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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 22, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." an act of terrorism. >> that's what the fbi is calling the brutal attack on an officer in an airport in michigan. this morning we have new details about the suspect who shouted in arabic before stabbing that officer in the neck. and tropical storm cindy is bearing down on the gulf coast, raising flooding concerns throughout the region. the latest forecast ahead. and the death of otto warmbier is raising questions about why he was in north korea in the first place. and later in "the mix", laying low while on the air. the bbc news anchor who kept a low profile while technical difficulties sent his show
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a tailspin. he managed to keep it all together. but when did the show really start? it's time for our show, this thursday, june 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we now our cameras, we know we're on camera one right now. and that was camera three that we're on right now. >> we're not on yet. >> good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us here on a thursday. i'm kendis gibson. no? >> i think you're supposed to look down at your script and pretend -- >> and then just go up to the wrong camera. >> all right, well, we will have a lot more on that video that's making the rounds this morning from the bbc and check in on how that anchor's doing. but first we have a more serious report on an attack on an officer in michigan. amor ftouhi has made an appearance in court. >> he allegedly s
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that officer expected to make a full recovery. alex perez is in flint this morning. >> reporter: federal investigators hunting for answer at bishop international airport in michigan, on lockdown most of the day after the suspect entered the terminal with a 12-inch knife and stabbed officer neville repeatedly in the neck and back. the fbi now investigating the incident as a possible act of terrorism. >> when the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim allah -- and made something to the effect you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan, and we are all going to die. >> reporter: the fbi saying the suspect is amor ftouhi, approximately 50 years old from canada. he legally entered the u.s. through lake champlain, new york on june 16. the 911 calls were
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just before 10:00 a.m. the officer was ambushed from behind. >> there was blood everywhere. it was crazy. >> reporter: passengers and airport employees evacuating to the tarmac and front terminal as authorities scrambled to detain the suspect. >> and they were taking the man in handcuffs down the other side. he had no, he was blank. he was just totally blank. >> reporter: bomb-sniffing dogs deployed to scour the airport as flint city hall and the police department were placed on lockdown as a precaution. that officer rushed to the hospital for surgery. that officer is out of surgery and in stable condition. the suspect remains in fbi custody and is being questioned. alex perez, abc news, flint, michigan. also breaking overnight, tropical storm cindy is lashing the gulf coast before making landfall at the texas/louisiana border. >> it is affecting a wide area
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very heavy rain and rough seas. >> and a 10-year-old boy was killed when a log crashed down on him as he stood on the shore. >> and there is flooding in new orleans with more expected. officials have been strengthening the levees and owner flood control systems for days there. let's get more detailed forecast now from accuweather. >> meteorologist justin povick is joining us. >> around 8:00 yesterday, it made its move to the north. then bending back to the north and to the east, gusty winds to tropical storm force along with isolated tornados. those are biggest concerns here. more so, it's going to be the heavy rain that's going to be causing flash flooding. that will ultimately be the biggest concern. we've already had reports of rain of eight-plus inches.
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tropical moisture lifts off to the north and east. we'll still be concerned about more flash flooding. diane? kendis? justin thanks, and the fbi has released new details about the man who wounded steve scalise and others during a baseball practice. james hodgkinson acted alone when he opened fire on lawmaker last week. they say hodgkinson did not have any ties to terrorism. he was shot and killed at the scene. and doctors say congressman steve scalise is now fair condition. he was wounded in last week's attack and was in critical condition for quite some time, but the 51-year-old lawmaker is making good progress and started an extended period of rehabilitation. and crystal griner, the officer who was wounded, threw out the first pitch at the softball game. they played a team of female reporters, and mary bruce scored the first run in a 2-1 victory.
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all right, we're going to turn to the middle east where jared kushner is attempting to restart stalled peace talks. the president's son-in-law and adviser met with benjamin netanyahu, a close family friend to the kushners, and they discussed potential next steps in the process, and --nkushner d a late-night meeting with abas. and here at home, there are growing concerns about kushner's security clearance. there are democrats who say that credible allegations should be enough to suspend his access to sensitive information. they're demanding to see the security clearance applications and all related documents from kushner and michael flynn. both men had failed to disclose their meetings with the russians. and we have new details now about russia's attempt to meddle in the u.s. election. the det
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capitol hill as officials testified that russia tried to hack into election systems in nearly two dozen states, and the former homeland security chief defended how president obama handled that interference. >> reporter: talk from the man who was once in charge of keeping the u.s. homeland safe. >> at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyberattacks on our nation. that is a fact, plain and simple. >> reporter: former homeland security secretary jeh johnson. >> i was very concerned about what i was seeing. and this was on my front burner all throughout the preelection period to encourage the states to come in and seek our assistance. >> reporter: but johnson said many states considered election security their issue, declining federal assistance
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dhs official told senators internet-connected election networks in 21 states were possibly targeted by russian hackers. >> do you have any evidence that the votes themselves were changed in any way in the 2016 presidential election? doctor? >> no, sir. there was no detected change in the vote. >> reporter: a point president trump has often made. johnson was asked if he saw any evidence of collusion between russia and the trump campaign before he left office. >> not beyond what has been out there open source. >> reporter: johnson deflected when he was asked if the trump administration was taking the russia threat seriously, but he warned that the u.s. shouldn't lose sight of the big picture, stopping cyberattacks on our democracy. millions of dollars was wasted by the pentagon on afghanistan's army uniforms, $28 million in unnecessary spending was
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managing the reconstruction. we have video do show you of a dog named maverick to show that he is the only sheriff in one particular town. >> this happened right outside of seattle. see the bear? maverick didn't like that very much. and off they went. >> this is my driveway. maverick is a 3-year-old labrador. he's not having it. forces the bear to turn around, and the bear left for good. maveri maverick uno. bear zero. the mother of all technical meltdowns. this is a nightmare for anyone in rc. see the news anchor who managed to keep a very cool head during a painful four-minimal function. that's ahead in the mix. but first, the fiery crash of an f-16
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houston. it forced the evacuation of nearby homes. what we're learning this morning about the pilot's condition. and do remember you can find us on instagram at abc wnn. you're watching "world news now."
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this was the scene in brooklyn. a run away bus barrelling down a street at high speeds in reverse. the bus was empty, and the driver, who was only on her third day on the job -- rough day on the job there -- had forgotten to set the parking brake. >> oh, no. >> uh, the bus flew down three blocks, struck several parked cars and injured a 27-year-old man. we hope that man's going to be all right. and investigators in houston are investigating what went wrong on board an
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crashed shortly after takeoff. the pilot ejected and nearby neighbors were evacuated as a team worked to secure the air to air missiles that plane was carrying. no residents were in danger, the pilot is hospitalized with minor injuries. the world's largest ride sharing ceo was pushed out. >> and what lid to kalanick's resignation. >> reporter: uber chief travis kalanick bowed to pressure from at least five investors who demanded his resignation from the ride hailing company, a business valued at nearly $70 billion. he released a statement saying i love uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in time i have decided
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leave. it was kalanick who drove the free-wheeling start up to a behemoth in eight years, but an atmosphere of racial and sexual discrimination forced krfters' hand. >> they had a series of setbacks. to another e-mail that came out that talked about a party-like culture. so this is not a good thing for the company. it's not good timing. it's not good optics. >> reporter: a key moment came in february when susan fowler posted a blog about her year at uber, accusing them of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment. eric holder's firm was hired to investigate uber's workplace and found the male-dominated firm didn't have the most basic policies in place to protect workers. a month later, kalanick was forced to apologize after this video of him arguing with one of th
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surfaced. >> some people don't hilike to take responsibility for their [ bleep ]. >> reporter: they are now considering selling stock to the public. no announcement yet as to who will replace kalanick as ceo. abc news, new york. and we have new information on a story we told you about. a controversial treasure hunt. >> forrest nfinn claims he's hidden $2 million worth of treasure. >> police want him to cancel the search. he's still deciding what to do. saving on summer travel. >> it's not too late to book that well-deserved vacation. we'll have tips on how and when to book. >> and packages to the most dangerous places in the world. is it too risky for thrill-seeking tourists? you're watching
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the death of american college student otto warmbier less than a week after being released from north korea is raising a number of diplomatic
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questions. >> but it's shedding a new light on the forbidden traveling, we're up all nightline with abc's dan harris. >> reporter: otto warmbier arranged his visit through young pioneer tours based in china. it touts itself as a budget operation, offering trips to places quote, your mother would rather you stayed away from. on twitter, they posted pictures of customers skiing in iran and visiting a weapon repair shop in erbil, iraq. our producer went to the office of young pioneer tours looking for answer on what went wrong on warmbier's trip. >> i'm with abc news. we've been trying to call for the longest time. can we talk to you guys? >> no. >> can we, can we talk to -- is
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on camera? >> no. we've released a statement, and that's all we've got to say. >> are you seriously pushing me out? i just asked nicely. >> reporter: at the time of otto warmbier's trip, young pioneer tours described their excursions to north korea online as extremely safe. and answered this question, i'm american. is this a sflob wiproblem? with a chipper "not at all." from running the pyongyang marathon to observing daily life on the city streets. but earlier this week, the company told abc news in a statement that it will no longer organize tours for americans to north korea. there had not been any previous detainment in north korea that has ended with such tragic finality, and we are trying to process the result. now i
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young pioneer tours announced it will no longer bring americans traveling on u.s. passports to north korea. meanwhile, the u.s. state department is now warning americans to stay away, citing serious risk of arrest and long-term detention. and officials are considering banning all travel there for u.s. citizens. back here in the united states, ots owe's funeral is scheduled at the same high school in wyoming, ohio where just four short years ago he delivered this inspiring, yet prophetic graduation speech. >> but there is also a different kind of good-bye. a farewell to something larger. i wish there was a way to know that you are in the good old days before you've actually left them. >> and of course the scary part of all this is we still have other americans in north korea in captivity. so there's a large concern over what is happening and will happen to them. >> many of them were there for work but ended up as the situation happens, in captivity in that
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time for "the mix." >> yeah. any day now. >> we are paying a tribute, if you will, to our friends at the bbc, because our first "mix" story today is this lovely number. this is actually what happened on air. that is anchor hugh edwards attempting to start the show. but this graphic keeps rolling the whole time poor hugh is on camera. >> this is like a massive communication break down in the communication business. so he's s
3:26 am
something in his ear where producers are yelling at him and saying -- >> say this, say that. >> you're on tv. that ain't happening. he's just sitting thayere oblivious. this went on for a while. you want to check back in with him? >> i looks like he's deep in thought. let's check in and see how he handled the rest of that crisis. >> year' goiwe're going to move. the last time we saw two robots fighting, it was pacquiao and mayweather. this got in a lot more hits. >> oh! >> oh, my god. these are japanese sumo robots clashing. >> sumo wrestlers do not move that quickly. >> no, nor are they that small. but these guys are like, woo. it's a compilation. that one, i usually have my dollars on that one. >> it sounds like they're screaming. >> they're preprogrammed autonomous
3:27 am
controlled by some human on the side. >> the battle to the finish. speaking of battle to the finish. who's winning right now, the anchor or the editors at bbc? now's working on the mouse, the computer mouse. looks like he's hard at work. >> are there no monitors at the bbc? i know they had cut backs. >> say something? no. okay. guess not. he's not going to say anything yet. all right, onto grandpa over in detroit. this is nfl player anthony spice adams, his grandfather there, his father, playing against his son in basketball. >> he's got moves. >> his son not doing so well up against gramps. >> grandpa totally traveled at one point there. >> i think adams has a career in sports broadcasting by the way, oh, oh! >> hugh? >> hugh, anything? >> this went on for four minutes. >> must come first in
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this is thursday morning. on "world news now," tropical storm cindy is whipping up wind and there are states of emergency in several states. see who is in the cross hairs right now. plus, the president in campaign mode. he appeared at his fifth rally in five months, taking aim at the democrats and rallying the gop base, but hear what he said about the border wall that he's never said before. and new this hour, new revelations coming from inside the bill cosby jury. >> and what led to the mistrial in that case. and george clooney's billion dollar booze, his tequila company that he started with one of his buddies for fun sold for a bargain price. how their late-night research


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