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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jonathan: foreign nationals will be barred to enter the united states with a few exceptions. scott thuman now outside the white house with the reaction and more on what comes next. scott? >> supreme court says for the most part only those with family, work, education ties allowed in from the six targeted country. president trump called it a lud and a clear message moving forward. >> the president's mandate is unequiv -- unequivocal. if you look from the 1980's there is one person in the united states government who has comprehensive authority to decide who comes in the united states and that is the president. >> at the center for american progress, relief that students and employees will be allowed in. but still worry over those trying to escape danger. >> there are concerns about the refugees and the folks that might not have the connection to the folks here. >> they expect a fight in the court over the president past words.
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candidate he wanted to ban people from the six countries. he said i want to ban muslims. that is religious discrimination. >> when you sign a contract to buy a house or a new car, is the substance of the contract hostage to something about the car or the house three months ago? no. it's rubbish. >> well beyond the travel ban the white house has the hands full with the international concern. chief among them the possibility of more military action in syria. >> we have seen preparations for use of the chemical weapons again. we are sending now an overtame saj, damascus, don't do it. there will be consequences. >> the white house is not saying if more missile strikes are imminent like in april but multitude of options sent to the president. he will decide. scott thuman, abc7 news. michelle: new at 6:00, the country's
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rights group is calling on the supreme court to strike down the travel ban when it reviews the full executive order the fall. >> we are concerned that even if there is a policy in place that allows certain people to come, officials will take it on themselves to implement personal version of extreme vetting. jonathan: developing now the c.e.o. of the prince george's county joins larry hogan to call for independent allegation of grade fixing. today maxwell and the nine board members sent a later to the state superintendent denying any unethical behavior. >> there is no truth to the systemic corruption in prince george's county public schools. we are working hard. they have the hard work in classrooms and the teachers and the principals and the up is port staff helping students. we are confident they won't find systemic co
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complicating any investigation, federal privacy laws prevent disclosure of the individual grades. michelle: dozens of grades at -- graves at historic church vandalized. the search is on for whoever is responsible. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains. >> it happened sometime between thursday and saturday. the police believe more than one person drove in historic cemetery and managed to topple two dozen grave markers. many from the 1800's. >> it's very painful. >> st. thomas church parishioner gill says sacred ground has been desecrated. >> it bogglals your mind someone would do this. i can't explain it. >> police are taking it so seriously, that chief hank stawinski came today to join with the church leaders to plea for information. >> my appeal to the community is that if you have information to lead us t
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accountable we need your help. >> at this point the church is facing repair cost of $300 per stone. nothing like this has ever happened here before. not in the nearly 300-year history of the church. >> the church is supposed to be open to the public. so the thought of having to lock get as or install the video camera never on the forefront. it will be now. >> that is something they never thought they'd have to do at the historic church. take a look. it has been like this since 1732. here in the cemetery we can show you live the damage done. this is just two of the stones down. these are more recent. then they line up all the way across the cemetery. until they number two dozen. the people of the church have been coming by. we spoke to them. they believe it's sacred ground. it's desecrated. brad bell, abc7 ne
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murder of a fairfax county teenager. law enforcement sources confirming to abc7 that nabra hassanen's aced killer darwin martinez torres may have assaulted a woman a week before her murder. a woman arrived in a emergency room in loudoun county claiming a man physically and sexually assaulted her and he was a member of the ms-13 gang. that man was later fided as darwin martinez torres. the victim was too afraid to pursue charges against him. jonathan: we have an update on the deadly fire in peabody street in northwest. the lone victim identified as 34-year-old edwin romero. his body was found on the top floor of the apartment. 200 people displaced because of the fire. we are told some are allowed to go back inside to collect what they can but still no word what sparked it in
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michelle: encouraging news about the h.i.v. rates in d.c. 73% decline in new cases in the past decade. city health officials points to a number of factors, needal exchanges, condemn distribution and the greater availability of the medications for treatment. >> we continue to make progress as it relates to hiv. people who are living with h.e.v. live longer and -- h.i.v. live longer and we decrease number of h.i.v.-related deaths in 2012 and 2015 by 40%. >> a potential hurdle in this to reduce the infections further is the growing opioid epidemic and the sharing of needles. the number of the infections from the other s.t.d.'s increased for the third year in a row. jonathan: we have new developments that will come as a disappointment to a lo
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folks. roosevelt island will remain closed for weeks. over the next three weeks the crews will remove the diseased trees infected with the emerald ash boreer beetle. this is a week after it closed in anticipation of severe thunderstorms. the national park service is concerned that the damaged limbs could fall on the people using the trail. that is why they are doing this. >> we are knocking on the door to independence day. a lot of you are going to break out your own fireworks but there is an important piece of information to stay safe. today the consumer product safety commission issuing the warning about the dangers of using explosion is improperly -- explosives improperly. according to the c.p.s.c., children younger than 5 have the second highest rate of injury behind adults ages 20-24. adults are told to never allow children to play or ignite fireworks. do not buy fireworks packaged in brown paper. light fike o
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handy if something is out of control. still to come for us at 6:00. a.t.v. and dirt bike riders ripping up the roads across the d.m.v. find out what mayor bowser plans to do about the problem. michelle: in the blink of an eye, a grizzly bear mauls a bicyclist and the quick thinking by a friend that saved his life. doug: the skies clearing tonight set the stage for beautiful day tomorrow. then the heated and the humidity build for the weekend and beyond. ten-day outlook coming up next at "abc7 news at 6:00". i do a lot of them. 6:00.
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i a man is lucky to be alive after a bear attacked him a bike ride. frederick was riding with a friend outside of anchorage, alaska, and out of nowhere, the bear rushed frederick leaving a scene on the trail. the friend rushed to the rescue. >> brown bear, the grizzly. crash on the bushes. charged james who was behind me a few yards. i sprayed her with the bear spray. when she tasted that she ran back in woods.
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bear attack victim in alaska in over a week. jonathan: google is going to get lightener the pockets. the european authorities fined the company $2.7 billion for taking advantage of the dominance in the online searches in the own businesses. the google says they respectfully disagree with the find. mobile giant sprint is cooking up a partnership with charter in communications and comcast to boost the cable company wireless offering. sprint entered a two-month period of exclusive negotiations with charter and comcast to put merger talks with t-mobile on hold nil n
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month. michelle: pounding over poultry. details behind this brutal attack. jonathan: plus, usually the bad guys running away from police. right?
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jonathan: this is rough video to watch. police are on the lookout for the dirt bike and the a.t.v. riders who created chaos in the street of d.c. and prince george's county over the weekend. they were everywhere. michelle: they were. the riders have been a thorn in the back of authorities for some time now. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has details on how mayor muriel bowser plans to address this issue. sam: the hundred or so a.t.v.'s that buzzed downtown and national harbor in maryland sunday evening also hit southeast d.c. and even larger numbers. jordan says it forced him to stop 15 to 20 minutes. >> caused in toe to turn around and go back down the street. we were afraid to try to drive up the street. there was so many of them. you don't know what they will do. sam: mayor bowser described the problem
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mayor bowser: something we launched last year and will continue to focus on is going to the source of where the bikes are. where they are stored, where they are fueled. sam: she talked about the city's identify and arrest program and urged mothers to turn the bikes in beforehand. >> you don't want your kid to get in trouble. sam: in southeast, the residents have had a lot of experience with them. >> sometimes get real crazy. drive up on the sidewalks and everything. that is what they shouldn't do. >> i seen them at the gas station. the police up the street. they will take turn pumping gas quick. then on the lookout, they will give a signal and they jump and take off. >> southeast on sunday, cars, too. they say. >> not just a.t.v.'s and u.t.v.'s. but it was also they had cars with them, too. sam: the idea of cars mixed in with the a.t.v.'s and the dirt bikes is a new one but a number of people say they saw it. jordan said the one thing he did not see here
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in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: incredible video out of detroit. let me explain what you are looking at there. police release the images of a bus that went crashing into a brick wall last month. it was all caused by an 18-year-old driver who slammed into it after speeding through an intersection. the passengers inside the bus were tossed around. the driver knocked unconscious but no one amazingly seriously injured. jonathan: wow! this is just shocking video out of georgia. disgruntled customer throwing punches at the owner of a drive-through restaurant over food of all things. watch closely. a woman dressed in black, darting toward the store owner hitting her repeatedly. moments later the guy just knocks her daughter out cold. apparently the attacker and her husband
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that is what started this. the couple in the video got good pictures of them and they remain on the run. michelle: wow! routine traffic stop in ohio went as planned until a police officer forgot to put his own car in park. there it is. the officer talked with the driver who he pulled over, his cruiser started drifting away. once the officer notices, he runs after it. stops it in the middle of the intersection. major oops. doug: weather wise it's calming down. look across from the chesapeake beach live in northern calvert county. this is a back edge of the thunderstorm in the eastbound area. most of the -- easton area. most of the rain is out of the picture for most of the evening. the additional showers will probably not form. most of the action is southern maryland along the chesapeake bay. heavy storms north of cambridge. more showers move across
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we will see a clearing trend that moves west to east. perfect weather at the ballpark. it's good. and the lionel ritchie concert as well. it's 51 for luray and winchester. 56 at balloted -- baltimore. wake up to clear skies and 60 in the nation's capital. look ahead a few days. tomorrow we have a nice day. the high pressure builds in. tons of sunshine. it may be nearly cloudless at times. 83 with the low humidity. but a change in the wind direction tomorrow evening brings the heat and the humidity back on thursday. high of 90. 93 on friday. the weekend outlook through the fourth. plenty of heat and humidity. each day feels warmer because of the moisture. 40% chance of storms. 30% for monday afternoon. on the fourth it looks like partly, cloudy. hot and humid. highs for 92. feeling as high as 97 o
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when we get beyond the fourth it will settle down a bit. as far as the storm chances go. look at the temperatures. by the time we get to friday, 88 is the forecast high. 88 is average. welcome to july. the heat and the humidity likely here to stay. what do you think? stay or leave? michelle: stay. jonathan: stay. thanks, doug. no matter what the weather this young man has to be happy. erin: very. he is so humble. markelle fultz accomplished something that kevin durant didn't even do and how he feels about the latest achievement next. z2e2dz z1a2z
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y2e2dy y1a2y
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erin: life has changed for markelle fultz since he became the first player from prince george's county to go number one in the nba draft. five days ago. you wouldn't know that much changed when you meet him. fultz is a humble young man, old soul as the trainer put it. it's his hard work and dedication that earned him that top spot in the draft.
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>> it's cool. i will always come back home. everybody has a car. they can drive up and chill with me. >> to be the first number one pick from p.g. county, how much does it mean? >> it's crazy. for me to first b the first number one pick shows how much hardwork i put in. erin: della donne and the mystics hosted the storm. they were on fire hitting ten three-pointers. she led the way as the mystics pick up the second win. >> it will be a great matchup between two cy young winners at nats
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this is as the nationals host the cubs. >> perfect weather at the ballpark. it's clear and cool by morning. 50 to 60. the range of the temperatures. steve is keeping an eye on the weekend. the sizzling heat coming in. the fourth of the july beach outlook. this is what we see ahead. tomorrow is the low humidity. bright sunshine. 83. partly to mostly sunny. warmer. more humid. 90 on thursday. friday, plain hot and humid to end the week. steve has more on that. this is the time of year we expect this. >> it is. >> you will feel the change. >> "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you tonight at 11:00. have a great night.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. health care collapse in the senate. republicans delay voting on their own health care bill. what the president just told senators at the white house. plus, president trump threatening to attack syria. accusing them of a new plot to use chemical weapons on civilians. subway meltdown. a train derailing the nation's businessest subway system. hundreds of passengers forced to escape through dangerous tunnels. also breaking tonight, the global cyberattack. first sweeping europe. now hitting the u.s. power plants, banks and hospital computer systems infected. brian ross standing by. and the fiery crash shutting down an american highway. the semitruck slamming into a


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