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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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jonathan: right now at 4:00, 800,000 immigrants who arrived as children wonder what is president trump will do with daca. michelle: it stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. supporters are arguing that the children shouldn't be punished for the parents' decision. nancy: it's supposed to be announced tomorrow. there is nothing they can the but wait and see. >> that is right. we don't know the details. it's an anxious wait. to my right, these two guys are canvassing the neighborhood. they work for casa in action and they are both dreamers who have taken advantage of daca. the only reason they say they have the job they have is because of daca and they fear they might lose that and they might lose the safety against deportation if it were a case where this was completely removed. so, they have been canvassing throughout the afternoon, talking to people about the upcoming election. they
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become a big issue in if election. even at the state level, which is what they are canvassing for here. we still don't know with 100% certainty what the president is going to say tomorrow. what is expected he will announce at least a phase-out of the program that allows some people brought to the country illegally as children to stay in the country and get work permits. basically what we are hearing is likely to happen is he is likely to say he wants congress to pass a new law but he will phase out the program created by executive action by president obama. we asked one of the folks canvassing the neighborhood today who is only able to work because of this what it has done for him, the daca program? >> i can say within the front of my mind deportation because i was always living, not per se living in fear but i always knew it was a great possibility of happening. >> back out here live. again, you see the guys canvassing the neighborhood.
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are dreamers. as far as the other side of this, there is a concern among some people that when dreamers are given work permits it may take jobs potentially away from people born in the united states. that is one of the arguments for getting rid of the daca program. another argument is a lot of folks in the trump administration feels it's unlikely to win in court anyway. the feeling is it is likely not to hold up because there is a feeling that president obama did when he created it may be considered unconstitutional. so by that logic congress has to do something anyway. we won't know for certain what the president's plan is until tomorrow. reporting live in lake ridge in prince william county, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. michelle: stay with abc7 as we await the decision. you can expect live coverage right here along with the reaction and the fall-out that follows. also sign up for text alerts at if news breaks while you are away from the tv. also happening now, hurricane irma strengthening as it
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caribbean. it's a category three major hurricane here. stormwatch7's meteorologist josh knight is tracking irma for us. josh, a lot of people wondering if it will affect us. it's a complicated forecast but what is latest guidance from the hurricane center? josh: complicated is the perfect word for it. but we have been tracking this since it was off the coast of africa so ideally nobody is surprised by it. anybody up and down the east coast, the gulf states and the islands have seen and heard about the storm. but exactly where it goes is up in the air. the storm now is 120-mile-per-hour winds. we will get another update at 5:00. based on the satellite imagery, i would not be surprised if it's bumped up to a category four. we are now 500 miles here from the islands and is it working in that direction. i want to talk about how the track changed in the last couple of days. the dominican republic and cuba, a
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track. each time we have gotten a new one in last 24 to 36 hours it drops a little bit farther south. the trend is this storm is going to stay farther south. it's now looking like more of an issue for florida or even sneaking there over in the gulf. keeping a close eye on the system. if we see any impact it will be early next week like monday or tuesday. but the turn north is looking less likely. it's too soon for specifics so stay with us. i have a closer look at what could be a wet middle part of our week in a minute. jonathan: see you then. thanks. the path to recovery after hurricane harvey continues in texas and it will for a long time daw. ing task as -- a daunting task as 184,000 homes injured. many people are just getting back in their neighborhoods. reporter: homeowners cleaning out and the debris piling up. >> the furnitu,
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that is gone. reporter: bob gardner losing everything he owned but calling himself lucky with neighbors helping neighbors in bel air, texas. >> we're safe. we had good neighbors that said please come over. help. we will help you out. >> west houston thousands remain evacuated and power cut off in homes still flooded following the controlled release of two major reservoirs. but the armies corps of engineers announcing starting monday night the releases will be reduced and the residents downstream should see the water levels dropping gradually. just outside houston, another sign of recovery. residents in the evacuation zone near the arkema chemical plant allowed to return home monday following a successful controlled burn at the site overnight. in beaumont, repairs continue at the water treatment plant. while the residents still don't have drinking water, the water is flowing again.
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officers pausing to salute one of their own. sergeant steve perez who drowned while driving into work in hurricane harvey. for the homeowners, they tell me repairing and restoring their homes could take up to a year and a half. and fema officials say they are now placing evacuees in the temporary housing. but long-term plans are still finalized. elizabeth hur, abc news, bel air, texas. nancy: the floodwaters with nowhere to go are a dangerous, toxic mix. it's a combination of the backup sewage and the essential calls. 160 drinking water systems have boil orders and 50 were completely shut down at one point. jonathan: the nfl superstar j.j. watt hasn't been asking everybody to he in the reason relief efforts. he is taking part himself. a big fellow who is very strong. his houston texans teammates are with him passing out boxes of donation to people in need. this was yesterday.
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included a care package. signing autographs and spending time with folks in a bad way. >> i can't say thank you enough for the people around america and the people around america and the people of texas showing their compassion and the true colors. jonathan: here is the crazy part. originally he wanted to rail $1 million to give to help those who lost everything. now he has 168,000 donors who stepped up. he is increasing the funneled reyesing goal to $20 million -- fundraising goal to $20348 -- $20 million and he is almost there. michelle: congress returns tomorrow and one of the first thing they will address is harvey funding. congress also has other pressing issues. they have to put together a package to fund the government, past the end of the month. the president has pulled back on the shutdown threats over a border wall. but he continues to push tax reform on healthcare repeal
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the senate. nancy: the investigation is underway in the triple shooting that left a 19-year-old dead on saturday. stephen tschida joining us now from police headquarters with the latest on the quest to find whoever is behind this. stephen? stephen: nancy, right now the investigators are trying to track down the individual or the individuals responsible for this shooting which struck three people, killing a teenager. >> on the spot where a 19-year-old woman was gunned down saturday night, the memorial grows. meanwhile, the police stake out this neighborhood with an eye out for whoever opened fire. davis, shot and killed. her sister and an adult male friend wounded. >> we love you! stephen: last night family and friends gathered to remembered davis. to grieve and call for an end to the violence which continues to take too many young
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this fatal shooting a few weeks after a shooting of a 17-year-old in northeast d.c. now while the circumstances may be somewhat different, pain inflicted by the shootings very similar. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. in columbia, maryland, a deadly shooting. loxly found shot and killed in harper's farm road late last night and is the son of the former maryland football head coach. he is now an assistant at the university of alabama. the circumstances surrounding the son's death not quite clear yet. michelle: recent ground breaking for the purple line isn't stopping a group from trying to halt construction along the popular trails like the capital crescent trail. transportation reporter brianne carter with the emergency effort to stop construction crews in their tracks. brianne: getting together to stop the closure of a popular trail. today, capital
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supporters called on the state of maryland to delay tomorrow's expected trail closure. abc7 news learned ad vo cassy group "friends of the capital crescent trail" even plan to file a temporary restraining order in court tomorrow to try to put a hold on the shutdown. last week, maryland transportation officials announced the trail will be closed for four to five years for construction of the purple line. purple line officials say the entire trail must be closed at once to ensure the safety for trail users. they say the closures will push people to dangerous alternatives. >> we are infuriated. we are only told of the trail's closure with less than a week's notice. >> the look of notice is catching the local leaders off-guard. what they are now asking for and what other legal actions are being
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here tonight at 5:00. brianne carter, newsom. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the sure sign of fall when you go for the morning brew tomorrow. michelle: plus this -- >> look at that. >> oh my gosh. michelle: mayhem on the beach. how fast things change and the type of storm believe told have sent kayaks, umbrellas, you make it all beach chairs flying. >> family in ashburn raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in fund raising efforts for susan g. komen. i'm amy aubert. i will tell you why this is so important to them coming up. nancy: still ahead at 4:30, marching from charlesville to d.c. the message one group wants to bring to the white house and how far they've
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jonathan: this is a major accomplishment. a family in ashburn hit the $250,000 mark raising money for susan g. komen. nancy: this year, 16-year-old alison titus is leading the efforts. michelle: for a family hit so closely by breast cancer, it's a labor of love. amy: three sisters with a strong bond. >> i remember when she shaved her head. i remember that vividly. amy: bits and pieces the girls say of memories of their mother who they lost to breast cancer in 2003. >> the kids were real little. 6, 3, 8 months old.
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and being part of the susan g. komen event has been a family affair. >> it can be emotionally tough times because of all the people are going through. >> leo has since remarried. rosalie that the girls lovingly call "mom" stepped in, in a big way. >> that is all anybody wants for their kids to accomplish things they are striving for. one of the things that has always been to help others. >> this year, 16-year-old alison stepping up in remembrance of her mother. >> just knowing i'm doing something for her. kind of. >> she raised thousands. >> it's important to know like how i'm helping people in my situation. >> one of fundraising efforts at the ashburn pub where the raffle ticket sales will support the cause. for a family it's a way to give back knowing how far they have come.
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>> it's a bad situation but we are making a difference. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. nancy: we will bring you stories like this all week to lead up to the race for the cure. we have coverage of that event on saturday on the sister station newschannel8 as website michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert here. starbucks is adding spice back in your life. pumpkin spice, that is. if your location isn't selling it yet. wait a little bit. like tomorrow. it will be there. 1200 million pumpkin spice lattes sold in the first ten years of existence. i am a fan. nancy: are you? jonathan: they are very good. michelle: not you? nancy: i just like black coffee. a cultural phenomenon. jonathan: you don't like the
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foo-foo coffee. >> there is something about the p.s.l. there are oreos and cake and -- michelle: i'll all about all of these. the duke and the duchess are expecting baby number three. jonathan: they do make beautiful babies. no kidding. abc7 is on stormwatch7. look at this. wild! this is the moment that a fast-moving storm struck a beach in santa barbara. you never see this in california. everything wentfullying. witnesses say even the kayaks were launched 100 feet in the air. the people on the beach describe the weather changing literally in a heart
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hail just threw me from the beach. all the way, dragged me by the boats to the fence where i had to hold on to the fence. jonathan: there were injuries. none severe. not the ones we are hearing about. it was believed to be a micro burst and did that damage on the beach. michelle: so frightening. there is the moment the sun came up over the storm as satellite was taking pictures of it. goes 16. it's incredible to watch it spin. detail is amazing. florida governor rick scott using social media to make sure people have a hurricane kit in case. my parents are in florida. last week when we started to talk about irma they decided to make a run for the stores after seeing what happened in houston. simple basic necessiti
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not available. jonathan: it's human nature. snowstorm, two days before they flood the markets. but now is the time. josh: i was reading the meteorologists in florida, they are explaining people you might have to do this four times for every one time a storm happens. but fine. that is okay. jonathan: better to be safe. josh: i think it will be back to a category four. you can see how organized it's gotten. last night when i was watching it, it looked powerful. now the eye is ominous in the middle of the storm. i want to show you the latest models. that means that this is all the individual computer guidance we have. the big change is a lot of these are staying farther south. to doe min can and puerto rico and cuba. before the turn was more up to the north and clos t
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east coast. so this is still four or five days out from being in this area. we have to keep a close eye on it. you can see why the governor of florida is telling people to be ready in case with the storm. it's expecting to be a monster. what we know and what we don't know. this is a powerful hurricane. it's trending south. we still don't know is if it is going to change draw matticly after four or -- dramatically after four or five days. there is a chance it can. is there a u.s. landfall? that is probably looking more likely. specific local impacts still really much up in the air. we have to keep an eye on that. at this point if we see the issues from it, it's early next week. let's talk about right now. 83 degrees. quiet. a beautiful labor day. 83 in warrenton and leesburg. throughout the rest of the evening it's perfect. a great night to be out. temperatures are 76 at 8:00.
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a loll of us have more of a summertime feel. run through the future cast tomorrow. clear and dry for most of the day. late afternoon is when the thunderstorms could start to move in the metro area. we will hang on to the chance throughout the everything. dry to start but then wet weather moves in later in the day. and again we hang on it getting into wednesday. looking like a cloudier day with a good shot at the rain. tomorrow with the storms, summary in the heat. the heat index around 90 degrees for tuesday. we will stay in the 70's but check out the end of the week. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, mid-70s. dry. next week, it's still several days off but that is when we could see anything left from irma. jonathan: thank you, josh. ahead at 4:30, march from charlottesville to d.c. reaches fairfax. abc7 mee
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president trump. nancy: but first a student in virginia takes the top prize in a global tech competition. meet the young man who became the first american to do so in the history of the tournament. michelle: a reminder. "american idol" auditions are tomorrow at the westfield annapolis mall. i wish i could sing at a time like this. abc7 will be there all day long. for more information go to
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jonathan: a virginia student makes microsoft history becoming the first american to win one of if company's global competitions. michelle: this is huge. kellye lynn sat down with the high school senior who was recently crowned a microsoft excel world champion. nancy: abc7 puts the "spotlight on education." >> a lot of it has critical thinking. kellye: 17-year-old jack started creating spreadsheets in middle school but never imagined by high school his proficiency would place him ahead of the pack. >> i took several of the certification tests to earn the certifications and the score on the microsoft excel test was highest in the state of virginia. kellye: high enough to qualify him for the microsoft office specialist competition in orlando, florida. he competed against 700 students
4:26 pm
and again came out on top. [applause] with the win behind him, it was on to the world stage which required intense preparation. the varsity baseball player eagle scout and the chick-fil-a employee studied excel for up to two hours a day. at the summer competition in california, he faced a room full of the world competitors and was ready. >> you are kind of building a spreadsheet for a sample company. he became the first american microsoft office specialist world champion in excel. the high school senior came home with an x box system and a $7,000 cash prize. >> i wanted to bring it home for the united states and show that in the academics we are competing nation. we do have the brainpower here in the united states. >> to excel at excel. in arlington, kellye lynn, abc7
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michelle: jack hopes to some day have a successful career in business. i think he will have that covered. jonathan: hello. michelle: he lives by the motto "always strive by excellence and do your best." jonathan: he is probably already flooded with job offers. anybody nails that down. nancy: that is a gatekeeper for so many professions. michelle: a well-known c.e.o. jonathan: remember his name. a perfect storm is on the road right now. the end of the holiday weekend. start of the school and work. combined with the rising gas prices. yikes! terrible traffic tuesday preview and why there could be a worse day this week. we will tell you which one up next. >> they have been marching to charlottesville to washington. today they are in fairfax county. i'm jeff goldberg. what they are marching for coming up. nancy: then new at 5:00, a swimming pool becomes a talent pool. see how a local prom
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: marching from charlottesville to d.c. in protest of how the president handled the violence that broke out in charlottesville. michelle: they are covering 12 miles a day. this afternoon they made it to centreville. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has
4:31 pm
[applause] jeff: with the arrival into fairfax county, people with the charlottesville to d.c. march can sense they are getting close to the capitol. >> good. fired up. jeff: the march against white supremacy began a week ago by the robert e. lee statue and emancipation park in charlottesville and was organized in response to the neo nazi rally held in the city last month. >> i'm from charlottesville. august 12 was a big wakeup call for me. jeff: nancy was protesting on that day and is now walking to washington. >> i hope to help draw attention to the real problems of white supremacy in the country. we need to have a conversation about it. it's not going to get better unless we address it. >> today 200 people are marching and the organizers hope when they get to d.c. on wednesday the group is more than
4:32 pm
>> leading the way is reverend green from new jersey. >> what is it like to lead the march? >> it's incredible. burden and a blessing. >> burden because they have been met with jeering and threats along the way. although nothing today. but green and the others keep moving forward one step at a time. >> we believe in freedom. we will not stop until it's won. >> in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> the university of virginia is looking into how safe the campus is. they are paying a law firm $250,000 to review the safety infrastructure. the school's president says there will be more security at major events moving forward. jonathan: we are in the weather center to talk to josh knight about what is going on. if this hits the gulf it could be even
4:33 pm
josh: that is the question. will it get to the even warmer water in gulf? that would be several days away but it has potential of a lot of damage on the way there. and it could continue on. jonathan: scary. josh: a lot happening for us. closer to homes it's nice and quiet for this evening. we have temperatures in the low to mid-80's across the board. with a lot of sunshine for us. i hope you get a chance to squeeze out what you can of summer before we get back to work, back to school tomorrow. clear skies for most of us. extra clouds, farther west. the temperatures aren't going to drop as much as last night. 74 degrees by 10:00. around midnight in the low 70's. waking up tomorrow morning in the mid-60's. so comfortable for the kids who haven't gone back to school. the first day at the bus stop, looking good in the morning. in the afternoon we have to watch out for the thunderstorms. this is part of a m
4:34 pm
closer. on the low end. but a few thunderstorms tomorrow could be on the hefty side. that is a better chance for the areas farther west of d.c. winchester. charlestown, leesburg, frederick and staying in montgomery county. keeping a close eye on that as we go throughout the day tomorrow. but in general after tomorrow, then we start to feel a little bit more like fall. 88 degrees for the high tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday in the mid-70's. run through the future cast for tomorrow. let you time out the storms and take a closer look at irma. should have an update coming in before 5:00. michelle: sounds good. thank you, josh. summer break is officially over. every school district in the area will be open by the end of the week. that means bad traffic today and during the commute tomorrow. richard reeve has a terrible traffic tuesday. say that three times fast. richard: that is happening with the backdrop of the holiday traffic. i-95 southbound slowing to a crawl.
4:35 pm
d.m.v. everyone seeing spike in the gas prices. we have a complete list of the numbers in a moment. but first, montgomery county and prince george's county are getting a double whammy. high gas prices and heavy traffic. take a look at rockville pike. tomorrow morning 161,000 students will be heading to school, dropped off by parents or taking school buses. a.a.a. calls it "terrible traffic tuesday." on wednesday add another 135,000 students aand hing the classes in prince george's county. then the effect of harvey. refinery shutting down. maryland gas now up to $2.72 a go lon -- gallon, a 41-cent increase in one week. >> as soon as they hear that on the news the price goes up. the gas you already made should be the same price, right? no. it will stay that way, high until they get it back where they want it. >> now virginia and the district obviously also seeing their prices going way, way up.
4:36 pm
why a pipeline may be causing a big headache here and when we will see some relief. richard reeve; abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. whether it's harvey, the holiday weekend, the gas prices are climbing. people are feeling it in the pocketbook. the national average for gallon of regular is $2.64. one week ago it was more than a quarter less. when you consider the average 12-gallon tank that is $3 more that it can add up to. one year ago it was $2.21 a gallon. michelle: back to what rich mentioned. it's called "terrible traffic tuesday" when all schools are open but this year a.a.a. is warning wednesday will be worse. that is when all systems will be open, prince george's goes back to school wednesday. volume on the road this month forecasted to be up 30% compared to august. half a million students will be in school. jonathan: reminder as the
4:37 pm
back in class this week, share your first day pictures with us uploading them. easy to do. just go to we are putting some of the pictures online. we are putting them on the air. some of the pictures we've got have been fantastic. thank you for sending them in. michelle: keep them coming. group of volunteers are making sure women affected by hurricane harvey still have access to basic needs. a local group has been collecting supplies for women in local shelters for three years. now they are focusing on the efforts on south texas. they are collecting items like bras, tampons and so much more. >> we try to focus on helping women and girls in the area. we started watching the news and seeing what was happening in texas we had to help. michelle: the group has gotten nearly 1,000 donations in the first two days of this drive. to find out more about how you can help out, head to the website jonathan: the mom
4:38 pm
earth. the record she now holds and you won't believe how many days she has spent orbiting the planet. michelle: and south korea, the show of force against the north nuclear aspirations and the capabilities. the emergency u.n. gathering happening today
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
labor day parade. michelle: dozens of the school band and the local organizations march down connecticut avenue on the final day of the upper vacation. beautiful day as well. it's a political event for the local leaders trying to sway voters. astronaut peggy whitson back on earth now as a record holder. jonathan: she spent astounding 665 days in orbit over three missions. long time to be floating around. returning now, after nine months aboard the international space station. no american spent as much time in space as she has. whitson said she will miss the view of earth from above. michelle: all i can think of is that is a long time without pizza. jonathan: this is a moilstone for television history -- milestone for television history. michelle: president truman
4:42 pm
the first live coast to coast tv broadcast. think where we are now where you the go life using your cell phone. jonathan: 90 channels to go through. everything is instantaneous. michelle: everything is live. jonathan: not black and white. living color and h.d. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- all right. that is not north korea. that is the neighbor to the south. south korea flexing the military muscle because of a nuclear weapons test in the north. the emergency u.n. mee fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
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(vo) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation
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big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you. asheville. discovery inside and out. jonathan: the u.n. security counsel in a meeting or north korea's biggest test yet. but south korea responds demonstrating its military might. we have the latest on the den call situation on the korean -- delicate situation on the korean impact. >> the stakes could not be higher. urgency is now. >> u.n. ambassador nikki haley saying enough is enough after the latest and the most powerful nuclear test yet from north korea. a test launch of a hydrogen bomb triggering a
4:46 pm
earthquake. u.s. intelligence official telling abc news there is high confidence they tested advanced nuclear device. >> yesterday we saw the demonstration of a thermal nuclear device. any kind of preventative military attack on the north korea could involve the exchange of the thermal nuclear weapons. >> president trump speaking to the south korean president about the next steps and tweeting u.s. is considering stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. >> the united states will look at every country doing business with north korea giving aid. >> not sitting well with china and the only major ally. >> the china foreign ministry spokesman called it unacceptable. president trump leaving all
4:47 pm
>> mr. president will you attack north korea? >> there is a lot of stake on both sides if they stop trade with china. they impocket chinese goods worth $40 billion every month. emily rau, abc7 news. >> a chinese foreign minister told the reporters it would be unacceptable. sayingsaying this is neither objective nor fair. china is north korea's closest ally and biggest commercial partner. we want to move to the "live desk." larry smith with a look at what is ahead at 5:00. >> tonight, her mission was classified in the 50's but hear from a local navy nurse who shattered the glass ceiling in the korean war. a family celebrating five generations and why it's easy to remember the birthdays each
4:48 pm
millennials? that's tonight at 5:00. >> a man is dead at the burning manifest value in nevada saying he ran through the layers of the security to a massive fire. there was a crowd of 40,000 people in attendance when he was pulled from the blames and rushed to the hospital in california. >> the ohio supreme court considering a challenge to the hiv partner notification law. if you are hiv positive you must alert your partner before having sex. critics say it singles out the gay community without looking at survival rates. this could impact 30 states with similar laws. michelle: interesting anniversary here. a year ago today po
4:49 pm
canonizing mother teresa. but for many she was a saint a long time before that. she was called the saint of the gutters. she shamed people for crimes of poverty they createed. jonathan: must see video. this is the overlap time lapse of the tuna fire burning near burbank. it's charred thousands of acre s. this could be the largest wildfire in the history of the city. michelle: look at this. the smoke of the wildfire hauntingly beautiful here. but it has been destructive. they know what sparked it. fireworks. a hundred homes are evacuate and police are talking to the person they believe set off
4:50 pm
cooperating. jonathan: the second half of the labor day weekend turned around. >> it's gorgeous. >> if you you stayed in town no reason to stay inside. >> there is one of the last nights out before heading back to school and work tomorrow. sam: i'm at anacostia park. you can see behind me the family and the friends are having a good time. a lot of them here in the park on this labor day. labor day was established by congress to honor the working people. on the national mall visitors came from around the world to enjoy unofficially the last weekend of summer. world war ii and lincoln memorials were teaming with visitors. for the local d.c.,
4:51 pm
were busy. some told us last night at 10:00. to hold the spot for the family picnic today. here in anacostia park, old friends came together to get another time to talk about old times. >> it's nice to get together. >> they set aside nice to get t. >> they set aside this day for people to be off and do like we are doing. meeting and greeting with the each other before we settle down to the real world and go back to our jobs. >> she is retired. but a lot of people are not and a lot of folks are enjoying the last day before they have to go to work and school. to what some are calling the terrible traffic tuesday tomorrow. reporting live in southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7
4:52 pm
jonathan: it was a chamber of commerce days. phenomenal. michelle: a nice turn-around after saturday. josh: it took a while to get here but saving the best for last worked out. tomorrow is back to school feeling more like summer. probably the last two weeks. with that, we are tracking a few thunderstorms so i'll have the latest on that coming up. the update from the national hurricane center. a lot to get through. start off with where we are now. a breeze from the south bumping up the temperatures but today is not humidity. tomorrow is more of that muggy factor to deal with. three degrees warmer in d.c. than yesterday. we are up higher to the west. for everybody putting us in a comfortable spot. throughout the evening. most of us will hang in the 70's with the mainly clear skies. really comfortable. great one to be outside. start through tomorrow. as we ge
4:53 pm
showers along the i-81 corridor and they push to the east. around 5:00 we could see more in the metro. so the timing lining up right with the drive home. then we hang on to the chance for the wet weather through the night tuesday. for wednesday, a lot of that is going to stick around. so your first half of tuesday is great. but then as we get into the afternoon, that is when you deal with the wet weather and the storms. dismissal from the first day of school we could see the issues. talk about the update on the hurricane irma. now category four. max winds around 130 miles per hour. gusting up to 60. the new track just pushing a little bit farther west. check out the wind speeds. this is continuing here beyond cuba. so keeping a close eye on the system for you and we will talk more about what it means in a bit and take a look at the ten day as well. michelle: thank you. next on abc7 news, saving on fall sports. parents listen up. best wa
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john: have kids playing sports? when you add in the cost of equipment the free sport could cost you hundreds. we found great ways to clash the costs if you know wher
4:57 pm
from the football field to the soccer field. youth fall sports season is here. the parents are facing all sorts of costs to blow the back-to-school budget. >> it could be close to $500. if you get cleats and balls and everything. >> robin spends hundreds of dollars outfitting kids and buys used. she saves -- >> at least half. >> we found her here at play it again sports where the manager tony ross showed me the hundreds of used items at half price for less. youth football girdle. >> like for a brand new pair, talking $29.99. gently used pair, $14.99. $15, yeah. john: the biggest seller in youth sporting good this time of year soccer cleats. a child will go through a pair of these in a season and they often still look new. >> $14.99. under armour. this pair is
4:58 pm
practically brand new. john: if you don't have time to shop, you can find them on facebook marketplace or offer up and let go. we found dozens of the football and the hockey pads for $10 locally on let go. the kids soccer cleats excellent condition. $8 on offer up. unlike craigslist, you can check the seller's profile for you and your child's safety. this way if your young one quits the sport after a month you are not out a for a chune. you can see who you are buying from but it's still a good idea to meet them in a safe location outside grocery store or police sation so you are safe and you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. nancy: after months of protest president trump appears to dash dreams of hundreds of thousands tomorrow. >> we kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. nancy: south korea respond to north ko
4:59 pm
>> this is going to require everyone more than what was funded for katrina, which was $120 billion. >> it's clear after harvey. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. nancy: in an hour from now the posters are planning to be outside the white house calling for president trump to keep daca. the deferred action for childhood arrivals order let people brought to the united states as children stay in the country. reports are that the president will terminate the program tomorrow. as cheryl conner reports it could have a ripple effect across the country including here at home. >> they feed the mind, body and soul. they are talking about the dreamers. >> it's not their fault to be here. these are people who are just like us who dream to have hope, to be successful in life. >> tre
5:00 pm
food and entertainment on the schedule. on the staff, there are people who may be impacted by daca. deferred action for childhood arrivals which gives those who qualify protections from being deported. >> they are tripping over and having to figure out a way to go back in the shadows and go into an underground economy. people will survive no matter what. >> andy owns the six locations of busboy and poets and employs many immigrants. >> may make up -- mayic up doctors and people in the industry. >> they pride themselves on the racial and the culture connection, the owner says even the talk about suspending immigration program causes a psychological impact for some of the employees. >> it will be uncomfortable for people to come out of the shadows and talk about it. >> it's estimated 800,000 people could be impacted if president trump ends the program. >> you want to build a futre


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