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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, protests turn unruly overnight following president trump's rally in arizona. police using pepper spray on the crowd. look at these scenes. and making several arrests. the president firing up the crowd inside taking aim at the media. >> to show you how damned dishonest these people are. >> using the campaign-stale rally to threaten a government shutdown and defend his comments following the violence in charlottesville. we're live with the developments. plus a new report that says republican leader mitch mcconnell and the president have not spoken in weeks. so, what sparked this possible fallout? tiger woods vowing to take action after his
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photos that are leaked online. why the website is refusing to take them down. powerball fever across the country. today's drawing is the second biggest in u.s. history. so, in which state are you most likely to buy the winning ticket? >> new york. >> hmm. hopefully it's one you live in. we say good morning, everybody. we start with breaking news from phoenix. police using pepper spray overnight on protesters after a largely peaceful demonstration. >> police say some anti-trump protesters threw rocks and bottles at them. the cops then responded with stun grenades and pepper spray forcing some of those protesters to douse their faces with water. >> now, inside the convention center the president started by talking about unity and love. but then quickly turned combative and at timesng
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critics in congress. we get started with abc's janai norman. >> reporter: a heavy police presence, pepper spray and protesters. [ chanting ] >> reporter: tensions were high in phoenix as supporters and protesters squared off outside. abc's tom llamas is there. >> the phoenix police department had a very good plan in place. they were able to separate the demonstrators from the trump supporters but right at the end the trump supporters were coming out and demonstrators were able to get right up in their face and screaming matches but we didn't witness any vice. at the end as police were trying to force everyone out they used tear gas and the police had gas masks and shields and pretty much marched the rest of the demonstrators outside of downtown phoenix. >> reporter: inside a sea of red hats welcomed president trump in front of a crowd of thousands trump rehashed his response to the charlottesville violence, attacking the media for its coverage. >> then i said racism is evil. did they report that i
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[ chanting "no" ] >> you know why? because they are very dishonest people. >> reporter: saying his words were perfect omitting that he said both sides were to blame. the comment that drew so much criticism and led the phoenix mayor to plead him to postpone the rally saying trump doused racial tensions with gasoline. >> look, the president blew it after charlottesville. i mean, it was really a failure of moral leadership. >> reporter: ignoring that request trump took aim at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for failing to repeal and replace obamacare and threatened to shut down the government over his border wall. >> believe me, we have to close down our government we're building that wall. >> reporter: trump hinted at a pardon of joe arpaio convicted of criminal contempt for defying a federal judge's order to stap racial profiling in his roundups of immigrants. >> i'll make a prediction. i think he's going to be just fine. >> reporter: and the former director of nationa
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intelligence james clapper called the president's phoenix rally downright scary and disturbing and questioned the president's motivation and his fitness to hold the office. diane and kendis. >> yeah, he also mentioned that he's scared that the president has the nuclear codes. janai norman, thank you. >> the president didn't just blast the news media and democrats at last night's rally. >> he made it clear he is not happy with arizona's two republican senators. john mccain and jeff flake. saying flake doesn't matter because no one knows who he is. >> but mccain mattered quite a bit when he cast that deciding vote that killed the repeal of obamacare and the president unloaded on him. >> but we were one vote away from repealing but, you know, they all said, mr. president, your speech was so good last night, please, please, mr. president, don't mention any names. so i won't.
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i won't vote -- one vote away. i will not mention any names. one vote. speak to your senator, please. speak to your senator. >> neither republican senator was at the rally nor was arizona's republican governor. he was, however, at the airport. >> at that rally president trump also expressed some cautious optimism will north korea saying its leader kim jong-un is, quote, starting to respect the u.s. and the president said something positive might come of that. now, some analysts say that suggests his administration might be ready to seek talks with north korea about its nuclear weapons program. now to the report of rocky relationship between president trump and mitch mcconnell. "the new york times" reports that the two men haven't spoken to each other in weeks and it says mcconnell has privately expressed uncertainty that the president will be able to save his administration following this summ's
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phone call two weeks ago that turned into a profanity laden shouting match. the president accusing mcconnell of bungling the health care debate. a spokes pane for mcconnell says his boss and the president have, quoting here, shared goals. top trump administration officials have been adding details to president trump's afghanistan strategy. the first new developments of additional u.s. troops to the war zone could take place within days. but there's just no official word on how many more americans will ultimately be joining that fight. >> this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban to have the taliban understand you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one but neither will you. and so at some point we have to come to the negotiating table and find a way to bring this to an end. >> reporter: he said the u.s. could consider punishing pakistan if it doesn't stop offering safe haven to taliban fighters. the deadly collision
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involving the "uss john mccain" cost someone his job. vice admiral joseph aucoin is being relieved of duty. the "mccain" collided with an oil tanker and the navy said divers searching its flooded compartments from found remains of some of the ten sailors missing. a waging wildfire is contained and people are heading back home this morning in central washington. at least 100 homes were evacuated because of the large fast-moving wildfire that scorched hundreds of acres, destroyed at least four homes and left a thousand people without power. authorities are still trying to determine what caused that fire. now let's take a look at your weather. >> severe storms are moving across the northeast and new england this morning. you can see the strongest activity is in the appalachians and then along the coast from new jersey to new england. now, those storms will leave in their wake
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weather. the storm system is coming out of the midwest especially the kansas city area where it dumped record rainfall. first responders there handled more than 60 calls for water rescues alone. workers at this industrial complex were surprised by how quickly that water rose stranding them inside. well, still ahead right here the $700 million jackpot. which state has the best odds of selling today's winning ticket? plus, new this morning an 18-year-old missing in a national park for 11 days has been found alive. hear what rescue teams are saying about where he was all that time. a car owner refusing to give up his vehicle clinging to the back of a tow truck. the dramatic scene playing out.
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grief counselors will be available today at a new york city high school after the death of a freshman football player. police say dominic best collapsed during a noncontact practice in the bronx. he is the second new york area football player to die during a workout this month. a 16-year-old on long island was killed when he was struck in the head with a log. day three of testimony begins in just a few hours in a georgia murder case featured on a reality show. the victoria rickman case includes the defendant which says she shot and killed her boyfriend four years ago because he tried to rape her. in an odd twist a reality tv crew had followed responders officers to the scene the night of the killing and an officer was hurt on camera questioning whether rickman was telling the truth. tiger woods,
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and others are making threats. they dated for two years. her phone was hacked and naked photos of both of them were recently stolen and posted online. a spokesperson for vonn calls the hack a despicable invasion of privacy. photos of other stars like miley cyrus were also stolen and posted on the website. woods and other victims are threatening to sue the site. the website operator is denying they stole the photos directly from woods and vonn and says he won't remove the photos. the stock market opens today off its best day since spring. the dow surged 200 points amid renewed hope of tax reform. after its best single day performance since april. the nasdaq and s&p 500 posted gains yesterday as well. a landmark hotel once owned by the president is up for sale. new york city's famed plaza hotel is on the market according to "the wall street journal." it could sell for more than $550 million. donald trump owned that building from
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among those rumored to be interested in buying the plaza, co-founder of hip-hop group, the fugees. >> must have been a lot of money in the fugees. who knew? when we come back the wife of the treasury secretary apologizing this morning, why she received backlash for this instagram photo. and a new health study that says high doses of a popular vitamin supplement could be tied to cancer. needles. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened.
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it's been a dark and stormy night here in new york city including thunder and lightning. you can check out the video there. at least one bolt of lightning struck world trade center. this is the view from across the east river in brooklyn. there's one world trade. >> well, that system is moving into the atlantic ocean right now but roads could still be wet this morning. flooded roads are likely further south all the way to the so
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if you're flying airport delays most likely in atlanta. the wife of the treasury secretary is at the center of a social media firestorm this morning. >> she's apologizing after an instagram post and a response that appeared to flaunt her wealth. abc's mary bruce has all the details. >> reporter: a glamorous woman stepping off a private jet wind swept, a luxury handbag in tow, a familiar scene on instagram but this is sparking outrage. why? because that's treasury secretary steve mnuchin and his wife scottish actress louise linton returning from an official trip and that's a government plane. linton posted the photo bragging about her head to toe designer outfit, great day trip to kentucky she rose, #, tomford, sunnies, he remembers scarf. steve mnuchin is a weather former goldman sachs executive and married linton recently in a lavish ceremony attended by the president and first lady. online the backlash to
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post was as fear as her fashion. glad we could pay for your little getaway, #deplorable wrote jenny miller, a mother of three from portland, oregon. but linton fired back writing, have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? either as an individual earner in taxes or in self-sacrifice to your country? i'm pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you'd be willing to sacrifice. adding, yo adding, you're adorably out of touch. mary bruce, abc news. >> she calls her comments highly insensitive and the treasury department is reimbursing the government for her travel and says she was not paid by any fashion labels for her comments. we move to a health alert about lung cancer and vitamin b supplements. men who took high doses of vitamin b6 and b12 supplements had a higher risk for cancer and found the risk was nearly double for men. for male smokers the risk was between thee and four times
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higher. it did not find the same risk for women or nonsmokers. a teen missing for 11 days has been found in tennessee's great smokey mountains national park. 18-year-old austin bohanon was taken to the hospital. he was the subject of a massive search with hundreds of rescuers scouring the remote area. but on tuesday he simply walked out of the park. a family member says they had a big celebration after hearing that the teen was safe. relieved family, no doubt. and this incident caught on camera happened near los angeles. that's a man on the back of that tow truck. that's also towing away his car. >> well, i mean -- he's attached. >> the tow truck is moving and he smashes in the rear windows with a crowbar. his car fishtailed, scrapes along the road and police stopped the whole thing and took everyone involved in custody. >> did he get his car back? >> that, i don't know. we'll put our investigative unit on that. week three of the nfl's es
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night. >> this morning sports is all about a big trade. this happened in the nba. let's get details from espn. good morning, america. i'm nicole. he's john. any special outshout ideas. >> good morning, utica. okay, so you remember the opening night of the nba season cavaliers will play the celtics. >> sounds good. >> take kyrie irving and isaiah thomas and have them switch teams. that's right, big trade. the deal gets together and gets done. tuesday irving to boston. isaiah thomas, centerpiece that included jae crowder, ante zizic and brooklyn's 2018 unprotected first round pick. huge chip. >> dana white says jon jones has failed a drug test. this one related to his fight last month with daniel cormier and not has been stripped of his title. jones says he is now working with the crews to have his
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of course, this is not the first time that jon jones has failed a drug test around a fight. >> got a little history. all of the little leaguers in williamsport on tuesday night washed away. >> almost quite literally. >> good news in utica, partly cloudy. high mid-70s on wednesday. good morning, america. >> boston, cleveland fans mark your calendar for opening day. up next in "the pulse," a woman who was born during the 1979 eclipse gives birth to a daughter during monday's. wow. the unique looking limes that are now becoming a hit with foodies and beer drinkers. we'll tell you why.
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$700 million powerball jackpot. unfortunately, we weren't in on the poll. >> no. >> by the time the numbers are drawn that jackpot could be even higher. >> it's the second largest u.s. jackpot ever. powerball's luckiest state by the way is indiana which has had 39 jackpot winners. missouri and minnesota round out the top three. >> to put it in perspective. $700 million would buy you a tall skinny vanilla latte from starbucks for more than 550,000 years. a family is celebrating of their girl born during the eclipse but an eclipse baby isn't exactly new for this family. mom, dawn get ler was also born during the last eclipse on february 26th of 1979 and this, by the way was not planned. >> yeah, so get this. claire get ler was born a few days late. her dad was actually hoping for august 17th because that's his birthday. the family is already talking about traveling to
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solar eclipse in 2024. maybe the next sibling. >> who knows. some of the great things in life aren't necessarily sweet. >> behold the finger lime. the wild citrus fruit is native to australia but it's being grown for the first time in the u.s. in california. >> the little pods look like caviar and we're also told their shape makes it easy to drop them into adult beverages. >> you don't need to cut a little slice out of the lime anymore. just squeeze it right in. fits right through the top of the bottom. thanks for waking uo with good morning washington. it's august 23rd. your "hump day" forecast is moments away. but first a quick look at some of this morning's top stories. a defiant president trump held a rally in phoenix last night, laying out his success for
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night, laying out his success for thousands of supporters. the president also slammed his critics, the media, and senate republicans for failing to repeal the affordable care act. meanwhile-- the president drew thousands of protesters to the city last night. the demonstrations were largely peaceful until the sun went down. police say they were forced to use smoke grenades to disperse the crowds after protesters began throwing rocks and bottles. at least three people were arrested. good morning washington. toss to eileen - cloudy & muggy morning; stray sprinkle - decreasing clouds & falling humidity this afternoon - a taste of september weather coming - unseasonably cool through the end of august today: cloudy and humid start. late day cl
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humidity. stray am sprinkle. highs: 83-85 winds: n 5 mph tonight: clear to partly cloudy. comfortable. lows: 57-65 winds: n 5 mph thursday: sunny to partly cloudy. pleasant. highs: 79-82 winds: n 5 mph two people
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protest at the university of north carolina in chapel hill. several hundred people gathered last night - demanding the "silent sam" confederate statue be removed. at times - police had trouble controlling the crowds. there are no reports of injuries. the violence in charlottesville has a priest with the diocese of arlington reflecting on his past. william aitcheson , was once a member of the ku klux klan and described his spiritual transformation in a column published this week in the arlington catholic herald. in the piece, father aitcheson says he was a klan member 40-years-ago as a college student. he also warns current white supremacists that they will find not fulfillment in that ideology. reaction to the confession was one of surprise-- and forgiveness. father aitcheson has taken a leave of absence.
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the diocese says it learned about father aitcheson's involvement with the klan back in 19-93... along with his quote "sincere conversion of the heart". it seems that in hollywood-- it pays to be a tough guy. mark wahlberg is best-paid actor in the business according to forbes magazine. wahlberg reportedly made 68-millon dollars between last june and this june. last year's champ, dwayne johnson, fell to second place with 65-million dollars. and coming in third, the rock's fast and furious teammate, vin diesel. he earned 54-and-a-half million dollars. happening today-- ten barbers are volunteering their time, to make sure kids look good as they head back to school. organizers say children in need of backpacks can go to gum springs community center in alexandria. they can get a backpack and a haircut! the event runs from from 10-am to 1pm. seven is on your side as we head back to school..
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first day photo of katrianna. she's all ready to go - new outfit, backpack, and of course a little starbucks. and we want to see your back to school pics.. send them to us at it's xx and we're just getting started. a tale of two cities in phoenix last night. president trump ralling supporters, as police clash with thousands of protesters outside. what he is saying about the event, and his critics on capitol hill. good morning washington. - cloudy & muggy morning; stray sprinkle - decreasing clouds & falling humidity this afternoon - a taste of september weather coming


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