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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, the president's historic trip overseas. the saudi sit-down and the deal just cut. plus, president trump and members of his cabinet like you've never seen them before. ready to talk. the former fbi director james comey preparing to tell his side of the story, when he will testify in front of congress. cabin scare. new images and details on the passenger detained on a flight to hawaii. what happened with tsa before he boarded the flight. trapped. students stuck on a roller coaster in a thunderstorm for more than three hours. the terrifying rescue caught on camera. and pippa's big day. saying i do in style. the family drama and the high-profile guest not at the ceremony.
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and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with president trump and his trip abroad. his first overseas trip as commander in chief. the president and first lady arriving in saudi arabia, after an overnight flight on air force one. melania trump not wearing the traditional headscarf. a dazzling of pageantry. the 45th president taking part in a ceremonial dance. after accepting a gold medal welcome. president trump and the saudi king signing a $110 billion arms deal. the trip kicking off an eight-day international odyssey with the president still facing mounting pressure back here at home. abc senior white house correspondent cecilia vega starting off us off from riyadh. >> reporter: with all that controversy back at home, president trump looks like he's
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relishing being so far away from home. participating in a traditional saudi dance, typically a symbol of peace after a hard-fought war. men fighting with him in that battle back in washington, secretary of state rex tillerson and commence secretary wilbur ross right here today, too, dancing with swords. never before has an american president set foot on saudi soil for his first trip abroad. when air force one touched down, the saudi king personally greeting the president and firstly day. melania trump forgoing a headscarf, following in the foot steps of first lady michelle obama. whose bare head sparked controversy back in 2015. among her critics at the time, donald trump who tweeted we have enough enemies. today, the saudis bestowing on president trump the kingdom's highest honor. lining the streets with american flags. but what he's not seeing, as a woman here in saudi arabia i
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this door of mcdonald's. i would have to go through this side that says family section. it's completely segregated. keeping the women separate from the men. president trump is not expected in a public way to address human rights or women's rights on this trip. we tried to ask the secretary of state why. mr. secretary, can we expect president trump to address human rights on this trip? no answer. also not being talked the campaign trail comments on islam. >> i think islam hates us. there's something, there's something there that's tremendous hatred. >> reporter: or the muslim ban. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: in president trump the saudis see an ally willing to be tougher on iran. than president obama. today, president trump and the saudis cut their first deal of the trip. agreement for the kingdom to
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$350 billion in u.s. military equipment and services over the next decade. after a week of his worst headlines since taking office, the president chalked it up to a good day. >> that was a tremendous day. i want to thank you and saudi arabia, but hundreds of billion dollars of investments into the united states. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> and cecilia joins us now from riyadh. we saw in your piece the incredible welcome he's receiving, but tomorrow president trump is expected to deliver a big speech to the muslim world. he'll be talking about extremism, which was one of the most controversial topics during the campaign. >> reporter: it absolutely was. and the big question, here in the birthplace of islam, will he say the words radical islamic terrorism? we know the president has been working on this speech with stephen miller, the man behind the travel ban. and advisers tell us tomorrow's speech will take a softer tone.
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now tonight, we follow the president on his trip to the middle east. several damaging stories back home. ousted fbi director james comey will testify before congress after memorial day, this amid emerging reports that the president called mr. comey, quote, a nutjob. that federal probe zeroing in on the white house itself. abc's jon karl also in riyadh for us tonight. >> reporter: shortly before president trump landed in saudi arabia, word of a coming showdown back home. james comey has agreed to testify after memorial day, in public before the senate intelligence committee. the questions surrounding comey's firing are mounting. >> well, i certainly would like to know the circumstances that led up to his dismissal, and particularly those conversations, direct conversations with the president of the united states. >> reporter: president trump's meeting with top russian diplomats the day after he fired comey is casting even more doubt on the official white house explanatio
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"i just fired the head of the fbi. he was crazy. a real nutjob." trump boasted, according to an official summary of the meeting read to "the new york times" by an american official. "i faced great pressure because of russia, that's taken off." today, the russians insisted they didn't have anything to say about comey in that meeting. foreign minister sergey lavrov telling reporters, "we have not touched this subject at all." but in an interview for "this week with george stephanopoulos," national security adviser h.r. mcmaster didn't deny president trump brought up comey. >> the firing had been in the news, but i didn't know in advance that the president was going to raise it. >> reporter: when repeatedly pressed, he would neither confirm nor deny the specifics of that conversation. >> is that what the president said? >> well, i don't remember exactly what the president said. >> you have the president of the united states telling the russian foreign minister, in their first meeting, that the pressure is off because he's fired the fbi director investigating russian interference in the campaign. does that seem appropriate to you? >> as you know it'
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difficult to take a few lines, to take a paragraph out of what are -- of what appear to be notes of that meeting. the intent of that conversation was to say what i'd like to do is move beyond all of the russia news so that we can find areas of cooperation. >> reporter: the festering saga is surely on the minds of the president's closest aides traveling with him. abc news has learned that the fbi investigation into russian meddling has now spread to the president's inner circle, with a senior white house aide considered a "person of interest." secretary of state rex tillerson was asked who that could person be. >> i don't have any information or knowledge regarding the person of interest that has been referenced. >> and jonathan karl joins us now. the president has consistently complained about the number of leaks coming from the white house, how this compare to other administrations you've covered and are conservatives right when they warn of the so-called "deep state" working
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president? >> reporter: well, tom, i don't know if i'd call it a deep state. but i haven't seen anything like this. you have had multiple circumstances where details, actual transcripts of conversations that the president has had in the oval office with foreign leaders have ended up on front pages of newspapers. days after the conversations took place. i have never seen that with any other administration. >> chief white house correspondent jonathan karl for us in saudi arabia. jonathan, thank you. george will have much more from that exclusive interview with general mcmaster tomorrow on "this week." to the harrowing moments on a flight from honolulu. these f-22 fighter jets escorting that plane after a man with a laptop began acting erratically. tonight, we have new details about that passenger that are leading to new questions about why he was allowed on that flight in the first place. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, new details emerging about this turkish national, seen here in handcuffs after allegedly trying to force his way to the front of a flight.
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airline officials now saying he was acting erratically hours earlier and had to go through tsa screening twice, but wasn't deemed a threat. the fbi boarding the flight in honolulu after anil uskanil was subdued. >> we're going to send a couple of agents back there right now. don't be alarmed by that. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say halfway through friday's flight he moved towards first class while carrying a laptop. >> he was just ducked over like this. >> i never saw his face. or anything. >> reporter: a quick-thinking flight attendant blocked his path with a beverage cart. almost immediately, a passenger jumping in to restrain him and send him back to his seat. >> i heard they used duck tape and zip ties. >> reporter: warnings immediately going out to all american airline flights. >> we're cancelling the inbound approach for right now for inbound emergency. >> reporter: these f-22 fighter jets scrambled to escort the plane to honolulu. the plane dipping to 5500 feet for the last two hours of the flight out of concern the laptop might have contained explosives. ultimately, none were dete
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the airline crediting that quick thinking crew for using the beverage cart as a barricade. as they review possible motives right now, it seems terrorism is not one of them, tom. >> all right, matt, thank you. let's turn now to the terrifying hours on a amusement park. trapped on a roller coaster in bad weather long after midnight. abc's adrienne bankert picks up the story of their dramatic escape. >> reporter: tonight, the one-minute thrill ride, instead stranding students sky-high for hours in the middle of a lightning storm. 8 students stuck on "the joker" ride at six flags in arlington, their feet dangling, whipped by strong wind and rain. >> so, i was shaking and i was crying. >> reporter: the theme park was open all night till 5:00 a.m. for high school grads. christian chaney was one of those students trapped on the ride.
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>> it started rocking back and forth. and then it came to a complete stop. we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: just after midnight an automatic safety measure triggered by those high winds cuts power to the ride. >> we didn't hear from anyone from six flags for probably 25 minutes. by this time it was starting to rain heavily. >> reporter: at 12:30 a.m., firefighters got the first call, using ladder trucks to reach nearly 12 stories up. more than three hours later, the last person rescued at 3:40 this morning. six flags over texas telling abc, the safety of our guests is our highest priority. our engineers are currently conducting a thorough inspection. though cold and scared no one was hurt on that ride. it will remain closed until the inspection is complete, tom. >> credit to those first responders that no one was hurt. adrienne, thank you. turning to the dangerous weather causing anxious moments for millions in the storms' path. sections of southern indiana, take a look, under 25 feet of
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million of dollars in flood damage there. as the cleanup begins. and this slow-motion cell phone video showing fierce skies over central oklahoma. full of lightning. some incredible video there. senior meteorologist rob marciano joining e many now. >> those storms have a lot hoff lightning and a lot of water, too. a severe thunderstorm watch for tennessee, nashville, louisville you're getting it now. cleveland, asheville, thunderstorms into the afternoon. meanwhile, getting much cooler across the northeast. temps in the 09s, now 60s, 70s. rain coming on monday. overseas now and the turkish nak star saying the government of turkey had a hand in ene sshs kanter's
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word tonight that the star center has been released. he's heading to new york. he'll have a press conference about that experience. and the concussion controversy around a tom nfl player, tom brady in the spotlight over something his wife said. abc's eva pilgrim reports. >> brady, set, and down he goes again. >> reporter: tonight, new questions surrounding patriots star quarterback tom brady. whether he has had repeated concussions, including one last year. >> patriots win the super bowl. brady has his fifth. >> reporter: his wife, supermodel gisele bundchen making the revelation. >> he had a concussion last year. he has concussions pretty much every -- i mean, we don't talk about it. he does have concussions. >> reporter: but brady's agent telling espn, "tom was not diagnosed with a concussion last year." the 39-year-old has never been listed as having a concussion. it is against nfl policy to conceal one. >> there is a gray
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comes to how the nfl handles concussions. some of the information gathering is still contingent upon self-reporting of the player. >> reporter: in the past, the five-time super bowl champ has said concussions are a reality of the sport. >> things happen in the game that are out of your control. in any contact sport, there's going to be head injuries. >> the nfl does require any player who suffers a concussion be taken off the field. however, the injury only has to be reported if it happened during the season. tom. >> eva pilgrim for us. eva, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday -- a high-speed police chase through a residential neighborhood. even on the sidewalks. we'll tell you how this one ends. and is someone tracking you. the easy and cheap way someone can follow your every move. how to protect yourself. and we'll take you to one of the hottest places on earth.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. back now with a florida lawyer arrested this month, accused of stalking an ex-girlfriend by putting a gps tracker on her car. there have been several recent similar cases. here's abc's marci gonzalez and why it's happen something often. >> reporter: tonight, authorities in miami say it was a magnetic gps tracking device like this that helped grant sarbinoff stalk his ex-girlfriend. he's accused of secretly attaching it to her vehicle, using it to remotely monitor her every move. and more cases like this are making headlines across the country. >> slapping on a tracking device is as easy as finding the metal piece that is under the vehicle, slapping on the tracking device and you walk right away. >> reporter: the devices, once only used by law enforcement and private investigators, are now alarmingly accessible, selling online for less than $100. and they are virtually
6:48 pm
undetectable. it could be attached and you could have no idea? >> it requires physical inspection. >> mr. sarbinoff. >> reporter: the attorney for sarbinoff's alleged victim says she became suspicious only after sarbinoff started inexplicably showing up where she was. he's pleaded not guilty to charges including stalking. >> when you start to see that level of commitment and sophistication to a criminal, you know, deviant course of conduct, it's really alarming. >> reporter: some advice from experts -- if you suspect that you're being stalked, bring your vehicle to a reputable shop and have them check the undercarriage. tom. >> marci, thanks so much. still ahead -- hot dogs recalled. what you have to know. and tommy lasorda. we'll have an update.
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back now with our "index." just in time for the upcoming memorial day weekend a huge recall of hot dogs to tell you about. more than 200,000 pounds of nathan's and curtis' brand hot dogs being recalled because they could contain bit of metal. the hot dogs were shipped nationwide, so far no reports of any illnesses or injuries. check the usda website for more information. and to los angeles now, where former dodgers manager tommy lasorda is in the hospital. the legendary lifelong dodger has been hospitalized for several days. details of his condition are not being released just yet. the 89-year-old hall of famer has a history of heart problems. five wisconsin teenagers under arrest tonight following a high-speed police chase. take a look.
6:53 pm
this dash cam on the squad car catching it all. officers had to stop their dangerous chase but later found the car and the suspects finally, to hawaii and an incredible video of lava flow, this is time lapse video of river of lava traveling down a cliff and four miles along the ridge line. among the world's most active volcanoes and near constant eruption since 1983. up next -- she became an international star at her sister's royal wedding. now, it's pippa middleton's turn to walk down the aisle. the semi-royal wedding coming up. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card.
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finally tonight, pippa middleton nearly stole the show at her sister kate's royal wedding. but today, pippa had the focus all to herself. here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: arriving at the church in style, the beaming bride pippa middleton. duchess working on the sidelines playing the most important job of the day today, being a mom. having stern words with a crying george, then shushing the other kids, herding the pint-sized members of this intimate 100 guest strong wedding into the church. and while the newly minted mr. and mrs. matthews did have their big day, the two tiny stars today did not disappoint. princess charlotte charming the guests. as for prince george, like father like son, when william was in his uncle's wedding. all eyes were on prince harry and who was going to be on his arm, but he walked in with brother william. disappointing fans from all o
6:58 pm
>> the social event of the world. happening to see a little bit of harry and his new girlfriend as well intlr speculation in overdrive, where was harry's glamorous girlfriend meghan markle? >> thought it was appropriate she wasn't in the public where the media and it wouldn't steal away from pippa's big day. >> reporter: royal watchers expect her to be at the reception at the middleton home. la many, a hasan, abc news. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. good morning, ameri good morning, america and "this week" tomorrow morning. have a great evening. good night.
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