "world news now." but first a look at today's temps. >> it is hot in here, isn't it? you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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the driver of this suv in seattle can say he spent saturday night just hanging around. after a crash on interstate 5 luckily a tow truck driver quickly hooked a cable to the car to keep it from falling onto the road below. wow. there were no injuries there. and in beverly hills an argument over littering turns into a case of road rage. the driver circles back into the parking lot at least twice. at one point the man rolls shopping carts into the front of the moving car. that's when the driver allegedly swerves into the man, slamming him into a wall before speeding off. tw w
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are facing attempted murder charges. the man is still in the hospital. >> oh, wow. >> folks, keep your cool. now to another confrontation. this time on board a jetblue flight. a family was kicked off their flight, they say because of a birthday cake. >> wow. jetblue claims the father became agitated and yelled at the crew. but the family says that's not what happened. abc's adrienne bachke bankert hs the story. >> reporter: new video hitting the turbulent airline industry. >> it's all right, baby boy. >> reporter: a plane evacuated. a family kicked off over cake. >> we didn't do anything. >> reporter: flight attendants asking the burke family to move their cake from an overhead bin reserved for emergency equipment to under a seat. >> i had to move my bag. >> but we moved it. but we followed your direction. >> reporter: but before cameron burke starts recording, an argument erupted. >> you know, when she told me that i was not being non-compliant, then i said ma'am, have you been drinking? >> reporter: jetblue saying the
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requests, yelled at them, and made false accusations about a crew member's fitness to fly. >> no one's in any trouble. buddy, you're okay. all right? don't cry. it's all right. >> reporter: an airport officer arrives. >> unfortunately, they're going to have to rebook everyone. and that's -- >> rebook everyone? >> reporter: it's the latest airline drama. >> i bought that seat. >> reporter: just days ago a family threatened with losing custody of their kids on a delta flight. in april a mother bawling after an american airlines crew member nearly hit her with her stroller. members of the flight attendants union speaking out saying these videos paint them in an unfair light because they don't show everything that happens. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> so were these incidents always happening or is it just now people are whipping out the phones to record them? >> that's the question, right? we've seen the airlines now on capitol hill testifying about this issue. but that's what everyone's wondering, is this happening more frequently or is it just being documented now? as for the family, they are
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move this cake out of the overhead, that they did that, and then this whole thing sort of materialized when the father tried to interrupt an argument between flight attendants and say no, no, everything's fine, we moved the cake. he was trying to spare one flight attendant from getting yelled at by another and then this all unfolded. they ended up getting kicked off the flight. of course the airline is saying that's not exactly how it happened. >> i guess you can't have your cake and fly too. is that the way it goes? >> i suppose not in this case. well, coming up, it's the remarkable story of the nfl football player garrett bolless. >> how he went from being homeless to a first-round draft pick. you're watching "world news now." and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support.
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we've got some new music for the movie bump-ins. >> and it sounds like a story straight out of hollywood. a man goes from being homeless to being in the nfl. >> it all started with a coach and his wife opening up their home. abc's paula faris has their story. >> the denver broncos select garett bolles. >> reporter: arguably one of the most memorable moments at this year's nfl draft almost didn't happen. >> if you look at my life six years ago and you told me i was going to walk on the stage in the 2017 nfl draft i'd think you're crazy. >> drugs, alcohol, violence, some gang activity. you did jail time. you were expelled. the local police knew you by your first name. >> they did. because i was a troubled teen. >> reporter: garett bolles was troubled and suddenly on the street when his father kicked him out. >> when your dad kicked you out you had nowhere to go. >> i had all my stuff in cardboard boxes and bags. it was just all out on the street. >> reporter: his lacrosse coach greg freeman drove by and saw
2:50 am
in when you found him? >> he was lost and really worried and scared. >> reporter: the freemans with four biological children of their own took garrett in but did so cautiously. >> when he got here, you laid down the law. >> i told him there were three rules he'd have to keep to live here. >> pay my tithing, to go to church, to get rid of my old friends, and to turn my phone in that night. >> and if he didn't abide by those three rules? >> then i told him you won't be able to stay here. >> reporter: emily and greg became mom and dad. >> you sensed he needed boundaries. >> yeah. >> what did you think he needed? >> love. >> love. >> when i looked at him, i just thought, we've got to love this kid. there's potential in there. but he just needs to see that it's there. >> and garett thrived because for the first time in his life he experienced the unconditional love of family. >> i will never forget the day that i was sitting on top of these stairs. >> he had asked me one day, how long are you going to love me for? >> she says like i'm going to
2:51 am
i'm your mom for the rest of your life. >> when you get married i'm going to be there. on your wedding day. when you have your first baby, i'll be at the hospital. that's what it means to be family. >> reporter: garett went to colorado on a mormon mission, and a year later had sprouted to 6'5" and enrolled at a junior college to play football. he excelled and also fell in love and became a husband and father. this past season at utah he was the most sought after offensive lineman in the country. >> i'm so grateful for this family because i love them so much. >> do you think about where he might be? >> mm-hmm. >> huh not brought him home. >> he'd be in jail. >> why didn't you give up on him? >> well, this is what we should say. god didn't give up on him. and i felt that. the whole time. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, new york. >> now he gets to pay it forward and share all that love with his son. >> does this story sound familiar? >> it sounds like "blind side" part 2, doesn't it? i wonder if he and
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are going to be buddies now. >> maybe so. coming up is a special edition of this happened. >> we're honoring one of the most iconic game shows ever. and kenneth.
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delivers mega support. ♪ it is time for a very special "this happened." and usually when we do this we focus on a number of topics. but today we are going to focus on just one. >> one? >> and it involves you, my friend. >> moi. >> so we heard that you appeared on a certain game show a few years ago. >> yes, it's true. the secret's out. i tested my knowledge of numbers on "the price is right." >> who's our next contestant? >> bob, it's kenneth moton. come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right"! >> here he comes -- >> how excited are you? who were you there with? >> you know, i was there by myself. but i made friends in the audience. >> clearly. >> and i eventually made it off contestants' row. as you can see there, i was pretty excited. >> yeah.
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i bet you did pretty well. let's take a look. >> you know, i did. >> 1200. >> $1200. the actual retail price is 1124. >> 1,050. >> $1,050. the actual retail price, 2205. >> $800. the actual retail price is 1599. >> please tell me you made it further. >> let me say this. it is very hard to guess those prices. the actual retail price is really, really tough. and people are shouting at you. you can't hear. you're trying -- >> i hear a lot of excuses. >> you know what? >> did you actually win anything? >> you know, i did because the very possible last time i could get on i made it on. and i won a kayak. >> one kayak? >> a kayak. >> not like a trip to a really exotic beautiful place? >> i lost that. >> where you go -- you lost it? >> i lost that too. i lost
2:57 am
>> how did your dignity hold up? did you lose that too? >> i did lose that. i did manage to snag a special message from the man himself, bob barker. >> okay. >> will you tell my mother annett in south carolina that you love her? she watches you -- >> mother annett in south carolina, i love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is so much cooler than a kayak, by the way. >> that right there got me son of the forever. i mean, she still loves me to this day because of that. >> it still counts as this year's mother's day gift? >> i got the iconic bob barker to say hello to my mother. >> what happened when you spun the wheel? can i get a tip? >> you have to really bend at the knees there. and just -- right there. to give it a -- >> dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar. >> it's very, very hard to spin. that thing is heavy, guys. >> i got a 5. i didn't do very well. >> let me try.
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on the heels of its successful missile launch this weekend a new threat. the nu claiming a nuclear warhead could be fitted to that missile that was tested. we'll have the latest on the greig tension. there are some new concerns that a massive global sieb ar tack could spread this morning. hundreds of thousands of consumers are already infected with ransomware which holds critical files hostage. we'll tell you what you need to know before you head back to the office. and the growing controversy behind the so-called textalyzer technology. some states are looking into giving the police the power to immediately known if you've been swiping or clicking while driving but privacy advocates are saying no way. and it's a giant leap for drone kind. check out the new way to skydive. no plane, no problem.
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>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." happy monday to you all. i hope everybody had a good mother's day. >> yes. >> how's mama moton doing? >> you know, she's doing great. she had a great mother's day. she had a lot of fun. >> awesome. we hope you all can say the same. we have a lot of news to get to. >> we begin this half hour with north korea making new threats following another missile test. >> the country claims that the missile that it tested over the weekend can carry a large nuclear warhead. >> leader kim jong un reportedly promised new nuclear missile tests. he also warned if the u.s. provokes north korea it will face the biggest disaster in history. abc's gloria riviera has the details. >> reporter: that launch raising troubling questions about the increasing sophistication of north korea's missile program. >> it's the first time we've seen any military missile go this far. but we can be sure that the north koreans are trying to make this missile
3:02 am
ballistic missile launched early sunday reaching an unusually high altitude, covering 430 miles over 30 minutes. before coming down into the sea between north korea and japan, a few hundred miles from russia. >> because these missiles are getting more and more capable, shooting up toward russia allowed them to test the maximum range of this particular missile. >> reporter: in a statement the white house called north korea a flagrant menace and said the president cannot imagine that russia is pleased. but russia's defense ministry saying the test posed no danger due to that country's early warning system. this was the seventh missile test since president trump took office. the previous three tests of this type of missile failed, leading some to suggest that the u.s. had hacked the tests. >> there's a very strong belief that the americans through cyber methods have been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sort of tests and making them fail. >> reporter: but on the fourth try it worked for the north koreans. the first successful launch of its kind, t
3:03 am
in response the trump administration is calling for tougher sanctions and pressed to explain its overall strategy -- >> you'll soon find out, won't you? you're going to soon find out. >> what we're going to do is continue to tighten the screws. he feels it. he absolutely feels it. >> reporter: this week in new york the united nations will hold urgent consultations on next steps regarding north korea, details on tougher sanctions are already on the table. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. officials say the worst may be yet to come as a massive cyberattack spreads around the world. the virus paralyzes computers and threatens to delete files unless the owners pay a ransom to the hackers. the computer worm has already hit businesses and government agencies in at least 150 countries. and experts warn it may spread with the start of a new workweek. >> they might be sitting on many computers over the weeblgd and when they're switched on monday morning we might see the infection rates going back up. >> the initial attack was known as wannacry
3:04 am
into other viruses. organizations are urged to immediately update the latest microsoft windows operating system. the justice has interviewed at least eight candidates for the position of fbi director. meanwhile, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling on the president to turn over any tapes he may have of conversations with fired fbi chief james comey. we get the latest from abc's richard cantu. >> reporter: president trump spent time on the golf course sunday, away from public view. >> mr. president, are you recording any of your meetings in the white house, sir? >> reporter: saturday the president was uncharacteristically silent when asked about this tweet which hinted he might have recorded a conversation with james comey before he fired him as fbi director. there were more signs sunday that those words are haunting him. >> this tweet has to be answered. i would advise the president not to tweet or comment about the investigation as we go forward. >> if in fact there are such recordings, i think those recordings will be subpoenaed and i think they'll probably have to turn them over. >> reporter: those republicans joining democrats and warning the
3:05 am
make sure that these tapes if they exist don't mysteriously disappear. >> to destroy them would be a violation of law. >> reporter: former independent counsel kenneth starr, who investigated the monica lewinsky scandal in the clinton administration, adding his voice. >> if you were looking into this case, would you be demanding tapes from the white house if indeed they do exist? >> oh, absolutely. the investigation has got to be thorough. and that means you go where you think the truth is. >> meanwhile, candidates for the fbi's top job continue to be interviewed. >> it is now time to pick somebody that comes from within the ranks or of such a reputation that has no political background. >> reporter: comey, who took his family to the that is rigeater weekend, has indicated he would like to speak out at a public hearing. richard cantu, abc news, new york. president trump's revised travel ban is back in the hands of the federal appeals court that he has sharply criticized. three judges from the ninth circuit are set to h
3:06 am
arguments today in the administration's appeal of a hawaiian judge's decision against the executive order. in march that judge blocked the president's ban that would have affected travel from six muslim-majority countries. president trump called it a case of unprecedented judicial overreach motivated by politics. while a new device being described as a breathalyzer for your phone is causing privacy concerns. nicknamed the textalyzer it would plug into a driver's phone and determine if it had been in use at the time of the crash. legislation is being considered in new york, new jersey and tennessee. there are already protesters from privacy advocates who worry it might gather all the personal information on a driver's phone. the company making the device says it's about nine months away from being finished. schools in northern california are trying to stop a massive norovirus outbreak. nearly 1,000 students, teachers, and staff in yolo county near sacramento are sick with that highly contagious virus. health officials say it's
3:07 am
parents of sick children are being told to keep them out of school for at least two days after the symptoms are gone. and more states are allowing sunscreen at schools without a doctor's note. health experts say it's an important development since childhood skin is very vulnerable to sun damage. washington, arizona, and utah have recently changed the law. several other states are also considering similar action. some school nurses have expressed concerns about possible allergic reactions. so a warning from my mother to turn away from the screen right now. last week we showed you some video of a giant python on a golf course. there it is. and because the producers here love me so much, here it is again in all its slithering glory. i couldn't even see it and watch it. >> picked just for you, kenneth. we also found a new example of some wildlife on the golf course. i want you to picture this. you're in palm beach enjoying a great day on the green when you spot this. >> what is that? oh, my god. >> that is a
3:08 am
eating a giant fish. >> that is nature in its blissful glory right there. >> i feel on a positive note if the gator is chowing down on a giant fish he's probably that much less hungry to chow down on a human, right? >> that's some national geographic stuff right there. >> so how do you feel about gators? >> the gators i'm okay with. i worked in orlando. >> more snake videos, please. gator videos not cutting it. >> gator videos okay. i have some pictures of gators. >> coming up, hear why the government may help your favorite wines get a bit boozier. >> but first, honoring captain clutch. yankees great derek jeter's emotional moment, getting his iconic number 2 retired. joining legends ruth, dimaggio, mantle. >> all right. go derek jeter. all right. and later, the man whose name is synonymous with hacking software is becoming infamous as an international fugitive. the colorful billionaire accus
3:09 am
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so there are probably a lot of basketball fans this morning a little upset that they turned their televisions off at halftime of the nba western conference finals because you missed out. >> big-time. >> big-time. san antonio had a 20-point lead at the half, and as you can probably guess by now, it didn't really matter. >> it did not. the spurs actually led by as many as 25 during the first half. kawhi leonard and lamarcus aldridge each had 17. and it looked like this one was done. the warriors had this game won. >> what happened? >> then the game changed. about four minutes into the third quarter leonard is
3:13 am
coming down after a jump shot and injuries his left ankle for the second time in that game. that hit forced him out of the game for good. and the warriors, they took advantage. >> oh, yeah, they did. they scored 16 straight points. right after leonard's injury that was kevin durant with two of his 34 points on the day. >> then in the fourth quarter with golden state down by three steph curry with three of his game-high 40 points. moments later draymond green puts them in front with that layup. golden state wins 113-111. intd rimm head coach mike brown thanked the fans. >> the crowd brought it tonight. everybody always talks about sixth man, sixth man, sixth man. and i don't think we get that win without the way the crowd was tonight. it was phenomenal. >> warriors also had their head coach back. it was the first game steve kerr attended since the first round of the playoffs. he took a leave of absence following complications from back surgery. >> 40 points. not a bad comeback.
3:14 am
expect lots of emotion tonight in boston. the celtics and the washington wizards meet in game 7 of the eastern conference semifinals. washington state alive thanks to a last-second three by john wall in game 6 friday. the winner gets lebron james and the cleveland cavs. golf's richest tournament now has its youngest ever champion. see woo kim took home nearly $9.1 million for winning the players championship. the 21-year-old was the only player to avoid a bogey during yesterday's final round in florida. he won by three strokes. in addition to being the youngest winner, kim is also the second south korean to take the tournament. it's got to be feeling pretty proud this morning. >> 21 i was making $9 an hour, not 9 million. >> i don't think any giant pythons crawling around -- >> why are you coming at me with the pythons? >> because you flinch every time. i love it. so 22 years ago derek jeter was a rookie trying to break into the new york yankees line up. this morning he is the latest to be
3:15 am
famed monument park. >> jeter's number 2 was officially retired last night at yankee stadium. his family including his parents and wife and former teammates took part in the ceremony in front of a packed crowd there. five-time world series champion said his career was more than he could have dreamed of. recalling a reporter's question during his speech to fans. >> they said if you could trade places with one person who would it be? and i say this very humbly. but there isn't a person or player i would trade places with that's playing now or ever. you know, i learned that time flies, memories fade, but family is forever. and i'll be eternally grateful to be a part of the yankee family. so i can't thank you guys enough. thank you very much. >> awesome. jeter's number is the 22nd retired by the yankees. the most of any big
3:16 am
by the way. >> his number 2 was also the last single-digit number that hadn't been retired by the club. >> he said time flies. you know what else flies? >> what? >> boom! the ball when jeter hits it. going, going, gone. >> gone. gosh, i wish i could hit the ball like jeter. >> yeah, i think most people feel that way. >> i could be a professional baseball player. >> just keep practicing. it will be fun. >> yeah. next time. >> pretend the ball is a snake. >> get away from me. coming up this next half hour, the new scam targeting people who want to buy puppies online. >> but first, he's the tech genius behind your anti-virus software. john mcafee went from multimillionaire to international fugitive. now he's opening up in an exclusive interview with abc news. you're watching "world news now." no matter who was in there last. protection. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush for a just-cleaned feeling that lasts up to 4 weeks. lysol. what it takes to protect.
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ johnny depp is getting ready for an interesting new role, playing cybersecurity mogul john mcafee in a bioh pic.
3:19 am
name after he created anti-virus software in the 1980s but the multimillionaire turned international fugitive after being accused of killing his neighbor. now he's telling his story exclusively to abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: there are many john mcafees. the gazillionai relative founder of mcafee anti-virus. >> it is the number one computer threat. >> reporter: the party animal. >> john? >> reporter: the libertarian presidential candidate. >> stand with me to protect our freedom. >> reporter: and the man sought for questioning in the 2012 murder of his neighbor in belize. but we scrape away to the unvarnished version. sitting down with him in an exclusive interview about his life and alleged involvement in that murder. >> did you order a hit on him? >> of course not. please. >> reporter: in november 2012 greg fall, the neighbor two doors down from mcafee's beachside compound, was found murdered. fall's family said it happened the night after fall allegedly poisoned mcafee's dogs. authorities wanted mcafee for questioning, but mcafee wasn't
3:20 am
and we headed to belize. >> when we say we're going to talk tomorrow, does that mean face to face? >> reporter: he then fled to guatemala, where he sat sort of for an interview. after faking a heart attack, mcafee was finally deported back to the u.s. and to freedom, never charged with any crime in belize. now four years later mcafee granted me his first no-holds-barred interview. i flew to meet him in tennessee where he lives quietly with his new wife and a small arsenal. >> is it a real gun or -- >> it's a [ bleep ] real gun. >> reporter: and his faithful bodyguard. >> let me make this perfectly clear. i had nothing to do with the murder of gregory fall. you're asking the most ridiculous thing. >> this is not -- you have to admit that it's not ridiculous. that your dogs, nine of your dogs, your beloved dogs, were poisoned. that would make a man who loves animals absolutely irate. >> right. >> it would be -- enough to make a man who loves his dogs
3:21 am
to kill someone. >> reporter: when we tried to drill down more on belize, mcafee got up. >> you're walking out on this -- >> yes, because you have not kept your word. >> reporter: there would be no more preconditions on the interview and eventually he sat down ready to talk about mcafee 2.0. in this parody interview from 2013 he disavowed the anti-virus program that made him rich. the company's new owners called it ludicrous. regardless, mcafee's become the prophet of digital doom. paid 25,000 bucks a pop to speak to groups like this. single-mindedly sounding the alarm about privacy. >> our freedoms are being restricted. our security is being eroded. and we have no more privacy. if we lose privacy, we will lose civilization. >> perhaps the only constant in his life. are you a madman? are you paranoid? are you an entrepreneur? >> all of the above. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, new york. >> he is an interesting character. that's for sure. >> yes, he is. coming up, your
3:22 am
of wine could be stronger, and it would all be thanks to congress. and a man takes a flying leap. no plane needed. "the mix" is next. old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age.
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3:25 am
h like a pro. all right. time for "the mix." many of you may know i'm a washington-based correspondent. i cover congress on capitol hill. we always ask what is congress doing for you? >> mm-hmm. >> now it looks like they may be doing something for us, diane. >> oh. >> your wine could soon pack a higher alcohol content thanks to congress. >> all right. >> congressmen on both sides of the aisle, in both the senate and the house, they have co-sponsored legislation that would issue a bevy of tax breaks for stateside craft beer, wine and liquor distilleries. one of the minor provisions, however, could have a wider impact on the amount of alcohol typically found in the wine. it calls for easing of a syntax. but pretty much basically give yo
3:26 am
wine. >> oh. all right. >> a little higher up. >> i'll take two, thank you very much. so we have a really romantic story for you. this couple out of australia, the boyfriend made a necklace for his girlfriend. >> okay. >> and she loved it so much she wore it around her neck every day. a one-year anniversary gift and you see all these photos of her wearing the necklace. a year and a half later they were together and they took a trip to scotland. and lucky again for the boyfriend the girlfriend was wearing said necklace again. because he decided to get down on one knee, asked her to borrow the necklace, and it turns out inside the necklace the entire time was the engagement ring. how cool is that? >> but what if -- there are so many questions. >> would you like to hear her response? >> yes, i would. >> because it's what so many of us said in the editorial meeting. she said, "it's been in there the entire time? i could have lost it, you f-ing idiot!" only she didn't say f-ing. family show
3:27 am
but she didn't lose it. they're engaged. how awesome is that? basically, it's like i knew i was going to propose to you a year and a half ago, and you've been wearing the ring around your neck the entire time. >> and he's also able to keep a secret for a year. >> how awful would it have been, though, if he changed his mind? >> right. >> hey, can i get that necklace bake gave you? just real quick. >> that would have been awkward. a little awkward. >> just really quick. i just need to see it. >> so what about skydiving? would you do it from a plane? >> done it. >> okay. you've done it. i've bungee jumped. that's about it. i would never jump out of a good plane. but would you do it from a drone? take a look at this. this company in latvia uses its drones to lift heavy weights to great heights. so they decided to put a man on there, take him up about 4 1/2 football fields, and then drop him. and he opens his parachut
3:28 am
>> i
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- microsoft pushing back. the company is now placing blame for the weekend's global spread of ransomware on the u.s. government, claiming it was the nsa's carelessness that initially tipped off the hackers. hear how you can protect yourself as millions of commuters -- computers, rather, boot back up this morning. calling for proof. the growing chorus of politicians from both parties demanding that president trump turn over any recordings he may have had with former fbi director james comey. and when comey plans to tell his side of the story. also this half hour, the provocative protest at a confederate memorial. >> protesters carrying torches and chanting in front of a statue of confederate general robert e. lee. the mayor strongly condemning the scene, comparing it to a kkk rally. and weav
3:31 am
trading in her lab coat for a sash and crown and hear why her victory is creating some controversy on social media. we'll have more on that in "the skinny" on this monday may 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we're going to start things off with that massive cyberattack. it's likely to grow even bigger today as people return to work after the weekend. >> the ransomware virus encrypts files so they can't be used unless the owner of the computer system pays a fee to the hackers. it has already paralyzed french automaker renault, britain's hospital system, and germany's railways. >> the bug targets a flaw in older versions of windows. so organizations are now being urged to update their systems immediately. abc's brian ross has more. >> reporter: law enforcement and intelligence agencies tracking the so-called wannacry virus say the number of attacks being reported continues to grow. >> the latest numbers are over 200,000 victims in 150
3:32 am
countries. >> reporter: with the head of the joint european law enforcement agency europol telling abc news the worst might be yet to come. with the ransomware. >> it might be sitting on many computers and companies over the weekend and when they're switched on again monday morning we might see the infection rates going back up. >> reporter: the attacks spread at a speed never seen before, across six continents, with an ominous message suddenly showing up on the targeted computers. it was only contained when this computer security programmer in indiana, darien huss, discovered there might be a kill switch. >> it would not take for ransom all the files on that computer, and it also would not attempt to spread itself. >> reporter: huss's information was then used by a 22-year-old programmer in great britain, who talked by phone with abc news, fearful to show his face. >> i was panicking looking through the code, and i realized that actually no, we had stopped it. >> reporter: the biggest target
3:33 am
shipping service. elsewhere around the world factories, railroads, hospitals, even police departments were all hit. the targets were told to pay between $300 and $600 in ransom to free their essentially kidnapped computers or have their files erased permanently. so far the number of targets to pay up is remarkably low, according to europol's director. >> i think $20,000, $30,000 worth of dollars only. i would never recommend that you pay a ransom because you're dealing with a bunch of crooks. you'll never know that they're going to do what they promise to do anyway. >> reporter: the fbi and other law enforcement agencies around the world are now trying to follow the money, hoping it will lead them to the people responsible for this massive attack before they can modify their program and unleash a second wave. brian ross, abc news. meanwhile, microsoft is placing some of that blame for all of these cyberattacks on the national security agency. >> the company's top lawyer said microsoft has the first responsibility to address the
3:34 am
problem but he also calls this a wake-up call for the government, saying the security flaw the hackers used was stolen from the nsa. the lawyer says the government should report those vulnerabilities and not stockpile them. the nsa did notify microsoft three months ago, but experts say the attack could have been prevented if microsoft was told sooner. north korea claims the missile it tested over the weekend can launch a nuclear warhead. the missile flew more than 400 miles for about 30 minutes before hitting waters between japan and the korean peninsula. the u.s. military says it detected the launch and that flight data indicated it was not an intercontinental ballistic missile. kim jong un is quoted in state media as calling it the most perfect weapons system in the world. the white house is condemning the launch and calls north korea a "flagrant menace." congress could be in for a showdown over replacing james comey. a parade of candidates filed into the justice department over the weekend as democrats consider boycotting the vote for a new fbi director. meanwhile, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are
3:35 am
any recordings of comey after the president hinted there may be tapes of their conversations. >> we've got to make sure these tapes if they exist don't mysteriously disappear. i think jim comey deserves his chance to lay out to the american public his side of the facts because how he was treated was pretty awful by this president. >> sources close to comey tell abc news the former director's first public comments on his firing would likely come in open session before congress. they say comey is willing to talk about his record but he's not expected to comment on the details of the investigation into russian interference in the election. and secretary of state rex tillerson is defending the administration's decision not to raise the issue of russian meddling during last week's meetings with the russian foreign minister. tillerson insisted they're not giving russia a free pass. he said they're dealing with a broad range of issues to put the relationship with russia back together. the anti-government protests in venezuela are sprea
3:36 am
it's not just the young who are protesting. the elderly are also joining in. thousands of senior citizens took part in what's being called the march of the grandparents in caracas, the venezuelan capital. despite vast oil reserves, venezuela's economy has collapsed and many blame the government. a tense scene in charlottesville, virginia over the weekend. torch-carrying marchers protesting the removal of a confederate statue. in april the city council voted to sell the statue of general robert e. lee, but a judge blocked its removal for six months. among those in the crowd, richard spencer, who popularized the phrase "alt-right." city officials blasted the protesters. >> what a lot of this, the alt-right and these extremists who are trafficking in this kind of theatrics, want is more oxygen. so i really want to deny them that oxygen. >> many southern cities have been debating the removal of confederate symbols since the
3:37 am
massacre of nine black churchgoers in south carolina in 2013. protests also took place in new orleans in recent weeks. the chicago area's cook county jail was in lockdown yesterday and officials are blaming mother's day. more than 200 corrections officers called in sick. about a third of the daytime shift. a significant number of the evening shift also didn't show up. the sheriff's office says the beautiful weather didn't help either. the same thing happened last year on mother's day. oh, and also, by the way, on father's day. >> happy mother's day to those corrections officers. now, we know babies usually arrive on their own schedule if their mothers -- even if their mothers are experts. >> child birth instructor christie high had it all planned out. she had a professional photographer waiting for her at the hospital. you name it. the kid, though, the kid wasn't waiting. christie gave birth in the back seat of the car while her husband was driving her to the hospital. >> wow. but as we said, christie is an expert. she not only delivered her son oliver herself, she texted the photographer to meet them at the emergency room entrance. >> multitasking.
3:38 am
>> really, congratulations. >> all right. they've got a cute little picture out of it. >> yes. coming up in "the skinny," meet the 25-year-old winner of miss usa. they say heavy is the head that wears the crown. she's experiencing that this morning. experiencing some controversy for some answers she gave during the show. and the warning for consumers looking to purchase a puppy online. scammers are using fake websites to prey on would-be owners. but first, a look at today's forecast. i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends that puts in what others just strip out. fueling 100% stronger hair.
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to protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. ♪ i get those goosebumps every time ♪ ♪ i need the heimlich many of you may know that's rapper travis scott and his song "goosebumps." scott is facing charges after fans rushed the stage during a concert in northwest arkansas. police in rogers say scott incited a riot by encouraging fans to take the stage saturday. he's now free on bail. scott faced similar charges after one of his concerts in chicago two years ago.
3:42 am
and senger barry manilow has canceled some future concerts on doctor's orders. the grammy, emmy and tony award winner was forced to postpone concerts scheduled for this week near chicago and los angeles. according to a facebook post manilow has a strained vocal cord. the concerts have been rescheduled for the summer. and the winner of the annual eurovision song contest received a hero's welcome in his native portugal. salvador sobral won the 52-year-old songwriting competition with his ballad "love for both." the 27-year-old is the first person from portugal to ever win the event. >> wow. >> how cool is that? >> that's pretty cool. >> portuguese pride this morning. i love it. now to a new consumer alert. it's a scam targeting people who want to buy a puppy online. >> a puppy. >> a puppy. >> potential pet owners shell out hundreds of dollars, only they never receive their new little furry friend. abc's marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: they're cute,
3:43 am
scam ripping people off across the country. >> it's a scam that really preys on people's emotions. >> reporter: tatyana bess says she found photos of this puppy online and began texting with someone claim to be selling the teacup maltese named curly. bess questioned whether she was dealing with a legitimate breeder but that person assured her even sending her this video. bess then wire transferred $750 to the so-called seller, who promised curly would be delivered to her doorstep in oregon the next day. the puppy never arrived, and the website was taken down. >> i felt so silly. they simply took my money. >> reporter: according to the ohio attorney general the same happening to victims in arizona, florida, maine and more than a dozen places in between, falling for those convincing websites and adorable faces. >> we've seen people lose up to $2,000, $2,500 for a puppy that doesn't ev e
3:44 am
purchase a pet sight unseen from the internet. visit the animal in person. and beware of sellers who require that you pay by wire transfer or money order. and they urge people looking for a new pet to consider adopting from the humane society or other shelters. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. so there are a lot of things that are wrong in this world. that right there takes the cake. >> so sad. you're all excited to get this adorable little puppy and then you find out you've just been scammed the whole time. >> don't scam me out of my cute little puppy. >> the attorney general's office apparently has received about 40 puppy scam complaints so far just this year. >> the typical scam the victim wires several hundred dollars to have the dog delivered. the dog never delivered. >> yeah. you're better off just visiting your local shelter or if you need a purebred visiting your local breeder or buying from a reputable breeder. >> yeah. when we come back, the new miss usa is crowned. >> and the two legendary musicians who teamed up on stage last night. "the skinny" is next.
3:45 am
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny "skinny" time. and we are heading to vegas for the miss usa competition. the pageant which used to be owned by donald trump kicked things off in true sin city style with a whole cirque de soleil performance. >> host julianne hough, ashley graham and even terrence james changed more times than the contestants. >> they were whittled down from ten to five, then final three. miss district of columbia, miss minnesota, miss new jersey. and the winner is? >> the winner is miss d.c.! >> did you fix this? >> i did not fix it. i've never seen her around the streets of washington, d.c. maybe i was too busy working.
3:48 am
>> you're now hoping that you will? >> well, this marks d.c.'s second win in a row. kara mccullough is a 25-year-old scientist who went to south carolina state university just down the road from my great alma mater, the university of south carolina. >> she's miss d.c. and she went to south carolina and you never saw her? >> i never saw her. >> i think this is a fix on kenneth's part. but anyway, so it turns out she's actually already catching some heat following her answers to some questions. asked if health care was a right or a privilege. >> i'm definitely going to say it's a privilege. as a government employee i am granted health care and i see firsthand that for one to have health care you need to have jobs. so therefore, we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we're given the opportunity to have health care
3:49 am
american citizens worldwide. >> she also got asked whether she considers herself a feminist. she said she doesn't like the term and just wants equal treatment for all people. some are coming out against her saying that they don't like the fact that she didn't say health care was a right and they don't like that she wouldn't say she's a feminist. but of course she has her supporters as well. >> right. she said what she felt. the attention hasn't been all negative, with some people supporting her saying they're proud that she didn't just give the answer people wanted to hear. >> she is starting off the morning with a whole new batch of critics and a whole new batch of strong supporters, none of who probably had any idea who she was just a day ago. >> she's starting off her reign like maybe -- >> like so many. >> like so many leaders, people elected, chosen, start out. all right. so we're turning to an unlikely duo making beautiful music together. it turns out billy joel was joined on stage at dodger stadium by none other than rocker axl rose. >> the pair jammed out to "h
3:50 am
get this, with joel, billy joel the piano man himself, on the guitar. ♪ i'm on a highway to hell ♪ highway to hell ♪ i'm on a highway to hell ♪ highway to hell >> you know, he's got some skills. >> he's getting down. >> he might have a career in this. he's got a future. >> they both -- >> who needs slash? >> take that. we should get billy the wig. >> you know, who knew the piano man could tickle something other he than the ivories? >> clearly they've both still got it. pink, by the way, also joined billy joel on stage to sing a cover of her song "try." >> i love that song. >> i am so jealous i wasn't at this concert. i love all three of them. by the way, if you've been wondering where lance armstrong has been lately -- >> i have.
3:51 am
>> let me check twitter. >> it was reported that he died on wednesday after battling stage 4 colon cancer. the problem is none of that is true. >> hashtag fake news is real. in an effort to set the record straight he took to twitter and posted the perfect response. what did he say? >> armstrong quoted mark twain, saying, "the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated." just a tad. >> and in case you missed it, yesterday was mother's day. >> it was indeed. and just like you, many celebrities honored their mother over the weekend. here's reese witherspoon with her three kids. her oldest, check her out, she's the spitting image of her mother. >> yeah, they're cute. and here's sarah michelle gellar as a young girl with mother. >> oh, what a cutie. kris jenner posted this montage. and we're getting a throwback now with the kardashian kids, even getting a shot of kim sweetly kissing daughter north on the cheek. >> here's gisele bundchen, aka -- what's he
3:52 am
again? mr. -- i forget. snuggling with her kids saying there's no bigger love -- it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age.
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the royal gardens at buckingham palace were transformed into every child's dream playground over the weekend. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge along with prince harry went all out for a very good cause. abc's adrienne bankert has more. >> reporter: it's the request most only dream of receiving. an invite from the royal family to spend the day at buckingham palace and for a very special reason. prince harry along with the duke and duchess of cambridge hosting more than 800 children who lost a parent serving in the armed forces for an unforgettable day of fun. one of whom was 6-year-old jack rigby, whose father lee rigby was attacked and killed by extremists in london four years ago. >> just a fantastic chance for the children to meet other
3:56 am
children in the same situation. >> reporter: the event was able to string together three issues william, kate, and harry hold dear -- young people, armed forces, and dealing with loss. as the brothers mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of their mother, princess diana. parachutists from the royal air force literally dropped by as the royal garden was transformed in the ultimate party space. and it's safe to say there was something for everyone. prince harry tried his hands at some plate spinning while the duchess showed off her water balloon slinging skills. the prince even delivered some touching words to the crowd. >> and we up and down the country will never, ever, ever forget about the sacrifices that every single one of you have made. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> a nice way for them to say thank you. >> mm-hmm. and speaking of royalty. >> yes. >> our very own kendis gibson arrived in belize to a hero's welcome. so kendis is originally from belize, and he returned home to adoring fans greeting him at the airport. >> the press there announced he
3:57 am
was, quote, taking a break from basking in the american tv spotlight, end quote. mr. gibson also held a news conference to share his plans for his visit. >> one of the things when we were growing up in belize, i hope it's strange but we didn't get to go to the keys that often. so this is very cool coming back as an adult and being able to do that. and some conch fritters. those are my list of agendas. >> watch him play politician too. he's handing out hugs. >> look at him. >> he's shaking hands. he also shared some images on social media, keeping all of us updated and of course very jealous. he's pointing out that that beautiful pool was a big contrast to the tiny little house where he grew up. but we have plenty of pictures of that too. and kendis of course will be back. that's where he grew up. that pile of trash is a really funny story. >> look at him now. >> having to do with kendis falling in it. but he will be back tomorrow to give us all the details on his amazing trip. we hope he's having a great time. >> yes.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, new fallout from the firing of the fbi director. does the president have secret recordings of his conversation with james comey? senators are now demanding answers while president trump moves toward naming comey's replacement. developing right now, possible round two of this weekend's massive cyberattack. why experts say new problems could emerge in hours. north korea releases new images of its latest missile test. also claiming that missile could have carried a nuclear warhead. hear how the white house is responding. caught on camera, a controversy on board a flight. the family and airline telling two different stories.


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