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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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medal. kevin: a medal for police. >> ne's no longer homeless. kess no mercy. this man argues for franklin. >> they have a tough job. first responders are the heros in this country. kevin: gilbert franklin has prior charges. drug distribution, assault, theft, trespassing and indecent exposure. he is now behind bars awaiting trial on attempted first-degree rape. in wheaton, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: breaking news out of manassas where v.r.e. service is suspended after a train hit someone. now this happened on a rail bridge. it was just off lake drive near the fairfax county line. we don't know what kind of condition that person is in right now. but we will let you know as soon as we get updates. here is what we do know. metro is honoring v.r.e. tickets on the manassas line. also bus bridges have been set up at the burke center.
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larry? larry: a developing story you saw first on "good morning washington." two c.s.x. employees killed by an amtrak train. we have complete team coverage starting with transportation reporter brianne carter live outside union station where it all happened. brianne? brianne: larry, a much different scene than it was during the morning commute. for the most part trains are back on time after the incident on the track. tonight a number of questions leading up to how did this all happen. searching for clues after a tragedy on the tracks. >> our hearts go out to the families that were affected by the horrible tragedy. brianne: as this animation shows authorities say it was around 11:30 last night when two c.s.x. workers got off the train near union station after a problem was detected. the two workers cross on to adjacent amtrak tracks. this happened as an amtrak train was also approaching union station. the train fatally struck the two workers.
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data recorder -- downloading the data recorders to give us better understanding of what the speeds were. brianne: unclear tonight is how long workers were on the track and the communication the two trains may have had prior to the accident. you causing major delays. >> they never told us there was any delay. brianne: justined a his church group decided to find another way to get to new york. >> they rescheduled for us to leave at 8:00. now we're told major delays and looking like we will drive up at this point. brianne: they have not identified the employees. one was a kun doctor and the other a trainee. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you.
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stretch of track where the trains drop speeds from 90 miles per hour to 30. you can see here they were checking something. they were on the freight train. they walked out to an active track. so it has us asking why that happen and what can be done to improve safety on the tracks. "7 on your side" nathan baca's getting answers and he picks up the team coverage live from north east washington. nathan: "7 on your side" looked into this and find railroads are getting more dangerous for workers on the track. there is a race to get life saving technology in the hands of those who need it most. in 2014, the national transportation safety board investigated train worker desk and discovered the problem getting worse. they recommend the increased safety measures and
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john matarese wasn't involved -- wmata wasn't involved in the crash today but they use wearable technology to prevent similar incidents on the line. it alerts them to the oncoming dangers. metro is trying out the safety program and hopes to expand it to more employees in coming months. federal worker show the railroad worker death nationwide increased every year from 2012, from two in 2012 to six last year. we asked the federal railway administration what is done to increase safety on the tracks. they tell abc7 there is new safety regulations and training on the books but they apply to track workers and not conductors as the two killed in today's crash. they have not answered what safety equipment was used by those killed in the crash. nathan baca, abc7 news. alison: t
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alerts from abc7 news anytime at larry: developing now. new directive from the administration security administration in the last hour about flying to the u.s. nancy chen is at the "live desk" with what the changes do and do not include. nancy? nancy: first, what the changes do not include. there is not an expansion of the cabin laptop ban instituted earlier in year. the department of the homeland security is threatening to expand the ban if airlines don't comply with the security measures. they have intensive screening of all passengers on any u.s. bound flight. the airlines are expected to tighten the security around planes and passenger areas. homeland security john kelly sid disruptions to travelers should be minimal. >> we cannot play in the national whackamole with each new threat. instead we must put in place new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed.
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large electronics from flights from the middle east and africa. secretary kelly said if they meet the criteria the bans from flights of ten airports could be lifted. back to you. larry: thanks. part of president trump's controversial travel ban set to go into effect tomorrow. the administration has yet to issue guidance on how the ban will be implemented. on monday, supreme court said travelers from six majority muslim countries with ties to the u.s. can enter the country while others cannot. before it was put on hold this year, the ban caused chaos at airports with travelers detained once they landed. alison: this comes less than a week before the july fourth holiday. more than 1 million washingtonians expected to be on the move for the 4th of july. the most people to leave d.c. for independence day ever. if you think that is something a.a.a.a. says 3.2 million people on the road from d.c., virginia and maryland. nearly nine out of ten people plan to drive.
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80,000 say they plan to fly. larry: okay. heat and humidity should return in time for the 4th. and chief meteorologist doug hill has a check on the forecast. doug: it is gorgeous out there. 80 in warrenton and quantico. 81 in leesburg and frederick. 80 in baltimore. 82 in washington. dry 82. sometimes we tell you the heat index where the temperature is one thing but it feels warmer. that is not the story today. that will be tomorrow and the next day, the next day. but this everything gorgeous. 80 degrees down at the park at first pitch. later tonight we drop in the 50's in the suburbs to 63 in largo. cooler toward the valley. downtown will be in the mid-60's with the sunshine. when you start the day tomorrow. as far as the planner through the day, start in upper 60's. hit 85 at 12:00 noon. feel like 91 or 92
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of the week and friday and the weekend, the heat and the humidity will combine. you are definitely going feel the change. lower 90's friday, saturday and sunday. it could be scattered thunderstorm saturday and sunday afternoon in the low 90's. feeling like the mid-90's. what about the fourth and the next ten days? we have that in the forecast in seven minutes. alison: see you then, doug. thank you. meanwhile on the hill, protesters are gathering right now outside the capitol as lawmakers inside rush to revise the senate republican healthcare bill before the july fourth break. they are hoping more time will swing more members to their side. >> the senate will come to order. reporter: the story in the senate wednesday is what you don't see. >> we know we cannot afford to delay on this issue. >> no vote on the republican backed healthcare legislation. none scheduled. deal making keeps the bill behind closed doors. >> the leadership i think is
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come together and have something agreed to. by the time we leave on friday. >> so far easier said than done. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has not found details on the issue like opioid funding, medicaid expansion phaseout and health spending account flexibility to win conservative and moderates to get 50 votes. >> this should not be a republican plan or a democrat plan. this should be an american plan that puts the patients first. >> throw away the mantra of repeal obamacare and work with us. president trump: we have given ourselves more time to make it perfect. >> president trump speaking at energy round table that expressed confidence in the bill call thing passage tough. >> i think we will get very close and i think we'll get it over the line. >> the lawmakers face what a new poll shows skeptical voters. according to the p.b.r., fewer than one in five americans
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healthcare bill. 55% disapprove. public opinion doing it will to smooth the g.o.p. bill road to passage. in washington, emily schmidt, abc7 news. larry: public plea today almost a year after a fairfax county man stepped on explosive device in new york central park. connor golden lost his foot after the accident. today the new york police and the a.t.f. say they think it was an accident but they still want to know who left the device there. >> we are calling out visitors to the park who may have taken photographs of the rock behind us. to provide them to investigators to assist to us narrow the timeline for when it was placed here. and help us identify potential suspects. larry: $40,000 reward offered in information on the case. alison: coming up tonight at
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5:00, just when you thought safetrack was over find out why metro is ready to close more stations. >> why they are going to expand cameras for city neighborhoods. >> find out in the third time was the charge for aspiring criminals looking to cash in. >> maryland and virginia have new restrictions on the crab harvest. we ask harvest me
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larry: right now there is a meeting on the state of the chesapeake bay. they are talk about the essential role that the federal, state, local, private partnerships will play restoring the health of the estuary in the face of budget cuts. alison: new developments tonight days after we told you about a decline in the number of blue crabs in the bay. brad bell reports that the season is getting shorter and the catch is getting smaller. brad: dick corsey is used to the up and down crab harvest of the bay. today after the morning of working the trot line, they are running pretty good for now. >> there are not too many small ones. i catch a couple dozen number two and three and four on
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crabs. that matches what the scientists predicted for the year. it is the reason the harvest season has been shortened in maryland and virginia shortened by ten days in the fall. the number of the bushels they can keep in both states is reduced. they found large number of spawning females but 51% decline in small crabs. a scientist at the chesapeake bay foundation applauds restrictions. >> we want to protect the juveniles. they are adults spawning next year. brad: dick isn't complaining. he says that the crab population should be protected but he doesn't fully believe the forecast. >> he does agree that it adds up to the
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the price of crab will go up as the summer goes on. larry: four of the crab native to the cold water of the specific northwest found by oceaner fisherman. long way from home. alison: we are all happy to talk about the weather. it's nice. doug: very nice days. low humidity. this is from the earth and the space science lab in frederick, maryland. 78 and sunny now. sunrise. put it in motion. countdown the sunrise. launch it. three, two, one. there it goes. blast off! alison: so fast. i have an 8 o-90% probability the sun will rise agai
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this is as good as you will get for the end of june. 74 for annapolis. winds across the is vern river near the naval academy. it will cool off. everybody is near the 80 degree mark. when you combine that moisture in the air, the low level with the temperatures that are low 80's, that is as delightful as it gets in the summertime here. but that is today. not so much tomorrow. overnight and the winds continue from the south, the humidity levels creep up. in the morning look like this. upper 50's and 66 downtown. this is one of the cool estemperatures for three weeks. this will go the other way with the southerly a
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southwestly winds boosting the temperature and humidity levels. so tomorrow, sunny, hot and humid. it's 92 on sunday. we are a little above average. through the fourth of july weekend it's hot and humid. temperatures are lower 90's on saturday and sunday. 30% chance of thunderstorms both afternoon. on tuesday for the fourth it's hot and cloudy. hot and hume. highs of 92. feeling like 95 or 96. we think the storms will be scattered in nature and will dissipate before sunset. look at the beaches. delightful. the late day storms on sunday and on the fourth but the temperatures are comfortable
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sunny skies. we are settling in a typical pattern. we look out for the model guidance for the next ten to 14 days continues to show the temperatures above average here. it's summer. alison: it will be hot. doug: get ready. alison: well, still to come the district ready to make it easier for you to cool off this summer. larry: plus, are you a "star wars" or an "indiana jones" person? find out how to celebrate all things george lucas no matter what your preference. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in north west where a local non-profit bringing green spaces to city kids. that's coming up in "spotlight on education." alison: a look now at what is coming up on abc -- larry: and autria godfrey has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thanks, guys
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washington," looking to make a little cash on the side? five easy ways to boost your income right from your own home. >> plus, find that romantic relationship you have been looking for. what every woman needs to know about how to fall in love with anyone. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 a.m. on "good morning washington."
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alison: and in tonight's spotlight on education, helping youth blossom. kellye lynn shows us a program bringing kids to the guard on the broaden their horizon. >> let's get our pieces and take them to the table. kellye: no need to keep preschoolers at the child care in columbia heights inside. there is plenty to learn out here on the on site garden. >> what is your favorite part about the garden? >> carrots. >> the carrots? >> carrots. tomatoes. apples. >> foods that might not be here if it weren't for city blossom. >> the idea with city blossom is starting to make it unique it's a space that the kids maintain and manage. a place to become steward and the leaders in their own neighborhood. >> city blossom develops the gardens in the urban settings offering tools and training to educators and the community leaders. 20-year-old lauren newman, former student gardener is now an
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>> i like to develop the passion for like conservation. >> an approach that weaves together outdoors and healthy living. whether it's chickpea salsa or simpler goals the ultimate desire is to use gardening to educate and empower. >> instead of an activity done to or for the kids as an activity, the kids do it for themselves and the larger community. >> can we they it all together? in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: what a fantastic program. larry: i love that. i grew up in the country and we didn't have that when i was growing up. i think it's great. alison: it's wonderful. so healthy to be out there in the fresh air. larry: good habits, too. early age. yeah. alison: all right. great story. ends i'm erin hawksworth at
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the quick --ends i'm erin hawksworth at the quicken loan national but today was more than golf. my story on a surprise military homecoming later in sports. >> it's been go weeks since the shooting at congressional baseball practice and mass calls for unity. where do we stand now? we will take the pulse of
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: we have new information tonight about the plan to fix the water problems along the metro red line. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis at the grosvenor metro station to explain. kevin: abc7 first told you yesterday that general manager paul wiedefeld had a plan to tackle years of water problems here along the red line. today, metro announced that starting july 10, crews will be testing a new technique to water proof the exterior of the tunnel walls. the work will happen on a 2,000-foot section between the medical center and bethesda station. as a result, trains will single track week nights after 9:00 p.m. between friendship heights and medical center. on weekends, this is the important part. four weekends in total, both tracks will close between
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metro will provide free shuttle buses and the work is expected to run through august 11. this is announced only hours after the metro employees would be out at every metro station tomorrow to thank passengers for all of the patience in the safetrack that just wrapped up. we have to wait to see how patient the passengers are with the news of more delays in the summer months. live at the grosvenor metro station in bethesda. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. right now the g.o.p. healthcare plan is in limbo. but that is not stopping one group from letting the lawmakers know exactly how they feel. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is outside the capitol where a protest is underway. sam, tell us about it. sam: well, alison, this is a planned parenthood protest. as you look here, you can see there are a lot of protesters. they just got the protest underway here a few minutes ago. a number of people have come here from around the cou
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her name is mora. you are from alaska. what is your concern about the cuts? >> if planned parenthood is cut, thousands of alaskans will lose access to the reproductive health they need to live and succeed. planned parenthood was there for me as a young adult and i'm here today to make sure that planned parenthood is here for every young girl that follows after me. sam: this is a young woman from alaska. they are here from a number of states. they are quite excited here. on the east front of the u.s. capitol. across over there, i want you to take a quick look. every there, some members of congress gather on the steps. what we are told is a number of the mens of congress will be dressing in black -- members of congress will be dressing in black to talk about putting to death or the funeral of medicaid. so that is one of the issues that is
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they are talking about medicaid but a number of the issue is proposals to defund planned parenthood. reporting live, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. larry: thank you. caught on camera another attempt at the thieves trying to steal an a.t.m. check out this trio trying to rob shell station on marlboro pike on prince george's county. the first attempt the van comes to a halt. make adjustments and try again. another miss. on the final try, the top comes flying off the a.t.m. but the cash box remains. even though they didn't get away with any money police are looking for these guys involved. alison: wow! today marks two week since the ballpark ambush in alexandria. so today, nancy chen, michelle marsh and i delivered the banner that so many of you helped sign down at nationals park. sending best wishes to all five people shot that day. in the day after the shootings the voters and the elected officials called for calm. where do we stand
5:32 pm
that? chief political correspondent scott thuman takes a closer look. >> this is what you should be doing. not fighting amongst yourselves. fighting against the communists. scott: to call the political climate tense these days would be an understatement. despite pleas for unity after the shooting at a congressional baseball practice, violence is still voiced by celebrities. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> comparing trump supporters to nazis and calling for them to be stabbed. >> a carry-over from the campaign trail. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i will tell you. >> this is a culture created for a long time. the tragic events were a reminder we need to bring down the political blood pressure. >> we have seen the
5:33 pm
consequences for roles from nebraska democrat fired for saying he wished congressman steve scalise died in the shooting. to gianfrte body slammed a reporter in the campaign. >> i want to bring civility back. >> this week, sarah palin sued the "new york times" after there was a link between her and the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it's not all doom and gloom. >> i have found the atmosphere on the hill is better. bad things happen in a country with 320 muslim people. >> -- country of 320 million people. this is a time to heal. >> a week ago amor ftou
5:34 pm
before ambush an officer with a knife. alison: happening in flinted the city is being sued by the state of michigan. the city council endangered the residence when they refused a deal to buy water long-term from the detroit area system. the officials don't want flint to change the water sources again after the switch of 2014 that resulted in lead contamination. larry: a man is behind bars after police say he rammed a car in the newly installed "ten commandments" monument in arkansas. he destroyed it 24 hours after it was installed. police say michael tate reed posted video on the facebook page yelling "freedom" as he committed the act. some called the monument unconstitutional endorsement of
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>> we find out how students are making kyle's life better themselves. larry: later what firefighters are bracing for as they try to get the upper hand on the wildfires out west. alison: coming up at 6:00, possible conspiracy. why the owner of the blimp that went down near the u.s. open say it may have been gunshots that took it down.
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steve: i'm steve rudin live in whitman walker health in northwest d.c. fun events going on here beginning july 4. be sure to check it out. let's talk
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and the 4th of july holiday weekend coming up and approaching quickly. the heat, we will crank it up. heat and the humidity is back. saturday 93 degrees. chance of showers and thunderstorms. on sunday a chance for storms lower 90's. keep in mind heat index values in the middle to the upper 90's. dry on monday. for the fourth of july, fingers crossed we get fireworks in on time and on schedule. tuesday evening. daytime highs around 92. if you are planning to go out early stay well hydrated. going to the delmarva beaches, looking at the temperatures in the lower to the middle 80's. chance of thunderstorms on sunday. it's not a washout. but sunday will be the wettest of the fourth-day extended holiday weekend. by the fourth of july we are looking at the temperatures around 83 degrees in ocean city. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". we a
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[singing] alison: i love it. i have been waiting for that all afternoon. it was worth the wait. larry: it was worth the wait. fun today. "good morning washington" today had a chance to finally meet and we were friends on facebook when i was at cnn in 2008. we chatted and texted and tweeted for nine years. finally met this morning. alison: kid he ask you to be a backup singer? larry: i'm nervous about going tonight. i'm a little concerned. but if he does i'll play along. he is a great guy. 30 years he has been performing. alison: i know you loved that. that was so much fun. i do want to see you on stage tonight. larry: you have a story to read. go ahead. alison: all right. thanks for sharing. that was fun. we do want to move on now because the man who created a children's favorite is being remembered tonight.
5:41 pm
last-minute christmas gift from his wife inspired him to write paddington. the loveable little bear delighted kids in books, movies and toys for more than half a century. michael bond died today after a brief illness. he was 91. larry: the l.a. city council moved to prove museum of narrative art. dubbed the george lucas museum. $1.5 billion project will be home to his extensive art collection that includes 10,000 pieces from cave art to norman rockwell and "star wars" memorabilia. it's set to open in 2021. alison: a great day outside. just beautiful. larry: erin is out with the pros. erin: i followed rickie fowler around and then i discovered he was involved in a big
5:42 pm
coming up next. >> we are talking about pool safety. did you know that accidental drowning is the leading cause of the death for children under 5 years old? we want to tell you things you can do to
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stronand restoringding a a father's faith.. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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larry: back with good news in time for the summer heat to return. department park and recreation says starting friday the city's spray parks will be open. go forth and enjoy. alison: well, there is nothing like a dip in the pool to cool off on a summer day but too often at this time of year we hear stories of children drowning in backyard pools. "7 on your side" with josh knight tonight. live in potomac. with a look at ways to stay safe. this is so important, josh. josh: it really is. the numbers are scary. when you think about how many kids we are talking about. i'll introduce you to a mother who almost lost her son from a drowning incident six years ago. she is one of the lucky ones. she gave me a book of a lot of kids from o
5:46 pm
several years who weren't as lucky as her son. all the families are getting together and they want to make sure that everybody knows how real of a situation this can be for your family. gates that close. and latch on their own are just one of many layers of protection between kids and swimming pools. laura knows how important the layers can be. her son was 3 when he almost died. >> my friend was shrieking. we ran in and we saw my son. he was blue, lifeless, on the ground. the other friend, her husband was trying to do c.p.r. >> after the paramedics arrived, she said clay made a full recovery. now she runs c.p.r. party that taught 2,000 people c.p.r. she works to promote pool safety. >> if you have a house alarm make sure your chimes are on to hear the doors open. obviously you want your doors to lock at the top if you have toddlers. pool covers, automatic pool covers if
5:47 pm
>> there aren't national guidelines but most local regulations have regulation on the height of the fences and the location of the gate latches. parents can do additional things. >> there are alarms for pools that do not give up a so many false positives when a bug lands in the pool. they really look for turbulence in the water. >> some alarms will trigger when a device your child wears gets wet. but while taking every precaution, accidents can still happen. because of that, laura says everyone needs to learn c.p.r. >> i didn't have the skill. i had no skills to save my son. >> that is something that she is doing. part of the mission to educate people and specifically about the c.p.r. something else to do with your kids. i thought this was cool. a pledge for the pull safety. version for parents and there is a version for
5:48 pm
maybing sure they swim with a buddy and the adult supervision. this can happen in seconds. larry: mayor bowser says cameras are available for free for certain part of the city. if you are interested, contact office on aging. alison: coming up at 6:00, anger spilled on the roads in arizona. two drivers caught on camera breaking glass and breaking the law at the same time. find out what caused this heated exchange right on the roadways. protests outside d.c. hours before a fundraiser for president trump's 2020 campaign. live rept
5:49 pm
at 6:00. >> meanwhile, after years of debate and nearly nine-hour public hearing the prince william board of supervisors approved construction of a new mosque located near intersection of vent hill road and schaefer lane. it will accommodate 500 people. hundreds of teenagers are using time off to help others instead. this week the die owe ses work camp repairing 100 homes in fredericksburg and the spotsylvania area. >> you won't get the same satisfaction from the beach in help and paint and do the great stuff. alison: fantastic.
5:50 pm
>> they are helping kyle. he was born with cerebral palsy and he needs a larger door to get the wheelchair in the bathroom. larry: great way to spend time. it's about to heat up. alison: i guess it is time. doug: it's nice to savor what we have now. gorgeous weather and low humidity. there are people chipping up on the green. i don't think they will be happy where the ball is next to the pin when they get up there. great day to be on the golf course or anywhere. low humidity and the warm temperatures and bright sunshine. good stuff. the temperatures will stay delightful through the evening with the light winds and clear skies. that is all good, too. as far as what is coming next, a milder everything tonight than the past couple nights. this morning's low of 61 in washington. the coolest
5:51 pm
coolest overnight in three weeks. in the weekend the heat and the humidity will rise. we could have thunderstorms on saturday and sunday. 30% chance. but it is warm and summary. take a look at the independence day. it's hot and humid. the highs of 92. it will feel three or four degrees warmer than the temperature. but any thunderstorm should be out of here before fireworks tuesday night. that is it. larry: thanks. we know the importance of staying hydrated in the summer and the umpires at the ind minor league stadium get help. to get it done. jake the dialed dog uses a basket to deliver water to umpires in between the innings. he has been a staple for years. but rose to internet fame after in
5:52 pm
posted the video online. alison: it doesn't get cuter than that. larry: does not. keeps the weather cold. alison: sweetie. well, a star-studded affair at the quicken loans national pro am today. but the you know the bitionest attraction ended up being surprise family reunion. larry: head to erin hawksworth with the latest. erin: today was the pro am. we followed rickie fowler around and we discovered rickie was involved in a surprise military homecoming. >> congratulations. >> from the outside it looks like any other family attending the quicken loans national. >> it got surreal. we got to 18th hole. >> this the moment sergeant first class brian green spotted his family. >> i tell people overseas you are used to the
5:53 pm
>> the father of two had been serving in kuwait and afghanistan for four and a half years. >> we started to walk up and ricky was talking. did you notice us? >> pretty much my daughter will be the first one to notice me. >> there have been a lot of birthdays and things like that, i haven't had him here for. i'm glad he is back for good. >> green played with rickie fowler and j.r. smith who plays for the cleveland cavaliers. >> how about it? >> who did you tell j.r. smith your favorite team was? >> the golden state warriors. >> that is unbelievable. i mean it put things in perspective. to put a smile on your kids faces you haven't seen in four, four and a half years. remarkable.
5:54 pm
and a feeling to see them happy is cool. >> i'm liking golf more now. >> i love the 9-year-old had no shame to tell j.r. smith that the warriors were his favorite team. that was adorable. alison and larry i love when i cover a sporting event and it puts everything in perspective. that is exactly what happened today at quicken loans national. back to you. alison: really nice. thank you for sharing
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larry: this is what the wildfires look like from space. we have more from the ground. >> a raging wildfire in northern arizona. forcing evacuations of the entire town. >> let's go. get out. a fire. >> children holding on to toys and packing in the trucks to escape the flames the jumping
5:58 pm
them. >> the wildfire growing to 32 square miles and the flames so intense a group of firefighters had to pull back. >> we are not putting them the danger. >> the forest service ordering in a second management team to battle flames. in california another wildfire forced evacuations north of los angeles. the fire came close to her backyard but air attack dropping retardant kept the flames from advancing. >> god bless them. god bless them all. >> but tv star from "big bang theory" was not so lucky. he lost his home and vowed to rebuild his community. the largest fire in the west in utah is only 10% contained. over 1,000 firefighters are tt
5:59 pm
burned 78 square miles so far. alex stone, abc news. los angeles. michelle: right now service canceled on tracks in manassas after a pedestrian was hit by a v.r.e. train. the very latest on this and how it could effect your evening commute. nancy: plus, two c.s.x. employees killed on the tracks. the intense search for what went wrong. michelle: a group of thieves outwitted by an a.t.m. machine. >> now, abc7 news at 6:00. on your side. michelle: happening right now protesters are starting to gather near the trump international hotel where tonight the president will hold his first fundraiser for his 2020 campaign. nancy: tim barber live with details on the hefty plate donors are expected to pick up. tim? tim: you can hear the protesters here. they are starting to trickle in as the event starts. they have signs about the healthcare l
6:00 pm
medicaid, the wall, and then if we pan over the other way you can start seeing some of the guests arrive here. this is where they have been driving down the main driveway to the hotel. you can see they have the barricades up there. this is typical. they have had the barricades up for months, ever since the president took office because there have been so many tests out here. we'll -- so many protests out here. we'll monitor protests and we'll let you know when the president arrives. again, $35,000 a plate up to $100 few for fundraiser. this is a big deal for the president. the protesters are out here to voice concerns to the president. reporting live outside the trump hotel, forth west washington. tim barber, abc7 news. nancy: new information to u.s.-bound flights. the changes announced late today by the secretary of homeland security. alison starling has what it includes. >> there is not


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