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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 26, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. get the 100% fiber-optic network. go to [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. adrianna: potomac high school in prince george's county briefly placed on lockdown following reports of a trespasser on school grounds. brad bell is outside of the school, where a student was found with a gun. brad: it is quite a story here. i will get out of the way. this is potomac high school in oxon hill. it was put on lockdown when a school resource officer was told by a teacher there was a trespasser on the ground -- a former student
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ground. they looked at the security video and found the former speaking with a current student inside the school. when police questioned the current student, the 16-year-old boy, they patted him down and found a handgun -- a gun on the student in the school. 16for the trespasser -- years old, we are told, as well. that person left the school. there is quite a police presence here. the student found to be in possession of the gun has been removed from school premises and placed into custody. again, a juvenile. police are trying to question the person to find out why honor they had a gun in school. we have seen parents coming in to retrieve their children. there was text saying a lockdown, a trespasser. a number of worried parents arriving here at school to remove their children. i spoke to one student who said she was scared
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class, did not know what was going on. parents worried for her own children. another mother telling us she is handgun to think a could be in the school. we will stay on top of this. as for the trespasser, that person was seen on school security video leaving the premises. that person has not yet been found by police. the bottom line, no shooting, no injures to -- injuries. the student found to be possession of a gun. the update.anks for more breaking news as a protest is underway outside of georgetown university. attorney general jeff sessions is said to deliver remarks on free speech at the georgetown center for the constitution at georgetown law. some students and faculty members are silently protesting on the steps just outside as you see on the video. many are holding signs. others are wearing tape over their mouths. this comes after the
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choose not to stand during the national anthem. more breaking news -- basketball coaches from four major college sports programs are facing federal corruption charges along with six others. we are waiting for a press conference. waitis a live look as we for more information. several schools are involved, including oklahoma state, auburn, arizona, and u. sc they are assistant coaches that have been charged. the charges include managers, financial advisors and representatives of a major sportswear company. the director of sports marketing at edges was also charged -- ai didas was also charge. also developing, the nfl community is still holding strong, banding together after president trump criticized
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national anthem. the dallas cowboys took a different approach -- they knelt before the national anthem. here is elizabeth hur with how the president is responding to that. elizabeth: the president is taking on the nfl for the fourth straight day, calling out the league, saying the only way out is to set a rule saying you cannot kneel during the national anthem. tweet following this display of unity from the dallas cowboys. jerrywboys, along with jones, taking a knee before the national anthem, and standing up and linking arms for the star-spangled banner. >> ♪ or the ramparts we watched ♪ the president tweeting that was a show of unity. while inside -- sean:
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a kneehey had taken during the anthem, i would have packed up my stuff, and i would be gone. elizabeth: across the country, some fans are burning their gear. former army ranger alejandra villa nueva speaking out -- he was the only pittsburgh steelers seen. >> i left my teammates behind. elizabeth: the steelers owner said by not taking the field, the players are trying to stay out of making political statements. adrianna: one of the most talked about players over the weekend was the pittsburgh steelers defensive line in, alejandro villanueva. his jersey is now the hottest selling item in the nfl, but
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attention. he said he was standing by himself accidentally. alejandro: every time i see that picture standing by myself, i feel embarrassed because unintentionally i left my teammates behind. it was not me standing for it i never plan to boycott the plan the steelers came up with. i thought there was middle ground where i could be in the tunnel, and afterwards i would not talk to the media, like i do all the time. adrianna: he says as a veteran he does not take offense to players who choose to take a knee. we are following every new development of this story. catch the latest on-air and online at we are keeping a close eye on hurricane maria as the storm edges closer to the u.s.. it is now a category 1, but it did leave behind a path of destruction and death and now to set to brush up
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thousands have opted to inaccurate. john gonzalez is in ocean city where the water is seen major effects. rough surf, strong recurrence, those are concerns by residents and visitors in ocean city maryland. take a look, the ocean very feisty all morning long. rough surf,we got here at 4:30s morning. it has not let up. big waves. ocean city not expected to be in the crosshairs, if you will, not going to get a direct hit from hurricane maria, but we could see the remnants -- some of the aftermath of what has been a deadly hurricane. you're going back to the carolinas. you are a little concerned. >> i am going back to the carolinas. we are a little concerned. t at hisiend has a boa house, which is more inland, but we are supposed to get the high recurrence and the huge waves.
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flooding. john: you were telling me it is not really the rain. >> yeah, they were saying it is not going to be a big rainmaker, but we look at the tropical storm force winds. city, you in ocean know it does not take a lot to create standing water. flooding problems. the drain system gets overwhelmed quickly. right now, an ominous sky. a lot of clouds and cold wind. residents and visitors concerned we could get more. adrianna: here in our area, it has been another beautiful day -- the only thing we are getting from maria is a bit of cloud cover. meteorologists josh knight is here with a look at the forecast. josh: that is right, for a lot of us, you would not really know that is going on at the beach except if you look further to the east. if you live further east, you are seen clouds stick around. here's maria
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storm. barely hanging on to the hurricane status. this thing is pretty lopsided. not looking all that organized anymore. strong wind along the coastline and dangerous surf. the category 1 does downgrade to a tropical storm on this track by later this evening and into 2:00 tomorrow morning. by thursday, it continues to move further to the east. it will make a quick right-hand turn. until it does that, still bringing on strong winds onshore. reallyook, cloud cover soft and as you go farther -- stocked in as you go farther to the east. the further west, temperatures have climbed into the mid-80's. leesburg, 86. frederick, 86. the extra sunshine law -- allowing things to heat up. fulle still in our first week of fall, but it does not feel like it
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degrees 40 z. -- for d.c.. again, a warm evening. temperatures close to 80 degrees, even around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 p.m. the end of the week, the cooldown moves in. morning lows will be pretty chilly. we'll talk about that and what it means for your weekend in about 10 minutes. adrianna: new at noon, the equifax ceo is retiring after holding the position since 2005. this, in the aftermath of a major data breach that exposed the personal information of as many as 143 million people. the company says it will consider candidates from inside and outside the company to be the next ceo. also developing, publicans -- republicans last-ditch effort to repeal the affordable care act appears to be dead in the water. gop lawmakers face a saturday deadline to pass a bill wi
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suzanne kennedy is at the capital. senate republicans are trying to figure out if there is any hope left for any that for the latest effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. with four no votes there appears to be no life left in it. susan collins joins john mccain, rand paul, and ted cruz. ted cruz saying he is seeking changes, which could lead the possibility of voting in favor. democrats are concerned the ever-changing bill could pick up more support. >> all the versions they are putting on the table would cost millions of people their insurance, and would make significant cuts in the medicaid program, the core medicaid program that does not anything to do with the affordable care act. s suzanne: the demonstrations are on the bil are the only public hearing. arrested monday,
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publicans face a deadline of getting this bill passed with a simple majority of 50 votes. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- firefighters in a race against time out west. dangerous wildfire inching closer and closer to holmes in california. the latest effort to get people out of its path. this will get your heart rate jumping -- a school bus just feet away from barreling into kids. find out what caused this to happen in the first place, but first, a quick check of traffic with carlos ramirez. carlos: good afternoon -- traffic looking not terrible, but a couple of trouble spots. on the see activity shoulder, the eastbound side of i-66. a few moments ago, you had two fire trucks blocking two lanes. the slowdown has moved over toward the dulles toll road. watch out for that.
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along 395, making your way into the district, the slow roll right here due to a crash causing slowdowns. you will see these delays as far back as boundary channel drive. also, where taken look at the beltway -- you are starting to see usual volume delays. that is just past the american legion bridge. the longiver road, line of slow-going traffic as well. 270, dealing with construction early this week.
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adrianna: right now a dangerous wildfire is closing in
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in anaheim and corona, california. than 1000 people have been evacuated as flames get closer to their homes. take a look at this busy highway as people try to escape. at this hour, one home has been damaged, but the wind-driven fire has been especially difficult to fight. >> there was a tornado of members going through here. >> i have never seen anything like this. adrianna: so far that have been no reports of any injuries, and the cause of this fire is unknown at this point. let's get you to new york -- breaking news out of the sports world where basketball coaches are facing corruption charges. let's take a listen. >> employees of one of the world largest sportswear companies strictly funding cash to the families of high school recruits. in all, we have charged 10 people with three separate complaint. four college basketball coaches. three people associated with
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advisers, and three with ties to the major sportswear company, including its global marketing director for basketball. these men allegedly participated in two different but related schemes. in the first, college coaches took cash bribes from managers and advisers in exchange for directing players and their families to those briber's. in the second scheme, managers, advisors, and those affiliated with the sportswear company worked together to funnel money to families of some of the country's top high school recruits that upwards of $100,000 -- for the players commitment to play for the schools sponsored by that company. let me start with some details about the first game. -- first scheme.
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coaches -- chuck person, lamont evans, emanuel richardson, and anthony -- they are all associate or assistant coaches at major, division-one schools with top-tier college basketball programs. they have all been in and around the game of basketball for a long time, and one, chuck person, played and coached in the nba. all of them had the trust of the young players they coached and recruited -- young men who looked up to them and believed that the coaches have their best interest at heart. person, in describing his influence over one of his players put it this way --"he listens to one person. that is me. chuck person also" lookined that his players up to him because as he reminded them, he had
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and worked for phil jackson. adrianna: that is a press conference regarding federal corruption charges that 10 people now face -- four college basketball assistant coaches from division i schools, three professional managers and advisers, as well as three sportswear companies. we are told there are two schemes involve between college coaches that took bribes from and then bribers funneled money to top college recruits families for commitments to these schools. the schools involved or oklahoma state, auburn, arizona, and usc. we will bring you more as this unfolds on abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. for now, let's talk about today's weather --a very nice day. josh: it is. a little cloud cover in a few places, especially closer to the east. annapolis, a lot
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sticking around, a direct result of maria. quiteng extra cloud cover a good distance away from the center of the storm. meanwhile, reagan national of two 77 degrees. sunshine fighting through a few spots where you have clear skies. where you have the extra sunshine, temperatures today are going to be a lot like yesterday. let's talk about what is going on. here is maria, as maria continues to break down throughout the day. we are looking for that to be a tropical storm wiley tonight or tomorrow morning. lateopical storm by tonight or tomorrow morning. you see the cloud cover it sticks around for today. tomorrow, you could get an isolated shower. not a great chance of that. more likely for southern maryland. this is the game changer -- this cold front out to the west. that is one of the moving into us as we get thursday and that changes everything from highs in the 90's to highs that get stuck in the l
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-80's. a lot of us will stay in the 70's for overnight lows. tomorrow, back up into the 80's. we will get cloud cover as maria continues to further -- move further out to sea. the fields-like temperature still around 90, 95 degrees. 71 saturday. 71 sunday. nice fall weather for the fall for fairfax kidsfast. here is another thing to keep in mind -- 70's for your morning temperatures to thursday -- excuse me, friday morning and saturday morning, temperatures in the mid-50's. by friday, you will need a jacket to get started for the day. and we stay in the 70's --i'm a, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of
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"dancing now to abc's with the stars" -- the first couple has now been eliminated from season 25. >> barbara and kio. adrianna: trevor corcoran and her professional partner were the first to go. corcoran took it all in stride. it is such anan: honor, and probably the most exciting thing i've ever done in my whole life. coming up at 12:40 p.m., we'll live tobara and kio
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adrianna: f, fire up the griddle, break out the butter -- they are not just for breakfast. they can be eaten any kind with a variety of toppings like chocolate chips, bananas -- everything you can think of that is not supported to be on a pancake. my preference is blueberry, which is pretty basic. josh: i love there are no rules anymore. you can do whatever you want. adrianna: all the shapes. josh: have you ever seen those videos -- they are basically artists -- they can make anything out of a pancake. adrianna:
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i wanted to show you this -- this is the takeaway with our cooler, fall-like temperatures. tomorrow morning and thursday morning still very mild. you go from that to stepping outside friday morning and this weekend, saying ok, there is fall. here it is. get ready with your pumpkin-splice -- pumpkin-spiced latte.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: we're still following breaking news out of new york out of the sports world where basketball coaches from the four college from major sports. we are understanding there were two schemes here, where players would


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