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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> now, abc7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: happening now president donald trump new travel plan is ready for takeoff. people preparing for changes in the next hour. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are hours away from the trump travel ban going into effect. some are calling it a watered down version from what we saw in january when there was chaos. things are expected to go much smoother
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despite all that legal observers plan to be at airports across the country beginning tonight. the supreme court said if you don't have direct family members in the united states or attending school and from libya, syria, iran somalia or sudan you can't enter the united states for 90 days. if you are a refugee from any country it is pushed to 120 days. a direct relative is a spouse, or son or daughter and it doesn't include nieces or nephews and grandparents. a spokesman from the homeland security office says anyone who shows up with legitimate documents will not be denied. it is business as usual. foreigners planning u.s. travel has been given a great deal of time to prepare, so everything is expected to remain business
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abc7 news. adrianna: this comes as we find out about new security measures to the u.s. they are adding new policies including more enhanced screenings to u.s.-bound flights. airlines are also expected to tighten security around planes and passenger areas, but we are told you should not expect major disruptions. right now there are no plans to ban laptops on planes headed to the u.s. it will affect 280 airports and 105 countries. adrianna: the russia investigation continues and this year you are learning that the house intelligence committee wants to speak to trump's long-time body guard. keith sugarer -- schuller has been with the president for decades. he is on a list of witnesses the house wants to question about the administration's possible ties to russia.
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chief meteorologist with a look at the forecast. it is a beautiful day outside, doug. doug: it is, adrianna. it will changing though over the next few hours and the next several days. let's go that way and show you the big map with the numbers on it including 83 at reagan national. 83 in fredericksburg and 80 in annapolis and 82 in wood bridge. it is still comfortable out there. through the afternoon, the temperatures will arrive toward 90. the humidity levels will creep up as well. nationals have their fourth game against the chicago cubs and it went well. first pitch at 4:05 and 90 degrees and sunshine. there will be a bit of a breeze especially if you are sitting in the shade. not much on radar and satellite. that pretty much thinned out. as we get to the overnight it will be muggy and temperatures in the lower 70s by tomorrow morning. we will be off to the races tomorrow and even in the lower 90s. you will feel the heat and humidity. saturday hot and humid a
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and sunday 91. no rain in the forecast, however, we will see high humidity. watch for saturday afternoon, our best chance of thunderstorms over the next five or six days will be saturday afternoon. we'll talk about that and the weekend and the next 10 days and talk about what happens weather wise in this city five years ago . see if you can remember. i'll join you with that story in a few minutes. adrianna? adrianna: see you soon. one of the top advisors is speaking out after being charged with sex abuse. he is one of the vatican's top officials and taking a leave of absence following the accusations. molly hunter has the latest. >> reporter: today shock waves through the church after decades of claims that the cardinal is the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with sexual abuse. >> i am looking forward to finally having my day in court. i am innocent of these charges
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they are false. >> reporter: a massive blow to pope francis who declared declared a zero tolerance policy for se x abuse. and now the man in charge of the vatican's finances, one of his closest advisors in the inner circle, considered the third highest ranking official , is headed to court. >> he is facing multiple charges of sexual offenses and multiple compliance to the charges. >> reporter: police gave no other details of the allegations. his career first dogged by flames that he covered up sexual abuse by other priests including moving one priest from parish to parish instead of removing him. and there were accusations he himself was an abuser. >> there have been hundreds of investigations, and now for two years there has been relentless character assassination.
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asking reporters to withhold judgment and at thursday's scheduled mass cardinal pell absent and on leave starting immediately. the court will decide next week whether or not to release the details of the multiple charges, but all eyes are on july 18th where he will be back in australia in the courtroom. molly hunter, abc news, london. adrianna: back at home, police are searching for who ever shot and killed a man in northeast washington early this morning. it happened after midnight on 46th street. it -- police have a vague description of the gunman and the victim's name at this hour has not yet been released. adrianna: the body of a u.s. sailor killed in a collision involving the uss fitzgerald is coming back home to maryland. here are live pictures you can see. navy personnel specialist first class xavier martin was one of seven sailors killed when a container ship struck the fitzgerald. that
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off the coast of japan. again a live look now at an honor escort accompanying martin's body from dover air force base across the big bridge to randals town. and we are covering metro this noon. just when you thought you were safe from safe track, think again. the transit agency is out with a new round of repairs. we will look at how and when this may mess up your commute. >> reporter: metro says when the safe track program was complete it would have a lot of routine maintenance that would be taking place and that's exactly what will happen along the red line. it is going to impact people who ride the rails on the weekend. let's break it down for you. metro will shutdown the red line near friendship heights for four consecutive weekends in july and august. the transit system says it needs to address leaks inside tunnels that can lead to smoke and fire incidents. holes will be drilled into the
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with sealant that will eventually cover the tunnel roof. here are the weekends they will replace the trains. july 15th to 16th, 22nd to 23rd, july 29th and 30th and august 5th and 6th. also, a smaller portion of red line track between medical center and friendship heights will have single tracking week nights after 9:00 from july 10th to august 11th. we spoke with commuters this morning to get their take on this upcoming work. >> i think it is necessary. being a commuter we are often inconvenienced because of delays and things like that. it is a necessary evil. >> optimistically i would like to assume it will be for the best eventually. i don't know. i am only here for the summer and my experience with metro is they are trying to improve it. we'll see if it will prove beneficial after it is over. >> reporter: metro realizes this has been a very difficult period of time for its
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so it is going to head out into the field with about 700 employees this afternoon to all of the system's rail stations to personally thank riders for their patience. in bethesda, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. adrianna: the 13-year-old girl killed by a train near manassas has been identified. vre services is back to normal after she was hit while walking on a railroad bridge. investigators tell us she was hiking with two other family members and she couldn't get out of the way in time. that teenager was a student at lake braddock secondary school in fairfax county. adrianna: let's check traffic now with eric smith. >> it is a very tough ride on 395 this afternoon. as you can see this is a major crash involving an overturned dump truck. southbound 395 prior to duke street after
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the left side of the roadway is completely blocked off and for the most part they have left traffic by. as you can tell right now they are blocking all traffic as a large tow truck is maneuvering on scene. let's take another angle of the shot. you can see the under carriage of the dump truck involved here. this is a major deal. delays will be back toward k street at this time. expect that to grow as we try to get this cleared out. beyond that this will be a very tough stretch. we'll look at some of the delays toward king street on the right side. you can see traffic is barely moving. and separately 395 northbound is very tough over the 14th street bridge as you head into the city. that's a lot of of volume on its own. that's all from the traffic center. adrianna, back to you. adrianna: thank you, eric. coming up on abc7 news at noon, the health care battle continues as people protest all over dc. the message they have for president trump. and a startling admission from a former
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the reason the retired running back con --
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. you're watching abc7 news the a noon on your side. adrianna: a 19-year-old aspiring youtube star is facing time after a stunt ended in her boyfriend's death. they arrested mona lisa perez after she shot him in the chest. the idea was for him to hold an encyclopedia in front of his chest to stop the bullet. she pulled the trigger one foot away. ruiz died. they have one child together and perez is pregnant with their second.
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adrianna: gop leaders are working on a way to help the health care plan. demonstrators lined up outside trump international hotel last night. that's where the president held a re-election fundraiser. the protesters rallied against a number of the president's proposals including the currently delayed health care bill. dozens of protesters were arrested outside the offices yesterday after they blocked hallways. adrianna: pigs on the loose in texas. a tractor-trailer carrying the animals crashed along interstate 45 near dallas this morning. the big rig hit the center median and turned on its side and caught fire. some of the animals got out. they were wandering around on a highway which was closed in both directions. all of the pigs were rounded up and it is unclear exactly what caused the wreck or whether 8 -- any pigs died. adrianna: happening now, the folk light festival. they kicked things off two
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john gonzalez has a look inside. reporter: it is the 50th anniversary of the smithsonian folk life festival, and unlike other years when we celebrate 1k3 experience other nations and other cultures and other regions from around the world, this time around we are celebrating america in a unique way. yes, that is a big top 10 of circus tents on the national mall. two exciting programs on american identity and creativity . this year one of them an interactive experience on circuit art. >> to present to the american people the art of circus, aerial lists, acrobats, clowns and jugulars. it is a behind the scenes experience. reporter: everything you ever wanted to know about the circus. there will be daily performances inside the tent and a full scale circus school. yes, i could become a flying gonzalez. you can learn how to become a
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lot going on on. everything from how to put on your clown make up to how to juggle and how to perform high wire acts. the other program is everything from music poetry sports, dance, everything that makes the country such a melting pot. so here is what you need to know if you are coming down this weekend. it all starts today. it is free. it is always free, but there will be more security. there will be mandatory bag checks. it runs until july 4th and then takes a break. picks up on july 6th to july 9th. it runs from 7th to 12th streets on the national mall. it will be a circus, a lot of clowning around. on the national mall, john gonzalez, abc7 news. adrianna: doug and i were just talking and i asked if there was a chance of rain today. he said no. doug: saturday is a chance and sunday looks good. monday looks good. i think what they do
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break on wednesday because of all of the people there for the fourth and then back the next thursday. it is a lot of fun. it is a lot of fun to go down there. we will talk about this anniversary day today. this date june 29th, people remember that line of strong winds and storms. it started as thunderstorms over iowa and then during the afternoon it got stronger and stronger as it went over chicago. you can see the time stamps. it is a line of very strong thunderstorms that in some time doesn't dissipate as most lines do. it holds together and moves quickly. they hang together. they had a peak of winds at 91 miles an hour. as it passed through our area we had 70 to 80 mile per hour winds. there were power outages and all kinds of problems. during the course of the storm system 22 people lost their lives. this is how it looks
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through at a high rate of speed after midnight. a different radar showing the wind speeds coming in and pushing away from the area. pretty much it was a straight line and that is the definition. as far as what is happening, it is gorgeous. a few high clouds, but no rain in the forecast. 80 degrees in arlington. through the afternoon the temperatures will rise a bit more, probably close to 90 this afternoon. the humidity levels will creep up, but it will be tomorrow when both the temperatures and the humidity levels rise enough you will really be able to notice the difference. tonight clear and muggy and 72. tomorrow 92 with humidity. looking ahead to the big fourth of july weekend, saturday is our best chance of rain over the next four or five days and it will be saturday. 50 to 60% chance of storms in the afternoon. 93 and hot and humid. isolated storms are possible on sunday. we are not worried about that. monday is dry and then on tuesday low 90s and showers
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fourth of july weekend, the beaches look fine. the best chance of storms late saturday and late tuesday afternoon and we will wind up with a look at the next 10 days. count them up how many days we have 90-degree weather until wednesday and then cooler with storm chances on thursday and drying out by friday and saturday. we are not done. abc7 news returns after this. z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y
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so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. adrianna: new details about a startling confession from former redskin running back portis. he admits he contemplated killing a financial manager after losing millions of dollars. reporter: once a star nfl running back for the washington redskins, clinton portis rushed for nearly
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million fortune which he proudly displayed on mtv's "cribs" and the nfl network. >> this is a nice shower. reporter: in a new "sports illustrated" he said the life of luxury all came crashing down in 2015 when he filed for bankruptcy. his fury, turning on his former business advisors and getting so upset he says he was ready to take the life of one of the men who he says mismanaged his money. portis went so far as to wait for the man outside a dc office building gun in hand. >> he thought they had taken away his ability to provide for his family and felt they weren't paying consequences for that. he felt those few nights he would have to take it into his own hands. reporter: the 35-year-old revealing he was talked off the ledge by a friend who told him over the phone to turn his car around saying you have already lost. the lawsuit sustained by killing someone is greater.
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his sons and of his family and the people who loved him and he had so much to lose. reporter: the former colt superstar and friend of portis said he was too generous with those around him. plucking down credit cards for strangers and supporting too many friends and family. portis says the biggest regret is trusting people with my money. he wishes he had put money in the bank instead. adrianna: happening today, the house is set to vote on two anti-immigration bills. kate's law would install harsher penalties for repeat illegal entry into the u.s. it would expand u.s. law to pressure those motaal tees to cooperate with enforcement. they held a press conference today to discuss those bills. >> we stand for public safety and we want any violent offenders whether they are here illegally or not to be
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productive, public safety including arrests imprisonment and deportation that is currently the law on the books. but taking a tragedy and allowing it to be used for folks who are re-entering the united states and folks with misdemeanors to swell our prisons and to use that as both a deterrent and a way to commandeer our local law enforcement is untenable. >> the house is expected to pass the bill and have enough votes to pass the senate. adrianna: after days of cooler temperatures the summer heat is back. and there are possible storms too. we'll have the weekend
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adrianna: so you are the same, have family coming in. doug: yes, they will enjoy hot weather. plenty of heat and humidity. 90 today and much more humid tomorrow and then 92. as we get into the weekend it looks like our chances of thunderstorms will be up on saturday and isolated storms on sunday and another chance on tuesday. hot and humid all the way through. adrianna: like you said, it is summertime. hot child in the city. make sure to watch abc7 news at 4:00. you all have a great day.
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>> to win on this show, you need three things: brains, guts, and an industrial-strength antiperspirant. ready? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, here we go. our first contestant was enjoying retirement, and then went back to work after being hit hard by the recession. hoping to win big and retire again, from las vegas, nevada, please welcome gary csontos. [cheers and applause] how you doing, gary? welcome. good to see you, buddy. >> thank you. great to be here. >> so you retired. >> i did. >> and then didn't. and then now you gotta retire again. >> yeah, it's a sad story. i thought in 2006 i had retired. i went to the ph


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