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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." panic in the streets of paris. >> another terror attack. this time in front of the famous notre dame cathedral. assailant was caught on video, lunging before being shot as tourists were locked down unsure if the terrorist was among them. we have a full report from the scene. >> and surprising news coming out of washington. president trump anything reap with attorney general jeff sessions. the white house refusing to say whether the president has confidence in his own attorney general. our abc news correspondent, breaking the news, sessions offered to resign as well as ag. >> then the bombshell testimony in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. hear what his accuser said on the stand what we can expect in court today. >> high-speed catamaran making a difficult maneuver and capsizes du
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as crew members go flying from the 50 foot boat. heavy winds creating chaotic conditions on the water. how things played out on this wednesday, june 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to everybody on this wednesday. we are going to start yet again overseas and yet again with another terror attack. this one in france. the new president is holding a special security meeting there this morning after that attack at one of the most popular tourist sites in the world. >> a man hit a police officer with a hammer outside notre dame cathedral allegedly shouting this is for syria. french news agency says the suspect later claimed to bea soldier of isis. >> more than 1,000 tourists inside the cathedral at the time of at take. see the scenes. told to put their hand over their head. many capturing moments inside the famed cathedral.
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has more from paris. >> reporter: panic in the heart of paris. throngs of tourists sent running as shots ring out in front of the world any most iconic cathedrals. the drama began at 4:20 p.m. surveillance cameras trained on the crowded plaza in front of notre dame capture the moment an attacker lunges at three police officers striking one with a hammer. shouting, this is for syria. one of the other officers draws his gun and fires. the attacker falls to the ground. you can see the man lying on the ground here. an officer standing over him. the cell phone video recorded by an american tourist, carl riches. >> we heard the two gunshots. then at that point, my wife and i we kind of grabbed each other and ran to the corner. we turned back around when we saw the police officer, pointing their guns at a guy on the ground and coming out from his leg. >> reporter: as police rushed to the scene, frightened tourists scatter. >> you didn't know what was happ
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you had, to keep running. >> reporter: inside the ancient cathedral fear and confusion. people told to put their hand over their heads. a former american ambassador to the u.n. was in one of those pews. >> they made us put our hand up. saying there may be accomplices there, we are going to search everything. that's when people got quiet and nervous. that was kind of scary, because people thought there might be one of the attackers inside the church. >> as police officers methodically check each pew, priests try to soothe the crowd, reciting the lord's prayer in english and french. this mother and daughter from new hampshire were also inside the cathedral. >> it was nice to be around people from all over the world kind of getting through it, sitting calmly together. >> reporter: two hours before they were allowed to leave the attacker recovering in the hospital his identity still unconfirmed. he was carryin
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an algerian student. sources tell us he is 40 years old. in addition to that hammer he was armed with several kitchen knives. a top french government official noting a turning point in the threat they face. we have passed from a very sophisticated terrorism he said to a terrorism where any instrument can be used for attacks. it was just in april that a police officer here was shot in the head on the boulevard, we know that isis is spa sieve like asking its followers to target law enforcement. james longman, abc news, paris. >> british named the third london terror attacker. 22-year-old, italian national of moroccan descent. two more victims publicly identified. one australian and one french citizen. meanwhile, the british prime minister says president trump was wring to criticize london's mayor but also says if human right laws get in the way of stopping terrorism those laws need to be changed. >> now to the major headlines from wain
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about what fired fbi director james comey will say when he testifies before congress tomorrow. >> comey expected to describe repeated encounters with president trump that made him uneasy. sources tell abc news, comey was so uncomfortable he told attorney general jeff sessions he did not want to be left alone with the president. this was after the president allegedly asked comey to go easy on former national security adviser michael flynn. comey is expected to stop short of accusing the president of obstruction of justice. he will however contradict some of the president's claims. >>en the meantime, deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein will testify today. senators plan to ask him about comey's firing. and we are also getting reports about friction between the president and the attorney general. sources say, at one point, jeff sessions even offered to resign. they say the president is angry at sessions for initially rec e recusing himself from the russia election probe back in march. and has lashed out at the attorney general in several meetings. blaming the recusal for the
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expansion of the investigation. the white house refusing to say if the president still has confidence in sessions. >> i have not had that discussion with him. >> you can't say if he has confidence in his attorney general. >> i have not had a discussion with him on the question if i have not had a discussion i tend not to speak about it. >> sessions was the first senator to endorse candidate trump in august of 2015. and earlier this week, the president publicly criticized sessions, justice department, over its defense of his stalled travel ban. >> education secretary betsey devos grilled on capitol hill as she defended the president's education budget. asked whether she would prohibit private schools that receive federal funding from discriminating against students based on religion or sexual orientation but did not commit to banning discrimination. she said that is an issue for congress and the courts not her department. >> greg abbott revived the bathroom bill. the new measure would not require people to use the restroom corre
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eliminates policies in large cities that allows transgender to use bathrooms matching gender identity. >> mother nature played a major role in the americas cup, yacht racing in bermuda. team new zealand entry found out firsthand. wind reaching nearly 30 miles an hour, capsizing their catamaran. three of six crewmen had to be pulled from the watt their blamed them selves for the flip. the americas cup races start on the 17th with the u.s. defending its title. guess not supposed to look like that. >> guessing not. no. >> all right. >> we're not experts. maybe. >> maybe that is how a catamaran is supposed to look. okay, guy with a 42 career big league home runs can now be mentioned in the same sentence with hall of famers like, lou ig and
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scooter gennett four homers for the reds last night against st. louis. ties major league record. gennett, 17th player to do soen major league baseball history. drove in ten runs. in what was, a rut. basically batting practice for the reds. 13-1 victory. good smile. there tonight game three of the nba finals. little bit north of cincinnati. in cleveland. right here on abc. >> lebron james and cleveland cavaliers go into the match up with the warriors down two games to none after practice tuesday. james ended with the two game boycott. the media interview room. he stayed away because of frustration over press conference scheduling apparently. now ready for the warriors. >> hate to continue to put yourself in any positions. still just basketball, man. you know, that gets me comfortable about it. just a game. >> so in the final so far, james has been averaging, 28 points a
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even so the warriors, won games one and two by combined 41 points. >> i don't think anyone is more excite add but the wd about the. a huge warriors fan with serious basketball skills of his own. >> whoa. man. >> look at that. >> way to sink that. >> may want to recruit him. seth curry is miles' favorite player. parents say he is wearing his steph curry jersey. >> miles has worn his jersey at church. he also had it on when he met santa during the holidays. and of course, he has to sleep in it. >> of course. >> want to know what is belt r than watching miles make the baskets. watch what happens when he misses. >> i can just imagine. >> he starts pouting. gets a little teary eyed. >> mom says, oh, no you missed. buries his face under his arm. >> luckily he doesn't miss that often. of course, talking lebron. and there was
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put out by, social media folks for the cavaliers. so, lebron james as the kindergartner, years ago, photo of him. look at that. 1991. there in ohio. >> how cute. >> greater cleveland area. and his teachers note, lebron is always a polite and courteous young man in our room. crosby school is fortunate to have a student who tries his best every day. >> sweet. >> look at that the what do you think your teach our would have written if she had written. >> lock him up now. put him in handcuffs now. save money for the therapy bi bills. >> not wonderful, courteous young man. >> not at all. >> safest states in america. plus the latest health alert about alcohol's effect on your brain. what you need to know before you open that next bottle of wine. >> later, days away from the tony award. going backstage on broadway with
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bill cosby set for emotional confrontation in court today as his accuser takes the stand for the second day. >> she is expected to face tough questions from cosby's defense team. abc's linsey davis is there. >> 13 years after an alleged sexual assault, she walked into a packed courtroom to publicly tell her story and for the first time in court, confront the man she says is responsible comedian bill cosby. former temple university employee gave tearful testimony as she recounted that night in 2004 at koz cosby's home. she saw kz cosby as a mentor. he gave her three pills. she took them. i was trying to get my hand or
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i was frozen. she says cosby sexually assaulted her the i wanted it to stop, she said as i cried on the stand. when her testimony got graphic, cosby sitting stoically until then. vigorously shook his head. >> direct examination is the easy part. she gets to talk to the prosecutor what she says happened. but her credibility will be judged based on the cross-examination. >> cross-examination will continue wednesday morning. the defense is now systematically picking apart her prior statements that seem to be at odd with her testimony here. linsey dave tvidavis, abc news. >> new study focuses on alarming number of americans skipping medical care because of its cost. the report find that a quarter of american families have not sought medical attention in the past year because it would be too expensive. that number increases to nearly a third for people between 27 and 36 years old. more than half of those involved in t
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least some what worried about not having affordable health care insurance in the future. >> it turns out even moderate drinking may not be good for your brain. a new study out of the uk find it could result in eventual memory loss and language problems. previous studies suggested drinking may help the brain. latest study, looked at 500 volunteers over three decades. starting at 43. moderate drinking apparently, means the equivalent in this country of 8 to 12 small glasses of wine, bottles of beer or shots of liquor each week. >> so, you are saying. you just skip the glass. and just drink straight from the bottle. >> don't think that's how it works. >> all righty. >> but, yeah. >> language problems, increasing cussing? is that what it means? >> in that case we knew that. >> all right. coming up. broadway's big hit. called "dear evan hanson." the
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actor tony award. that's next.
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a closer look at the year's front-runner to win best actor. >> he is 23 years old, ben platt start in pitch perfect, book of mormon, and
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reviews. here is deborah roberts. >> reporter: an anthem for any one who ever felt alone. you will be found. the powerful message of the musical, "dear evan hanson" the heartwrenching show, about teen anxiety, suicide and pressures of social media. the show is a phenomenon. nominated for nine tonys including best actor for platt many remember as misfit turned singing sensation from the film pitch perfect. ♪ now everybody knows i've got magic ♪ ♪ two friends on a perfect day >> reporter: on stage he gives an emotionally charged transformation into a teen crippled with anxiety. that leaves the audience in tears. >> end of the day it is about people trying to figure out how to connect with
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society right now that is, superficially people are connecting in a million ways, i think making it harder to find the ones that are meaningful and can validate you as a human being and define you as a human being. >> reporter: hard to believe the powerful musical consists of only eight actors. rachel bay jones gach us a rare look behind the scenes. >> tick niechnically over the s. >> this is where all the guys except ben and our understudies have their dressing rooms. >> hello. >> where the cast hangs out before each performance. >> see if we can find some one. >> such a fan of all of you. so excite to get to see it again. >> platt doesn't socialize before the show, saving all his energy for the stage. >> this is where all of the magic preparation happens for ben. >> we won't bother ben. he has a lot going on. >> you can hear him vocalizing. >> just days before the tony awards, platt is
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wave. >> hey! >> even getting his own caricature at broadway's famous sordy's restaurant. >> are you ready for and the tony goes to ben platt. >> i'm ready for that. >> no, i mean, you know, i think most of all it is just we have loved the piece since we started with it 3 1/2 years ago. we are just trying to hold on to the ride and understand what is going on before it all passes us by. it is so exciting. >> reporter: whatever happens sunday night. ♪ you will be found >> reporter: no doubt platt joan and the cast already feel like winners. what is your biggest hope for people as they leave this theetethee theater. >> people not being so hard on themselves, darkest moments, find yourself in a pit, you are not happy with the person you see in the mirror you are the farthest thing from alone in that. ♪ if you only look around you will be found ♪ >> reporter:
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deborah reports in new york. >> coming up, can you guess which state is the safest in america? >> that's next in "the mix." ...backsweat and gordo's everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze fabric refresher with odorclear technology... ...cleans away odors like never before. because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up... 45 days. breathe happy with new febreze.
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no matter who was in there last. protection. new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush
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lysol. what it takes to protect. time now for "the mix." we will start. can you guess which is the safest state in all of the americas? safest state? okay. you named one of the states in america. that was a good start. >> not the state. so basis -- >> everyone in the casinos. >> based on 37 key factors, unemployment, climate disasters per capita, assault and number one on the list is vermont. >> oh. yeah. they say that, it is, it doesn't have that many hate crimes, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, mass shootings as compared to others. and maine, massachusetts, minnesota, new mp
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four out of five. >> what about. >> new england. >> hiking accidents or skiing accidents. >> because they're so used to it. i did have a snow boarding accident in vermont. really, too soon. wow. still suffering. >> took you a while to figure out where i was going. >> that's because i was having too much wine. and still suffering. >> all right. god good to know the rest of us are safe in vermont, just not you. speaking of safety. a family traveling to capetown, south africa, learn why people don't keep windows and doors open. may get unwanted houseguests. check it out. this is what happened when they left the kitchen door ajar. yeah, they, the man says he was, stuck between this entire troupe of baboons took over the inside and outside of the house apparently. they called the cops. cops showed up with mace and experience. all you need to get rid of a troupe of
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did not get evicted. best part was baboons took their son's bubbles, bottle of bubbles. and drank it. so he says now they're sitting on the roof, burping bubbles >> not champagne bubbles, other kind. >> so, this would annoy, well, wouldn't annoy, well this is along the lines of your taste. the world's most expensive burger has been unveiled. include variety of decadent stuff. invented by a dutch chef. now available in the netherlands. it has black angus beef patty, lobster infused with gin, white truffle, japanese, fruit, tomatoes, caviar, how much would you say it costs? >> $500. >> good guess. it is about three times that. $2,300. >> how about we stick, meat
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bun, z2cpsz zi0z y2cpsy yi0y
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this morning on "world news now" -- james comey prepares to testify before congress, abc news is learning what the former fbi director will say about his exchanges with president trump before he fired him. >> yet another terror attack. this time in paris. lone attacker swinging a hammer at police officers in front of one of the city's busiest tourist attractions. >> new this half-hour -- [ indiscernible ] >> frightening moments sheriff's deputy dragged by a suspect trying to get away from a traffic stop. show you how it all ended. >> the clooney household just doubled in size. we'll show you the new parents getting lots of advice from


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