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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 18, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," new reaction overnight after the announcement of a special prosecutor to investigate possible russian election interference. >> what democrats and republicans are saying about the move and how the white house found out, what the president is now saying. we're live in washington, in these early morning hours. >> breaking overnight, the tulsa police officer acquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed man. we have reaction to the decision coming in right now. >> then, severe storms on the move. they have already spawned deadly tornados. that leveled neighborhoods. where the threat is. >> the fidget spinners, one girl's experience and her x ray highlighting something that could go very wrong with the toy. thursday, may 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now".
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feels like we start off every day this week with the same thing. we have very big news to got to this morning. >> less than two weeks since health care. iffage in all that happened since then. >> again, a stunner, special prosecutor overseeing the investigation into russia's possible election meddling. >> former fbi director, robert mull. >> narrator: has, sweeping hours to prosecute any crimes that he uncovers as he looks into the possibilities of ties between russia and the trump campaign. the firing of comey and allegations trump asked comey to drop the probe into michael flynn. those are possible investigations as well. the white house apparently blindsided by the news. rod rosenstein didn't notify the president until about 30 minutes before going public. maggie
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quite a built of thit. >> washington is shocked. as you mentioned perhaps at this point we really shouldn't be any longer. this is the third bombshell to hit the white house in just as many days. and, now both lawmakers and the administration are scrambling to respond. >> in a week of breaking developments. >> obviously a step in the right direction. >> a major decision from the department of justice. >> very solid. significant step. >> the department of justice appointed a special counsel to take over the investigation into russia's interference with the 2016 election including possible collusion with the trump campaign. the man now leading the investigation, former fbi director, robert mueller. >> whatever investigation goes on. have the credibility of bob mueller, the former director of the, of the fbi and -- and renowned lawyer. >> now, mueller will have all authorities of a u.s. attorney. includin
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grand jury and issue subpoenas. chief legal affairs anchor says mueller will have the daunting tax of addressing all recent controversies surrounding the white house. ic they that to get with james comey's account then you assess. obstruction or not? >> lawmakers on both side of the aisle are showing signs of cautious optimism. this takes the politics out of it. this has the gotten too political. >> mueller could even subpoena president trump's tax returns. diane, kendis, president trump responded to the new position saying this investigation will only prove that his campaign did nothing wrong. >> took them some 80 minutes to come up with that response. three line response. there, maggie. thank you. >> mueller served for 12 years as fbi director. steve gomes and former special agent worked under mummer stationed in st. louis and los angeles. you're uniquely qualified to talk abo
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what is he like, what can we expect? >> he is tough as nails. this is, somebody who doesn't mess around. he goes right into a job. he asks hard questions. he is demanding. he is very impatient. he gets right done to business. expects agents and investigators to provide answers and results right away. what i expect from him in this investigation. the right person for the job at the right time. anything that gives you insight how he might conduct this investigation. do you think he will start from scratch. add more people. how does the process work. >> well, first of all he is going to set goals and objectives for the investigation based on the parameters provided to him by the deputy attorney jen ram. and from there, he is, i think his overall objective is going to be to, conduct the most comprehensive investigation and to conduct this investigation as fast as
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america and the world is looking at, the results of this investigation. they are going to expect answers one way or another. with what occurred in the russia issue. russian involvement with the trump campaign. was there obstruction of justice by the president. he is going to be thorough in what he is doing with the investigation. he will bring on investigators, analysts, any other experts that are going to beness stare to conduct this investigation. and he is going to move forward as quick as possible. i can expect daily briefings, maybe, maybe twice a day briefings that he is going to oversee to determine how the investigation is going. what are the results that they are seeing. >> and, steve, you know, a week ago we asked you the question, what was the mood inside of, all of the field offices as well as hoofer building. you said it seemed fairly gutted. assume you have talked to, some of your former
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what's the mood now? >> well they'rerying from the firing of, former director comey. right now they're of course waiting for selection of the new permanent director. they're in a transition period. who will be the leader. number of names kick add round. interviews being done right now. i think once the selection of the new director takes place. and, they're able to push forward with, with the new leadership. and now that you have -- former director, mueller in charge of the this investigation. i think they're going to be able to continue on with the work that they do, combatting terrorism, counterintelligence issues, cyberand all the criminal cases that they're working on, on a daily basis. >> steve, this shift aid lot of public attention at least on to this investigation. any chance it is a distraction from the other investigations you mention? >> i don't think so. because, now that there is a special counsel who is going to be handling the
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essentially, on its own. director mueller will have his own team. they're going to be operating separately from pretty much everybody on their own independent. objective, nonpartisan. i think everybody wants that. everybody in the fbi wants that kind of investigation. to be conducted. you can't help noticing the special counsel appointed and investigation that is going to be done. they are going to -- to continue on with their spa sieve ache signments. getting back to their casework. focusing on that. that's what they do on a daily base ills, what they love to do. protect america. >> all right. we're grateful for that. abc news contributor, steve gomes, thank you so much. >> we expect to hear from the president during a joint press conference with the leader of columbia. he did sort off dress this week's controversies during the coast guard academies, commencement address. >> the president started off the speech. praising the efforts. and then
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his ongoing battle with the news media. he told grads, things are not always fair. saying that's especially true for him. look at the way i have been treated lately. especially by the media. no politician in history. i say this with great, great, surety, has been treated worse, or more unfairly. >> he went on to say, you can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. then he added i guess that's why i won. >> there you go. humble brag. >> all. happen right now, there are still small protests in tulsa, oklahoma after police officer was aquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. the encounter between, betty shelby and terrence crutcher was captured on video. she shot him thought he was reaching for a gun. kruchler's family burst
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tears with the announcement of the verdict overnight. his father said officer shelby got away with murder. >> mr. severe storms pounding the upper midwest moving into the northeast. eastern wisconsin and illinois getting the worst of it. it is expected to taper by day break more. than two dozen tornados tore through much of the central u.s., stretching from texas to the great lakes. two people have been killed. one in oklahoma. one in wisconsin. scores irch jird. the twisters destroyed and damaged hundreds of businesses. texas mom warning abut a danger after rushing her daughter to the hospital because of a popular toy. she says she was driving when her 10-year-old started choking on a piece of a fidget spinner. at first, doctors were unable to locate where it was stuck. >> then, they saw this. the x-ray revealing a round metal bearing stuck in the girl's esophagus. she is doing okay but of after surgery.
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>> these are toys, my nephews around this age. they have them. all of their friends have them in various colors. never expect playing with it. i played with a few. never expect that pieces would come loose let alone think about. >> had them with the toy insider. couldn't figure how the to play with them much less get them anywhere else. yeah. yeah. i'm sad. >> well, coming up in "the mix," the must see dress, made from 10,000 star burst wrappers. >> plus, high school students, lining up against a wall. getting hit with pepper spray. we'll tell you why this video is sparking outrage. probably not why you think. >> also caught on camera, tense standoff between an officer and man waving a knife. how this one ended. and also, check out our behind the scenes picks on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪
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get on the ground. check out drthe dramatic video standoff. the police say the man attacked his family and smashed several car windows and ignored orders to drop his knife. deputies even deployed tasers. but apparently that didn't work. investigators say that's likely because the the man was high on drugs. they did in the end, manage to arrest him. >> we are getting our first look at body-cam video, las vegas police tasing a man. an officer then put farmer in an unauthorized check hold. the officer is on paid administrative leave. no charges have been filed. farmer's cause of death not yet determined. >> to a piece of video getting attentiontion this morning. group of high school ud
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>> they volunteered for this as part of a class. but now critics are saying the exercise went too far. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: the video going viral. students at ohio school, being pepper sprayed. >> ah. >> kids screaming in pain. barberton high school says the kids not only volunteer ford it they got per motion from their parents as part of a criminal justice class. >> oh. >> ah. >> the school district tells abc news the instructor is a former police chief. this waiver warning parents the spray will cause irritation and burning send saegs sation to th and nasal area, 30 minutes to an hour. a blog criticizes the move calling pepper spray torturous. but the mom who shot the video defends it. >> if he is going to be a police officer and going to have these weapons, to use on people, he needs to know how they feel. >> reporter: the school district says that added supervision was provided by school police. insisting that the students were
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gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> students in this class, criminal science class, they have also been, tasered basically. hit with a stun gun as part of the class as well. i think we have a new assignment for kendis. >> to be tasered. >> no tasered. >> you first. can't do. they have misty sprays. spray. >> that's just. just water. >> let's see if i can take it. >> you don't want this. >> no. >> no. >> you know how you some times do the fake tears. these. >> give me real tears. >> real tears. >> glad that they did it. they're okay with it. but no. >> not for you. >> not today. >> you get extra credit. >> not today, satan. coming up in our next half-hour. who, would steal a million dollars worth of bees? >> huh? all right. millenials and sex. how young adults handle romance and relationships in the age of dating apps.
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researchers say young adults are not interested in casual sex. >> love lives of millenials are closer to
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sex in the city. >> what does hooking up mean really? >> it means making out or having sex. it honestly just depend on how far you are welling to go. >> in hbo's hit show, girls. >> [ bleep ] him. >> millenials are often portrayed as being a bet away from a quick hook-up. but in the report, called, the talk. researchers from harvard's graduate school of education suggest young adults are more conservative than previous generations. and would rather hang out with friend or date seriously, than have casual sex. >> is there pressure do you think, do you think everybody else is hooking up you are wondering whether i should be hooking up? >> people talk about it a lot. feels like everyone is doing it. but, in reality, it's pretty, pretty, like not so frequent. >> the new harvard report spoke to 220018 to 25 years old around the u.s. and fund a large number are unprepared for caring, lasting romantic relationships and are anxious about developing them. >> t
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want, guidance about, what are the markers of a hl thee relationship. what do they look like. when do i know when i am in a toxic relationship or relationship harmful in some way. they really want guidance on the topics from parents and educators. >> i'm a parent. and i thought i talked to my daughter a little bit about, you know what a healthy relationship is. apparently we are not doing that. >> i feel like having the conversation of like the good things and like all of the healthy things and stuff, that relationship should be. never comes unless, i bring up, the bad things that have happened. like, like unless i am going through something, rough, i am never going to hear. >> what should be good? >> researchers asked about sexual harassment faced by young women, cat called to being touched without permission by a stranger. but the catch 22, the report suggests the more women succeed in school and life, the less likely it is that men are
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>> how many of you have had men call you names that are disrespectful? >> everybody. catcalls? >> oh, yeah. >> everybody. >> those things start at like 7 years old. >> yeah. >> 7 years old. >> 6 when i realized i was a sexual object to men. >> wow. >> does that feel like part of life? >> it's overload. it's every day. >> there is borderline between harassment and throwing some one a compliment, right. so when people harass you, like that is a compliment. if we let them say the. though we are walking by. might keep our head high, keep going on. but like by not saying anything is making it, okay. >> a lot of adults are passive about this. they don't say anything, they didn't know what to say. they fear they will be wrilt in off. >> deborah roeshtberts, new yor. >> do you feel that way, when you got cat called? >> it took me until 20 to realize am
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>> 20. being generous. >> last year. >> coming up, startling number of people who would choose their dogs over their partners.
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lysol. what it takes to protect. time for "the mix." we start with research on relationships. one of the ckeys is feeling lik you are a priority to the other person. >> you is important. you is kind. >> yes. >> along those lines. >> apparently for a whole group of people though their spouse is not their top priority. >> okay. >> they're called dog owners. so according to, 54% of people answering the survey, dog owners, say that they would end their relationship if their dog didn't like their significant other. >> that number seems low to me. >> 65%. >> seems a little. that seems low. >> 54% say that. 65% admit they take way more pictures of their dog than they do of their significant other.
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>> 47% of dog owners say they would have a harder time leaving their dog for a week. than they would have their leaving their significant others. >> would you have a harder time leaving frank? your rabbit? or husband? >> my husband? >> never brought my husband to work, have i? >> that's true. >> no, i would have a hard time leaving my husband. love you, honey. love you, honey. >> exactly. no, you will take the pets any day. they don't yell at you or anything. >> they just sit there. and, eat your scripts. some times. >> a cat a whole another matter. i don't know that i believe this one. but, there is an italian starredup that is, probably like the dream for, for, many of insomniacs, diane and myself. we don't drink coffee. it aims to have cell phone case that can make you an espresso. >> what? >> so, it can create, using a -- an app as well. it has
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has the a tube for, for -- it has a tube that, will give you -- a liquid, especially built into, and then, just what, press of the button, on the app. >> did it come with the random cup that that guy just had. >> yeah, exactly. >> will if that doesn't work out. starbuck's has a new vn chur. they are creating coffee ice cubes. so they're testing this in, in baltimore and st. louis. from now on, it won't beep watered down. even when the ice melts. it is made of coffee. >> long list of starburst lovers. taylor swift would say. this young lady is a, is one of those starburst lovers. look at the dress. can you till whell what it is? >> pretty. colorful. >> those are made of 10,000 starburst wrappers. this is emily sonheimer. an artist. took her four years. her fiance, now husband. when they first met, he knew that starburst were her favorite
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this morning on "world news now" -- a major development in washington in the investigation into possible ties between president trump's campaign and russia. former fbi director robert mueller will now lead an independent investigation. how the house was apparently blindsided by the move. >> taking a look at markets. took a tumble before the special prosecutor announce:how will they react today? >> new this half-hour -- fight night or graduation? >> so, a ball -- a brawl i should say, broke out as high school students were receiving their diplomas. so what caused this whole thing to happen during what was supposed to be a celebration? >> and we are still days away from the premiere of "the bachelorette" but the 31 gs


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