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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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recruitment. dear suspicious snackers, it's time for you to pod cottage cheese.oon andw hood is the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years, and it's packed with satisfying protein. new to your local dairy aisle! nancy: performing surgery when that deadly earthquake struck mexico. stunning footage as they kept operating. using pantyhose to smuggle classified reports out of the nsa?
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you going to get out and how. nancy: waiting and hoping for loved ones in puerto rico. we get a look at the conditions on the ground. 11:00, onc 7 news at your side. >> babies, children do not have water. >> they should bring us water and supplies. the kids keep asking. alison: the voice of a desperate mother as puerto rico sinks further into crisis. hopinghurricane victims that help comes faster as thousands try to get out by water or air. alison: abc 7 is looking into how loved ones are spending tens of thousands to use writer chartered -- private chartered planes as a rescue method. nancy: anna-lysa gayle has that story. >> the hard part is, when are you going to get out a
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with no communication or power, many have been stranded since hurricane maria. from silver spring is still waiting for word from his aunt. she went to the airport in san juan, trying to get to vienna. >> it's becoming more and more severely worrying. anna-lysa: as many passengers wait in long lines without air in san juan, they are becoming desperate. some are turning to chartered jets which cost thousands. can cost as much as $16,000 round-trip. larger jets with 30 passengers are about $40,000. >> a lot of inquiries and flight requests for people needing to get out. anna-lysa: the ceo of chartered jet airline says his company has transported dozens of puerto ricans to florida. >> over 100 requests come easily. anna-lysa:
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customers using his business out of necessity. >> we are trying to help as much as we can. anna-lysa: just to give an idea of how limited commercial flights are right now, we found a flight expected to have come from san juan to reagan that was canceled wednesday and canceled again today. hopefully it will make it here tomorrow. live at reagan national airport, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: here is hoping, anna-lysa, thank you. complicating the crisis, 24 hospitals in puerto rico cannot operate because of the devastation. crews on the ground in puerto rico finding patients in desperate need of help, sick people who in a different situation would only spend a few hours in the hospital stuck in limbo as their conditions worsen. there is no power, no wat,
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help them. for all of our coverage on the crisis in puerto rico and ways to help, go to our website, nancy: this is must-see video, doctors performing surgery the moment that deadly earthquake hit mexico last week. this was the middle of brain surgery. the staff chose not to evacuate. they kept operating in all operations were successfully completed. most of those patients have already been discharged from the hospital. alison: tonight, a 7 on your side i-team exclusive, growing concerns about the criminal gang ms-13 and its influence on our area. senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher has been tracking this and got a rare interview with a former gang member.
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on recruiting young people, unaccompanied minors who cross the border and have no family structure. the gang then becomes their family and they call on the devil to groom juveniles to commit unspeakably evil and violent crimes. lisa: does the group call on satan? >> they play with the ouija board and speak to the devil. alison: the 7 on your side i-team also got unprecedented access into the 24/7 command-and-control center on the long island dedicated to dismantling ms-13. 's watch lisa fletcher's full i-team report on nancy: the white house doing an internal investigation of private emails. this week several white house officials, including trump's daughter and her husband jared kushner, were using private even mail accounts for government bus
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health and human services secretary tom price. tonight he said sorry for using taxpayer money for private charter flights and then said he would reimburse the government. here's the thing -- he says he will pay $52,000 back, and reportedly the cost of the flights was more than $1 million. stay with abc seven and for updates on this. brian: the first forecast here a 11:00, maria is still tropical system, tracking to the east thanks to the cold front that has it moving out to sea. around here, earlier this morning was 74 and muggy. not the case anymore, finally feeling like fall. that is a welcome change. just how far will the mercury dip? a latta 50's out there in the morning, could be 40's outside 50'se beltway -- a lot of out there in the morning, could be 40's outside the beltway.
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cool start in the morning. midday upper 60's, lower to middle 70's. a perfect afternoon ahead. the weekend with a cooler shot moving in. the forecast coming up. a former maryland a priest has been charged with making child pornography. the priest from bel air was a priest from 1992 until 2002. court records say that detectives found photos of young boys on his phone, computer, and a memory card. he is being held without bail. nancy: just into the newsroom, whole foods hacked. this reportedly affects customers with the in-store tablets and restaurants. no word on how many customers may be impacted, but the company says it is working with the police and a top cyber security firm to track down the root of the issue. michelle: i'm michelle marsh in the satellite center. she talked class applied
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pantyhose, some of the new details from court records in the case of an accused leaker, winter, accused of smuggling out top-secret information from the nsa office in georgia and sharing it with a news outlet. details of the reported confession include an interview with fbi agents shortly after she was arrested where she told them, "yeah, i screwed up royally." prosecutors released a partial transcript of a facebook chat she had with her sister, in which it is reported she said she hated america, calling it "the worst thing to happen on the planet." court documents reveal that she denied being a radical. she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. she has pled not guilty in the case. in the satellite center, michelle marsh, abc 7 news. tonight, a sprawling display of candlelight and alexandria, hundreds
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memory of domestic violence victims. as stephen tschida reports, they are healing together, in hopes of stopping more crimes. remembrancepecial in old town alexandria and a call for compassion, education, and prevention. >> the hard part is getting people to address it, understand it's a problem, and report it and look for it. stephen: among those in says, the father of chiquita bell, her life lost to a violent boyfriend. >> it does not get better. stephen: each of these represents a victim of domestic violence, somebody who was killed in alexandria. >> you don't need the abuse or this individual. stephen: this person lost the little girl that she was fostering her abusive father.
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organizers hope the number of silhouettes does not increase in the next year, but they know that domestic violence is a problem which proved very difficult to solve. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. developments in the nfl anthem controversy, the kneels and bears did not tonight but stood and linked arms and the latest show of unity. this is not just about professional athletes. tim barber is live in montgomery county, where the school district is giving guidance for high school football games. tim? tim: there were more than a dozen foot all games across the country -- the county to make including at walter johnson high school. tonight all school principals and athletic directors got a reminder about the school district's policy. students are allowed to opt out of peach erratic -- patriotic ex
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anthem and not be punished. veteran, so i have mixed emotions about it. however, i understand the cause of the kneeling. it started with the nfl players. tim: we have a lot more information about the nfl protests on reporting live in montgomery county, tim barber, abc 7 news. nancy: still ahead, this may be a major health breakthrough. alison: a breast cancer pill just approved by the fda. and another rockslide at yosemite national park, the second in just two days, happening at the height of climbing season. nancy: and get ready to vote in our insta poll. a debate in virginia over whether health care workers should be required to speak english. and -- alison:
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no debate in congress over this. a rare moment, next.
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alison: breaking news, for the acond time in two days, rockslide has hit el capitan in yosemite national park. witnesses the rockslide was three times larger than yesterday which killed a climber and seriously injured three others. one person was injured today. say the slides happened because of expansion and contraction of the rocks. about 80 of these rock slides at yosemite every year but are usually not deadly. nancy: something you don't see in congress a lot of these days -- total agreement. -- givingeve scalise steve scalise a standing ovation as he returned to the house floor for the first time since he was shot in june. scalise was wounded at a shooting at an alexandria baseball field when they were practicing for the congressional baseball game. today, scalise
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thanked all of those who supported him during his recovery. >> i'm definitely a living example that miracles really do happen. you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house. also thanked the capitol police officers who saved his life, including one who was in the gallery. the officers were the security detail at the ball field and stop the attack by killing the gunman. alison: developing now, congress may decide the fate of a confederate statue in d.c. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton said she would introduce a bill to remove a statue of confederate general albert pike that stands near judiciary square. cities all over the country have similar debates over what to do with his confederate statues and monuments. nancy: 7 on your side with
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breakthrough with breast cancer. the fda has approved a new pill. the fda says 72% have this type of cancer. thanill is pricey at more $10,000 per month but the maker says that it offers financial assistance. inpatient testing, it stopped worsening for longer times with the medication. support after actor julia louise dreyfus announce she had a breast cancer. each we did, "-- she tweeted, "one in eight women get dressed cancer. today on the one." she graduated from school in bethesda. former vice president joe biden showed his support for the actress tonight, saying that we veeps stick together. all the i and bidens are with you, julia." nancy: twitter says that it took action on hundreds accounts thought to be linked
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election as facebook officials met with lawmakers to look at how ads were were used to metal. alison: now our insta poll question, a debate in virginia -- do you think that childcare workers should be required to speak english? we want to hear from you, so cast your vote at /votenow and watch the live results on your screen. the proposal is currently on governor terry mcauliffe's desk. the virginia department of social services says the english regulation would apply to child day care program that get state subsidies, but one member of the fairfax county board of supervisors said it would be a tragedy to pass this bill. >> the state has come in with a new position they speak english fluently, that becomes a statewide role, that presents a whole bunch of challenges. /votenow, and we will keep you posted.
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to feel fall like. the five-day trend very fall-like. the average high tomorrow is 74, and we will be about 75 degrees, so finally a bit more comfortable air that we have been longing for. for the weekend, a reinforcing shot of cooler air, low 70's saturday and sunday, then a gradual increase next week. littleler air, may see a foliage. always show your pictures on a little bit of color showing up in the western burbs, but if you had way deep into far western maryland, the higher elevations are's darting to change -- the higher elevations are starting to change. the wind gusts around 30 miles per hour, but tonight about 9 to 13.
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temperatures will drop back. with a clear skies, marie off the coast, being pushed away. from tonight into tomorrow, another shot of cooler air. the frontal system comes through tomorrow night, bringing even cooler air. another push of a are moving in from canada. saturday and sunday, what is that mean? the cooler air is entrenched overhead. the highs both days only near 70. the lows are in the 40's. for the morning rush, sunrise a little after 7:00, a crisp, clear start. 50's and 60's downtown, cooler in the burbs. give the kids a jacket for the bus stop. by the afternoon, mid 70's, on target or where we should be this time of year. this weekend looking good for the fairfax kid fast. saturday, 10:00 until 6
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fairfax kid fast. temperatures climbing next week, low 80's next week. rain, wey outlook, no are dry. alison: all right, brian, thank you for stop some might call this the ideal flight. nancy: this plane is packed with puppies, nex did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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>> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and all of our new four-legged friends." alison: this airplane is packed with puppies. 3000 -- three dozen dogs displaced by hurricane irma in their seats on the plane in miami, flown to shelters in canada. nancy: they look like they are smiling. justt attendants said they
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customers. the goal is to get them to new homes as soon as possible. it is positively adorable. alison: aw, i wonder if the flight attendants -- robert: speaking of adorable, kirk cousins one baby watch. alison: that's exciting. nancy: puppies to babies. robert: no problem for the nationals come and kirk cousins on baby watch, next.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the nationals kicked off their last series of the regular season with a matchup against the cubs in the distance. the game tied at 2-2, seventh-inning, de aza down the right-field line. that's trouble. anthony rendon gallops around from first. bottom of the ninth, tied again ,de aza down the line, rendon scores again. 5-4.walk-off a win, it's go time. that is what kirk
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reportedly said before rushing out of redskins park today, his wife julie reportedly going into labor today shortly after 5:00. no official word from cousins or the redskins. but we do know that it will be a boy named robert. nancy: really? robert: no, that's a joke. clinton anddents bush in attendance at the u.s. open. after the first session, the first teams to get the points win. and tune into abc 7 every friday night to talk about road to the championship, everything nats after the news. should be fun, the cubs in the first round. alison: what if they actually named the baby robert? robert: yeah.
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ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. alison: fall is finally in the air. robert: -- brian: tomorrow morning, 50's, some 40's and the burbs. 70's the next seven days, cooler over the weekend. a nice, welcome change the next few days, rather refreshing. cardt with your starbucks and get the pumpkin spice latte. it will be dry, so hopefully at some point we get some rain. alison: feels like fall, though. nancy:
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jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a good night.
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>> announcer: tonight on "jimmy kimmel live," 82-year-old great-grandmother bella puts it all on the line against reigning 14-year-old champ traverse, whose braces came off three weeks ago, and whose gloves come off tonight. a battle of the ages in "generation gap!" >> i'm going to whip your bottom, little boy. >> mom? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kaley cuoco, from "abc world news tonight," david muir, and music from the xx. and now, moving on -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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