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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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accused of sexually assaulted students and he admitted to be hiv positive. now the list of people accusing him is growing. lindsey mastis has more. lindsey: there are now 28 victims that the police identified and additional 14 they have not. that is according to the latest indictment. he worked at instructional assistant as a coach and they bereave he assaulted some of the male victims on school grounds and some of the charges he is facing include filming child pornography and attempted transfer of. right now authorities say they are not aware of any victim testing positive for hiv. tonight they are asking parents to talk with the kids if they have had contact with bell even from years ago. bell's trial is scheduled for january. if convicted, prosecutors say they will seek life in prison. at the "live desk," i'm lindsey mastis. jonathan: thanks. also right now at 4:00, abc7 is on sto
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potential of storms overnight. nancy: we will see much-needed rain. the wind could be damaging. meteorologist steve rudin is breaking down the timing of this. steve: we a cold front on the way later tonight. we are talking after midnight. once it moves across the area things will improve by tomorrow morning. but from now until 5:00 a.m., we have changes on the way. the cold front well to the west of us. tornado watch in effect for part of north korea. we will zoom in closer. garrett and allegheny county county looking at light showers that are progressing toward the panhandle of west virginia. in next hour or two, it does say dry. the future cast. hour-by-hour, 12 hid night to the west -- midnight to the west of us. it moves through and then it will clear out. but the wind, you will hear it later tonight. we could see wind gust of 40 to 50 miles per hour. i'll give you the limeline in a
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jonathan: thanks. get stormwatch7's weather alert on the go by signing up for weather alerts. you will get updates from the weather center to your phone. we have breaking news now we are following at the pentagon. joint chiefs chairmans general dunford is holding a briefing on the u.s. military operation in niger where four soldiers were ambushed and killed three weeks ago. let's listen in. >> the american people and the allies. global threat, resources and the narrative and they seek to operate to exploit weaknesses from the local government and the local security forces. if you think of it as connective tissue of groups across the globe, the strategy is cut the tissue and enabling the local security forces to deal with the challenges within the country and reason. we can be proud of the process to date we have to acknowledge the work is not done. even with the fall of mosul and raqqa we are at inflection point, not an end point. so tonight
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of defense and the representatives from 75 countries. to improve the effectiveness of the military network to defeat terrorism. in the discussions in the next day or two we focus on improving information sharing between the nation to detect and defeat attacks before that occur and improve the support we provide confronted with the violent extremism. what is what our forces in niger were doing. we have had forces in niger off and on for 20 years. today they were there par international effort lead by french troops to defeat terrorists in west africa. the u.s. troops trained 5,000 person west african force in over 35,000 soldiers from the region to fight terrorists and affiliated with isis, al-qaeda and boko haram. let me address the specific
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events in niger. 3rd of october 12 members of the u.s. special operation task force accompanied 30 nigerian forces on simple reconnaissance mission from the capital to an area near a village. 85 kilometers north was the location of the village. jonathan: the general is breaking down the attack in niger. there are questions about what happened. failure in communication. why were they not reinforced with fire power so they could have fought off the attack? these are the questions asked. that is the reason joint chief before the cameras. we'll continue to listen in. you want to continue to watch the briefing we are putting it live on the sister station newschannel8. this comes as the pregnant widow of la david johnson said president trump couldn't remember his name.
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house is pushing back. lana: sergeant la david johnson's casket arrived at the airport when the widow myeshia johnson received a call from president trump. >> the tone of his voice and how he said it. he couldn't remember my husband's name. that will hurt me the most. if my husband is fighting for his country why can't you remember his name. >> in an interview with "good morning america," wilson said the president made her cry more. >> what she said 100% correct. >> but president trump disputed that on twitter writing i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant la david johnson and spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation. on "the view" senator mccain says america should be focused on what happened in niger and not the president's call. >> we shouldn't
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about a brave american who lost his life serving his country. that should not be the topic of discussion in america today. >> on that topic, the widow says she has more questions about the operation that killed her husband and three others after ambush by isis militants. >> why couldn't i see my husband? i don't know what is in the box. it could be empty for all i know. >> she will continue to press for answers and their children, the third expected in january will know their father died a hero in service to this country. reporting from northwest, lana zak, abc7 news. jonathan: in other news, last week radee prince accused of opening fire on the coworkers on a rampage that crossed to delaware. now we know he will go on trial there first. but today, a call for the death penalty in maryland in his case. maryland bureau chief brad bell have new developments for
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brad? brad: a lot going on. advanced granite solutions has not reopened. some employees have been coming and going but this morning most gathered here to get a briefing from the sheriff and the state attorney about what happens next. large part was yes, the first trial in delaware. the harford county state attorney and sheriff say they met with employees of advanced granite solutions this morning. to update the investigation and the prosecution of accused workplace killer radee prince. prince remains locked up in delaware where he is charged with shooting a man two hours after allegedly killing three workers and injuring two more. the prosecutor healing and prince will be tried in delaware instead of maryland first. in part the penalt
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same. >> in delaware the defendant looks at attempted first-degree murder to receive life sentence. in delaware they don't have parole so life sentence is a life sentence. brad: that state's attorney says it's the same that the defendant would be placed maryland if convicted on all three murders, life without parole. that is why the state's attorney and his brother, state senator and the sheriff are all calling for a return of the death penalty in maryland. when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you details of the bill that is so specific it gets into what drugs should be used for the legal injection. it might surprise you. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: stay with abc7 for updates by downloading
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app. d.c. police just released the name of a motorcyclist killed in an early morning crash. 23-year-old anderson flores died after crashing his bike along arkansas avenue near decatur street. i appears he was speeding. lost control and hit a fire hydrant. no one else was involved the crash. arkansas avenue closed for much of the morning commute. nancy: school bus driver cited for negligent driving after the morning's crash. '-year-old wilcox was speeding with the students on board when she lost control of the bus on u.s. 29 in ellicott city. as you can see it flipped on its side after hitting a car and two 15-year-olds were taken to the hospital with a couple of adults. the injuries are said to be minor and the driver of the car was not seriously hurt. alison: three weeks after the las vegas shooting that killed 58 and injured nearly 500 the city today is opening a permanent facility to help victims. meanwhile, many are
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congress to help as well. scott thuman shows us how washington reacted over the years to calls for more gun control. scott: every monday they have come to the white house to call for gun regulation, never missing a week. >> gun violence does not take a week off. it happens every day. scott: on the hill, self-imposed pressure by members after las vegas. and after orlando it was a sit-in on the house floor. >> we have lost hundreds and thousands of innocent people to gun violence. scott: but so far, little to no change. the most impactful legislation from congress came only after this. james brady shot in the attempted assassination of ronald reagan later inspired the brady law mandating limited background checks followed by assault wea
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ban. now expired. despite the countless marches and vigil, the news week report said congress rejected every attempted gun safety measure since sandy hook. more than 100 total. presidents in the past tried to assert themselves, many republicans called it a breach of protocol. >> it's not the president's position or his job to do that. it's congress' job to change the statute. >> often citing the second amendment, constitutional right to bear arms. age old battle that will likely face the next conference, too. >> we are not going to give up. change in america takes time. scott: while mass shootings make headlines, pew research indicates the number of the gun homicides over the decades has been on a pretty steady decline. in 1993 to 2014 it has dropped 50%. that is why some argue there is no need for new gun laws. jonathan?
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we'll continue to take a closer look at guns in america. it will be in your voice, your future, town hall round table. guns in america is the topic. watch it live on newschannel8 or stream it online at nancy: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a photo bomb. we show you the moment it gets in the way of the nasa camera. alison: plus a 25-year-old law scheduled to release the final j.f.k. documents for this week. how a key decision for president trump could influence just what becomes public. >> a fire in bethesda. where are all the people now? i'm q mccray. i have the answers coming up in a live report. jonathan: the mark twain prize goes to -- david letterman over the weekend. >> it's happening at the kennedy center on sun
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comfortable now? >> no. >> accepting accolades? >> no. jonathan: our kidd o'shea catches up with letterman on the red carpet at the kennedy
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nancy: a fire saturday forcing apartment residents from their homes in bethesda. more than 500 units were evacuated at the promenade. today some
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q mccray has the stories. q? q: yeah, nancy. i just confirmed that 13 evacuees are right in here. this is the red cross shelter. we are not allowed inside for privacy reasons but i got the information confirmed by montgomery county officials who are now teaming up with the red cross to provide the shelter for the people who need it. they are estimating 1100 people are displaced now. check out the pictures. early saturday morning. the transformer blew in the garage at the north tower and it knocked out all the power and the utilities to that building. the cause of the fire right now is under investigation. all 550 buildings were forced to evacuate. most rentsers made -- most renters made their most arrangements. the others are here at the shelter and they are happy to fire didn't burn their apartments. >> a lot of damage in the garage. i went in the garage
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car out long after the smoke cleared. i could see them taking out all sort of equipment. go in there to pick things up but we can't stay there. if they catch us there after dark, they will report us to the police. >> again, no apartments were burned and no one was seriously hurt. the big question now is will the evacuees be allowed back in their homes? i'm told that could be a week from now. maybe monday. that is how long it will take to repair the damage done in the garage. i'm q mccray from silver springs. alison: thank you. president trump does not plan to have the final set of the document osen the kennedy assassination. a law passed 25 years ago called for the still classified documents released october 26 unless the president intervenes. >> the release of the
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documents is going to add a massive amount of information on this subject. >> i understand the value of the documents. i don't dispute that. they happen to be quite personal as well. alison: the kennedy family including the late president's daughter says they have it not been consulted about the release. documents say some may remain classified after the request of the f.b.i. and c.i.a. jonathan: you might call this lunar photo bomb. this is not an eclipse. it's taken from the nasa solar observatory always pointed at the sun. you think what just happened? the lunar transit lasts 25 minutes. why is it green? it's extreme ultraviolet light that is normally invisible for the naked eye. if you are a science geek you are going that makes perfect sense. folks like us are going pretty cool. today is a big day at abc7 for
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alison: it is we are welcoming a new member to the stormwatch7 weather team. nancy: no better place than spend day one to the national mall. welcome to new chief meteorologist bill kelly coming to us from columbus, ohio. hey, bill. bill: i'm fall in science geek category so i want to see what you were seeing. it sounds exciting. this is a beautiful day out here. i have to tell you, i am so exciting to be here with you in d.c. at wjla, abc7. awesome stuff. really excited to get going and explore and do all kind of fun stuff. jonathan: we just put up your bio on the side. seven-time emmy award winner. we worked at phoenix, not the same station, across the street. i was
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across the street. alison: excellent. nice to see you and have you here finally. good you get to play tourist instead of being stuck inside with us. bill: it's funny because i said we were driving out here. we passed the air and space museum. i snapped a picture of it. i have an 11, almost 12-year-old daughter who turns 12 this weekend. and two 1-year-old twins. i sent it to my daughter. i said check out the air and space museum. she is all into that. she texted back, "you are not allowed to go in there." [laughter] i did it on siri, you talk and press a button. i replied back and i said sweetheart, i will not go there without you. siri heard it as "i will not go in there with you." what just happened? so then i wrote back. one of those
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i have been to d.c. several times. it's not my first time here. but what i am most excited to do outside of work with you and the job and the storm team and all of those things is to really get out and take the time that you might not have on a vacation, for example, and explore everything that this place has to offer. which is going to occupy years and years and years of time. so to not only do that but look at it with a fresh eye. this into be age to bring that to not only of course the station but the viewers as well. it's just a beautiful place. of course, the weather is amazing. we will tell you about changes in a second but we have four days, i believe, of 23 that are below normal. that will change and we will talk about that but very excited to be here. can't wait to get going. nancy: happy to have you with us. this was a good weekend to welcome bill to town. steve: he had it easy!
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easy, easy, easy. good weather for us. we have a cold front that is on the way later tonight. it's not the typical autumn cold front. springtime cold front with gusty winds and thunderstorms and heavier rain. looking outside, potomac river, national harbor. the clouds are beginning to roll in. if you have outdoor plans for this evening around the immediate metro area. not going to have problems. temperatures on the warm side, 75 degrees. cooler to the west of us. 68 winchester. already starting to rain in oakland, maryland. they are now at 54 degrees. show you the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. quiet and dry around the immediate metro. tornado watch for part of north carolina. even tornado warning at this time. this cold front advances our way heading through the next 12 hours or so. by early tomorrow morning the cold front will be well to the east of us. so hardly any impact on tomorrow morning rush hour commute. showers in garrett, allegheny coty
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virginia. under marginal risk for stronger storms later tonight. say midnight until 5:00 a.m. in the morning. after that, things will settle down. for tonight, 58 to 68 degrees. cooler temperatures. milder air. the rain will likely be heavy at times. here is the future cast. 1:00 in the morning. we move to 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and notice the line will advance to the east. it's capable of producing heavy winds. you will likely hear rumble of thunder. we will get all of this out of here by tomorrow morning so there are no major problems for the rush hour commute. look at the projected wind gusts. upward of 35 to 40 miles per hour. come after midnight until 4:00 a.m. then the winds begin to ease by 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. then they really settle down for the mid-morning hours of tomorrow. day planner, a lot cooler highs will be in the lower to middle 70s. added sunshine later in th
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fall color change. it's happening slowly but it's happening. off to the west of us, that is where the best color is now. garrett county. not so much for the metro or southern maryland. give us time and the fingers crossed, the rain tonight will help things along. 61 degrees for a high on thursday. friday is upper 60's. the same on saturday. another front moves through on sunday. chance for showers. look at halloween. can you believe we are talking temperatures in the middle to the upper 50's for daytime highs. nancy: thank you very much. coming up, comedy highest honor. the mark twain prize going to david letterman. kidd o'shea catches up with the late night host on the red carpe sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet?
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jonathan: well, david letterman was one of the standard bearers with the late night tv shows. nancy: he went toe to toe with the on-air rival jay leno for decades. alison: the interviews at times probing, serious, sometimes they made the subjects squirm as we laughed. kidd o'shea caught up with the comic at the red carpet at the kennedy center where the mark twain prize was awarded. how did it go? kidd: hey, guys. filling in here and woopie received the award, bull murray, ellen degeneres,
4:28 pm
last night was all about david letterman and a lot of his big-time friends showed up to wish him well. david letterman returned to late night tv as a guest on jimmy kimmel live. >> the mark twain prize happening at kennedy center on sunday. are you feeling more comfortable now? >> no. >> accepting accolades? >> no. kidd: last night jimmy kimmel and his wife molly on tv. molly and jimmy's obsession with dave. >> you have seen him interview a lot of people. is it everything for him to be here tonight? >> yeah. i have been hearing about david letterman and how -- >> first date? >> exactly! this is one of david letterman's ties he is wearing now. >> that is right. >> do you feel like you miss it? >> n-no-no, i don't. i miss wearing make-up. >> well, of course. >> martin short appeared on letterman almost 60 times. >> you said you wouldn't do carson because o
4:29 pm
was cooler. >> well, i was terrified of doing carson. dave was so much of my generation. i had grown up with johnny. it was scary, the idea of johnny. it was winning approval from your parents or something. >> when david letterman first arrived in los angeles, jimmy walker was the first person to give him a job as a i whereer on good times. >> you have to bring in people that do different things and come from different angles, even if it's out of your comfort zone. and david is one of those guys. >> the article in "the post" today was about being a father. what has he taught you? fatherhood? >> are you a father? >> i am not. >> it's a switch that goes on the minute they are born and you will never get it turned off. the love is equal in measure to the concern and fear that you have for the child. it never takes a second off. >> stevea
4:30 pm
amy schumer, senator al franken, a few of the people performed last night. it will air november 20 on pbs. i'm at the wash f.m. studios now but i'll sigh you tomorrow -- see you tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." nancy: thank you. three weeks after the las vegas massacre, more questions than answers to why someone would open fire on a concert crowd. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we go back to las vegas for an update on the investigation. jonathan: there is no higher military honor. the medal of honor award at the white house today. we will take you inside the ceremony as an army medic is praised for the historic actions in a story that is amazing. alison: tonight, sizing up the competition. how many bids amazon is considers for the second headquarters tonight when i join you at 5:00. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head, it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more?
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michelle: today marks three weeks since a gunman took aim at outdoor music festival killing 58 people. nancy: it happened at the las vegas strip across from the mandalay bay hotel. jonathan: where the gunman was perched up on the 32nd floor. craig re
4:34 pm
vegas with the latest on what is happening there now. craig? craig: good afternoon. we are learning more about this investigation. not the facts of the investigation but how big it is. it now involves more than half of the las vegas police department, the f.b.i. is assisting. despite all that, there is still an enormous number of unanswered questions. many people in the las vegas concert crowd thought the first shots were the sound of fireworks. >> we got shots fired 4:15. settling, automatic firearm. >> within seconds people were running for their lives. >> it became real that we could die here. we could really die. craig: after ten minutes of gunfire from 32nd floor mandalay bay hotel suite, 58 people were dead. more than 500 injured. police say the shooter stephen paddock ultimately took his own life. on motive, detectives say they have nothing. >> this is an individual described as a
4:35 pm
been prevented. >> police made conflicting statements about a key witness, hotel security guard jesus campos. >> the timeline has changed. >> when the sheriff said that he had been shot inside mandalay bay six minutes before the attack on the music festival, it suggests that the hotel never called police with the shooter's floor. >> we can't worry about victims. we need to stop the shooter before there are more victims. >> a complain supported by confusion that night from first responders. >> we can't tell. >> that is when m.g.m. who owns mandalay bay said publicly it disagreed with the sheriff's timeline. m.g.m. stated the shooting inside the hotel happened 40 seconds before the start of the attack outside. the next morning the sheriff reversed himself changing the time line again and agreeing with m.g.m. >> there is no
4:36 pm
between the f.b.i., lvmbd and the m.g.m. nobody is attempting to hide anything. >> regardless of what the investigation uncovers it's a night that changed many survivors forever. >> i don't think could go to a large gathering like that again. >> for countless visitors and locals the famed welcome sign has become a place to reflect and more. >> one of the victims was tina frost. she was shot in the head. first hospitalized in the las vegas area. she is now recovering back in baltimore. yet another connection that we have seen from las vegas and this terrible event spreading out nationwide. reporting live in las vegas, abc7 news. jonathan: so many connections to that shooting. craig, thank you. we are going to continue taking a closer look at america in a "your voice, your future" town hall roundtable. "guns in americas you can watch it live on our sister station newschannel8 or stream it only at wj
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michelle: in the weather center with steve rudin. it is warm out there. steve: it is. we are in the middle 70's now. now until the end of october, not the typical temperatures. this is chesapeake beach. the clouds are with us. go on the boat. looking good. however, don't go out late. bigger changes on the way. cold front that will kick up the winds. then we will see stronger heavier rains on the way after midnight tonight. temperatures across the board 73 in leesburg. reagan national now at 75 degrees. warmer to the southwest. fredericksburg at 76. showing you storm watch 7 satellite and radar. even though it's dry out there now. cold front to the south and west of us. west virginia to north carolina is where they have the tornado watch. you don't see that often. for the middle to end of october. closer to home, no active watches or warnings. not expecting anything as we move through the evening hours. so if you have plans, you should be fine. evening f
4:38 pm
temperatures falling through the 70-degree mark to the upper 60's. the days continue to shrink and shrink. the sun set at 6:18. coming up, i will track the cold front hour-by-hour. we are looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. so much going on this weekend. more on that in a few minutes. michelle: a d.c. couple killed riding the bicycles in dewey beach over the weekend. cheryl conner shows us the tragedy is hitting hard in the small northwest d.c. community. >> neighbors tell us greg and jimmy lived in this northwest community. this is where he served as treasurer for several years. the couple was marry and they visited the rehoboth beach area in delaware where they owned a condo. this is a profile picture from facebook. both men were avid bikers. they were straddling their bikes on saturday when an s.u.v. came up on the sidewalk on dewey beach, hit and killed both of th
4:39 pm
medical incident and lost control on the coastal highway state route 1. they are remembered as friendly and physically fit. >> pumped up this hill like he was just sauntering down to the grocery store. he was in great shape. quite a bike rider. >> it's devastating. a loss like this, two young vibrant people. too early. way too early. >> the driver of the s.u.v. survived. he is from new york. so far he has not been charged. coming up at 5:00, much more from the long time friends on how they will remember the couple that died together. in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: we serve heroism of gary michael rose. he received medal of honor in a white house ceremony. president trump putting it around his neck. he was thrilled to be at the white house with a 10-year-old grandson with him. army medi
4:40 pm
rose is credited with saving the living of 60 of his comrades in an intensive four-day battle in laos. as he was leaving enemy fire brought down the helicopter he and his comrades were in. he was thrown from the helicopter. he returned to the helicopter injure and brought his crew members to safety and proceeded to care for them until another helicopter picked them all up. president trump: he crawled from one soldier to the next offering words of encouragement as he tended to their wounds. on the second day, one of the allied soldiers was shot outside their company perimeter. again, mike raced to the side of the soldier, exposing himself to constant fire. jonathan: rose was originally recommended for the medal of honor seconds ago but because the mission in laos was covert, details of what happened and rose's heroism remained classified for years. nancy: sever
4:41 pm
with criminal past getting a chance to wipe the slate clean. they met volunteering as expongment fair in northeast washington. the idea is to help them expunge convictions from minor charges from the record. even records and arrest where there is no conviction can hurt a person chances of trying to get a job. >> i want to give people a shot. clean slate. start from scratch. they have been involved in the justice system. they paid the debt back and not convicted of a crime. give people a shot. >> wait for the background to come back. when they came back, they didn't have a job. so now they are trying to get this out of the way. >> more than 300 people attended today's event. michelle: maryland governor larry hogan signed executive order banning the executive branch agencies doing business with companies that support boycotts of israel. >> there is no place in our state for boycotts
4:42 pm
which seek to undermine the sincere dialogue and cooperation. michelle: he called on the state pension system to divest from companies supporting the b.d.s. movement. it stands for boycott, divestment and sanction opposes israel's treatment of the palestinians. critics of the movement call it antisemitic and discriminatory. nancy: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's not exactly what they ordered. you won't bereave how much marijuana arrived with the amazon shipment. that's
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
jonathan: there was an amazon package sent to florida couple that gave new meaning to the term "special delivery." michelle: this is a wild one. all they ordered was store imagine bins. nancy: when the order rived they realized something wasn't quite right. >> they were extremely heavy. more heavy you would think after ordering four empty bins. nancy: inside the bins under layers of packaging, 65 pounds of marijuana. 6 65. jonathan: did you order the 65 pounds of marijuana? nancy: the couple who does not want to be identified called police and gave the drugs to an officer. still has not been determined who sent the pot. the couple got $150 amazon gift c
4:46 pm
meantime, someone is like i'm waiting for my -- nancy: for my pot. jonathan: imagine the moment the husband and wife say did you order the $65 pounds of marijuana? nancy: prime membership does not come with pot. nancy: clarify. jonathan: free shipping of the marijuana. nancy: oh, my. coming up, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders joining panel of white house correspondents. we will let you know where and
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corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. nancy: one of the most recognized faces at the white house is at george washington university tonight. sarah huckabee sanders will join a panel of members of the media to discuss president trump's first nine months in office. the evented began at 7:00. jonathan: the f.b.i. director close to 7,000 and christopher wray even with a warrant and the neck companies insist it protects digital privacy. the
4:50 pm
level investigators claimed that has slowed their investigation. as you imagine. michelle: national icon day is now apparently a thing. on this day in 2001, steve jobs first introduced the ipod. it not only changed way we listen to music but how we purchase it as well. moving away from c.d.'s to download. remember the price on the original ipod? it was $400. my, how far we have come. jonathan: this is older than ipod. letter from the titanic sold for $166,000 at auction. dates back to april 13, 1912. one day before the ship hit an iceberg and sank. a passenger penned for his mother and says, "if all goes we'll i'll arrive in new york wednesday morning." we was among the 1,500 passengers and crew who never made it. nancy:
4:51 pm
close the christmas creep from halloween to christmas. he said it's more from thanksgiving to turkey day. they will include an egift service to focus on the impulse gift purchases and a virtual wallet added to the app. nancy: cool. now uplifting update to a story of heartbreak and loss in northern california. warren smith, a young oakland athletics fan saw a family's house burn in the fire. jonathan: they lost everything. nothing left. including the baseball collection. so he wrote a letter. he wrote the letter to his favorite team the a's, it went viral. everybody wanted to step in and help out where they could. not just that team. across the country, baseball card, memorabilia poured in. then one more surprise. >> have you ever thrown out the first pitch at a baseball game? >> no. >> you want to do it next year? >> yeah. >> game on! michelle: so sweet.
4:52 pm
the team gave the family season ticket for next year as well and he wants to share the extra baseball cards and memorabilia across the country to other kids that lost the collection in the fires. in the parents said they got so much stuff that the son made the decision, listen, let's start giving this stuff away to other kids who also lost. michelle: a kind gesture to offer comfort to so many families that lost everything. jonathan: nice to see a smile on his face. steve: big smile! my goodness. we need the rain around here. we don't need severe weather. you will hear the wind for a couple of hours but tomorrow morning it's all fine. nancy: good. jonathan: water the yard. good to go. steve: belle haven country club. this is nice out there if you have extra time this afternoon in the everything hours. 73 at dulles. 75 at reagan national airport. 74 in
4:53 pm
the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. shower activity to the west of us. western maryland. we show you what is going on closer to home by the future cast at 11:00 tonight, this is when the line will start to develop. west of d.c. moving in here by 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. this model here wants to break it apart a little bit. keeping the stronger storms to the north of us. then by drive time tomorrow morning for the rush hour commute, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, most if not all of this is out of here but it will stay on the breezy side through 10:00. wind gusts from overnight range from 30 to 40 miles per hour. 6:00 a.m. the wind will start to ease as the system moves east. clearing skies for the afternoon hours of tomorrow. highs to make it to around 70 to 75 degrees. talk about the weekend. saturday is better to the two-day weekend. mix of sun and clouds. temperatures upper 60's to 70. by sunday, t
4:54 pm
daytime highs then only at 60 degrees. michelle: all right, steve, thank you. programming note. tonight on abc7 the redskins head to philadelphia in a monday night football clash of division rivals. this is going to be a good one. after the game, abc7 sports special followed by abc7 news. jonathan: if you are looking for "dancing with the stars" and "good doctor" you can set the d.v.r. michelle: but first, on abc7 -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen. today, k9's took over the ice rink. coming up, i take you b
4:55 pm
we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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jonathan: somebody you love loves hockey and dogs we have the perfect gift. capitals k9 calendar. michelle: mike carter-conneen went behind the scene of the photo shoot featuring the capitals players and the homeless puppies. mike: after the practice, capitals turned paparazzi. organized by the wives and the girlfriends, these play photos will be in the capitals k9 calendar with 100% benefiting the animal rescue. >> we have dogs th
4:58 pm
from the rural shelter partners. we have hurricane survivors. we have young puppies who came in with pregnant moms. mike: players like alex ovechkin brought their own pets. john carlson got his dog bronco through the organization three years ago. >> we saw three dogs. we kept bronco. >> most of the dogs are up for adoption and need a good home. >> are so cute. i don't think they'll let me have another dog but maybe after today. >> since they partnered with homeward trails in 2014, nearly for 200,000 has been raised for the organization by selling the calendars. >> they are a dream partnership come true. >> they are $20. sold online and capital one arena on november 24, just in time for the holiday shopping season. >> we sell out. get them back before they're gone. >> mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: a horrific maryland sex abuse case just got worse. tonight new
4:59 pm
teacher's assistant. home to the redskins. d.c. united and the biggest fans in the world. what is next for the famed r.f.k. stadium? >> it brings joy back to my heart. >> how the honor flight is bringing joy to more than the veterans on board. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. >> we have breaking news out of prince george's county where the grand jury doubling the counts of former assistant accused of sexually assaulting middle school opportunities. nance has the latest -- nancy chen has the latest. nancy: the 2006-count indictment covers 28 victims identified in another 14 were not. the victims were all between ages of 11 and 17. the state's attorney says all the allegations occurred between may of 2015 and june of 2017. carlos bell is hiv positive. but right now the prosecutors say none of the ale
5:00 pm
for virus. the state plans to seek a life sentence when trial began in january. at the live desk, nancy chen, abc7 news. alison: thank you. the man accused of shooting six people killing three coworkers will face his first trial in delaware. maryland bureau chief brad bell went to edgewood to explain why. brad: advanced granite solutions is still a place of profound sadness. the few employees coming in today, mostly managers stay outside. surrounded by memorials to the three coworkers murdered, two critically injured here last week. allegedly by another employee, radee prince. too soon for interviews we're told. the sheriff confirming today, the motive for the mass shooting may have been the new guy in the shop, prince's feeling had been hurt. >> i don't think it amounts to more than just a dislike, you know,


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