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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] news at noon, on your side. adrianna: right now at noon, we are an hour away from the start of the parole hearing for o.j. simpson. he was acquitted in the high-profile murder case for his ex-wife, but has been behind bars for nine years for a burglary in las vegas. that brings us to our question of today -- do you think o.j. simpson should be freed on parole? 02 -- go to /vote now. marcy gonzales is live in vegas. marci:
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year sentence in nevada come of april board set to decide today whether the nfl hall of famer and former actor will go free. oj: i was retrieving my property. i am sorry. i am sorry for all of it. an event he described as an attempt to get back his personal memorabilia, said to testify on his breath today, -- his behalf today, telling the parole board he has served his time. his agent and perfect prison record will be taken into consideration. >> he definitely was not a problem child like some of the others were. marci: they are supposed to ignore the 1994 murder trial in which simpson was infamously acquitted. >> not guilty.
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liable for the death in a civil suit. an interview on "good morning america" -- >> i think this whole history of violence, ignoring the law, no respect for the law, no remorse for virtually anything he has ever done indicates who he is as a present. i do not think there is any reason to indicate he will be a decent human being in society. be granted, the soonest we will see o.j. simpson walk free is october 1. lasi gonzalez, abc 7, vegas, nevada. adrianna: you can see the hearing starting at 1:00 on abc 7. now to this brutal heatwave. a heat advisory for d.c. has been extended. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at your forecast. when do we get a break fm
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night, tuesday will be the timeframe. it will be replaced by one that is cooler and a little drier. meanwhile, buffalo. date to -- meanwhile, buckle up. day two of the heatwave. the headlines we have for you on this thursday midway as the heat wave does continue through monday, strong thunderstorms could fire up on wednesday early, mid, late afternoon. lbd timeframe for more comfortable weather next week. here is what we are looking at right now. 94 at reagan national, 93 baltimore, 92 fredericksburg. that is the actual thermometer reading. when you factor in the moisture on it already feels like one of two washington -- 102 washington, quantico, lexington park, maryland, and 100 degrees in leesburg. air temperatures climb close
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98 degrees in the metro washington area with plenty of sunshine. a very low possibility, i will leave it in there with a door cracked open, and possibility of a storm. our futurecast does show as we get to the afternoon a few things popping, but no evidence of that right now. again, anything that would develop will feature slow movement and very heavy rainfall for a while. evening ended the tomorrow, a little better chance with a few thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. the three-day outlook after today, mid and upper 90's, thunderstorm chances friday, saturday, and sunday. we will happily talk more about the relief that is coming in our forecast in a few minutes, if rihanna -- adrianna. adrianna: thank you, doug. the burundi team that impeded in the robotics challenge, today, we understand they might have already been spotted.
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at least two of them have been spotted according to -- at sources at in the == mpd. they talk to family members here in the united states, family members of the teenage robotics team members, and we know those teens are with those families. the 16 dangers included foyr boys and two girls who were in the united states for a robotics competition last sunday through tuesday. the teens were laughing tuesday here at the closing ceremonies -- were last seen here tuesday at the closing ceremonies. they were staying with an adult mentor on the canvas. -- campus. the mentor reported them missing. that person in turn called mpd. authorities say there is no
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are in danger or that foul play was involved. teens across the border into canada are a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. adrianna: thank you. search for a killer in silver spring. this occurred just before 10:00 last night at the belvedere boulevard. a man was shot inside the home. the man went into the hospital and died there. if you have information on this, please call montgomery county police. in prince george's county of a dump truck driver died after his truck crashed into a utility coal and overturned. sky track 7 over the same after 8:00 this morning at harry truman drive. when emergency crews arrived on scene, the truck was wrapped around the powerlines. still no word on the cause of the accident. this afternoon, a man arrested,
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police say on his cycle shot a woman in her suv and then took off. before shots were fired, the woman honked and blocked him in. witnesses say she got out of her car and cursed at him. moments later, she was shot. right now, she is listed in stable condition. mccain, who is used to uphill climbs on capitol hill, is now in a different battle -- facing brain cancer. john gonzalez has reactions from fellow lawmakers. john: the maverick is now in the fight of his life. senator john mccain is recovering at his home in arizona after being diagnosed with a form of brain cancer, which was discovered after the 80-year-old republican had surgery last week to have a blood clot removed. >> i talked to the doctors, they said he did well in the operation. they
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the tumor. john: this is not mccain's first x-rays with cancer. he had malignant melanoma removed in 2000 and 2002. dr. say he will need follow-up treatment and the average survival rate for this type of cancer is 14 months. >> there are people who are treated and survive longer. about 10% of people will survive five years or longer. it is tough to put numbers of on this thing. john: president trump issued a statement saying senator john mccain has always been a fighter. send our thoughts and prayers to the entire family. get well soon. staffers say mccain cannot wait to get back to washington. >> they said he has been on the phone, talking about, "what are we going to do about health care? what are we going to do next? how will we handle this or that?" don't forget after the july 4 break, he was in afghanistan. >> i do know
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this -- this disease has never had a more worthy opponent. it is an aggressive form of cancer, only about 20,000 cases diagnosed each year in the country. on capitol hill, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. adrianna: it appears attorney general jeff sessions is saying put your the former alabama senator says he has no plans to resign a day after the president blasted him for recusing himself from the rush investigation. trump told the "new york times" he would have never chosen sessions if he knew the recusal was coming to recessions commented earlier today. honoressions: i have the of serving as attorney general. it is something that goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job. we love this department, and i plan to continue to do so. adrianna: the president's "new york times" interview is raising questions about the fate of special prosecutor robert
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russia investigation. say removing them would be obstruction of justice. a brawl outside the turkish department last month was recorded on camera. many are facing aggravated assault and misdemeanor assaults. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a big drug bust in texas. find out what was inside these jugs that landed a woman behind bars. plus -- this got sot has ticked off he decided to shoot the tires out of a service truck. sam: i am sam sweeney of the fairfax county police academy learning what it takes to be a police officer, training in every scenario. i will take you inside the academy, including the mock bank, supermarket, and store coming up
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eric: good afternoon. i am eric smith live in the traffic center with his report. 95 south in virginia, a new issue past route 610, prior to the accident, the center lane is blocked with a tractor-trailer. countyf volume in the will make things even worse. this just happened a few moments ago. delays will begin at quantico. heading up to maryland again, this is 270 south past the tuckerman lane overpass, which is just as the split for the spur, you can see the right lane is blocked with a crash. this is adding a lot of extra volume to the southbound ride. we will take a look at some of the volume as you go. it is a little bit heavy. overall, this is a good spot to have across with minimal impact at
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that is all from the traffic center for now.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: back now with must-see video out of new york. take a look at this. a small plane making an emergency landing right in the middle highway in long island. the pilots and yet no choice but to make the landing because the plane was having an emergency issue. and take a look at this. it looks like a scene out of grand theft auto. a man led police on a high-speed chase in california after carjacking someone. the hit 90 miles an hour
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that he was t-boned. 110 is how fast he was going on the interstate. he crash at a red light, jumped out, started running, but did not get too far. a bystander tackled him to the ground, and then police arrested him. a texas woman was blessed with $2 million of crystal meth stuffed into cleaning jugs -- a texas woman was busted with $2 million of crystal meth stuffed into cleaning jobs. new details about the deadly police involved shooting in minneapolis. transcripts from the 911 call made by justine bateman before she was shot. >> shots fired. she heard a woman screaming at the back of her home but was not sure if she was having consensual sex
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raped. she approached the officer's squad car in a dark alley and was shot moments later. -- remains were found in a creek. questions haven't made about whether the government should have or could have done more to warn the public about the dangers of floodwaters in wilderness areas. now to this wild scene out of miami, florida. a man shooting at an at&t service truck because it was parked in front of his home. [gunshots] adrianna: so as you see, the man shoved the truck's tires as crews were hanging lines on a utility pole. he apparently g
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him to leave, and when they did not leave fast enough, he came out firing. no one was hurt in this, but police were called, and he was arrested. unbelievable. happening right now, members of the media being put to the test, going against fairfax county's bravest in blue. sam sweeney showing what he has got at the inaugural media police academy. sam: right now, we are at the fairfax training center where we will spend the next eight hours learning about how fairfax county police train for every scenario, from a hostage situation to a routine traffic stop. that is what we will do right now. i am joined by the second lieutenant from the fairfax county police. we walk up, we see three people in the car, what we do. the door, have a seat in the car, said back in the car. sam: that fast, a traffic stop and change your he could pull out a gun, and the rest is history. we see this play out time and time again in new
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we are learning how police are training in 2017 inside the. they haveacility, banks, stores, your officers are trained for anything. we also had jeff goldberg inside, and he will have a full order of everything we have learned over the last eight hours coming up on abc 7 this afternoon. reporting in fairfax county, i am sam sweeney. back to you in the studio. adrianna: it looks legit. big news this noon -- abc has confirmed that ryan seacrest will return as host of "american idol" for his reboot on his network. seacrest hosted the original "idol" for 15 seasons from 2002 to 2015 when it aired on fox. the nationwide search caps off in august as the auto bus tour goes across the nation. very cool. doug and i were talking. he used to be a patrol officer. doug:
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put them through the academy. world,se things are real and you have to realize all the things can happen. it is a tough job and even tougher today than it even was when i was on for sure. adrianna: and when it is hot, humid, you have got the bulletproof vest, all geared up. doug: yes, and i am here in the air conditioning, telling people to take it easy. it is tough. there is no way around it. it will stay that way for the next couple of days. heat index up to 105.that is why we have the widespread heat advisory in effect. i do not want to bore you with numbers, but quickly, temperatures now crossed the area in the low to mid 90's. washington, and the heat index that is derived from a temperature and humidity, 102 degrees in washington. it is buckling up in many
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it is a very large area of hot and humid air with very little wind. on the fringes of the air mass is where we find showers and thunderstorms developing. over the next few days, i think the french will be closer and closer. there could be one pop-up or to come over the better chancel be tomorrow and especially saturday with saturday being the chance some of it could be severe, so stay in touch with us here on air and online. futurecast, we will run through this afternoon, and we do have showers popping up slowly. tonight, kind of muggy overnight and gusty tomorrow. same story today, mid 90's feeling warmer, mid-to-upper 90's feeling warmer. , 40%hunderstorms, 30% chance as we head into the weekend. maybe more organized thunderstorms and possibly severe thunderstorms over parts of our area. this is the way it is going to be. 92 for a high tomorrow, 87 saturday, 91 sunday.
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there will be a breeze, a little bit of a breeze, but the main story is lots of sunshine, if you are looking at that without .he need advisory our extended outlook takes you through the weekend. we see some changes. ec storm chances friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. then cooler and noticeably drier air moves in tuesday, wednesday, and thursday especially, we start to see a bit of a warm up and a slow return as humidity levels rise late thursday night, friday, saturday. climatology all year long. we can take a break before the next little seed against. adrianna: thank you, doug. coming up on abc 7 news, a soccer player takes a bite out of the competition -- literally.
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adrianna: back now with a consumer alert. amazon is testing the social media waters. the retail giant just-released spark, and out similar to instagram, and users can have the products that can be bought on amazon, of course. it is currently only available to amazon prime members here in the u.s. and you have to see this. tch gotn's soccer mas pretty personal. offender from el salvador bites a u.s. player and pinches his nipple. he is pretty angry about it. cannot say i blame him. it was one of over 100 fouls: that match. coming up, a heat
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adrianna: all right, so we are comfortable inside in the ac. if you go outside -- doug: it is going to hit you. heat advisory in effect this entire area. it will feel like 105 at times. only a slight chance of a thunderstorm, and it will continue to the weekend. head to the pool, to the beaches. adrianna: thank you for joining us. be sure
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>> hey, everybody, i'm so glad you've joined us, because on today's show we've got a special guest: celebrity chef carla hall, who you know as one of the co-hosts of "the chew." she's here to play for her favorite charity. is a million-dollar winner on today's menu? let's find out. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey everybody. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's get to it. today's special celebrity contestant is a chef, restaurant owner, and co-host of one of my favorite shows, "the chew." she's also no stranger to this stage. from washington, d.c., please welcome my good friend cla


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