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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> he was a person i heard people say has a promising future. the truth of it is he was already a person who accomplished so much. jonathan: vigil will get underway in an hour from now at bowie university where collins was set to graduate. tom roussey has more on remembering the life lost. it was senseless. tom: absolutely. this was supposed to be a happy week here for the students but instead of celebrating graduation, tonight a number of them are expected to gather at the m.l.k. plaza on campus an hour from now to remember the life of collins. these are pictures of him. we are told by a family pastor he just been commissioned in the army. set to join the military straight out of school after graduating tomorrow. i am told he was a standup guy. this murder was senseless acco
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pastor. it happen around 3:00 a.m. after the university of maryland. all we know is the suspect according to the documents told collins to step aside. he said no and he was immediately stabbed and the suspect came out of nowhere. >> we lost an exceptional young man at the start, he was excited being a united states army and serving this country. his life was snuffed out senselessly. senseless crime. doesn't make sense at all. >> collins was set to walk at graduation tomorrow. that will be held at the xfinity center on the campus of the university of maryland where collins was stabbed and killed.
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silence at the graduation for collins. reporting live, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: so sad. thank you. for the man charged in this murder, the police say sean urbanski was drunk when he killed collins in unprovoked attack. urbanski was member of a racist facebook group according to investigators that is fueling concerns it may have been a hate crime. so far the prosecutors are not making the claim in court of yet. michelle: must see video in the newsroom of a botched robbery where the victim fights back. two men try to force their way to a building in the takoma neighborhood. in an instant a victim draws a gun and the other draws his own and they both fire. the bull leapts ricochet off the ground. take a look here. the police aren't saying if the victim was hurt. if you recognize thieves call the police. jonathan: a bus
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no answers why. fire engulfed the buses friday night. the fire investigators don't think this is suspicious. but they also haven't figured out why a school was would catch fire. michelle: gray skies. rain greeted most of us. doug hill has when the rain will move out of here. doug: for the meantime it has. it's cloudy and gray. at the moment there is sunshine coming in. that is brief. cloudiness is the rule going forward. occasional showers. 72 in leesburg. warrenton is 74. we have fog in the forecast with the clouds tonight but no rain. temperatures will settle through the 60's overnight. the computer model shows the next chance of rain tomorrow. late morning to midday. the rain could get heavier as we head through the midday and the afternoon and the everything. it looks
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opportunity through wednesday, wednesday night and thursday before it clears out. we check the holiday weekend in detail coming up in a couple of minutes. jonathan: look forward to it. thanks. the death spurred a riot and five police officers in freddie gray's arrest and death face charges from their own police department. the officers were exonerated in court but an independent investigation found procedures were violated. the two officers who made the arrest suspended. three officers could all be fired. the police are not commenting. remember this crazy chase? the ambulance was stolen. the man arrested the police chase has a chance to get out of jail. a judge lowered william person's bond to $50,000 this afternoon. person is accused of stealing the ambulance from the prince george's hospital center before leading police on
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michelle: the teen infamously known for posing a doctor in florida is heading to prison in virginia. he will spend a year behind bars after trying to buy a car in virginia using an older woman's credit card. the woman had no idea what the teen was planning. he was sentenced to ten years but nine were suspended in a plea deal. a moment of chaos. a man plowing his car in to a crowd at times square killing a woman and injuring 20 other innocent people. that man behind the wheel sits in jail charged with murder. the family of the woman meanwhile who was killed is in mourning and today her father left this note at the scene in times square. it thanks police, medical staff and the bye standers who rushed to his daughter -- bystanders who rushed to his daughter's aid. jonathan: lawyers representing michael
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client will not hand over subpoenaed dock innocents to the senate intelligence committee. they justify it saying escalating public frenzy against flynn is the reason. he is considered a key figure in the investigation of the russian interference in the election. michelle: president trump isn't talking about the flynn investigation. he is in israel where he became the first sitting president to visit the western wall. he did address one controversy, claiming he gave classified information to russia obtained by israel. president trump: i never mentioned the word or the name "israel." never mentioned it. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu assured reporters intelligence cooperation between the u.s. and israel is "terrific." turkey is now reprimanding leaders for this chaos last week. the u.s. leader called for the ambassadors to be expelled
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protesters. jonathan: the police were on hand in connecticut when a protester tried to disrupt yale graduation ceremony. there is a simmering drama as the teachers who unionized are in the middle of a lay dor dispute. other demonstrations were peaceful and the graduation went on as planned. michelle: speeding boat with no one at the helm. the coast guard gets creative to bring this ride to an ends. jonathan: lesson in painful perseverance at the naval academy. the many failures and moment of success in a
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michelle: an investigation underway to figure out who defaced monument in norfolk. they power washed the word "shame" off the statue that sits at commercial place. they have called for the monument to be moved but the city leaders chose not to. they hope surveillance footage will lead them to a suspect. white nationalist richard spencer is looking for a new place to work out. spencer had his membership to the oldtown sport and health revoked after a confrontation after another member who called him a nazi. many people we talked to say they don't agree with the message but also
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a business because of the beliefs. he led a group of protesters with torching demonstrating against the removal of a confederate monumented in charlottesville. jonathan: well, there is another delay to tell you about with the purple line after a judge ruled more study needs to be done. the judge ordered the federal officials to look at impact of declining metro ridership. the decision could put the federal funds helping to pay for the property in jeopardy. governor hogan called theer baffling. taxis in d.c. making a jump to the digital aid. the district will be the first major city to shift to a new digital meter. meaning you have the option to pay for the smart phone. you just swipe, dip, tap the end of the phone and ride is paid for. michelle: d.c. on the way to get the first wegmans grocery store. we confirmed it will be built in what is now the fannie mae headquarters in northwest d.c. the store will be
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square -- 80,000 square feet. that is 30% smaller than the wegmans in alexandria. construction begins when fannie mae moves out late next year and expected to open in the year 2021. jonathan: coming up for us the many failures leading to the ultimate success at naval academy. up next, the student who climbed his way to glory in the hernd
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jonathan: president trump may need to take a detour when he spritzes the mar-a-largo estame next time. a sinkhole in front of it. crews are looking into what caused it and there is no timetable for repairs. michelle: memphis man decided he was too drunk to drive so he crawled on top of a stranger's car and passed out. when the driver returned to the car he didn't notice the man and he drove 14 miles before the police pulled him over. >> the officer came up and he said mister, are you aware there is a body on your trunk? that did not ridge
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register. he goes, "mister i'm not messing with you. there is a body on your trunk." >> that is a fixture. the officer woke the drunk passenger who didn't realize where he was or how he ended up there. ride for free there. he started stumbling into traffic before the office every gave him a ride inside the vehicle. jonathan: how do you stay on a trunk for 14 miles? michelle: good balance. jonathan: great balance. good for him. impressive site in greece. there is not one, not two, but five separate water spouts twirling around in western greece. that is what will get your attention. especially on a boat. you see it coming toward you. >> also caught on video the coast guard racing to stop a boat with no driver. >> it's just too rough out here. michelle: this is off the coast of fort myers beach. the coast guard ended up using
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tangle up the boat propeller enough to ram it to a stop and board it. they are not saying how it ended up at full throttle. [cheering] >> that is how you go from plebe to midshipmen. the cowell my nation of two and a half -- culmination of two and a half hours of teamwork. it came after multiple near misses as the students disguarded the title of plebe. there has to be bruised bodies. michelle: yes. black and blue. richard reeve was there and talked to the students who become a class icon. [cheering] richard the moment everyone waited for. 19-year-old mcgraw was the plead with the
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with the magic touch. >> you don't succeed the first time. you have to try again with the end goal in mind. richard getting the midshipmen hat on top of the herndon monument. mcgraw says a moment he will never forget. >> my mind is racing. i can't keep track of things going on. happy we succeeded as a class, as a team. i was great to bond as a class. [inaudible] >> right now it is crazy. we are getting sprayed with water. a lot of sweaty bodies on top of each other. >> there is no real plan of attack for it. you get there and you have to come together as a group in the face of this monumental challenge. >> legend has it that the person who throws the midshipmen hat on top of the
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one day. mcgraw, this now is enough. >> sounds like a good moment. >> oh, yeah. it was great. >> what a challenge physically and emotionally. this is a huge transition for the young men and women. no longer are they plebes. they are now midshipmen here. from the u.s. naval academy, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: the abc7 web team got up close access with the special 360 degree camera. that is the way you want to watch this. watch entire climb from all angles on the facebook page. at least it wasn't scorching hot. tough enough as it is. jonathan: the nice thing is though to all of them a big congratulations. very hard work. takes a lot of discipline. not doing that. but the whole year of school. good for them. doug: trying to figure out the
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times tomorrow and tomorrow night, wednesday, wednesday night to thursday. it should calm down heading to the holiday weekend. that is the headline. now the details. a few breaks in the overcast right now as we look live at the national harbor. there have been a few shafts of sunshine. the best chance through the evening is to remain cloudy and the rain is well south and east of the washington metro area. cloudy and damp. we drop to 7 o at 9:00. dropping to 60's overnight. this is the morning rain that is moving off the coast. there are more areas of rain south. but most of that is heading northeast. that will miss the area tonight. by the morning it will look to the next area of rain, area of high pressure north. but that allows this to move northward so by tomorrow afteoo
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area. it will take it out throughout the night and get us cloudy again. we repeat the process on wednesday. then another larger area is organized along the warm front. the news is the pattern continues thursday evening and friday the expectation is it will settle down. dry day on friday. there may be a thunderstorm on top to get the pattern out on thursday. the weekend, and it is looking brighter. partly sunny. upper 70's dry on friday. saturday is good. upper 70's. sunday is warmer. memorial day the same. 8 o-82. but is there is a chance of a scattered late day shower or storm sunday and memorial day. the next ten days it will settle down. once we get past memorial day as the temperatures climb to lower 80's. now period of sunshine through
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stay with us. "abc7 news at 6:00" returns after this.
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robert: jay gruden said the draft went smooth. >> i'm proud of what the guys did this year in the free agency. and in this draft. i said we have quality people. who performed well under some tough situations this year. this draft class and the excitement has brought it to the locker room. it's exciting. so we will add at least one or two or three people. robert: for the nba everyone thought it would take a miracle for the celtics to beat the cavs in game three without isaiah thomas. that miracle came or the luck of the irish. the celtics stole one in cleveland. lebron taking it as a positive. >> i feel like you have to have some adversity to be successful. so i'm glad it, i mean if it was going to happen let it happen now. let
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let us regroup and the narrative that was going on. let's get back to playing desperate basketball. robert: the nats have the night off. they host three-game set tomorrow with the mariners. jonathan: you don't buy anything coming out of lebron's mouth, do you? robert: you have to give answers in the press conference. stay positive. you know what i'm talking about. jonathan: he is really meaning what are we thinking? michelle: one last check of weather. doug: more shower chances tomorrow at midday and afternoon. warmer wednesday and thursday with chance of showers and a few thunderstorms. but it will improve over the weekend. steve's job is to update the weekend. michelle: long weekend ahead. thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: see you at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking developments, president trump in the holy land. making history at the western wall. with the president also making news after what he said today about his meeting in the oval office with the russians. also breaking tonight, retired general michael flynn, this evening we learn he will plea the fifth in the russia investigation and did he mislead the pentagon when he applied for top-secret clearance, what our team has learned. new video coming in of the police chief killed outside the nursing home. several workers targeted as residents were rushed to safety. what the video shows. the murder on campus, police say this second lieutenant in the army was stabbed in front of his friends. what the suspect allegedly said right before the stabbing. the major development tonight, o.j. simpson and pale


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