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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a car slammed into an ongoing block party. this video from moments ago. within the past 30 minutes we learned it does not appear to be a terror attack. the woman at the wheel said her brakes failed. the victims range in rage from 21 to 94 years old. we are staying on top of this and monitoring the developments. if we get updates we will pass them along. >> the u.s. is sending a stern warning after north korea tested hydrogen bomb. >> the abusive use of missile and nuclear threat show he is begging for war. we have kicked the can down the road long enough. there is no more road left. >> nikki haley threatening to stop trade with any country doing business with north korea. that includes china, the biggest trade partner. they decried the movement and instead proposed a free in the military exercises by north kore
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and as well as the u.s. but haley called that proposal insulting. jonathan: tomorrow, president trump is expected to announce he will end the daca program. that the program that protected people brought in the country illegally as children from deportation. the reaction is being felt strongly. tom roussey is joining us from outside the white house where a protest is taking shape. tom? tom: going on right behind me on pennsylvania avenue. you can so a group of 100 people here. they want daca to remain in place. from what they are hearing that is not what the president is going to announce tomorrow. 19-year-old angel romero is working this labor day contacting voters for casa in action. he says this is thanks to the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. >> i couldn't legally work here if i didn't have daca. >> he is one of 120,000
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immigrants with daca work permits. he was brought to the u.s. at 2 and he didn't know he was illegally in the country until middle school. >> i didn't remember anything. i'm an american in every sense of the word. except for a piece of paper. >> tuesday the president is expected to announce he will phase out daca. >> the president is focused on legal immigration. as you said this is a complicated issue. something i'm sure that the president will consider carefully. >> daca was started by president obama. mr. of president trump's advisers feel it will not survive a legal challenge. the president reportedly wants congress to act. >> they will do something about it. >> the reason the dreamers we talk to is optimistic is they have heard both from both parties in congress saying they want t
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that looks now that it will require congress to happen. reporting live tonight outside the white house, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. people that are upset about the prospect of daca going away joined a group already from charlottesville to washington. this march began as a rally against white supremacy. the march will arrive in d.c. on wednesday. michelle: now to hurricane harvey and billions of dollars in storm relief is expected to be the first thing congress tackles returning from the august break tomorrow. the texas authorities updated the death toll from the storm to more than 60 people now. in houston an surrounding areas damaged property lines the street awaiting pickup. the evacuation order against the chemical plant in crosby was lifted after the remaining kems were de -- chemicals were destroyed in a controlled burn. >> we will continue to maintain air quality testing for some time to come. we see no evidce
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issues with any of the results. michelle: while millions have started cleaning up, others still have to wait. in west houston many homes remain flooding after the controlled release of water from reservoir. jonathan: muslims of people in florida are doing just this. they are getting prepared and stocking up for what is to come in advance of hurricane irma that is swirling way out there. this is the scene in miami today as people loading up on supplies. mean time off the coast, hurricane hunter aircraft you can see here getting a closeup look at the category four storm. a big one. meteorologist josh knight is tracking irma now. it could still grow bigger to a cat five especially as it goes to the warmer waters? josh: absolutely. that is not the official hurricane forecast. i wouldn't be surprised to see it strengthen to a cat five. right now we have a category four. winds are around 135 miles per hour. as we get beyond 155 miles per hour. that close to wind we could look at a
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show you the latest track from the hurricane center. i tracks the storm from the west and then slowly northwest. 145 miles per hour tuesday. 155 miles per hour. on the threshold of cat four and cat five. working across puerto rico and dominican and then starting to tame aim closer to south florida. that is by saturday. so still have all week to go for people to prepare and also get a better sense of where the storm is going to go. it's nice and quiet for us here today. if we were talking about any effects of irma it would be next week. we are at 83 today. and we will track out a few storms coming up. michelle: a constant problem across the area. a.t.m. and dirt bike thumbing their nose at the law. for now, prince george's county police are turning to a new tool to help them fighting back. "7 on your s
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live to explain how it will work. q? q: there is a lot going on. we are reporting live from one of the busier areas that the illegal a.t.v. and dirt bikers like to yute. it's called marlboro pike. they won't use it for long if the lawsuit has anything to say about it. the roar can be heard for blocks. illegal a.t.v. and the dirt bike riders. >> infamous for the outrageous tricks weaving in and out of traffic. >> between you and coming up on all sides. >> the law enforcement agrees and intends to put a stop to it on this holiday weekend. literally. this is prince george's county newest firefighting tool. similar to a spike trip for cars but it's made for the a.t.v.'s. drive over one and the tires
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it will prevent another situation like this one when dozens of riders swarmed national harbor this summer. we found out not all drivers have a problem with the illegal bikers. >> i don't mind them if they are on the street. i love the a.t.v. riders if they're being safe. q: but law enforcement says they are not safe. they are a risk to themselves and others so they have more than 50 officers on the a.t.v. patrol right now. i gave the prince george's county police department a call as well as the maryland state police earlier today. they told me they have been hard at work all weekend long and they consider the weekend campaign a success. that is the latest here live from prince george's county, i'm q mccray abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks. it wasn't a day at the beach. not a good one. storms sending umbrellas and the kayaks launched in the air. how quickly the weather went from fine to dangerous. we have that coming up. michelle: also caught on
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people wile driving back -- whil
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jonathan: this is scary. you see the people walking across the street and all of a sudden the s.u.v. is in reverse and hits the gas. no reason why. bystanders also hit. then the woman drives forward and that traps two people
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is going to be okay. >> when i look at the video, whoa. it was bad. it didn't look bad like when i came out. when i saw video i thought it was worse. jonathan: it was amazing no one was killed. no criminal charges have been filed. it's not clear why she suddenly accelerated reverse. michelle: more wild video. another s.u.v. speeding backwards. this time slams into a laundromat on staten island. a lot of people in there taking care of the laundry. six people were hurt. i have a amazingly all expected to recover. in this case the driver was backing into a parking spot when he lost control. jonathan: my goodness. warning tonight from a.a.a. terrible traffic tuesday will be bad. really bad. with the longer commutes area wide starting tomorrow, bright and early, too. but they warn you woeful wednesday is worse. i don't know who comes up with the names but
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they say it will be horrendous. the reason is that is when prince george's county schools return to class. the rest of the schools are open for business tomorrow. remember that julie wright can help navigate the clogged roads -- they will be clogged. watch reports on "good morning washington" weekdays starting at 4:25 a.m. in the morning. still ahead for us this afternoon, retired army ranger fighting cancer realizes that the appendix is about to burst in the middle of hurricane harvey. what he did next that defies belief. >> his eyes and the gun, but that was it. after that i was like i got to get out of here. michelle: next survivor of the alexandria baseball field ambush opens up about the moment he was shot and what he still doesn't know almost three months
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michelle: new information tonight on the murder of a former maryland football coach's son. police say someone shot locksly outside a home on harper's farm road and he died a short time later. so far the police haven't revealed motive and have not named suspects. he was the son of mike locksly a coach at the
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maryland for four years who is currently an assistant coach at the university of alabama. jonathan: now it's been two months since a gunman opened fire on congressable baseball practice in alexandria -- congressional baseball practice in alexandria wounding six. we are hearing from one shot for the first time. lobbyist mika describing the terrifying day. >> we started running. i turned like this and ran that way. that might have been when i got hit or over there. >> you don't know when you got hit? >> all i know is i got around to the gate i had blood on my chest, on my pants. jonathan: the house majority leader steve scalise wounded in the shooting tweeted today he can't wait to see mika on the ballfield again. he is in physical therapy still. michelle: a small hole in a black garbage bag credited with catching the man blamed for
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kevin lewis explains. >> at the end of the day you will get caught. kevin: the scene is the wheaton mall j.p. -- -- j.c. penney store. they stole thousands in diamond earrings and necklaces. months later they allegedly targeted the lord and taylor. snagging another $150,000 in fine jewelry. more than $300,000 combined. >> that is a big payday. the hole in the garbage bag led a trail of jewelry to the rockville pike. the trail ending in front of the office building. they saw him entering mask off before driving off in a pickup truck. >> one of those stupid
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criminals. kevin: today, no answer at his mother's home in silver spring where the police tell us he lives. court documents adding the 35-year-old has a child but does not work. >> needs to get a job. as long as you have a skill you can get a job. >> they say he is scheduled for november trial where they will use the surveillance video to the benefit and faces up to 80 years in prison. jonathan: more remarkable stories coming to light in recovery from hurricane harvey. like the former army ranger. he was in houston awaiting the hurricane when he realized he had appendicitis. jonathan: so he wait and swam through two miles of chest high flood
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hospital. >> a day at the beach turns to moment of terror. watch. people on the beach say it unfolded in 20 seconds. the folks were scrambling and they had no time to get out of dodge. jonathan: the one guy running in a panic. michelle: micro burst. >> i assume it's severe thunderstorm warning. jonathan: nothing happens in santa barbara.
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jonathan: they have had the fire so it's really dry. and now this. j can't ask for much more. >> we are in for a great night. squeeze out the last bit of summer. this is thanks to the southwesterly breeze. tomorrow is a hotter day. the temperatures will feel like 20 degrees. so comfortable. easier getting to the schools. >> this starts off dry. no problems. the showers move i-81 and then move to 3:30 and loudoun county to montgomery
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>> we might have rain as well. we work to wednesday and hang on to wet weather. >> wednesday is not much of an inprovement throughout the day. the weekend looks nice. it will stay below average again. tomorrow is the hot one. the models are nice. after that is the question mark of where the storm is going to go. we may see impacts n
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tomorrow is hot but it's nice. storms move in late. we could see severe storms. wednesday the rain sticks around to 72, 75 degrees. we hang in the mid-70's and we'll watch irma for next tuesday and we ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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robert: the big story over the weekend of course craven attempting to retire. he informed the front office saturday he plans to retire. he was placed on the exempt squad list to give him a month to return. he didn't say why he wants to retire but he said this on snapchat. >> i don't feel like i need to explain myself. i let my family know. [inaudible] robert: well, in baseball, the nats are back at it after losing three out of four to the brewers. the 0's working their way up. battling the yankees. fifth inning here. castro lines one deep to left. that is gone.
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0's lose 7-4. at the u.s. open, rafael nadal had an easy time with alexander peloff. nadal broke the serve to start the match. won the first set 6-2 and cruised from there and reaches the quarterfinals at the open for the seventh time. wins 6-2, 6-4, 6-1. finally roger federer in action tonight. under the lights. he is also going for quarterfinal berth. there you go. michelle: is that a thing people will retire using snapchat. robert: i know. josh: if snapchat is your go-to, you are probably too young to retire. jonathan: thank you for the opportunity. michelle: last check of weather. josh: tomorrow is the outlier. 88 degrees on tuesday. everything else is the low 70's. wet weather here tomorrow afternoon and the everything. stick and for wednesday. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the new hurricane threat. a state of emergency already declared in florida. hurricane irma now just upgraded to a category 4. several states could be hit. 130 mile per hour winds already. ginger zee standing by with the new track just in. also developing tonight, north korea's most powerful nuclear test yet. more powerful than either bomb dropped by the u.s. in world war ii. and this evening, the u.s. ambassadorer to the u.n. saying north korea is quote "begging for war." hurricane harvey. the newest evacuations. water released from reservoirs, leaving homes underwater. what now for the 85% of residents with no flood


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