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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 20, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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public, not getting access to ask tough questions and information. >> so basically, if you had an etch-a-sketch -- >> ever get those court sketch artists in there? at least we'd have some visuals. >> we've got new ideas for the pressroom. serena ma serena marshall, thank you. justices will hear a case in the fall. it will be the first time in more than a decade that they will take up the issue of partisan gerrymandering, and it could have implications for how districts are drawn. google is doing more to fight extremism. it will draw on artificial intelligence and human tracking. that includes using experts to identify questionable content. the announcement comes after facebook last week vowed to ramp up its efforts to get rid of
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youtube and facebook have faced sharp criticism for not doing enough to rein in hate groups. and teenager really tried to nail a test. and it's going viral. >> these pictures coming from the twitter account of a 17-year-old in spain. all those little scribbles under his fingernails are cheat sheets for a physics exam. >> how long does it take to put as many as three formulas under each nail? he says he wasn't caught and did okay on the test. but i'm just wondering, wouldn't it be faster to study? >> no. not with all the pressure. >> do you now how much time that takes? >> i'm all for the cheating. >> i think you'd probably have to spend less time studying for the actual exam and knowing the formulas. >> i'm giving him props on his mani. >> i don't think you're
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you take more time to study than just cheat. delta hasty eye on biometic scann scanning. >> and if you're sick of swiping left or right to find your next date, you might be in luck. one woman is fighting back against apps, and helping people find love the old-fashioned way. here's a look at today's temps. "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments.
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well, temperatures will hit 106 degrees again today in sacramento, as it did yesterday, and a lot hotter inside of a car, of course. that woman's car, she put a roast on the dashboard to cook along with some vegetables. a couple hours later, she took it out of her four-wheeled oven, and the meat was done and it served as a reminder about not leaving pets and children in hot vehicles but an excuse for us to get all hungry. wall street opens in record territory. tech stocks recover from a tumble last week. new strength in health care helped boost the indeces.
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and u.p.s. will be adding new charges during the holiday shipping season. individual and commercial customers will be charged between 27 cents to 97 cents extra. u.p.s. says the extra income will be used to pay for rising cost. it sounds like science fiction, but it might get you through the airport check in even faster. >> delta started testing the first biometric system. >> reporter: it's out with the old and in with the new at msp. >> flip it over, scan it again. >> reporter: as of monday, this is the only airport in the country with a biometric based self-serve bag drop. it cost delta about $600,000 to install, although it's free for you. you don't have to sign up ahead of time either. this is a brand new system,
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works. you go to a kiosk and enter your trip details. this is tusual process. >> this will start the check-in process. it will print out a bag check. passengers are used to having agents do it, now we're going to let them do it themselves. i've got my boarding pass and my bag with my bag tag and i'm going over here. i'm going to take my bag and drop it on the belt. >> reporter: then you scan your boarding pass and the machine will ask for your passport. >> i'm going to take the photo page and put it in here. it's going to pull the image off the passport, take a 3d picture of my face and compare that image to the image on my passport. >> reporter: if you're traveling with a passport, this is where an agent would look at your i.d. instead. then the bag is scanned and weighed. i see red lights, that's the scan in.
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off my bag goes. >> reporter: delta chose msp, because it's the second-largest hub, 750 flights coming in and out every day. so far, frequent fliers tell us they like what they see. >> if i can speed up the process, sometimes i come through in a monday morning, it's a 45 minute wait, that would be awesome. >> the great thing is they get through check-in easily and then there's a line around the terminal that made them miss their flight. >> i'm all ready. oh, you don't have that here? oh, back to the check mark. coming up, single people are flocking to dating apps, hoping to find a partner, but old school matchmaking is still going strong. >> what's the old school way? looking for love like it's 1965, next. or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems.
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all right, if your dating life needs some work, well, we have a story for you. >> single people are turning to apps and websites, of course, but traditional matchmaking is still in demand, here's abc's janine elliot. >> mom, i met someone. >> i met someone. >> reporter: match, bumble, tinder, swiping left, swiping right. it's how millions worldwide are finding love, or at least trying to. in fact, some 30% of adults in the u.s. who have never been married say they have used online dating. >> i just got out of a relationship that was a year and a half. we met on tinder. >> that was good. >> reporter: but for some, finding love online isn't all it's cracked up to be. >> people like lie a lot on those things. >> i swore to myself recently, that i don't want to do the online thing again. >> reporter: a fear of rejection
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way. >> you look at her, but you're like, does she like me? should i call her? should i walk up to her? i don't know what to do. >> there's no pressure online. if it doesn't work you swipe left. >> reporter: annie is the owner of a matchmaking company. van dorn works out of an east village store front, selling nothing more than the possibility of finding love. >> started off about eight years ago as an art experiment. i would sit in the park with a sign that said free love advice and hear people's stories. at this point we've interviewed thousands and thousands of people. >> reporter: the pair worked to find the perfect matches for their clients. >> you can be the client, or you can come in and talk to me. we can have a conversation for an hour, give you feedback and put you in the rolodex as a possible match. kind of like tinder. >> reporter: they use their
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compatible with whom. van dorn is looking to put a modern twist on the age-old practice of matchmaking. >> in the past, matchmaking had been older rich gentlemen, extremely high network. now we have a literary agent, a couple cool doctors, two female comedians. people who have that je ne sais quoi who don't have time for online dating or don't want to. >> reporter: this matchmaker believes online dating has changed the game significantly but not for the better. >> you walk by a bar and see two single people that should be talking to each other at the bar but they're sitting next to each other swiping left and right. i'm like, turn your head to the left. there's a human being right here waiting for you to talk to them. >> reporter: although prices vary from client to client. the service will cost you thousands of dollars. once you're set up, van dorn offers a few hints to make sure that first date leads to a send
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>> if you're working with us, don't google. we've done the background. if you're using online dating i'd do a little googling so you feel safe. don't talk about exes. try not to get wasted. people get so nervous before dates that they end up like a coping mechanism drinking and they're like, i had such a great time. did you? at the end of the day, i don't know if someone's going to fall in love or not, but i can imagine, there's a sense ever humor vibe. i imagine them being friends in real life. it's what's great about love. it's a mystery. >> reporter: janine elliot, abc news, new york. >> what do you think? >> don't get wasted is one of the tips. no wonder my first dates don't go to second dates. don't talk about your exes. and my third question usually is how much is your dowry.
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♪ >> sam hunt, did you see him? >> no, i miss sam hunt, but that's okay, we have this happened for you animal edition. new york city, we all know that unfortunately, we come across a row rodent or two. remember the pizza rat? >> oh, pizza rat, we miss you. >> pizza rat went viral for
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downstairs. meet garbage rat. that rat was not satisfied with just the pizza. went with the entire trash bag. >> wow. was it successful? >> apparently, it was going for pizza crust in the garbage bag. i wonder if we should skip the peanut butter in the mousetraps. >> just stick pizza on the trap. new york is a gross city at times. we move on now, we love sea turtles. they're beautiful, beautiful animals. of course, you don't often see them here. in a pool. >> oh. >> this 250 pound -- >> wow. >> sea turtle from, where else, in a pool in florida, fish and wildlife officials worked to
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remove him, examined it and released it into the keys. >> they think it was a female who laid her eggs on the beach and got disoriented. maybe had one too many pina coladas. we don't want to see them swimming in the pool, though, do we? >> i love turtles. >> i love turtles. finally, a kangaroo fight caught on camera, and we didn't have to go to the discovery channel for it. >> and there goes mcgregor. >> forget about mayweather mcgregor. here comes over a third kangaroo. they don't knock it off. >> that was pacquiao. he was just here for the check. he didn't want to fight. >> third man in penalty. >> you two knock yourselves out. get it? knock yourselves out. >> i like turtles. i guarantee, it's like laughs for days. just google it.
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this morning on "world news now", the dangerous heat wave. >> airline flights getting canceled due to intense heat. residents across the southwest warned to stay indoors in air conditioning. but in some areas, there are planned power outages. accuweather has the forecast and tropical systems threatening the coast. the president's son-in-law gave rare comments. hear what jared kushner said as he tries to iron out a middle east peace plan. and drowning out hate with song. surrounded by the gay men's chore


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