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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 7, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good monday morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the stories we're following on "world news now." a storm that has hit tulsa, oklahoma is packing high winds and heavy rains. president trump is phrasing the unanimous. the united nations vote to hit north korea with tough new sanctions. rex tillerson says the best way for the north to signal it's ready to talk is to stop its missile launches. and jury selection begins in denver in taylor swift's trial against a former radio deejay. she says he sexually assaulted
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he's counter suing her for getting hem fired from his job and he says from the industry. gm is recalling nearly 700,000 silverados and sierra trucks. the auto maker says the vehicles may have a software problem that can cause them to lose electrical power steering assistance. those are some of the top stories on this monday august 7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we're going to start this half hour with what is a massive cleanup effort taking place in tull sar tulsa, oklahoma, new orleans and parts of the midwest after a particularly destructive set of storms this weekend. >> currently they are over the ohio valley and pushing eastwards toward the east coast. richard cantu has the latest. >> reporter: the ef-2 tornado ripped through tulsa in the middle of the night wit
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three restaurants still open. >> dispatch started getting calls of people who were trapped in the restaurants, because the roofs had started collapsing in on them. >> reporter: in the greater tulsa area, at least 30 people hospitalized, two with life-threatening injuries. daylight revealing extensive damage, windows blown out, power lines down. some residents reporting that they received mobile warnings, but the sirens remained silent. >> tornado warning, but no sirens. >> reporter: in new orleans, nine inches of raindroped in just a few hours. many residents surrounded by several feet of water. >> i'm just stuck here. i'm stuck. i can't go nowhere. all right only w >> reporter: the only way getting out, by boat. >> we all need boats, and we all need to be able to use them at times like this.
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torrential rain slashing windshields and flooding road ways. parts of that storm now hitting the northeast. richard cantu, abc news, new york. and those storms are on the move with much of the mid atlantic and east coast in the cross hairs. >> heavy rain with localized flash flooding affecting i-81, 95 from d.c. to the boston area, up towards portland, courtesy of this low pressure system. and we're expecting widespread heavy showers and thunderstorms throughout the tennessee valley region, the southeast, affecting houston, memphis, new orleans, atlanta, norfolk, jacksonville to miami. and in the northwest, a bit of a problem. we're looking for the heat to kickback in. we are going to see thunderstorms in salt lake and albuquerque. but the problem will be air quality concerns with smoke from wildfires and
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levels. kendis, diane? >> another hot week ahead for portland. paul, thank you. and turning now to president trump on an extended get away from the white house. after a turbulent first six months in office, the president has retreated to his private golf course and club in new jersey. but he insists he's not on vacation. meantime, the russia investigation is still looming large. abc has the latest. >> reporter: this weekend, the president politely spared a moment. >> everyone having a good time? >> reporter: to greet some wedding guests at his golf club. but he insists he's busy, working in bedminister new jersey as construction is being done at the white house he tweeted. this is not a vacation, meetings and calls. he has ground to make up. trump's agenda held hostage. >> are there any russians here tonight? any russians? >> reporter: by the relentless focus on russia. >> the president
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entire investigation is fabricated, that this is a conclusion in search of evidence. they've come up with nothing. >> we know right now, we know now what has come up in just the last few weeks is that don jr. responded to an e-mail saying that he was going to get russian government information on hillary clinton. that was not out during the campaign. that was revealed just in the last several weeks. >> right, but what came of that meeting? nothing. >> reporter: kellyanne conway admitted trump is now starting to lose some of his core group of supporters. >> his approval rating among conservative trump voters is down slightly. it needs to go up. they are telling him, just enact your program. >> reporter: the deputy attorney general who appointed special counsel mueller warned there are limits to the investigation. >> the special counsel is subject to the rules and regulation of the department of justice and we don't engage in fishing expeditions. >> does the president commit to not
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discussed that. the president is not discussing firing robert mueller. >> will he commit not to firing him? >> he's not even discussed, he's not discussed firing bob mueller. >> that's not what i'm asking. >> reporter: but just in case the president is thinking of firing mueller, a bipartisan group of senators is drafting a bill to ensure trump can't do so on a whim. republican thom tillis is one of the sponsors. >> we don't want to restrict the administration's authority or the department of justice from removing a counsel, we just want to make sure to the american people they can be convinced it was done for the right reasons. >> reporter: amid all the turmoil in the trump administration, a growing number of republicans are gearing up for possible presidential runs themselves in 2020. and there have been reports that vice president pence might be among them. while he has now issued a report categorically denying that, calling any suggestion that's mounting his own campaign laughable and absurd. da
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president in bedminister, new jersey. meanwhile, russia is signaling it's ready to engage further with the united states even as it faces new sanctions. >> the secretary of state has set a date to issue an official u.s. response. we are joined now with the overnight developments. good morning. >> good morning. september 1st. that's the date that rex tillerson says the u.s. will respond to russia's recent call to drastically cut its diplomatic presence in russia. last week, the russians said the u.s. must slash its embassy and consulate staff by around 750 people. here's what tillerson told reporters in the philippines this morning. >> we have not made a decision regarding how we will respond to russia's request to remove u.s. diplomatic personnel. we add, i asked several clarifying questions just to ensure i understood their opinion behind the diplomatic note we
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but toad him we would respond by september 1st. >> reporter: yesterday tillerson sat down with his russian con r counterpart, sergey lavrov for the first time since those sanctions were signed. tillerson said while the russian hacking during the 2016 election caused serious mistrust, the trump administration wants to move forward in its relationship with russia because the u.s. can't cut off everything over one issue. >> you know, you're a nice, wonderful person. we love having you here. you're here with us all week long. so last week, we were a little thrown back when we saw a little clip from the white house. take a look. [ applause ] >> -- on transgender people in the military? >> she's very rude. >> you can hear him. the president saying "she's very rude."
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and that was you right thayeere. >> that was me. >> you have a lot of projection in that voice. >> i was a cheerleader in high school. so i had to learn to shout across far distances. >> little did you know it prepared you. >> did everybody else give you props for that? >> people turned around, and we were kind of silent, we surprised with how he reacted. >> awesome. i guess he never answered the question. >> he hasn't really said how that policy's going to go into effect yet. kellyanne conway was asked about that today by george stephanopoulos. she couldn't name the military advisers he said he consulted. >> we are in new york city right now. you can yell out a question right now to bedminister, new jersey. he might hear you. >> he might hear but that voice. so the president of france is under fire for a move to give his wife a formal position as first laid e more than 150,000 people have signed a petition against providing an office, staff and other
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wife. this comes as he faces a plunge in popularity. and we are getting new details this morning about the cause of that deadly ohio fair accident. excessive corrosion caused the ride to break apart last month. tyler jarrell died from blunt force injuries after being tossed into the air. seven others were injured and four others remain hospitalized. the ride was 18 years old. australian authorities have released a man arrested in connection with a terror plot to bring down a plane. the suspect was charged with possession of a weapon and granted bail. he was not charged with any terror-related offenses. now police say the plot involved the sophisticated attempt to get a device containing military-grade explosives on board a flight last month. and investigators are trying to unravel the apparent kidnapping of a british model,
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she was handcuffed and stuffed into the car in italy. she says she was going to be sold as a sex slave. she meets gone with police tomorrow. there are two massive lottery jackpots up for grabs this week. >> the combined megamillion powerball adds up to $653 million. >> the next megamillions drawing is tomorrow. if you win both, the combined lump sum amount, $409 million. >> i'm told that the odds of winning both is much better than the odds of winning one. >> oh, really? then obviously, we have to play both then. >> yeah. if you've been wondering how to get your out-of-shape dog into prime condition, problem solved.
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come up with muttsercise. you can see it's the volunteers doing the work, actually. >> they say they're keeping the dogs in shape for prospective new owners. >> that's kind of cute. >> it's adorable. i bet the volunteers are getting in good shape. >> our exercise regimen is more like the dogs. >> yeah, i want to be the dog as someone else does the exercise. coming up, the extreme turbulence that hit without warning, crew and passengers tossed around. and the super sized sinkhole swallowing more and more of this florida neighborhood. hear why so many surrounding residents are on edge this morning. first, here's a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by
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the australian, chris burns wearing a wing suit reportedly hit speeds of more than 180 miles per hour before he deployed his parachute and landed safely on the ground. >> wow. and at least one passenger is calling it terrifying after her american airlines flight was rocked by extreme turbulence before landing in philadelphia. >> that turbulence striking just after drinks had been served, tossing crew and passengers. >> there was slight turbulence for a few minutes and it felt like we were in free fall. >> reporter: at least ten people taken to the hospital. >> there was a good ten seconds where it felt like bad news for sure. >> reporter: 299 people were on board flight 759, traveling from athens greece to philadelphia when it hit rough air. >> it started shaking and did a big drop, babies screaming, people in front of us
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>> reporter: passengers tweeting, showing the plane's ceiling covered in drinks, while the turbulence was short, it was scary. >> i was grabbing my family around me. >> reporter: the plane safely landing just after 3:00 saturday. among those injured on board, three passengers, seven crew. >> one of the flight attendants dislocated his left shoulder, we decided to put his arm in a makeshift sling made out of an airline blanket. >> reporter: the seat belt sign was on at the time, we are taking care of our passengers and crew members at this time and want to thank our team members for keeping our passengers safe. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> always a good tip to keep your seat belt on no matter what. i was thinking about turbulence the last time i had a flight. ly a glass -- i had a glass of the table.
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table, spilled water everywhere, no turbulence needed. >> i would have been fine with that, but if, like, you know, the wine got tossed. >> no, that was just water. the wine was in my hand. >> you created your own turbulence on that flight. all right, coming up, the massive sinkhole in florida getting even bigger. >> two more homes have been condemned. the question is, can they save this maneighborhood? we'll talk about that next on "world news now."
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in florida, a sinkhole emergency. it just keeps getting worse with more homes condemned this weekend. >> so, can they save the neighborhood? here's adrian bankert. >> reporter: it's the super sized sinkhole that keeps swallowing this florida block. another two homes deemed unsafe, in
2:51 am
destroyed or condemned on ocean pines drive in land o'lakes florida. growing to 225 feet in just a few hours. this weekend, drone video shows the sinkhole has now expanded to 260 feet at its widest point. more than three quarters the length of a football field and 50 feet deep. residents nearby remain on edge. >> i think that the surrounding area can't help but feel questionable and unsafe, because there is no guarantee. >> reporter: demolition crews say they expected to see some erosion as they work, a ten by 80 foot section of earth collapsing saturday. but it proved so dangerous, crews had to leave, returning to work from inside the sinkhole by boat. some residents were allowed to return back to their properties, but because the sinkhole is still
2:52 am
evacuate, they'll hear a knock at the door. adrian bankert, abc news, new york. >> crazy developments in florida. when we come back, what a catch. >> two lobster men and their incredible catch, next.
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>> like steve miller sings, we don't normally think of eagles flying high above the sea. >> yes, which is why a couple of fishermen from maine knew something was unusual when they saw an eagle in the sea. >> reporter: in acadia national park in maine there are ma jess majestic sights. a bald eagle struggling to stay afloat. >> i've never experienced anything like that. i've been on the water sense i w -- since i was a little kid with my father and grandfather. >> saw something floating in the water, flopping around, pulls up next to it. turns out to be an american bald eagle, trying to take flight, but he was waterlogged. >> reporter: the two men jumped into action, turning a piece of wood into a tiny boat, the eagle hopped on.
2:57 am
board. he was looking at me, i was looking at him, figuring out what are we going to do with him now. >> reporter: the eagle got up on the stern waiting for its wings to dry, looking at the men who just saved it. >> there was no way we weren't going to rescue him at all. >> reporter: as their boat hided ba -- head back to land, they turned on handing him over to the game warden. but the eagle had other plans, looking back at the men one last time and flying off, >> it's the american bald eagle that represents the united states of america. it was a proud moment. >> reporter: tom llamas, ablc news new york. >> just got to dry these puppies out. i'll be out of here in a few minutes. before we go, we have another sighting on the open sea over the
2:58 am
that's one ms. diane macedo. >> someone's been
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this morning on "world news now." getting north korea to stop its missile program. >> president trump weighing in overnight about the united nations slamming the north with tough new sanctions, at secretary of state addressed the issue, just hours ago. we're following the developments. and a nationwide man hunt is expanding this morning for an accused rapist who made a dramatic escape from a prison. he overpowered a deputy while shackled. and a dangerous storm system moving into the northeast this morning, expected to bring heavy rain and high winds, left plenty of destruction across the midwest, including a powerful twister in tulsa that caught many by surprise. >>
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to spend money on your pets. audio books. it's true. we'll tell you why having somebody read to your dog is apparently the best thing for them when you leave the house. and there's even one company with a celebrity endorsing them. what will fido be reading or listening to, rather, a little "war and peace"? "fifty shades of grey" maybe? we'll dig deep into this one on this monday, august 7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." well, hopefully it's one of those nice books, not one like where, the dog dies in the end. >> no "marley and me" is not recommended. it might be too rough on them. >> ruff. or "old yeller", you know, something more poetic than that. >> "lassie." >> nice and
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let's start this hour with the president overnight. >> president trump praising tough new sanctions against north korea after getting a boost from china. >> so the president on a working vacation, he says in new jersey, cheered the move to punish the north as his strategy to enlist china's help appears to be paying off. after speaking with the south korean president, president trump tweeted overnight, very happy and impressed with 15-0 united nations nation vote on north korea sanctions. >> and another member of the administration is now weighing in on this, and we are tracking those new developments. >> reporter: president trump is praising those sanctions approved by the u.n. security council and this morning in the feens, rex tillerson said the next step will be ensuring they follow through with the sanctions. it will take some time for north korea to feel the impact of the sanctions, but he said the unanimous approval, which includes an
3:03 am
china sends a strong signal that the international community is united against north korea's missile tests. the secretary of state also offered the most specific outline to date for what it would take to start negotiations with north korea. here he was speaking to reporters this morning. >> the best signal that north korea could give us that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. you know, we've not had an extended period of time where they have not taken some type of provocative action by launching ballistic missiles. so i think that would be the first and strongest signal think could send to us, is just stop these missile launches. >> reporter: tillerson did not specify how long north korea would need to stop these tests before talks can begin in earnest. he said it won't be a matter of days or weeks, but the u.s. will know it when we see it. diane and kendis? >> arlet, thank you. and the search for three marines missing off the coast of australia has shifted from re
3:04 am
they crashed into the sea while trying to land routine operations. one of the missing is benjamin cross of maine. the osprey, which lands like a helicopter but flies like an airplane has been involved in a number of crashes in recent years. the governor of minnesota is calling an explosion at a mosque near minneapolis an act of terrorism. a yes, ma'n improvised explosiv was thrown through a window. no one was hurt. the fbi has joined that investigation. the eiffel tower in paris was the scene of a knife attack. authorities say a 19 year old man who recently had been discharged from psychiatric hospital tried to breach security. no one was injured, but a close source said he had been in contact with someone from isis. a manhunt is under way
3:05 am
rape suspect who overpowered a sheriff's deputy and took his gun. he escaped while being transported from a psychiatric hospital in ohio. police say he is very dangerous. ron claiborne has more. >> reporter: a desperate manhunt in ohio and beyond, for an escaped inmate, armed with a deputy's gun. >> we've yet to find him. he has a possession of a firearm, up to 30 rounding of ammunition. he's got to be getting cold and hungry. >> reporter: brandon powell, accused of rape escaped friday while being transported from a hospital near toledo after being treated for injuries from a suicide attempt while in jail. these security images show powell just before his escape be being led to a vehicle by the officer. powell is in handcuffs attached to a belt. his legs shackled. while sitting in the back of the vehicle, he somehow put the deputy a head lock. the inmate forced
3:06 am
unlock his shackles. he took his cell phone, wallet and ammunition and disabled his radio in car. powell fled on foot. >> you don't take a pistol from one of my deputies and threaten him with it. he's going to be held accountable. >> reporter: the fbi and federal marshals joining the manhunt. >> if you see him, call the police. don't get near him. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out how powell with his hands cuffed managed to get his arms around that officer's neck. there was no partition between the front seat and the back seats of that vehicle. a cleanup is under way after a chemical spill at the fort of long beach. 12 people, including several dockworkers were injured and treated at the scene. the leak was contained, but it's
3:07 am
material was released. extreme turbulence on an american airlines flight sent ten people to the hospital. it was heading to philadelphia from greece when it experienced turbulence. passengers were hitting the ceiling and the plane wasp droidr -- was dropping in altitude. all of those hospitalized have been released. now to the severe weather that slammed parts of the midwest and is on the way east. this morning that storm zone is pushing into the ohio valley with heavy rains and strong winds and should reach the east coast by later today. that spawned a powerful ef-2 tornado, blowing out windows in a tulsa high rise and covering a path of destruction through other parts of the city. look at the images coming in overnight. at least 30 people were injured, but none of those injuries are life threatening. and further south, up to ten inches of rain flooded new orleans, p
3:08 am
this. a kayaker tries to navigate streets that were turned into rivers. many say it was reminiscent of some scenes they had from katrina so many years ago this august. >> you have the same people dealing with that all over again. it's like they don't get a break. well, a footrace in maine ended with a photo finish, but not for the usual reason. >> they finished at virtually the same time, but it's how they finished is getting a lot of attention. in the final few yards, that's robert gomez helping jessie oric across the finish line. >> oreck had been leading the race but collapsed from heatstroke with 100 yards to go. gomez was in second and stopped to help oreck the rest of the way. they both finished, 31:31. they interviewed him. he said you know what? he was giving it more than i was. i thought he
3:09 am
that finish line. >> good moves. coming up later. audio books for dogs. we'll tell you why. but first, the manhunt after a double murder at a popular resort. the suspect caught on surveillance video. plus, some sports on your monday. steph curry, back on the court. and remember to find us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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two men were shot and killed during a 72-hour cease-fire effort in baltimore over the weekend. community organizers trying to stem the tide of record levels of violence and homicide adopted the motto over the weekend, nobody killed anybody. they have a record number of homicides already this year. this weekend's shootings will not stop their mission. after a nationwide manhunt,
3:13 am
a northwest professor is behind bars. windham latham turned himself in on friday, along with andrew warren. they're expected to be extradited to chicago to face charges in the murder of a 26-year-old hairdresser. latham reportedly had a relationship with the victim who police say was stabbed so violently, the blade of the knife was broken. >> wow. now to another manhunt, this one taking place in florida. for an armed killer who killed two people at a resort. >> investigators are now using fingerprints, shell casings and surveillance video to try to track that suspect down. er yel reshef has the latest. >> reporter: a desperate search under way for a suspect caught in surveillance video moments before a cold-blooded double murder. >> anytime we have individuals out there capable of this kind of crime, other people may be at risk. >> reporter: this
3:14 am
hotel cameras captured him walking through the lobby holding a gun. he makes an ominous gesture, swiping his hand across his throat. moments later, he gunned down 51-year-old kevin carter and 59-year-old front desk clerk, timothy hurley and leaving with drawers from the cash register. >> this guy killed two people and got maybe $900. >> reporter: a short time later, a guest at the hotel discovering the bodies of the two men and calling police. families of the victims in disbelief. >> he was just a good guy, heart of gold. >> reporter: vacationers told to pack their bags and stay elsewhere. >> crazy. the last place you'd expect it. >> reporter: the guy the seaside you town of long boat key shocked after the first murder here in 15 years. >> people who commit these types of robberies in my view, not sophisticated. became
3:15 am
people, got a few hundred dollars are probably going to get caught. >> reporter: air yel reshef, abc news, new york. >> police haven't ruled out that other suspects may be involved in this case as well. taylor swift heading to court today. she's accusing a former deejay of a groping her. so why is see being sued? and a moment at the pro football hall of fame. you're watching "world news now." but can ot fix this teens skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen ings. tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through...
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nice. cascade.
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this is deep. jay, way back there at the wall, grand slam! >> oh, that's not how they wanted it to end there in chicago. that swing by washington's matt weeders, the grand slam helped lift the nats to a 9-4 win in what could be a playoff preview. >> a good way to break a tie. >> right now the national league is all about l.a. the dodgers are on pace to win 115 games this season. >> they've been pretty hot, especially after the all-star break. and the new york mets couldn't do anything to stop them. the
3:18 am
action. a 5-0 lead in the third and the mets mangd one hit. >> one hit. not even a run. >> so they got a hit. >> no. that's not going to cut t. world track and field championships in london ended with a photo finish, giving the u.s. the win in the women's 100 meters. check out tory buoy. she leaned across the finish line, even fell face first. she took the race by .01 of a second. >> it was huge. justin gatlin upset usain bolt the night before. and there you go. the stars and stripe the flying there in london. and the patriots are keeping it in the family. this weekend we learned that owner, robert kraft
3:19 am
england patriots tom brady's mama ring. he posted this photo on instagram thanking her and saying, you are my champ. and pro football welcomed the newest members to its hall of fame this weekend. >> seven men received a bust in canton, ohio, turrell davis, kenny easley and jason taylor. jerry jones. as well as running back ladeignian tomlinson. look at that bust. >> and tomlinson enjoyed his speech quite a bit. 26 minutes. >> oh, okay. >> that was the acceptance speech generating the most attention. and he touched on race, equality, politics and unity. >> it was 26 minutes. >> i grew up on the land of a former slave plantation, and although i didn't know this as a child, it is
3:20 am
great great great grandfather tilled the soil. i'm of mixed race and i represent america. my story is america's story. all our ancestors, unless we're american indian, came from another country, another culture. football is a microcosm of america. all races, religions, and creeds living, playing, competing side by side. on america's team, let's not choose to be against one another. let's choose to be for one another. my great, great, great-grandfather had no choice. we have one. america is the land of opportunity. let's not slam the door on those who may look or sound different from us. rather, let's open it wide for those
3:21 am
that anything is possible. when we open the door for others to compete, we fulfill the promise of one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. >> forget 26 minutes, can we give him the rest of the hour? >> i'm expecting him to announce 2020. he's ready to run for office. >> he sounded great. >> yes. beautiful speech. >> so he finished by saying, i'm asking you to believe in your ability to bring about change, to hold fast to the faith and the idea whispered by slaves. yes, we can. so a little obamaesque in that message. finally, steph curry facing his biggest opponents yet. >> yep, giants' inflatable defenders. this is in south korea during something called the infinite challenge on a game show. but curry pulls it off.
3:22 am
>> backboards and 12-foot blowup dolls, what in the world? >> he played along side his brother seth. we're not sure if the curries won the challenge, but we're very entertained watching them.
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♪ all right, it is time now for "the mix." we have a big announcement for pet owners. a new product out there, audible is coming out with a whole new service, audible for dogs. it's a real thing, and here's why. apparently, the folks at audible are teaming up with sez sar milan. the best thing for your dog is to listen to an audio book. not just any audio book, try to look for books that are narrated by people who share the
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gender as the dog's most common master of the house. a voice that sounds like you. >> no gilbert godfrey. >> yes. and they've titled dog-friendly books and creating books especially for dogs, how about that? >> that sounds amazing, if it works. >> i wonder if it works for spouses, too. could i find books that sound like my husband and books that sound like me when i'm gone? are you calmer now, honey? >> no, it will be the same as if you're there, turn this off. so there's this little kid in florida and his parents who have an amazing goal right now. this is 3-year-old owen, they're from wellington, florida. they decided to try their hand at filming his golfing success. >> hole in one! >> mini golfing success, scoring a hole in one at mini golf clubs all over florida and
3:27 am
one. they're about halfway through. it was inspired by a real pro who shot some real holes in one. >> wow, he's got the skills, huh? >> and for a 3-year-old, not bad. >> good training, i like it. from hole in ones to a new goal. check out tucker gott in new jersey. he came up with a new use for his paramotor. think about pair gliding with a fan behind you. >> is he going to school? >> he's clearly in a rush to get somewhere. >> practice? >> and he found this was the most efficient mode of transportation to get where he needed to go. >> is he late for work? >> when i paraglided, the goal was to get to the bottom of a volcano. for him it was to get to mcdonald's. >> a very important goal. >> mission accomplished. >> a man after our own heart. speaking of mcdonald's, you know
3:28 am
a young lady in mississippi decided to do her senior photo at m
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now." tough new sanctions for north korea. the secretary of state arriving in the region overnight. addressing the crisis with north korea moments ago. plus, the bombshell report. is the vice president planning to run against the president in 2020? our reporter's standing by right here. severe weather that slammed parts of the plains and midwest over the weekend is pushing to the east as a massive cleanup is under way in tulsa. after a tornado carved a path of destruction through the city. and new this half hour, taylor swift's courtroom showdown beginning today. >> the bad blood between the ten-time grammy winner and the radio deejay she's accusing of groping her. hear why he isui
3:31 am
just vlad without his shirt. he's still too sexy for his shirt. the russian president making it clear he's on vacation with a sexy new photo shoot. trust me, the pictures you have to see that you won't forget. oh, it is monday august 7. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> wow, vladimir putin enjoying the warm weather. >> yes, he is. >> woo-hoo. >> it was like 10 degrees in siberia, there, but it doesn't matter, he doesn't like his shirt. >> wonder if they're going to update the vladimir putin calendar. president trump is praising the unanimous decision to
3:32 am
discusses what diplomatic efforts may come next. >> meanwhile, the president is spending time away from the white house, but don't call it a vacation. >> we've reached that point in the summer where presidents pack up, and they head out of washington for a little bit of a break. and president trump is no different. he's spending the next two weeks at his golf club in bedminster. president trump on two-week get away at his new jersey golf club. one thing he's not taking a break from? twitter. the president stressed in a tweet, this is not a vacation. meetings and calls. one of those calls was with the president of south korea. president trump tweeting, very happy and impressed with 15-0 united nations vote on north korea sanctions. the u.n. security council unanimously approved new sanction on northor
3:33 am
its intercontinental ballistic missile test last month. >> and we hope again that this ultimately will result in north cray coming korea coming to a conclusion to choose a different pathway. >> reporter: rex tillerson laid out the preconditions for potential talks with north korea. >> the best signal that north korea could give us that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. >> reporter: back home, the president still dogged by the russia investigation, and one top white house adviser won't guarantee the president won't fire the man leading that probe. >> does the president commit to not firing robert mueller? >> the president has not even discussed that. the president is not discussing firing bob mueller. >> but will he commit not to fire? >> he's not even discussing not, he's not discussed firing bob mueller. >> that's not what i'm asking. >> well, hold on. i'm not the president's lawyer here. but i will tell you as his counseli counselor he is not d
3:34 am
senators unveiled a bill to prevent him from doing so without good cause. congress is also out on its august recess, so it's unlikely that's going to pass any time soon since no one's actually there. >> speaking of no one actually there, let's talk about the vice president for a second. with the president on vacation, the "new york times" is reporting that mike pence is laying the ground work for a run in 2020. what's going on with that? >> so he, the vice president is out there natalflatly denying t. he put out a statement on white house letterhead saying that he stands by the president and his effort to reach his agenda and see the president reelected in 2020. he called the suggestion laughable and add surbsurd, thi message not just to the reporters but to the president. i'm standing by you as your vp. >> we've seen him make, he's giving speeches and doing fund raising, but he says it's fort
3:35 am
preside -- for the president and advancing him in the 2020 election. >> interesting denial there. thank you. opposition leaders in venezuela are calling for renewed protests after an attack on an army base. venezuela's president is aiming to hit the other attackers with the maximum penalty. the uprising occurred when they are getting to work following an election widely viewed at fraudulent. and manhunt is under way for a search for a man who escaped in ohio. >> surveillance images show powell hand kwcuffed shortly bee he got away with the sheriff's weapon. investigators say a teenager was shot in the stomach sunday afternoon. he survived,
3:36 am
attackers escaped by jumping on another train hiding in the opposite direction. this is the second shooting on board a train in just the past two years. police in north texas are searching for a driver behind a shocking road rage incident. the suspect is captured on video pointing a gun at a passing car. police are asking for help to identify that person right there. the video and other internationimages were posted to facebook and have been viewed more than 3 million times. this system spawned a powerful ef- 2 tornado and cut a path through tulsa, blowing out windows, uprooting trees and injuring at least 30 people. >> further west, strong winds have been battling against firefighters fighting the fire near boise. it's grown to 94 for scare
3:37 am
square miles. >> we have a low pressure system pitching a tent so to speak in the ohio valley. but dit's going to track to the east, and down to the southeast we'll have problems with rain as well. it's going to bring a significant amount of stormy weather. now the area that's going to be targeted for the worst of the worse is d.c., richmond and norfolk. brace for thunderstorms in denver as well. kendis, diane? >> quite a stormy day in the u.s. excessive corrosion is blamed for causing a deadly ohio fair accident. decay inside a support beam weakened the 18-year-old
3:38 am
tyler jarrell died from blunt force trauma injuries after the ride broke apart last month. seven people were also injured and four are still hospitalized, including one woman who remains in a coma. gm is recalling thousands of trucks over a possible steering defect. the vehicles may have a software problem that can cause them to lose their electric power steering assistance. more than 690,000 vehicles, model year 2014 chevrolet silver ah doug silverados and sierras are affected. middle school is a tough time for children. >> a 11-year-old in indiana received serious backup. 50 bikers escorted him to his first dave sixy of sixth grade. >> phil's mom says he was picked on in
3:39 am
talked of ending his life. >> the biker offered a show of strength and phil was ecstatic. as for how all the other kids are, at least phil will be comfortable. >> do not mess with phil in middle school. >> memo received. >> yes. coming up, the courtroom showdown kick off today that's pitting taylor swift against a former radio deejay. she's suing him for assault. so hear why he is also turning the legal tables on her. and later in "the skinny," the countdown to mayweather/mcgregor. world news weather, brought to you by car find a safe used car. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents.
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request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. a police officer in san antonio was apparently having one of those days. >> oh, man. >> yeah, if you can see the car there, that is a gas station nozzle, just hangin' out in the car. he, i guess drove off with. the department later released a statement saying there was no danger of spillage when the tank was ripped off and that the officer would not be penalized since it was an accident. >>
3:43 am
properly when changing lanes. >> in the same direction of the nozzle. maybe he was trying to go back to the gas station to return it. so another fox news personality has been taken offer the air. amid sexual harassment allegations. fox news says it suspended eric bolling, the co-host of the late afternoon program "the specialist." they're investigating allegations that he sent a lewd photograph to three female colleagues. his attorney is denying the allegation. jury selection begins in denver in a civil trial involving taylor swift and a former radio deejay. >> taylor swift is set to testify that the deejay sexually assaulted her when they posed for a photo. but he says she's one that's lying and he's counter suing her. here's clayton sandell. ♪ >> reporter: the hottest taylor swift ticket in town this week isn't a concert. ♪ knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪
3:44 am
showdown in denver between the super star and a former radio deejay she accuses of assault. ♪ ♪ we got bad blood >> reporter: it allegedly happened backstage before swift's denver concert in 2013. key evidence, this photo obtained by tmz. >> in my opinion, this photograph is not conclusive. it's not definitive. >> reporter: swift claims david muller took his hand and put it up my dress, grabbing her backside, saying it was completely intentional and i've never been so sure of anything in my life. >> she's very sure about being a victim of this groping, and she wants to prove that she has not fabricated this. >> reporter: in court documents and a radio interview last year, muller denies groping swift. >> my hand was never under her skirt. i never grabbed her. >> reporter: muller is suing her for $3 million in damages, claiming the singer's re
3:45 am
>> i think it's extremely difficult to prove. taylor swift did not know him. she had no reason to want him fired. >> reporter: swift is counter suing for assault and battery. ♪ >> reporter: the main audience for this nine-day trial, a jury of eight. swift herself is expected to take the stand. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> of course we'll be following it all week long. when we come back, the president of russia takes it all off. >> "the skinny" is next. off. >> "the skinny" is next. e the s. megared advanced triple absorption is absorbed three mes better. so one softgel has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption. ito become dangerous.d for an everyday item new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ ♪ i'm too sexy for my shirt >> it is summertime, which means many of us are too sexy for our shirts this time of year. >> woo, including that young man named vlad, the president of russia.
3:48 am
he likes long walks, he likes fishing. >> he likes to be topless. >> so the pics that we've all hoped for, sexy vlad is back, the outdoorsman. >> there he is on vacation in southern siberia, just doing a little fishin' and flexin', there you go. >> look at that. he's totally flexing his triceps as he grabs the pecs there. >> look at the dancing. oh, boy, wow. >> is he moving those is this. >> oh, of course he is. those fish are jumping out there, so are the pecs. >> oh, my god. those pecs are rockin', don't come knockin'. >> that is his defense minister next to him. a little camo pants. >> a very sporty look for both of them. nothing says defense like shirtless men. >> the internet's enjoying this. there have been a couple memes coming out. there he is riding the wall street bull.
3:49 am
throne of "game of thrones". and channing tatum. >> and of course, ladies, he is singlesque. his tinder profile already updated. >> there you go. got to get at that updated. we go from that to steamy las vegas gearing up for one of the biggest fights ever, the mayweather/mcgregor fight. saturday, august 26th. >> they have been trash talking each other relentlessly, but the real battle is already under way with vegas nightclubs trying to book the biggest names while everyone's in town. some of the biggest names are calvin harris, jay cole and perhaps the biggest name, fitty cent. he'll be throwing a party with gee zee. >> i do like gee zee. he's not the only legend of hip-hop in town. on saturday, diddy throwing a pool party.
3:50 am
this year and not ten years ago? >> it really does seem like this is early 2000. >> we didn't dig up an old script? >> so diddy will be in the daytime. >> okay. >> and then you've got the fight. and then after that, you have the edm boy band. the chain-smokers. [ laughter ] >> so they will work their way through the city, travis scott, rick ross, deejay mustard on the beat. and the most interesting note of all, mcgregor is booked to appear at a club named surrender. >> oh. >> doesn't that sound like a little bit of a jinx maybe, foreshadowing? >> he's going to lose anyway, so it's okay. >> no. didn't you see his suit? next to beyonce having fun over the weekend roller skating. >> she posted this to instagram after spending time at a skating rink in venice, california, out and about with jay-z after
3:51 am
giving birth to their twins rumi and sir. >> we're not sure if jay z did any skating, but he has been releasing a video which reimagines "friends with a black cast, featuring desiree and plays off the widely-held notion that the original "friends" was a rip-off of "living single", a show of six african-american friends living in new york. it ran for five seasons. and we have breaking news for "the skinny" this morning. anna faris and chris pratt have announced they're separating. >> faris posted a note saying the couple tried for a long time and they are really disappointed, but they will all the love each other. and their son has two parents
3:52 am
we don't want to end on a sad note. so how about we check out chris pratt's guardians of the galaxy co-star. hasselhoff. oh, soak this in. vladimir putin loves this. co-star. hasselhoff. vladimir putin loves this.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. the dark tower, topping the box office in what really was a relatively slow weekend. >> it pulled in $19.5 million
3:56 am
with dunkirk pulling in $17.6 million on its third hangs on with $12.4 million. coming in third. >> despite all those bad reviews. >> the emoji movie still hangin' in. and some dogs like to catch a ball. some like to catch a frisbee, but for this group of dogs in california, it's all about catching the wave. >> they are hanging ten and then some. jen nay norman gives us the look at the world championships. >> reporter: off the leash and on the beach. a bunch of hounds hitting the waves along the sandy shores of san francisco. [cheers and applause] the theme of the day, hanging ten with man's best friend. for the annual world dog surfing championships. >> he was just riding a great wave. >> reporter: the dogs scored by how long they ride, how big the
3:57 am
wave, confident, and those tricks. the better surfer among the two of us has got to be abbey. >> reporter: but it was no walk in the park. the competition was stiff. >> once he's on the board he's very serious and very competitive. he loves the applause. there's a good rivalry among the dogs. >> reporter: even in the dog-eat-dog surfing competition, the rivalry sometimes turned to teamwork. [cheers and applause] >> it's always a fun thing to watch when these impromptu tandem sessions happen. >> reporter: but in the end, there could only be one top dog. >> number one, abbey! >> reporter: jen nay norman, abc news, los angeles. >> how cute is that? >> they go backwards! very impressive. >> but some of us can hang onto that. >> yeah, like this. if that's what you mean by that. >> there you go.
3:58 am
>> oh, frank! >> frank the bun. >> oh, yeah. he loves to surf. actually, i think. >> is that like body boarding?
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> i think frank hates surfing, making news in america this morning, president trump is facing serious foreign challenges during his working vacation. north korea is expressing anger overnight after being hit with new international sanctions and there is a new u.s. response to russia's diplomatic demands. plus, the vice president's strong response to a report about his own white house ambitions. what he's saying about a presidential run in 2020. we're live in washington. a powerful storm is barreling towards the east coast leaving damage behind from tornadoes and flooding. the forecast coming up. chalk this up as a case of the mondays. the officer driving that car clearly forgetting something


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