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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 14, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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breaking news this morning, on "world news now." the inferno in london. >> a massive fire engulfed a high rise. police are pushing people back and say the building might collapse. we have a reporter there live with the latest. >> breaking overnight. american student held prisoner in north korea more than a year released and back home. in a coma. we have this full story as american doctors now get to work treating him. >> the temperatures are sending people to the beach. prompting rescues like this. this one involved sisters pulled from rip currents by officers and band of surfers and bystander, also a dog on the loose, getting lucky after falling while taking a drink. >> now finally i guess eating on tv on camera, producers are striking while the iron is hot. and cooling things down with a summer treat. strawberry shortcake.
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standing by with the next food challenge on this wednesday, june. get to that later. breaking news right now in london. what peers to be a disaster in the making, the towering inferno. >> 24 story apartment building engulfed in flames. the fire broke out and quickly consumed the whole building. hundreds of firefighters on the scene. >> they evacuated people from the building hours ago as well as the those in the surrounding areas. these are live images coming into our headquarters here. you can see the scene from the helicopter. the building, while we haven't seen some flames in a little while, you can seep it is still smoldering at this hour. abc's molly hunter describes a frantic first hours of the fire. >> reporter: a
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high above london. overnight incredible images, flooding social media. flames shooting from a high-rise apartment building. >> just like a water fall on the left-hand side. a fire. and flames. but now it is spread all to the right of the building. that part there. >> reporter: the fire stretching 27 stories high. flaming debris raining down on the streets below. and ash covering everything. for more than 100 yards away. overnight, witnesses saying they saw signs of people still trapped inside. their screams for help heard down on the streets. >> help me! >> british police now pushing everyone away from the scene due to fears the building may collapse. >> honestly indescribable. the worst tragedy in west london's history i think. >> and molly hunter joining us live on the phone from the scene. molly, what's the situation there right now? >> reporter: good morning, guys, just a couple block as way from the building. helicopters sti
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still see firefighters fighting the fire. but this building is now, five hours later, 5 1/2 hours later now completely charred. so there aren't actually flames coming out any more. we can start to see day light through the charred building. of course if anyone, was still inside, kendis, diane, very clear that no one has survived. we have been talking to a lot of residents here who say they no for a fact that families were still trapped on the upper levels. spoke with a young man, kennedy, who said immediately after the fire he came right outside to take videos. to see what was going on. there was a family of four on the 20th floor. waving flash lights. screaming outside. for some one any one to rescue them t of course with all debris, with the flames engulfing the building no way firefighters could get up and save them. he says they disappeared as soon as those flames got up thut floor. and another resident, kendis, diane, told us that he saw people hanging out of
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lowering knotted sheets to escape, but those knotted sheets couldn't make it to the ground. people were leaping out. throwing their children. throwing their babies. what makes this, so, much, the worst case scenario, you guys looking at this building. a tall, narrow building. these were narrow hallways, making even evacuating incredibly hard. and a lot of residents here are telling me that actually, the majorities of people in that apartment building were families and disaebld who were recently relocated from a different area. the tragedy just keeps growing here. >> molly, sound horrific. i know the two big concerns now is the building going to collapse? and who is trapped inside. any sense of when they will be able to stabilize it to answer the questions? >> there is no sense that police are here telling us london fire brigade leading the investigation, the fight of course. we are here supporting. but this building i can say. start to see day light between the floors. so if i
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would imagine that this could happen in coming hours. but there is no way that anyone still is alive in that building at this point. looking at it right now. >> you see the live pictures there from the scene. still smoldering. we are after all seeing flames. molly hunter joining us from nearby. there are 120 units in that apartment building. just imagine how many people were living there this taking place shortly after midnight. local time. a lot of people are asleep. this is potential tragedy in the making there in the west of london. >> horrible scenario. investigators looking into how the fire spread quickly over a large building. >> keep on top of that throughout the morning. >> breaking overnight. american college student. otto warmbill. er back in the united states after serving time in north korea. >> the medevac plane carrying warmbier landed in cincinnati overnight. his parents say their 22-year-old son is in a coma after falling ill a year ago in north korean prison. warmbiers say they were only told of otto's
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they hadn't been able to contact him more than ape year. >> in he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a quick one hour trial. he had confessed to stealing a propaganda banner on a tour. abc's terry moran has more. >> reporter: his 17 month nightmare in north korea finally over. warmbier's release after secret talks in oslo between u.s. and north korean officials and the revelation last week he is in a coma. it all began with this incident. captured on north korean security camera video. warmbier allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster like this one from the hotel he was staying at with a tour group. 291-year-old college student arrested his stunt kidded a serious crime in the repressive country and brought to court weeks later, warmbier tearfully pleaded for mercy. >> please, i have made the worst mistake of of my life. but please, you have to save me. >> reporter: but the north koreans showe
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sentenced march 2016, after a trial that lasted an hour. 15 years of hard labor. >> please save my life. please thing of my family. >> reporter: his parents after a year of keeping a low profile on advice of u.s. officials, went on fox and friend last month. >> otto, we love you. you are an amazing guy. hang in there, tiger, boy. you are coming home. >> secretary of state rex tillerson announced warmbier's release. at the president's direct, the department of state secured the release of otto warmbier from north korea. he is on his way en route home to be reunited with his family. >> reporter: all this bizarrely as dennis rodman arrived in north korea his fifth trip. >> just want to open the door. open the door that's it. >> reporter: some speculated. rodman strong supporter of president trump was playing a role in warmbier's release.
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denied it. as he makes his way home, otto's family released a statement saying we want the world to know how we and our son have been brutalized and terrorized by the pariah regime. we are grateful he is finally with people who love him. terry moran, abc news, london. >> thanks to terry in london. president trump at the white house follow a trip to wisconsin to push the apprenticeship program. >> not talking his tv show. the pat appeared at a technical college in milwaukee to promote an initiative to train workers for jobs that employers say they can't fill. he says the goal ties have private companies and universities pay so workers can earn while they learn. >> the president its at least privately speaking out against a health care bill passed by the house. sources tell abc news he called the measure, i quote here, mean. that was during a white house luncheon yesterday. when the bill was passed the president held a news conference supporting the bill. all smiles there. sources say he
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version to beal, quoting, more generous. >> attorney general jeff sessions vigorously denies engaging inclusion or contacts improper with russian officials. in testimony, sessions said there was no third undisclosed meeting with the russian ambassador and insisted he accused himself from the elect, meddling because he was a trump surrogate during the campaign. not because he did anything wrong. >> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country -- which i have served with honor for 35 years, or, or to undermine the in teg ri team of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie. >> session rejected any idea of misconduct in the firing of fbi director james comey. but he refused to discuss his private conversations with president trump. and insisting he was not
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invoking executive privilege just protecting the president's right to do so in the future. >> you had no verbal conversation with snim about the firing of mr. comey? >> i'm not able to discuss with you, conform or deny the nature of our private conversations. >> i believe the american people have had it, with stone walling. >> i -- am not stone walling. i am following the historic policies of the department of justice. >> sessions also told the panel that he has confidence in special counsel robert mueller amid a claim that the president was considering firing mueller. the white house pushed back against the claim. and deputy attorney general who, has the authority to fire mueller told a congressional panel he has seen no base foirs dismissing him. scorching temperatures in the north east. have sent big crowds to the beach. most lifeguards aren't on regular duty yet. that caused tra datic scene in
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two sisters were dragged away by a powerful rip current. one saved by ape police officer who dropped his gear and ran into the water to pull her to safety. the other was rescued by a woman managed to pull her to shore. shore. then surfers rescued a good sa mare than tried to help and ended up needing to be rescued. >> the in chicago's, different kind of rescue. this dog jumped out of one of the cars to get a dlining from lake michigan. fell in. and luckily. the animal's rescue pulled the drog rig dog right now. frying to find the owner. still don't know where the dog's owner its. but he is happy and refreshed. >> yeah. >> probably no longer thirsty. >> quenched thirst. >> coming up right here. strawberry shortcake challenge. why there is a croissant challenge in all places, france. >> but first the latest from
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back with the horrible live images from west of london. that high rise, residential building continuing to burn out of control there. in london. it is a tragic situation in the making. we'll bring you the very latestable. we want to return back here at home. and it will be back to work this morning, for the jury deliberating the sexual assault case against bill cosby. the 79-year-old entertainer waved to fans and gave thumbs up as he left court in suburban philadelphia last night. jurors have spent 16 hours over two days. elizabeth herr reports from norristown, pennsylvania. >> rep
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undecided but the comedian in good spirits according to a spokesman. >> he is confident that this jury is intelligent. they're asking the right questions. he feels confident they will come back and make the right decision. >> reporter: the jury starting its first full day of deliberations with request for the judge to read excerpts from cosby's 2005 deposition in the civil lawsuit. now at the heart of this trial accusing cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2004. the civil suit was eventually settled out of court. in this case, during closing arguments monday, the defense maintained cosby's encounters with the woman were consensual causing cosby adulterer not a crimin criminal. resting its case after 6:00 minutes. and calling one witness. cosby did not take the stand. >> had their chance to present a defense. they presented six
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>> reporter: according to the prosecutor, cosby's own words incriminate him. district attorney referring to the same deposition where cosby admitted obtaining quaaludes prior to sexual encounters with women. he never testified he gave the drugs to women without their knowledge. liz beth herr, abc news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> coming up in the next half-hour, chef james briscionni live in studio for national strawberry shortcake day. >> we'll celebrate with him. coming up straight ahead. or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours. learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour and enjoy living well.
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good morning. >> national flag day and strawberry shortcake day. >> kendis is celebrating before we are ready to go. but joining us live, we have got chef james briscionn in the house. two time champion of chopped and director of culinary education. you are the expert and you will show us how to properly celebrate. beautiful fresh strawberries, with friend. it is national strawberry shortcake day. >> shortcake part of it. >> if kendis can stop eating for a minute. >> unleashed the beast. you don't understand for more than a year now i have not eaten on tv. yesterday, just, we are making a
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>> let's do it. >> you have the big, some times the little small ones. you get, dessert in a restaurant. kendis, going with the whip cream here. >> awesome. >> strawberry shortcake, great berries. as the a chef. >> how do you peck out the right berries. >> key was not to do that with the whip cream. >> look add way for five second. talking about my berries. >> kgo with the brand you trust. driscoll's, fresh, juicy, delicious, bursting with flavor. not all of them. >> okay. some of them. we are building layers here. layers. >> lack at this. something you want to share with friend. >> look how pretty. >> your model. >> you did that. made earlier. seeing if you can match her. >> and i like, me and diane are a team here. >> mr. into the kate upton type model. the bigger models. go for your little skinny minnie
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shortcake. >> more whip cream. >> come on, kendis, get to work. >> three layers. >> the segment. >> well are going three layers. really fun thing to bake. really whip this, crust together pretty quickly. >> nonbaker. >> for a nonbaker. >> get get recipes. >> my favorite. >> strawberry shortcake smores. >> smores. >> schaw >> chocolate. soften them up. >> how did i do? >> go ahead. >> and then. >> oh, my dear lord. >> rustic. love rustic. beautiful. >> and then, we want strawberries. >> strawberries. throw a few fresh strawberries on top of your chocolate. >> uh-huh. little more. >> right. >> mushrooms. >> ha-ha-ha. >> how is it? >> oh, my god, amazing. >> good, right. >> oh, my goodness. i can't. i can't even.
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all right. it is time now for "the mix." all right, kendis you, enjoying the shortcake? >> my god, amazing. >> put it in your mouth. put it in your mouth. >> you asked. >> well i have bad news for you my friend. >> huh? >> bakers in france are warning there is a butter shortage which will have drastic effects on things like croissants, and other baked goods that require butter, like perhaps. >> there is no butter in this. >> strawberry shortcake. >> shortcake doesn't refer to diet. >> the price of pastries rocketed 92% so far because of the shortage. >> my god. >> man you will get the strawberry shortcake. have to pay more for it. so. eat up. >> addicted to carbs. >> chow down while you
3:26 am
>> knew this was a starter drug. >> dig in, baby. keep going. >> doing the best with it. okay. we got to learn how to make a romp him. take a look at this guy. >> enjoying it. >> this is why eating on tv doesn't work. so this guy just kind of taped it together here. taped up the waist. created his own rompin. all you need is a matching outfit. >> that they how you made yours? >> mine is like, completely polyester. it is 100% polyester. >> no scotch tape. >> no, the real thing. got sewn while on me. >> well now we know why it fits you. >> and look at that. >> hear the music. >> at its best. >> not going to the beach this weekend. >> classy. >> classy. that's right, baby. >> and, the -- not appro
3:27 am
dressed in a full suit to serenade his wife. >> oh. celebrating their 70th birthday. 70th. ♪ call you sweetheart >> 70th birthday. >> oh. ♪ let me hear you whisper ♪ that you love me too >> that is so cute. >> paul miller. he by the way, celebrating his 90th birthday, june 15th. >> and so, they're celebrating 70 years of marriage. decided. >> the two of them together. ♪ . >> bing crosby let me call you sweetheart. >> police stop an office milk theft with a fridge maneuver. padlock milk cartons in the fridge. you see here. we can use that around here. i think we have like, this is in the uk. they managed, to prevent, police station. milk.
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this morning on "world news now," the breaking news, the overnight inferno. huge apartment building of concrete engulfed in flames. people heard screaming for help. now the race to try to find everyone inside that building. we're live on the scene in london. >> attorney general jeff sessions defended himself in front of congress what is next for the russia investigation. we'll tell you what sessions revealed about the president's intentions, fired fbi director james comey and could the special counsel receive similar fate. >> states slammed by severe storms. >> tornados are ripping through the northern plains, see where the extreme weather is today and who is getting relief from high temperatures. >> is this the greatest talk show in trance ever? kate mckinnon dances out of her stilettos.


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