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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 22, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- presidential partnership, the five living former presidents making a rare joint appearance to help hurricane victims at a concert. bringing a message of unity to america. >> the heart of america, without regard to race or religion or political party, is greater than our problems. >> president trump with his own statement during the concert. and what he tweeted about his predecessors' accomplishments. jfk documents declassified. >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> the president also announcing he'll allow the world to see thousands of secret documents
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kennedy's assassination. what's in them? and when will they be released? >> this will definitely stir up nationwide controversy. breaking overnight. look at this. terrifying twisters on a path of destruction. homes ripped apart. water pouring through a casino ceiling. a major heat wave looming out west. meanwhile, the new wildfire threat in california this morning. rob is tracking it all. and celebrations in houston. >> the houston astros win the pennant! >> the astros are headed to the world series -- shutting out the new york yankees 4-0 in game seven of the american league championship. next stop -- l.a. and game one of the series against the dodgers. as we show that video, i'm legitimately worried about ron and rob's mental health. they have long faces on this side of the table. >> ron is not even speaking to yb
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too long, scoreless nights. >> straight to you. >> good morning, everybody. sorry, ron. paula is off this morning. very happy, though, to have ace white house reporter cecilia vega with us this morning. >> good to be here. condolences to all my friends out there. >> you have friends in houston, too, i assume. >> a lot of news out of trump world this morning. but we want to start with the big sports story breaking overnight. the houston astros popping champagne late last night. they grabbed a spot in the world series. a sad sight for rob and ron, our resident yankees fans. but hard to deny that this is an emotional victory for a city that has had a rough ride this year with hurricane harvey. >> it really has. the houston astros now face off against the l.a. dodgers in the world series. it starts on tuesday. we're lucky enough to have espn's tony reali here covering it all. are you exhausted, too? >> reporter: i'm never exhausted. good morning, guys. houston, you have me
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how great is it to say that? one of the best teams in baseball all season long. when the back was against the wall, they were staring down baseball royalty, the astros showed their mettle. >> the houston astros win the pennant! >> reporter: houston, we have a pennant. the astros advancing to the world series for only the second time in their 56-year history. taking game seven at home against the new york yankees to clinch the american league championship. things start office promising with this impressive leaping catch by aaron judge that robbed yuri gurriel of a home run early on. >> one of the greatest catches you're going to see in game seven. and there's been a few of them. >> reporter: starting things off for the astros in the fourth was evan gattis who knocked one out of the park after a tough at-bat against yankee veteran cc sabathia. >> 1-0 houston in the fourth. >> reporter: alex bregman showing off his defensive prowess in
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throwing out greg booird at home off of an infield ball. >> what a play by bregman. >> reporter: but it was jose altuve, who hit a monster shot in the fifth, that got things rolling for the astros. >> good-bye! 2-0, altuve. >> reporter: setting the stage for brian mccann. who delivers for the astros with a base-clearing double. to put them up 4-0. >> 4-0, houston! >> reporter: a one-sided show for the fans of houston last night. as their boys move on to the big dance in search of their first major league championship. >> we have the patch on the jersey that says houston strong. this is for y'all. >> reporter: but not before stopping to pop those bottles of champagne and celebrate the "w." and there are those ski masks that is the preferred line of defense for champagne in the eyes. or the beecooper's outfit. astros going to the world series. and we see ron, we see rob.
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it's going to be all right. you have a lot of world series to lean back on over time. >> that's not consolation. >> it should be. >> that's not going to cut it. >> it's all about now. this is about now, tony. >> a team with a lot of promise going forward. the astros were the worst team in baseball five years ago. now, they have a chance to win it all. >> so great for that city, no question. >> it really is. they have donated a lot of money and their time. some of their players. their ace, justin verlander, only on the team for a month is giving up his entire post season salary. >> wow. >> colt 45s once upon a time. remember that? >> that is correct. >> thank you very much, tony. let's get to politics. we're following a series of developing stories this morning. >> we sure are. there was that intriguing trump tweet about the impending release of the qfk files. jfk files. those secret government documents about the kennedy assassination. >> that tweet on the same day as the funeral of sergeant la david johnson, one of four soldiers killed in niger. he leaves behi
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and two children. and overnight, a rare and historic tableau. the five living former presidents making a joint appearance at a concert for hurricane relief. president trump appeared via video. it was what he tweeted during the concert that is raising eyebrows this morning. >> indeed. kenneth moton was at the concert. he starts us off here from college station, texas, this morning. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and cecilia. not far from the george h.w. bush presidential library here. five ex-presidents in one room. they didn't mention the man who currently has their old job by name. but president trump still took part in the night in a prerecorded message and on twitter. in this current bitter and partisan political climate, a rare and historic sight of unity. the five living former u.s. presidents side by side at the one america appeal concert, to help millions affected by the catastrophic hurricane season. presidents obama, clinton, bush 43, bush 41, and carter, hosting
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george h.w. bush back home in texas. a rare public appearance for the 93-year-old who had a couple of health scares earlier this year. >> i want to thank president george w. bush. and most of all, president george h.w. bush. we are so proud to be with him today. ♪ >> reporter: a fun night for the serious mission. the former presidents spotted grooving to the beat. surprise guest, lady gaga. ♪ given me a million reasons give me a million reasons ♪ >> reporter: and a long list of music stars also lent their voices. five former presidents joined forces after harvey hit texas after irma slammed into florida and maria devastated the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico, the work continues. former president bill clinton made this comment about the current state of politics. >> if we just do what we ought to do, and prove that the heart of america, without regard to
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race or religion, or political party, is greater than our problems. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: president trump made an appearance to thank his predecessors. >> together, we will recover. we will rebuild. and we will come back stronger and better than ever before. >> reporter: trump praised the ex-presidents in that video. but during this unity event, different words from the president, who tweeted -- perhaps no administration has done more in its first nine months than this administration. we should mention before this concert, the effort by the former presidents had already raised $31 million for hurricane victims. dan and cecilia? >> boy, the looks on the presidents' faces behind clinton as he was speaking. >> it was are remarkable. thank you. the other headline out of washington this morning. the president's announcement, delivered via tweet, that he'll allow the declassification of secret case files about the assassination of president kennedy.
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thousands of pages may reveal. abc's david wright is on that story from the white house. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and cecilia. this is a day that conspiracy theorists have been waiting a lifetime for. the final batch of documents related to the jfk assassination about 3,000 pages in all. the president now says he's inclined to release them. and only he can make that decision. at a moment when his administration is getting raked over the coals over the attack in niger, embroiled in a debate over how best to console gold star families, president trump tweeted this weekend about -- jfk? and, the mother of all conspiracy theories. >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> reporter: november 22, 1963. all these years later, how
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sure. enter president trump. on twitter this weekend. subject to the receipt of further information, i will be allowing, as president, the long-blocked and classified jfk files to be opened. >> the president is releasing the documents. even though the intelligence community would rather he not. the president enjoys stirring up controversy. and this will definitely stir up nationwide controversy. >> reporter: what we're talking about here is roughly 3,000 pages of secret documents. mostly cia and fbi case files. trump's friend and sometime political adviser roger stone has his own conspiracy theory why trump should release the documents. >> they're likely to show that lee harvey oswald was trained, nurtured, and put in place by the central intelligence agency. >> reporter: raw case files could breathe new life into all sorts of conspiracy theories. >> just because something is
8:11 am
report doesn't mean it's true. therefore, citizens looking at these files, could easily be confused and come to the conclusion that president kennedy was killed by the russians, or the cubans, or the american mafia. because some intelligence report in the file says that. but it may not be true. >> reporter: all of this was set in motion decades ago. back in 1992, congress passed a law that required the national archives to release all of the kennedy-related documents by this year. that deadline expires this week. october 26th. so the notion that the president trump -- the 45th president is controlling the timing of all this, that, too, may be a conspiracy theory. >> and those theories not expected to be put to bed after the release of these documents. but i want to talk about one other headline out this morning. this one about the russia investigation. with the president's aides facing mounting legal fees, the
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offering to foot the bill? >> reporter: that's right. this was broken by axios. the president promising $430,000 of his own money to help defray the legal costs for campaign associates. now, $430,000 happens to be the amount that the rnc has already paid for the president's lawyers and don jr.'s. so, make of that what you will. >> a lot of nervous aides in the white house. thank you. i want to bring in abc's martha raddatz who is hosting "this week" a little bit later. good morning. >> good morning. >> what a week it was in the white house. orm.ident trump ignited the fire when he falsely claimed past presidents did not call the families of fallen soldiers. you've been covering this. the white house is hoping the briefing room appearance by chief of staff john kelly puts this to bed. do you think this is the end of all of this?
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that, too, cecilia. i don't think it is. i think john kelly who gave such an emotional and powerful answer, he, of course, lost his son in afghanistan. very moving. very emotional. but then he went on to criticize congresswoman wilson, saying he couldn't believe she was listening to that call. saying she talked about raising money at a dedication of a memorial in florida. and that turned out to be wrong. so i don't think this controversy goes away. as you know, cecilia, very well, john kelly, general kelly, is seen as a steadying force in the white house. nonpartisan. this is the most political anyone has seen him thus far. >> let's talk about the situation in north korea. you spent the past week on the "uss reagan" aircraft carrier which is in the region. polls show americans are worried about the potential of war. after what you experienced this week, how close do you think we are? >> i think everyone should worry about it.
8:14 am
jong-un and president trump. it truly is a very real war of words. on that aircraft carrier, they were doing exercises this week. the marine corps also doing exercises with the f-35. they're prepared for anything. as one pilot said, we're ready to fight tonight. nobody wants to. but truly, no one has any idea what will happen at this point. they're prepared. and we'll show you all about that. >> a huge story. we're looking forward to hearing much more from you. thank you, martha. she has a big show coming up on this sunday morning. one on one with the former cia director general david petraeus. and the exclusive look at u.s. military preparations near north korea. from the aircraft carrier there. all coming up on "this week." later this morning. and we do have one other related programming note. senator john mccain who has made a lot of news of late, will be a guest of "the view" tomorrow. at 11:00 eastern. we turn now to tampa, florida, where the manhunt is intensifying for a killer who has nosh
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>> police are going door to door. abc's victor oquendo has been following this story. good morning to you, victor. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia and dan. that neighborhood is in shock. police have the area blanketed. they don't want the residents to feel like they're being held hostage by whoever is doing this. but they need them to be aware of their surroundings. police going door to door in a tampa neighborhood checking on residents. as they search for a killer. looking through yards and trash cans. three people murdered in a span of 11 days. the community on edge. the families of the victims in mourning. >> our family never going to be the same again. >> reporter: this memorial for 20-year-old anthony naboa. the most recent victim, killed last thursday. >> happy child. loving. everybody loved him. family-oriented. >> reporter: naiboa had autism. police say he got on the wrong bus on the way home from work. he was walking to another bus st
8:16 am
>> it wasn't even 20 minutes that i spoke to him. he told me, yes, i'll be home. he was not home. >> reporter: not far from where 22-year-old benjamin mitchell was killed in front of his home on october 9th. and just a half mile from there, monica hoffa was found dead. >> monica did nothing that should have put herself in this situation. she was completely innocent. and was targeted by this animal out there. >> reporter: right now, the only lead is this grainy video of a person wearing a hoodie walking a neighborhood street. police not even calling them a suspect but someone they would like to speak with. >> if you're walking alone, you're either a suspect or you're a potential victim. that's what they need to remember in this neighborhood. >> reporter: a motive has not been determined. the three victims had no connection. police believe the killings are linked because of the proximity to each other. police now encouraging everyone to keep their porch lights on. they're handing out extra lightbulbs.
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the reward for any information that leads to an arrest has gone up to $25,000. cecilia? dan? >> increasing that reward. a horrifying story. victor, thank you. let's check the forecast. a lot going on in the weather department. rob is tracking severe weather and a big heat wave. hey, rob. >> dan, this line of storms came through oklahoma last night. 50 reports of severe weather including three-inch hail. 60-plus mile an hour winds. five reported tornadoes. there's damage through norman. one hitting the river wynn casino. the beach boys were having a concert. even the governor was there. so much damage that the rain was coming through the casino. heavy rain into louisiana. there's a video of one of the tornadoes cruising through oklahoma. right now, the rain is increasing along this line. less tornadic. heavy rain across east louisiana. out ahead of this. tornado warnings out this morning. the heat is building across the southwest. the santa ana winds crank up in
8:18 am
the next several days. excessive heat warnings. red flag warnings. this high builds in. the winds offshore. lower the humidity. crank up the temperatures. 90s to triple-digit heat over at least two or three days. and game one of the world series will be in los angeles on tuesday, where it could be 100 degrees. >> will you be watching it? >> of course, i will. as a fan. rooting for houston. houston strong. >> are you
8:19 am
>> if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. >> okay. >> i admire the spirit. >> he's smiling through the tears. exactly. exactly. ron is here with more of the day's headlines. what do you got for us? good morning to you, cecilia and dan. robert. adrienne. we begin in spain. an unprecedented move by that country's prime minister to quash the independence movement in catalonia. he announced he'll remove elected officials and impose direct rule by the national government. demonstrators in barcelona. to protest that plan. catalon catalonia's leaders threatened to leave spain and become an independent country. in west virginia, a respiratory hazard warning for residents of parkersburg and surrounding towns as huge clouds of smoke and ash billow out of a former tool plant. it went up in flames. it was being used to store plastics. it caught fire early saturday morning. state officials say tests show that the ashes are not toxic.
8:20 am
in cuba, more american embassy workers in havana have been sickened by suspected sonic attacks. the u.s. state department said two people are confirmed victims of what it says is a targeted attack by someone. the total number of people injured now 24 u.s. embassy staff members have complained about hearing loss, balance issues, and brain injuries. which some say followed hearing strange sounds. and the los angeles police department confirming that dr. phil, phil mcgraw, was involved in a car accident friday. his car hitting a skateboarder. as he, dr. phil, was leaving the the universal studio lot. an ambulance was called to the scene. police say the skateboarder was barely hit. a police report has been filed. in pennsylvania, a hot air balloon made a crash landing on to the steeple of a church. it happened in greene county. that's near pittsburgh. fortunately, nobody was in the balloon at the time. the wind carried it 14 miles away from where it had been parked. it somehow got loose. and finally, after you spend all summer trying to grow the
8:21 am
best and biggest pumpkin, what do you do with the giant squash? >> pumpkin pie? >> no. check this out. paddle race with it. pumpkin growers in oregon held -- >> those are actual pumpkins or plastic? >> actual. giant pumpkins. >> wow. >> the west coast pumpkin regatta. across a lake in tualatin. tualatin. >> you said it right. >> people in costumes. pumpkins in costume. hundreds of people on the sidelines. >> that is awesome. i think we should do that. >> yeah, i think you should do that. >> down the potomac. >> yeah, you and the president. i'll stay out of it. >> i grow giant zucchini which are harder for those. i made that up. i don't garden at all. coming up on "gma," jfk's lasting legacy. why we're fascinated decades later. and what those soon-to-be
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♪ announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a "good morning washington" update. >> 40's to 50's for some of us. many of us starting out above average.
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that's afternoon. pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. the marathon just under way. absolutely something to see. temperatures in the low to mid 70's. topping out at 77 for daytime highs. the forecast looks good under partly cloudy skies. tuesday, heavy rainfall, gusty wind. you want to have the rain gear ready and be prepared for some travel delays. ♪
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welcome back to "gma." on a sunday morning. happening right now, sorry to mention this again, rob and ron. world series bound. the houston astros are waking up this morning as the american league champions. the astros shutting out the new york yankees, 4-0 in game seven last night. now it's on to la la land and game one of the world series. >> what are we, espn here? >> you said la la land. does that disturb you? >> too much coverage of the world series for robert and ron. also, to get us back on track, no pun intended. train derailment. crews in knoxville, tennessee, are working to clear roads this morning after 20 cars came off the track saturday night. some of those cars slamming into buildings.
8:31 am
damaging at least two. thankfully, no one was injured. and i love this. take a look. one of the last known letters written on board "the titanic" just before it sunk sold for a record-breaking $166,000. the hand-written note, dated april 13, 1912. the year dan graduated high school. still legible. calling the ship a palatial hotel. what was it like back in high school then? >> i am getting some grays now. starting to notice that. but, any way. i'm not taking the bait on that insult. let's take a deep dive into the fascinating story. so many people are talking about this morning. the jfk files. >> yeah, it's really interesting. decades after his assassination, we may now learn critical information about the investigation. president trump announcing via twitter this impending release of these secret government documents. david wright is back with a
8:32 am
closer look at this case that has fascinated so many for so long. hey, david. >> reporter: good morning, again, cecilia and dan. it's unlikely these documents will offer definitive answers. they may give new life to the conspiracy theories. offering thousands of new data points on questions that have lingered for years. like the eternal flame at john f. kennedy's grave at arlington national cemetery, a few questions have burned since november of 1963. was lee harvey oswald acting alone? was the cia, the kgb, or the mafia pulling the strings? after more than half a century, there's still no easy answer. >> the release of these documents, thousands of documents, is going to just add a massive amount of information on this subject. >> reporter: amateur sleuths have pored over abraham zapruder's 26.6 seconds of film from dealey plaza,
8:33 am
frame, second-guessing the warren commission. was there a second gunman on the grassy knoll? these documents may contain some answers. and why did jack ruby, a texas nightclub owner, kill oswald days after the assassination on live television? >> why? why? >> reporter: was he acting alone? what they're unlikely to do -- >> i, john fitzgerald kennedy, do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: -- is to change the legacy of the presidency. yet, joseph p. kennedy iii is sad about the president's decision to release these documents now. >> it would have been nice if there was some communication between this administration and members of our family. i understand the historical value of those documents. i don't dispute that. they also happen to be quite personal, as well. >> reporter: apparently, president kennedy did not consult with the kennedy family before making his tweet. and trump left open the
8:34 am
documents may end up staying under wraps. in some ways, it's no surprise that 45th president, who has feuded with the intelligence agencies and the fbi director, should release these files about the 35th president. dan and cecilia? let's get over to rob, yet again. >> we can't get aw wway from th dan. the world series, game one, tuesday. chavez ravine. 96 degrees or higher at game time. 5:00 pacific time. north winds blowing in out of left field. could be one of the hottest game ones on record. here's the storm that created severe weather last night. still has punch to it. making its way across the tennessee and mississippi river valleys today. some significant rainfall.
8:35 am
again. a spectacular autumn sunday on much of the east coast. waves of cooler air finally getting out of the warm 70s into more like reality, closer to 60 degrees by thursday. fall eventually will get here. >> this weather report is brought to you by bush's beans. >> are you laughing through your tears right now? >> it's the only way i can get through it. i'm okay. we're all right. >> yankees fans all over. >> beans are comfort food. >> baked beans? come on. let's have a barbecue. silver lining. >> in the stages of grief, he's still in anger. >> coming up on "gma," what's coming up? >> coming up on "gma," per ron's request, we're going to take a look at the new report on former fox news star bill o'reilly.
8:36 am
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now to that big headline this morning on the former fox news star bill o'reilly. >> after he reportedly settled a sexual harassment claim for $32 million, fox then renewed his contract for a massive amount of money. eva pilgrim is here with more details. hey, eva. good morning. >> reporter: with all the recent sexual harassment scandals, roger ailes, bill o'reilly, harvey weinstein, there's been a push for a big change. but the details of the timing of o'reilly's most recent settlement raising tough questions. amid growing backlash against sexual harassment in the workplace, new information this morning that fox news reupped their former star, bill o'reilly, despite knowing he had just made a multimillion dollar sexual harassment settlement. >> caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. >> reporter: "the w
8:41 am
2017, bill o'reilly personally settled a sexual harassment claim with fox news analyst lis wiehl for $32 million. then, weeks later, in february, the network then re-signed their then top-rated host for a multiyear, multimillion dollar deal. >> fox shrugged it off. they decided keeping their big star was worth more to them than actually doing something about sexual harassment. >> reporter: this, just six months after roger ailes was booted amid a sexual harassment scandal that rocked the network. 21st century fox, the parent company of fox news saying in a statement, saying they knew about the wiehl settlement and that o'reilly's new contract added pradd ed protections to the company. >> fox was representing to everyone publiclth
8:42 am
of sexual harassment was done. they were cleaning house. shifting the culture. they were going to do something about it. [ chanting ] >> all: fire bill o'reilly! >> reporter: the host was fired if april after it became public he paid off five other former co-workers over harassment allegations stretching back over a decade. o'reilly saying he paid the settlements to protect his children. i knew if i took this to court, there would be three years of unrelenting headlines. that why i did it. he tweeted late saturday, my investigative team has done a superb job in exposing the lies and smear. i will speak with you on monday. news of the latest settlement reigniting the feud between o'reilly and gretchen carlson, the former fox news host who had received a settlement amid similar claims against roger ailes. carlson tweeting, nobody pays $32 million for false allegations. nobody. an o'reilly spokesperson said in the 20-plus years he worked at fox no complaints were filed against him. in legal, or on the anonymous hotline.
8:43 am
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♪ and that's the sound. some republicans are considering major changes to your 401(k). chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis, and my good friend, is here. >> good to see you. >> lawmakers are looking for ways to pay the president's tax plan. this gets to the 401(k). can you walk us through what a 401(k) is and does? most people don't know. >> hands down. the
8:47 am
save for retirement. you tell your employer what percent of your paycheck you want to go in there. they deduct it before taxes. you don't pay taxes on that money. they put it into the account. and it can grow over time. that's the beauty of it. >> and a lot of people don't think about it until they are approaching retirement. they should think about a lot sooner. what are the changes being considered right now? >> today, you can put up to $18,000 a year into that. if you're over 50, you can put $24,000 in. those changes would reduce that amount to $2400. a huge reduction in the amount people could put into the plans. >> already some pushback from wall street. on some of those proposals. what would this mean for savings? >> the biggest issue is people are not saving enough for retirement. we know this. we hear it all the time. 4 out of 5 americans have access to these plans. but just a tiny percentage are actually using them. and the bottom line is, you want to be using it. you still can. the changes haven't taken
8:48 am
effect. they might not change. the most important thing you can do is put money into that 401(k). give hr a call on monday morning and tell them you want to do it. if you can't get access, go to an ira plan through a brokerage company. like an etrade or td ameritrade. >> never too early to save. i learned that from you. good to see you. "pop news" is coming up. stay with us. you. "pop news" is coming up. stay with us. ♪music grab your jacket. ♪music ♪music ♪music
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♪ all right. time for "pop news." adrienne? already dancing. >> all right. yes. a little healthy "pop news" to start. a heartwarming update for jimmy kimmel. the host on abc posting a photo of billy, who turned 6 months old yesterday. kimmel saying son billy is happy and healthy. expressing gratitude for prayers and well wishes for him and his family.
8:53 am
of course jimmy kimmel also thanking children's hospital of los angeles and other hospitals for their support. he's opened up publicly about his son's open heart surgery shortly after birth. a big talking point with him on the show. so we're so happy about that. >> absolutely. and speaking of health, actress julia louis-dreyfus' co-stars from "veep" made a video to support her as she battles breast cancer. watch this. ♪ i got the eye of the tiger a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> nobody else? okay. it's hard to sing katy perry. i'll be honest. but tony and timothy giving their best lip-sync. lip sinking is good. yeah, dance, dance. >> and the spin. >> i love the show. they're great on the show. >> i love the dancing. freestyle. go ahead, get it.
8:54 am
>> louis-dreyfus was tweeting, how lucky i am that these bozos have my back. what a moving inspiration to my day. laughter is great medicine. >> great colleagues. dan this is for you. i know you love your animals. >> i do. i'm not going to lie. >> i don't know how many dog owners we have on the set. i have never seen this many dogs in my entire life in one place. rob, watch this. we arrive at park in east village, filled with over 9,000 people. many of them in costume. it's the 27th year for the halloween dog parade. ♪ if you're a dog person you might have been at this howling good time. >> we both love it. he's always dressing up. this is the best day of both of our lives. >> reporter: so is it like christmas rather than halloween? >> yes. >> reporter: thousands attending the parade, now in its 27th year. puppies stroll is the cat walk.
8:55 am
decked out in costume of all kind. tell me something. >> yes. >> reporter: did you come all the way here from dallas, texas, to participate? >> i did. this is my third year. i built this in my hotel room. [ dog barking ] >> that's road rage. >> reporter: have you ever entered a dog costume contest before? >> no, this is the first time. >> we didn't think this many people would be here. we're blown away. >> pose for the cameras, please. so cute. >> reporter: the park so packed. still everyone applauding the 2017 champions. >> the best in show and first place winner is pawline tour bus. number 275. >> and there you have it. the winners, the french bulldogs. in the little tour bus. very, very new york. they won tickets to see "hamilton." and the proceeds from the event went towards the thompkins square park dog run. so many people. so many costumes. lots of fun. >> why are we holding hats? >> i don't know.
8:56 am
>> they said, will you wear a houston or an l.a. hat? i was like, really? >> the world series. 0-4, the astros. houston strong. who is going to win? l.a. or houston? >> i'm going with houston. houston needs it. and, l.a.'s won before. we're at odds again. >> l.a. in six. >> l.a. in six? ♪ announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a "good morning washington" update. is a live look outside in frederick, maryland. bright blue skies. similar to what we saw yesterday. st
8:57 am
temperatures climbing in the mid .o upper 70's by 4:00 anotherunny skies, so opportunity to head out and enjoy the beautiful weather. we have changes coming early week. partly cloudy tonight, cool, upper 50's. tomorrow, may a light sweater with a start at 61, building into the 70's. you will notice more cloud cover tomorrow. the rain looks to arrive after midnight monday into tuesday morning. a soggy commute tuesday morning, so give yourself time. we are talking pockets of heavier downpours, .5 inches to one inch in total with this cold front moving through the area bringing rain and gusty wind. take a
8:58 am
the with peak wind gusts in 30's. on wind will be quite strong tuesday. here is a look at that extended forecast. nice, but cooler, low 60's wednesday and thursday. overnight lows in the 40's. looks ok, may be scattered showers returning on sunday. that is a look at your forecast. enjoy your day. ♪
8:59 am
ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. rrator: they call him enron ed.rtham, because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
9:00 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> a four-star fight. >> we were stunned. stunned. >> trump's chief of staff calling out a member of congress. >> even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned. >> but general kelly got the facts wrong. so why is the white house refusing to back down. >> if you want to get into a debate with a four-star marine general. that is something highly inappropriate. >> is all this mud-slinging distracting from the bigger question? what really happened in niger. retired four-star general david


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