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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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serious condition. the officer then produced the firearm, fired at the vehicle. the suspect is shot and transported to the hospital in life threatening conditions. >> no question surrounding this. no word on what the police officers responded to. we are looking at a live picture at the scene. this is all near the best western hotel in arlington if you are familiar with the area. we of course will continue to monitor the breaking news. >> also developing this afternoon, new video showing why a prince george's county police officer was convicted of assault. watch this. this is tough to see. one officer is chasing this guy on food. the other officer in the car slams into him. that is officer juan hernandez chasing that man down. amazingly the guy wasn't hurt. officer hernandez will be sentenced in july. he does face up to ten years in prison. also breaking a lot of news going on this afternoon. eastbound 50 starting to reopen in arnold. there is an aftermath of a
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skytrak7 over the scene. right now these are the live pictures. we are told the clean-up will take at least until 9:00 tonight. some traffic you can see getting by. this is five hours after the crash. earlier we saw one driver rushed from the scene. firefighters working hours to free the person out of that mercedes s.u.v. that was thrown off the road and put in a helicopter once they finally got them out of the vehicle and taken to the hospital. as for the wrongway driver we understand she was killed. she had an infant in her car. we understand that was critically injured in the crash. it's not clear why the driver in the case was going the wrong way. at last check they identified the driver as a 22-year-old woman. we are trying to get information and we'll grit it to you. michelle: now a story we broke on 7. shocking video show guards dump a woman out of a wheelchair.
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"7 on your side" investigator scott taylor broke the story and he sat down with the hospital for answers. >> the hospital didn't try to defend the actions of security guards today. they removed the guards from the duties pending the outcome of their own investigation. the woman tumbles out on the sidewalk on the video. the guards turn and walk away. listen to the reaction of the people walking by and the security guards.
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the comments are unacceptable and beyond disturbing. the howard university hospital weighing in, too. >> i have seen the video. it's troubling and tragic. >> we try to treat everyone with dignity. we work with the families and the community organization and get the transsix from the hospital to home -- transsix from the hospital to home as smooth as possible. scott: we still don't know the name of the patient. hospital officials tell me that she is a regular patient here. come to the hospital all the
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the incident is back for treatment at the hospital. >> this is surrounding the issues about the president. and russia. the department of justice just naming a special council to investigate the connections to russia in the 2016 election. abc7's political correspondent scott thuman is looking into this and he joins you now. scott: there were a lot of loud calls for special prosecutor, a special counsel. this is something that had to be done by the department of justice since the attorney general jeff sessions recused himself on the case. it had to be a move made by the deputy attorney general rosenstein. he apparently has done that and he has named bob moore the former f.b.i. director, james comey's predecessor as the special counsel to look into the case. we'll have more on
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at is the conversations may have taken place between the former director and president trump. >> why he wasn't talking plenty were an labeling it possible obstruction of justice. >> what do you make when people use the word "imimpeachment?" >> it's premature. scott: legal experts differ if it's criminal or impeachment worthy but more action is on the way. jason chaffetz requested all note and reports of the conversation between comey and trump in a week or threaten subpoenas. >> i'm sure we will hear from comey about why this happens as he allegedly describes, why
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time? there are unanswered questions. i told the members now is the time to gather the permanent information. >> democrats say that is what they have tried to do. demanding but not receiving it. >> the white house is obstructing the investigation and refusing to provide not a single document. not a single syllable. zilch. nothing. scott: if comey testifies it could shed light on what really happened in the private meeting with the president and why this supposed memo didn't surface back in february. there were already two congressional investigations. there is the naming of a special counsel to investigate. bob moore, the former f.b.i. director takes another trajectory. so now we have three different gs
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into the russian investigation. this is perhaps the biggest one yet. >> this is a narrative that is playing out for four or five months. now you have a special prosecutor tasked to look into this how long do you anticipate a case like this could take to investigate? scott: that is where critics have jumped in to say it could be counter productive and a bad move if you are looking for something that might be impeachment worthy, if you use that word. a former speech writer of president bush worked for the "atlantic" and he wrote a piece that talked about a select committee, the committees underway right now. they look for the truth. special council or the prosecutor looks for the wrongdoing that is criminal. so sometimes you find something offensive but it mights not be criminal. it also can take a long time for the cases to develop. because they look for a criminal element. some say if the bad actions don't amount to the crimes a
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prosecutor is supposed to look away. this is a massive twist in the investigation to the russian ties and we are waiting any reaction from the white house. >> we will keep pushing for answers and brian you developments as we -- bring you developments as we learn them. michelle: a big brawl outside the embassy and why it was a brutal attack on peaceful protesters. jonathan: jaw-dropping video of a teen tossed from his bike. tonight police are still looking for driver who hit him and took off. doug: in the lower 90's today. a couple new temperature records set. we have another hot and humid day tomorrow. we check out the weekend and the next ten days when we continue at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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jonathan: must-see video tonight. i hate when that happens. that is a computer repair shop in michigan that needs repairs of its own. after the driver plows in the shop he or she then backs up and takes off. michelle: probably a he. jonathan: you think? michelle: i think. more incredible video. this time a hit-and-run in florida. before we show you this. we want to assure you the teenager on his bike is okay. all right. roll
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a carraway rines out of -- a car careens out of control. the teenager tries to avoid it but he can't. he is thrown to the ground. >> hit the bike and then i pushed off. i hit the floor and rolled. tire in front of me and i had to your toy get out of the -- hurry to get out of the way. michelle: my gosh. he just bounces off the front end. the driver never stopped or even slowed down. police found the car but so far not the driver. all right coming up for us, beaten and battered on metro but saved by a stringer. -- by a stranger. he comes face to face with the hero next. jonathan: this was a protest in the district that turned into on all-out brawl. new information about who was involved and why they likely will never face criminal
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michelle: protesters are showing wounds they say was from the turkish security detail. today they condemned the attack and sent a statement about the concerns and police chief peter newsham weighed in on what his officers encountered trying to contain the violence at sheridan circle. >> the police involvement was dicey. there were some people out there who had fire arms. >> protesters say this is something that happens every day in turkey but they never expected it to be something that played out right here in front of the white house. jonathan: update to a story we broke this week. a man two was beaten on the metro and saved by a complete savior. michelle: today he found his hero and he has a chance to say thank you. tom roussey has the reunion at 6:00 tonight. tom? tom: you know, until today we really only knew one main thing about the hero in this case. we knew he was a student at george washington university law school. tonight we know his name. andrew miller. this is video of him sitting with the victim in
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john rowley. they each suffered injuries in this attack. it happened during rush hour on friday night at gallery place. rowley had just gotten off a red line train. he said he was going to exit when a group attacked him for no reason. there were a lot of people around but only one person stepped in to help. that person was andrew miller about to enter his third year here at g.w. law school. miller says he wishes that more people would have stepped in. >> when there is a crowd of people watching someone get hurt. that is a shame. the crowd could have done something about it. should have. i hope next time the crowd does something about it. i hope that more people step forward and fight on behalf of the people who need it. >> the word "hero" is thrown around casually. sports heroes. all sort of heroes. this guy is a
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tom: john that you heard from there, he was kicked in the head. he was thrown into a train pulling away from the platform. he says he was certainly injured. he needs surgery on his hand next week but he said the injuries would have been worse if it weren't for miller stepping in. metro police made two arrests in this usca. reporting live outside george washington university law school in northwest, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. newly released dash cam video shows police responding to a man strangling two puppies. this is not easy to watch but he is obviously not all there. you can see a passerby giving one dog c.p.r. as the officers took james jones in custody. that was in june 20 is a. today a judge in montgomery county sentencedded jones six months in jail. he will also need to serve time in federal gun charges. both dogs did survive and were later adopted. michelle: developing now a major water main break on macarthur boulevard at q street in northwest by the georgetown reservoir.
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area. traffic is being diverted. officials say the water has been turned off and the road is heavily damaged. you can see clearly why. no word yet when repairs are expected to be complete. jonathan: another major water main break to tell you about in ellicott city. the type burst on main -- pipe burst on main street. the force of the gushing water was causing a sinkhole to form. big one, too. partially swallowing a car. parked along main street. they have had problems with the flooding last year. the road main street is closed between rogers avenue and klein avenue until at least tomorrow morning while they fill it up and take care of prepares. michelle: we want to update you on breaking news we've been covering. rosestein named robert mueller as a special counsel to look into potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign. mueller was appointedded f.b.i. director in 2001 and led the f.b.i. through the aftermath of the september 11 terror attacks.
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doug: it is still a lot day out there with one record high temperature broken, one nearly missed an one tied. 93 in baltimore tied the record. new record of 92 at dulles. we missed reagan national by one degree. mainly related to the wind flow out of the the potomac river over the top. just enough wind to school it off. tomorrow -- cool things off. tomorrow might bem whater. low to mid-80's on the eastern part of the u.s. 89 in richmond. 89 in new york. as we go through the evening hours we'll watch the radar. a couple of showers popping up in hagerstown. a couple downpourspours in the mountains. this is at the downpour there. this is what it looks like from the camera. so the area will see a brief cooldown. we are back in the 90's tomorrow with a better chance of
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as we get to friday afternoon still in the upper 80's on the thermometer but a better chance of the showers and the thunderstorms late afternoon with the approach of the next cold front. we go from there to the extended outlook. there are noticeable changes. 93 tomorrow. better chances of storms friday with the front. cooler over the weekend. 70 and 75 with the clouds and sun. cold front with showers and the storms on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week in the weekend. settle down. quiet weather and the temperatures where they should be in the 70's. that is the latest. robert? robert: all right. thank you. coming up in sports we talk redskins rookie mini camp as the o.t.a.'s are around the corner. if you haven't heard mike brown's story on how he almost got arrested? we got you. that's next.
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robert: rookie mini camp for the redskins. o.t .a.'s around the corner. the talk is anderson out of alabama helping out the defense. someone else getting buzz. someone to help with the running game. pejran out of oklahoma. it's well known that the skins need help in the area. but for now the rookie just wants to take it slow.
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>> it is a great opportunity. we're still young and the spot is open. we'll make strides coming up the camp. whatever happens we'll have good team back there. robert: the warriors have the upper hand leaving the spurs up 2-0. if fact that golden state mike brown was almost arrested not too stressful. he wouldn't move over for the spurs team bus. mike brown explains. >> cop out of nowhere pulls in front of me and goes, "hey, you, stop!" another one pulls up. , "hey, you! you heard him, stop!" i get a phone call. gregg popovich, san antonio spurs. i answer the phone. pop is dying! he goes, "i'm sitting here. i see the cops surrounding them. the car trying to inch forward. i'm like he is about to be arrested!" [laughter]
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mystics head coach signed a four-year contract extension. congrats to him. gregg popovich doesn't laugh a lot so it must have been funny. jonathan: i'm sure popovich wasn't laughing. this is not fun. got crazy. robert: it got crazy. michelle: we have a craze warmup in store for us. doug: a couple more days to go with the warm weather. tomorrow is partly to most my sunny. hot and humid. pop-up storms in the afternoon. better chance of storms with the cold front on friday. close to 9 o. we head to the weekend, steve rudin has the eyes on cooler temperatures. the heat sticks around a few more days. quick look at the weekend. dry i think but cloudy and cooler for sure. jonathan: you never thought you'd get right to hydrate, stay cool. doug: every summer but not so early. michelle: thank you, doug. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: join us at 11:00. they will have the latest on "w
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tonight -- breaking news as we come on the air. the department of justice, just moments ago, revealing they will appoint a special counsel. former fbi director robert mueller will now serve as special counsel overseeing the fbi investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election, and any possible collusion with associates of the trump campaign. the department saying it's in the public interest, and it comes as many republicans now join democrats in demanding that james comey testify before the american people about the notes he took during his meetings with the president. also breaking, millions now bracing for severe storms at this hour. after a deadly tornado outbreak already. entire neighborhoods wiped out. new watches across several states tonight. and the disturbing video now emerging. new questions over who was behind these beatings not far


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