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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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vaccinated with more. alison: stephen tschida with more on the emergency actions. some people are worried there is not much information being shared about this, right? stephen: that is right. we spent the day getting the information. we've got most of it for you now. we do know this year and a half old bulldog named fred spent time here at the doggie daycare and boarding facility. while he was here he was highly contagious. he died a few days after going home to his home, which is nearby in d.c. they filed into an emergency vaccination clinic after receiving phone calls their dogs might have been exposed to rabies. >> i was panicked when i got a call last night. stephen: a d.c. dog named fred spent july 14-17 at dogma, a daycare and boarding facility. fred died from rabies a few days after it
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contagious during its stay and while playing with other dogs. >> they sent out a warning to us right away to bring in the dog to get a booster shot. stephen: they are working to track down every dog and person who came into contact with fred. meanwhile, questions remain about how a dog which was vaccinated could contract rabies. >> fred's poor family did nothing wrong. they did everything they were supposed to do. and this dog still came up rabies positive, which is why the department of health is being so careful. stephen: so now there are a lot of questions about the actual vaccine. we have learned that fred received his rabies vaccination at a facility in virginia. the d.c. health department is working with that facility to notify other dog owners who got their dogs vaccinated at that facility in virginia, notify them they may need a
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we wish we could tell you where the facility is. nobody is providing that information at this time. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks very much. so what happens if your dog or other pet is exposed to a rapid animal? it depends if the animal has been vaccinated. in is all according to the c.d.c. the extreme measure to prevent suffering and the spread of the disease, you have to put the animal down away. it's that or six months of isolation if the animal survivors. it's not -- isolation if the animal survives. it's a horrible wray for them to go. people should immediately see a doctor for treatment if you are attacked by a rabid animal. nancy: gruesome find on the beach in ocean city. a woman's body between the sand between the border walk and the water. maryland bureau chief brad bell live with the investigation all during the peak beach season. what are the police saying
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today? brad: they are waiting for autopsy results. most of the people are clumped up there close to the water. where the woman was found 30 yards beyond the highest point of high tide. just in front of one of the beach rental facilities. in a place where the sand is really dry and it's almost powdery. it was a brutal start to the week in ocean city. the body of a 3-year-old woman from texas found mostly buried in sand in a hole on the beach at second street. sources say ashley o'connor from plano, texas, had been out family but they had become separated at 2:00 a.m. at 6:30 a.m. someone walking on the beach saw part of her body and called police. and they spent the day investigating and they are now waiting for autopsy results. >> at this time we believe it's accidental in nature. we don't believe there was
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o'connor had been drinking and was seen walking alone from the boardwalk to the beach. a theory is she fell in a hole dug in the sand. the sand collapsed around her. that is just a theory at this point. that danger is why lifeguards don't allow deep holes. >> we have a policy in ocean city about the hole in the sand because of the danger of collapse. the hole cannot be smaller than knee deep for the smallest person. brad: it was a sad site as the beach turned to crime scene. all day, investigators working to recover the body and any evidence. >> not a good day in this part of ocean city, that's for sure. brad: no, not a good day at all. coming up at 5:00, we will tell you about a second death at the exact same spot at the beach yesterday. second street. this one happening out in very rough surf.
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after the lifeguards had left the beach. as you heard the person say, it was not a good day yesterday at the beach. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: today movers arrive in moscow. u.s. embassy staffers are beginning to clear out as russia retaliates against new sanctions. the russian foreign ministry made the announcement friday. today was the deadline for staff to two different properties. others have one month to do their packing and leave as well. meanwhile, president trump today taking to twitter to vow he is going to stay on twitter. claiming it's the only way for him to "get the truth out." that is the subject of the abc7's instapoll. do you think the president should keep tweeting? go to to weigh in. emily rau has the new twists and the turns of the shakeups in the white house today. emily: new white house chief of staff john kelly's first order of business -- calling the chaos in the west wing. president trump: he w
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i have no doubt. emily: the military man already exercising influence on day one with the resignation of white house communications director anthony scaramucci after less than two weeks on the job. but now another crisis. abc news confirming president trump personally dictated the misleading initial statement released by don jr. to the "new york times." saying the meeting he, jared kushner, and former campaign chairman paul manafort had with several russians with alleged links to the kremlin was about adoptions and was not a campaign issue. >> the president didn't sign off on anything. he is coming gawk from the g20. the president wasn't involved in that. emily: trump's legal team then denying the president had any involvement. but sources for area and the "washington post" are refuting that. don jr. later releasing the e-mail chain which confirms the meeting was campaign-related and that he was told the meeting would be with a russian government lawyer who had dirt on hillary clinton. >> the idea that the president himself drafted
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big problem for the white house that has been trying to say he has not been involved. emily: today the white house insisting the president was not directly involved in writing the statement and that the original statement was accurate. >> he certainly didn't dictate but he, like i said, he weighed in, offered suggestion like any father would do. emily: sanders calling the whole thing a p.r. stunt and a phony, false narrative. in northwest, emily rau, abc7 news. jonathan: the russian computer programmer accused of hacking in the u.s. could soon be sent over here. he was arrested after the airport in barcelona spain while on his honeymoon. the spain's court is recommending extradition and they say that man developed malware that targeted banks and their clients for three years. that comes while a homeland security adviser couldn't defend himself against a e-mail prank. this is a little scary. a guy in the u.k. sent an e-mail to bosser pre
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the prankster said he was surprised that he got a response given the expertise. the white house officials say they are taking taking this seriously. nancy: and j.k. rastling apologized for tweets that say trump ignored a boy at a white house event. the mother said her child was not snubbed. rulings said she projected her own sensitivity. alison: tonight is national night out. the police departments get involved in the local communities with the block parties, tookouts and much more. chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. some people will have to dodge showers out there tonight. doug: it's a possibility. but the majority will have dry weather. nothing in the national harbor. sunshine. fair weather clouds. go to the doppler radar and let's talk about the areas that have the rain in
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most in the mountains expected west of 81. closer to the metro area, area of the showers and thunder south of baltimore area. that is drifting southeast to anne arundel county. so isolated shower. a little one popping up now not far from silver spring. so a couple. but by later this evening by 7:00 or 8:00, i don't think there will be concerns at all. we'll zoom in and show you detail of the showers and the thunderstorms. baltimore to anne arundel county. that is it. we will keep an eye on it. it's warm, muggy and summery for the night out. we'll take a look ahead for the evening hours. the city open at rock creek. weather should be fine. muggy temperatures in the 80's. overnight we drop to 66 and 73. clear skies. if you like today tomorrow is a cor bonn copy. we look ahead to the weekend and the next ten days in nine or ten minutes. nancy: we'll see you then. thank you very much. something a lot of us try to guard against. going to an a.t.m. and g
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demands your money. that is what happened in fairfax. it shows a man blocked a woman and took the money. today is an arrest. richard reeve has the developments breaking right now. rich? riches here is the suspect -- richard: here is the suspect. 52-year-old richard meyer. one week ago he targeted women. he tried to rob them. at this bank. all of this was caught on surveillance video. watch as he cults in front of this woman who gets out of her car because she was not close enough to the a.t.m. she has already put in the personal identification. trying to punch buttons to get the money. she is struggling with him the whole time. what you don't see is she manages to grab money and drive off. then you see him entering this car from the passenger side. a woman using the a.t.m. drive through. police say when she starts
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car and runs away. what you don't see here is how meyers shows up at a nearby store minutes later. police say while making a purchase he grabs a fistful of money and takes off. police thanking the public for the many, many tips. he turned himself in just last evening or so. he faces larceny and attempted robbery charges. in fairfax, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime by informing you of what is happening in your neighborhood. all you have to do is go to the website an click on the crime map under the "7 on your side" tab. that is at you can see what has been reported in your area. coming up next for us at 4:00, the new job offer for the former white house communications director anthony scaramucci. alison: also this -- nancy: inside a high speed chase.
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4:00. steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin live in reston. if you are looking for something fun to do tonight. you want to celebrate national night out. i have ideas for you. stay with us. you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00".
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jonathan: this is really scary. this is what is left of a charred remains of a daycare nt
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all the children and the staff were able to get out in time. they are safe. they were not hurt. no word what sparked the fire. nancy: not long ago we told you about a wisconsin tech company that planned to implant the employees with microchips. today was injection day. more than 50 employees at three square market volunteered for the procedure. jonathan: i don't want to see that. nancy: it will be immr. presidented between their thumb and forefingers -- it will be implanted between their thumb and forefingers and the be used as a tool around the office. jonathan: whatever. >> scan the item. you just scanned your hand. would you like to charge $1.06 to your chip? >> yes. now i just bought it with my hand. nancy: you'd think it's a better value with a chip in your hand. jonathan: that's why they
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nancy: the chip does not act like a tracker the company says and it cannot monitor your progress at work. jonathan: sure it can't. nancy: or the visits to the bathroom or the coffee shop. jonathan: we believe that. sure. right. whatever. president trump will have to find a new communications director. these are the headlines in front of the newseum. anthony scaramucci's abrupt departure came hours after the swearing in of the new white house chief chief of staff, john kelly. scaramucci spent 11 days on the job before booted. scaramucci already has a new job offer. adult web cam site offered him -- i'll get through this without laughing -- he is going to oversee the communication strategy and pay $500,000 if he accepts. alison: and a microchip in his hand. maybe. moving on. first was the evacuation and now the lawsuit. the first suits were fi
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company out in the outer banks that hit a power line and knocked out power. that mishap forced 50,000 tourists to leave ocracoke. no comment from the company. jonathan: building relationships and stopping crime. nancy: that is a point behind the national night out events happening around the country including in our area. alison: steve rudin is out and about in reston. hi steve. steve: this is the place to be for national night out. it's quiet now. the event started 15 minutes ago. if you are looking for something to do from now until 9:00 tonight head on over here. they have a moonwalk. hey ladies, having fun? >> yes! steve: you got a jump in the moonwalk, right? a lot to do, all free. jump in the moonwalk, games, hula hoops, live music, a d.j. you can purchase food. this is awful to bring the community together with the
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neighborhoods, everyone to come outside on the front lawn. get to know each other. a lot of neighbors don't know each other these days. sub divisions are huge. time to come together and celebrate in a fun environment. they are setting up everything right now. there is a great fountain and a lake to look at. temperatures are cooperating. zoom up to the sky. you can see the clouds begin to build a little bit. we can't rule out a chance for a few showers as we move through this evening. more on that. we head back inside to chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: the showers are widely isolate around the area. most areas won't deal with it. the skies are interesting to watch. we have the showers and the storms in the past day or so in the mountains but locally we have a few developing south of baltimore. we keep an eye on those. we'll talk in your native language f
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we'll get you wet and get you a lot of rain. i want to share the baltimore language skills with you from time to time. the temperatures are the mid-to-upper 80s around the region. when have hit 90 officially across the region for washington's high today. that is only a smidge above average. but we are working our way up. humidity is a touch higher, the temperatures are a touch higher, too. that's the way it will stay until we hit friday night when a front comes through. wait until you see the weekend forecast coming up. it's going to be sweet. this evening steady trop in temperatures from the 80's to the 70's. isolated showers come to an end. it's still muggy. 68 to 74. looking ahead to wednesday. 92. 91 on thursday and friday. just low end chance of storm tomorrow and thursday and slight chance for friday. we will take you in the extended outlook for the weekend. see a cool-off. look for this on saturday and sunday. we will get drier air, a breeze, sunshine, highs are lower to middle 80's. great weather as d.c. united
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saturday evening. you will watch it live on newschannel8. the final day of the citi open. the weather will be fine and maybe a passing shower monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week just delightful. jonathan: you totally threw nancy doing the baltimore accent. nancy: i got really confused. doug: for someone with an oklahoma twang. nancy: all right, y'all. jonathan: she doesn't have the twang. often. alison: we'll going to miss your baltimore accent. i love it. [laughter] jonathan: coming up for us -- [sirens] we'll give you a different look at a hi-speed chase. police give us a rare glimpse in the wild rides they are often forced into. >> serving up a rising star. how a young tennis player is using the sport to stay off the street
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the d.c. native arrived at the southeast campus hurting. when he was 8 years old his older brother was shot and killed. a year later his mother died of heart issues. >> it really saved my life. they said your don't want to be here on the s
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way. i didn't believe it. i was like i'm just here to play but now that i am getting older i realize this will take you far. >> antonio is one of many success stories at the washington tennis and education foundation. this is an organization that gives under-served kids a safe environment where they can excel. antonio is the embodiment of the program and his instructors couldn't be prouder. >> i'm pulling on him in the area. if you are not with him you are against him. so, to cop through that it's a great thing. scott: now he is using the analysissy sport of tennis as a vehicle for success. >> i choose to go to the straight pass and succeed my goal, get out of the terrible neighborhood. >> embracing the power of sports in the match of his life. he has a
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shoulder. coming up at 5:15 i have 2 live interview with the -- i have a live interview with a two-time grand slam champion and analyst tracy austin will break down the matchup at the citi open. jonathan: a great story. thanks. nancy: that made a difference in his life. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the boy's simple gesture that put a smile on everyone's faces. if you haven't seen this, when you do you will want to share it online. >> you may be familiar with the pit maneuver. take a look at this. coming up we will show you what it looks like up close and the challenge it presents for officers on the road. alison: new at 5:00, the once a year treat that brought people to the tiny parks today. we'll explain at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: anytime you see a police chase on television it's from the vantage point of a helicopter. tonight, a different look for you. nancy: this time from behind the wheel of a police cruiser. jeff goldberg gives us a closer look. jeff: master
4:30 pm
maneuver matching the speed of the simulated suspect's vehicle. >> i'm coming over and making general contact. jeff: his front fender touches the suspect's car rear fen dor maintain -- fender, maintaining speed, no braking. >> it can be difficult. you have to patience. >> then he turns his wheel causing the other car to do a 180 and come to a complete stop. >> make a decision about what you want to do and when you want to do it. again, remain calm at all times. >> this is the precision impossible technique or p.i.t. maneuver. a method used to stop suspects on the run at the fairfax county police department emergency vehicle operations center. officers trained how and when to initiate a p.i.t. >> the maneuver is effective. it all boils down to use it at a safe time and place. >> the second lieutenant mike chamblin supervisors the facility says -- who supervises the facility says
4:31 pm
officer used to the idea of touching another vehicle. >> once we get over that, it's not difficult. >> the natural instink is not touch the -- instinct is to not touch the vehicle. but you force yourself to do it. jeff: it was developed in the mid-1980's and now used across the country. they have to consider a number of factors before deciding if the p.i.t. move is a right move. that is what it look like with a police vehicle and a suspect vehicle. at 5:00, we show you what it looks like with other vehicles on the road. in chantilly, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. nancy: all right. back in the weather center with meteorologist doug hill now and a chance of showers now. doug: yes. i'm watching the golfers at the belle haven connecticut -- country club. they looks like they are having a
4:32 pm
let's go over there. oops. i'm slow. i'm getting there. okay, i'm here. 88 at reagan national. 90 at fredericksburg. woodbridge is 89. there are a couple of areas where the showers are falling. they stand out over the mountains. closer to the metro area and the metro baltimore you have to drill down and zoom in to get a feel. they are small. heavy rain and thunder across baltimore. more across anne arundel county. a couple of showers now are forming up over northeast washington. that is not far from the area for the city tennis, the city open played now in rock creek. a couple showers but the big picture are limited. the
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so almost all national night out activities will be fine. a bit muggy. we will drop to 66 to 73. tomorrow is near 90 and an isolated thunderstorm. thursday probably not but you can't rule out entirely a chance of isolated storm. 92. 91 on friday. the weekend, clearer sky. nicer breeze. dry air and sunshine. lower to the middle 80's for the weekend. it will be nice. back to you. jonathan: thank you, doug. we can tell you this. dupont is agreeing to a $50 million settlement in virginia related to decades of mercury pollution. a factory was dumping in the south river that spread to the shenandoah river. the federal judge approved the deal to make it natural resources damage payment in commonwealth history. the police believe last friday's heavy downpour led to the death of a young mother and two children. the bodies were all found inside of a car last
4:34 pm
partially submerged in a creek in leesburg. 27-year-old courtney ashe and her 5-year-old son and 9-year-old cousin last seen leaving a relative's home in ashburn on friday and they never made it back home. that was the night we had the very heavy rain on the roads. nancy: there is a roaring debate at a local retirement community about how to spend $5 million. the money is currently earmarked for proposed building most residents would rarely use. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis takes us to leisure world. >> it makes no sense to us. kevin: cheryl despises plans of demolishing and reconstructing the leisure world administrative building. price tag of $5.2 million. >> there is over 1,600 signatures on the referendum. kevin: last week, she co-hosted a town hall. pictures captured the turn out. 300-plus curious residents. >> if i had false teeth they would have fallen on
4:35 pm
arguing that the $5 million should be used to update the pool and the clubhouse. plus placed in a rainy day fund. there are environmental concerns two, such as chopping down dozen of mature trees and hauling tons of debris to the landfill. >> it boils down to find out what we've got before we race into something that could be avoided. >> the board of director explains the current building constructed in the 1960's has mold. faulty h-vac system and is cramped. the cost of engineering stoleddy, renovations, repairs anded the county code improvements are not worth the hassle says one board member. >> i'm sure people come here to look at the property they won't say look at that administration building. that is a
4:36 pm
reason i'm moving in here. i don't think so. >> the park and the planning commission now slatedded to view the building proposal in november. in aspen hill, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. nancy: 40 new echo friendly circulator buses unveiled by mayor muriel bowser today. they have clean diesel technology to reduce emissions and improve reliability. a second wave of the d.c. circulator buses is expected this fall and will be electric. keep an eye out. jonathan: the start of the school year is coming up fast. if the parents are getting out and buying the school supplies we found you are digging deeper in your pockets. according to the national retail federation, back-to-school spending will top $83 billion across the country. they are expected to spend $687. but families with college students will be spending an average of $969. it's just on supplies. the
4:37 pm
million. the parents should look for deals online especially when it comes to the textbooks amends the electronics. often time withs the textbooks you can rent them and save money. jonathan: good tip there. nancy: don't forget as we get closer to the back-to-school time newschannel8 and abc7 happy to join forces with united way and d.c. united to stuff the bus. august 10 you can bring the backpack and school supplies on safeway on 14th southeast. united way will donate the school supplies to the local kids. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the burglary caught on camera. a 16-year-old girl inside the home at the time and how she got that guy to run away. that's up next. nancy: how a kid is making flying fun again a simple greeting at a time. a video you will want to share when you see it go down. autria godfrey has a first look at how to start wednesday with "good morning washington." >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good mo
4:38 pm
dollar company hiring thousands and how you could get a job on the spot in our area. plus, find ways to shop smarter and save bigs on back-to-school supplies. stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at abc7 fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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jonathan: be honest. flying can be difficult if you see a small kid coming down
4:41 pm
parked next to you. different story here. nancy: a little boy in kansas city is making flying fun again to show love for passengers on a flight. you see him there. fist-pump for every single person as he goes down the aisle. [laughter] he does is not stop. if they are not paying attention he just stands there. jonathan: in the other hand is blankie. need fist pump and a little love. a good kid. nancy: that is not the normal airline. it has people snapping photos. the cosmo girl. a jumbo jet modified in if name of science. >> they will carry the rockets under the wing and rep lease and fire in the space later on. nancy: fancy there. jonathan: i'm not sure why but they can do it. nancy: next, home invasion caught on camera.
4:42 pm
inside. >> she is 16 years old. she could never have overpowered him. nancy: but she did stop him. find out how according to her mother next. zams the city's main national night out party getting underway in southwest d.c. i'm sam ford. i'll be back to show you what they are doing. celebrating natio fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year.
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salmonella must see video out of illinois. would-be burglar taken down the door of a home and it's all caught on in-home security system. the man stops to see if he can see anyone inside before continuing. upstairs a 16-year-old had locked herself in her room as he walked up the steps. the girl's mother described what happened next. >> she screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs. it scared him to death. he proceeded to run down the stairs and out the front door. nancy: the police in mount prospect are still trying to figure out who he is. jonathan: well, a father and daughter on trial in north korea accused of murdering --
4:46 pm
murder egg woman's husband. on the day two years ago agent tom martins called 911 after beating jason corbett with a baseball bat. he said he did it because he was trying to choke his daughter molly to death. >> my daughter's husband, my son-in-law got in a fight with my daughter. i intervened. he is in bad shape. jonathan: the prosecutors aren't saying it's an act of self-defendants. not only did they show the baseball bat in court but also a brick that molly used to hit her husband after the fact. nancy: massive and an expensive toy train went missing in california over the weekend. the power of social media helped bring it home. the company that owns the train called police when this $60,000 toy disappeared. but they knew it wasn't enough to file a report. they also posted pictures of the train and the trailer to facebook. one woman
4:47 pm
>> it was amazing to see how many people cared about our little train and the small family business. >> it may not look like a lot to a big company but for me it's a lot of money and a lot of work. jonathan: "7 on your side" now. when health matters. a mediterranean diet can reduce heart problems but only if you are rich and educated. that is what the researchers found. the researchers figured out after studying 18,000 people randomly, the data says a reason could be that people with more money buy higher quality foods. nancy: how about this? blowing out the cabbeddals on the birthday -- candles on the birthday cake could make everyone else sick. it confirms the obvious but this is something we rarely think about. when you are blowing out the candles you are spreading germs. happy birthday. they found bacteria on the cake jumped 1,400% after blowing out candles compared
4:48 pm
you can find the study in a recent version of "journal of food research." jonathan: they studied that. nancy: apparently so. jonathan: all right. the u.s. air force preparing an intercontinental ballistic launch. the minute man three, the air force base says it will take place between midnight and 6:00 tomorrow morning and go from the california coast toward a target in the pacific. this would be the fourth minute man three launch this year and first since north korea tested its i.c.b.m.'s. nancy: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. the americans spending more but at a slower rate. this comes as the cheryl -- commerce department said spending didn't grow at a bigger rate. jonathan: tonight is the national night out where police departments across the country work with members as the community. nancy: block parties, cookout, fun and games across the area.
4:49 pm
about the recent rash of violence. they are meeting at the rec center. the mayor and police chief expected to participate tonight. sam: this is the city's main national night out center. in the green leaf recreation field here. i'll do a 360 for you. look here. the stage here. the fire department has a slide. police department helicopter and the horses over there. every agency of the d.c. and the federal government that deems with the law enforcement. they seem to have a booth in southwest washington for the national night out. we heard from the mayor earlier today.
4:50 pm
the mayor came out and asked about the city buses and the people asked about the recent increase in crime over the weekend. three lost their lives. this is where they show video a man appears to search others by force. in another incident a 17-year-old was kill and a man was stabbed to death. the mayor said the national night out is a good opportunity to promote increased police community cooperation. >> we are very focused we continue to ask for our residents to partner with us to find illegal guns. and taking them off the street. >> despite the past weekend the mayor emphasizedded that d.c. this year has seen significant decrease in the violent crime compared to a year ago. >> crime is down in every major violent crime
4:51 pm
but we cannot rest. we know at any time in a big city you can have violence. sam: you can see the police are giving kids rides here. we will back with you in the 5:00 hour with more on what is going on here from national night out. jonathan: national night out from reston and steve rudin is there. they have a jumpie. think it's steve rudin's favorite thing. steve: i would love to do it. but i don't fit the weight requirement. katie defoe, you are the
4:52 pm
tell us about this. >> this is a nationwide campaign to take the communities, brings them together to show crime is not welcome in the neighborhood. so lake ann, this is the first event. we have moon bounces and singers and ice cream. you can't get better than that. tonight they will welcome the community and show that crime is not welcome here. steve: we just need the weather to cooperate. look at what is going on. a few showers popping up on the the doppler radar for you. if you find one it will last 15, 20 minutes. tonight the temperatures will fall through the 80's, and eventually the 70's. the scattered showers and the isolated thunderstorms will come to an ends. in the next three days the daytime highs will be in the lower 90's. feels like for the middle 90's. talk about the weekend. we have a city open in upper northwest
4:53 pm
the ten-day outlook shows cooldown on the way with the temperatures that will eventually be in the 80's moving to next week. a beautiful evening here. i hope everyone can get out and enjoy it. the moonwalk. not the moonwalk. the moon bounce is a lot of fun. the food looks awesome! head back inside. nancy: the moonwalk is fun, too. jonathan: there are national night out events across the area. hundreds of block parties. we have a roundup of what is happening in your neighborhood. just go to it's all there for you. nancy: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- democrats say something must be done to improve healthcare. what is the plan? does bernie sanders want a single payer system to have broader support? that's next. alison: new at 5:00, new technology to keep thieves ea
4:54 pm
plus, see the coin that may have been held by the founding fathers. "7 on your side" after a local neighborhood said it wasn't given notice about plans to put a vehicle lot next to the homes. do you feel like you wa fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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4:57 pm
payer is a possibility. reporter: after republicans in the senate failed to repeal obamacare independent vermont senator bernie sanders is vowing to introduce a single payer healthcare bill. >> senator sanders: we are tweaking the final points of the bill and figuring out how to mount a national campaign to bring people together. >> some senate democrats are already embracing the idea. >> i'm supportive of the concept of single payer. we need to work out the details. the devil is in the details. >> others are withholding judgment. they are focused on ways to find bipartisan support. >> last week republican senator introduced amendment to the g.o.p. healthcare bill that would implement a government funded single payer insurance system to try to forc
4:58 pm
position and get on record. no lawmakers voted yes. not even bernie sanders. >> i voted present. they were playing a game. reporter: republicans argue single payer is not affordable. >> the taxes required for the bill sanders put up are extraordinary. it blows your mind. if you want to be heavily taxed from the plan you would haven't known it from the democratic colleagues refusing to vote yes or no and only voting present. >> the liberal states are looking to reform healthcare. in california they are looking to adopt a single payer healthcare system but the bill is stalled because the critics argue they did not address how to pay for it. alison: right in out at 5:00, a day after a woman's body was found buried in the sand. another death in ocean city and a warning from the beach
4:59 pm
scrambling to calm fears after a vaccinated dog's death. the rush to protect pets from rabies. and critical skills. abc7 gets a dash cam view of the intense behind the wheel training for police takedowns in heavy traffic. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: it's the height of the season in ocean city. the weather is perfect but the week had a tragic start. two deaths in the same location on the beach. last night we told you about a woman's body found buried in the sand. now brad bell joins us from the spot with news a rip current claimed a life. brad? brad: this all happened at second street just off the boardwalk on the beach in ocean city. early yesterday morning am woman was found buried in the sand. then it appears as though a
5:00 pm
warning on the lifeguard chairs talk. a rip current. the drowning happened two hours after the lifeguards cleared the water and left the beach. call to 911. the beach patrol raced back to the water's edge. >> the crowd on the beach pointed it out in the ocean saying there had been a man out there but he had gone under water. >> rescue swimmers jumped in and began a search. it took 15 minutes to recover the body. it was too late. 35-year-old timothy johnson was pronounced dead at the hospital. people with him told the beach patrol he had gone swimming and caught in a rip current. the head of the beach patrol says the surf was dangerous and a busy day for lifeguards. >> the rip current exist when we go off-duty. so that is why it is important for people not to go swimming when the lifeguards are not on duty. in my 45 years with the ocean city beach patrol, 95%


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