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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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isis is claiming responsibility. >> a van plowing down las ramblas, running a huge plaza down the street. some of the video and pictures are too graphic to share with you tonight. >> absolutely horrible. abc7 has team coverage. we are monitoring developers overseas and on social media. >> we begin with the jeff goldberg at the live desk. this was right around dinnertime. it was packed down there. absolutely right, allyson. the information we're getting is absolutely heartbreaking to authorities say 12 people are confirmed dead and 80 are injured, many of them seriously, following the terrorist attack .n las ramblas if you are familiar with barcelona, you know this popular section of town. police in spain say that 2 suspects are in custody. chaos and covered striking a popular tourist destination in barcelona on b
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-- busy afternoon. a white van jumping the sidewalk of the las ramblas district, plowing into dozens of pedestrians. witnesses described people screaming and running for their lives as the driver of the van swerved side to side for hundreds of feet in an effort to strike as many civilians as possible. with people attending to the injured on the street, the manhunt for suspects quickly intensified to police shutting down the large, popular district and usually bustling with activity. authorities are urging people to , while alsoe ordering stores and nearby subway stations to shut down. have repeatedly used vehicles in deadly attacks across europe in the past year, including in the french city of nice, berlin, germany, and london. this just in, police say the bomb squad has responded to the outskirts of barcelona, where a car reportedly struck police officers.
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what happened on las ramblas. we will have updates throughout the hour on this developing story as they come into our newsroom. at the life desk, i am jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> i am monitoring developments online. the u.s. is condemning the attack. look at this tweet from president trump. it reads, "the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong. you."e first lady melania trump, her thoughts and prayers, she is sending them to barcelona. one of the restaurants shows armed police going through the streets, searching for suspects. here is another video from a different angle. this is through the alleyways. the police are being vigilant and their guns drawn. the u.s. consulate is asking all u.s. citizens to update their social media status is so their friends and family know if they are safe
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activated its safety check feature. police in barcelona have changed their avatars -- they have put a black ribbon of here in response to the attack. many are asking for prayers for barcelona from the world. back to you. the wail of sirens is a familiar sound after numerous back have taken place overseas. brad bell outside the spanish embassy. absolute heartbreak today. i cannot even imagine sharing with you today. right now the embassy was closed we have been seen people come doing business as usual. they say it is a terribly sad thing. i can show you this -- the spanish flag outside the embassy , spanish flags at half-staff. we had an opportunity to speak with one embassy employee. >>
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situation right now. , we must beorld alert about what is going on. not only europe, it's around the world. we are really sorry. so we have seen some other embassy employees coming and going. they told us they did not have the ability, the authority, to speak on camera, but they told us essentially they are heartbroken by what has happened. we will keep you up-to-date on any new developments. in northwest washington, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: we will check back in with you soon. vehicles have increasingly become a weapon of choice in these terror attacks. five times just this year. june 19, of iran into a crowd in london following services. one person was killed. earlier that month, also in atdon, seven people died in 2 attacks on the london bridge come when a van swerved into crowds on the sidewalks. in apr
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department store in stockholm, sweden. on march 22, that was the westminster bridge attack in london. several people were killed when a man drove an suv into crowds of people. it is important to note, this past weekend in charlottesville, some in the president's administration are calling what happened then an act of terror, but so far, the driver in that case is not facing terror charges. jonathan: stay with abc7 for updates on the terror attack in barcelona. if you happen to step away, don't worry. you can download the app, abc7 news. go to as well, because we are updating the website continuously. president trump is taking aim at members of his own party. he launched an attack on to republican senator's on twitter today. abc's janai norman has the latest. janai: president trump quick to
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condemn the terror attack in barcelona, but still facing backlash over refusing to do the same point in car rammed into a car in charlotte store, virginia. resident from: -- president trump: i think it was blame on both sides. the president seemingly equating those protesting white nationalists in charlottesville with racist views. he called senator jeff flake "f lake jeff flake. he is toxic." "senatorg that stating lindsey graham falsely saying i think there is equivalency between the kkk and the nazis and people like ms. heyer." "because of the way you have handled the charlottesville tragedy, you are receiving
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groups in our country. please fix this. history is watching us all." while expressing some sympathy for trump, former house speaker newt gingrich says that the president standing with his own party is grim. froms much weaker support the party in congress anything she does, and a lot of it is often afflicted. janai: the president said in the wake of the attack in charlottesville, he waited to respond for getting the facts. in the case of barcelona committee was only --case of barcelona, it was only a few hours. "time" magazine showing the new cover. the artist to design the image says that white supremacists use the freedoms of our constitution to provide "further an agenda of hatred." toson: when it comes confederate monuments, baltimore
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city. they were taken to what appears to be a junkyard east of downtown. some argue this is history. others say it is intimidation. richard reid with a past that divides the country now. it certainly is a big divide. we are at manassas battlefield park. you have the statue of stonewall jackson here. just days after the events in charlottesville, great debate about the statues. you mentioned the dramatic images for the confederate statues removed in baltimore just this week. interim, north carolina, protesters themselves -- in durham, north carolina, protesters themselves pulling down the stitches. some see them as a part of history. opponents say they represent proslavery ideology from white supremacy, and jim crow. the southern poverty law center say there are 718 of these money was the country, and 220 and virginia, more than any other state.
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a confederate general. idc council is just the d.c. council is considering a resolution to remove that as well. there are different opinions on the issue. >> we have so many signs of andorism and hatred disunity in our country. i think we would be better served to have something that sends a more positive message. >> i think the state should decide, but we start taking them stop? like do you most of the founders of the declaration of independence were slave owners. richard: as far as the tight statue goes, it is the national park service which is the decide whether it should stay or go. some say it should be moved to a museum or a park just like this one. comi u
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fascinating history behind these statues, and where do we go from here. jonathan: rich, thanks. the statue of a confederate soldier has been vandalized in loudoun county. it was spray-painted with graffiti that included obscene language. the vandals are believed to tagged the statue sometime after midnight. the graffiti was moved and there was no permanent damage done to the statue. if you know about this crime, police would like to talk to you. alison: let's switch to the weather. abc7 is on stormwatch, tracking showers that have been popping up around here. chief meteorologist with where they are moving now. doug: they are not in the district. looking at national harbor, it is hazy and very warm and humid. most of the rain, not all of it, is east of the metro area. let's go to the doppler radar and we will show you the images here. the heavier, more concentrated
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the western shore of the chesapeake bay. you get farther west, they are fewer and farther in between. any isolated showers or storms will end over the next several hours, but it will remain very tonight.muggy air temperatures range through the 80's to about 90 degrees. evening planner calls for cloudy skies and a bit hazy with fog overnight. rain chances will end. lows will drop into the 70's. look for areas of fog, and a hot and humid day tomorrow. we will check it out to the weekend and beyond in a few minutes. jonathan: we will see you then. followingnext, abc7 the latest development in barcelona. alison: also next, a very weird explanation a man gave for trying to burn down his house. and blue dogs roaming the streets of mumbai. what's behind the change in color. >> a new the
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public-school reopens, and officials bring the good news of test scores. i'm sam ford. that stories next. continues tobc7 follow terror in barcelona. at least 12 people are getting today, 2 suspects in custody. we will have an update on the situation in just moments.
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>> following breaking news from the life desk, terror in barcelona. i am larry smith. at least 12 are dead and 50 more injured when a van plowed down las ramblas. this is one the most popular spots in barcelona, a big tourist area, and it happened around dinnertime. markets in the middle, restaurants and shops on the outside. police say that 2 people are in custody so far. the area has been evacuated, and they continue to investigate. stay with abc7 for updates. you can get alerts sent it to you from our newsroom to your phone by going to, and you can subscribe right there. alison: ok, larry, thank you very much. moving on to other news in the in thejor progress district. school test scores on the rise, but there was work to be done. sam ford
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the numbers. what are you finding? sam: well, allison, you have heard the old phrase that the room for improvement is the biggest room in the house. certainly that is the case for d.c. public-school. i'm outside watkins elementary them which was renovated and rejoined the city's list of schools today, and officials used to that occasion to release some improved numbers on test scores. mayor bowser came to the newly renovated school this morning for two reasons, to cut a ribbon officially declaring it open, and to deliver some good news about d.c. standardized tests, called the protests. mayor bowser: you are seeing an increase of 2% in math and an increase of 4% in the english language arts, which is very good news for our schools. sam: those numbers were for d.c. ps and charter schools. this time charter schools
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english and math, but still up for the 10th straight year. d.c. public schools sort of this time, up 6.4% in english, 3.5% in math, up for all races, all grades. here at watkins, the chancellor himself gave the results. >> watkins elementary school, right here in ward 6 him a percent increase in the english language arts, and a 9% in math. sam: 12% in english, 9% in math. for school already overjoyed about a new building, it was icing on the cake. >> as a parent, it is incredibly filling to see the progress. we are proud parents today. sam: as to what they think of the new building -- >> i think is really cool. >> i think it is awesome. sam: now, these scores obviously are an improvement, but d.c.p.s. lacks in many areas. compared to nationwide, only 31%
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of the students are proficient in english and a 27% in math. there is a lot of room for improvement. we will have more on the story on abc7 news at 5:00 it reporting live in southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: want to see something odd? that is not a problem with the color on your tv. that is a blue dog -- is not like dr. seuss? streets on the outskirts of mumbai have been turning blue, this after waiting into waters that have been affected by industrial waste. the change in color is because factories are manufacturing coloring dye. they are releasing dust of untreated into the river, and that is where the dogs go to drink and cool off. you know which ones do it, because they are blue. all right, the creator of one of the most popular -- probably the most popular musical ever on broadway -- david fans in los angeles the chance for some cheap seats. lin-manue
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special ticket lottery for " hamilton" outside the theater on wednesday. that show can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars per ticket, but people who won the lottery got 2 tickets for $10 each. was closedoulevard to traffic to try to accommodate everybody. in all, 40 tickets for wednesday night show were given out. so exciting. police in ohio came to an elderly man's a after his bike was stolen. he is 89 years old, he is an army veteran, and he stays in shape by taking bike rides around the community. last week, he parked his bike unlocked outside the store. he was just inside for 15 minutes, and an employee told him a kid stole his fight. police have not found the culprit yet, but they found jim a new bike and they gave it to him for free. >> my grandfather lived to be 106 because he walked on a regular
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he was trying to stay active and he lost the opportunity, that struck me. >> very thankful. i'm surprised they would take the time to get a new bike. the bike was provided by a program that gives bikes to kids in need, and they decided that jim is a kid at heart. jonathan: when he used to ride bikes, they never locked their bikes. that shows you the difference in time. now he has a nice cool helmet and a lot of friends in the police department. alison: he deserves it. jonathan: good for him. the sun will be the only thing covered at one eclipse party on monday. it is at a nudist resort in missouri. they are celebrating the clips the only way they know how, naked. the only thing the guests are allowed to wear armor smile and the funny glasses. -- resort owner is it that the resort owner says it is about accepting yourself. >> there is no sexual intervention at all.
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and people who -- you know, when you talk to someone, you are talking to the person. it does not matter what they are dressed like. jonathan: they are not dressed at all, that is the point. what is a sexual intervention? they say every cap and is booked, this place is jammed. one man is flying from london to watch the eclipse from the resort. doug: are we sending anyone? jonathan: you are on your way, buddy. and blue doc -- i think you're getting your dr. seuss stories -- "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish." jonathan: it has only been a couple of years since i read the books to my kids. doug: it is hot. the weather here on monday is still looking good. right now not too hazy. if we had an eclipse with this cloudiness, disappoint. a little glimmer of sunshine
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the dewpoint temperatures, way up there, mid to upper 70's. i have three graphics in a row i want to show. these are the current temperatures -- 83 at reagan national. they had that at andrews, and then it is pushing to the bank. .- bay combine that with the dewpoint temperature, the best measure of moisture in the atmosphere, and those are running in the mid to upper 70's. temperatures in the 80's, dew points in the 70's, this is what it feels like across the area. 100 in leesburg and culpeper. 98 in fredericksburg. 92 in washington, even though the air temperature is 83. 86 degrees in annapolis. showers, we have got a couple we are tracking here. if you west of the metro area. a few west of the metro area. the heavy stuff has first off to the east and is intensifying a little bit. you can look up across the sh
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chesapeake beach, heavy showers there. even further to the north and west, they curve northwesterly back in western anne arundel county near davidsonville road. uggyill stay very m through the evening. we will have haze and fog and temperature in most areas overnight in the 70's. 16 to 75 -- 68 to 75, definitely muggy. temperatures range to the 70's through the entire region tomorrow. there's the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, some with torrential downpours. the best time will be from 4:00 to 5:00 through a banana clock tomorrow night. as far as the heat index, 100 degrees are just a bit higher. we will quickly finish up with this, the next 10 days. temperature trends will be warm for a bit, but they will trail off t
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next week. that is the latest weather for you. alison: all right, doug, thank you. a new school is set to open in the district. abc7 gets an inside look at the project that was $100 million over budget. >> and burning down the house -- all to combat
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this stuff is a pain. when most people get lice, they tackle it with shampoo and medicine. but one man nearly resorted to fire. alison: kevin lewis expense white even seasoned investigators claim they have never handle the case quite like this. >> it's a boneheaded idea, and luckily he was stopped. kevin: lice infested this rental home. a longtime tenant used chemicals and powder to attack the tiny insects, but to no avail. tight on money come and following an evening of heavy drinking, police say he grabbed a red can of gasoline from the backyard and poor to the flammable liquid throughout the house. the 54-year-old allegedly telling his wife and nephew he "let it burn a bit," all in an attempt to kill off the lights. >> it is pretty wacky, yeah, absolutely. kevin: landscaper believed to learn
4:28 pm
match. arrived before he got to strike a match. >> if you're tricking alcohol, you should anything and it really shouldn't be pouring anything around the house. kevin: today, no answer at the front door. stackthe fire marshal's of evidence, cell phone video of the man reportedly dumping gasoline from the red can. >> better than burning yourself, killing someone else accidentally. it is a crazy story, but luckily, nothing tragic happened earlier. he is now facing charges of attended arson and reckless endangerment. he faces up to 40 years in prison. outside circuit court in rockville, i am kevin lewis, abc7. alison: at 4:00, terror in barcelona. abc7
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jonathan: breaking news we are following is the terror in barcelona. at least 12 people have been least 50 others injured , some of those critically. the medics fear the death toll can go up in the coming hours or days. two people in custody right now.
4:32 pm
and restaurant to restaurant right down the popular las ramblas, that is a popular plaza . it is prime season. isis is grading with possibility for this attack. we do not know of a clear connection. abc7 will have a bit start the evening right here at abc7 at 4:00 to 5:00, 6:00, and world news tonight with david muir. alison: meanwhile, some other news today. d.c. is set to open up the newly elevated duke ellington school for the arts. it ends next week. we got an inside tour. nathan is live in georgetown with a look at it. nathan: you can see here on 35th street and r street northwest that d.c. public schools kept the grand front of the school, but it is what is inside that is sleek and modern.
4:33 pm
that are going to call duke ellington school for the arts home. there is something for about every single creative pursuit out there. we are talking pottery kilns, dance studios, recording studios heart,icians, but at the the very center of this campus is a clea theater. inside that, a full-size theater. >> pretty amazing. 148 speakers. 28 microphones. nathan: now, the school cost about $165 million. that is worth more than double its original budget. why did it cost so much? 7 on your side investigates at 5:30 p.m. tonight. reporting live in georgetown, nathan banca, abc 7 news. jonathan: we look forward to that. this is how you typically would find august. we have gotten weeks of bricks where it has been wonderful. not today so much.
4:34 pm
temperatures as cool as it was. now back to reality. haze in the clouds in frederick, where it is very muggy. close to feeling 100 degrees in frederick right now. sauna will continue tomorrow. let's talk temperatures. they are pretty impressive right now. very impressive. [laughter] doug: that camera is moving awfully slow. one of the few things that moves slower than me. 90 in fredericksburg. 80 indianapolis. 83 in woodbridge. -- 80 in annapolis. 83 in woodbridge. a few showers in the metro area to the west. the concentrated area is getting stronger as it approaches that they across northern calvert county. pretty heavy downpours. not much in the way of lightning strikes detected.just heavy downpours . all of the motion is to the
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the one thing we will notice the next few days, temperatures at or above average. we will be 90 tomorrow. upper 80's again through monday. 91 tuesday. i will go back to monday. still looking good. partly to mostly sunny skies at eclipse time. we will have steve in here in a little bit. he will have more on the weekend and the next 10 days. alison: thank you very much. fairfax police have released this sketch, and they want you to take a good look. this is the man they think drag a 22-year-old woman into the woods and tried to sexually assault her on monday. brianne carter is line with the developments. brianne: take a look at where this all happened. sidewalk,h along the and people in the area say it is not heavily traveled by pedestrians. they say there are a lot of people often driving through this aa.
4:36 pm
take a closer look at this image. take a look at this picture. it shows a man with a beard wearing a red baseball hat. police believe the man is in his late 20's or early 30's with a stocky build. police are looking for the man in connection with the alleged abduction and attempted sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman monday afternoon. the woman was walking on that sidewalk when she was grabbed and drag into the wooded area. we talked to residents who frequent the stretch. >> the road and in the woods right behind it as well. we have never seen anything like that. i have been out here a lot. this area is usually very safe. believe police say they the man may have immediately gotten into a silver car. we are standing in a parking lot just down the way. there is also an additional parking lot a.
4:37 pm
to please give them a call. -- police are saying if you saw anything to please give them a call. jonathan: abc 7 is helping you fight back against crime by filling you exactly what is being reported in your neighborhood. go to and find crime map. right now, three people in the hospital being treated for serious injuries after falling from 20 feet from a construction site in northwest washington. this happened along macarthur boulevard. the three were inside of a list box at the time when the whole thing just tipped over. prince george's county firefighters were up on the roof of a church in upper marlboro fighting a fire there, but right now, no word on what sparked this thing. no injuries were reported. this is a construction project on an adjacent building, not on the main church. it seems so simple, doesn't it? you pick six numbers. no one has the powerball jackpot. now it is near record ter
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we will tell you how big it is, next. >> robo calls, they can be annoying, but now knew was how one of those can be telemarketers and put some money in your pocket. alison: here is autria godfrey with a first look at what is coming up tomorrow on "." -- on "good morning washington." autria: find out the best places to get your eclipse glasses. parents, listen up. how you can fight back against school bullying. weather did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month.
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alison: if you were hoping to one cap a multimillionaire, sorry, nobody won last night's powerball jackpot. jonathan: i still have not gone over it, but i will. moreggering $510 million, than $320 million if you just take the lump sum and call it a day. all of this before uncle sam gets his cut. after the cut, do the math, you get like five dollars. that is how it works. alison: hard to find of that amount of money. jonathan: insane. so much money. what are you going to do? quit your job? then what? alison: a lot. jonathan: call in rich. cannot come to work because i am rich. emma stone is now the top paid actress of the year. alison: she brought
4:42 pm
who is making less than her? jennifer aniston. she is the runner up.she may 25 $.5 million. then jennifer lawrence. jennifer lawrence with about $24 million. no powerball jackpot needed for these leading ladies. jonathan: did jennifer aniston houston movies out there this year? wow. $25 million. good for her. alison: i have two little kids. you're asking me about movies? jonathan: "bambi," " "mulan." alison: a robo call settlement. find out if you can cash in and how big your payday can get in a 7 on your side consumer alert. jonathan: also ahead, would you consider a man flying outsid a i flag outside of his home. a man's
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from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
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can find aeek you neighbor if you saw them flying a not see flag in the front yard? one woman in north carolina did not even hesitate. >> why do you have a nazi flag?
4:46 pm
germany. >> don't worry about it. you get out of here. jonathan: she did not go home and mind her own business. she posted the confrontation to facebook, and when a local tv station asked her about it, she said over the phone, it was a simple decision. >> we need to confront it every signals and we see it whether it is our family, coworkers, friends, sitting around with people and someone tells an off-color joke. it is not funny. jonathan: actually, when news crews went by, the flag was gone. the owner told the newspaper there that he only put it up after three of his confederate flags were stolen and he lost his job. alison: a 7 on your side consumer alert now. new requests for unemployment help drop last week, well under a quarter million and the biggest drop in about a month. overall, the unemployment arrests at a
4:47 pm
year low as of july. jonathan: if you're in a market to buy a house, this is a good time to do it. rates dropped under 3.9%. while still historically low, still well above last year's average at about 3.65%. really considering the life of a loan does add fast. really fast. alison: most of us cannot stand those annoying calls for marketers trying to get you to buy a product or market share. jonathan: all of us. alison: all of us. or perhaps even a free cruise. jonathan: if you have had one of those calls, you may be eligible for some big bucks. seven on your side now to fill us in on this. we want to make some big bucks off of these guys. >> no joke here. this is legit. you can get close to $1000 by becoming part of a class-action lawsuit. this proposed class action suit alleges a company broke the law when it called consumers offering free crui
4:48 pm
promotion on caribbean, royal, and norwegian lines. the problem is the cruise companies say they did not ok those calls, but they reportedly agreed to settle rather than go to court, building a settlement fund upwards of $12 million. if you received one of those calls between july 2009 and march 2014, you may be eligible for up to $900.all you have to do to find out for sure is go to the settlement website, thenk on file a claim, the link that says, would you like to see my phone number is part of the settlement? these calls, according to the plaintiff in the suit, violates the federal telephone protection act. surely worker call for action. >> i recommend consumers go to our website, get information, go to the link of the database that has all of the phone numbers that were in this marketing company' databases. if your phone number is
4:49 pm
you can file a claim with this class action lawsuit of to $300 per call. you can file a claim for three incidences. that is up to $900. that is a big deal for consumers. horace: it is a big deal. not $510 million, but a good chunk of money. but you have to be in the database to be eligible for that money. we have the link for you on so just go to and we will get you there. it only takes a couple of minutes. i know i cannot remember what calls were made between 2009 and 2014. i cannot remember what calls were made to me last week. behooves you to go in there. my cell phone number did not come up but i will try the house number. horace: go ahead. alison: i cannot do it right now. too much pressure. it is still very simple. horace: it is.
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alison: thanks. horace:, we have the link. alison: thank you. let's go to the live desk. a look at what is coming up on abc seven news at 5:00. larry: coming up at 5:00, we continue to follow the breaking news out of barcelona. at least 12 dead after a van plowed into a group of people. also coming up, can president trump face impeachment? the latebreaking news out of capitol hill. and why some people feel the solar eclipse means the end of the world is near. it is all coming up tonight at 5:00. see you in a few minutes. alison: thank you. 3.5 years in prison for poisoning a coworker. they pleaded guilty in february accused of mixing windex and dish soap in with her colleague's coffee. her coworker started getting sick at the beginning of 2016. an october, that is when suspicions were raised. then security footage showed
4:51 pm
showing her boring when next into the break room coffeemaker. the apparent motive, make her boss sick. jonathan: two urease psychologists are settling issued over the interrogation program that some called torture. the aclu is claiming victory saying this is the first time the agency is being held accountable when it comes to torture.the terms of the settlement right now , those are being kept private, but aclu filed a lawsuit on behalf of three former detainees. the psychologists were contracted after the 9/11 attacks. anow is on stormwatch taking look at what was behind after china was hit very hard with several days of a whole lot of rain. this is the scene. the area has been engulfed with a sea of. why clouds -- been engulfed with a sea white clouds. it is known as heavenly king avenue. a
4:52 pm
heaven-linking avenue. jonathan: not my kind of driving. alison: steve is here now to talk about our weather. today was the oppressive heat. we have not had much of that. steve: all of a sudden, the floodgates were open. heat and humidity. typical washington summer weather is back. a lot of people will try to escape out of town. the beaches are packed. this is will hopefully become a delaware. lots of sunshine. temperatures on the comfortable side.humidity not so bad out there . if you are outside in the dmv, feels like the lower 90's across much of the area. beach forecast for this weekend, ocean city, bethany around 85 degrees. a nice mix of sun and clouds. if you can get out there, i would take advantage of it because summer is when doing. here are temperatures outside. 85 dulles.
4:53 pm
national, where we had a passing shower. radar, shower activity north and east of d.c. moving across the bay. annapolis was wet a little while ago. conditions beginning to improve a little now as this moves to the east.walking the dog this evening ? temperatures in the 80's early on dropping down to the 70's through the 9:00 hour. patchy fog later on tonight. 68 to 75 degrees. your futurecast shows a better chance of showers and a few thunderstorms moving into the afternoon hours of tomorrow and early evening. we will get the worst of it out of here before the weekend officially begins on saturday. highs tomorrow around 90 degrees. heat index values close to 100. your 10 day outlook above average temperatures for the clips on monday. jonathan: tonight, the ravens are taking on the dolphins for the next preseason game, a y
4:54 pm
it sta
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alison: it is kevin durant day. the nba star now champion of course with the golden state warriors comes home to a heroes welcome. john gonzalez was in the middle of the electrifying crowd. john: what an exciting day
4:57 pm
county as kevin durant comes home even if it is just for a day or so. everyone is so excited to see him. we are at the rec center where he used to play ball as a kid. we will spend the camera around quickly and show you the road closure here at addison road. that rate coming right through here. hundreds are part of it. hundreds that have come along the way find to get a glimpse of kevin durant. take a look at the video earlier as he arrived over at the montessori school where the parade started. he jumped into a silver corvette. he is carrying the nba trophy. that was a bit of a bonus. people did not know he would be carrying the trophy. they gave a cast of his grandmother. he is walking with his mother. exciting day for his family. i got a chance to quickly ask kevin, how does it feel to be home? he said, very good. very exciting day for where he grew up. his mother has always been very supportive. >>
4:58 pm
here. this is where the hardware started over 20 years ago. to see him come to this point in his career is quite overwhelming. and is exciting. it is great to celebrate it at home. we travel. we meet up all over the country, sometimes all over the world. we are always together. john: what you are looking at is an electronic signs saying the festival is canceled. it was supposed to be an entire day of events, kevin durant day. it was supposed to include a parade, a concert, a festival, and a one-on-one tournament. the mayor telling us they did not have the personnel, the resources to get it done before this parade was a big hit. john gonzalez, abc seven news. >> the united states and our allies are trying to bring you to justice. we
4:59 pm
to let your loved ones know you are safe. was we just started running, too. barcelona, chaos and a popular tourist spot, las ramblas. >> two suspects have been arrested. one was shot dead in a possible second incident. here is the very latest. 12 people are dead. at least 80 others are hurt.isis is grinning responsibly .our team coverage begins with jeff goldberg. he has been following the latest development from our live desk. jeff: barcelona police have said in the second incident, a car knocked down to police officers at a checkpoint six miles from the site of the attack in las ramblas. the connection between the two incidents still not totally clear. meanwhile, the piece of
5:00 pm
shattered with an act of terror. terror in spain sending police and paramedics rushing to a major tourist attraction in barcelona. stunned eyewitnesses running for cover, confused and terrified. >> some a screaming, and everybody started to run. screaming from behind. everybody ran forward. they trample them as they went past. >> 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. he was traveling at a high speed. people flying through the air. jeff: it happened in the las ramblas district on a wide boulevard restricted to pedestrian traffic only, no cars, at around 5:00 p.m. local time. authorities say a driver rammed a van into a crowd, running people over before apparently fleeing into a nearby restaurant, causing hostage negotiators to respond as a precaution. police swarming the area and warning tourists and


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