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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hurricane. alison: the effects are already felt on the texas gulf coast. nancy: the warning here. this is a life threatening storm. abc7 has team coverage. we are on the texas coast. monitoring the ripple effects nationwide. alison: the meteorologist steve rudin is tracking harvey. jonathan: jordann lucero in victoria, texas. let's go her now. describe what it is like now? and what you are bracing for. jordann: the introduction brought us more rain. for five minutes we had a calmdown. this feels like it's sleet hitting across your face. it's picking up more. this is calm for the conditions we have seen in the last three hours here along the gulf coast. people are playing it safe. this is a mall parking lot where people should bo friday
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afternoon. homes boarded up as hurricane harvey pushes close to the coast. >> most people have left. this is on the water. the storm is getting close. this is strongest they have seen. victoria texas 30 miles up the coast nearly deserted. the businesses close monday night or tuesday morning and brace for impact of landfall. most places can expect a foot. they are trying to take it as it comes. >> i don't want to think about tomorrow. live a moment at the time.
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devastated we all come together. make a big difference. >> this rain is picking back up in victoria. it's getting heavy now. reducing the visibility in this parking lot. mandatory evacuations are mandatory. some people are not leaving. some people are staying behind an evacuation center is set up for them but only a handfull of people are there now. reporting live. jonathan: let's talk about that. in the storms past we have seen it withca fridayna and rita people did -- katrina and rita where people did not get out. first responders are saying they will not risk their lives in order to save those. if they don't evacuate, what happens? are they backing up to a safe area and waiting until after the storm? >> the first responders are going up and down the street for now. the landfall has not reached
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us yet. they are checking on people to make sure they are okay. they know people might not heed the warning. they know people stay behind. they seem they are prepared for that. >> people can die in a storm like this. we appreciate your time. alison: we are joining steve rudin in the weather center. nancy: in the last hour, information coming in this a major hurricane. category three what happenedfall is imminent. it's hours away. this is the live shot camera. steve: you look here and people are out there now checking things to out. the camera shows out toward the ocean. the landfall will be tonight when it's dark. extra scary. the latest information we have. we are looking forward to an update in
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the maximum winds at 125 miles per hour. wind gusts at 130 miles per hour. this is about to make landfall at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tonight and then it will slow down. mauve to one or two or three miles per hour. then the big event with the rain. heavy rain. rain upward of 20 to 30 inches of rain. this shows 120 miles per hour winds tonight. by 7:00 in the morning barely on shore with the winds at 1045 miles per hour -- 105 miles per hour. what is most interesting is look at 7:00 wednesday. hardly moves at all. we have the storm surge that will arrive later tonight to early, early tomorrow morning. we will keep you updated. aliso
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this is how seriously they are taking the storm. look at this. babies being treated at the neonatal intensive care you wanted at a hospital there in corpus christi are being evacuated. some of them arriving in fort worth last night. a safer distance from the storm's path. we are fully equipped to pick up one of them. >> one nurse per baby or one nurse for two babies. >> we stand ready to accept newborns that require any type of critical care. >> for some of the sicker children, they just cannot ride out the storm in the hospital. most are taken to a nicu in fort worth. it's ready to treat up to 100 children at any given time. nancy? nancy: the effect of a storm like this could have potentially crippling trouble. especially as it closes in on a major airline hub like houston. transportation reporter brianne carter with a ripple effect
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brianne: there are flights still taking off for houston at this point. delays and cancellations are piling up at the houston airports. meanwhile, cancellations across the board at corpus christi airport. likely we are expecting to see more delays and cancellations head in the night and the weekend. also flights in and out of corpus christi are canceled. the number of the impacted flights are going to pick up as the weather deteriorates. the airlines issued travel advisories for the areas affected by the storm. change fees are waved for the customers heading to and from texas. carl steel took advantage to change to an earlier flight at the reagan national. he wants to get back home to austin around came here to get new flights. >> part of austin are prone to flood anyway. just like a bad rainstorm. up to a foot of rain they say
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>> this is all about trying to get back home to texas before it's too late. we have more on that and what you should do if you are traveling this weekend at 5:00. reporting live, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. take a look at this. shots like this don't get old. the perspective below is the hurricane from high above earth. hurricane harvey seen from the international space station. to give you perspective on that. you see the swirling clouds. the eye not so much. but there. from the panhandle of florida all the way to texas. it's a thousand miles. this tomorrow is almost taking up entire gulf to give you an idea of how big it is. it's the potentially destructive storm, no question. you see it from space, you know it's a beautiful shot to share. thought we'd do it for you this afternoon.
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picture. one last visit to the beach before he comes ashore. that will happen later tonight. this shot. all the folks will be long gone way off the coast as harvey comes ashore. do stay with abc7 and the continuing coverage as we track hurricane harvey. we are going to corpus christi live in a little bit to look at how fema prepared for the storm. also more pictures and the videos like you saw being shared online. you can get updates anytime you like on hurricane harvey. go to the website the team of meteorologists are tracking the storm. nancy: meantime, breaking from fairfax county where the rescue crews are looking for a missing boater. on burke lake. we are looking at the live pictures from the skytrak7 flying over the scene. three people in the water. two of the three are
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they continue to search for the missing last one. stay with abc7 and we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. alison: meanwhile, "7 on your side" fighting back against crime today after recent assaults on running and biking trails. the common target here. nancy: how can you stay safe? kevin lewis is live with the story now. kevin? kevin: there are a number of precautions. run with your yell phone so if something happens you can dial 911 easily. resist the urge to run with ear buds in both of your ears. simple put, you can stay more aware of your surroundings. we are offering advice because just this week arlington county police arrested this man. velazquez. he grabbed two women along the trail. it was 4:30 in
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officers adding he exposed himself to one of those women. alexandria and fairfax county also had attacks in the last month. on july 27, 21-year-old woman stabbed stabbed in the deck while walking on the jerry comely cross country trail in i i vien. she survived but the police put out an alert to remind people there is an active search for the suspect. you have your own warning system. >> it's more that people be safe. it's fine during the day. don't come out after dark. >> that is your best advice? >> yes. that is my best advice. kevin: running with
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spray and/or running partner are helpful tips to keep you safe. kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. you should know what crimes are being reported in your neighborhood. you can track that. under the "7 on your side" tab, click on the crime map to see what is happening. jonathan: earlier in week a construction worker shot and killed a short walk from the gallaudet university campus. that investigation goes on. sam ford reports those who live and work in the area are concerned that the crime is making a come back. sam? sam: you may remember that captain lanier had road blocks and they made her stop doing that. some argue that the area changed. but residents
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behind this house, popular home improvement contractor was killed on the job by robbers. 34-year-old fuentes married, the father of two children is dead after neighbors say men approached him as he worked behind a house here. presumably to rob him. the gunman killed him, presumably shot him in the head. he had done repair in the neighborhood for years and for his customers and friends the news was horrible. >> i'm upset they haven't been caught and that it was brought daylight. it's 1:30 and 2:00 in the afternoon. he didn't have any money on him. that is the other thing. i don't know if they killed him because he didn't have money or they were out to kill somebody that
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sam: they have lookout in the case and we are more at "abc7 news at 5:00". we hear from others working in the home improvement industry that worry in certain neighborhoods. in this case, the end was the worst. sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. some say they are hateful flyers circulated in d.c. nancy: plus the victim of a burglary says d.c. police officers who responded started to make fun of him. more of the video and the discipline next. alison: still ahead. paper, plastic and delivery. how do you get your groceries home? a closer look at how the shopping habits are changing. jonathan: we are continuing the coverage throughout this hour. stormwatch7 is tracking hurricane harvey. it's a big one. now a major category three storm. the pictures pictures from galv, texas. this is a city no
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the problem with this one, all about the rain. we will share all of it with you and track the storm when we come back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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nancy: mayor bowser wants to remove flyers as they were targeted the sanctuary cities
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the mayor is asking anyone to call 911 if they do see the posters out there. jonathan: california man who is legally blind robbed in broad daylight as he was waiting to pick up the kids from school. can you imagine? bob is his name. he was checking the time on the phone. a thief rode by and grabbed it out of his hand. he chased by the bandit. >> i yelled "hey, stop. come back here!" he continued on. i knew i couldn't keep up with him. i yelled him, "god knows who you are." jonathan: it has a happy ending. a witness saw the whole thing. tracked down the biker and returned the phone to call. that bike her have problems. the car is messed up. alison: absolutely. nancy: that is terrible. laguna hills, california, dramatic smash and grab of the surveillance video.
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they are cleaning out the eye glass frames. they estimate they got away with the 800 pairs that is worth $200,000. alison: smugglers try to sneak a bengal tiger cub in the u.s. but the border patrol knew something was up when the vehicle identification name was off. then the guys in the car tried to get around it saying they had a house cat with them. jonathan: yeah, that's house cat. wait six months and watch what it grows into. alison: in the second inspection they spotted it. beautiful. the bengal is treated at the san diego zoo. >> taking a look and doing our inspections. quite the cat it was. jonathan: abc7 on stormwatch7 tracking hurricane harvey. you have heard about the storm by now. we have live pictures. this is from galvesn,
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category three. it's a major hurricane. outer bands of the storm already washed ashore. again the major part of the storm is way out to sea still. it will make landfall later tonight. they are bracing. evacuation orders in place. other people boarding up and stacking up for what could be a storm that will last days. not a day, but days. alison: they have been through this a lot before. but this has potential to be really dangerous. steve: not just dangerous but this is different. most hurricanes make landfall and they move. not fast but they move out. maybe 112 hours or so. they -- 12 hours or so they are gone. jonathan: they get torn apart when they make landfall. steve: right. but in this case it's so close to the store, there is no steering mechanism out there and it is and or about over and over again. we are talking upward of 25 to 30 inches of rain. this is the snow stick. we use this to measure snow. here we are, 30 inches from right here to right
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that is 30 inches. that is a lot 06 rain. jonathan: catastrophic flood. alison: in hours. steve: in a matter of hours. he's amazing. everything is on stilts, they are prepared. no way. this is a big deal. we will here a lot about it in the coming days and the coming weeks. this is a cool shot. this is the virtual satellite for you. it does show what is going on right now. what the storm looks like. the wind is becoming more powerful. this is likely to make landfall in seven hours or so. south padre island, texas. live shot. a few people out and about on the beach earlier. ten minutes ago. this is gal reston, texas. the cars are -- galveston, texas. they need to get in a secure location.
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shot looking toward the ocean. this will be a different scene in a matter of several hours. waiting for a major update at 5:00. maximum winds at 120 miles per hour. wind gusts at 130 miles per hour. rain for several days. category three. this meanders around. this will go to wednesday of next week. winds to 45 miles per hour and it will be here. it's not moving fast at all. rainfall projection totals upward of 15, 20, maybe even 30 inches by the time the system moves out of texas and louisiana. tonight we have baseball at nats park. temperatures are in the middle 70's. the sun will set at 7:30.
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7:40. nighttime lows are 54 to 64 degrees. partly cloudy skies. comfortable night. great night to open up the windows. tomorrow does not get better than this. farmer's market, hanging out outside. going to the pool tomorrow. looking at the temperatures only in the upper 70's. low humidity. we keep a trend going for delmarva beaches. ellicott city. 76 tomorrow. 75 for sunday. i believe sunday is going to be the brighter of the two days. both days looking really nice at this point. here is a ten-day outlook. we start out with monday and tuesday. a chance for showers and the thunderstorms. part of a disturbance off the coast. limited to a 30 to 40% chance. moving to labor day weekend. looking good. temperatures back in the 80's. alison: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- did we find the next "american idol"? see contestants who earned g.m.w.'s jump the line passes. that's really cool. you know the lines are long. that
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they come to annapolis. nancy: but first, victim of a burglary says d.c. police officers who responded started to make fun of him. we have more of the video and the discipline next. now at havertys furniture, our labor day sale is on. fill your home with well-crafted pieces at affordable prices. and through september 4th, enjoy free delivery. plus save $100 off every $1000 you spend. hurry in. summer is ending and so are these exceptional offers. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom, have you seen my iguana? come in today to save $100 off every $1000 you spend at havertys. life looks good.
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people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. alison: after coming home to find burglars broke in a home, he called the police. he thought they would helm
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but instead he said he was made fun of. richard reeve has more. i hear the officers are suspended. what is the story? richard: they are on noncontact status at this point. take a look behind here at the house. this is clarence williams home. the back window is covered by a board here. bad guy, burglar smashed his way in with a rock. that is not the end of the story. he kicks hi way in. the homeowner says this is the same man that broke in july 17. computer, clos and the shoes were taken. alarm triggered the response but they only checked the fond door and left. eight hours lateer they returned. i shows the officers inside joking about the case.
4:27 pm
the home. then the officers discussed his sexuality after finding a list of items stolen from the first burglary. >> based on that, they made an assumption about my sexuality. >> that shouldn't have been discussed. in the middle of a crime scene and i have been victimized. >> he did file a complaint. internal review is underway. m.p.d. says the officer's behavior is not representative of the department. coming up at 6:00, you will hear and see more of the video and how the police and the victim in this case may deal with this in the future. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's been just in the past hour that hurricane harvey strengthened up to a category three storm. landfall is imminent. we take you live to corpus christi.
4:28 pm
impacted. nancy: plus, is fema prepared to provide disaster relief. a closer look at the's that came after fire after katrina coming up. alison: ahead new at 5:00, watch out above. the catastrophic crash caught on video. oh, my goodness. we will tell you what happens seconds earlier. that and more when i return for "abc7 news at 5:00".
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discovery inside and out.
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jonathan: check out this video. hurricane harvey blasting sand on the beach. imagine taking this video. you feel as if you are sand blasted. this is a major hurricane. the difference is it will stall once it does. it will bring a lot of rain. sonya in corpus christi. this is an area that will be impacted. not a few inches. we are talking about feet of rain coming your way. >> some area has 35 inc
4:32 pm
last year the city of houston down the coast had 60 inches of rain. imagine to get more than half of the rain you get in a year. a few days. it would be devastating. before the storm made the landfall, high wind and rain. this feels like hail. pieces of the debris or the palm trees. that is bigger than this. this is dicey. jonathan: what kind of preparations are you seeing. they warn them. this is a major event. you need to be put in a position to go in after the storm blow through. what things have you been
4:33 pm
seeing? >> some of the things are the generators. power can get hit and when the power is gone you can't do much of anything else. there are many hospitals around here with the patients. they can't be moved so you want to make sure you have power. keep it going here. it is important to protect them. you may look at a building now to say this is where the door is. under several feet of water it can be difficult. boarding up, we are seeing the sandbagging. people fill up the sand bag with the beach for the
4:34 pm
if the people haven't evacuated it might be too late. jonathan: she is coming to us from corpus christi. go to the weather center to see where the track of it is. >> in the live shot you see how bad it is. this is the eye of the storm. >> you can right. you can see this going to move north and west. this says not fast. however moving through the overnight hours it will slow down more to two or three miles per hour. it is stationary at some point. this is looking from above. you notice you will see spinning mechanism
4:35 pm
this hurricane is huge. isolated tornadoes are not out of the question. this is the eye here. the strongest system is here. cloud top upward of 0,000 to've,000 feet. this takes a while to move over the land. not hours but days. galveston, tex, this changed a lot. no one is on the road way. we can see the cars at this point. this is what it looks like. 4:00 advisory. this is a major advisory. this meanders
4:36 pm
a full update on hurricane harvey. the latest track for you coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: we will see you then. thanks. hurricane hunter plane yesterday. this is still category one hurricane. you can see how it bounces around. this has gotten stronger. you can see what they are subjected to. nasty. nancy: remarkable. fema has infa fred responses to the disaster in the past. are they prepared for hurricane harvey? we have a closer
4:37 pm
storm to hit the gulf coast in 12 years. texans are preparing for the worst. they are filling up stand bags and boarding up windows as harvey intensifies. going toward texas. the federal emergency management agency or fema is working closely with the state and the local officials. is the government ready? >> as ready as we can be. >> we expect high wind, debris flying, tornadoes spinning out. copious amount of rain.
4:38 pm
>> we have it prepositioned across the state. food, water, blanket, cots and diapers. anything the folks would need. >> the biggest challenge is heed warning of the local officials. >> this could be dangerous. this is a multi-day event. peeled should take it seriously. >> trump said he is monitoring the event in texas and louisiana. he plans to make a trip to texas next week. >> all eyes are on hurricane harvey. the storm as well as the preparations are playing out on social media. >> we have the latest now. what are you seeing online?
4:39 pm
>> take a look at the video. this is from corpus christi. there are residents that are planning to shelter in place and ride out the storm. this is coming, y'all. this is the home of a pastor riding out the storm. he is willing to house others. this is showing the texas national guard getting ready. thaw are on site. this big rig is heading east. sending resources to help the aftermath of harvey. red cross is helping them train to shelter evacuees. nasa keeping a close eye on the storm. he writes -- back to you. jonathan: this i
4:40 pm
hurricane harvey here. you can follow on your phone. download the stormwatch7 app to see what you want. updating maps. tracking of the storm. you will get alert to your phone around the clock. >> up next, the million dollar jewelry heist in london. like out of a movie. how did they pull it off? did they bust through the wall? climb through a vent? or hide in the closing time? we'll have the answer coming up next. >> first, did we find the next "american idol"? see the contestants who earned the g.m.w. jump the line passes for when the auditions come to annapolis.
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jonathan: did we find the next "american idol"? kidd o'shea surprised them with a front of the line pass. michelle: this isn't easy. contestant sang the "good morning washington" theme song. wait until you hear the winning voices. >> ♪ good morning washington >> kidd from abc7. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm great. i have your skip
4:44 pm
pass. >> ♪ start the day ♪ make you feel all right good morning washington ♪ >> congratulations. i have your front of the line skip pass. >> thank you! hi. >> are you surprised to see us? >> very surprised. i didn't know you were popping up like this. >> ♪ good morning washington >> i have been waiting to audition for watching it for a couple of seasons and i'm so excited. >> ♪ waking up my day ♪ i have a new place ♪ good morning, washington >> what does it mean to you? >> well, this means opportunity to actually make my dreams into a career. >> we have the last winner on the phone. molly, congratulations! >> thank you very much. >> what does it mean to you?
4:45 pm
>> congrats to the "american idol" front of the line winners. auditions september 5 in annapolis. good luck from abc7! nancy: the lines are long! but the voices are incredible. jonathan: the lines are quarter of a mile line. they stay there for hours. naps but if you win, your life changes. are you a good sieger? jonathan: not so much. maybe in the shower. you are a good singer. naps i don't know. we'll see. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- tracking hurricane harvey and the impact on the wallet. closer look at why gas flow will slow down in the coming days. >> i'm mike carter-conneen in northwest washington. coming up, what whole foods customers are saying a about the future of online grocery shopping with the amazon take over set to take
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check out the video surveillance that shows thieves robbing a london jewelry store for millions of dollars. that guy is crawling in the store through a
4:49 pm
two others in store slide jewelry his way. then he stuffed it in a bag. police say the men created a hole using a crowbar and sledgehammer. they were left on the scene. the tools. they made off with $2.3 million worth of jewels. michelle: that is a lot. nancy: a former u.s. attorney heads up independent review of the charlottesville response to three rallies. the city agencies, the law enforcement and the government officials will be part of the review. take up to three weeks before completed. jonathan: well, amazon completes the $13 billion takeover of whole foods next week. fast. comb petters are feeling anxious -- competitors are feeling anxious how it might change the grocery industry. we look at what shoppers can expect starting monday. >> many jokingly review to whole foods as whole paycheck. >> i have seen fresh cherries in this store at $11.99 a
4:50 pm
>> new owner amazon says as of monday prices will come down on select staples like organic avocados, apples, eggs, salmon and rotisserie chicken. in the future, they will cash in on the special in-store deals and the certain products will be sold on the amazon website. this has rivals feeling nervous. amazon partnered with google fearing shakeup of the grocery industry. >> packing foods. cooking, i'm more than happy to buy it online. i buy all my dog food online through amazon prime. mike: but talking to shoppers many are not convinced that online grocery shopping is the future. they like the cultural experience of going to brick and mortar store. they want to pick their own produce. >> to see it, touch it. look at it. smell it. >> i don't spend a lot of time online with
4:51 pm
that. >> meanwhile some of the whole food faithful customers were new corporate leadership might move the chain away from the healthy environmentally friendly products and practices. we have to wait to see. >> following breaking news now this is out of fairfax county. thee are live pictures from skytrak7 over the scene. crews are looking for a missing boater as we speak. authorities tell us three people went in the water. two of them are safe at this hour. they are looking for the third person. abc7 will be there live at the top of the hour. look out for that report. michelle: you might notice that gas stations reacting to hurricane harvey. even before the effects are
4:52 pm
up 10 to 15 cents this weekend. that is because the operations are shutting down. hundreds of rigs in the gulf of mexico. when the oil makes it to land refineries on the coast are right in the storm's path. jonathan: speaking of the storm. abc7 on storm watch. we are tracking hurricane harvey. live picture right now from galveston, texas. this place has seen strong storms in the past. the effects of this one a little different. because the storm is expected to stall. bringing anywhere, these are the estimates. 25 to 35 inches of rain over the next two to three days. steve rudin will update harvey's track in a few minutes. steve: look at galveston, texas. this shot here looks nice. whole, considering the circumstances. five or ten minutes ago. now another band role
4:53 pm
worse moving through overnight hours down there. the latest for you, still at the 4:00 advisory. national winds at 120 miles per hour. making this category three hurricane. a major hurricane. the first major hurricane to hit the mainland united states since 2005. definitely this is a storm that will likely go down in the history books. the latest for you shows it's not moving a lot tomorrow and sunday, monday, tuesday. by wednesday at 7:00 in the morning expect it to be right over here to get ready to move in louisiana. a lot of rain will fall. upward of 20 to 30 inches. many locations. switch direction and talk about what is going on around here tonight. it will be great. baseball, nats park. temperatures in the 70's. beautiful sunset this evening. maybe you are going to the national harbor. beach forecast. 76 on saturday. sunday around 75 degrees.
4:54 pm
the bright irday is sunday even though both days are awesome. monday, tuesday, wednesday, coastal storm will develop off the coast of carolinas. moving to labor day. look at the daytime highs. lower to the middle 80's. as of right now it appears to be dry. nancy? nancy: thank you. next, on abc7 ensure your valuables are shift safely. but will insurance cover it if something goes wrong? the three things you must do before you
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he soon got bad news. >> the neck was cracked. i would need to replace it. >> he called ups and got worse news. >> he claimed that the materials used in packing were incorrect. >> ups was denying the in
4:58 pm
this is important for anyone that is sending something of value via ups or another service. you might want to pay a few extra dollars for them to mack it professionally -- pack it professionally. >> no one at the ups store would comment. spokeswoman for the corporate office said it must meet the standard guidelines. packing peanuts or bubble wrap. mike wishes that the store clerk said self-packing is a bad idea. >> i ensured it for $ -- insured it for $1800 should have been a red flag. >> the ups is reinvestigating the claim but this is a good warning for anyone sending something of value. insurance may not cover everything. check the rules and don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. jonathan: at 5:00, a monstrous hurricane harvey is upgraded. the category three current track. when landfall isn't x and the rush to save the most vulnerable. the death of a beloved contractor sparks fear of a crime comeback in a community that appeared t
4:59 pm
calmtureed on a cell phone -- captured on a cell phone. warnings unnoticed on a busy interstate. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: breaking right now at 5:00. batoning down as the winds and the wind and rain batter the texas coast. life or death race in texas to get vulnerable out of the path of hurricane harvey. now grown to a major hurricane. jonathan: as we come on the air, we have new information from the national hurricane center. start off with steve rudin in the stormwatch7 weather center. this is a dangerous storm. steve: a big storm. dangerous storm. there are gusty winds an heavy rain. galveston, texas, we have seen this picture change a lot in the last hour or so. the calm before the storm is over with. things will deteriorate
5:00 pm
hours. show you latest advisory for you. maximum winds at 125 miles per hour. but look at the wind gusts now at 155. this is going to likely make landfall in six hours or so. bat this is a -- this is a track i haven't seen before. meanderses and it will circle for not only one, two, three but up to four days. not moving a lot. saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon. barely to shore. wednesday moving to the eastern texas. a live shot from houston, texas. lana zak joins us right now. lana: good afternoon. president trump is currently deciding whether or not to declare a state of emergency in advance of hurricane harvey making landfall. that is expected to happen in about se


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