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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 31, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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no alcohol. wood releasing a statement i didn't realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly. apologizing to fans and family. >> this is a guy who was on top of the world, and here he has so many years of set backs. he wasn't just a great golfer for all those years, he was invincib invincible. >> this is a guy who intimidated other golfers in a noncontact sport. yet, he is suffered embarrassment, suffered humiliation. >> now golf legend, jack nicklaus is pulling for him. >> feel bad for tiger. tiger is a friend. great for golf. and, i think he, he need all our help. and we were him well. >> gio benitez, abs news, florida. >> one more note. jeb bush no longer trying to buy the miami marlins the he had been part of a group include former star, derek jeter, which will continue efforts without bush. published reports indicate bush wasn't willing to put up enough
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the controlling interest that he wanted. the group however does have enough cash to meet the asking price. >> all right. today a big day for 291 kids taking part in a national spelling bee. >> yeah, all outstanding kids. one is setting herself apart. edith fuller. 6 years old. >> wow. >> a competition's youngest ever. participant. >> look how tiny she is. >> look how tiny. her mom says he has always been a natural when it comes to spelling. >> we were just having fun around the table. you know, one of us threw out the word restaurant. she spelled it. how did she know that? >> edith was 5 years old when qualified for the bee in march. she is five months younger than the previous recordholder. >> spelling bee ended in a tie for three consecutive years now. so, good luck to all of the participants. but we want, want day winner this time. make this happen. >> they're all winners. >> like she has her o
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microphone. >> so tiny. >> smaller. >> good luck, edith. good luck. >> fun to watch on espn. >> what happens when your train is run sowing late. you are about to miss your own graduation. if you are this kid, you get an impromptu ceremony. show you all about that. >> changes at sea world. new attraction replacing the shamu show is open. will it be a hit or a flop? first a look at today's temperatures. and want more coverage. guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance an whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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poo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful. outraged at goldman sachs, the american finance company bought $3 br illion of the country's bond and gives needed funds to a government starving its people. the country's opposition leaders are asking congress to investigate the purchase. you can see there, there has been plenty of unrest in that country in recent months. >> here at home, amazon founder, jeff besos close to becoming the world's richest man. amazon stock opens this morning, at nearly $1,000 a share. and
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is worth $85 billion. >> is that all? >> yeah. >> he is -- dominating bill gates. well, just about $3 billion shy of bill gates net worth. >> i am personally assisting him in the $85. >> my god with the amount of stuff i order. >> such a great idea. getting drunk and getting on amazon. >> it's like, christmas. >> yeah, yeah. >> get all the things. no idea where they came from. >> may 31st. >> turning to see world san diego. >> shut down the shamu show. warn the killer whales are facing inhumane conditions there. our correspondent is there with the details. >> sea world's iconic killer whale show got a little less splashy. the san diego park debuting educational presentation, orca encounter to replace one of its once biggest attractions
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show. it include a film about animal behaviors and the orcas, breach and splash the audience. tricks are not the focus. trainers no longer ride or swim with the whales. the new show receiving mixed reviews. some calling it informative and poignant. others calling it boring. saying it features very little action. using the orcas. this just the latest change at sea world. the park announcing last year it would no longer breed orcas, following public outcry. the park has been trying to revamp the image following years of declining revenue. lagging atend a ing ging attend. and brought on by "black fish" took a look at whales in captivity including tillacom. >> you think that these whales are living a happy full life? >> absolutely. it is so important to j kate people about these animals. otherwise they're not going to care to want to protect them. >> the film
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sea world has made some progress but not enough. >> they're still swimming in concrete tanks. my hope would be that, sea world would just, kind of embrace the opportunity to truly evolve and to retire these whales into seaside sanctuaries. >> officials at sea world say they have never been more proud how they're presenting the animals to guests calling this a pivotal moment in their exhibition launch. the biggest one in sea world history. they'll continue to use the whales as long as they have them. >> sea world is calling this a pivotal moment, a big change in how they have done business before and how they will do business going forward. >> really impacted their business. i used to live in san diego. popular spot. have the fireworks show every night. business has definitely died down a bit since the controversy. coming up, personalizing our family fun.
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welcome back. we have our favorite board games. we look to play. maybe you want to personalize your family fun. maybe figure out. it fits into this, dyi process. making your toy fun. and, doing it yourself. toy insider, here to tell us about it. i will get myself out of the box. try to figure what is going on here. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. so this is all about dyi for kids. how? >> exactly. whole family. not just kids. make family fun exciting for everybody. start with game night. right. everyone has favorite games. why not try a tournament style. like tournament of champions. >> okay. >> yeah, creating your own bracket here. kids can get in on creative fun with that. break out some of your favorite games. like
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or speak out kids versus parents. whole family can get in on. >> hopefully better on that, than ncaa bracket. >> yes. >> and whole another matter. but go on. >> yeah, dyi art show. kids love to create with all their favorite crayons, pencils, markers. you can make it special, hanging up the art in your house. then having kids tell a story. like each artist tells a story what inspired them. you can add fun frames. lying around. make kids feel like art work is special. >> does that give them excuses to mark the walls. say i was inspired by the painting on the wall. >> not going to win any prizes for that. >> definitely not. >> so, the playdough challenge. an exciting activity. mix up ideas into a fish bowl. draw one out. you pick one, the family has two minutes to create out of playdough. >> friendly tiger. >> that's it. you have to use green
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playdoechlt. >> okay. that is a challenge. we have a little whale. sunglasses. dinosaur. get creative as you want with idea. then get creative with the playdough itself. super fun. >> not very good at playdough. >> smells so good. makes you want to oot it. problem. >> dyi slime one of the hottest crazes with kids and teens right now. so everyone is crazy make their own slime. you can do that with just a few ingredients. laundry detergent. baking soda. shaving cream. so much fun. family can get on this. add glitter. >> great. should i not? >> maybe not. so, kids can also create their own puppet theater. which is what we have here. you can add, puppets anything you have at home. then you can put on your own puppet show. >> i, i, would be awful at putting on a puppet show obviously. >> frit fun though. >> is it? >>re
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cardboard box. wrapping paper. super easy. >> get in here. be here with the kids. >> you go out. >> all right. >> and every family with kids has legos lying around the house. you can create a lego listening game with legos. means one kid or parent is going to create something using legos. without showing the other people, they're going to explain what they mean. and everyone else is going to have to try to replicate it without looking at it. >> so. i don't understand. so, you, you, you, one person makes it. >> makes it x plains it. then everyone else has to use the verbal cues to re-create it. >> all right. >> see how close people can get without seeing it. >> what if they have, they do, horrible job at it. >> man you want to award points for creating. >> yes, yes, key parenting terms right there. >> all right. for these and dyi idea. visit the website at toy thank you so much for being here with us. you are watching "world news now."
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for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. >> time for the special hump day edition of this. happened at graduation edition no less. tip of the cap, curtsy of the gun to some of this week's most memorable events. starting off with a cool tribute at harvard university to five time academy award winning composer john williams. >> the group, the gin and tonics decided to serenade williams with their version of some of his most memorable scores. see if you can guess wlut they are. check it out. so that is clearly, clearly theme for "jaws" which he won, i believe he won an academy award for.
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>> yeah, nailed it. >> totally nailed it. >> all right, huge "star wars" fan i see. check out the next one. see if you can get the next one. >> with joan rivers? >> so, based on them yelling out sharks i am assuming this is the theme for west side story? >> the guy running with the dorsal thins. it was "jaws." sealing the deal. and the theme from superman. and harry potter. mark zuckerberg, the commencement speaker, bit ironic since he dropped out and never made it to his own. >> he did superman. >> superman. >> what's that? >> superman in the end. >> i said that. you weren't lien
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>> all right. onto some one else missing their graduation. student at new york college got a surprise when the train delay kept him from his graduation. >> group of perfect strangers rallied around derek elcantera to re-create the ceremony he was missing. he gets handed the diploma on a cell phone along with traditional handshake. as you listen closely. hear the green bay song, time of my life playing in the backgrou background. he goes around, hugging, thanking everyone on the train. see, new yorkers not so mean after all. >> just mostly mean. >> what do you do with all of the papers from the high school years that piles up notes and reports, on the students at one arizona school had a good idea. they had so much papers nowadays. >> yeah. thought everything was digital now. check it out, the papers keep coming. some students even, decided, we have papers from the set. >> should we try
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this morning on "world news now," chaos overnight at orlando airport. >> suspect appears to wave a gun sending travelers ducking for cover. with police saying that he actually wanted to commit suicide by cop. we'll have latest on the unfolding investigation. >> comedienne kathy griffin apologizing following the backlash over that anti-trump photo shoot. the image too graphic for us to show you prompting the secret service to inquire. critics calling for her to be thrown in jail over the disturbing photo. >> another baseball brawl is grabbing headlines this morning. after a player rather than throwing fists decide to, to throw the ball. beaming an opposing player during a bench clearing fight. tell you what started it all. >> cringe worthy moment on live tv that cost a tennis pro his chance at the frenc


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