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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  October 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> here we are! >> now it's party time. unbelievable. beautiful. >> no matter where you look you see curiosity smile and a sense of wonder. keep it real. >> amazing to see the transformation in my own neighborhood. >> the water front has been transformed. 6,000 permanent jobs. $94 million pumped annually in the city coffers. dozen of restaurants and bars and 850 new apartments and condos. >> you look at the residences, you will see almost one in four of them are at below the market rate. one in four affordable housing units. more to come. >> there have has been construction and permit delays.
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none of that is killing the vibe. >> you can feel energy. it doesn't rain on our parade. we had a ball. >> one time, long time southwest resident said to me she walked in here and felt like she was in another city. if you want to come out here, take metro. it's a five-minute walk. reportingreportingreporting from sweeney. nancy: thank you. the wharf will be busy tonight. just down main avenue the nats will take the field around the same time. after forcing game five of the nlds in a dramatic fashion. it could add up to a traffic nightmare in southern d.c. d.c. mayor announcing four metro stations will stay open tonight. stephen tschida is live outside one of
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>> excitement at the wharf and boy is it building at nats park. the fans taking metro tonight will need to know it will be open an extra hour. >> with a crush of people expected, an appeal to keep metro open later tonight. >> you never know when the game might run late. >> power company answered the call for help. exelon is kicking in $100,000 for the revelers of grand opening of the wharf can have an easier time getting home. >> if they hadn't kicked in the cash they expected a nightmare commute. >> gridlock after the game. >> remember, exelon is based in chicago. some are wondering whether it was to help nats
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fans. >> i think it's the local exelon company that stepped up. >> c'mon. it's all about the nats. the four stations that are open an extra hour. navy yard, waterfront, and l'enfant plaza and capital south. nancy: good to keep in mind. the winners of the game will advance to the nlcs. >> so instapoll is asking if you think the nats or the cubs will win. go to to let us know what you think. >> tom roussey joins us live outside nats park where the fans are getting excited. tom? tom: >> that is right. the most ardent fans are starting to arrive like the guys behind me here. he is rooting for t
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tonight. the diehard here. we have been to game five so what is different this year? >> we need to get the men on base. >> how much faith in gio gonzalez? >> he is the man. he will pitch a great game. >> he is playing great. >> scherzer is in the bullpen. >> last year it ended in heartbreak. fear it will happen again? >> i was here in 2012 so time the breakth
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we'll win game five. >> we have the confidence here. >> i that are confident the d.c. sports curse will be broken tonight. >> hope springs eternal. with the rain let up for the game? optimistic about that? steve rudin in the weather center with the forecast for tonight. >> it's not picture perfect but it won't be washed out. cool side by the time it comes to an end. it's on the cool side. 63 degrees at the reagan national airport. the temperatures won't move a lot starting the game to the seventh inning and toward the ride home with a win. >> there are pockets of drizzle. dress in layers. it will get ch
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there is a big warmup for the weekend. cold front, give you timing on that in a few minutes. nancy: there is no rain in sight for the fire crews fight fires in california. they are looking to see if downed powerlines sparked the flames. 3500 buildings are destroyed and thousands of flights are being delayed due to the smoke as well. reed andrews joins us live. >> the winds with relentless. there is damage everywhere you look. this leveled with the flames. the people at
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leave their homes. >> they are giving out orders in the neighborhood. >> we are hoping and praying. >> cal fire checked to see where it was spreading to. >> it's surreal and scary. more importantly, never sure what will happen. >> ten miles south they are filling up the field at sonoma raceway. >> about racing out the door, the sheriff came by and telling us to get out. >> this is unprecedented. we have had fires but not like this. >> midday they had r.v.'s. the raceway says it has taken up to 17,000 >> the
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>> the people wait for updates. >> this is more of a look of data than what happened to the neighborhoods. >> the fire prepped up to the tasting room. down below, garcia mourns a place he calls his second home. >> for 20 years he worked at the range. this is the first time he has seen it since the fire leveled the property. >> my heart is broke. >> the evacuations continue. they will be having people sleeping in the cars on the racetrack. they hope it doesn't come to that. no matter where you are in napa or sonoma county the main thing on people's minds is when will the winds die down. live in sonoma, reed andrews. >> in the last hour an
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billion aid package. it includes puerto rico. this came hours after the white house chief of staff said they will stand with the american citizens until clean-up is done. kelly's comments coming after the president tweeted that the island survive hurricanes due to the financial crisis of their own making. the infrastructure was a disaster before maria hit. >> he said we can't keep them in peacekeeper forever. tonight 90% of the item is without power. the mayor of san juan tweeting back to the president he is enable to help the people of if island the comments are unbecoming of a commander-in-chief and seem to come from a hater-in-chief. nancy: meantime, israel following the united states withdrawalling from the scientific and sulture organization. they said that they are guilty of the
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it will be effective at the end of 2018. larry: coming up at 5 -- president trump: this will cost the united states government virtually nothing. >> up next, the president takes his own action on healthcare. >> where police are asking questions about harvey weinstein and the action. >> what sent students scrambling on a stop on the way to class this morning. >> one location for the amazon headqu (upbeat music) - [announcer] presenting the shark ion flex 2x. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere
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nathan: i'm nathan baca at the "7 on your side" help center. if you are injury issues or wage issues or if you need help trying to figure out why you were fired this phone bank will help you out. 703-236-9220.
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6:30 to help you. we will have more in a live report. nancy: states across the nation making the best cases now to land amazon's second headquarters. next week virginia plans to make a pitch as a region. jeff goldberg is in arlington with more. the competition is stiff on this one. jeff: it is fierce! this is a possible site. this is crystal city along crystal drive. this is possible that another site in arlington could be on the list from the commonwealth of virginia. then there are locations farther west. >> there are though who see tysons as the ideal spot. >> this is becoming a new hub. >> but others like alex cunningham favor loudoun county. >> that makes the most sense to me. >> both are likely in the mix at the state of virginia prepares to submit ten sites to amazon for consideraon
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called hq2. it will occupy 8 million square feet and employ 50,000 workers. >> depending on the top of jobs they offer and the salaries, i would be interested. >> a site in crystal city and arlington is likely on the list but one site gaining momentum. the center for innovative technology campus near dulles. c.i.t. right by the airport would be close to the silver line phase two project and has support of the loudoun and the fairfax county board of supervisors. >> it's exciting to see fairfax and loudoun collaborate on an important initiative. >> mike forehan with northern virginia chamber of commerce says if amazon picks anywhere in the d.c. region everywhere will benefit. >> in the d.c. metro area has a good shot.
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>> it can never be a bad thing. >> virginia may also be submitting sites in richmond. three of them. three from hampton roads d.c. and maryland are also making bid to amazon. deadline for the applications is a week from today. decision is expected early next year. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you. amazon plans to hire 120,000 people this holiday season. the online retailer needs to fill the positions at fulfillment center at the customer service locations in 33 states including maryland and virginia. new hires will pick, pack and ship customer holiday orders. >> the lottery is officially hope for the christmas tree lighting. >>
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the grandest christmas tradition. this year scheduled the u.s. navy band, mannheim steamroller and boys to bow ties. there are additional guests in the coming days. nancy: there is a link to the lottery online. you will be competing against me. i just entered. larry: did you really? stuffing the ballot? nancy: you are not supposed to do that. i know that but did you do it? nancy: i may have called a friend of a friend and had them put in requests. steve: it is really cool. they have big names that come out and they sing and dance. your tows are like -- >> it will feel like winter. >> i'm excited to see what it looks like. >> fingers crossed. >> let's talk about the
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forecast. >> a lot of people getting out there early. >> there is a game tonight? >> people line up at the front gates and they are excited. looking over at the national harbor. the sun is going to set at 6:35. we have showers and the pockets of drizzle out there. i don't think it will amount to a lot. should we find showers overhead, i don't think it is enough to delay the game. but be forewarned if you don't have anything waterproof, bring it with you heading out the door. if you are not going to the game, check out the wharf. a lot of fun out there. it's 64 in luray.
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mainly light. if you want to bring your poncho with you. hopefully by the time the game will come to an end around 11:00, you will go home with a wind. showers and drizzle continue with the patchy fog. mid-50's in suburban locations. tomorrow morning is a cool start. the things will improve late day hour. mid-50's for bethesda and upper marlboro. 54 in manassas. the future cast, bring in a few showers through the morning hours but not looking at anything heavy. a little patchy fog. at least early on. no travel delays. be on the lookout. midday hours and we will see the pocket of drizzle and the showers lingering. better chance for showers to move friday evening and saturday morning.
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build across the mid-atlantic. gorgeous and a warm sunday ahead. cold front that arrives late in the day. highs tomorrow in the upper 60's. there are the showers on the day planner. grab an umbrella on the dry side. bethesda row arts festival. lower 70's on saturday. the virginia wine festival. oldtown alexandria. lower 70's on saturday. lower 80's for the day on sunday. seven-day outlook from the stormwatch7 that shows the weather coming to an end saturday afternoon. cold front drop us to 70's on monday. we have mid-60s and brilliant sunshine on tuesday and wednesday. the following weekend is howard homecoming and lot of fun there. a lot of folks will be in from out of town. the weather
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temperatures are 75 degrees. nancy: thank you. larry: love it. great. all right. feel like you are working like a dog? nancy: i am not going to answer that. >> i don't work at all. perhaps the dog days of summer have your down. nancy: still ahead, how your four-legged friends could soon help you get a day off. larry: later, why a short move was a big deal on the national mall today. nancy: but first, t.g.i.t. the favorite thursday night line-up back on abc -- larry: now a preview of "good morning washington." adrianna: thanks, guys. kidd o'shea sits down with viola davis for the inside scoop of "how to get away with murder." >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m. on ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsod
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to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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larry: developing now, the country's largest hospital association says a new executive order could destabilize insurance markets and make coverage unaffordable for those with preexisting conditions. but the white house believes it will do the obis -- opposite. >> what congress couldn't accomplish president trump trying to do on his own. repeal and replace
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affordable care act with a stroke of a pen. the executive order that the white house says would allow employers to form groups across state line and have insurance policy pros moting healthcare choice and competition. president trump: insurance companies will be fighting to get every single person signed up. you will be hopefully negotiating, negotiating, negotiating and you will get such low prices and such great care. >> critics say the order under mines key protection in the affordable care act to drive up cost for the sick. destabilizes the insurance marketplace more. >> the president is sabotaging healthcare when we had no action in the congress. >> the trade group represents the insurance industry in a statement saying we cannot jeopardize stage of other markets to provide coverage for hundreds of americans. this is after congress failed not once, not twice but three times at a rep
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the speaker of the house says legislation is still the best option. >> if you don't succeed, try, try again. keep at it. >> the president, though, making this promise to americans. >> this will cost the united states government virtually nothing. people will have great, great healthcare. >> consumers are unlikely to see a change from this order until 2019. meanwhile, key senators on capitol hill consider to work on a bipartisan approach to stabilize the marketplace. in northwest, serena marshall, abc7 news. nancy: still ahead, signs of progress for the maryland woman who lost an eye in the las vegas massacre. larry: why the investigation into a fallen movie mogul is now extending overseas. >> some live and work in this area have literally watched the wharf come to life. i share their story coming up. >> "7 on your side" to answer questions about workers' rights. speak t
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phone bank by calling
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in a noisy world ... northern virginia's own novec is listening to its cust who want reliable, affordable electricity, renewable energy options, and ways to save energy and money. novec delivers the most reliable power in the region. and customers are paying less for electricity than they did eight years ago. novec is listening and responding. that's because this not-for-profit cooperative is owned by the people it serves. novec. listening. responding. nancy: welcome back. the nationals just beginning batting practice out there ahead of game five of the nlds. if they beat the cubs tonight they w
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dodgers in the national league championship cease-fire. tonight's game starts after 8:00. larry: well, game comes on the same night of the opening of the wharf. among new attractions, businesses, restaurants bringing people in from all over. this is some of the 360 video shot there earlier today. you can watch the entire thing on for those who grew up in the area and still call if neighborhood home, getting chances to watch the changes over time. amy aubert joins us live from southwest with their story. amy? amy: well, take a look at the crowds that are still coming out tonight. we have had people from florida to maryland and some of them down the street. but a lot of excitement today. for those who knew the area prior, a lot of changes. >> the new southwest. >> new southwest. for some called the area home brings major changes. >> i have
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and i was completely lost. i didn't know where i was. it's so built up. >> debra dixon lives in d.c. for nearly 47 years and says she can't believe how much changed. >> there are a lot of things to do. a lot of places to go. i'm excited about it. >> the rebirth of the neighborhood is amazing. >> rebirth that some say comes with a little hesitation. >> a little scary having all the people sort of come in to an area that is ours but also exciting to have new restaurants and new shops. >> new construction that the urban development class brings learning outside school walls. >> the best way to put urban development right to the forefront. to come out here for yourself. >> experiencing the changes with excitement shining through on a somewhat rainy day. >> we have been cur
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neighborhood. we have seen the construction going on and we have not had a chance to take a peek at it. we are here getting our air wet. >> i'm here to be part of it. this is history for me. >> one of the neighbors tems me that the wharf will now be a destination area for people coming out to visit d.c. >> live in southwest d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. larry: it looks like fun. thanks. we get update about the traffic down by the wharf of and anywhere else with the abc7 news app. search wjla to download it. nancy: new in the last hour, the officials law enforcement telling the "associated press" the mandalay bay did not call the police for six minutes. 58 people
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good signs for the recover for tina frost. she was shot in the head and the frost family says the 27-year-old following a nurse's command to squeeze her hands and move her toes. wednesday former astronaut mark kelly stopping by for a visit and go fund me payment raised $500,000 to cover medical expenses and costs. larry: developing now expanding investigation into harvey weinstein. police in new york, london looking through the files for 30 women who accused the hollywood executive of inappropriate comment. they have been looking into the allegation against weinstein from the 1980's. late this afternoon, twitter restoring actress rose mcgowan's account after people thought the company was silencing one of winestein's vocal critics but they say she suspended the count because she tweeted out a pri
5:34 pm
nancy: we are learning more about the allegations of the sexual misconduct against harvey weinstein but the story itself is not new. national correspondent kristine frazao looks at why it took so long to come out. >> prosecution denied. >> if we had a case we felt we could prosecute we would. >> a story squashed. >> nbc says the story wasn't publishable or ready to go when you brought it to them. >> it's not accurate to say it was not reportable. there are multiple reports by nbc. >> reportable but not reported until now. a woman wrote a story on the sexual misconduct in 2004. story that never ran. why? blurring lines between media and entertainment. >> there is an interconnecting
5:35 pm
to a producer to filmmakers. it's like a little family. >> and the family at the end of the day takes care of the family. >> many call movie mogul harvey weinstein alleged sexual provocation the worst kept secret in hollywood. even joked about it on tv shows like nbc's "30 rock." >> i turned down intercourse with harvey weinstein on no less than three occasions. >> even a 2015 sting operation conducted by police and a model wasn't enough to crack the story open sooner. >> come on, i'm used to that. >> the media outlet should be used to the possibility of litigation but that shouldn't stop them from pursuing a story about the abuse of power. >> that is why you have a good legal team to check boxes. >> did people say it's harvey weinstein? let's not
5:36 pm
>> it turns out a long pursued story. kristine frazao reporting. nancy: we have new developments in the case of a former virginia tech student acaused of murdering a 13-year-old girl. david eisenhower was scheduled to go on trial next month in the death of nicole lovell. however, a judge agreed to postpone the trial by several months to allow lawyers to review data from several phones, computers and other devices. in the last hour a man accused of killing a pregnant teacher in maryland has been indicted by the grand jury. tessier was wallen's boyfriend and he was arrested days after her body was discovered in a scholl -- shallow grave. larry: why there was too much buzz for local students. >> stink bugs are here. why in so many large numbers? and what you can do about them. we'll
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nancy: warning for all
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steve: tonight is cloudy, a few showers and pocket of drizzle. if you want to check out the wharf, the weather will cooperate. fireworks display looking good. 6:30 this everything. talk about the big football game this weekend. temperatures fall from the upper 70's to the lower 70's. mainly clear skies. once again fedex field at 8:30 sunday night. also sunday night we will be tracking a cold front. stay with us.
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>> "7 on your side" with a consumer alert for parents out there. 50,000 car seats recalled because they may not protect the children in a crashes. the convertible and the booster seats dating back to 2014 are pulled. that includes radian models and pacifica and olympia and rainier. children weighing more than 65 pounds have an increased risk of chest injury in a crash. the company says it will send owners a new chest clip and a pad to fix the problem. nancy: right now montgomery county 32 quince orchard high school students evaluated for possible bee stings. they were at a dunkin' do
5:41 pm
across the street this morning and three students had to be taken to the hospital. however, they are expected to be okay. emergency crews responded and they say they do not take this lightly. >> we did have a massive response, v.m.s. crews. we had mass casualty unit. larry: stay with me. i will not try this at home. in italy you can take a sick day for yourself, member of your family or your dog. an italian librarian asked to use the family's sick leave and stay with an ailing pet instead of vacation days. animal rights group got involved to help persuade the employer it's okay. anyone who has a certificate from a
5:42 pm
enjoy the same. nancy: it does make sense. if you have to send your dog or cat to the veterinarian it takes all day. there you go. larry: i'm teasing. by all means. take care of your pets. they're family members. the nats seem to have made an amazing recover ahead of last night's game. nancy: the big question how is the team feeling tonight? scott abraham joining us from nats park. the clock is ticking. the rain beginning to fall. the nats getting ready for game five of the nlds against the cubs. coming up, explain why manager dusty baker doesn't believe in d.c. sports curses. >> it's moving day for the lockkeeper's house on the national mall. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, we will tell you how far it will go and when the visitors can get insi
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sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet?
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right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. nancy: back now with the plans to move historic lightkeepers house from the national mall. cheryl conner was there when the building moved
5:46 pm
today. >> you have to take a close look to see the tires turning. simply glancing at the stones from constitution avenue in the morning rush hour doesn't do it. >> it's moving day for the lock keeper's house. >> we traveled less than a mile per hour. >> within 30 minutes it arrived. 50 feet away still on the national mall. 17th street. >> we think of this as creating a new gateway to this portion of the national mall. >> if you say what is the lockkeeper's house you are in good company. but chances are you passed it. >> it used to sit close to busy constitution avenue with buses passing by. >> we showed you the tiny room that housed the lockkeeper and the family when constitution avenue. >> the lockkeeper lived there. it's his job
5:47 pm
the vote came down. >> it's the entrance for constitution garden. >> contractors still have to rebuild the bottom of the house, using original rocks. the inside will get a makeover for it opens to the public in the spring. on the national mall, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> interesting. thanks. >> shell doing a bit of an electric slide. oil company with the charging firm new motion. it operates more than 30,000 electric charging places for the businesses in the netherlands, germany, france and u.k. nancy: the mayor has proposed another plan to been a all diesel
5:48 pm
coming years to reduce pollution in the capital. larry: new poll finds more americans think global warming playing a role in the weather. survey by the center for public affairs research finds 68% of the americans believe the weather disasters are getting worse. most think global warming is to blame. nancy: "7 on your side" to help you know your rights as an employee. we are with a panel of experts ready to help. and a great resource. nast it is. 703-236-9220. joining me is liz with the washington lawyers committee. what workplace issues are people calling needing help? >> we see wage theft. people are working but not
5:49 pm
to. sometimes they don't get the hourly rate or they get that but not on overtime. we see it on the construction site and the domestic service workers. we see workers paying them what they are entitled to. lately we are seeing age discrimination. people who may have been in their job for 10, 15, 25 years. some of it is manual labor. when they get older the employer tries to edge them out even though they are capable of doing the job. nathan: people can also join the clinics that you run? >> absolutely. we have seven clinics a month. four of them are on wednesday night. these are at northwest d.c. clinic on the first and the third friday afternoons of the month. then we have one on the last saturday of the month.
5:50 pm
703-236-9220. dal until 6:30. again, 703-236-9220. back to you. nancy: thank you. larry: check in with steve rudin now. game five tonight at nats park. steve: can't wait. starts a little after 8:00. the clouds will stick around for the entire evening. not going to get rid of those. the showers and the drizzle are on and off moving through the everything and overnight hours. right now no big problems not inside the capital beltway. may find pocket of showers and the drizzle in the next hour or two. pick up to the end of the game. temperatures are on the cool side. considering how warm it has been around here of late. 63 degrees at reagan national airport. only the upper 50's in winchester. 64 in fredericksburg. the forecast, break it down for the game. first pitch, 8:08. the temperatures are not moving a lot. cloud cover sticks around. seventh inning stretch heading home. dealing with the patchy fog
5:51 pm
the freeways and the metro system later tonight. the forecast hour by hour. inside the beltway. lower 60's for the low temperatures. tomorrow's highs below average. upper 60's. added clouds. especially later in the day with the showers. the showers are going to begin to wind down moving to early saturday morning. look at saturday's high. 73 degrees. sunday, brilliant sunshine. lower 80's. cold front late sunday night. drop temperatures to the upper 60's. we stay in the 60's on tuesday and wednesday and we warm it up toward the end of next week and the following weekend. all right. big game number five. must win for the nats. see what is going on outside. scott? scott: the rain starting to fall a little bit. this is a winner take all situation. major league baseball playoffs at the finest tonight.
5:52 pm
gio gonzalez getting the start tonight trying to lead them to the first playoff victory. look behind me. we have batting practice going on now. the nationals getting loose and warmed up for the game five of the nlds. quick turn-around for the club after last night. thrilling win of game four at wrigley field. the past hasn't been kind to the franchise. but custody baker doesn't care. he believes in his club. >> sometimes the reputation of the town and the other sports. you have to say hey, it will be us. we are not ready to go home. we want to go to the next hound. scott: i know it is hard to be a d.c. sports fans at times. it's been 19
5:53 pm
pro sports team in this city, the nats, redskins, wizards and caps made it to the conference final or the league championship series. another chance tonight to get over that hump. i caught up to discuss d.c. >> they have a better bullpen than in the past. this is the best opportunity. ehave ever -- we have never seen them do it. this is their best chance. take the chances. >> i won't be surprised to see max scherzer. would you? >> not at all. dusty would rather not use him. but i can see him come in if gio gets us through four. you don't want to get beat with somebody like that on the bench. scott: it will be electric avenue inside nats park. i came prepared. i got goggles here. all right.
5:54 pm
ready for champagne bath. we need a curly w. it will happen tonight. let's do it. nancy: i love it. larry: get the parka, too. nancy: you see people wearing jackets out there. it feels like fall. that can mean apples, cider, falling leaves. larry: i like that. but when we come back, well, what comes with the season and
5:55 pm
alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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jonathan: they can cause a swarm and a stink. now the time of years the stink bugs can come back with a vengeance. richard reeve found out what to expect this year. >> they are back, all right. >> not pleasant. >> not great. >> a spike in the d.m.v.'s stink bug population. >> billions or trillions of stink bugs nationwide. >> now after a mild autumn they are looking for a winter retreat. >> they are coming to find a plac
5:58 pm
metabolism, get up and get back outside. >> mike roth says if they were in the woods or garden in the summer, they are moving in under the home siding, shutters or the a. c. units. why the sudden population explosion? the warm weather has everything to do with it. plenty of the food sources like fruit and vegetables and the free here. >> the best advice is seal your home as sight as a car door. anywhere the stinkers could get in. >> sometimes it could be in a bathroom but you have to kind of like pick them up with a paper towel. >> small bottle with soapy water is the perfect track or vacuum them up and freeze them for compost. >> they are everywhere. you don't pay attention to them. >> like it or not, a good year for plants means a good year for stink bugs. in college park, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: now at 6:00, fans flooding into nats park. the gates just opening. live team coverage.
5:59 pm
and what about the d.c. sports curse? jonathan: another place to be tonight along the water front in southwest. part of the wharf is open and the reviews are pouring in. michelle: a warning for all drivers. where thieves are targeting cars at local gas stations. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". >> we start right away tonight with the nats fever. deciding game five against the cubbies. the gates now open at nats park. >> this is huge. the winner of tonight's game will advance to the nlcs. tom roussey is live outside nats park. are the fans still worried about the sports curse or is this all behind us now? tom: all right. by the way, jonathan, you jumped the gun by a minute. the gate isn't open yet but it is opening in one minute. the d.c. sports curse if you talk to people they say they are not worried about it. but you know they are. we have been here bor
6:00 pm
first round of the playoffs. total of three times since 2012. the fans are hopeful that tonight can be different. the d.c. sports curse can end. this is how. >> sure they can. third time the charge. they show up. they may not show up as early as we want but they have shown up. they have it in them. gio will do well tonight. >> back here live. the gates are officially opening up. live on abc7. 6:00 on the dot. knows are the first people getting in. the sports curse is going to get shaken here tonight. gio gonzalez set to go.


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