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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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sources at risk. nancy: it raises more questions like do you think it's okay for the president to share secrets with russia? go to and weigh in all evening. jonathan: abc7 has team coverage on the president's comments. kenneth moton with the white house explanation. alison: and chief political correspondent scott thuman will examine the legality of what happened. we begin with kenneth moton and the white house's explanation today. kenneth: the white house is in damage control rolling out the national security advisor and off-camera briefing by the press secretary. they did not deny the release of classified information by the president. instead they criticized the leak that led to the bombshell report. president trump -- >> did you reveal classified information to the russians, sir? ken in the: repeatedly asked as he hosted turkey's president. >> no comments if you shared classified information with the russians? kenneth: the white house downplaying the report that trump told russian's foreign minister and ambassador
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isis plot in syria. trump tweeted it was his wright to share facts pertained to terrorism finally offering this on camera response. >> we had a very, very successful meeting with the foreign minister of russia. we want to get as many to help fight terrorism as possible. ken in the: the president national security advisor says he did not jeopardize national security or hurt intelligence relationships with the allies. the "new york times" reporting the sensitive intelligence came from israel. >> it's wholly appropriate for the president to share whatever information he thinks is necessary to advance the security of the american people. kenneth: mixed reaction from republicans. >> i'm going to wait until i get a briefing from, a secured briefing on it before making a statement. ken in the: g.o.p. senator john mccain called the reports deeply disturring. democrats are demanding to see a transcript of the meeting. >> if it was unwitting that would be pathetic and dangerous. if it was intentional, that would be worse -- i don't know what's
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>> they already had a briefing on the books with the director of the c.i.a. today. that will happen in an hour on capitol hill. more members of congress want to hear from the white house on what was said in the meeting with the russians. reporting live on northwest, kenneth moton, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the president did sweet today he has the right to share information. and as the president he has ultimate authority when it comes to declassifying information. abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman joins us now from the capitol hill bureau. now the national security advisor is saying the president wasn't even aware of the full details of the nervous that was given to -- details of the information given to him. what do you make of that? scott: we're trying to sort that out. we don't know if it means he wasn't briefed where it came from or he didn't have the entire context of where the information was relevant to what he was discussing with the russians. that is another story. you get back to the legal till of it, it seems that the president by most accounts people we talk to may be
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authority to discuss certain matters even if they are highly classified with other national leaders. we spoke to someone who was a former c.i.a. military analyst says listen, it doesn't change the fact there are agreements between the nations and intelligence sharing understandings. sometimes that is where it gets gray. for example, if it were israelis perhaps who might have provided this information and you had an agreement with the israelis you would accept and trade information but not necessarily share that with another entity or country. that could be a breach of some sort. once again, we don't know if that is exactly what happened here. it does seem that the president probably was within his purview to at least have the discussions. you heard h.r. mcmaster's national security advisor saying there was nothing inappropriate about what he did. it does not change the fact that the perception out there is unfortunate in that people wonder is the president sharing information he may or may not really have i
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that provided the information. some people believe that could cause other countries to clam up a bit. we will see. a lot going on behind closed doors right now. jonathan: scott thuman on the capitol. we appreciate that. thank you. the sharing of intelligence with russia was the story on the hill today. lawmakers unable to avoid questions and the responses, well, that varied according to party lines. >> i saw mr. mcmaster, what he said is true. i think it's something that way blown out of proportion. >> we have a saying in the navy blue slips. it's not do i say. it's do as i do. he needs to lead by example. jonathan: c.i.a. director mike pompeo spending members briefing the members of the house intelligence committee on what the president said and the potential impacts. you can go to to track the vote. also, we'll check back in with the instapoll at 4:30 asking what you think about what the president released. you can see the reporting on president trump. we have all of it for you. nancy:pd
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massive ransomware attacks. reporting that north korea was behind the global attack that hit a hundred countries hijacking computers and holding cyber services hostage. since the attack which hit the microsoft operating system the hardest, microsoft offered up new patches to secure vital systems. taking a look outside. last week's chill a distant memory. no it a cloud in sight. tomorrow we could be approaching record highs. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill with the forecast for us now. doug? doug: nancy, today is a transition day from the mild to the warm. but comfortable today as we look live at arlington from the view atop of washington lee high school. beautiful out there. a couple of clouds. warm and dry. the map tells the temperatures. this is all comfortable. the temperatures are above average for this time of may. middle of may. it's fine. what will change is the temperatures will rise. humidity levels will rise tomorrow and thursday and friday as well. overnight, clear and comfortable. 59 to 64. nice day.
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outside. 66 in the morning. feel like 90 at 12:00 noon. 95 and plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. through the late week, the temperatures, the heat, the humidity continue. isolated thunderstorms are possible tomorrow and thursday. a better chance of thunderstorms through friday afternoon. the weekend and the next ten days comes your way in about ten minutes. alison: thank you, doug. new at 4:00, a 4-year-old shoots and kills himself at a daycare in orange county, virginia. police say the in-home daycare center belongs to a stafford county deputy sheriff recruit who was not there at the time. it's not clear how the child got hold of the gun but the orange county sheriff office says it was not a service weapon. we have an update now to a developing story. on friday you will remember the man convicted of killing five people in a crash ditched his sentencing hearing. that fugitive kenneth kelly is back in custody now. he was out on bond between the conviction and the hearing. but as we learned yesterday he
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was never fitted with a g.p.s. tracker. our maryland bureau chief brad bell with how he was captured. brad? >> tonight no mystery of the whereabouts of kelly. he is here. behind that fencing, behind razor wire and behind bars. how he was caught, we are told good police work and he from the community -- help from the community. kenneth kelly's freedom ended last night when a fugetive squad led by the prince george's sheriff department got a tip he was in a hotel on allentown road in suitland. >> they saw him go out to the car, go back into the hotel room. brad: in minutes, the convicted drunk driver who killed five people in this crash in october of 2014 was slapped in handcuffs without more violence. >> hopefully this time they won't let him out. brad: she lost her sister dominique green in the crash kelley caused. she speaks for her family when
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that kelley was able to choose not to show up for his sentencing hearing last friday. >> it's still not going to change the fact he should have never been let out in the first place. so then he went on the run. we have to sit here hoping he will get caught. brad: since kelly went on the run, "7 on your side" digging for answers. yesterday we showed you this document to prove the court never ordered the g.p.s. monitoring of kelley. prosecutors, defense attorney and the trial judge agreed to. sources say it may have been a clerical error based on a mistaken assumption, another jurisdiction was tracking kelley. he was a prince george's defendant and a prince george's court did not arrange electronic monitoring. this time, he won't be getting out. >> on this fugitive parent, mr. kelley is not entitled to a bond hearing. brad: so if he doesn't have a
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released from the detention center anytime soon. short time ago we learned that the new stensing hearing has been scheduled for june 9. prosecutors will ask for the maximum sentence, in this case 50 years. when we come back we tell you now why more time might be tacked on to that. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. the commonwealth of the virginia patch is an issue. they are trying to rerace symbols of history. it's not noticeable in alexandria. let me show you what i'm talking about. jeff goldberg is taking a closer look at this. this has folks talking there. >> it does. you have probably driven by it. many of the viewers have hundreds of times. this is the confederate statue in prince at old town. according to the placard here it has been standing since 1889. one
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confederate symbols across virginia that are the source of the heated debate. it was called the torchlight event and drew national attention with plenty of condemnation. >> what happened yesterday was a klan rally. >> organized by alt-right leader richard spencer who posted this picture on twitter. the gathering on saturday night was in charlottesville and hold in protest to a city council vote to remove the statue of confederate general robert e. lee, a move put on hold by the courts. confederate symbols like it can be found all over virginia. statue, roads, schools and the battle flag. republican candidate for governor corey stewart made protecting the confederate so-called "heritage" a central piece of his campaign. >> it's time we stand up for virginia. >> all of this focus on the past is leading to mixed reactions today.
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in oldtown alexandria where confederate statue stands on south washington street you will find differing opinions on whether the symbols and the dialogue is productive. >> it may be good to let people continue to reflect about slavery and its meaning. >> i think there are a lot better things we need to work on in this world. jeff: last september the city council voted to remove and take down this statue but they would need support or approval from the general assembly which they have been unable to get in the city of charlottesville. may face similar roadblocks in the future. coming up at 5:30 we will hear strong words from the mayor of charlottesville and show you what happened when we went looking for richard spencer here today in old town. until then, live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: we have breaking news right now coming in the newsroom. i want to show you videotape. this look like a bomb went off. this is a crash that took place on interstate 95 in
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we understand this involved at least one tractor trailer and perhaps another. you can see there is debris all over the place. it's tough to make out what is left of cars. you can see in the center. that right there a chassis alone but you can barely make out it was a car. we know that three, maybe four people have been killed. again, right now the details are fluid. we are trying to get information on what happened, how it happened. interstate 95 in north carolina is closed right now. whatever happened there did cause that fire in the median as well. as soon as we get information on what happened and how many people injured and get a total number of those killed we'll get it back to you. nancy: update the breaking news from 24 hours ago. we brought this to you yesterday at 4:00. surveillance video showing the moment the small jet crashed. this is near the airport in new jersey. two people on board were killed. officials say the pilot of the doomed flight spoke to air traffic control moments before the crash. at the time e
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find but it quickly changed. >> start the turn. >> it hit three buildings. pieces of the plane throughout our yard. melted cars that were parked here. it's impossible to describe. >> despite the inferno no one on the ground were injured. all buildings hit by the aircraft had been evacuated. in one case the last employee happened to leave one of the businesses just 30 minutes before the flight came crashing down. jonathan: wow! coming up next here at 4:00 -- >> please talk to your kids about the dangers of the energy drinks. jonathan: this is tough to believe. a deadly dose of caffeine. up next, a family's sober message of how much is too much. nancy: also next, trees falling lake dominoes. see the split seconds that made the difference between life and death. >> simone and sasha. alison: did you s
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night. they were sent home. what the olympic star said moments after getting booted.
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alison: a close call. nancy: take a look. dash cam video shows a man's car nearly getting crushed by falling trees. ronald wiley was driving in lincoln county on friday when the bank gave way and caused the trees to topple one
4:17 pm
another. he equated it to dominoes. he said on top of all of that the heavy rain made it hard to stop. >> slid right into them with the wet road. i looked up and i saw the cable lines and the telephone lines were still intact. i went ahead and backed out in case they did give way. nancy: he says his truck had nigh nowhere damage including a broken -- minor damage including broken win shield and busted corner on the grill but he was not hurt. miraculous. split second. jonathan: he needs to buy a lottery ticket. a "7 on your side" health alert. south carolina teen is dead after overdosing on all things caffeine. alison: this is so hard to believe and so scary. now health experts want to warn teenagers and parents of the dangers. nancy: heart breaking story. lindsey mastis with just how much the teen drank. lindsey: 16-year-old davis didn't know the dangers of caffeine. over the course of two hour he is drank a mcdonald's latte, a diet mountain dew and an
4:18 pm
then he collapsed inside a classroom. he died at the hospital from a caffeine induced cardiac event. >> i stand before you as a broken-hearted father. and hope that something good can come from this. lindsey: his father sean is speaking out, urging kids to be aware ttat caffeine can be deadly. >> parents, please, talk to your kids about the dangers of the energy drinks. and teenagers and students, please stop buying them. there is no reason to consume them. they can be very dangerous. lindsey: medical experts point out some beverages contain other ingredients that can be harmful. >> i think any kind of stimlant that is causing the heart to beat faster and stimulating the heart can add to the effect. lindsey: well, caffeine affects everyone differently. some people have built up a higher tolerance. others can't consume as much. that is why it is so important to be careful. jonathan: it's so shocking because you think of all the
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study for finals, whatever it is. you are taking caffeine, the drinks, whatever. nancy: you are not paying attention to how much you are drinking. your heart can't take it sometimes. jonathan: new information tonight about the officer who dragged the doctor off the united flight. we have all seen the video. abc7 found out james long finished a five-day suspension before this incident. he violated five department rules in january, including conduct unbecoming an officer. he is one of four officers put on paid leave as the city investigations. alison: simone biles got the boot last night. they had earned the highest scores from the judges but the viewers apparently saw it a different way. there were gasps and shock on stage.
4:20 pm
but afterward simone was gracious. >> i've never seen people that shocked. were you shocked? >> i'm not sure. i feel like a little bit but then again america want what is they want when they want it. so it's like, i don't know. >> so they seem to be a little taken aback by the vote. here are the final couples now you know she does have a few gold medals. just a few. probably okay. nancy: grace and dignity in that moment. that is not easy to go off being eliminated to being poised for an interview. jonathan: she worked so hard. they all work hard. she is perfect when it comes to gymnastics. she is still perfect as a dancer. you think she was a good dancer too? doug: i was surprised, too. i just kind of thought -- it's not just pure dancing skill. it's popularity and everything else. nancy: you know the judges
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hands they are shocked. talk about the weather. dancing because of the nice weather. jonathan: no shock it's beautiful. doug: from doug, a 10 for the weather! [laughter] beautiful live shot from frederick, maryland, from crestwood middle school. 79 degrees. light south/southwesterly winds. this is from the 70's to the comfortable 80 degree range. tomorrow, thursday, friday, too. uncomfortably warm and humid. some there might use the word "hot" for the next several days. lower 90's. this evening no problems. plenty of sunshine. drop through the 70's. comfortk, short sleeve weather for a while. then it will drop to 50's in most areas. a bit cool. 64 in the city. 58 and 59 in the suburbs. tomorrow the heat begins.
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there are showers popping up in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. they are isolated showers. generally sunny and hot. touch more humidity tomorrow. 70's tomorrow night. a heat index looking through thursday in the afternoon. around 90 in most areas. number wise as we head to the weekend. a bit cooler. low to mid-70's over the weekend. mix of the clouds and sun. maybe even at times more clouds and sunshine. the next few days. 89 on friday. a better chance of thunderstorms friday afternoon. when we see showers and the thunderstorms develop ahead of the cold front. cooler over the weekend with the clouds. best chance of rain sunday night and monday with a stronger cold front that will knock temperatures back to the mid-70's for balance of next week. that is it. nancy: thank y.
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surging. what you need to know about safetrack 15 and the major shutdown now underway. jonathan: also next for us, some of you are getting ready to head home from work. is there an easier and cheaper way for you to get from here to there? we see what it is and if it's worth it.
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horace: i'm horace holmes in
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center. we are here to help you with your consumer problems. all the folks with the "7 on your side" call for action. they actually work on the cases. you write in to us or call to us. shirrously here, c'mon, you want to stay there? >> i'll get up. horace: okay. shirley is the founder of call for action. it's been around for a little while. >> we have been around for a long time. that is right. we are here to help consumers and delighted with the partnership with channel 7. i am hoping some of the viewers will decide they, too, want to be part of the volunteer pool. we have a lot of fun and we do a lot of good work. horace: we are here to solve your consumer problems. folks will be here to answer your questions from now until 6:30. 703-236-9220. shirley will be here. she is a wealth of knowledge to answer questions with the other volunteers. give us a call. the phones are open now. back to you. nancy: thank you. next at 4:00, did
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this last night? it was projected on the trump hotel downtown. we talk to the artist behind the message next. >> five rail stations are closed for almost five full work weeks. how is it going so far? we have an update coming up. alison: new at 5:00, list we love to hate. find out which air liens keep did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness?
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: president trump defending his right to release highly classified information to top russian officials. trump took to twitter saying he wanted to share facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. our instapoll question is up and active. we want to know do you think it is okay for the president to share secrets with russia? go to and let us know what your thoughts are. so far the response coming in overwhelmingly saying no, it's a bad idea with 88%. jonathan: did you happen to see this last night at the trump hotel? lights above the entrance there? michelle: you can see right there, bright as day. it says, "pay trump brides here." one of a few slogans lighting up front of the building.
4:31 pm
down with the artist behind the messages. stephen: in bold and bright letters, the consolation of the crisis which rocked the trump presidency in the infancy blanketed the trump hotel last night. is there we wanted to connect what the president is doing with the building in washington, d.c. stephen: visual attarrist robin bell wanted to bring attention to the white house burgeoning problems. >> omolument is a tricky word to say so we are trying to get it understood what it is meant. stephen: the emolument clause that talks about his cozy relation with russia. >> i imagine it got to trump. >> we checked with the d.c. attorney general about whether or not it's
4:32 pm
so we tried d.c. police. as far as they know there is no trespassing involved, no property damaged, to graffiti. so they are not sure if it's legal or not. stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: all right. we are back in the weather center with doug. gorgeous day. it look like we have high temperatures coming our way. doug: we have a real taste of the mid-summer weather. humidity levels creep up. temperatures in the lower 90's but it's beautiful now. congressional country club. nancy: let's ditch it and go golfing. doug: if we could get away with it. this is a quick hit. a few days. make no mistake it will feel like mid-summer. this is beautiful out there. the sunshine 77 at reagan national. dew point is 52. that tells us that the air is dry. lows in the morning the low to mid-60's.
4:33 pm
in the next few days 93. a lot of sunshine. isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon and the evening. friday is a better chance of storms with a cold front approaching. heading to the weekend, remind you a taste of arlington sunday from 12:00 to 6:00. you can meet our own jeff goldberg at the event in arlington. temperatures will be in the low to mid-70's. plenty of sunshine and a few high clouds. so the overall headlines here we are working on heading through tuesday afternoon. it will feel like summer. we challenge the high temperature records. a cooler weekend. steve rudin will be back in 15 minutes to take a long look at the ten-day outlook for you in a minute. michelle: thank you. abc7 on your side. phone bank call for action is now open. 703-236-9220. that is the number to call. if you have con complaints as a consumer or questions, call for action volunteers are here to help you navigate options to make things right.
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703-236-9220. they are here through 6:30. jonathan: covering metro tonight. safetrack surge 15 is in full swing. this affects orange line rider. brianne carter is live at the stadium armory choke point. any problems so far? brianne: things looking so good. this is stadium armory. a new terminal. the end of the orange line along the section. at stadium armory you can see the folks coming out. they head to the other end of the platform to get on a shuttle button. the complaints or the concerns we have heard so far from the riders today. some question why the orange line is impact and owes want to know why they didn't know any sooner about the shutdown. this impacts the east side of the orange line. new carrollton, landover, dean wood, minnesota avenue station all closed. it appears according t
4:35 pm
avoided the station altogether. the riders are telling us they are adding 45 minutes to their compute today. >> i know that things happen. right? it's an inconvenience. it's really not we expect or we want. i'm about progress. brianne: riders were given more than two weeks' notice this is a closure instead of single tracking but we found midday today some folks knew nothing about it. we have more on that part of the story at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: some people didn't know about the surge. now is a good time to set up for metro text alert. go to just put in your phone number and we'll let you know what is going on with metro. michelle: a new study shows bullying in prevalent in middle to high school. one out of five
4:36 pm
a study released by the justice department. when it comes to the students identifying as gay, bi, lesbian or transsexual said they were bullied. nancy: fairfax has a birthday coming up. in june the most popular part of the commonwealth turns 275. but the county will celebrate the bit with a presentation tonight. at the county courthouse. you can't celebrate the 50th the one day -- 250th the one day. they will hold lectures until a history fare on june 17. happy birthday. that is exciting. michelle: bring cupcakes out. next at 4:00 -- a disney blockbuster hijacked. jonathan: the release digitally held hostage. michelle: is your commute worth it? different ways to get to
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from work. we find the most cost effective carpool. and autria godfrey has a look at the mid-week wakeup and "good morning washington." >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- >> top secrets exposed. washington demanding answers. what will president trump tweet next. >> plus, how to get runway clothing at rental prices. is it worth it? >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:the on "good mor introducing the fios gigabit connection with download speeds up to 940 megs that are 20x faster and more powerful than most people have. incredibly, it's $79.99 a month for one year. comcast charges you $89.99 for a triple play that only offers 200 mgs speeds. switch to the most powerful internet at the most revolutionary price. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 a month and we'll give you tv, hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years all with a 2 year agreement. so act fast. go to
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rrator: "the time is to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law,
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as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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nancy: we are following breaking news near the white house. reports there has been another white house jumper. in time we understand a woman jumped over the bike rack. she is now in custody. at this point that is all we know. we'll bring the latest to you. also today, interesting story here. multiple reports that disney's newest priorities movie has -- priority -- pirate movie has been pirated. they are demanding money from disney or they will spoil the release this month. disney c.e.o. telling his employees disney is looking into the claims. jonathan: arizona man has gone off the deep end with his movie fandom. he has built a full on "pirates of the caribbean" replica in the backyard. he went into great detail. michelle: he did. jonathan: if you were a kid you'd love this. michelle: i'm an adult and i love it. he made it for kids in the community to enjoy free of
4:41 pm
is neat. it takes you to another world. it's a chance for the neighborhood children to step away from life in the desert for a little while. michelle: the octopus at the base. it comes decked out with a jail, captain quarters, fake cannons and a crow's nest. he may have been born to do this. his dad and grandfather were hollywood set designers so he understands the magic of make believe. i love that story. jonathan: give me your best pirate. >> no. leave it to you. jonathan: one arggg? michelle: ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- buying a car from the vending machine. pick up a car and go. how massive this tower of cars is and where you find it coming up. look like toy cars there. jonathan: they do. plus, you might want to reconsider the dreadful commute. is there an easier way to go to and from your home? we will
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horace: we are back life in the "7 on your side" help center, helping you with consumer problems.
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heuspected doing the work right or not working at all and you can't get satisfaction. call folks here. the "7 on your side" call for action. the volunteers are here to help you out. 703-236-9220. the folks are trained to help you and intervene and try to get problems solved. 703-236-9220. we are here from now until 6:30. back to you. michelle: thank you, horace. college students in virginia have greater protection being taken advantage of by private and out-of-state for-profit schools. terry mcauliffe signed a protection bill if law to require institutions to disclose information about graduation rates, financial aid and whether a school's credits can be transferred. >> many of these for-profit schools do great work. many of them come in and take advantage of students. now they have to disclose up front what they are offering and how much it will cost. this is a protection effort forhe
4:46 pm
legislation will prevent students wasting time and money on the programs that won't help them get a job once they finished school. nancy: "7 on your side" alert now. housing are down to lowest point in half a year. that is the number of new homes breaking ground on construction. big hit in april as the prime housing hunting system heats up. that followed a slide in march as well. construction has been the brighter spot in the economy and they are hoping for a rebound. ford plans to cut 20,000 jobs worldwide as part of a major cost cutting plan according to the "wall street journal." most of the jobs are salaried positions which do not have union protection. assembly line workers could be save but there are no guaranteed here. the official savings goal $3 billion. jonathan: well, this is a heck of a vending machine. luxury and sports cars. yep. you can buy it from the 150-foot tower in singapore. check it out. this is not a toy o
4:47 pm
that is the real deal stocked with really nice cars. 60 different vehicles ranging from lamborghinis to ferraris or my buddy reminds me, ferraris. the customers touch a button and request a car for test driving or buying. dealership says the sales are up 30%. michelle: a bunch of hot we'lls. jonathan: totally look like hot wheels. but hot wheels are $3.75 each. these are more each. $375,000. michelle: you watched it here on abc7. the new miss usa was on "good morning washington" walking back a controversial comment she made in the pageant. she clarified what she meant when she said healthcare is a privilege. >> i'm privileged to have healthcare. i do believe it should be a right. i hope and pray moving forward healthcare is right for all worldwide. michelle: she is emphasizing the past tense, the
4:48 pm
privileged. she was not surprised by the reaction to her comment and said perk is based on the freedom of having different opinions. how is social media reacting to her dialing back and clarifying her position on healthcare? lindsey mastis has the latest on that. lindsey: this time there is backlash over her clarifications. some say she deviated from the original statement. others are upset over the fact there is so much hate online. look at this. on facebook, it says no need to back track or dummy down the answers just because there are closed minded individuals who have never embraced the notion of agree to disagree. and how sad to shame a young woman to denounce her own personal views over public outcry. #tolerance. and a miss america contestant from massachusetts has been tweeting as well writing congratulations to your new miss usa. or is she #notmymissusa? back to you. michelle: now check in with larry smith at the
4:49 pm
to find out what is coming up new at 5:00. larry: good evening. the field of candidates to be the next director of the f.b.i. is shrinking. we have that for you. plus, they are back and they are early. see where people find sekedas. and that is new at 5:00. when we join you in the studio. many of you are heading to the road. and you may be treading it. is there an app or two to make it better? "7 on your side" want to find out if the online car pooling services are worth it. horace holmes has answers. >> is there any way to make the drive to and from work easier? uber think they have an answer. carpooling. their way.
4:50 pm
sure. >> 76% of the americans drive to work alone. in an effort to change that, uber installed uber pool and lyft installed lyft line. lyft line says it goes everywhere for the price of your morning latte. the same claim from uber. download the app and matched with other commuters going your way. >> i don't think they can intimate all the effects of traffic. >> this is a transportation expert from george washington university. >> they will help alleviate the congestion. horace: so for your commute is it worth signing up for the carpool services? we caught up with ron williams in an afternoon standing in the middle of the group waiting to catch commuter bus from arlington to loudoun county. >> $9 one way and get here in 30 minutes. nothing much to complain about. horace: williams said online carpooling wouldn't work for him. >> my company gives me money to commute. only goes on this. horace: for those hit ride on
4:51 pm
strangers to get in the h.o.v. lanes -- >> we have that option and it's guaranteed like a ride. horace: overall is it worth it? >> it is worth for some type of trips but not for the type of trips that require more control from your side and exact arrival time. especially when we talk about commuter trips where you need to be on time. horace: that is the bottom line. all of us know getting to work on time and home as quickly as possible after work is the most important thing. we have one carpooler over there who is enthusiastic. nancy loves it. nancy: i do it all the time. you save a lot of money. horace: okay. all right. [laughter] it's worth it for her. tomorrow, speaking of worth it. get this. what if you could get a week's worth of clothes for work or a big night out or formal event to make you look great and you
4:52 pm
hmm. jonathan: good one. horace: is it really worth it? we tell you tomorrow. same time. michelle: look forward to it. thank you. jonathan: thanks. michelle: it feels like summer outside. jonathan: it was beautiful outside today. i kept thinking about what steve and what doug were saying about the shoe will drop. the shoe will be really hot. nancy: steve is smiling. hi, steve. steve: you know, this time tomorrow i guarantee i am going to hear people saying, "it's too hot out there. it's way to hot." we will enjoy it for the three days we have it. we have a cooldown on the way for the upcoming weekend. outside we go. look at national harbor. gorgeous out there. this evening we have temperatures until the sun is set. the forecast wakeup temperatures around 60.
4:53 pm
no need for a jacket. leave it at home. grab your sunglasses. you will be happy that you did that. but dress for comfort. look at the highs. we make it to the lower 9 o's for the daytime highs. the heat index is in the lower to the middle 90's. we keep the trend going for the day on thursday. adds cold front will bring us relief from the heat and the humidity. cooler for the upcoming weekend. talk about the weekend. the daytime high on saturday 73 degrees. in the next ten days the temperatures will cool for the middle of next week. back to 70's. near average for this time of year. michelle: thank you. it's official. next season will be
4:54 pm
abc made the announcement this morning. the show is going to handle the end the way we like to handle the important things in the "scandal" family. white hats on. gladiators running full speed over a cliff. jonathan: wow! up next at 4:00, a high school student planning to ride across the country on his bike. >> i think it's important in life to me, that is what i hope to learn. jonathan: he is some kid. what he will do at each stop along the way to make him the
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
i need to find a passion. >> from georgia to maine, in over five months he completed the grueling trek. >> i came home and i felt almost the same. >> he will bike across america. in 76 days. >> being somewhere beautiful, having experiences and being with people you like to be with.
4:58 pm
adventure in two years but this one has more meaning behind it. the journey is bike and build for a reason. jackson and his 34 other riders will build 12 homes at different locations across the country. >> the home is one of the basic needs in life. >> it will be a great impact. predding the word is more on the mission here. >> another adventure awaits with a chance of figuring out what makes him tick. >> it is important in life to me. i hope to learn. >> the important journey is the inner journey. larry: at 5:00, more coverage of the story everyone is talking about. we are asking is it legal? one of the noisiest creatures emerging in the area leaving the scientists puzzled
4:59 pm
the fight over a sidewalk no one asked for. announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. alison: it is out of the white house today where secret service is saying that someone tried to jump the security fence. that person is now in custody. this is a live picture of the scene. this is the north fence which is the within along pennsylvania avenue. we are told the person didn't even make it past the bike rack. we will get you more information when we learn anything new. larry: meanwhile, republicans, democrats and americans are demanding answers as to why president trump would share classified information with the russians. the white house defending the actions saying he did nothing wrong. what happens next? scott has more on what has become a key moment for the administration. >> as far as what happens next the c.i.a. dir
5:00 pm
pompeo coming to capitol hill to brief members from the house intelligence committee. it was scheduled. they will want to touch on this after the president national security advisor. he was adamant that the president did nothing wrong. he did not compromise intelligence. this erupted after the fire storm article from the "washington post" that reported president trump shared classified information about isis with the russian foreign minister and ambassador at the white house. the concern is the shared information. questioning the president and the u.s. on the trustworthiness. the president defended himself saying he was in the rights as president and he touched on the controversy hosting the turkish president today. president trump: we had a successful meeting with the foreign minister of


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