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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:26pm EDT

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to slip through the cracks bands a free men. brad bell has more information you just uncovered. brad: i was in the courthouse last week when he didn't show up. everyone said find out where he is based on t g.p.s. ankle bracelet. he wasn't wearing one. now we may have uncovered a clue to why. we found documents that he was never ordered to wear one. we knocked on the door that is listed as the ocupancy of kelly. we heard a woman inside followed a man speaking in hush tone. nobody came to the door. they have been searching for kenneth kelly, the drunk driver who killed five people in a crash in 2014. he pleaded guilty but didn't show up for the
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>> i'm angry. we thought we'd get justice. now it's a slap in the face. >> also a mystery. because all the parties to the case believe that kelly was wearing a g.p.s. monitoring bracelet. now our review show the order was never made. this release from the commitment order sent by the court to the jail says none in the section for special conditions such as electronic monitoring. major mistake. >> we are looking into what happened with the g.p.s. monitor. the state attorney spokesman says the prosecutors are going over transcripts to find out where the problem was. he said that his office argued for the monitoring. >> it was appropria
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brad: everyone in the courtroom thought that the g.p.s. monitoring had been ordered. so the state attorney will go over the transcript to see if there was a mixup in the courtroom or was this a clerical error. at this hour as far as we know, kenneth kelly has still not been found. upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: update to a story we are following. the firefighters fighting each other after who would put out the fire in atlanta. one firefighter shoved the other. a jury said it was not enough to show a crime has been committed. jonathan: windows users worldwide are taking steps to prevent a repeat of the cyber attack. people installed a software patch over the weekend helping to stop second waver of problems as the workweek
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out of their computers in 150 countries. michelle: north korean leader kim jong un was front and center in the missile test. they called it a success for the nuclear program. president trump revealed what is described as a highly classified information to the russian foreign minister and ambassador according to a "washington post" report. which also says the disclosure could jeopardize a source of intelligence on the islamic state. they hosted russian diplomats at the white house last week. jonathan: he wrote the memo that trump used to fire james comey. now rosenstein will brief the senate on the firing. rosenstein spent years
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federal prosecutor in maryland. the briefing planned for thursday. >> speculation is growing that the firing of comey may be just the beginning. some suggest that president trump could be telling key members of the white house staff you are fired. abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman joins us from capitol hill. this is potential a major shake-up. we are just shy of four months of the trump administration. scott: you are right. it potentially is. if there are inevitable changes heading our way the white house isn't signaling it, president suspected indicating it -- isn't indicating it publicly. but many of the changes occur with little to no notice. with the media talk of the mixup about to become a reality or is it beltway banter? it depends who you act. >> it's a busy week. scott: is a suggestion in an article that the president is debating a huge reboot. he is frustrated and angry at
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from chief strategist steve bannon to sean spicer. all under the microscope. publicity staff at the white house dismissed shakeup as nothing more than idle chatter. but there is a history of it. once we saw on the campaign trail. neither campaign manager corey lewandowski nor paul manafort made it to election day before being fired. we asked chief of staff reince priebus weeks ago is he worried about his job. >> there are wondering if there are mov don't thik about . it's ridiculousfor us. if how ell the besident is doing,he work getting done, th jobs created. lo athuñ5 the market and the tax bill. you look at he bill that have
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today the president saying a search for a replacement is underway. >> moving rapidly. >> and spicer deflecting 4estions about who may be making the shortlist. how quickly it will beput together and how the vetting
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he was rushed to the hospital to reverse the overdose. he is expected to make a full recovery. jonathan: do you wonder hat suitcase olook like? we saw it check it out.
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there is no word what started it. agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives joined in the investigation to figure it out. michelle: president trump revised travel ban went before a federal appeals court today. administration is trying to get ahold on the ban lifted. the judge repeatedly brought up president's comments about a muslim ban in last year's campaign. >> no president had done that. >> if some other president had done it without the statements the executive order would be constitutional. >> the executive order would block the travelers from the six majority muslim countries entering the u.s. appeals court in richmond is considering a separate appeal. michelle: tomorrow morning the orange line will shut down in maryland and it affects every station from new carrollton to minnesota avenue. th
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a month with the shuttle buses replacing the trains and they will only run every 30 minutes so plan ahead. jonathan: relief on the way for the metro riders who sweated through three sweltering summers. that is how long the cooling system has been broken at the dupont and farragut station. brianne carter explains the short-term solution and why the long-term fix won't come soon or easily. >> deep under the stretch of connecticut avenue a key piece of the metro system to keep the dupont circle farragut north stations cool sits idle. leaving the riders to sweat it out. we got a rare first-hand look at the machines known as "the ill whichers." de -- "as the chillers." designed to cool the station. this is what a chiller looks like 30 feet under ground. it work just fine. so what is the problem? >> the piping issues that have to be
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>> we went to fix those. but we fixed one and then another breaks. >> the pipes have to be replaced. costly process. >> this isn't just a straight line of pipe. the pipe goes up, down, sideways. making 12 it 0-degree -- 12 90-degree turns. two large pipes. brianne: they have to carry water to the chillers 30 feet below ground. with no known timeline metro is working on a temporary fix to bypass the pipes and pump the cold air in the station. no timeline has been given when the riders will again be feeling cool. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7
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doug spectacular weatherwise. yesterday and today. saturday not so much. high pressure will build in to give us a gorgeous scene at laurel, maryland. the roof camera there. cloudless skies all day. comfortable temperatures. dealing with gusty winds. low to mid-7 o's around most of the area. wonderful weather for the next few hours. 76 at reagan national. 75 now in annapolis. 70 in winchester. through the evening with the clear skies. we see the winds slowly and steadily diminish. 48 to 54 the range of temperatures around the region by the morning.
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wizards? michelle: cheering for the wizards.
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comcast business. built for business. tonight, breaking news involving president trump. did he reveal highly classified information? late today, the washington post reporting that the president revealed that information to the russians, during their meeting at the white house. how is the white house responding tonight? > cecilia vega is standing by live and mary blues at the capitol hill. the deadly plane crash just outside new york city. the jet coming in over a suburban neighborhood. witnesses watching the plane come down. a fireball erupting. the calls from the cockpit. late today, the new horror, the images emerging from syria. the u.s. now accusing syria of executing thousands in an alleged cream tourism. and the tour bus crash


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