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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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memoriams dedicated to the confederacy before the controversy turns to violence. the plaque here honoring robert e. lee was removed in new york today. in the middle of the night, four statues came down in baltimore. maryland bureau chief, brad bell, live with that side of the story. >> this is something an artist made as a proest to to the statue. it was taken away but then put up top. this is what is going on all day long. people looking and sharing opinions. this happened in the dark of night. contractors with heavy equipment literally picked up the monumental
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stonewall jackson and robert e. lee and loaded it on a truck. by daybreak all four confederate monuments in baltimore were nothing more than empty bases. the mayor saying the time had come. >> i thought there is enough grandstanding and speeches being made. get it done. brad: they are gone but the debate rages on. they confronted the baltimore city council mary pat clark. >> what will they do with the monuments? >> we go out of our way to appease the black population here. >> this is all of our history. >> look, we just can't agree. >> this man who says his ancestors fought and died in the civil war upset the statues are gone. >> why on earth do the statues bother anybody? i don't understand that. brad: by far, the majority coming here today applaud the move. wanda duncan wanted her children to see. >> this is historical. they need to know. they need to b
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they are change makers. >> now back live i want to show something here. someone wrote this on the statue base, "honor history." a while ago someone drove by in a car yelling out the window "that is my history that you are taking down." passions are running high. we will share more at 6:00. in brad baltimore, brad bell, a7 news. >> playing "amazing grace" on a soxphone outside a theater with memorial was held for heather heyer this morning. she was the only person killed in a crowd of protesters opposed to the white nationalist rally. q mccray picks up the team coverage live from charlottesville. q mccray? q: it's been an emotional day in charlottesville to say the least. it's back to normal now. but it wasn't long ago the
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mourners entering the paramount theater. they didn't know heather heyer very well. but her mother and father changed that. >> she loved people. she wanted equality. >> one after another. heather heyer's loved one took to the stage to praise a life lost too soon. >> i want this to spread. i don't want this to die. this is just the beginning. of heather's legacy. >> some grieved in song and others did so in silence. armed with shield, helmet, bats and guns saying they were ready to protect the mourners if violence erupted. it never did.
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>> inconvenience. you suck it up and you do it >> back inside her mother spoke highly of the 32-year-old activist who wanted nothing more than equality for all. >> what can i do to make the world a better place? >> virginia governor were here after the service who made pointed statements about racism in our country. reporting live from charlottesville, q mccray, abc7 news. >> there is blame on both sides. i have no doubt about it. you don't either. you had bad people in the group and you had people that were
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>> on both sides. >> those comments over the last few days that sparked a lot of discussion to the president. tonight they are asking if you think the president is helping or hurting race relations in the united states. >> spotsylvania, trump country. >> he has a big job to do. he is our president. we should support him. >> law and order will be restored. >> after a rally in nearby fredericksburg, mr. trump beat hillary clinton by 10,000 votes here out of 58,000 cast. >> we had people give us donation after donation. it's overwhelming. i couldn't get the signs out fast enough. >> now nine to ten months later -- >> he has rough spots. he has to work out some wrinkles. >> after a difficult week, voters who say they supported mr. tru i
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still would this day. they don't like the other members of the republican leadership. >> i'm proud of president trump. not so proud of the party. >> mr. trump denouncing the white supremacist groups after two days but then saying all sides share responsibility. >> there is blame on both sides. we need the statues. they don't have to be in the public square but we need not to destroy the history. >> dale swanson, the first person to chair the spotsylvania republican committee says she believes the voters here did make the right choice. >> i see america starting to prosper and people are starting to have hope again. >> a long time aid of trump stepping in the communications director. hope hicks takes over for anthony scaramucci who left after 11 days on the job and is the fourth perso t
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since president trump took office seven months ago. alison: a fire at the smithsonian castle deemed an accident. d.c. fire officials say it started on the fourth floor in an area that is under construction. >> get ready for the cycle of the afternoon storms. doug hill in the stormwatch7 weather center tracking chances. >> not much out there today. >> what we find around the area is not only do the higher temperatures return but the higher humidity levels so this creates the feels like temperature. what it feels like outside now. it's 94 in leesburg. 92 in culpeper. 96 in annapolis. i will stay muggy through the evening. stay partly cloudy and partly sunny for the next few h
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temperatures cool and the humidity levels remain high we could see areas of fog. not like last night but area of fog nonetheless. the satellite and the radar have shown spotty showers in the area out of the northwest. diminishing as we speak. it should be no issue for the outdoor activities. overnight temperatures 67 to 75. wage and muggy. through the next few days it will heat up. around 90 generally as we head through the next few days. beyond that it looks good. weekend outlook. isolated shower. summer is back to stay and play for a little longer. larry? larry: well, we'll take that. tomber killed h
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last night. there is no word on a motive for the shooting. alison: new developments tonight as the d.c. sniper tries for a new sentence. kevin lewis is live in rockville where a judge ruled on that request today. what happened? >> malvo appeal offended many people in the community. here is why. he freely and openly pleaded guilty to killing sings people in montgomery county. but then opted to fight his life long prison sentence only a technicality. >> one of the rulings stated minors should not be subject to the mandatory minimum sentences. he was 17 in the sniper s
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that paralyzed the d.c. area. after thorough review, montgomery county circuit court judge issued a 28-page proctor today making it clear that the judge that originally oversaw the case handed down discretionary, not a mandatory sentence of six life terms in priss. >> the bottom line is this. the supreme court cases don't control here. be even if they did -- but even if they did the facts found by judge ryan would hold sentence of life without the possibility of parole was the appropriate sentence. >> montgomery county prosecutors add they felt confident in the fight. but were relieved to learn malvo lost his appeal. >> the stenses given by judge ryan in 2006 were upheld. as legal constitutional and fully in compliance with the maryland
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>> lee boyd malvo can appeal to a higher court but it's unclear what the next move will be. live outside circuit court in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: the story touched the world. today, boston breaking ground on a park honoring martin rashard. the 8-year-old was the youngest victim of the boston bombing and his sister lost her leg in the bombing as well. the park will have wheelchair ramps so it's accessible to everybody. alison: the mormon temple is typically off-limits to anyone unless you're mormon but find out when anyone can get a chance to look inside. >> and the celebration that is shortened for a local basketball star. larry: we have five days for the eclipse across america. in the next hour we hear about the new technology to help you see it and tal
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alison: 40 years ago today elvis left the building for good. he died on this date in 1977. the annual vigil ou
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graceland mansion started last night. this year the fans are charged almost $30 to walk past elvis presley's grave. that money also gets them access to a new entertainment complex that is there at the attraction. larry: tomorrow is supposed to be kevin durant day in prince george's county. a lot of the events planned are postponed at the last minute. brianne carter is live to explain why. brianne: there are still questions tonight. but there are road closures and preparations in place tonight for a celebration for a local star. it was slated to be an event to celebrate the hometown basketball star but kevin durant day in seat pleasant has been cut short. >> unfortunate circumstances and scheduling conflicts the festival part of kevin du
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>> he signed up for one of the tickets to attend. >> my ticket had me in the v.i.p. section, closer to the stage. >> this morning on "good morning washington," seat pleasant mayor eugene grant said the parade will still go on but didn't elaborate why the festival wasn't happening. >> the parade, we were going to have a concert and a celebrity basketball tournament with the young people in the community. we made adjustments to the event. we are going to move the concert to next may, seat pleasant day. >> statement later they issued statement and cited unforeseen circumstances postponing what was supposed to be an afternoon celebration. folks in seat pleasant saying having less time with the nba m.v.p. is better than not having him at all. >> i guess we make the adjustment and be happy with what we have. be happy that durant is coming. >> seat pleasant, i have been here 40 years
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>> the concert portion of the celebration is expected to take place next may. seat pleasant day. for the closure tomorrow if you are coming to seat pleasant, there are road closures as early as 6:00 in the morning for the parade preparations. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: mark your calendars because the mormon temple along the beltway will be opening to visitors. since 1970's the temple of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints was only accessible to the members but it will under go a renovation in march of 2018 and will be open to the public before the rededication. that is sometime in the year 2020. larry: awesome. alison: think about it. you have a little time. all right. doug is here now to talk about the weather and it is starting to female more like typical summer. doug: yeah. reme
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august it was cool and dry and we kept saying just enjoy it. summer is coming back. it's here. summer is back. real deal. higher heat and humidity comes with the afternoon thunderstorms. the story tomorrow and again on friday. live look gorgeous right now at the belle haven country club. fair weather clouds. temperatures in the upper 80's. with the added moisture, it is feeling like 90. the feels like temperatures in the computer at this hour, 95 is what it feels like in washington. 94 in leesburg. 91 in fredericksburg. 96 in annapolis. very warm and steamy out there. we have seen, continue to see showers form up to the clouds and come across the mountain. isolated. the closer we get to sunset they will dissipate. maybe a touch of fog in some areas but nothing like last night. we are headed out in the atlantic ocean. hurricane gert is strong. visible eye.
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the last 36 hours getting stronger. but safely away from any land areas and it will continue to move northeast. top winds now are 100 miles per hour. category two storm to maintain until we get through the day on thursday. right now moving 31 miles per hour. it will be low end tropical storm. low pressure center by the time we hit the weekend. around here, no exciting weather tonight. just haze. and fog. with partly cloudy skies and the temperatures in the 70's. tomorrow, though, in the mid-80's to the upper 80's. showers are possible in the day. isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. some of these could continue at times tomorrow night. very muggy throughout the period as well. we will get to friday and the approach of the cold front, more showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon and the everything as well. plenty of moisture converges from the south and southeast. any storms could be heavy. substantial rainfall amounts could fall in these areas as well.
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recently. we don't need more but it is coming anyway. make plans accordingly. for the next 48 hours a quiet and a muggy night. 87 tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms. then the likelihood of the storms as we head through friday highs reach 90. arlington county fair through sunday. the weekend portion of that looks okay. keep an eye on the sky. generally a nice weekend. if you head to the beaches, no issues there. it will be comfortable. plenty of sunshine saturday. more so on sunday. lies in the lower to middle 80's. that is pretty good. as far as the eclipse goes this gives you an idea of the maximum time and the maximum coverage of the sun. it will occur around 2:42. it begins in washington at 1:17. you can see the other times close to that down
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use glasses. see good chunk of the sun covered by the moon. the shadow is moving across the earth at 1600 miles per hour. this is what we have. plenty of heat and humidity. storm chances diminishing through saturday. cooler for next week. alison: where will bonnie tyler be in monday's eclipse? doug: that is what i have been asking about. total eclipse of the sun. larry: we have all wondered. how fans will get a chance to enjoy her total eclipse in real thing. alison: that is right. plus, did it happen again? why crews are investigating the possibility of more black water at the
5:22 pm
falls. >> major announcement today. i'm amy aubert with the story coming up. >> but first tonight on abc --
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larry: back with a thrill. this is national roller coaster day. first patent of the twisting, turning ride issued in august 1898. what better way than to add a new thrill ride to check off your list. alison: amy aubert shows us that plans for a new coaster weren't the only big news out of king's dominion today. >> they swarmed for not one, but two big announcements. >> thank the town people being here today. >> a skited introducing this. >> we are thrilled to share with you all and the world twisted timbers. >> this has 54 miles per hour.
5:26 pm
feet of track. >> it will be great. >> the coaster made of wood and still soared in the park next spring. >> i had no idea what to expect. oom pleased. >> i like roller coasters. i'm a thrill seeker. enthusiast. >> that wasn't the only excitement of the day. >> that was a surprise. >> winter-fest, featuring snowfall every night, ice skating rink and light shows. the big guy is here friday, saturday and sunday on november 18. >> come join us! >> it's for children, teens, twens, grandparents. >> the vice president/general manager says it's the biggest event they invested in the park since opening. >> it makes us feel good about what we are working on
5:27 pm
>> amy aubert, abc7 news. >> so much fun. i was at six flags today riding the wild 100-year anniversary. alison: how did it go? great. rarely leaving "good morning washington" and going for roller coaster rides. ready for a nap. alison: wow! that is great. well, still ahead at 5:00, making the great before the school year starts. how a system scrambling to make sure that all of its positions are filled. >> i have never seen an eclipse before. i really want to. larry: later a look it at all the new technology to make monday's eclipse one for the history books.
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alison: developing now. teen deaths from drug overdoses are inching up. a new report from the centers for disease control says the overdose death rate climbed to 3.7 per 100,000 teens in 2015. that is up from 3.1 the year before. c.d.c. says most of the deaths were caused by heroin. health experts say increased availability of new opioids like fentanyl are likely to blame. a new report shows if president trump pulls obamacare the insurers would hike pre
5:31 pm
20%. subsidies to customers would go up and cost taxpayers $194 billion over ten years. insurers are looking to finalize the obamacare rates by the end of september. larry: they are refinancing bonds to save money to save about $210 million in debt over the next 24 years. secretary of transportation says the money will go back to the state's toll facilities. of course, tonight, you have a chance to double that figure if you win the power ball. the jackpot is up to $430 million. the odds of winning it remain the same. 292 million. but you have to be in it to win it. get your tickets. alison: if you don't like those chances perhaps you would rather follow the lead of a guy in missouri. police call him the jorgst bandit. he keeps robbing the walgreens store wearing the
5:32 pm
fashionable jean shorts. his december regard for law is the same as his fashion trend. larry: you want your thief to be well dressed. y we need to see a video of that to help them find the suspect. larry: maybe we don't. alison: you'll pass. larry: exactly. hundreds turned out to apply for something more above board in prince george's county today. three weeks before the students in prince george's county head back to school, the county held a job fare to fill 100 teach -- job fair to fill 100 teaching positions. they had to show credentials. you need college degree and teaching credits but you had to know how to do the job. >> i think they focus more on the teacher as an individual and not so much on the content they were going to teach. larry: 50 people were hired on the spot today. if all the vacancies are not filled before the start of school the day after labor day, long-term subs will be hired. the next job fair is august 25 at henry a. weiss high school in upper marlboro. alison: well, share your
5:33 pm
upload them at we'll share some of them on air and online. larry: coming up at 5:00, the outcry to keep big ben's bells ringing despite the calls to keep them silent. alison: all the steps taken to make sure something goes wrong on monday's eclipse. larry: never too old to be a hero. the 82-year-old who pulled a stranger from a burning car and what he has done
5:34 pm
doug: back now on "abc7 news at 5:00", we look to weekend. we start with the forecast tonight with clouds and maybe fog. muggy and 75. partly sunny, warm and muggy with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. on friday, likelihood of thunderstorms. some could be heavy with heavy downpours. highs near 90. for the weekend it is looking better. slight chance o
5:35 pm
or saturday, 88 for a high. a lot more sunshine. touch less humid. short-term is warm and muggy but a little relief if we wait a few days. "abc7 news at 5:00" conti
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i fault the people responsible for allowing that to take place to begin with. alison: earlier in the hour we heard from some of president trump's supporters about his comments after the violence in charlottesville. now turn to the d.c. bureau chief sam ford who spoke with critics today. sam? sam: i'm on the campus of howard university the week before classes actually start. there were a lot of people here today with a lot of opinions. it's freshman orientation week at howard university. students are looking at what happened last week in charlottesville, where the university of virginia is located, saying they feel for the minority students there. there we feel safer and more comfortable here. to speak our views and not get attacked. >> minority students at u.v.a., they haven't gone back to school yet. that must feel awful knowing that is the school. that is where you are paying to attend and you don't feel safe there. >> one of the family members is going there.
5:38 pm
scared for her, because she is a freshman. >> at university of virginia? >> yeah. >> for these students, looking at the klan and the nazis marching around is frightening for some and hard for international students to apprehend. >> i have never seen this in my life. >> students spoke of a young woman killed by a man driving in the crowd and being disappointed by the way that president trump responded to the situation overall. >> it's heartbreaking. she was taking a stand against evil, racism and evil and it happened to her. it shouldn't happen to nobody. >> he is not saying anything relevant or anything positive or doing something about the situation. >> students at howard university. classes here begin on monday. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: manchester arena is expected to reopen next month with memorial concert to honor the victim of the bombing in may
5:39 pm
outside ariana grande concert killing 22 people. larry: big ben may not go quiet after all. the british house of commons will review whether the icon should be violenced in the four years of renovation. under the current plan the bell would be silent to protect workers repairing the clock tower. plan outraged many britons who demanded parliament reconsider the idea. alison: there is a second sewer discharge near niagara falls. unlike the highly publicized incident last month this latest discharge looks to be weather related. rain caused overflow at wastewater treatment plant. the earlier incident is under investigation. larry: massive clean-up is underway in montana after a train derailment dumps a hole in a local river. 30 cars
5:40 pm
it's unclear how much of the coal went in the water. the state and the federal officials are part of the clean-up. it could take several weeks to clean up and the derailment is under investigation. >> the latest reply mission docked with the international space station. in addition to experiments, the capsule included the most powerful computer to ever operate in space. also on board with the computer vanilla and chocolate ice cream. birthday cake ice cream. frozen candy bars for the crew who deserves it. right? larry: absolutely! time to kill. why not? winter has come early for some "game of thrones" fans. sixth episode of the season was shown a week ahead of schedule in spain and nordic countries. it was an error by the vendor but there are copies available online if you know where to look. hbo says it has nothing to do with a recent cyber attack. alison: still ahead at 5:00, we are talking tech ahead of th
5:41 pm
what could make it the most exciting ever? larry: the redskins back in training camp. erin hawksworth has the lates
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larry: in an hour parents can learn more about the former charles county school employee charged with child sex abuse. the coach has been accused of sexually assaulting several boys and producing child porn. there is an information session for parents tonight at 7:00 in waldorf. alison: coming up new at 6:00, a brazen robbery caught on video. two men holding up a random victim outside of a business. the key thing police want you to watch for here. plus five bank card skimmers found in one week in a local county but you can fight back with the technology in your cell phone. we show you how at 6:00. larry: german chancellor angela merkel in the middle of a heated re-election bid and held a q&a session on youtube and she revealed her favorite
5:45 pm
the one with the heart. not sure if it will sway voters in germany but the election is more than a month away. every little bit helps. alison: yeah. hard hitting questions we need to know about the candidate. >> things we need to know. alison: what is going on, robert? robert: hard hitting in football. preseason. yeah. much manufacture than that. >> with a heart? robert: with a heart emoji. don't forget about those. and the smiley face. redskins are back in action for practice. next up in the preseason is packers at fedex. we will be live there. in the preseason it's mostly help over performance. the redskins already has a few. erin hawksworth has the latest. erin: after several weeks in richmond the redskins are back in ashburn. >> we saw you make a nice play in the one-on-one today. how did the practice go? >> it felt good. really getting back out here in ashburn and the regular season schedule. getting back to the season schedule and
5:46 pm
>> kirk cousins and jay gruden called the preseason loss to the ravens a wakeup call. they heard it loud and clear. >> we could have done a better job in the first game. we want to gout and put better showing on tape. erin: what are you trying to get out of the second preseason game? >> everything for me. i'm just looking forward to having fun. run out there and competing. >> a player that is not out there competing is safety craven who injured the knee in the loss to the ravens last week but is expected to be ready by week one. >> third play of the game he jumped over the pile and landed on it funny. >> jamison crowder missed the first preseason game with the hamstring injury. and hoping to be back on the field with the skins host the packers saturday. >> anytime i step on the field regardless of who are we going against.
5:47 pm
>> abc7 is home for the ravens preseason. the coverage begins at of:30. you can see it on abc7 and newschannel8. for the redskins, we have to get guys healthy. knock on wood. they'll be fine. larry: preseason mode as well. i'm not chips and dip. robert: but getting there. you will be chips and dip. >> i'm water and crackers now. alison: we're rooting for you. larry: there you go. thanks. giant patch of garbage that is floating in the pacific ocean. scientists found it at the southern end of the ocean not far from chile and peru and think it's larger than the country of mexico. this is the second massive garbage patch found in the pacific in the last 20 years. they believe the current and the winds forced a lot of the garbage to the same location. alison: oregon's governor declared a state of emergency ahead of next monday's solar eclipse. more than a million people are expected to visit the state for the event.
5:48 pm
more resources to handle the problem and respond to problems. it will also give them an opportunity to test out the emergency plan. oregon is in the path of totality. meaning if the skies are clear, they will go dark. larry: the last time we saw a total solar eclipse in the u.s. was in 1979. technology certainly has come a long way since then. maggie rulli show eshow things have changed in the past 38 years. >> this is the best picture to get. maggie: a lot has changed in the last 40 years since we last saw a total solar eclipse in the u.s. >> the big difference now you can have instantaneous conversation. we can send pictures. you can see it. we never had it before. >> thanks to the social media, the eclipse could become the most shared event in human history. technology makes it an event for everyone.
5:49 pm
eclipse before. i'd like to. >> you can bring it to the backyard no matter where you live. but the free smithsonian eclipse app. >> a lot of information. >> it shows how close you will be to totality. >> 71.43% eclipse. >> what the eclipse will look like for you. >> the moon and there is the soon. >> perhaps most important on august 21, place the live stream to eclipse as it is happening. >> if you are in the path of totality, snapping the perfect picture comes down to two keys. time lapse and then tripod. >> it will cut down to a video. make an animated gift out of it. you can see it happening. larry: bonnie tyler plans to sing the song when
5:50 pm
belting it out for passengers on board. the album version of the song will run five minutes and 33 seconds. not sure if she sings the whole thing or time it out. alison: oh many year -- how many years has she been waiting for moment? >> 30 plus. alison: glad she is getting the moment. larry: finally there. alison: the meteorologists have been waiting for this. what is going on? >> this is here across the washington and viewing area. there is a few clouds. other part of country more challenging because of the time of year it is and the mid-afternoon hours. tomorrow we are looking for highs of 88. it will feel warmer than
5:51 pm
showers through the afternoon and the everything hours but friday is much better chance of the thunderstorms around the area. friday is hot. it is going to feel like 98 or 99 in spots. showers and storms through the afternoon and the everything hours. we get to the weekend. we will see improvement in the pattern here. can't rule out a late day shower or thunderstorm. but most of the day should be dry. 88. muggy. sunday looks terrific. less humidity. no rain chances. highs in the upper 80's. talk to josh now. five days to go. josh: it's hard to believe. with the eclipse five days away people are excited and so are the scientists at nasa. michelle is one of those sign fists. -- scientists. you are excited for this as well. as a scientist studying this what are you most excited about? >> well, it's funny.
5:52 pm
are exciting as you mentioned but they are tremendously profound human experiences. i have seen two total eclipses of the sun. when the sky goes dark in the middle of the day and it gets cold and changes around you, you see a dark hole where the sun should be and the moon is covering it up. beautiful thing around the sun called the carona, the outer atmosphere of the sun it's like nothing else. the sky shouldn't look like that. your instincts go a little wild. yes, i'm a scientist but i'm looking forward to a profound human experience to see an eclipse. josh: what is so cool about this one this is an experience for everyone in the country. not even gets totality. so for us around washington, d.c., what are the interesting things that we should be looking for? >> around d.c. we will get 80% coverage. so the sun will appear like a thin crescent. the moon is moving in front of the sun and blocking out light. one of the cool things to
5:53 pm
tree. all the little dabbles of the sunlight normally circles will become little crescents. you can see the shape of the eclipse by the dappling of the sun through the leaves or make a pinhole camera and you let the sunlight pass through the hole and focus the light on the ground below you. you can safely view the partial eclipse this way even if you don't have eclipse glasses. you will see a focused shape of what the sun looked like. so even though we are not in totality, you will notice changes happening around you. >> very cool. still something to all be part of. like we said, even though we are not necessarily in the thin path. thank you for joining us. back to you. actually, first, don't forget we have coverage here on newschannel8 and also streaming on starting at 12:30 as we track the eclipse across the country. even though we are not
5:54 pm
skies get dark. it should be a cool few hours. larry: so exciting. thanks. great stuff. still ahead 5:00, family on the verge of being torn apart. why parents could be separated from the
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larry: developing now the parents of four children in california are set to be deported today. as marci gonzalez reports, maria mendoza sanchez and her husband have been paying taxes and works since they came to the u.s. illegally but it hasn't made them immune from the law. >> devastating day. she says she has known could come since she and her husband came to the united states 23 years ago from mexico illegally with their daughter. since then, they had three more children. paid taxes. stayed out of legal trouble. and worked. maria as a registered nurse. factors they thought would help the plea to stay in the country. they did for a whil
5:58 pm
allowed them to remain here in california on a year-to-year basis. but now with increase in deportations under the trump administration they are now being forced to leave the country tonight. >> i cry alone at night thinking about it. >> immigration and customs enforcement saying in a statement the courts consistently held that neither of the individual has a legal basis to remain in the u.s. while i.c.e. continues to prioritize enforcement resources to focus on individuals who pose a threat to national security. public safety and border security. i.c.e. will not exempt classes or category of removement aliens from potential enforcement. that enforcement now happening after a failed fight and unanswered plea to president trump. >> he loved his kids very much and his grand children, too. how will he feel if all of a sudden something will happen to
5:59 pm
>> the daughters 16, 2 is, 23 will stay in callous while they and their 12-year-old son fly to mexico. in los angeles, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. michelle: right now at 6:00 -- >> there is enough grandstanding, enough speeches being made. get it done. michelle: civil war monuments gone from a local city. the swift overnight move that is still igniting debate. >> we just need to stop all of this stuff and forgive each other. >> pleas for peace inside a memorial service for the woman killed in saturday white nationalist rally while outside people armed ready to protect those who mourn. michelle: bank card skimmers found at five gas stations in one county. you may be able to fight back with technology in your cell phone. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle:
6:00 pm
divided nation now gone in baltimore. crews worked in the dark of night to take down civil war monuments hours after the city leaders ordered them removed. baltimore is the latest city taking a stand in the debate over the monument. some consider history and others consider reminders of hatred. maryland bureau chief brad bell are in baltimore. the statues are gone but the debate continues. brad: yeah. we have been hearing it all day long. this is where the statue that honored robert e. lee and stonewall jackson stood. the paper machete sculpture is up there now. there was graffiti but it's been washed off. not long ago someone wrote "honor history" on the base. it's the diversity of the opinion and the passion we are hearing here. >> a steady stream of people come where the massive


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