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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> chief political correspondent scott thuman live on capitol hill. explosive testimony on tap for tomorrow. scott: you are right. according to the prepared remarks by james comey president trump did pressure him to back down on the russia investigation into michael flynn. he further adds that president trump said there was a cloud hanging over him and the rest of the administration and he hoped that director comey could get rid of it. >> in his highly anticipated testimony, former f.b.i. director james comey according to prepared statements will describe a series of uncomfortable conversations with the president who comey claims wanted the f.b.i. to drop the russia investigation regarding michael flynn. according to comey trump said, "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, letting flynn go." adding that comey prepared memo about flynn and discussed it with the senior leadership. i understood the president to be requesting we
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investigation in connection with flynn of false statements. if true that would contradict the president's response when we asked if he tried to directly pressure comey. >> no. no. next question. scott: on wednesday, president trump named christopher wray as a pick to replace comey. many wondering if he would be free of outside influence. >> the senate will be doing the vetting and we have to make sure he will be independent. >> i thought we should have a career person take over the f.b.i. someone with a deep bench of experience. he seems to fit that bill. >> the questions that i would have for mr. wray will have more to do with his willingness to say no to the president. >> as the tense hearing today other intelligence officials wouldn't say if the president asked them to sway the russia probe. the acting f.b.i. director setting the stage for thursday. >> i think i will let director comey speak for himself tomorrow in front of the committee. >> ray would be tasked with determining two has been leaking information at
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highest level of government and convincing the general public that the top law enforcement agency working without any political add or influence. many f.b.i. agents told me that the biggest agenda is that the next director not be a politician. saying the former prosecutor and the investigator checks at least that box. but all eyes, all the attention on the previous director and that system we are waiting for tomorrow. michelle? >> thank you. abc7 has posted comey's entire seven-page statement to the website. head to jonathan: the questions that will follow the statement with the fireworks will begin and that has many planning to watch the testimony. >> i'm interested to what is going to come out of it. >> i could probably watch from my computer but i'm not going to. i am interested in what he says but i will follow it
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jonathan: d.c. bars are betting that a lot of people will skip out of work to watch. parties and happy hours are planned all across the area. centered around the testimony. we will have gavel to gavel coverage. you can watch it on abc7 and we'll stream it for you live on and the facebook page. michelle? michelle: appearing before the same committee that comey will the country's top intelligence officials refuse to detail conversations with the president. that led to exchanges like this one involving n.s.a. chief mike rogers. >> is there invocation by the president of the united states of executive privilege? is there or not? >> not that i'm aware of. >> why are you not answering $ >> it's inappropriate. >> what you feel isn't relevant, admiral. what you feel isn't the answer. why are you not answering the questions? michelle: when asked what the legal justification was for not anding questions,
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of -- answering questions, director coats said he did not think this was the appropriate venue to have discussion. jonathan: now the war on terror. isis claiming responsibility for a pair of attack that took place in tehran. gunfire following explosions. state run media reporting the attack on the iranian parliament and the tomb of the revolutionary leader killed at least a dozen people. more than 40 others wounded. they have detained five people for "interrogation." tonight iran revolutionary guard is accusing saudi arabia of helping isis. michelle: now the developing story in montgomery county. two teenagers, honor students gunned down hours before they were set to graduate high school. a funeral was held today as we learn critical new details about the crime. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us live. what are your sources telling you about
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brad: well, police learned some details that they are focusing on that might lead them to a clearer understanding of what the motive could have been for the terribly brutal crime. we saw how much pain it has caused today at the islamic society of georgetown where they went from celebrating a high school student's graduation to the funeral today. two days after two montgomery county teenagers were murdered on the eve of their high school graduation. police continue to hunt for clues. collegebounds north west high senior shadi najjar and artem ziberov were shot and killed as they sat in their car on this montgomery village cul-de-sac miles from their georgetown homes. sources say the killing appeared to be an ambushed carried out by two gunmen firing as many as two dozen shots from at least two guns. sources say the victims were found holding money. this afternoon, hundreds packed the islamic
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georgetown for najjar's funeral. najjar's grief-stricken father and uncle speaking out before the prayer service. >> cold blooded murder. that's what it is. whoever shot him. please, if you know anyone who killed my beautiful boy, please. you need to call. there is a reward. brad: so much pain and we saw it here today. now, the father there pleading for information. so are the police. that is the message from montgomery county police tonight. they still need the community's help. but the questions they are trying to answer what brought the two teenagers to this cul-de-sac. a road not anywhere near their own home. what was the money all about? they are still trying to look for a motive and look for suspects. in georgetown, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: hope they catch someone quick. thank you. this just in the newsroom now.
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camp springs have been reopened. the road had to be repaved after problems with a fire hydrant and a pipe that sent water rushing down the street on monday. the repairs have been made. the thief who thought he was slick ends up caught with his pants down. literally. the video vow to see of him unloading his loot. michelle: driving five miles to commit a crime. but the backhoe burglar ended up with less than he bargained for and the police say they have his picture. doug: the unseasonably chilly wednesday is a fluke. the clouds exit tomorrow. big weekend events. we talk about the weather and the heatwave coming up next at 6:00.
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michelle: must-see video. this is wild from prince george's county. a thief with a big fail. it starts when a man steals a backhoe and drives it five miles to the bank of america near the corner of marlboro pike. he parks it and he starts tearing apart an a.t.m. with the backhoe. despite the effort and the $10,000 in damage he gets away with nothing. no money at all. police think he has done this before. they released this picture of a man seen stealing an
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shop in march of last year. if you recognize that man call police. jonathan: a crime alert from southeast washington where a thief's much more low-tech plan did work. you see the man in the hoodie holding a drink at a store. pennsylvania avenue. just standing there. looks like he is waiting to pay. then he snatches a man's cash at the window and he is gone. a reward is offered to information that leads to an arrest in this case. >> dangerous encounter caught on video in florida. a normal traffic stop until the driver refuses to get out of the car. >> get out of the vehicle now. [yelling] michelle: so let me break down what you are seeing here. the driver takes off. you see the deputy cut and bruised run back to his car to give chase. the driver was later caught
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crimes -- list of crimes. jonathan: wow! michelle: a local landfill trying to serve trash to treasure while saving the dwindling bee population. >> very slick. jonathan: this one is worth waiting for. coming up next, a thief caught for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach.
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jonathan: must-see video. play detective. watch this guy come out of the gas station. the walk is funny, the gait is off. something weird. deputy saw the same thing, thought the same thing. confronted him. watch. >> c'mon. let's go back in the store and unload your pants. jonathan: loaded questions. look what he takes out of his drawers. quarts of oil. is a quarts of pennzoil. he -- 15 quarts of pennzoil. he is not done. 30 dvds in the draws. he tucked the pants in his work boots. he is no stranger to a problem with the police. his rap sheet 100
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michelle: not his first rodeo. the problem children of the metro fleet will be off the rail by the end of the month. metro says the 1000 and the 4000 series cars will be phased out. they make up the majority of the breakdown. it breaks down to the launch of metro in 1976. jonathan: new buzz around the landfill in norton. not flies. bees. thousands of them. thousands of them. jeff goldberg reports that it's part of an effort to transform the trash to treasure. >> suiting up as a beekeeper for 30 years, perera knows what it's like to get stung. >> hundreds of times. >> but the focus is on beauty. not pain. >> if you look at this. society is perfect. they work to help the society. not to help the individual. jeff: director of the honey
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mason university he is helping to build a honey bee society at the i-95 landfill in lorton. they are creating a sanction ware. the goal is not to make honey bar them to pollinate five-acre area to lead to echo system of the wild flowers and the native grasses. >> this could be used as a nationwide model. >> this project and others are like it are needed at a sometime when the bee population is decreasing. >> increasing community awareness means that people have a greater understanding about how we grow the food. >> this is one colony of bees and 60,000 honey bees on site. giving a total of 700,000 bees. anytime a new bee comes in
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world, he smiles. knowing his life's work -- >> we are trying to keep the population healthy. jeff: -- will be our gain. in lorton, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: all right. crime alert in fairfax county. police warning residents to be on the lookout for tire thieves. tires and wheels stolen from two new honda accords on sigh press road in alexandria. that follows a test -- theft targeting a lexus late saturday night. jonathan: advocacy groups made an appeal to congress to get the hot car act. they want to alert drivers if someone is in the backseat once the ignition is off. mile and carol wish they had the technology when their son
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>> to have zero kids die from this. we shouldn't have any kids forgotten. there is the technology. been there 20 years. jonathan: if it passes car companies would have two years to implement the technology. michelle: and we have really hot weather coming up. jonathan: it's always so scary, too. people are in a fast paced and they forget. not a mistake you won't to make. doug: we'll cover when the hot air arrives. how real and how quickly it can soar to 140 degrees inside a car. tragic. talk about the weather. ramp up slowly. heat on the way. start with a look at the udvar-hazy center near washington dallas. most of the rain to the west of the area. that is the story now. cloudy skies. it's forming up to warren
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it will stay in the area. seeing clearing and we'll have knot east winds continuing. the winds on the friends of the western shore of the chesapeake bay under a coastal flood advisory. now tomorrow evening we should be in good shape as the nats come home there the west coast trip. the makeup game with the orioles. the first pitch at 7:05. 70 and partly cloudy. drop to 60's. celebrate fairfax kicks off on friday and runs through weekend at the government center. the weather is ideal. summer weekend but watch for the temperature rises. 82 on friday. 8 on saturday. 92 on sunday with the increasing humidity. sunday in fairfax and elsewhere it will feel like 96. saturday afternoon we have the capital pride parade. the weather will be fine. warm up to
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upper 80's but the humidity levels are low. they will creep up here for sunday and next week. the two big events we have been highlighting. the weather will cooperate. sunday is hot and humid. look at monday and tuesday. mid-90's. record tying or record setting temperatures along with the uncomfortable humidity levels. it's still 92 on wednesday. we will cool down a bit thursday and friday to 90. by that point we have a chance of the afternoon thunderstorms and the upper 80's for saturday. long stretch. friday -- thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. full week of the weather dry and very warm. that is summer for you. michelle: big game tonight. robert: you are thinking sweep? michelle: i am. jonathan: she said cavaliers in six. now it's a sweep. i said five the whole tame. robert: fair weather! dodgers with the matinee. how to the redskins feel about
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the linebackers give their opinion next in sports.
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robert nba finals game three in cleveland. the series doesn't start until you switch cities. then we see what happened. but kevin durant is still the buzz. 71 points in two games.
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the world right now. even pro football players are giving arguments about the nba finals. the redouane linebackers mason foster and will compton went back and forth today. >> i think he is great. you got to win. you got to win. he is going against the best player in the world on the biggest stage. he is doing it right now showing him up every night. >> if golden state continues to do what they are doing it don't matter how he comes in locker room. golden state -- it's like cool. congrats. you did it. you put together an all-star team to beat the best in the world. >> everybody out there tune in tonight. it is going down. k.d. we believe. it's over. >> k. d. nation. believe. [laughter] robert: gets me every time. abc7 your home for the nba finals game three tonight in cleveland. tip off is set for 9:00. coverage begins at 8:30. wow! okay. baseball. nats
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one. grandal to left center. rayburn drives and can't make the catch. gonzalez scores. dodgers go on to win. final 2-1. finals big news here. oklahoma head football coach bob stoops stepping down after 18 seasons. jonathan: big part of the team. holy cow. robert: almost to years. michelle: another look at the weather? doug: look at the heatwave brewing our way. 74 tomorrow. 82, 87, 92, 95. monday is 96. continue that on tuesday. we will stay 90 or higher through next friday. we call that a heatwave. steve will talk about that and how quickly it will warm up tonight at 11:00. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00. have yourself a good night.
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♪ across virginia endorse dr. ralph northam. ralph northam is the ly candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam stands out with a consistent pro-choice record and led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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tonight, breaking news. the james comey bombshell. on the eve of his testimony before congress and the american people. we learn what he plans to say. what comey revealed to the president about whether the president was under investigation. comey saying the president demanding loyalty. what did the president allegedly say about the investigation into michael flynn zblfshlts also tonight -- the showdown on capitol hill, in addition to james comey, did the president go to the heads of the intelligence community? what did he ask them about the russian investigation. tonight, their answers and then the outrage from senators on both sides. we have breaking news from london. the new images just in tonight, the moment attackers are taken down. the tornado touching down in this country. several reports of funnel clouds tonight. and she was a high school teen at the


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