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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the sheridan circle. you can see video from earlier. a fight broke out. you had a big crowd of folks propresident of turkey. turkish flags. crowd with armenian flags. long running beef between the two groups of the people and the countries. it erupted here this afternoon. who started it is a matter of perspective. but the group i'm talking to here on the proturkish side said one of the folks were hit with a megaphone and fights erupted after that. we can tell you one person we saw taken to custody. we don't know if he is being charged officially but nine folks had to be taken to the hospital according to the d.c. fire. one of them with potentially d.c. fire had life threatening injuries. another with what are considered serious injuries. we come back here live and there are a lot of police along 23rd northwest off the sheridan circle. still folks who came out to greet the president of turkey in town for visits to the white house as well
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matters as well. it's been a wild afternoon. it's calmed down. peaceful now. the protesters on the armenian side no longer at the circle which is shut down at this hour here in northwest. reporting live, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. michelle: thanks. also developing now video showing am wither ad outside the white house. the secret service says she tried to jump one of the fences outside the white house. she never made it to the house grounds. jonathan: now an abc7 exclusive, shocking cell phone video outside of howard university hospital. security guards appearing to dump a woman to the sidewalk and then walk away. "7 on your side" i-team investigative reporter scott taylor is breaking the story and he is here with a story you will only see on 7. this is shocking to see the video. scott: it is. i want everyone to watch the video closely. you can judge for yourself how the security guards treat a woman in a wheelchair. in the video, her feet are sticking straight up. the guards m
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sidewalk. stop. she tumbles out of the chair. a guard tosses a bag on the ground. the security guards turn and walk away. she is motionless on the sidewalk. nobody comes to help her. listen to how people are reacting including the guards. >> what is going on? >> did any of that look right to you? we gave howard university hospital the video and an internal investigation is going on. they are updating us. the hospital is still trying to figure out what happened. the woman has yet to be identified. tonight at 11:00, you will hear from the person who captured this on video. we are working to get more information from the hospital officials. scott taylor, abc7 news. michelle: disturbing. thank you, scott. a president defiant.
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within his right to share highly classified information with russia. we have now learned that intelligence came from israel. critical question remain did the president break the law? chief political correspondent scott thuman is tracking this developing story. president trump: we had a very, very successful meeting with the foreign minister of russia. scott: the president today fending off questions on what he revealed in a controversial meeting with russian officials last week. a move defended an hour earlier by the national security at visor. >> it's wholly appropriate for the president to share whatever information he thinks is necessary to advance security of the american people. that is what he did. scott: adding it wasn't anything someone wouldn't know from open source reporting. former c.i.a. military analyst says the president likely isn't breaking any laws. but in some respects the damage has been done. >> even the perception that this happened is already problematic for our intelligence relationships. because countries may
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caution now in terms of sharing information with the united states. they might worry it will be inned inadvertently shared with countries they don't intend it to be shared with. scott: some lawmakers with concerns about the president's approach to russia are lined up with questions demanding to know more. there we are looking at the responses. what folks like you all generally we get to the bottom of things. >> the white house better get its act in order. or else this kind of thing will continue. >> we are talking about russia here. we are not talking about something inadvertently shared with the brits or australia. countries who traditionally been our allies in the world of intelligence sharing. scott: break news now, 20 minutes ago the white house issuing get another denial. we are talk about a different accusation. one from the "new york times" that just broke if the past hour. they allege that a memo exists
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comey before being fired met with president trump at the white house in february and back then during a conversation comey believed according to the memo that president trump was trying to tell him to end the investigation into michael flynn saying he wanted it to end, that general flynn was a decent nan. the white house now issuing a statement saying the president always said he was a decent man. that habit changed but he never asked for director comey to end any investigation. nonetheless, you have got yet another accusation, another denial from the white house. tomorrow on capitol hill there will be a press conference with the house democratic leaders who want to dig deeper in this russia investigation. we'll have more throughout the newscast tonight. reporting live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. sometime in the next 4 hours admit -- 124 hours admitted intelligence leader chelsea maning will be free. she is expected to return home to montgomery county once being released.
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bus crash on i-95 in maryland. four children and a teacher from philadelphia remain in the hospital. some 30 people were hospitalized after a car flipped the bus causing it to overturn. a truck fire will delay packages for hundreds of people. inside the truck shipments of amazon. dozens were damaged or destroyed. packages. no one was hurt. jonathan: crazy high-speed video from los angeles. watch this. out of control car slams to a fire hydrant and then into two business. the driver of the car killed. inside they found open beer condition and packets of marijuana. new video showing the final moments before a plane exploded into flames in new jersey. you can see the plane coming in here. we are learning from the just released audio from the control tower seconds before the crash. listen to how calm they are. we don't have that. they were very calm when they said they had a problem in the plane that
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in the lot. michelle: we'll have it coming up. risking it all to save stranded hikers. the rescue at 14,000 feet that had a helicopter pilot ditching his own seat to get to those in need. doug: comfortable afternoon right now. tomorrow we head to 90's. we have real deal summer weather coming. that headlines the forecast coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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michelle: we continue to follow breaking news in north carolina where a fiery crash killed at least four people and shut down i-95. this is about eight miles north of south of the border. we are told three cars and three tractor-trailers are part of this mangled mess there. it will be after midnight before i-95 reopens there. jonathan: wow! incredibly close call in west virginia. watch closely. not one tree but a bunch of frees falling in the road. the guy's dash cam is rolling and it shows the whole thing. he is driving a truck. nearly crushed by the toppling trees. the driver tries to stop. the truck ended up with a broken windshield and minor damage. the driver wasn't hurt. he has incredible video to show. we have new video showing the moment of a private plane that crashed in new jersey. learjet. surveillance video
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crew members on board. seconds before the impact is when the communications between the pilot and the tower sounded normal. listen. >> start the turn. >> yes, sir, right now. >> but something went wrong. the plane left philadelphia crash while on final approach to teterboro airport. three buildings were damaged, a dozen vehicles were destroyed in the crash. somebody outside saw the plane coming in there. you saw upside down. michelle: caught on video a rescue at 14,000 feet. a highway patrol pilot literally picking up a hiker. just getting getting there took ingenuity. >> all gear was removed for this one. trying to land at that altitude, every ounce counts. >> i took my chair out and put a harness on me with a retention strap. michelle: the challenge so extreme the crew went through a tank of oxygen in the rescue. that tank typically lasts a couple of weeks.
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jonathan: wow! coming up for us the buzz around town that is four years ahead of schedule. it will be loud. we are talking about the return of the cicadas. that's coming up next. michelle: next, lighting the night. meet the man who put message of protest on the trump international hotel. jonathan: if you happen to have a problem with a business and you are looking for help, no worries. wjla is always on your side. the call for action phone bank is open. call the number on the screen if you have a problem or even just a question. 703-236-9220. ba
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life looks good. michelle: the message was clear. projected various things on the 12th street entrance of the trump hotel. image of the phrase pay trump bribes here went viral. >> we wanted to connect what the president is doing with the building in washington, d.c. michelle: another message referenced the emolument clause in the constitution that bans government officials accepting payment or gift from the foreign government. no property was damaged and there was no trespassing so it's likely the projection
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legal. union station got a surprise when pornny showed up on -- pornography showed up on a screen. the sign may have been hacked. jonathan: oops. covering metro tonight and the first evening rush hour for the haveth safetrack surge. five orange line stations are closed between new carrollton and stadium armory replaced by the bus bridges. we spoke to a man at the cheverly station waiting for his wife. they met up in landover. the stations will be closed through june 15. >> the buzz is back across the area. we are getting report of cicadases emerging from the ground. that is despite this not being a significant year. an r
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buzz to explain. you got so lucky with this assignment. richard: i did. a producer volunteered her backyard. if you find this crawling around the yard you know you have cicadas issues. they weren't supposed to be here yet. they weren't supposed to be here yet. >> it's an unusual sound of summer coming to a neighborhood near you. >> we used to play with them. >> 24-year-old samantha was 7 when the cicadas last emerged in 2004. she became quite the collector. >> like the little shells, we add them up. i hope they don't come back like that. >> not right away. the shells, and occasionally a live one is part of an early showing. >> this is what we call acceleration of blood ten. >> the university of the maryland entomologist says this is a
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>> it was last seen in 2004. we are expecting it again in 2021. trillions of cicadas. richard that's right. trillions. >> we remember the last one. tons of them. people came up with the interesting recipes. >> scott has lived in the south arlington neighborhood for 17 years. exactly the length of time they live on trees. >> you born, you pro create and you die. that is the cycle of life. >> no one is sure why the sickle is starting four years early. >> they will get up to 858 to 100 decibels. that's like a jet airplane going by or a loud lawnmower. richard: so you will see cicadas but in four years ago we are talking about trillions. live in arlington, richard reeve. jonathan: i can't imagine what that will sound like. "7 on your side." the phone bank call for action
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call 703-236-9220. if you have any consumer complaints that you need help with or the questions, the call for action volunteers are here to navigate the options. and try to make it right for you. good resource. michelle: we are off to a great start weatherwise this week. jonathan: i love you said the cicadas in 2021 you will make up t-shirts as well? cicadas watch? doug: in 2004 we had a blast at abc7. we had all kind of cicadas. what a blast. it was fun. now we are talking about the summer comes back. the cicadas fits into it. gives it a summer feel. let's talk the numbers. this is what we have for you. 80 at the rockville campus at montgomery college. gorgeous and clear skies. what will happen here is we go to a mid-summer weather pattern. 79 at joint base andrews. 84 in frederick. 76 southerly winds across the potomac river to cool down the temperatures a bit. overnight 58 to 65.
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the lows tomorrow night are going to stay in the lower 70's. so a big change coming with the air mass. the reason for it is large area of the high pressure that was off to the west the past couple of days. remember late sunday and monday how breezy it was? even yesterday. the high was to the west. over the ocean now. it will pump up the heat and the humidity. the story tomorrow the record high at reagan is 92. 93 at b.w.i. we are forecasting the highs that could tie or break records at the airports. it will be fun to see how high we go tomorrow. all because of the high pressure that is way out in the atlantic, southeast pumping up the south and the southwesterly winds. isolated thunderstorms tomorrow and west of the blue ridge on thursday. friday a cold front will come to visit. weak cold front but enough that there is a chance showers develop friday afternoon. the preakness at pimlico the weather is fine. dry. in opt out of the
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post time. the extended outlook, look at the numbers. up to 93. close to that. upper 80's with clouds developing friday from the fronted. we have a 50/50 chance of the afternoon showers and the storms. cooler over the weekend, in the 70's. another front late sunday and monday morning. is that a cicada on the set near you? erin: get it away from me, doug. who is to blame for the game serve loss? one player thinks he is singled out unfairly and he is not happy about it. what he is saying next in sports
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erin: game seven is often the time when nba legends are born. unfortunately that was not the case for john wall and the wizards last night in boston. it was an all too familiar feeling for washington fans. the players held their end of season interviews today. fresh off the game seven loss to the celtics last night. center gortat expressed frustration for the inability to reach the third round
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his underappreciated position as a true center. and the criticism in his well. >> is they are saying you scored six points. but people that know basketball know what i bring to the table. >> not all his fault. mallry pew is youngest on the soccer steam and will play with the spirit after she decided to leave ucla and go pro. she is already a regular starter with the national team scoring five goals in 22 games. the spirit have the top spot in the distribution order and claimed her after she decided not to begin her career in europe. >> for me this is all about playing. i think trying to win games and trying to make an impact. the most important thing is
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building relationships. having fun playing soccer is the main thing now. >> the redskins signed college free agent linebacker niko particularly out of tulane. does the name sound familiar? he is the grandson of legendary player. i can't wait to interview him. the weather around here feels like it. >> we are getting there. take a look at the temperatures for five days. 93 tomorrow and thursday. it will be cooler over the weekend. steve rudin in at 11:00 to talk about the summer like heat and how long it will hang around and the possibility of the brand new records that could fall tomorrow. jonathan: nice. good enough. thanks. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00. have a good night.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting
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tonight, breaking news as we come on, what could be a new bombshell. did president trump ask former fbi director james comey -- to shut down the federal investigation into retired general michael flynn, the national security adviser who survived just 24 days on the job. "the new york times" reporting moments ago, the president said to comey, "i hope you can let this go." comey was fired last week. also tonight, the white house, refusing to say whether president trump gave the russians classified information. tonight, what the president is now saying himself. in other news, the deadly highway collision in the east, along i-95. several big rigs and cars colliding, the charred wreckage. the highway shut down. the tornado threat as we come on tonight. one on the ground just a short time ago. millions in the path of the storms tonight. and the new caffeine


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