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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 25, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. manhandled in montana. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. >> a congressional candidate charged with assaulting a reporter. >> he asked about his health care plan and he body slammed him. >> the police called in the sheriff's office investigating. as montanans go to the polls this morning for a special election. now the reporter at the center of that tape is joining us on "gma." breaking overnight, new arrests in connection with that concert terror attack and the raid on the suspect's home, police discovering a bomb workshop. >> this is clearly a network that we are investigating. >> what these new images of the explosive device reveal and was the bomber'sro
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carry out his own attack? tornadoes tear through six states. this school gym demolished. just basketball hoops left standing and the roof of this fire department and these homes totally destroyed. now more than 40 million on alert for severe weather this holiday weekend. and a scary moment at the zoo. an ape named jumanji caught on camera picking up a cement block and hurling it toward a family. inside that terrifying moment as a mom races to protect her 2-year-old child. we do say good morning, america. what news to wake up this morning to. that republican congressional candidate charged with body-slamming a reporter. >> the reporter ben jacobs is stange by for our exclusive with him. >> not something you expect to see. voters inon
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polls today and it was sparked by a question about health care. ben jacobs was asking greg gianforte about it. this is a big race. the white house democrats fighting hard. abc's david wright has the story, good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. you know, we talk about covering the rough and tumble of politics. well, normally that's just a figure of speech but in bozeman, montana, not so much, a special election to choose the state's one and only house member. the front-runner now facing criminal charges accused of body-slamming a reporter for asking a tough question. >> rp states that he was assaulted by greg gianforte and he states greg body-slammed him and kicked his arm. >> reporter: overnight montana's republican candidate for congress, greg gianforte cited for misdemeanor assault. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. >> reporter: he was about to do ab interview with fox
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ben jacobs uninvited came into the room to ask him a question. >> the cbo score. as you know you've been waiting to make your decision about health care until -- >> we'll talk to you about that later. >> yeah, but there's -- if speak with shane please. >> reporter: jacobs captured the sound of what happened next. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last time you came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. jesus. >> get the hell out of here. the last guy did that same thing. are you with "the guardian"? >> yes, and you just broke my glasses. >> the last guy did the same damn thing. >> reporter: the group from fox news watched in disbelief and said gianforte grabbed jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. the fox crusade gianforte began punching the reporter as gianforte moved on top of jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of i'm
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sick and tired of this. jacobs' account was partly confirmed by a buzzfeed reporter outside the room who looked in as the altercation was already under way. >> and then all of a sudden there was a huge crash like very audible. everyone heard it and saw ben's feet kind of like come up the way someone does when they're getting knocked over. >> reporter: "gmgianforte's campaign blames jacobs and insists the candidate was merely grabbing for the phone he says jacobs pushed into his face. quote, it's unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene at our campaign volunteer barbecue but the local fox account directly corrects that noting, to be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see jacobs show any form of physical aggression toward gianforte. now, three of the state's biggest newspapers as of this
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endorsements. this is a race for a seat held by the new secretary of interior. not clear how it will affect that race. gianforte has been in the lead but a lot of people in montana vote early. >> and we will hear from ben jacobs live in a moment but first we want to get to this. that critical report on the gop health care bill estimating what it would cost and how many would be uninsured and the impact of your monthly premium. our congressional correspondent mary bruce has those details for us and joins us on the hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the bill has already passed, been hailed a victory by the president and now that scorecard can finally in. so what could the house health care bill actually mean for you? well, according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office over the next decade, 23 million more americans would be uninsured and $119 billion cut from the deficit. now, some could see their premiums skyrocket especially the poor and the elderly.
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hardest hit, for instance, a 64-year-old making roughly $26,000 a year could see their premiums climb nearly $12,000 and for those with pre-existing conditions, the budget office warns their coverage could become economically out of reach. robin. >> of course, that's the version that passed the house. it's the senate's turn and even before this, before this report, mary, they said they would start from scratch. >> reporter: yeah, robin, this is far from a done deal and republicans i've talked with stress that big changes are coming here in the senate but even leadership seems uncertain. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he doesn't know how he'll get the 50 votes he needs to get this done. >> thank you. >> we got ben jacobs on the phone and talk to him. he was the reporter in the center of that incident last night. ben, thanks for joining us. first things first, how are you feeling? >> i'm still making it. it's still been surprising and shocking set of events but i'm recovering. >> well, that's good to know. give us your side of the
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we heard that statement from the gianforte campaign saying you were the aggressor. tell us what happened from your perspective. >> i mean i think the statements i gave to the police, what the audio speaks for itself. the only thing in gianforte's statement is my name and place of employment. everything -- >> so walk us through what happened. you walk up. you want to ask a question about the cbo report. what happens next? >> that you hear exactly what happens, what happens in the audio and, you know, i never touched or came close to gianforte and it's -- it became -- it became, you know, something that turned on a dime into the type of encounter i never expected to have with a politician and one that's very disappointing for what it means for the press and what the role of reporters are to ask questions. >> he put his hands on your neck. the fox reporter said he was
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>> that's -- that's the fox reporter says that. i'm -- i was on the ground at that point so it's -- was a little bit sudden but i went from being vertical to horizontal the next. >> we hear him saying he's sick and tired of this. have you had any history with the candidate? >> no, i hadn't. i've been following the candidate. went to a couple of campaign stops and i think there may have been some discontent with an article done by a colleague of mine but i have no personal interactions with him other than following him from the couple campaign stops. >> he's been charged with misdemeanor. not felony assault. is that good enough for you. >> it's -- i made my statement to the police and that's the decision the police made. >> do you expect to take any further legal action? >> i'm still -- this is still sort of 12 hours after it happened. i'm still trying to quite figure out what's going on and cope with the fact that it's someone who is a
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into the center of a story which is not a comfortable place. >> not a comfortable place to be but till possible you will take further perhaps civil action? >> i haven't even begun to think about that right now. right now i'm just more concerned about trying to figure out what's going on and, you know, just expressing my concern of the fact that, you know, that reporters trying to ask basic policy questions of politicians are sort of meeting this response and being very hardened by the reaction i've been getting from my fellow colleagues. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. let's bring in jon karl in brussels with the president. any reaction from the white house to this incident? they were fighting pretty hard for gianforte? >> reporter: no reaction. the vice president has been to montana to campaign for him and i've got to tell you, george, i know ben jacobs. he covers the white house and trump campaign. he's a solid reporter and regardless of that, it's
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assaulted like that. it gets pretty dicey out there at some of these events as you know with the press often portrayed as an enemy but you don't really expect to see a situation where a reporter is assaulted or allegedly assaulted by somebody who he is trying to cover. >> on the underlying issue of the congressional budget office's analysis of the house health care plan, pretty close to what the original analysis is. the white house taking it on? >> reporter: the white house has been downplaying cbo analysis from the start so we haven't heard directly a response to this yet. i'm sure they will say that cbo is just not right on this. but this is a devastating analysis, not just because of the 23 million that cbo estimates will lose their health coverage over the next ten years but projects people yums will rise over the next two years and that not everybody with pre-existing conditions will be able to get health insurance and that's been a fundamental promise the president made
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and over again. >> meantime, jon, you are in brussels, new phase of this trip. the president meeting with a series of european leaders today. >> reporter: meeting with angela merkel who by the way just a few -- just a short while ago met with barack obama who is visiting germany. that will be an interesting meeting also. the newly elected president of france, macron, will be meeting with him with an agenda similar to the agenda the pope had, that the vatican had urging the president not to drop out of the paris climate accord. that is something that all of these -- all of our nato partners are a party to and in his next meeting with the g7 in italy also something that virtually all of our allies are a part of and don't want donald trump to pull america out of it. >> big debate inside the white house what to do with that as well. thanks very much. now to new arrests in connection with that concert terror attack. authorities detaining more suspects in b
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into custody in libya where they learned new details about the bomber's path to isis. brian ross is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. major developments overnight with important new details about the bomb and the bomber and his planning provided in a confession by the bomber's younger brother. officials this morning say the bomber's home in manchester where they blew open the door was a kind of bomb workshop. there are no signs of that now through the open front door of the abandoned house but officials say they discovered a huge load of unused chemicals, more than enough for several more bombs. and we are learning more this morning about salman abedi's rapid road to jihad. a secret life beyond the front page pictures of a british schoolboy and a goofy-looking teenager at the beach. his decision to become part of isis came two years ago. that's according to the reported confession of his younger brotheha
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wednesday by police in libya supposedly about to carry out his own terror attack. authorities say hashim told them that he and his brother began watching isis online videos in 2015, closely studying a range of videos on how to build suicide bombs. experts say the details seen in the pictures of the manchester bomb obtained by "the new york times" show greater physical kitation including a design used by isis in paris and brussels and more than one detonator. >> really suggesting that he probably did not act alone, that he probably had some help, that he certainly had some advice on how to create the bomb. >> reporter: five weeks before the attack, the two brothers traveled to libya an isis stronghold and the family's ancestral home. with salman returning to manchester on may 17th. just five days before he would go to the concert arena. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and then set off his
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arrested seven other people in the case including another of the bomber's brothers and his father is under arrest in libya as authorities continue to pursue what they call a network of terrorists, robin. >> we've learned that british authorities will no longer share information about this attack with their u.s. counterparts. >> that's right. they're furious. the crime scene photos ended up in "the new york times" blaming american authorities for the leaks. i covered a lot of these stories around the world. in most cases the british legal system proves to be the least forthcoming with details that other countries see as the public's right to know. >> thanks very much. there was a special moment last night. >> emotional week in manchester and it was an emotional win for manchester united. they triumphed in a europa league final and the fans in the stands showed their support for those back home with signs saying, do it for manchester and your hate makes us stronger. there you go. take a look at the fans
7:15 am
manchester, very rough week and now something to be happy and cheer about. >> yeah. we're happy to have amy back with us from manchester and you even mentioned about, you know, manchester united. >> a lot of people were talking about it yesterday. a city on edge, a city united and people were looking forward to that football game last night so i think a lot are happy they won. >> other top stories for us. >> i do. for the first time since president trump took office a u.s. warship has sailed within 12 miles of a chain of disputed islands in the south china sea. challenging chinese territorial claims, analysts say that move may be a signal that the u.s. is not satisfied with china's efforts to rein in north korea's missile program. the controversial leader of the philippines is threatening to expand martial law to fight isis. rodrigo duterte has deployed soldiers to restore order in the southern part of the country after deadly clashes. a priest was among 14 people taken hostage. and the jury has been selected in the bill cosby sexual asslt
7:16 am
of trying to keep african-americans off the jury. both sides eventually agreed to include two black jurors and cosby spoke briefly outside court. >> i just want to be very specific about the wonderful people of allegheny county and i want to also thank the sheriff's department because they made everything very, very smooth. >> opening statements in the trial are june 5th. some shocking video out of memphis. a man was sleeping, look at that. on the trunk of this car that was driving down the highway. police say the driver was unaware that that guy was there for 14 miles until an officer stopped him. they say the man who hitched the ride was drunk, but remarkly was not injured. all right, finally a treat for a very good dog. alpha the service dog sits next to virginia high school discount a.j. schalk every day and now alpha, you see there, and a.j. are side by side in the yearbook.
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his diabetes. he even has his own school i.d. that really made me laugh but it's cute because schalk says his disability has turned into a positive experience because he has alpha with him by his side every day. >> beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. >> alpha looked like he didn't want to take the picture like i'm behind the scenes. >> i'm good. >> don't put me in the yearbook. awesome story. now to the wave of tornadoes across six states from ohio to florida and let's go to ginger in orlando this morning. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. from the severe storms 60 plus-mile-per-hour winds in central florida up to that tornado in ohio, more than 100 severe storm reports and the storm is still on the move. severe storms blasting the southeast. multiple confirmed tornadoes touching down from ohio to florida. >> boy, that to me looks like a tornado not on the ground awfully close to it. >> reporter: outside charlotte, north carolina, damaging winds el
7:18 am
flattening this garage. >> it was just twirlin us and stuff was flying around us. >> reporter: this elementary school demolished. only the basketball hoops left standing. thankfully the school was empty and no one was injured. >> tornado on the ground right here. >> reporter: in ohio overnight a tornado shredding this gas station. >> it's a whole different building. >> reporter: and coming dangerously close to this busy highway. the wicked weather responsible for decimating this fire station and volunteer firefighters seeking shelter under their trucks. >> within ten seconds of us hitting the bay door it hit the staying and on top of us in a minute, minute and a half. that's what it felt like anyway. >> reporter: look at this, guys, at least 25 reported tornadoes in just the past two days. you can see them on the map from illinois to right there in florida. and i want to take you to where the new severe storm threat comes in because there's a new storm, yes, the one in the northeast will drench most people but the real stuff on saturday happens from eastern oklahoma through western kentucky and tennessee. we
7:19 am
strong winds, large hail as we kick off the holiday weekend, a lot going on. let's get to the hot cities. may 25th. and yes, we're waking up to another day of rainy weather . a 6th day of rain ... in case you're counting. but... things are about to improve just in time for the holiday weekend! meteorologist molly cochran is here with your forecast. from the stormwatch 7 weather team: today: morning rain. midday break. pm thunderstorms. some strong to severe. highs: 72-77 winds: e to sw 5-10 mph owers dtmsendingpartly to mostly cloudy. lows: 55-59 n: w 5-10 mph friday: olated afternoonzy. shower. ghs: 76-80 arti get to you? day will be o ey day. an upper level i spinnover the
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settled through today. rning drive with rain tapering off by the end the commute. it will dry out for a few hours, but then scattered owers fox news. some advertisers dropping sean hannity's show. new concerns about climbing mt. everest and overcrowding after ten people died so far this year. get to kohl's memorial day weekend sale and take an extra $10 off when you spend $25 or more. save on summer styles you'll love and for a limited time get $5 kohl's cash for every $25 you spend.
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of tropicana. >> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. a possible hate crime at the university of maryland is spark ing action. richard collins was stabbed to death last weekend. now the school president is out with a five point plan to combat hatred, calls for a rapid response team for any hate bias incidence. $100,000 will be allocated to the office of diversity and inclusion. umd office of civil rights and sexual misconduct will file reports on hate crime incidences the athletic counsel will be in volved and a task force will issue recommendations. rain storms caused the faced of a shopping center to collapse, cherry mill road near powder mill road. the bricks came down,
7:24 am
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>> reporter: tracking wet weather. rain gear still needed. hagerstown on south to gaithersburg. nationals game has been pushed up to 12:05 when things will kick off, first pitch. a break for the rain at 12:00, then gusty thunderstorms later today, some could be possibly severe. after about 3:00. a quick look at the weekend forecast, a breach shower saturday. heavier downpours possible on sunday and monday. here is angela with your traffic update. >> reporter: on the roads, ramp restrictions with the accident on the i270 spur at democracy boulevard. our drive times in a will cost you a lot this morning. plan for extra travel time, big picture map, a lot of red. fallen tree reported on dolly madison near the cia. a live
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beltway, volume delays at the springfield mixing bowl.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at queen elizabeth arriving at the royal manchester children's hospital this morning to visit the staff and those injured by the terrorist attack and sharing these photos. >> my goodness. >> also right now, president trump is in brussels meeting with the new french president then participating in a working dinner with nato leaders. that's before heading back to italy this evening. a lot of eyes are on the eastern conference finale for what could be the deciding game for the cavaliers and celtics. the cavs up 3-1 in the series and golden state waiting for them in the nba finals right here on abc. could be the third time in a row we see those two going head-to-head. >> ultimate rematch. we'll look forward to that. we begin with s
7:31 am
advertisers are abandoning sean hannity after he promoted false conspiracy theories surrounding the death of a staffer. his name is seth rich. killed in what police call a botched robbery and rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: good morning. fox news even retracting a similar story from its website saying in a statement the article had not gone through the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all of our reporting. now and peloton exercise bikes are among the companies pulling advertising from sean hannity's show. this morning, some advertisers pulling out of sean hannity's fox news channel show as the host comes under fire for promoting a false conspiracy theory about the death of a former dnc staffer. on wednesday, and exercise bikemaker peloton both indicated they're pulling ads from hannity's show. in a statement said they had been watching closely and we recently made the decision to pull our
7:32 am
advertising. peloton stating, we directed our media agency to stop advertising on sean hannity's show. despite the controversy, hannity's ratings have seen a spike up 50% in total viewers from last year. >> questions continue to swirl around the mysterious murder of dnc staffer seth rich. >> hannity has been pursuing this theory that seth rich was actually the person who leaked dnc e-mails to wikileaks and that he was assassinated by the party as a result of that. >> reporter: investigators say there is no indication that rich's death in 20161 connected to his employment at the dnc. >> this kid got shot in the back. they said it was a robbery. >> reporter: on tuesday the rich family sent a letter to hannity's show pleading with them to stop spreading the unproven theory. rich's parents writing in a "washington post" op-ed, those theories are baseless and they are unspeakably cruel. on tuesday after meeting with executives and considering the plea from the rich family hannity appeared to have
7:33 am
>> out of respect for the family's wishes for now, i am not discussing this matter at this time. >> reporter: but following that statement on hannity's program hannity tweeting i'm working harder than ever to get to the truth. the family deserves it. stay tuned. fokts news declining to comment and sean hannity sharing overnight his annual memorial day vacation starts now. >> now to growing safety concerns on mt. everest after four more people were recently found dead on the world's highest peak. a record number of climbing permits have been issued this year raising fears that number could climb. abc's linzie janis is here with more on that. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning. this year's climbing season isn't over yet and already it's shaping up to be more deadly than average. one big problem this year, it's crowded up there. this morning, the world's tallest mountain claiming the lives of four more climbers. their bodies found in
7:34 am
in an area known as the death zone where oxygen measures at one-third of normal levels. >> the conditions there are very harsh. ten to 25 below zero with steady winds over 60 miles an hour. >> reporter: the number of victims so far this year, now ten including 50-year-old alabama doctor roland yearwood who died last weekend succumbing to altitude sickness. one of everest's biggest killers. alongside frostbite, falls and avalanches. >> yeah. >> reporter: like this one in 2015 triggered by an earthquake killing 19. >> hurry. >> reporter: but there is another killer on everest, a man-made one. experts say overcrowding is making the mountain more dangerous than ever. leading to incredible scenes like this one in 2012 showing a giant human snake of climbers. >>
7:35 am
to deal with when you're in a giant line like that if there's any problems with the climbers ahead of you, you could be in the line of fire. >> reporter: david kaviny has flown 50 rescue missions this year alone. >> over 700 folks actually climbing. >> reporter: while other helicopters are flying in luxury. some climbers even reportedly indulging in champagne breakfasts. >> there are some better creature comforts, television up there, there's wi-fi there. i know that some guiding ex-pe digs will wake you up and bring coffee to your tent. >> reporter: there was a deejay party at base camp in april. >> it's pretty much wide open on everest as far as who can climb the mountain. pretty much anybody with a checkbook can go up there these days. >> the problem with crowds on everest is you move up the mountain more slowly increasing your chances of fatigue and frostbite and costs up to
7:36 am
$70,000 to climb. you couldn't pay me to do it. >> joining us is dr. kenneth kamler the author of "surviving the extremes." he was the only doctor on the mountain during the 1996 disaster when eight people lost their lives. thank you very much. i enjoyed reading your book. tell people what it is about mt. everest that people want to conquer? >> i think everyone needs to have some goal that they feel is nearly impossible or almost beyond their reach because that brings out qualities in people that they never knew they had and would otherwise lie dormant their entire lives so taking on a challenge like that brings out the best in people and climbing, i think, especially, because it reduces life to its essentials. you worry about staying warm, about shelter, food, friends, really understand what's important in life and you keep that with you when you come back from the mountain. >> you understand that it comes at great risk and not just the
7:37 am
explain what that altitude does to the body. >> altitude is not natural to the body. no one lives at that kind of an altitude. the body can't acclimatize to an altitude higher than 18,000 feet. beyond that your body just deteriorates. near the summit of everest you only have one-their as much oxygen as you have at sea level so your body doesn't have enough oxygen to burn its inner fire so metabolism slows down and you lose energy and think clearly and that leads to secondary problems. >> do you think as we saw in the piece that -- i even said to you, the reason i hesitate. i considered it for my 50th and said for all the reasons that you described and i'm thinking, my goodness, i have no experience or are there too many permits that are being issued? >> yes, there are far too many perpendiculars being issued. i remember when i was up near the summit there were nine of us. we were the only group up near the summit. the
7:38 am
pictures lines of people waiting to go up to the summit. everest has enough dangers as it is, you don't need to add additional danger of waiting in line and freezing to try to get up toward the summit so it does make it more danger. >> those inexperienced people put others at risk, don't theyy. >> they certainly do. number one, too many people altogether and number two, everest has become a trophy for a lot of people. they're not really mountaineers and just sort of want to grab that trophy and they're not really qualified to be there in the first place. you shouldn't attempt everest unless you've done a lot of other mountaineering and proven yourself you can do that relatively safely. >> you want to do it again. >> i've been there six types. one time i was 900 feet from the summit and we turned around because of really bad conditions and i'm satisfied with that. i think i got what i needed and i really don't need that last 900 feet. >> good for you. glad you're here. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> with the good doctor, thanks very much. coming
7:39 am
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we are back with "gma investigates" payless car rental. it claims to offer deals at major airports across the country now facing the threat of a class action lawsuit and a new alert from the better business bureau. gio benitez here to show what happened when we rented from them. >> good morning. disputed fees, unsafe car, deposits customers never got back what some claim they experienced renting with payless. armed with hidden cameras we show you what happened when we rented four separate payless cars. take a look. >> how are you? >> reporter: "gma investigates" undercover renting cars from payless which claims it can help customers find the best deals on rental cars. how did one of our rentals end up towed after our expert mechanic said it was unsafe to drive. >> i would tell you, no, you can't drive it. >> reporter:
7:42 am
that. let's start with questions about fee, a big part of a proposed class action lawsuit filed after unhappy customers launched a facebook group claiming they were charged for services they say they didn't want. >> payless has used deceptive business practices in order to lure customers into the shop to rent their vehicles. >> reporter: lure customers. >> lure customers in and use low rates online to get people to use them over other rental agencies but when you get there they slam you with additional fees. >> reporter: richard alexander is one of the plaintiffs in that lawsuit. he says he rented a car from payless in vegas for a six-day family vacation. his online quote, 217 bucks. he says he was told he was getting a free upgrade. when he returned the car he was shocked. his total now $528 including fees and added insurance. >> i believe he was told two or three times i did not need this. >> reporter: we wanted to try payless ourselves. "gma investigates"
7:43 am
york and new jersey. we take each of our rentals to mechanic audra forden for her standard inspection. three of the four pass the test but the one from jfk -- >> this is a dangerous tire. they all are. >> reporter: she says all four tires are bald and look at these holes. >> it's a blow-out waiting to happen. >> reporter: we call payless. they tow the car and the manager apologizing giving us a full remupdz. >> that car should have never gone out repo. >> reporter: when we walked wound a reservation at newark airport specifically saying we don't want extra charges, we notice on the contract there's a $29 per day charge for insurance. >> you accepted the total. 2 comes with it. >> reporter: look, the contract says that noorgs is optional and we're being charged for roadside service protection. that charge also appears to be optional on the payless website. with we return we're told
7:44 am
a manager's special and they took off the insurance our rate would have actually gone up. >> you take the insurance, you get a cheaper rate. if you don't your rate is three times higher. >> reporter: after receiving more than 800 complaints in the last three years, the better business bureau giving payless the worst possible rating. an "f" rating. >> an "f" rating so they have sales practice issues and contract issues and billing issues with consumers. >> reporter: today they're warning cosbys nationwide and sending letters to the attorneys general general in four states to urge them to investigate payless and its parent company avis. payless declined our repeated request for an interview and instead sent us a tape, the tire problem you described is highly unusual. safety is a top priority and we have followed up with the supervisor at that location. regarding our rentals at newark, they told us they are investigating to ensure that our employees' statements and conduct always remain consistent with our policies and procedures. and as for the complaints in the lawsuit, the company
7:45 am
is unable to comment on pending litigation but you know what, guys, they say when you're at the counter the bbb says you can use your phone, record the conversation with the agent, tell the agent you're recording and then that puts the pressure on. >> wow. >> you have to tell them you're recording. >> my guess is that would work. a lot more on "nightline" tonight. >> that's right. >> all of you at home get more tips on renting a car on we have our big board coming up. and the family whose daughter was grabbed by that sea lion, well, they are now speaking out and we're also going to go inside that scary moment at the zoo when an anticipate threw a cement block toward a family. we'll talk about that in two minutes. ouch! ♪ skin-flex™, anna! sit! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet! it moves like a second skin. ♪ dries almost instantly. better? yeah. go!
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7:48 am
and want to read a statement from the father who said there was somebody beside them that was trying to feed them. the seals. they weren't trying to take pictures or anything. but, ron, all that being said, should a small child be sitting that close to a sea lion with -- her back to it as well? >> absolutely not. not even a small child. not even an adult should be. the bottom line is these are wild animals. you need to use common sense. whether feeding it, another big problem people always try to take a better picture and people line up getting in front of bears and alligators, it's just ridiculous. people need to understand these are wild animals and the last thing you ever do is turn your back to an animal like that in yeah. >> i think we've all seen things saying why are you doing that? are you out of your mind? there's more animal mayhem. a family in jacksonville watching bonobos when this one named jumanj
7:49 am
block and he threw it at the family. >> oh. >> but no one was hurt but the family said it did scare them. are you surprised by this, ron? >> yeah, i'm a little surprised because bonobos are the least aggressive most amorous of all the great apes. when you hear the term make love not world it's the description of bonobo society. what this guy was doing was interacting with another chimp then seemed to be digging in the water and was able to find this piece of concrete. now, i see zookeeper routinely scour exhibits to make sure there's nothing that can be thrown by an afternoon mall so this was an anomaly. he can get into the water and he threw it more out of excitement. >> you could tell. it seemed like he didn't really know -- he or she didn't know what they were doing. but that being said should there perhaps be a little more protection, some netting or some other items? >> you know, i think we could
7:50 am
overanalyze this thing. this is kind of an anomaly. generally speaking we're trying to make exhibits where we're y trying to show not just the animal but an environment but don't want to put cages and bars and glass between animals that way. it has to be a case-by-case basis but folks there do a great job and looking at renovating their exhibit now. >> and zoo miami does a great job. >> yes, they do. >> thank you very much. >> make love, not war. >> bonobo, i had never said that word before. health hurt and sleep. how many hours do you really need to get what happens if you don't? dr. jen ashton is here with the answers. oh, boy, do we want to know the answers. i don't know. >> i need to. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
and back here on "good morning america," we have traveled to pandora a couple of friends with me, yeah. and we are just loving life. i've got a ban chi on my shoulder. see that? we named him, what, morgan? >> mickey. >> yeah, we named him mickey which is good and drinking some night blossoms enjoying the party over here. you ready to enjoy the rest of pandora, the world of avatar? it opens this
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. new, all hands on deck. the spanish tall ship is back in alexandria. our abc 7 cameras were there as they raised the wilson street bridge around 4:00 for the ship to sail in. you can get out and see it all weekend long, docked at old time alexandria through may 29. on the way to national cemeter ies annual flags in ser reason will take place today. members of the third u.s. if fan try regiment will place a 13458 flag before each plague marker. it has been held since 1948 to honor fallen military heroes. it will be a foggy flag day for sure, molly. >> reporter: yeah, now we're tracking the showers but good news, moving out. area, still
7:57 am
to anap list. it is cloudy. more wet weather ahead. tracking the potential for what could be severe thunderstorms later today, mainly between the hours of about 3:00 to 9:00. some of the main impacts, damag ing winds, hail, also frequent lightning. as we head into the upcoming holiday weekend, a spotty shower on saturday possible but sunshine also out there. sunday into monday a few isolated thunderstorms so keep an eye to the sky. here is angela with your traffic update. >> reporter: molly, mongomery county police have confirmed that we are still tied up on the ramp at democracy boulevard, that's where we have the fallen tree. if you travel around the capital beltway, you're going to see a lot of gridlock. we have slow paced traffic with the standing water and rain coming down, around most of the region. accident cleanup on most of the secondary roads, but a live look at we look at the trafficland cameras. this is what you'll find as you make your trip around the capital beltway, a slow pace now from the
7:58 am
the robinson terminal, getting to the beltway, this is what it looks like, southbound i270. knowing on 395, a very slow go headed toward the southeast southwest freeway. melanie. >> anchor: thanks so much. vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology,
7:59 am
dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, manhandled in montana. congressional candidate charged with body-slamming a reporter. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. >> police investigating and what the reporter is saying to "gma" this morning. also this morning, new arrests connected to that concert terror attack. a raid on the bomber's home. police finding a bomb workshop and what the new images of the explosive device reveal. new overnight, the health alert about sleep and your heart. could not getting enough zs be severely harming your health? the exact number of hours of sleep you need each night. ♪ think this morning your exclusive behind the scenes look at the biggest addition to disney world's animal kingdom ever taking you inside
8:01 am
riding a banshee and plunging into an alien world like you've never seen before. plus, fire up the give. chef gordon ramsay is here for a no holds barred burger battle. he's here to say. >> good morning, america. good morning, america. hope you're having a good thursday. great to have sara haines here. >> yep. [ applause ] >> and we all know it is graduation season and have you seen this video. it's been seen more than 5 million times. it's a teacher's surprise to her student. he had no idea and there's a bigger story behind this gesture and we're going to talk to them both live this morning. looking forward to that. >> amazing story. really amazing story. you know what, it's thursday. you know what that means, tory johnson is here with summer "deals & steals," everybody.
8:02 am
memorial day weekend and there she is putting her sunglasses on one of our audience members. >> yeah. >> who happens to be gordon ramsay. [ cheers and applause ] >> live this morning. and he's going to share some of his secrets to the perfect burger for anybody who is grilling this weekend. >> a little competition going on later this morning. also news with amy. we begin with major developments in the manchester bombing investigation. british police say they will no longer share information with their american counterparts because of several leaks to the media about the case. authorities were outraged when photos appearing to show bomb debris were published in "the new york times" and prime minister theresa may is raising the issue with president trump today at their meeting in brussels and abc's terry moran is tracking the other developments this morning. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. authorities continue to pursue this investigation aggressively here, overnight and this morning, more arrests, more raids,
8:03 am
eight are in custody in connection with the bombing of the manchester arena according to manchester police and they say some will significant and some of the evidence is very important. they go into these locations hard and fast with a real sense of potential danger. this morning just outside of manchester, police saw what they thought was a suspicious package and cleared the entire area. called in the bomb squad and resolved the situation. and then this morning, as manchester recovers, queen elizabeth visited the royal manchester children's hospital. she spoke with four young women who had been injured in the bombing at that hospital. 14 children who were hurt in the bombing remain hospitalized. amy. >> all right, terry moran, thank you. the republican candidate for congress in montana is accused of body-slamming a reporter hours before today's special election. greg gianforte is charged with misdemeanor assault. witnesses say when reporter ben jacobs tried to ask a question about health care, gianforte grabbed him by the neck and slamme
8:04 am
the incident was captured on audio. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last time you came in here you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. >> jesus. >> get the hell out of here. >> the campaign says the reporter was the aggressor but speaking with george this morning, ben jacobs disputed that claim. >> it was not having asked a number of politicians, a number of questions about policy i've never had that reaction to a question about health care reform before. >> three newspapers have now pulled their endorsements of the candidate. some video from a gastation in milwaukee as a man tries to carjack a bomb's suv. she then jumps onto the windshield and holds on even as the man tries to drive away and shake her off. he eventually gives up, jumps back into the car he was riding in in the first place and he and the others in that car escaped. a programming note to share with you, our juju chang will ha
8:05 am
army private chelsea manning. manning is out of prison after serving seven years for leaking sensitive government documents and will sit down for a special edition of "nightline" next month. one guy's gift to his girlfriend is being shredded on twitter. jamarcus thought he was giving girlfriend jalen some beautiful plowers. what he didn't realize is that he was actually giving her kalee she got a very good laugh and twitter users were rough on him but everyone agrees she shouldn't leave him over there and the couple is probably saying lettuce be alone. >> lettuce be alone. >> amy! >> she should have owned it like maybe vegetables are the new tulips. >> kale. >> good to see amy's expression. she's so pleased with herself. but i know, kale, really? >> it was purple. >> it is national wine day, so we think that's why lara spencer is
8:06 am
>> celebrating for all of us? we have sara haines here for us. >> nobody told me it was wine day. >> national wine day. >> oh, my gosh. time now for "pop news." tootsie is headed to broadway. 1982 film starring dustin hoffman is head to the great white way for a musical. no word on casting but the director and writer are leading the charge behind the curtain. the original movie follows hoffman as a struggling actor who disguises himself as a lady to score some roles. ultimately learning more about himself. >> that's classic. >> remember jessica lange in that? i loved that. >> that will be funny. >> george, how far would you go? would you ever do this? [ applause ] okay. so, up next, all eyes are on rachel as the bachelorette including the baltimore ravens. dennis pitta holds "the bachelorette" viewing parties
8:07 am
teams may be embarrassed he and his fellow ravens are proud. the self-proclaimed super host goes all out making fresh cinnamon rolls for his teammates as they discuss rachel's gown and zany contestants. feel free to top it when it airs at 8:00 p.m. >> what say you, mike journal. >> i'm not going to judge anybody but we never did that. >> no? >> no. >> and like just -- >> see joe flacco the quarterback in there. what's going on? >> they had to go down together. if one guy admits it he won't survive it. finally a "pop news" exclusive. singer seal's remarkable performance many take a look. ♪ ooh straight in the air and now that your rose is in bloom ♪
8:08 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> that's right. it's shark week. this is the very first promo for the awesome week of tv starting july 23rd on the discovery channel and we'll be saying good morning, jaws here with exclusive morning coverage all week long. yes! that is what we call a pop kicker. >> you got us on that one, sara. >> coming up we have that health alert. is there a link between heart issues and a lack of sleep? dr. jennifer ashton is here with that. and we are going to take you inside pandora with an exclusive look at the blockbuster new disneyland. wise man, i'm nervous about things i can't control... affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone.
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♪ ♪ ♪ we all drive, some cats just know how to roll.
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coverage. and it's oh-so durable. this durable. infinity paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. get $10 to $40 off now through may 31st. available at lowe's. havertys furniture helps yeven when life isn't., and now with our memorial day sale - get free delivery -- -- save big on our most popular living room, dining room and bedroom sets. plus save $100 dollars on every $1000 you spend. the memorial day sale at havertys. life looks good. we are back now with that new health alert about sleep and heart disease. a new study from stanford university says sleeping less than six hours a night could double the risk of dying from heart problems i
8:13 am
at risk for heart disease. our senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here. okay. >> not good, right? let me tell you about it. it appeared in the journal of the american heart association and looked at three variables. metabolic syndrome, short sleep duration and then the risk of death from heart attack strokes and all causes. people who had metabolic syndrome already at risk if they slept less than six hours they had an increased risk of death, it doubled. so, again, these factors seem to be synergistically related. >> metabolic syndrome. more people have it than they know. >> they know. >> but they don't know what it is. >> exactly. this is so important, it is basically a constellation of symptoms. take a look at these risk factors including obesity, high cholesterol, including high triglycerides, insulin resistance if you're called prediabetic and high blood pressure. greater than
8:14 am
the estimates are that 35 to 40% of the u.s. population has this. it's less well documented than other conditions but it's the most easy to modify so this is a wake-up call, be aggressive about diagnosing this, treating it and managing metabolic syndrome because it ups your risk of heart disease in we should look at sleep, talk about nutrition and exercise. sleep should be considered right along with that in no question. i think sleep has a massive pr problem in this country. we look at it as a luxury. it's a necessity. it doesn't make you lazy if you prioritize sleep, in fact as you said it has to be on the same level as good nutrition and good diet. >> you know, working, a lot of people -- >> we're in trouble. >> exactly. but just in general people working so many different ways and think they can make up your sleep. >> here's the bad news. don't shoot the messenger. you can't make up for your sleep on the weekends. if you get four hours during the week and say i'll leap 10 or 12 during the weekend that's not
8:15 am
here's what i recommend, most adults need seven to nine hours every night. so take your wake-up time, back up the clock to seven hours and shut it down so you get that. best sleep environment is one that's cold and dark. you want to avoid caffeine and alcohol around two hours before you go to bed and if you have really disrupted sleep or you're not feeling good in the morning, you really should see a physician or a sleep medicine specialist and consider a sleep study to rule out something like sleep apnea. >> raise your hand if you're able to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. >> i have no social life so i go to sleep. >> you see people want to. but you just -- >> the problem is we consider it to be a luxury. it is one of the most important things you can do for your health. >> coming up we're taking you on an adventure. well, ginger is. a look inside disney's new pandora the world of
8:16 am
virgin avatar. at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing. more than one flavor, or texture, or color.
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8:20 am
a virginia that works for everyone. that was a heck of a shot from above like that. never seen that one before. and something else we've never seen before. two days away from the grand opening of pandora, the world of avatar. the biggest new addition ever to disney's animal kingdom at walt disney world resort and ginger is giving us the exclusive access. we're so excited. good morning, ginger. >> oh, michael, we are so excited right here too and the wait is almost over. this is it a giant deal that is such a beautiful, spectacular land straight from the movie and beyond are coming your way. those hallelujah floating mountains. the flora, the fauna, the mind-bending rides. this place is going to take you
8:21 am
♪ imagine a world where mountains float, flowers spray water and rain forests glow in the dark. well, you don't have to imagine anymore. welcome to pandora, the lush paradise of james cameron's blockbuster film "avatar." ♪ brought to life now through the magic of disney. so here's the story, it is set a generation after human conflict with the local na'vi people. a utopia that teaches us the value of beauty and nature as it started when bob iger called cameron on the phone wanting to make his original vision leap off the screen into real life. >> people have said to me it is like dreaming while walking. dreaming while you're here. >> well, i look at it in a slightly different way and that is you dream before you come. you dream of a place that he
8:22 am
created and visit it and this is more the fulfillment of that dream so when you walk in those dreams that you had suddenly have come true. >> together we set out on the na'vi river journey. >> this is decades in the works of imagineers learning their craft. >> reporter: immersed in the craft's bio luminescent rain forest. >> this, i believe, celebratory, not just of the na'vi culture but celebratory of the disney culture. >> reporter: around every corner there is something new to discover. all of the senses, the tastes, the smells and especially touch. this thing will actually react to me touching it. so cool. cameron himself gave me an exclusive behind the scenes look taking us inside that research lab stationed on pandora. >> the imaginary dream is good at drawing parallels to us here on earth and challenges we face with respect to losing the
8:23 am
deforesttation and i think what the after virginia tore experience teaches you or reminds you is that life is precious. nature is precious. we need to reconnect with nature and protect nature and that's what this is all about. that's what the na'vi represent. >> the film's stars experiencing the place a decade ago through a difference lens. >> you see the world come alive in the most visceral, powerful, detailed -- i can't believe it. >> it was such an inspiring story to be a part of and now to know that families from all over the world will be able to get a glimpse of that like we did, it just feels great. >> there's part of the world that you've never seen before in the movie and that's even more exciting. >> don't forget to go on the ride. >> oh, we're doing that. i'm sure you see new things every time. >> i missed half of it because i was screaming the first time. >> and there's no better way to explore the pandora
8:24 am
than on the back of a banshee. let's ride earth. let's fly. the experience flight of passage genetically matches you to your own avatar and takes you on a wild 3d ride across the alien moon, plunging, soaring and splashing. oh, oh, my goodness. i did it all. i laughed. i cried. i laughed. i cried. i screamed a lot. >> we love the standard of how did they do that or only disney can do this. and there are so many examples of that here. how did they do that? how do you create a banshee experience when no one in the world has created that except the digital form jim created so i love that. i love the notion of exceeding people's expectations, even jim cameron's. [ applause ] >> and we love it too so much. do you see what's happening. i'm already transitioning into avatar. that's what happens here. how es
8:25 am
and, look, all of you are starting to make that transition. alec, you're looking good with the tail. everybody can become an avatar, grace, you feeling good this morning? >> yes. >> have you named your na'vi yet? no? >> no. >> very soon because they actually have a whole experience. this is me. does it look just like me? yeah? totally where you can become your own avatar so you can get your face painted. the beauty and the wonder does not stop within the rides. it does not stop within the gorgeous things that you see. you actually see, smell, feel, ah, i feel like i'm on the planet -- the moon, right? >> all: yes. >> the moon of may 25th. and yes, we're waking up to another day of rainy weather . a 6th day of rain ... in case you're counting. but... things are about to improve just in time for the holiday weekend! meteorologist molly cochran is here with your forecast. from the stormwatch 7 weather team: today: morning rain. midday break. pm thunderstorms. some strong to severe. highs: 72-77 winds: e to sw 5-10 mph owers dtmsendingpartly to mostly cloudy. lows: 55-59 n: w 5-10 mph friday:
8:26 am
shower. ghs: 76-80 arti get to you? day will be o ey day. an upper level io lley will keep our weather pattern settled through today. rning drive with rain tapering off by the end the commute. it will dry out for a few hours, but then scattered understorms returnaft >> michael, james cameron himself dreamed this at 18 and he was even seeing his expectations exceeded. pretty sweet. >> i tell you what, ginger, it looks amazing and checked my phone. my kids want to go already. everybody, stay right there. when we come back, gordon ramsay is here.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. new this morning all hands on deck, the spanish tall sail is back in alexandria. our abc 7 crews were there as they raised the wilson street bridge, around 4:00 this morning for the ship to sail through. get out and see it all weekend, docked at old town alexandria through may 29. and those rain storms overnight caused the facade of a shopping center to collapse. this is along cherry hill road near powder mill road on the border. the bricks that came down damag ed several cars, no one was hurt. crews on the scene believe strong winds may be to blame. so far, no official cause. it is still raining out there. molly, when will weet
8:28 am
>> reporter: that break coming up a little bit this afternoon, and then tomorrow, finally, seeing that sunshine. still have cloud conch left over and showers just outside the baltimore area. more to come this afternoon where we could be tracking some severe thunderstorms. notice as we see the shades of red showing up on future cast, gusty winds. smaller sized hail not out of the question. here is a look at your weekend forecast, tracking more thunderstorms sunday, monday. here is angela. >> reporter: on the roads, we've got standing water and reports of flooding around some of the regions so extra caution on your drive this thursday morning. be alert and prepared. for some delays on our maps. you can see a lot of red. dc295, 395, trafficland cameras showing the volume delays trying to get to the 14th street bridge. we've got a crash northbound 395 at the george washington parkway a slow ride on 66 as well.
8:29 am
>> anchor: you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
8:30 am
♪ hey, welcome back to "gma," everybody. and i got to say we have a great audience here on this thursday. [ cheers and applause ] they're great. >> i know. i have been waiting to share this with everyone and a lot of people have seen it. it's a video of devoted teacher stopped atting to to help one of her students who was struggling for a long time to graduate and their hard work finally paid off. she found out at the end of the year that he was going to get that hard earned diploma. he didn't know it. so she surprised him with his own cap and gown. take a look. >> hey, how are you doing? >> good. >> oh, man. thank you. >>
8:31 am
>> i love you too. you good? >> yes, ma'am, appreciate it. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i love you so much. [ applause ] >> jamais, that video has been seen more than 5 million times on facebook and the teacher behind it, kimberly wimbish is joining us from her school in georgia and jamais is there with her. you know what, this is just a moment we've been waiting to share with everything -- everyone. miss kimberly, what did you see in him that maybe others didn't? >> well, one thing about working here at this school, our principal always emphasizes that we have to build relationships, so when jamais entered my class i started building that relationship with him so i think he started to trust me and i was able to get in there and do some thing that's needed to help him
8:32 am
were you when miss kimberly showed up at your home with that cap and gown? >> oh, man, i was so surprised. i didn't know i was graduating. >> you had no idea? you didn't know? >> no, ma'am. no, not at all. >> miss kimberly, you knew and had to keep it a secret for a couple of weeks. that had to be hard to do. >> it was really difficult because i was receiving text messages from him and from his mom and they were asking, is jamais going to graduate? does he need to do anything else and i just didn't respond to the text messages. it was really difficult. it was worth it. >> that's right. so worth it. >> boy, jamais, what were you thinking when she wasn't responding? >> i was like, man, i probably ain't going to graduate. >> that was part of the plan. what is your message, miss kimberly, to teachers and to
8:33 am
everybody has something, they're struggling and to not give up? >> well, for me, this is the thing. when you make a decision to become a teacher, you have to focus on each individual student. you have to get to know them. you have to know their learning style. you have to be able to establish a pa oreo that a child will open up to you. and once you get all those factors in place, you have to work and strive and persist and not give up and have high expectations for your students just like i have for jamais and all of my students. >> oh, jamais. [ applause ] that's wonderful. >> miss kimberly, it reminds me of something you said when you become a teacher you have to teach -- you could teach with your head but you have to teach with your heart and i think that's what you've done. >> yes, you certainly have. >> thank you very much. >> we have good friends from ub
8:34 am
they know, miss kimberly, you donate a lot of your time and a lot of your money to help gentlemmace and other students so they'll donate $500 worth of school supplies. our good friends at yoobi. >> oh, thank you. thank you so much. >> and one final question, where is the graduation party? where is the party going to be, jamais? oh, come on. >> jamais. >> hmm. >> oh, come on. >> there might be a surprise for him too. you never know. >> i hope i didn't ruin anything. >> there probably is. no, it probably is a surprise. >> hope i didn't ruin anything there. well, congratulations, and -- >> oh, no, ma'am. >> you take care and i know you set up a go me fund so he can go to technical school and almost reached your goal so people are reaching out and helping. so almost er
8:35 am
>> thank you all so much. >> that's awesome. that's very inspiring story. and a lot of people out there need inspiration and if you're in need of some inspiration or words of wisdom we found some of all places on twitter in the #advicefrommoviecharacters. okay, it's been trending and here are a few of our favorite advice from movie characters that we found on twitter in this hashtag. these sage words were shared from ferris bueller. >> life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. >> yes. >> good one. >> great advice. and, of course, disney's pixar, disney pixar tweeted this advice from dory. >> when life gets you down, you know what you got to do. just keep swimming, just keep swimming. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. what do we do, we swim, swim. >>
8:36 am
♪ oh ho ho ho [ cheers and applause ] >> i have a question, do you guys have any quotes from movies that really are inspirational to you? >> plastics. >> from "mean girls." >> no, the graduate. >> that was a generational -- >> don't realize. "mean girls" or "the graduate." >> you could have gone either way, george. i didn't know. >> what is the quote? >> plastics. >> that's it. >> george clearly was going for the shortest movie quote. >> what about you? >> inspires my friendships. underrated movie. maybe someday we could become friend, friends who ride majestic steeds shooting flaming arrows across the hemdale and i would follow you into the mist of avalon. >> i have one. life
8:37 am
you never know what you're going to get. there we go. >> how about you? >> pretty woman is -- there's a phrase i use and if i forget to tell you i had a great time tonight and i think that's -- so you don't have to wait for -- the fact that the expectations saying, you know, if i forget to tell you i had a great time tonight. if i forget to tell you, i had a great morning with everybody, yeah. [ applause ] >> that movie has some of the best quotes. when she tries to charge her for directions. you can't charge me for directions. she goes, i'm not lost. >> so funny. >> we have another great piece of advice from a movie character. not all treasure is silver and gold. who knows what that's from? >> "pirates of the caribbean"? >> captain jack sparrow and "pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales" and jesse got a chance to -- >> everyone is cheating. >> just a little bit. you sat down with javier bardem. >> i did, that's right. and javier bardem plays t
8:38 am
fierce captain in the movie and he and his crew of the undead will stop at nothing to get their revenge on captain jack sparrow. take a look. everyone's favorite bandits are back. >> i'm looking to are a pirate, captain jack star row. >> reporter: for more swashbuckling fun in "pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales," jack sparrow facing his greatest nemesis yet, captain salazar. anti-pirate spanish navy officer out for revenge. >> you will soon pay for what you did to me. >> there's no need to bother. >> reporter: played to ghostly perfection by actor javier bardem. >> no need to free me, boy. i always leave one alive to tell the tale. >> you are so good at playing the bad guy. won an oscar for "no country for old men." what's your secret to playing the villain. >> being such a nice boy, the secret behind. i guess the secret is having good material where you can have layers to play and that's the
8:39 am
>> there were days when you were in the makeup chair for two to three hours. >> three hours every day, yes. >> what was that experience like? >> well, you go through every state of mind. you start to be very impatient at the beginning then you lose it. and at the end of the day you're like -- take me out of here. >> for bardem playing pirates was a family affair. your wife penelope cruz has been in "pirates of the caribbean" on stranger tides. what was her advice. >> you'll have a lot of fun and forget your lines when you work with johnny because you'll see how he becomes the iconic jack sparrow in front of your eyes and you'll forget you're working. >> you have two beautiful kids together, leonardo and luna and now they have two pirate parents. >> i was lucky to bring them to the set when i was doing the part of the movie where i'm alive and that's the part i wanted them to see rather than in the makeup. that's too scary. >> wait a couple of years. >> i will be waiting for you. >> it's going to be a good one.
8:40 am
"pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales" hits theaters tomorrow, guys. >> great job, jesse. everybody, coming up, tory is here with summer "deals & steals" for 20 bucks or less. [ cheers and applause ]
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hey, back here on "gma," the na'vi drum ceremony has started. we are dancing. aren't we, girls? yes, we are. we're taking it all in
8:43 am
i even grew ears. dance, shake it, shake it, yeah. we're here at weather team: today: morning rain. midday break. pm thunderstorms. some strong to severe. highs: 72-77 winds: e to sw 5-10 mph tonight: showers and storms ending. partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 55-59 winds: w 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. breezy. isolated afternoon shower. highs: 76-80 winds: wnw 10-15 g 25 mph is the gloomy weather starting to get to you? today will b hey, michael, i'm coming back. i don't think i want to though. >> bring some of those ears back with you, ginger. looks like she's having a lot of fun out there. we will have a lot of fun in the studio with our "deals & steals" because tory johnson is here with summer savings and, tory, everything here today is $20 or less. >> can you believe it? >> it's unbelievable -- you do it every time. you're not really surprising me anymore. >> i try to surprise you. you surprise everybody else with those. how about those? >> the surprise. >> jimmy
8:44 am
i mean this guy looks good in anything so jimmy swf with swarovski crystals embedded into each of them. three different style frames. those have the little bling on the sides. three different styes. all aviators, cat eyes, popular styles with a little twist. >> what's the twist. >> normally $40 slashed in half, 20 bucks. >> twisted my arm. i love it. >> you know hint water. now the makers of hint water have come out with sunscreen. that's pineapple. i asked what you like. give it a spray. pineapple or grapefruit. they both smell amazing. whoa. >> spf 30. they smell so good. i can't make a favorite. both are fabulous. normally -- doesn't it smell good? normally $48. slashed by 68%. 0 bucks for two
8:45 am
shipping from hint. 0 bucks and free shipping. >> make me want fruit. >> air mesh. company started by two sisters in joplin, missouri, and they created this amazing bracelet bar. we have a big assortment. either doubles in leather or a stack of five in the beaded. there's 19 different styles to choose from so whether you wear them alone or tack them they have something for you. normally $38 to $42, slashed by at least 50%, $19 for set for the whole set. everyone loves a watch that's a pop of color. silicon, nylon, leather bands, 19 different styles and come with a fabulous gift box. a really terrific deal on these. normally $43 to $65. 20 bucks and free shipping from crayo. >> you know what you do, buy one to match your mood in different colors. >> exactly. there you go. all right. thank you for
8:46 am
like that. these are flip-flops that come with a variety of sort of little benefits. ergonomically designed for comfort and for arch support. these little massaging beads in here you see that for some support. styes for men and women, a variety of colors, this nonslip material that it's also made with which is great. perfect for summertime, normally $23 to $24. they're slashed in half, $11.50 to 12 bucks. in and what are these? >> basic outfitters is a brand that you might remember from seeing them on "shark tank." a husband and wife team that said that they just wanted to come up with a way to produce affordable basics so you've got tees, socks, underwear, big assortment and some three helpers. come over here, you guys. blair, mishon, dominique, they gave me the genuine thumb's up. you guys told me this stuff is comfortable. we'd hwang out in this stuff. >> how do you feel. >> great in shirt feels good. >> absolutely. >>
8:47 am
and match the dots. the socks add like a little pop of color. you can look like a hero for father's day with these, normally $20 to $30, most come in sets except the jog ears. all slashed in half, $10 to $15. get a whole pack of underwear or a whole pack of shirts. get ahead for father's day. >> you do it every time. you really are amazing and everyone is going home -- everyone here, you leave here, you're going home with a watch from crayo. so excited about that and we partnered with all these companies on these great deals and you at home can get details on our website. stay right there. when we come back, gordon ramsay is here for ow battle of the burgers there stacking up right now. [ applause ]
8:48 am
8:49 am
to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. back with one of the most fiery celebrity chefs around, the man himself,
8:50 am
is here and he has a new cooking show called "the f word." i take it "f" means food word and this morning here with his own battle of the burgers. thanks for joining us, man. >> thanks so much for having us. >> appreciate it. we're excited. we have some of our foodie viewers who are going to come out and be in our battle of the burgers which is something that's similar to your new show. tell us about the show. >> great news, kevin spacey is kicking off with us next wednesday, fun, food and family. families coming into -- >> a lot of "f" words. >> and only that, live, 60 minutes and their job cook for the entire dining room so i love life in they're cooking for an entire dining room for a whole bump of people. >> that's right. >> we'll get you ready. >> he's live. >> yes. >> him. >> come on, jesse. >> bring in those contestants because i want to et a burger. contestants are here, i'm representing our first one,
8:51 am
d.c. who does marketing by day and runs a catering company by night. give it up. [ applause ] >> jesse, who are you with? >> ready to throw down is a 25-year-old new yorker who loves italian and filipino food and can east pasta every meal, ladies and gentlemen, maura hohman. >> okay. you both prepared your burgers. they look delicious, they smell good. i don't need that anyway but now you'll tell us what your secret ingredient is and what makes your burger so special. >> thank you. >> all right. >> you're up first. >> here i have my double stack bison and chorizo burger. >> why bison in a burger. >> nice and lean and the secret ingredient is the chorizo. >> you don't want to get lean eating a burger. you want to get fat, right? >> it looks like he got a lot this there. it's breakfast. >> you top it with a little
8:52 am
brown sugar. >> special sauce. >> paprika, brown sugar and a pinch of saffron and caramelized onion you top it with. >> nice. >> what do you think of this? >> why double? >> because you want to get fat, you said it. >> it's a cookout. >> why the eggy. >> the egg, it's nice and juicy and it really adds a nice touch to the burger. >> wow. >> what do you think. >> meshach, good job. we have to go to jesse. >> a little more seasoning. >> meet maura. a filipino-inspired burger. >> i have an adobo burger. take the burger and grind it into the patty so you get a nice juicy bacon flavor and add adobo flavor, vinegar, soy sauce, bay leave, lots of garlic. what do you think. >> seasoned beautifully. >> seasoned beautifully. >> and richness as well and the bun is a traditional -- >> oh, yeah. >> sweet, delicious. >> it's kind of like
8:53 am
you have to make a decision. >> here's the thing, two good burgers. seasonal and could use a touch more spice but i'm going to go with the filipino. >> wow. so cool. >> there you go, jesse. >> pass it down. >> gordon, thank you very much for joining us, man. can't wait to watch the show "the f word" premieres wednesday, may 31st on fox. make sure you check that out. we'll be right back. introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even gger flavor. only at subway.
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rrator: "the time is to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by behr premium plus intear your paint. >> well, we got a big weekend here in new york city. it is fleet week and, jesse -- if we want to thank all the navy divers from little creek in ft. virginia for wowing the crowds in times with all their underwater maneuvers. cool stuff. these burgers down here. [ cheers and applause ] >> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. i'm melanie hastings. breaking overnight, 2 amtrak engines collide in northeast. this happened on ninth street.
8:57 am
these pictures coming in from dc fire and one perspective was taken to the hospital -- one person was taken to the hospital with miner injuries. officials believe storms may have caused a facade of a shopping center to collapse. this is along cherry hill road in calverton. the bricks that came down damag ed several cars, no one was hurt. our rain continues, molly, pretty soggy out there. >> yeah, certainly is. cloudy, currently catching a break from the action, working south to north here. showers in the b area. unfortunately we're tracking more wet weather late respect today, strong gusty thunderstorm s after about 3:00, notice the future cast is filling in, gusty winds, hail, not out of the question. a quick look at the memorial day weekend forecast. spotty shower sunday, a few clap s of showers sunday and monday. >> reporter: we're getting reports of lots of puddles out there. standing water will slow you down. the ride on
8:58 am
county president of the united states william parkway -- prince william parkway. dc295, 395 accident clean up at the 14th street bridge. accident activity, this was the scene on the capital beltway at the robinson terminal, 4 cars in volved. inner loop collision closing to braddock road. back over to you. >> anchor: during the 9:00 hour of good morning washington, we are hacking our way to a simpler summer. founder shows us quick easy tips to cut our time in the kitchen. switch over to news channel 8 to see that along with the latest news, traffic, and weather updates any time. hope you have a terrific thursday. ♪
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