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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 9, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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today, we celebrate christopher columbus, the ineffective navigator who set out to find india and missed it by 8,901 miles. >> rerouting. turn left. rerouting. turn left. rerouting. turn left. >> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight chadwick boseman. from "the last man on earth" january jones. and music from dhani harrison. now, from this point on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: thanks for coming. very nice. hope you had a good weekend. i certainly did. my wife and i went to a wedding in central california on the weekend. on the way home our electric car ran out of electric. [ laughter ] i went and got a flu shot at walmart while it was charging for three hours. and i got in a fight with the president's son on twitter. so just a normal regular -- [ cheers and applause ] you know, the usual weekend. on saturday morning my wife woke me up with the phone in her hand because president trump tweeted the following, late night hosts are dealing with the democrats for their very unfunny and repetitive material. always anti-trump. should we get equal time? which is an interesting question. especily
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tweeted this demand for equal time after watching f fox & friends breathlessly drool about how great he is for three hours straight. as far as being repetitive goes, i agree with donald trump. i hate it when people are repetitive. >> it's all fake news. >> fake news. >> fake news. >> fake news. >> fake news. >> fake news. >> believe me. >> believe me. >> believe me. >> believe me. >> believe me. >> believe me. >> believe me. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> i guarantee you. >> i guarantee you. >> i guarantee you. >> i guarantee you. >> i guarantee you. >> i guarantee you. >> i guarantee you. >> he referred to my hands if they're small something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee. >> jimmy: he also -- so -- [ cheers and applause ] we got that out of the
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because he took the time with those little thumbs to put the word "unfunny" in quotes which means we have a president who doesn't know how air quotes work. we basically from joey from "friends" running this country. i responded to president joey, then little joey, donald j. trump jr., djtj, he got into it. he replied to me after i replied to his father. he wrote thoughts on harvey weinstein, # asking for a friend. i don't know if you know this there's an expose in "the new york times" about sexual allegations made against the movie producer harvey weinstein who is not the president and isn't particularly well known outside of new york. but the insinuation was that we as part of the biased left wing media propaganda machine wouldn't say anything about him because a democrat. never mind the thousands of jokes about bill coz bowe and bill clinton and the other bill of that ilk. you mean that big story from the failing liberal once hea
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york times"? i think it's disgusting. he replied great, i look forward to your monologues next week. you're probably due for a change if only for a moment or two. i responded great, in the meantime, enjoy this. and i posted a link to the video of danny on the bus to hollywood clip. it just so happened to be the one-year anniversary of that taping release so i thought we should celebrate. people are pointing to the fact that harvey weinstein was a clinton supporter -- i'm not defending hillary clinton. fact is her campaign did take money from what turned out to be a high profile man who has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times. not just one. she took money from harvey weinstein and donald trump who donated to hillary's campaign. note to djtj, just time you are defending your father, you think it's good to draw a comparison between him
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predator? don't. doesn't help. but anyway -- [ applause ] i did make a promise. i did promise a harvey weinstein joke. here it goes. what's the difference between harvey weinstein and the pillsbury dough boy. when the pillsbury offers you a roll, he doesn't ask you to take a shower for it. there you go. by the way, i have a question. the video of trump on the bus with billy bush, is there anyone in our audience who had not seen that before? really? one? so we found the one person in america besides you who has not seen it yet because this person contacted me on instagram asking me to send this to him. >> hey, yo, jimmy kimmel. i need you to send that footage, that bus footage with him talking about grabbing a [ bleep ], you know? i want to hear that. give i
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give me that footage, jimmy. it's snoop dogg. send it to me. you know what i'm talking about. you shut his [ bleep ] up. mm. send me that footage, jimmy. this is your boy snoop dogg. [ applause ] >> jimmy: snoop is so high he doesn't know how to use google. i am going to send it to him as long as he promises not to show it to anyone. all right? it's for your very red eyes only, snoop. this is great. this is the number one trump feud of the day if not the year so far. donald trump's first wife, ivana, not to be confused with ivanka, has a new book coming out tomorrow called "raising trump" in which he talks about what a great job she did raising those kids. and there's interesting nuggets in the book. she claims when pregnant with her first child trump told her he didn't want to name him donald jr. because, and i quote, what if he's
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and now every time they talk, he's like, i told you we shouldn't -- anyway. [ laughter ] [ applause ] apparently ivana now, i guess she gets along well with the president, her ex-husband, and melania, but that might not be the case any longer thanks though this interview she did with amy robach. >> how often do you talk? >> once every 14 days. i have direct number to white house but i no really want to call him there because melania is there and i don't want to cause any kind of jealousy or anything like that. because i'm basically first trump wife. i'm first lady, okay? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: now, to me, that seemed like a joke. look at all the lipstick and the red shirt. she's obviously working as a clown at birthday parties. but melania apparently did not find it amusing and her spokesperson issued this statement today. mrs. trump has made the white house a home for barron and the president.
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d.c. and is honored by her role as first lady of the united states. she plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. there's clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. unfortunately only attention seeking and self-serving noise. and just like that, the real housewif housewives of transylvania was born. how good is this? you really have to hand it to them. just when the trump show starts to get in a bit of a rut, the producers throw in a totally unexpected -- like when nick showed up to surprise kaitlin on "the bap lochelorette." oh, no. okay. i lost you on that. it's a show here on -- anyway, been quite a holiday weekend. you know it's a big weekend when the vice president makes news. mike pence made headlines on sunday when he walked out of the colts/49ers game after some of the players knelt during the national anthem. flew all
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manni manning's jersey at halftime, but he got up and left. he protested, very meta. then after he did it, he got a lot of praise from those who agree with him. so of course, his boss jumped in to take credit for that. trump wrote, i asked vice president pence to leave stadium if any players kneel disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second lady karen. he can't let mike pence have credit for anything. i am so proud of mike pence for doing the awesome thing i told him to do. [ laughter ] [ applause ] mike pence flew all the way to indiana to a game where he knew almost for certain the players were going to kneel, pretended to be surprised by that and stormed out in a huff. for someone who seems to disapprove of gay people so much, mike pence is a bit of a drama queen. [ laughter ] [ applause ] by the way, this seems lik
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mike pence's bunny rabbit has a book deal. for real, the pence family rabbit whose name is marlon bundo has a book coming out in march. a day in the life of the vice president. in the book marlon follows his leader around. it's only a matter of time before that bunny is testifying in front of congress. but the publisher sent us an early copy of the book. you want me to read a little bit of it? [ applause ] what if everyone said, nah, not really. marlin bundo's day in the life of the vice president. my name is marlon bundo and i am the bunny of vice president mike pence. every morning vpmp wakes up next to mother, which is what he calls his wife. i'd say something about how creepy that is, but they feed me, so screw it. [ laughter ] after that, vpmp
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favorite breakfast, a slice of white bread and a half cup of unflavored yogurt. then it's time to go get yelled at by the bright orange carrot man. [ laughter ] one day, i will eat this carrot man starting with his head. well, you know what? you're going to have to buy it, if you want to know the ending. we'll take a break, when we come back, we'll get a visit from the past on a very special day. history will be made when we return. so stick around. we'll be right back. [ applause ] abc's "jimmy kimmel live" brought to you by the subaru crosstrack. (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back.
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and music from dhani harrison are all on the way. i want to wish a happy canadian thanksgiving to our canadian friends. shouldn't you be at home watching dad carve the thanksgiving moose right now? thanksgiving has to be the most canadian holiday ever. it's an entire day dedicated to saying a polite word over and over again. you're welcome. there you go. they did it. thank you. here in united states today is columbus day. on this day 525 years ago on this day columbus posted on his myspace page that he discovered a new world. it's not columbus day here in l.a. anymore and the city voted to change it to indigenous peoples day. joining other cities around the country. i guess the idea is to celebrate the original inhabitants of the content instead of the guy who accidentally backed into it with his boat. [ laughter ] the new holiday that will not officially replace the old one until 2019. i guess there's paperwor
11:52 pm
has to be done first. but already you can see a difference in how we celebrate. >> one day only, our indigenous people day mattress blowout. we're wiping out high prices the way columbus wiped out our native peoples. sealy, springair, posture pedic, did it bring confusion into our minds? no, we mean it. tempur-pedic, sterns & foster, everything must gop about the indigenous people day mattress blowout sale. you're killing me, white people! >> jimmy: you know, there's a certain ring to it. >> guillermo: i have done it. i have discovered jimmy kimmel live. >> jimmy: oh, look at this, everybody. this is very exciting. it's christopher columbus. hi, chris. >> ciao, everybody. welcome to my show. >> jimmy: what? your show? >> yes. it is my show now. i have discovered it.
11:53 pm
you discovered it? there's nothing to discover. it's mine. i've been here for almost 15 years. >> yes. but i brought a flag. i have always wanted a show. on indian television. >> jimmy: on indian television? >> yes. >> jimmy: you know this is america, right? >> no. we are not in india? >> jimmy: no. not even -- >> damn it! not again. >> jimmy: yeah, sorry. i don't know what to tell you. >> do you have any spices? >> jimmy: guillermo, do we have any spices over there? no, we don't have any -- >> stupido. very well. if this is the case, i must go to the queen and make something up. >> jimmy: that's probably a good day. >> but before i go -- >> jimmy: yes. >> i have a present for you. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yes. >> jimmy: that's very nice. oh, wow. a blanket, huh? >> yes. it
11:54 pm
little -- smallpox. >> jimmy: smallpox? >> yes. ciao. >> jimmy: thank you. that's christopher columbus. [ applause ] here you go. that's for you. that's those little smallpox for you. music from dhani harrison tonight. january jones is with us. we'll be right back with chadwick boseman. so stick around. portions of "jimmy kimmel live" were brought to you by coke zero sugar.
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>> jimmy: you have to be proactive. that's the thing about this job. you can't just sit and wait for it to come to you. >> i'm being proactive now. can i have a job?
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>> jimmy: hi, welcome back. tonight on our show you know him from mad men and the very funny show "the last man on earth." january jones is here. this is his new album. it's called "in///parallel." dhani harrison from the mercedes-benz stage. dhani is son of the great george harrison. and his first tour starts at the knitting factory in new york. tomorrow on the show the mighty thor himself, chris hemsworth will be here. whitney cummings,
12:00 am
vance joy, we'll have music from sir roosevelt. and next week we're loading guillermo's minivan to the top and taking the whole show to brooklyn, new york, for five nights. our guests will be, you ready? david letterman, howard stern, amy schumer, tracy morgan, woody harrelson, billy joel, lcd soundsystem, former governor arnold schwarzenegger will make his first appearance on our program and more surprises, too. that starts a week from tonight. be there or be elsewhere. our first guest tonight is a gifted actor who is as comfortable in dodger blue as he is panther black. he plays a young lawyer named thurgood who would soon be appoint to the supreme court in "marshall." >> i'm telling you this up front, the naacp will not like most lawyers.
12:01 am
because of their race. that's our mission. you understand? so i need to know this. look at me now. did you do what they said you did? >> i never touched that woman. >> okay. joseph. you got lawyers now. >> jimmy: "marshall" opens in theaters on friday. please welcome chadwick boseman. [ cheers and applause ] how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> jimmy: i like that shirt. >> yeah, you want it? >> jimmy: yeah, i do want it. >> i'll leave it out for you. >> jimmy: that would be nice. >> i can't wear it again. >> jimmy: yeah, you really can't wear a shirt like that more than once. once you wear that, it's worn, right? >> that's
12:02 am
>> jimmy: you know what would be interesting? you should have done something like a tie-in with the film "marshall" and the show marshall's. >> how can we make this work? >> jimmy: we got to think ahead the next time. maybe for the sequel. there won't be a sequel, though. >> there will not. >> jimmy: most everybody knows. let's be honest, not that many people know but thurgood marshall was the first african-american on the supreme court, but this movie takes place well before that in his life. >> you can clap for that. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: when he was a young lawyer traveling around the country righting wrongs. >> yes, this is way before that. this is 1941, before the u.s. enters world war ii. this case is a lesser known case. it's the state of connecticut versus joseph spell. it's a rape case. and that's why we chose it because, you know, if it was brown versus board of education, if it was him entering the
12:03 am
the end of that story. this is something that you don't know. >> jimmy: that's right, yeah. also it's fun to see him as a young lawyer and think about hm in human terms in that way. >> yeah, because he was a fun guy. you know, he liked his bourbon, his cigars, his cigarettes. he was a man about town. he had friends in the harlem ren in sans. >> jimmy: how do you learn that stuff about him? >> reading. just -- it's, you know, in this case, i -- you know, when i played real people in the past, i did a lot of firsthand research with the family. the family was kind of hands off in this case. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: but didn't his son write you a letter? >> his son was basically the deciding factor of me playing the role. you know. i had reservations about playing the character because we're different complexions but the pr
12:04 am
director reginald hudland pulled out this letter in our meeting. after we talked about everything. we debated. here's a letter from the son john marshall. and he wants you to play thurgood. >> jimmy: it is possible that reggie hudland forged that letter to get you to play him? >> it is possible. but i did check. >> jimmy: that's pretty great for his son to write -- because i'm trying to imagine if there was a movie about my dad's life, it would basically be about gardening and bowling and maybe an asthma attack every once in a while. but -- >> but who would you want to play it, though? >> jimmy: the only celebrity that really looks like my dad is wolf blitzer. i guess you want a younger version. so maybe wolf blitzer in his first acting role. as my dad. this is pretty cool, too. this is
12:05 am
jackson posted to his instagram account on saturday which is a great instagram account because it's a lot of pictures the of him and magic on vacation. >> true. >> jimmy: where was this taken, just to start with? >> we were hanging out. i can't really say where -- >> jimmy: this is something marvel related. >> you know, yeah. >> jimmy: i know there's a marvel theme going on here, but i have no idea whether it's a convention. it looks like a film set. i'll start with that. was it a set? >> it was not a set. but it was a marvel thing. >> jimmy: it was a marvel thing. >> you know this always gets me in trouble. >> jimmy: my job is to ask questions. your job is to not answer thel. >> somebody messed up a little bit and i saw what happened to them. >> jimmy: all right. so you can't really tell us -- whose idea was it to take the picture? >> i am not ashamed to say
12:06 am
will say i'm not going to take. it was my idea. yeah, yeah. because i see cheeto and mackie allot. very rare that you have sam jackson and fishburn in the same place. laurence fishburne will be in the antman movie? >> is that okay? i think that's well known. >> jimmy: if i say it, it's okay. >> yes, he is. >> jimmy: that's all you can say about it. is this maybe for the tag or the end of one of the upcoming movies like "thor." >> no, that's too many black people -- >> jimmy: is there a quota? i didn't know that. >> you got to wait for black panther for that to happen. >> jimmy: black panther, i was thinking about black panther today. it doesn't have a secret identity like most superheroes. he has
12:07 am
i know this because i was a lonely child reading all his comic books. he doesn't have a secret identity. is that disappointing? >> no, no, no, no. there's still the -- there's a certain like fear factor that the mask creates and there's still sort of like a legend around the character that has been created. i guess you would have to either go to some of the comic books or see it in a movie, but there's an aspect of it that's like is this black panther thing real? that aspect is there. you don't need the secret identity because there's still the mystery of, you know, the panthers prowess. >> jimmy: it seems like you've given this a lot more thought than i ever would have guessed you had. did the black panther's son write you a letter asking you to
12:08 am
there's a lot of research going on. >> no. >> jimmy: but if he had, that would be pretty exciting, yeah. very good to see you. congratulations on the movie. [ applause ] it's called "marshall" about thurgood marshall and opens in theaters friday. chadwick boseman, everybody. we'll be right back. this is google home mini. it's got the google assistant in it. so it's super helpful. watch this, hey google good morning. google home: good morning, claire. it's 72 and sunny. don't forget to wear some sunscreen. oh, that's nice. it'll also read you the news, look up traffic and tell you... gh: your first meeting is at 9am. and you know how sometimes you're in bed and you can't get out of it until you hear that one song that - gh: ok, playing your "get out of bed" playlist. [song plays] yeah, it can do that too. it's google home mini and the rest of the google home family. ♪ a world without accidents. for the future:
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chaup. >> jimmy: welcome back. dhani harrison and january jones are on the way. but first exciting news from the world of beverages. people everywhere are discovering that coke zero sugar really does taste like a coke and no one is more excited about that than our amigo guillermo. he traveled all the way to college game day at virginia tech to spread the news to anyone who would listen. >> guillermo: i'm guillermo here college game day for virginia tech versus clemson. i'll have everyone try the coke zero sugar. do you want to try the coke zero sugar? >> i would love to. >> guillermo: here. hold on. this is nice. do you want some? >> i would love some, yeah. >> guillermo: hey, hold on.
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sugar? >> can i? >> guillermo: yeah, sure. >> can i have it? >> guillermo: it tastes like a coke. wait, hold on. >> thirsty? >> just save me a little bit. >> guillermo: i will. >> just a tetch. >> guillermo: hold on, man. ah. >> ah. >> i'm thirsty, come on, man. >> guillermo: all right, here. >> there's none left. >> guillermo: but i love your blazer, man. >> there's nothing left. >> guillermo: what it taste like? >> the last drop was very good. thank you, guillermo, i appreciate that. >> guillermo: we did it. i'm not sure what we did, but we did it. >> coke zero sugar. great coke taste. zero sugar. try it for yourself. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with january jones. coke zero is now coke zero sugar, with great coke taste. some people were excited to hear the news, some were skeptical.
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♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. our next guest is an
12:21 am
golden globe nominated actress whom you know as betty from "mad men." now she's on "the last man on earth" sunday nights on fox. please welcome january jones. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> awesome. >> jimmy: are you shooting "last man on earth" right now? >> yeah, we are season four. we're on like episode seven. >> jimmy: i love that show. i have to tell you, i loved it from the very beginning. and i think it's still really, really, really funny. >> it's really fun. >> jimmy: it is fun to shoot the show? >> very fun. >> jimmy: it seems like a great group of people. >> it's just forte walking around and farting around. will farte. he's like, jan, jan, then he'll just come and fart next to you. that's my boss. >> jimmy: can i tell
12:22 am
something? i've heard a couple of different people not on the show talk about -- they talk about will, they always talk about him farting on them. >> like a weinstein joke could be in there somewhere. >> jimmy: you don't get anything from it, yeah. well, that's something else. well, he's appropriately named then, i guess. will will be embarrassed? >> no he'll be so pleased. >> jimmy: he'll be pleased by it. >> yeah. >> jimmy: somebody told me a long story about staying over his house as a guest, a guy. and he make a production of coming down to his room and bringing down his breakfast and opened it up and farted in it. >> i've heard worse. >> jimmy: worse than farting on cheerio's, huh? >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: where are you from, originally? >> i'm from south dakota. >> jimmy: what part of south dakota are you from? >> for real? you're just being nice? >> jimmy: i'm just being nice,
12:23 am
>> i grew up in a little town called heckler, until i was 8 or 9, then i moved to sioux falls. >> reporter: heckla, how is that spelled? >> h-e-c-k -l-a. >> jimmy: that's right. >> 400 people. >> jimmy: so there must have been like one school in the town? >> one school, k through 12, and my dad was a teacher and a coach there. that's why we moved there. >> jimmy: what did he coach? >> basketball, tennis and cross country. >> jimmy: pretty much everything? >> those are the three sports. then he was the gym teacher and i think he taught health and maybe history. >> jimmy: health, history. >> a little place. he was like 26 when -- yeah, when i went into
12:24 am
>> jimmy: was it weird having your dad at the school being your pe teacher? you can't get out of pe that way. >> i thought it would be more fun than it was. he din want to give me undue attention. he didn't want to play favorites. so i never was called as team captain. i got in trouble for calling him dad. >> jimmy: oh, you did? at what age? >> i was 5. like 5, 6, 7. kindergarten through second grade. >> jimmy: what does that entail getting in trouble? >> ten push-ups. if i was being rowdy and i was kind of the class clown sometimes and there's these bleachers and there's little holes in the metal things. we -- i would have to go put my nose in the hole. >> jimmy: what? hold on a second. you'd have to -- he'd say go put your nose in a hole? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what? a
12:25 am
there. [ laughter ] that could have been disastrous. >> he thought it was going to humiliate me, and it didn't. >> jimmy: how long would you have to have your nose in the hole? >> well, the time where it would start was probably when i stopped laughing. i don't know. not very long. i was little. i love my dad so much. sorry, dad. >> jimmy: is your dad, when you tell these stories, does he get embarrassed? >> no. i think he'd be pleased. >> jimmy: when he taught health was he like the sex ed teacher? >> yeah, so that's another reason that i'm happy that he wasn't my teacher for that. >> jimmy: that would have been crazy. >> that didn't prevent him from teaching me all about sex education just at home. >> jimmy: oh, he did. he was very open. >> yeah, he was the one that brought me in the grocery store when i had my first period. >> jimmy: oh, he did. >> he was telling me the difference between all the stuff.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: oh, no. >> he called it the periodic. [ laughter ] still does. still does. you got your periodic. i knew it was going to happen this summer. these are your options. he was like happy. >> jimmy: what? i will tell you, my sister is 47 years old. there's no way he's ever said the word "period," my dad to her. she would probably burst right into tears. >> we're a really open family. >> jimmy: i guess so. well, that's something else. so your dad taught all your friends about sex, although maybe you'd moved by that time. >> no, not second graders. they were like my baby-sitters maybe he was teaching sex ed. >> jimmy: that seems unsavory as well. what kind of kid were you when you were in high school? were you a member of like a clique? >> no. no. i was very outgoing right up until high school.
12:27 am
school wasn't my jam. i'm sort of a -- i was a lifeguard and i was in the more artistic crowd. >> jimmy: i see. artistic lifeguards. [ laughter ] >> i liked a lot of '70s music. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> some people called us stoners or deadheads, but i'm not admitting to anything. >> jimmy: did you listen to the grateful dead? >> i loved led zeppelin and the grateful dead. >> jimmy: you will admit to that? >> oh, yeah. that summer jerry garcia died and i took my break to go out in the parking lot to be emotional about it. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> then went back in and lifeguarded. >> jimmy: he didn't die in your pool, just to establish -- >> it was a water park. >> jimmy: what was the name of the water park you worked at? >> wild water west. >> jimmy: why was it west when you guys were in south dakota. >> it was on the west side
12:28 am
town. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: was there a wild water east? there was no wild water east. so did you climb up to the top of the ladder and sit there? >> the body slide, the tube slide and the drop slide and then there was like the lily pads in the kiddie pool. they'd switch us around every 40 minutes probably because they knew everyone was going to the parking lot to be emotional. >> jimmy: i just figured out what going to the parking lot to be emotional means. and a good lesson for parents to make sure your children are wearing floaties at the water park in case the teenagers who are supposed to be watching them get emotional from time to time. >> 40 minutes. >> jimmy: is your dad still teaching or is he done with that now? >> he's retired now. but after we left there he got a masters. and he's like a trainer, always healthy, fit. still worked out every day. >> jimmy: did he d
12:29 am
>> yeah, i never work out. i hate it. >> jimmy: you never do? that was the way you rebelled against your father? >> yeah, because in high school -- my dad is going to be -- i love you, dad. but if punishment i was caught drinking or having a cigarette, it was 20 minutes on the treadmill or i'm going to devise this circuit class for you then i'd throw out. one time i had to blow in a bag because i lost my breath. >> jimmy: he treated exercise as punishment. >> yeah, or he was just going to like burn it out of me or whatever. >> jimmy: and did that work on any level? >> well, my other sisters, they run marathons and stuff. it was just me. >> jimmy: because jerry garcia was dead. they had nobody to -- it was too early for phish, right? you went right into phish. sure sure. with the lifeguarding that makes sense. od
12:30 am
it's called "the last man on earth" sunday nights on fox. january jones, everybody. we're right back with dhani harrison. the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz.
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the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. >> jimmy: thanks to chadwick boseman, january jones, apologies to matt. we ran out of time. this is dhani harrison. ♪ ♪ ♪ i know all there is to know about waiting never mind the the quick disincident te congratulations. ♪ we will carry you to slack and leave
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♪ to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ it's not like you used to be ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, speaking out. ashley judd and other women detailing graphic allegations of sexual misconduct by hollywood executive harvey weinstein. now fired from his own company. once thanked by top stars at the oscars. >> i'd like to thank har ree weinstein. >> thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today. >> what brought the mogul down. >> plus the first lady? >> i'm basically first trump wife, okay? i'm first lady. okay? >> those words from ivana trump evoking a fiery response from melania trump today. the


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