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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 23, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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house was decorated to hook like new york's central park in a nod to the president's hometown. the subject of the netflix series ""making a murderer" was appealed. a federal magistrate last summer found his rights had been violated during interrogations. the wisconsin attorney general is likely to appeal that ruling. now to a record fine for robo caller. and it has been proposed for a florida-based company. the fcc is calling for marketing strategy leaders of miami to shell out $120 million. the company is accused of making 96 million robocalls during the final three months of last year. cindy may not be a tropical storm anymore, but it is still bringing bad weather to a large part of the country. it's moving into the central
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spread heavy rain across the southeast. cindy leaves behind flooding in low-lying areas of the gulf coast. a tornado near birmingham, alabama also destroyed several buildings. okay we have amazing video to show you from mexico city. >> it's kind of like a rescue mission and a real-life video game into one. it's captured on the helmet cam of a cyclist who was following a dog. both of them were weaving in and out. in the case of the dog, sometimes under car. the cyclist through all this was nearly hit by a bus. >> wow. eventually the dog is grabbed by the leash by a construction worker. everyone is safe. >> wow. >> that cyclist, man. >> it's such a little dog. how does he run so fast? >> how does he weave in and out of traffic like that? >> frank, what do you think about this? >> frank, can you weave in and out of is? here's an obstacle course.
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>> is that acceptable behavior? all right, coming up, john oliver is famous for pushing the envelope. but now he maybe pushed a little too far? at least one company thinks so. hear why the late-night comedian has landed himself in legal hot water. did johnny depp cross the line with a joke about president trump? but first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by the real real.
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crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life. we're back with a stunning scene captured on dash cam in texas. a driver in laredo takes a turn, and the car seat holding a 1-year-old flies out of the rear door. a driver behind the suv gets out to help the child. turns out the child suffered a few scrapes, but luckily, that's all. the driver was cited for having an unrestrained child in the car. johnny depp is the latest celebrity whose comments about donald trump stirring controversy. >> the 54 year old pirates of the caribbean star was at an arts festival in england when he made a comment that appeared to be about assassinating the president. >> i think he needs help. but
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time an actor asasassinated a president? >> well, of course you recall john wilks booth who assassinated president lincoln. criticism is already under way, and the secret service is aware of that comment. >> could be looking at a kathy griffin controversy. and we are learning more about the bill cosby sex assault trial. >> it was an emotional process that lasted nearly a week, and more than 50 hours. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: inside bill cosby's sexual assault trial. a juror tells abc news that when that jury started deliberations, in an informal poll, the majority voted for acquittal on all three counts. that juror calls it grueling and emotiona
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not large enough to even pace. one juror even punched a concrete wall. another juror, who won't say how he voted tells wtae, the case took a toll on the jury and cosby. >> i wondered if he was going to be able to finish, because he looked really weathered. >> reporter: david asked dan abrams if that could come up in a retrial. >> there was a teeny room, not even enough to pace, but fists into walls? this could come up again. >> you can expect the defense to file a motion and say, look, they were ready to acquit. if the room hadn't been so terrible and the situation hadn't been so bad, bill cosby would have been acquitted. >> reporter: at times, the jury was evenly divided. but at one point, one juror says on the final full day of deliberations, the jury voted 10-2, finding cosby guilty of an encounter without consent. and guilty on the charge that h
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gave andrea constand drugs without her knowledge. in the end, a deadlock and a mistrial. as for cosby, he's now planning a series of town halls to talk to young people. >> we want to educate the public and the world on how to avoid these things and present themselves. >> reporter: prosecutors vow to try cosby again. but one juror says they shouldn't waste their time. >> it would be a waste of money, because the man has already suffered the loss of his career and earnings over the past 11 years. >> reporter: but that is not enough for the prosecutor, who says he wants the retrial to begin as soon as possible. linsey davis, abc news, new jersey. >> our thanks to linsey davis. a lot of people were like, what? they were scratching their heads. we're going to stay tuned on that one. but coming up, the sharto
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>> he took on the coal industry, now the coal industry is firing back. what did he say? that's next. or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours. learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour and enjoy living well.
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♪ well, i was born a coal miner's daughter ♪ ♪ in a cabin on a hill >> that's my second-favorite song about the coal industry. >> what's your first? >> loretta lynn about the coal industry, and the coal industry has been a major part of the political debate. >> john oliver spoke out about the issue and now is being sued by one of the most powerful players in the industry. serena marshall is here with more. >> and he's never been one to shy away from the tough issues. and he also
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where he took on the country's largest coal mining company and the man behind the business. in his traditional satireway. >> a cease and desist letter is something we've never received in this show. >> reporter: taking on the coal magnate with a tendency to sue, which i ignored. >> let's talk about bob murray. >> reporter: even taunted that sooes and desist. in a 24-inch segment examining the president's promise to revitalize the coal industry. it took aim at the ceo of murray industry. charging him and his company of being on the side of black lung. and well, he wasn't the only ceo
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segment. >> coal ceos constantly claim it's us against then. >> reporter: a lethal combination of comedy and facts. he spent nearly half the program on the ceo who has the president's ear. >> he said, tell your coal miners, i've got their back. >> i didn't really plan for so much of this piece to be about you. but you kind of forced my hand on that one. and i know that you are probably going to sue me, but you know what? i stand by everything i said. >> reporter: murray energy following through on their threat, following a lawsuit wednesday calling the segment a deliberate attempt to assassinate the character of murray and blatantly false and concocted. the president also talking about coal. >> we're putting our miners back to work. >> reporter: but according to the bureau of labor and statistics, the
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about 1,000 coal jobs added since january. hbo stood by oliver saying we do not believe anything in the show violated mr. maury's or murray energy's rights. it's not the first time mr. murray has sued. i has filed nine lawsuits against news organizations between 2001 and 2015 for reports they saw as credible. >> you can only win the suit if you can prove it was untrue and a number of other problems, so he can't just say oh, i don't like that coverage. >> yeah. >> it's just the beginning of this legal battle. and we saw hbo standing by john oliver, and it will be interesting to watch this weekend's episode to see if it comes up again. >> he reacted before it happened. >> i know you're probably going to sue me, but so be it. >> since murray likes to sue, we're not going to say another word about it as a journalist here. >> it will be interesting to keep an update on the case. thanks for watching it for
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up next, what's being called the most toxic movie of the year. >> it sounds like a winner.
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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all right, if you are keeping cool this weekend by heading to the movies, we've got you covered. >> we're going to start with the fifth entry in the transformers franchise. >> five. >> humans are again at war with the transformers, and the key to saving man kind lies in an unlikely alliance of characters. an english lord, an oxford professor and an assistant. >> it's like the thanksgiving day parade, jimmy j. >> you hired me from a want ad. does that constitute super power? that is an alien
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>> so of course, that's mark wahlberg. anthony hopkins is in it. transformers is scoring a dismal 15%, splat on rotten tomatoes. james here with real views calls it an orgy of incoherence. >> wow, he felt strongly about that one. >> that areere's got to be pepto-bismol for that. and michael bay's latest is 2017's most toxic. that says a lot. >> ouch, these are painful to raid. [000:19:52;00] the big sick is based on the real-life courtship of the star
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and his now wife, emily gordon. mysterious illness and slips into a coma, he has to try to bridge the cultural divide with her parents played by ray. >> what's your stance on 9/11? >> it was a tragedy. i mean, we lost 19 of our best guys. >> huh? >> that was a joke, obviously. 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, and it's not funny to joke about it. >> no joking here. the critics are loving the big sick, giving it a whopping 97% certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. it's called a superbly well-timed story of culture clash that resolve noose a
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lovely tale of mutual understandg this morning on "world news now," the obamacare overhaul. >> some republicans insist it will make insurance more affordable. but not all are on board. we'll have the reaction. and the cleanup has begun across the gulf coast region. cindy battered it with winds, rain and tornados. then taking a stand. these students were told they can't wear shorts to school, so they found a way around the rule. we're going to take a look at the dress code protest coming up. >> free the knee. and the cia scandal you weren't expecting. the agents alleged scam involving, wait for it, vending machines. we've had a similar epidemic here at abc with snacks going missing all the time.


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