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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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medicaid, the wall, and then if we pan over the other way you can start seeing some of the guests arrive here. this is where they have been driving down the main driveway to the hotel. you can see they have the barricades up there. this is typical. they have had the barricades up for months, ever since the president took office because there have been so many tests out here. we'll -- so many protests out here. we'll monitor protests and we'll let you know when the president arrives. again, $35,000 a plate up to $100 few for fundraiser. this is a big deal for the president. the protesters are out here to voice concerns to the president. reporting live outside the trump hotel, forth west washington. tim barber, abc7 news. nancy: new information to u.s.-bound flights. the changes announced late today by the secretary of homeland security. alison starling has what it includes. >> there is not
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of the cabin laptop ban instituted on flights this year. the department of homeland security is threatening to expand the ban if the airlines do not comply with the new security measures. they include passengers and baggage on any inbound flighted. disruption to travelers should be minimal. >> i am hopeful that 0 nations will follow suit. unless we raise our security standards, terrorists seeking the commercial aviation as the greatest takedown will find and attack the weakest link. alison: back to the ban on large electronics on flights from the middal east and north africa, secretary kelly said if the airlines meet the new criteria the ban which applies to the flights from ten airports could be lifted
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altogether. michelle: v.r.e. service suspended after a woman was hit by a train. it happened near the fairfax county line. we don't know the condition the woman is in but we will let you know when we get an update on that. we know that metro is hon horring -- honoring v.r.e. tickets on the manassas line. a deadly train crash killed two people in morning and led to delays for hours. two conductors died when they were hit on the track. the federal investigators trying to determine what caused the crash. nathan baca is live where the trains are back on schedule. nathan? nathan: at union station we went inside to check. there is only one delay now. the am thank northeast regional.
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what can be done to prevent deaths in the future? for four hours confused and frustrated passengers -- >> they never told us when we first got here there was any delay. >> now we are told there are major delays and it looks like we'll drive up now at this point. >> the national transportation safety board says two c.s.x. freight train conductors got out to check the faulty equipment. >> the dispatch notified there is probably something wrong with wheels. >> struck and killed by the amtrak train. >> speed limit is 9 a miles per hour. >> the cause of the accident is under investigation and the names of the victims are not yet released. though not involved in the crash, wmat and maryland transit authority are starting toe quip the operators with the
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on the track. the railroad workers united are pressing for increased maintenance to prevent dangerous track-side repairs. so we asked what is done to protect the track workers? there are training and things in place for those on the track but not for the kun doctors like the ones killed here. reporting live, nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. in new york the subway train derailment that left three dozen people injured and caused chaos on tuesday is blamed for improperly secured piece of the replacement rail. it came do a screeching h
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floor. two of the cars derailed. the accident triggered a massive power outage. right now $40,000 is offered for any information in a central park explosion that injured a fairfax county college student. doctors had to amputate connor golden's left leg below the knee because of injuries he sustained in the blast last july. investigators say golden stepped on a bag filled with homemade explosives while climbing in the park. >> covering metro now. a lot of riders are fed up with countless issues along the metro. now metro says it has a plan to fix pesky water problems. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live at the grosvenor metro station with details. kevin? kevin: yesterday we told you paul wiedefeld had a plan to tackle the problems but today metro announced starting july 10 the crews will begin
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waterproof new ex -- technique to waterproof new exterior walls across the tunnel. it will happen on 2,000-foot section between the medical center and bethesda stations. this was announced hours after the metro employees said they would be at every station tomorrow. we will have to wait to see how patient the customers will turn out to be. life at the grosvenor metro station in bethesda. i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. michelle: thanks. first on 7, police say
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found on a sidewalk led to the arrest of a man accused of trying to sexually assault am woman. the victim was walking home when she noticed a man following her. pushed her to the ground but she was able to fight back and fight him off and run to safety. in the investigation they found blood and were able to trace it back to gilbert franklin who is now charged with attempted first-degree rape. nancy: only on 7, care-giver accused of abandoning the special needs patient in a car while he slept with a prostitute in hotel room at the extended stay america along research boulevard in rockville. the care-giver from montgomery village is now facing charges of soliciting a prostitute and vulnerable adult abuse. the patient was 19-year-old nonverbal man with autism was not injured but the care-giver employers parted way with the 40-year-old. still to come on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- group of persistent
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a battle against stingy a.t.m. michelle: the fire that keeps growing and the latest attempt to knock down the massive wildfire out west. doug: perfect weather at the ballpark. first pitch against the cubs 7:05. 80 degrees and sunshine. tomorrow afternoon will be ten degrees warmer than that. we check out the weekend in the next ten days still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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announcer: you are watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> the wildfire in utah still burning out of control now. the brian head fire topped over 54,000 acres. this is despite an army of firefighters working to tirelessly around the clock. so far only 10% of the fire has been contained. 1,500 people were forced from the homes. today only a small number were automobile to return to collect personal items. >> former alaska governor sarah palin taking on "new york times." she filed a lawsuit accusing the times of defamation over an editorial linking one of her political action committee ads to the mass shooting that severely wounded then arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords.
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nancy: less than 24 hours after being installed this is all that is left of a "ten commandments" monument at the arkansas state capitol. a man drove his car intentionally to the 6,000-pound granite slab before 5:00. the monument had been the center of controversy for the past two years after lawmakers approved a measure to have it placed on state grounds. >> the total cost of the monument is $26,000 all in private donations. >> coming up, a rumble on the roads in arizona. find out what triggered this reaction. michelle: plus, skies of australia lit up. the history behind the
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>> now another failed attempt to steal a.t.m. in prince george's county. nancy: they tried three times to pull a machine from a gas
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brad bell is live with the robbery attempt that fell flat. brad? brad: the attempts never work. this is the a.t.m. the important thing to notice here is the part with the money in it is still here. >> the bush league attempt to steal an a.t.m. is almost laughable. the trio in a stolen van carefully rigged a train around the cash machine and they floor the stolen vehicle. they fail. they try again. same thing happened. the a.t.m. stay put and videos like this go viral. the person at the gas station said to him it's not funny. >> it's hard to be the victim. >> the bandits give it one
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more try. >> the police is asking the community for help to identify the would-be thieves and warn those thinking to the same thing, the a.t.m. heists almost never succeed. >> look elsewhere. like get a job and a paycheck. >> there you go. well, look, this is an a.t.m. this is what i want to show you. iron glad. half inch of the metal plate on this side, on the front and over here as well. they had a van and a chain but not a chance. in capitol heights, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. must-see vid from arizona. two men engagedded in a rumble in midowe
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middle of the road. watch as he reaches in a window of a car that cut him off. punches the driver before walking away but the driver retaliated and bashed out the back indo. dramatic. neither press charges but both charged with disorderly conduct. michelle: outrageous. wow! remember the hot air blimp that went down in ball of flames in wisconsin? well, when the ntsb investigated, they say that a fabric envelope ripped and caused the massive explosion there and the firewall. the company that owns the blimp says it is not ruling out a probability it was shot down. especially after hearing this call to 911 a short time before it went down. listen. >> blimp, off the property next
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it's scaring the [bleep] out of my cattle. can i shoot the [bleep] down? >> no. we'll send a squad right over. >> thank you. michelle: the washington county sheriff's office says it has no reason to believe a farmer or foul play was involved. the c.e.o. believes there is something more to the accident and says there are several questions that remain unanswered. the pilot who went down with the blimp remain in the hospital. nancy: amazing art installation lighting up the sky in sydney, australia. take a look here. the opera house has projection of the indigenous art on the wall. seven-minute projection. it's stunning to see. it will be on display around the year. just incredible to see all of the turtles and the paintings on there. michelle: it's gorgeous. it's nice to be outside and enjoy it on a day like this. doug:
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wow! here we go. it's gorgeous. white caps on the bay. this is an important foot note. that is why we will go from the beautiful, delightful, enjoyable, low humidity weather with hot and humid stuff. southerly winds taking over to bring us higher moisture levels. 70's and low 80's across the area. it will stay comfortable through the everything hours. through the overnight, we drop 70's to on the lower 60's in the metro area. upper 50's by morning in the suburbs. once we get cranking through the day tomorrow with the sunshine and the winds. we will get 90. feel warmer in sunshine. because of the moisture. 92 on friday. average high is 87. we will look ahead to the weekend. a big fourth of july weekend. it's big on the heat and the humidity. highs lower 90's saturday and sunday. afternoon thunderstorms possible. monday we get a brief break from the humidity. 90. a lot of sunshine. by the fo
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highs lower 90's. feeling like middle 90's. 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. the beaches, you have the shower chances and the storms sunday afternoon. maybe a couple on tuesday. generally it will be pleasant at the beaches. cooler temperatures in the 80's. look at the 90's. the average high is 87. next week is 88. we have increasing humidity. storm chances saturday and sunday and tuesday and wednesday. the end of next week is fine with the sunshine and the temperatures in the 80's. scoot up the potomac where we will find erin hawksworth. erin: thanks doug. the pro a.m. was today. i followed rickie fowler around. you won't believe who i ran into. got an update on the cousins situation. we have a live report up next.
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erin: we are live at quicken loans national today with the pro am. i followed rickie fowler around. some of the redskins were here jay gruden. some of the capitals players were here. carlson, and olsner
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golfer rickie fowler alongside j.r. smith of the cleveland cavaliers. now j.r. was wearing a shirted for this event. i must ad. he told me he is close to being the best golfer on the cavaliers. he said williams is pretty good but they both spoke highly of each other's game. >> we had a good time. it's cool to see someone played at a high level in another sport come out. and show off the game a bit. impressive to see him. >> i am a big fan. the way we plays and way he treats the kids and the fans is really great. his game is really strong.
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deadline fast approaching for the redskins to get a deal done with kirk cousins how convenient that espn's adam schefter was also in the same group as fowler and smith today. i had a chance to go one-on-one with him. >> i don't think they're close yet. but it doesn't mean they can't get close by july 17. they are talking and this time last year they weren't even doing that. both sides recognize the importance of the deal. both sides like to get it done and it's a question if they can work it out. it's a long shot they get it done. erin: do you thousand kirk wants to stay here long-term? >> i think he wants a fair deal. if the redskins want to treat him fairly and give him what the market bears he is good with being here.
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chevy dealer.
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tonight, breaking news. the tornado threat under way in the heartland. cameras capturing multiple twisters. the devastating images coming in right now. also breaking tonight, president trump's new health care promise. >> we're going to have a big surprise. >> the president claiming there is still life in the republican health care bill. the push to unveil a revised version before the holliday break. the big changes for travelers. enhanced checks of travelers for all airlines flying into the u.s. wildfire outbreak. 12 fires across 11 states. an entire town evacuated. the deadly shootout on camera. a gun in each hand, firing on a


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