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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  July 3, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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edition of the lifestyle form with your hostarmstrong williams.we found ourselves recently in europe, especially in paris we have anopportunity to sit down with the members of the european parliament . joe lukes, sean hauser, and others.we talk to journalists , members of the media. you will hear perspectives in the show that you have not heard before. these are the things you will read about in here about go unreported and today we are
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going to bring it to you as you have never heard it before. so grab whatever you need to grab because you don't want to miss the special edition of the lakeside form with your host armstrong williams.thank you. we are going to go to joan luke who is amember of the european parliament . we take this a few weeks ago in paris and this is what he had to say. >> you have such imperial in germany. in europe. this comes of the currency. the currency is not so high. why you have the part of the other
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spain, like germany while not so very economic. so with the euro, we have a big problem. we have a big problem why german, germany never makes much expo. france site this is not dire. and germany doesn't want to conform this institution and also the politics of the central bank to make europe in corporation of nations. no we have two euros. we have parts like germany and austria and you have
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netherlands . and you have between these two euros no money come from the note to the citizens. it is a possibility to make the balance. [ inaudible ] it is the only possibility to make the balance with the payment. you understand me? i think we are and the collaps , economic collapse in one or two years
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the only way now to avoid this collapse is the printing of money. the print money with this money they buying bonds. and no we have very month level of interaction with the bonds. these politics have to change. it is not possible to stay in these politics. we are in an economic collapse with the eunuch currency and you have no politics to change this situation. you have no transfer for the excellent of the no. i speak about payment balances. if you look at
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cities the integration is very high. of the young people. and global, in my city in the part of the city. you have no possibilities to give work to these guys. and this guy. and there is no possibility to be integrated in the society. this will be also very shocked of culture if you understand. and in such
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is a eight percent of the gpt were public expensive than germany. and social politics, we cannot make more public expenses. we have to reduce these public expenses. and with the situation about the economic collapse and the social collapse also why we have no money. we have no work to give. no money to a social expenses and no work for all these guys. what is the future in such a situation? this is a result of the economic policywith the money , but the euro, but also what fronts say about this world
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society. society without perfection for a part of the population and the sparta population is more and more out of the society. don't have benefits of the riches of fronts. >> that was some powerful stuff. we will take a break be back. don't go away.
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will come back. i am your host mr. williams. we are listening to a form. we will go back. we did a series ofinterviews early in the show from paris . talked about the european euro. we talked about things american should be educated about and should unders dan. you cannot be empowered if you don't have this information. let's go back to the show. it is very interesting, you are muslim and live in cambridge england. you find yourself in london. of someone of your faith when you hear targeting muslims instead of separating islam from t
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community how do you respond to the stereotype? >> i think the best way to respond to any stereotype is to live the example you want to show. tell people want you want through your own actions, through your own good intentions. do opposite of the ones who want to get in the media. they want to make ashot , instead you be the common. yoube tolerant . so i think communications for your actions is the best way. >> what do you think causes these young men, 22 years old, some people would say they are victims also. how do you, where did the start and how do you stop it early on
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? so they realize life is more valuable than taking innocent lives, especially murdering innocent people who really have nothing to do with your angry with. >> yeah. so i think the culture in the west has become very i am a victim. i am a victim. this needs to be nipped in the budearly on in school.being mentored in a positive way . >> what do you say to -- i think it is important we interview and check with muslims because i think you are just as grief stricken over the loss of lives in manchester and london. what do you say to the families and victims of this chaos that continues? >> i don't think you can say anything. you can't say anything.if you
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go to these people and say, i'm sorry i haven't done more. i would say and i discussed this with friends, muslims are not doing enough. we are not being proactive enough to say you found out and you are going to be brought forward. we will hold you accountable. we will put the police on you. we should believe in the syste . the system we have here in the uk is so tolerant of people coming over. we house people, we give benefits to people, you have all yourrights . this is one of the most islamic countries as well. people need to realize that, you know what i mean? >> what is the
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more to speak out? is that they are afraid? >> i think the thing that stops them is yeah, like you say fear, shyness, lack of confidence. now need to step up. we really need to step up. we need to put it on social media, we need to cut off islam. it is a literalism. that needs to be cut off and sent back. that can stay there. we need a version of islam which is integrated into great britain with the culture here. theculture here is tolerant . we don't need anything else. >> you think it can't change? you think what your vision is can happen? >> overtime. overtime.
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it in the mosque? >> yes. >> did they talk about it enough? >> nope. >> why? >> again, the amount is fearfu . they think they will belittled. things like that. also some of them have come over from other countries and certain groups. but the time is coming up. it is enough now. we need to be very proactive andpro-britain . it is a reason whymost people came here in the first place . because we are tolerant. we invite people over. for the children, second, third generation children they are the ones who brought up the issues. first generations were coming here and working hard and
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when you see things going on in syria, a lot of conspiracy theories out there as well. it is alla big mix . we have a lot of knowledge out there on the internet but we probably know less. we don't get anything really mental in mosques. that is what we need.
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i am armstrong williams. thank you for joining us. there's much more we will talk about.we were all over europe there are a lot of things we had a chance to talk to people about. we want you to take a listen. you can alwaysemail us and let us know what you think . we welcome your thoughts. let's go back to the tape.
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muslims? is it rocket radicalized, is it safe? what is the reality? >> i am happy i kept my hat and glasses.i am from canterbury all the time when i was with muslim friends, oh you see the jewish, oh you see that, oh you see that. it is the way they've been taught. >> in the mosque? >> in the mosque and families. and my family when i see my father, my father is 70. when i explained to him i received the lock of god because if you see there is god wants to give something when you have a testament because you receive something.
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when someone died, someone read something for the family as a gift. the koran doesn't mean new testament or old testament. the old testament say one day a savior will come. wendy everywhere and he came, okay? and the house of the jewish state yeah, we want to follow jesus, but if you see the new testament doesn't say he will be one ofgod . >> so it doesn't surprise you that a lot of this comes from islamic face ? >> brainwashed. i have some friends they are arabic and christian like me saved by the love of god. i am not catholic.
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it means i am. why? because of god (that is important big to understand. all of my old friends were killing and now they are christian. how i did that. all of them are brainwashed. >> what do you say to america about mass immigration and refugees coming from your country? what advice can you give to american leaders about mass immigration that counted the united states? >> for me, i would say don't access them. i love everyone, but the foundation in them country with the love. >> it will change
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>> exactly. why because they are coming for instruction. destruction. why all these muslims don't go there? and why they don't have them correct. some people want the truth. >> so keep them here? don't allow them in the united states? >> i want everyone to go home. >> syria, leon. >> you need to do something and give me my house. if you want me to leave i will.
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welcome back. i am armstrong williams. i know a few of you enjoyed interviews and insightfulness and intelligence and common sense and the things that really unite us as americans is a global world. listen, america and europeans are allies. we will always be allies read we have common interests and goals and there is no question we have common enemies. i'm armstrong
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>> what is the future of france? what is your hope for your new leader? >> i know them. was working with him. he is very clever. (but make a big mistake. first go to germany. all my family are german. he is thinking that germany, europe. what can i say. they are working for germany. they don't want
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[ inaudible ] you have to invest and france. if you invest you can make also a public expense system. if you make it without investments. and i am afraid that you will not have the support of germany.
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and we say french german friendship, but this friendship is only working for germany. it is not working for europe. >> thank you. hey guys thank youso much for joining us. i appreciate your listening. i will tell you , we are in our summer shows. we will play the shows back but what we want you to do is visit our website at it will tell you when these rear and it will tell you where they will enter. thank you so much for joining us. we want to thank our guests and production team. have a great day.
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good morning. i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. president trump is ramping up his attacks on the news media, even some republicans saying a doctored video went too far and could incite violence. iraqi and u.s. forces are on the verge of a major victory against isil and effectively shutting down the caliphate isis declared three years ago. and investigators are trying to determine what caused an amtrak train


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