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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 23, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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emergency services working the scene as day breaks on the somber city. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> some of those injifrd were hurt in the panic after skpt ploegs. >> saw the replay of those rushing out of there. you heard it in byon's story right. there replay the sound of the announcer trying to calm the crowd. >> ladies and gentlemen, please take your time. there is no need to, there is no problems here. take your time. keep exiting the building. there is no need to run. take your time. there is no problems. thank you for coming. and having a good time tonight. everything is fine. take your time. exit the building. thank you very much. walk slowly. there is no need to run. >> one one of the largest arenas in europe. it holds 21,000 people. so you can imagine how hard a scene like that is to
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excue excues me. let's bring in former fbi agent, steve gomez. ny of them are very young? >> yes, in this situation when you are in a venue or a stadium, in such as this one. 21,000 people. the stampede. potential for stampede is in and of itself a danger to the people that are there. i mean there is a lot of risk that is involved in, in a stampede such as what we are seeing here. so, i think the announcement was very good in the sense that they're trying to, get everyone to remain calm. and to move slowly. now, the fact is, inside the stadium, there was no threat. now, everybody didn't know that. they just heard hey boom. they didn't know where it came from. but, it, if you are, not faced with, a threat right in front of you. if there wasn't a gunman inside the stadium. wasn't, what looked like a device that had gone off inside.
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reason to run out of there. with that many people creating a stampede injuring each other and now you have a problem there. so, i think it was a good announcement. have to consider when you are going to these events, i told this to my daughter. when you have this situation, you have to calm down and tripe to think, do i need new run out of there? right away. or do i need to man hold back. let the crowd kind of move slowly and then, walk out of there when it is safe. >> steve, how do you make that call? >> you have to think about what is facing you. what is in front of you? and we say, run hide, fight. that's the, the -- basically the slogan that has been put out by dhs for, for any body encountering a terrorist attack or active shooter. run, hide, fight. means if you have something you are facing that is either an active shooter or some type of terrorist situation. you need to run out of there. if you can't then you need to hide.
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to fight. and the fact is, in that situation, they heard a boom. they didn't know what was going on. there was no real threat that was in front of them. unfortunately, the threat was outside of the stadium. and the people that were out there, they're the ones that were injured. so if you are inside. and you don't see anything in front of you. the panic in and of itself became a danger for all of the people. now, we haven't heard if any have been hurt from the stampede. but, they just have to consider that, that, you know, know your surroundings, know where you are. think about where the threat is. and in this situation, it was outside of the stadium. >> all right. such a horrible situation. no matter which way you look at it. for, many of those kids over there. steve gomez. thank you. the morning's other major stories next. including a busy day ahead for the president overseas. as his controversial budget plan is released back here hat home in the u.s. >> first, a look at today's temperatures.
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the bomber and dozen injured. the 23-year-old singer was not injured herself. but she and members of her dangerous woman tour as it was called. say they're devastated. president trump briefed on the situation as he visits bethlehem for this morning for talks with talks with mahmoud abbas. the president was hopeful eventually working out a deal for mideast peace. and talked about a unbreakable bond. >> the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, the president denied he ever mentioned israel to the russians something he was eventually never accused of. netanyahu added intelligence cooperation with the u.s. has never been better. president trump's first budget coming out today. packed with massive cuts to entitlements, $800 billion from medicaid over ten years. and additions as
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good morning, diane. kendis. president trump may be overseas. back here in washington, the white house is preparing to unveil his spending priorities. the administration today is unveiling the president's first budget which aims to balance the budget in a decade and does so with cuts to entitlement programs. dubbed the budget new foundation for american greatness $1.7 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. the budget slashes 193 billion from the food stamp program. and funding for foreign aid, epa and the corporation for public broadcasting. on the campaign trail, trump promised not to touch funding for medicaid. the cuts are drawing scrutiny from lawmakers. >> medicate helps 1.75 million veterans, provides services for americans struggling with addiction, a problem that affects so many. so if the reporting is accurate.
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president's budget in the president's budget carry a human cost. >> reporter: where there are cuts there are add. increases military spending, $200 billion fund for infrastructure and $1.6 billion to start on the border wall. another big winner, a new paid family leave program championed by ivanka trump getting $25 billion. while his first official budget, still basically a blueprint. a wish list of sorts for president trump. it would be up to congress to approve changes to funding. we have to see how law makers respond later today. diane, kendis. >> thank you live from washington. coming up. details from manchester. >> you are watching "world news now". 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by most everything. you know, an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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we've been learning details throughout the morning in the bombing that killed at least 22 people in britain. right now the big question did at taerk act alone or part of a network. >> investigators trying to figuree that out now. our partner, bbc on the front lines of the story. since the very beginning.
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>> reporter: witnesses to the pictures you are seeing now, described complete panic as nobody knew what was happening inside the arena. they heard this, loud explosion. we spoke to two young teenagers who felt the heat of the blast. one of the young girls, 17, had smoke on her face from the force of the explosion. these are young children. they turned around. they saw the people lying on the ground. the people being treated here. so there is absolutely disbelief about what happened. one eyewitness, a man called gary, who felt the explosion he saw his wife injured on the ground. got down, cradled her. did it nearly an hour. she is in hospital. when he got up from the arena she could see nuts and bolts on the floor. in previous suicide bomber attacks. the nuts and bolts and nails are placed inside bombs to widen the
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police confirmed they're treating this as a terrorist in dent. to give you a sense of the police operation here, we have seen two helicopters circling the city. very close by. this was an hour of this blast. we have seen, dozens of ambulances. counterterrorism. and the force here. taxis bringing in senior police office tires make their way here. unclear. security arrangements were when the doors open at end of the concert. whether or not people coming in were checked as well. police here are taking no chances. and something else as well. they will not be rushed in the investigation. this is one of the largest terror attacks in modern times in this country. they would want to know who was behind this. why people, did this. and, is there a network of people. >> the greater manchester police department put out a full
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>> body like a back road. >> nice groove to it. talks about lot of curves. >> nothing wrong with that. >> not at all. performed it on billboard muse ache wards sunday night. >> so, moving on to, to a di
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annual tradition for the outgoing freshman, of the u.s. naval academy. >> love this one. gather at a greased up monument. and then attempt to reach the top. the whole thing takes a lot of team work, a lot of endurance. and involves a lot of laughter as well. abc's byron pitts tells the story. >> torpedoes, full speed ahead. >> time honored tradition at u.s. naval academy. freshmen trying to scale the monument to remove it and replace with the hat. it represents transition from plebes to midshipmen and ends their first year at the academy. the 21 foot monument is greased with lard. and classmen with. and this year's attempt was live streamed. thousand tuning in to the riveting spectacle of team work, tumbles and
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fastest recorded time, class of 1972, clocked in at 1:30. but back then the monument was not greased. the slowest was the class of 1998, took just over four hours to complete. for the class of 2020. the challenge lasted 2:21:21. a valiant effort for the unrelenting, under classmen. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> 2:21. >> in 2014. decide to leave the lard off the monument. safety concerns, climbed under 3 minutes. next year, the lard went back on. they say average takes 1 to 3 hours. >> oh, man. can you imagine? >> i think we could do a world news now. >> in 3 1/2 days.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now" -- a deadly explosion at an ariana grande concert. >> a massive blast creating chaos. young fans and parents running for their lives in the midst of confusion and carnage. >> the late dooes taist details analysis from home how it could change security at major events. you are watching a special edition of "world news now." we begin with suspected terrorist attack at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. >> at least 19 people are dead, dozens injured. most alarmingly. many victims are the youngest aamong us. after an explosion at the end of the concert, police are treating it as a terrorist attack, and there is a


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