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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hour and hail. the area of the storms are moving northeast. for the new area mount vernon, waldorf in ten minutes, the district before 5:30. rockville at 5:54. so the active areas are under severe thunderstorm warnings. the big picture shows these are the main clusters that are pushing northeast to metro. later this everything there is three or four hours to see the activity slow down. steve rudin is running into rain. what do you see now, steve? steve: a little rain out there. we have clouds increasing. we have seen lightning. there is nothing for the torrential downpours. that is the good news. switch you back to the roof cameraer
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the clouds are darker. that is where the stronger storms are located. the storms that will lift north to affect the old town alexandria area and the district. we will keep you updated. back to larry. larry: breaking news in the last 15 minutes in the investigation of a man's death in fort washington. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in the 9000 of mill street where a man was just taken into custody. brad: this beganning this morning. the police came to this house. it's the 9000 block. 900 o mill street to check on welfare of a man. the family is worried. they found the elderly man in his 80's dead in the house suffering from obvious trauma.
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they developed a suspect quickly. we were there this afternoon when they brought the man in custody. we understand they knew where he would be at a certain time. they waited for him and he showed up at that point. now, what this was all about seems at this point as though it was a domestic related crime. it was domestic in nature. we will bring you more information as the details come in. in fort washington, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: this is a bizarre story. he is accused of paying people to draw their blood. he doesn't have a license to do that in d.c. stephen tschida has details on the strange story. stephen: bizarre is the appropriate
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khoa nguyen to appear in court. charged with practicing medicine without a license in d.c. we have video of where it went down in southwest d.c. this is what people tell us occurred. he showed up and started to offer $30 a pop to allow them to swab the nasal package and take blood. police arrived after getting complaints they found numerous viles of blood and needles and a ledger with hundreds of names. they said that nguyen approached him but he wasn't going for it. >> the whole neighborhood like they were giving out government cheese. asking for blood. >> poor people and offering
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of course they are going to jump to it. high in crime and drugs. they will run for it. staves investigators said nguyen told them he works for biotech firm out of boston and a licensed professional but he does not have a license to practice in d.c. he is about to appear any moment. at 6:00 we will hear from his attorney. perhaps learn more why he was collecting the blood. reporting live. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: tonight for the first time in history the british transport police are patrolling some trains with the weapons. this decision comes hours after the british government said it was not going to share information about the manchester bombing case with u.s. officials anytime. nancy chen is at the "live desk" to explain why. nancy: british prime minister theresa may says the
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bissed on trust. but after photos of the crime scene in the "new york times" the trust appears to be strained. >> pictures of the arming device of the bomb. the public doesn't need to see that. there is no good purpose served by that. i don't blame the british one bit for turning off the flow of information..& nancy: sources say the british prime minister did speak with president trump today about the issue at the nato summit. tonight, libyan anti-terror officials say the alleged bomber called his mother hours before the attack and asked her to forgive him. so far eight people have been arrested in england in connection with the investigation including salman abedi's father and two of his brothers. alison: another setback for president trump's travel ban. a federal appeals court upheld ruling on a ban. the chief judge wrote that the
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ban drips with religious intolerance. even though the administration says it was motivated by national security. larry: tonight, president trump is in brussels with other world leaders. after the group started to gather they intended the unveiling of a memorial to the september 11 attacks. then some of the leaders looked uncomfortable when he called on the countries to contribute their fair share. >> 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying. what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair for the people and the taxpayers of the united states. doug: i'm doug hill in the weather center.
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there are three warnings in effect. the existing one is over charles county but there is a thousand one for the central, northern carlos county through calvert and anne arundel county. a large area that goes all the way through 5:45 this afternoon. the storms will pack a punch. the area of the cell with the lightning moving northeast at 35 miles per hour. quarter-size hail is a possibility here as we go through the next 45 minutes or so in the area. as a result we are keeping a close eye on the communities like waldorf. 5:23 is the arrival time. 6:11 in berwyn heights. we will monitor the storms and if any more come along we'll pass them to you immediately. alison: thank you. back to the news now. right now the voters in montana head to the poles to determine who will fill that vacated congressional spot on capitol hill. republican candidate greg gianforte suspected just fighting for votes. he is also
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charges. as marci gonzalez reports the front-runner is accused of body slamming a all right roer last night. marci: greg gianforte getting this citation, charged with misdemeanor assault on the eve of today's election. >> he was assaulted by greg gianforte. marci: running in montana for a seat left vacant by the new interior secretary was about to do an interview with fox news when "guardian" ben jacobs came in recording audio as he asked about healthcare. >> i'll talk about it later. >> there won't be time. >> i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last guy did the same thing. >> get the hell out of here. >> did the same thing. are you with the "guardian"? >> yes. you broke my glasses. you body slammed me and broke my glasses. marci: gianforte's spokesperson blamed jacob
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saying he pushed his phone in gianforte's face, grab the wrist and spun away pushing them both to the ground calling it aggressive behavior for a liberal journalists. on g.m.a., jacobs explained it differently. >> he grabbed my recorder and then i went from being vertical to horizontal on the floor. >> on fox news, the network reporter grabbed jacob's account. >> he grabbed him with both hands, slid him to the side, body slammed him. got on top of him and started punching and yelling at him. >> three of montana's biggest newspapers rescinded the endorsement of gianforte but it's unclear if it will impact the election as about two-third of the expected voters cast their ballots early. in los angeles, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: back closer to home the repairs are underway at the maryland farm shopping center after part of the building collapsed. crushing nearby cars. it happened last night off
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beltsville. investigators are still not sure what caused the building to come apart but business owners are told they can operate as normal. >> they had the thought in my head do i go after my purse or stop my car? larry: now this woman chose to fight back against a carjacker. the choice isn't making police happy. alison: plus, the next round in the battle over healthcare on the hill after the new numbers from the congressional budget office. >> the force will be with you always. >> 40 years later, we are celebrating the beginning of a blockbuster franchise. >> i'm q mccray. in mobiletrak7. heading out of town right now as we speak. we have a better look at the traffic out here as yaw head out on memorial day weekend. we will talk about the hot spots that you like to hit up on the drive. that is c
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alison: you may have heard of the wawa plan to open a store in d.c. but that got me thinking to the favorite places to stop on a road trip. q mccray is hitting the road to watch the traffic and ask about the favorite
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pitstops. how are you doing? where are you? q: driving through arlington county. when it comes to the drive it's so far moving smoothly. there is a little back but that is about it heading north and southbound in the area. when it comes to people and stopping, making a pit stop on the way out of town there are a few hot spots to hit up. >> i like that. and the chick-fil-a. they have the good spacey chicken sandwich. yeah. >> i'm looking at your wife. she is shaking her head. >> i just want gas. >> what is your favorite spot? >> chick-fil-a. >> what is your favorite
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>> wauwau good for subs. the hoag gives are awesome. better than subway. i'd go there over subway. q: honorable meets are sheets, cracker barrel and the 7-eleven. wherever you are heading do so safely. that is the latest from the mobiletrak7. back to you. >> another note. "7 on your side" before you gas up for the memorial day get-away. the national average is $2.37. throughout the hour we will check on the cheapest places to fill up on the popular routes. so for those heading east, once you cross the chesapeake bay bridge, gas says the lowest price along 250 is $2.17 at the parsonburg
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stop. you find the best prices on larry: the man known as dr. beach is out with the list of the baste in the u.s. siesta beach in florida at the top. there is a bije in -- beach in maui. >> that beach wins routinely. >> is it the best or the east coast? >> it's south of tampa. alison: are you inviting us? >> let me find a place to stay. alison: so two need the sunshine. it's dreary. now we have the storms. >> let's cover the top
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stories. this is down the river and the skies are getting darker and darker. the cluster should stay west of warrenton. the larger area now until 5:45. this is anne arundel county, st. mary's county, charles county. the area of the lightning and the winds and hail as this lifts northeast. 30 to 35 miles per hour. severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 5:45. we have another warning. one until 5:45 to the west and then a separate one to the east that extends to the western shore of the by a.
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this is the bright red and the heaviest part of the storm that will affect waldorf as we speak. there will be additional chances of storms and they should diminish. the leading edge through charles county have the storm tops of the active precipitation. 40,000 feet. that is important coming in and out of washington. it will have to fly around these things. they are on the move. we use a future cast guidance to get an idea of what the rain is like moving through the everything. that is still heavy. steve rudin in the stormwatch7 tracking the rain and he has foun
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cloudiness. this is nasty looking. look at the edge. the base is dark. rain shaft or shield ahead of it. stay with the shot. on the edge of the storm. look at the stoplights, the taillights that are lit up here as the traffic is slow. on a busy thursday. this is far from ideal. we have a track of the storm. there is a lightning strike. you can tell that was coming. there is more of that through the evening hours. light tonight we could tail off. there will be clearing overnight. there is in good shape overnight to a sunny and a breezy day tomorrow. nothing like for the last six days. they will look to feel like late may and a nice day. then the holiday weekend
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there are thunderstorms this afternoon. 30 to oh% chance. partly sunny and 80 degrees. memorial day is lesser chance of showers and storms. partly sunny and 82. check out the beaches. once we get through the holiday weekend it will settle down. there are prettiable is temperatures. larry: keep us posted tonight. thank you. governor hogan signed a slew of the bills into law today. larry: find out the one he didn't sign with a lot of people talking tonight. >> just in time for memorial day weekend a local veteran will host a barbecue at the newly renovated home. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up, extreme
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after a devastating fire. >> but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc. alison: and now autria godfrey has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington," from the beltway to the beaches we are getting ready for the great memorial weekend get-away. >> alpha, the dog in a local high school yearbook joins us in studio. >> keep it here every ten minutes start
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alison: 7 is on storm watch. if you look here, this is storm watch 7 on the beltway to tysons. stay with us. doug hill monitoring it for us. there are lightning strikes as we speak. larry: "7 on your side." if you are making memorial day get-away to virginia beach or the out every barns heading south along i-95, the best bet to fill up is at the valls. you will pay $2:04 there. check prices along the route. alison: 7 salutes a veteran destroyed by a fire. local design team donat
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there for the big reveal. mark ward and the family got a look inside. >> wow! >> that is nice. >> for eight months they have been displaced from the bowie home after a devastating electrical fire. >> no travel. no nothing. >> the fire came after another hardship. his grandmother only recently relearned how to walk and talk after surgery to remove a brain tumor. today she is recovered. full of joy seeing her new bedroom. >> i'm feeling excited. i'm thankful for everything that has happened. >> most of the renovation budget covered by insurance money but the design team put $50,000 in the project with support from the sponsors and donors. >>
5:26 pm
newly crown mrs. maryland coowns d.n.a. designs with hoper platform to do more of the extreme home makeovers for other families in need. >> i feel blessed. i can't believe this is happening to me. to have this. is there around every corner ward couldn't believe the transformation. he hopes to have a barbecue. but hopes to avoid a mess in the beautiful kitchen. >> you can't eat in here. [laughter] alison: so deserving. i love the positive sayings they have in the man cave. larry: i love that, of course, too. alison: sure you do. larry: the positive things. what a home decorator. that is amazing. alison: good for them. larry: coming up -- >> honoring the
5:27 pm
it's overwhelming. >> honoring the lives for memorial day. >> why this rockville intersection was on the minds of governor larry hogan today. that is stilt ahead. alison: what would prompt this woman to jump on the hood of a car and then say this -- >> this isn't happening to me today moment. >> 7 is on storm watch with a severe weather alert now. we are busy watching this stormwatch7 on the beltedway near braddock road. more
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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doug: back now live at "abc7 news at 5:00". looking at images as they occur. this is the alexandria area of the beltway. steve rudin is in with the heavy rain and the lightning. i suspect this is not helping the rush hour traffic one bit. steve: doug, thicks are really slowing down here. believe it or not ahead of us is the springfield mixing bowl. a lot of lightning and thunder out here. it looks like it's windy also along with the heavy rain. things are slowing down dramatically right now. i am looking at the speed. we are going at around 15 to 20 miles per hour. back inside to
5:31 pm
orm warning issued for springfield and the area back west. and then to the district and alexandria included here. that is in effect until 6:15 this afternoon. then we have storm on the east side of town. this strong line stretches from waldorf to prince frederick and the chesapeake bay. that is moving northward. two separate warnings. the new is until 6:15 that includes part of the immediate metro area and points south. there is plenty of lightning and there is intense winds with the system moving through. the possibility of hail. anytime that you see a line that is lined up like this. east to west line the energy is spread out. but it means a much larger area is likely to experience the severe weather conditions with the high winds and the frequent lightning. time track here as we look at this to the north. alexandria to the center of the storm at 5:34. district proper.
5:32 pm
chillum, prince george's county east of the city and 5:56. laurel at 6:19. annapolis at 6:22. so we have almost an hour to go for the viewing area to be but melled by the storms. another area developing west. then more pockets to keep an eye on. the future cast has been pretty much spot on in the day. we have a lot of confidence that this is right. we'll still have the heavy downpours but they will move northeast out of the area. when that happens we will open the door to improving weather conditions heading through the day tomorrow. especially, and even for the upcoming memorial day weekend. we will track all of that in the next 30 minutes on abc7 news. steve rudin will be back in five minutes with another update. larry: thanks, doug. sign up for the text alerts from abc7. when severe weather hits you can do that at alison: moving to other news. maryland governor larry hogan signed 210 bills in law
5:33 pm
as the montgomery county reporter kevin lewis eng plains a law is set -- explains a law settling the minds of the bicyclists in the state. >> the kids love him. the parents love him. >> alex walker sorely misses her friend frank towers. in december of 2015, this silver s.u.v. hit and killed the 19-year-old. who was on his bike. within a marked crosswalk. towers had been biking home from his job at dynamite gymnastics in rockville. police later filed charges against the driver. but the judge tossed out the case. why? maryland's law only protected pedestrians in the crosswalks and not people using skateboards, strollers, scooters and bikes. >> amid defeat. the montgomery county prosecutor kyle o'grady fought for change. today, governor hogan signed a new law providing
5:34 pm
to all pedestrians. >> we have a prosecutor that went to annapolis and lobbies the senators and the delegates there. >> flamboyant, compassionate, funny. >> walker and the parents of the children towers once coached now at peace. >> if there are legal repercussions. >> today they express the genuine concern about crossing this portion of the road. at least now the law protects all of them. reporting in rockville, kevin lewis. >> thank you. several bills will fight the heroin and the opioid crisis. they will increase patient services and require
5:35 pm
to prescribe the lowest effective dose of opioid. they vetoed a sick leave bill. he challenged both sides to come together for a better bill by january. >> on the hill, democrats are criticizing the republicans after the budget office assessment of the healthcare bill. they say 23 million more americans would lose coverage under that plan. and force seriously ill people to pay for much more for care. the c.b.o. also said the bill would reduce the deficit and drive down premiums in part because the bill to provide fewer benefits. today, paul ryan defended the g.o.p. plan. >> between premiums surging up and the choices going away, obama is on an unsustainable path. >> the senate democrats are willing to work with the republicans providing they no longer insist on repeal and replace approach. alison: maryland congressman elijah cummings is recovering from a heart valve operation. he had what he called a minimally invasive procedure
5:36 pm
narrowing of the aortic value evers. he is expected to remain at john hopkins hospital for a few more days. larry: today, 22 republican senators sent a letter to the president asking him to carry through on the promise to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. this is one day after more than 40 democrat senators sent their own letter asking the president to honor the u.s. commitment. president trump said he will make a decision after the first international trip. new report shows solar continue to grow as fast rate. solar gigs grew 17 times faster than the economy last year. most sewlar workers are in the -- solar workers are in the installation business. alison: if you heading to soak up the sun at the jersey beaches this memorial day, so if you are heading north the best bet to stop and fill up in newcastle, delaware. golf and liberty station sell gallon of regular unleaded for
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the stations on the jersey turnpike are charging $2.34 are a gallon. you can track the best prices a it the pump at larry: nice. i like it. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime with a woman's story you will want to stop and see to believe. >> i will never get out of my car and not lock it and have my keys with me. larry: melissa smith was pumping gas in milwaukee when another car pulled up. a man jumped out of that car and into hers. turned the key and tried to drive off. she jumped on the hood. >> he was laughing on my car. he was trying to throw me off. zero remorse. larry: smith said she didn't think of the danger of jumping on the hood until after she did it. the car's price tag flashed in her head. the thieves gave up and ran out and ran with her purse. she wasn't heard but it wasn't in park. she had to chase after the car to get it to stop without damage. by the way, the police say you really shouldn't ever think
5:38 pm
did. alison: yeah. the police were upset. it's instinctual. larry: take the key out. lock the car. got her purse and cell phone. alison: i'm glad she wasn't hurt. larry: yeah, she has her health. alison: still to come -- >> the force will be with you always. alison: oh, coming up. that refrain still holds true 40 years later. a look at how some fans are celebrating tonight. larry: later why dusty baker will not be with the nats for the weekend series against san diego. alison: at 6:00 tonight, a shocking scene. look at this. jeep. how did it end up in a second floor apartment? second floor? what we know about the driver. new tonight at 6:00. larry: can't wait for that. meanwhile, 7 on stormwatch7 with a severe weather alert. mobiletrak7 making its way to kensington where we have reports of a tree and some wires down on lawrence avenue. you c
5:39 pm
on the right side of the screen. doug hill is tracking that and steve rudin as well. we will let you know what we find when the mobiletrak7 arrives on the scene. back with more after this. vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities. dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin live in stormwatch7. we are on the capital beltway getting ready to move to the alexandria exit. old town. the rain for the most part eased a bit. on the backdoor step we have the heavier rain and reverse it to the back. look at what is going on and the radar for you. numerous thunderstorms across the area. if you have to be out and about leave extra time. the weather is not going to cooperate with the drive or anywhere that you have to go over the next hour or
5:41 pm
the storms progress toward north and east. back live storm track. the roadways are slow. we will keep you updated on "abc7 news at 5:00". always rightator: "th to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting
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ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. alison: can you believe 40 years ago today we were introduced to a galaxy far,
5:43 pm
since then "star wars" spawned six other movies part of the original vision. of course, the countless other spinoffs. larry: 40 minutes ago a special screening of the original film at the smithsonian. lindsey mastis looks at the celebrations online. lindsey: lucas film getting nostalgic. tweeting out movie poster for the original release. and mark hamil is including fun facts writing the original "star wars" had no premier when it opened in 32 theaters but george lucas did go to hawaii on vacation. in our area, the smithsonian national air and the space museum wants people to visit the museum tonight to celebrate. the twitter account is releasing a link to pick out your favorite gips and share them online. alison: the fans have so die-hard. that has not changed. larry: even the new generation.
5:44 pm
i'm like do you know what it's about? does anybody? alison: with we have ever? larry: i'm not sure. i haven't figured it out but he is more of a fan. whoever new. $11 million is what it cost, the first movie. $500 million on the first one. alison: 40 years. very few things hold true that long. larry: no sign of stopping soon. alison: all right. >> they call it flags in. a very personal way to honor the fallen.
5:45 pm
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comcast business. built for business. alison: welcome back. 7 on stormwatch today. we have a messy weather day out there. this is live look from the stormwatch7. on the beltway near the exit for oldtown. you can see the rush hour commute always bad at this hour. but even worse because of the weather. we'll have more with doug in a moment. larry? larry: "7 on your side" making a ememorial day get-away to the west. the bess way to fill up on i-66 is the mobil on 14th streak on fronted royal. $2.09 a gallon
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unleaded. find the best prices at alison: people like to enjoy the long weekend for the unofficial start of summer but let's not forget what memorial day means. richard reeve takes us to arlington national cemetery where today was flags in. richard this is the most honorable position i have held. richard: the soldiers call it simply "flags in." >> i think when they die, how young they were. richard: one by one, grave to graver. they plant american flags to honor and remember. >> honoring the fallen. it's overwhelming. >> this is the first flags in for the specialist from maine. >> i think about the families. what they have gone through and what they still go through. >> 284,000 head stones, some bleached white from the ravages of nature now marked with the red, white and blue. >>
5:49 pm
silence. each soldier lost in his or her own thoughts. reading the names here and realizing of course each person paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> this begins with a solemn march. the small flags tucked tucked ie back packs. they will complete this in four hours. >> you wonder you, who was this man and wo was this woman? that had integrity and had self-sacrifice in them to serve? richard: remembrance, honor and duty. >> we will always honor our guys. richard: in some small measure a way to say thanks. richard reeve, abc7 news. doug: back with another update of the weather. always changing. this is a view at the national harbor. it's not a pretty picture. the boats in the slips
5:50 pm
that will improve. we have good news to share. the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this line for prince george's county that expired at 5:45. it with was not renewed by the national weather service. that tells us despite the lightning and the thunder it is getting weaker and not severe. the other warning in effect through rosslyn through 6:15 was canceled altogether. they are strong storms but not too severe levels. that is good news. you will get lightning and thunder. there is severe weather across the bay. people with the ocean beaches will deal with that. we will continue to monitor these. most of the area is showing signs of weakening. don't get me wrong. there is lightning in the cells here. as they move north, they are smarking over 300 -- sparking over 300 strikes every 15 minutes.
5:51 pm
chillum will get hit by this line. howard cnty will be hit at 6:43. a look at the lightning count. 315 strikes. just what you see on the screen. that is in the 15-minute period that passed. there are more showers and the storms to the west. the next batch will come in and weaken because of the cooler air. we are almost out of this. tomorrow at the 6:00 hour, and what will happen for the holiday weekend. larry: thank you for the update. the nationals will be without the skipper this weekend. don't worry about dusty baker. he is missing the three-game series in san diego to be at his son darren's high school graduation. you you may recall game five of the world series in 2002 when 3-year-old darren was a bat boy and was grabbed by barry bonds before a potential collision at home plate against the angels. memorable moment. the nats bench coach will fill in as the manager until baker returns. it's hard to believe he
5:52 pm
alison: graduating. erin: i wonder how often darren is asked about the mow meant. it was legendary. i want to interview him. larry: we held our breath oh. , no! erin: every time i'm at nats park i'm like where is darren? nationals hope to sweep mariners this afternoon but it didn't go as planned. anthony rindone did his part with another home run his fourth in three games. the nats had a 2-0 lead in the sixth. jacob turner on in relief of gio gonzalez and nelson cruz lights him up like a christmas tree. three-run bomb to center. seattle goes on to win it 4-2. the nationals begin a three-game series with the padres tomorrow. the swimmer of the year briefly quit the sport she loves but then she realized he is wasn't ready to walk away from swimming for good. >> mclean's high school is this year's swimmer of the year. >> definitely
5:53 pm
there is a lot of competition. to win it is an honor. >> but last year she took a break from swimming and she almost swit -- quit the sport. >> i was going to practice and i put in work. i got to the meet. i had a mental block. i wasn't able to compete at the level i was supposed to. >> now she is happy she never gave up. >> definitely. i didn't picture myself ever being here. this is an honor. i'm glad i didn't quit. erin: she is only a junior but she has committed to notre dame for swimming. >> i felt welcome there. the team was like a family for me. i wouldn't picture myself at any other school. i decided to make my decision early. >> as a dual citizen from south africa, she also has her eye on the 2020 olympics. >> if i set everything up, i could represent them in an international meet and the olympics in
5:54 pm
>> congratulations, you are this week's team player. erin: she was inspirational. i love how much insight she had about the mental block with the swimming. "tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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alison: d.c. police will be armed in the district and scott taylor asked why it has taken so long. scott: struggles like this one that left d.c. police officers injured as well as a suspect has helped fuel the buzz in the district that patrol officers need tasers on the streets of d.c. the police union is pro-taser. >> sure it's frustrating. officers on the street have a limited number of options when it comes to uses of force. >> the i-team reached out to the police departments across the nation and discovered chicago, miami, los angeles, and others have been
5:58 pm
tasers as far as back as 2002. >> i think it's something that should have been done years ago. the importance of it gives us a buffer zone between using, going hands on with a suspect and using lethal force. scott: after several weeks of requesting an on-camera interview with mayor muriel bowser and police chief peter newsham and getting nowhere the item tracked down the mayor at a press conference. >> the police chief is planning a program to implement tasers now. i expect that we will have a pilot group of officials very soon. that will be issued tasers. we will come out and talk to you and chief newsham about that. scott: the police union wants tasers issued to all patrol officers. >> do you know why it has taken so long? mayor bowser: i have been the mayor for two years so i wouldn't say it t
5:59 pm
long. >> expect training and tasers as early as next month. scott taylor, abc7 news. jonathan: right now at 6:00, a severe weather alert. stormwatch7 is in the thick of it. doug hill will track where the storms are now. these are live pictures of hail coming down. michelle: plus, sparks fly. a man tries to outrun police in an r.v. the fiery end and who the police found inside. >> they had the thought in my head do i go after my purse or do i stop my car? and the price tag of my car flashed through my head. jonathan: the woman who is an internet legend. her fight against a would-be car thief coming up at 6:00. >> this is a stormwatch7 severe weather alert. michelle: first at 6:00, the severe weather alert that we are just getting new video. pea size hail in calvert county. stormwatch doppler lit up as the storms crash across the area. jonathan: stormwatch7 is in the thick of it. we
6:00 pm
seeing lightning as well. not moving fast but get to chief meteorologist doug hill with what you need to know right now. a lot going on. doug: indeed, john. a lot of heavy storms. the key in the viewing area no severe thunderstorms. these are heavy. small hail, gusty winds, lightning and rain but not the severe level of high winds to 60 miles per hour. closest weather of the severe storms are expected over the eastern shore of maryland. we have plenty of stuff all the way through the metro area and north and west. northern suburbs. even farther west coming along east of the blue ridge right now. another line that is forming up. normally in the circumstances when the developing lines come across the areas that have been hit by the storms they tend to weaken a little bit. we'll see if the next line does that as well. that is the expectation. we zoom in close there is plenty of action of the storms as they move northeast at 35 miles per hour. moving in the chillum area closely. they will winds upton the bay to a -- wind up the bay at


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