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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 16, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, an oil rig explosion near new orleans bursting into flames. the blast felt for miles. >> we have several still conducting a search and rescue mission. >> several workers injured and there's new concerns this morning about leaking oil. breaking overnight, new turmoil in iraq. government forces launching a new assault in the oil rich north. u.s. officials speaking out amid concerns about a civil war. colin kaepernick fights back in a national anthem protest controversy. this morning his new legal battle claiming nfl team owners are colluding against him. plus, a season in
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>> rodgers is hurt. >> one of the nfl's top stars sidelined. and a shocker at the movies this weekend. >> so i'm supposed to keep -- good morning to you all. we begin with breaking news from louisiana. an oil worker is missing, several more are injured after an oil rig explosion. >> so that explosion on board that rig located right there in lake pontchartrain, just north of new orleans, the blast so powerful it was felt miles away in the lakeside suburb of kenner. the fireball lighting up the nighttime sky. new video this morning shows flames ripping through this oil platform in lake pontchartrain, just moments earlier, people several miles away reported a large boom. the explosion shaking nearby homes. >> we're on the levee and we can see it's gonna
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it's on fire. >> reporter: the coast guard rushing to help seven crew members who were taken to the hospital critically injured but overnight at least one worker remained missing. >> we have several boats still conducting the search and rescue mission along with our helicopter and the coast guard. >> reporter: the other major concern, oil leaking into the lake just miles away from new orleans. >> so our first objective from the firefighting standpoint we're trying to stop the oil flow if there's any and at that point we'll have to cool it and let it burn off. >> reporter: prior to the explosion workers had been using cleaning chemicals. investigators now on the scene trying to figure out what caused that explosion and fire. and we should note that five of the seven workers who were rescued are in critical condition at this hour. any oil leak will be small in size and local towns actually get their water supply from the mississippi river, not the lake. now to the other story breaking overnight a long simmering dispute between two american allies in iraq now
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out civil war. the iraq state media is reporting that iraqi troops have launched an operation at recapturing kurdish held oil fields and a military base near kirkuk in northern iraq. iraqi forces left those as isis forces pushed in three years ago but this is baghdad's first use of military force since the region voted for independence from iraq last month. the u.s.-led coalition has urged both sides to avoid escalating tensions. a minnesota man among the victims of a deadly truck bombing in somalia. the father of three was in mogadishu to apply for a job at the united nations. 300 killed and hundreds more injured. the deadliest attack there. the government blaming al shabab. bowe bergdahl is expected to enter a guilty plea today at ft. bragg in north carolina. bergdahl was held captive for five years after he deserted his post in
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exclusively by abc news, bergdahl says president trump calling him a traitor during the campaign has made it impossible for him to get a new and a fair trial. we're going to hear the interview including bergdahl's account of the horrors that he faced in captivity later on this morning on "good morning america." president trump is sitting down for what could be an awkward lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, the man he blames for failing to repeal and replace obamacare. >> this comes as his former chief strategist steve bannon declares a season of war in the party an we say good morning to arlette saenz. >> reporter: good morning. president trump has not been shy about his frustration with mitch mac connell but appears they'll try to put those difference as side over lump and athem to thaw what's become a frosty relationship. president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are set to break bread today as the president's former chief
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strategist prepares for battle. >> this is not my war. this is our war. >> reporter: speaking at the values voter summit he made clear he's ready for an all out political war with the senate's top republican. >> right now it's a season of war against a gop establishment. >> reporter: not everyone agrees with bannon's tactics. on abc's "this week" senator susan collins defended mcconnell. >> mr. bannon's over-the-top rhetoric is not helpful. mitch mcconnell is the senate majority leader. the president needs him. >> reporter: another target for bannon republican senator bob corker who says the president led a castration of his secretary of state in an interview with cnn, rex tillerson denied that was the case. >> i checked. i'm fully intact. >> reporter: the commander in chief recently tweeted tillerson was, quote, wasting his time trying to negotiate with kim jong-un who the president refers to as little rocket man. but tillerson insists the president
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try. >> the president is also making clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically. he is not seeking to go to war. those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops. >> reporter: but on those reports he called his boss a moron, tillerson refused to give a yes or no answer. >> i'm just not going to dignify the question. i call the president mr. president. these are the destructive games of this town. they're not helpful to anyone and so my position on it is i'm not playing. >> reporter: as for that lunch at the white house today it comes as the president is looking for major legislative wins. at the top of the list is tax reform which the president will need mcconnell to help push over the finish line. kendis and diane. >> it is an important lunch, indeed. thank you. colin kaepernick is fighting back against the nfl claiming its owners are conspireing to keep him out of work. kaepernick filed a grievance. he feels teams won't sign him because of his protests during the national anthem. his
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released a statement saying, if the nfl is to remain a meritocracy, then principled and peaceful things should not be compromised. colin kaepernick's goal has always been and remains to be simply be treated fairly. the players union plans to speak his his advisers this week. firefighters turned a corner in their battle against those historic wildfires raging in northern california for more than a week. as they get a better handle on the flames, the death toll has climbed to 40 and many people are still missing this morning. now, more than 5,000 homes burned but thousands of evacuated residents are being allowed back home. and power should be restored to nearly everyone by tonight. and take a look at this. a glimmer of hope in the middle of the devastation. firefighters there found an american flag virtually unscathed as everything around it was reduced to ashes.
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your weather for this monday morning. the chicago area is drying out after a heavy weekend of rain causing some widespread flooding. the windy city's famous riverwalk was closed for awhile yesterday. they waited for that water to recede. some areas saw 8 inches of rain, o'hare airport had more than 4 inches which is a single day record for october by the way. it'll be 62 degrees in chicago, southern california is in for a scorcher. it'll be 94 in l.a. the southeast is looking for readings in the 70s and the 60s in the northeast. well, still ahead right here, twitter's new move to crack down on hateful tweets. the serial bank robber who is changing her look with every holdup. and late night drama in the major leagues. how everything changed last night with one swing of the bat.
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police in ohio are searching for this serial bank robber. authorities say she's robbed several banks since september 20th. during one heist she wore a long black wig with glasses. there you can see her wearing a hat. sometimes she doesn't wear the glasses but still wears the wig. serial bank robberies are not uncommon but investigators say it's unusual to have a female suspect. nearly a month after hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico the island is facing a growing humanitarian and economic crisis. and we're learning that up to 200,000 desperate residents many now without homes or jobs may actually end up leaving the island for the u.s. mainland over the next year. a staggering 85% of the island is still without power and they may not be able to turn on the
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general jeff sessions has made what's being called an unusual move apparently in support of transgender rights. sessions has sent a federal hate crimes lawyer to iowa to help prosecute a man charged with killing a transgender teen. now, this follows sessions' pledge to aggressively prosecute acts of vice against transgender people. opponents criticized his recent steps that erode their rights in the workplace and in schools. the list of women accusing harvey weinstein of sexual harassment or assault has now surpassed 35. the british soap opera star lizzette anthony said he raped her back in the 1980s. police are investigating five cases with no statute of film takes on rapes. twitter will release details on its plans to police hateful tweets. their ceo promised a more aggressive stance against
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comments. it follows last week's #womenboycott movement. when we come back the search for dangerous inmates on the run. how they escaped a missouri jail. also ahead the reason one boy's life-saving organ transplant is being delayed for months. the time that his mother says he may not have. one of the nfl's top stars sidelined possibly for the rest of the season. update on his condition. e more . and ... i used to have cancer. i beat it. i did. not alone. i used to have no idea what the american cancer society did. research? yeah. but also free rides to chemo and free lodging near hospitals. i used to maybe give a little. then i got so much back. ... i used to have cancer. please give at
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ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. we're back with a manhunt. these two on the run after escaping from jail and walking down the street heading toward the mississippi river. >> now, authorities say they broke out of the jail there in southeast missouri early sunday before being caught on that surveillance video. now, a manhunt is under way for the two. >> carter faces murder charges and the other is b
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several felony charges including kidnapping. they are armed and dangerous. >> two inmates were able to climb through an air duct and gain access into a supply room and took some kind of object and pried the doors open. able to review the can ra and see there were two males jumped the fence behind the sheriff's department. >> investigators say the men are likely still in the area. multiple agencies and blo bloodhounds are being used in the search. hearing new details about that american woman and husband who were held hostage before being released last week. joshua boyle and caitlin coleman were kidnapped in 2012 while they say they were hiking in afghanistan. they spent this past weekend with family in toronto releasing some photos of their sons surrounded by toys. boyle is now saying that their captor sexually assaulted his wife and killed their infant daughter. the taliban has denied bo
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a mother in georgia has started a petition online fighting to get her son a life-saving kidney transplant that's been delayed by an atlanta hospital. 2-year-old a.j. was born without a working kidney. his father, anthony dickerson is a perfect match to donate but the hospital cancelled the hospital after finding out dickerson vie laid his parole in a weapons case. a.j.'s mother says the family was hysterical when the hospital told them. >> she was like, well, we need you to be on good behavior for three to four months before you can give your son a kidney and in january 2018 we'll think about re-evaluating you basically. >> wow. >> now a hospital says it needs evidence that dickerson has complied with his parole officer for three months. amg's mother says her son is in failing health and may not be able to wait. the hospital has not answered questions about that policy behind the decision. >> just unbelievable. let's move on to smarts. on sunday night football
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giants got their first win of the season and beat denver, 23-10. >> more football and last night's highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning, kenny and john. do you want to do -- >> you go. >> home run or see the vikings break aaron rodgers. down he goes, suffers a broken collarbone. anthony barr roughed him up. rodgers left the field right arm hanging. packers said it could be season ending. coach mike mccarthy said we understand the magnitude of what aaron means to our team a lot. >> how about the baseball playoffs. joe maddon, what are you going to do? make a move. going to john lackey. game tied. justin turner with the big beard and the swing. and there it goes. good catch by that gentleman out there with the mitt. that's why you bring your mitt to the game. justin turner, why you bring a bat to the game. dodger, the walkoff, justin
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dodgers lead the series 2-0 and will resume play tuesday in chicago. >> do we have -- do we have time for the dolphins/falcons game? >> no, we do not. >> in that case, good morning, america. >> we'll fill in the blanks so that game they mentioned, miami won 20-17 which billy joel fans might appreciate it. the most controversial was in new jersey. >> new york's austin severin-jefkens but it was ruled he did not have control of the ball when he fell out of bounds so the jets lost the points and the game. it wouldn't have made a difference though in the grand scheme. i think patriots still would have won the game. >> all right. but, oh. >> coming up, the man poised to become the youngest leader of any nation in the world. and we're not horsing around with this one. we'll tell you about
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and call 844-214-2424. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. ♪ it's time to check "the pulse" and start with the surprise success of "happy death day" at the box office. it is toutd as a thriller that is also a horror movie. >> it was a big winner with audiences claiming first place at the box office with more than $26 million and get this, it only cost $5 million to make. >> wow. >> here's a clip.
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dying. until i figure out who my killer is? >> you want to live to see tomorrow, right? >> such a christmas movie. it beat out the new "blade runner" movie which cost $150 million to make. >> wow. analysts say "happy death day" benefited from it trailer being played before "it." also this weekend it was friday the 13th so motivation to watch a horror movie. the nationalist movement in germany that spread south to austria may have given us the younger leader. >> 31-year-old sebastian kurz has declared victory in a national election with his right leaning people's party winning more than 30% of the vote. >> he ran/a platform of zero tax rates up to 7 $70,000 and
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the eu out of domestic affairs. >> lindsay checked into the super 8 in georgetown, kentucky, with her racehorse named bliz. to their credit the hotel staff did say, no, bliss cannot stay the night but can hang out for the day. >> she said she just wanted to show how well behaved racehorses can be. >> she admits they do smell bad and there are some other disadvantages, however, she says the whole point was to show how docile they can be. it's not all sophisticatbre an oil rig in louisiana explodes into flames. police say five of the victims are in critical condition with "blast type injuries and burns". one person is still unaccounted for.
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turning a corner as they battle wildfires in california. after more than a week-- crews say they have increased containment numbers on every major fire. at least 25-thousand people have been allowed to return to their neighborhoods. the wildfires are blamed for at least 40 deaths, and hundreds of destroyed homes. good morning washington. toss to eileen - 10-15 cooler today; breezy to windy - tuesday morning chilliest since mid may! - gradually warming late week into the weekend - ophelia (post tropical); strong winds & rain to ireland and the uk today today: am clouds to sun. breezy to windy & cooler. highs: 62-65 winds: nw 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mainly clear and chilly. lows: 36-45 winds: n 5 mph tuesday: sunny. chilly start; cool afternoon. highs: 62-65 winds: nw to s 5 mph we are following more breaking news
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the death toll skyrocketing in somalia following a double car bombing over the weekend.
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popular hotel in the capital city of mogadishu. this morning-- state officials say at least 276 people are confirmed dead. and that number is expected to increase as crews sift through a nearby building that collapsed. so far-- no group has claimed responsibility. happening today-- deliberations resume in the trail of manhattan bombing suspect ahmad khan rahimi. jurors say they are close to reaching a verdict in the case. the afghanistan-born new jersy man, is charged with setting off a bomb in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood last year. 30 people were injured. prosecutors say he was inspired by the islamic state group and al-qaida to plan the bombings. rahimi has pleaded not guilty. happening now - an urgent manhunt after a jail break in missouri. authorities say two inmates escaped the pemiscot county jail early sunday morning. the two were caught on surveillacne video heading towards the mississippi river. police say they've already figured out how the two were able to escape, now they just have to catch them. one of the inmates one of the inmates curre
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charge.... the other was being held on several felony charges including kidnapping and violent domestic assault. in florida carnival cruise lines responds following the death of an 8-year old girl who fell from the deck of a ship. the incident happened saturday as the "carnival glory" docked at a port in miami. police say the girl fell from a landing to a lower deck about 20 feet below. she was rushed to a hospital where she tragically lost her life. carnival released a statement, saying their care and concern is with the girl's family. happening today -- a federal court in maryland is scheduled to hear arguments in thre
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challenges to the trump administration's latest version of the travel ban -- which is supposed to take effect on wednesday. the newest ban -- puts restrictions on travel to the united states from eight countries. this is the third attempt by the administration to pass a travel ban. the hearings are set for 2 p-m. it's xx and we're just getting started. up in flames. a fireball rips through a louisiana oil rig. now a major recovery effort is underway, as the flames keep burning. good morning washington. - 10-15 cooler today; breezy to windy - tuesday morning chilliest - 10-15 cooler today; breezy to windy - tuesday morning chilliest since mid may! - gradually warming late week into the weekend - ophelia (post tropical); strong winds & rain to ireland and the uk today today:
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highs: 62-65 winds: nw 10-15 g 25 mph tonight: mainly clear and chilly. lows: 36-45 winds: n 5 mph tuesday: sunny. chilly start; cool afternoon. highs: 62-65 winds: nw to s 5 mph breaking overnight. an oil rig in louisiana explodes


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