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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the pilot knew he had to react quickly. >> the impact wasn't that bad. i look back and i'm like, a big wash of relief. >> the little boys weren't even crying. they, too, seem to have the right stuff. we have much more. how he remained so calm. it sounded like he was coming in for a normal landing.
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>> the pilot here had problem with the landing gear. he burned off the fuel and made belly landing. this order came after a marine involved in a crash. allest personnel are restricted to the base or the home. nancy: i'm at the "live desk." a fairfax county child with autism assaulted not once but twice on the school bus. james duffy and edmond bailey turned themselves in. the police are saying
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bus helped lead them to the suspects. a d.c. police arrested a man. he graduated from the prince george's academy 11 months ago tonight he is suspended. >> back to you. >> she hailed him down thinking he was an uber driver but now he is accused of sexually assaulting the passenger. tom roussey is more outside american university. >> larry, according to the court records this afternoon, the female and her boyfriend several miles away yesterday morning. they flagged down a guy they thought was an uber driver. but when they get here the boyfriend is kicked out of a car. the driver drives off and assaults the female. >> people have been talking about it all morning. >> news of the on
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sexual assault hits close to home for many. >> i use uber all the time. all my friends do. >> the crime happened deep inside the campus in an area near asbury hall and a dorm. police say the suspects el houcin jourhdaly of springfield forced the victim to get out of the car and sexually assaulted her. >> per the court records the honda civic had an uber sticker on it. but according to uber he hasn't driven for them since 2015. because they kicked him off the app for a reason they say they can't go into. >> he was representing himself to be an uber offer. make sure that it matching. >> i always peek in before i
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>> you can use the ride sharing act. it doesn't appear that it happened in this case. >> this is just in. the "washington post" say charlie rose sexually harassed them and made unwanted sexual advances walking naked in front of them and groped them. the allegations from the late 1990's to 2011 while he worked at p.b.s. he says he sents responsibility.
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>> her name is lindsey and she says the minnesota republican grabbed her behind posing for a photo after he was a saturday. -- senator. and this follows that franken kissed her on u.s.o. tour. the new allegations would have been after he was accepted to the senate. they said they will edit him out of the show honoring letterman. >> the first of the moore accuser is speaking. she claims the senate candidate harassed her at 14 years old. >> he removed my clothing. he came in and
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white underwear. i was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult world. he with us 32. >> roy moore repeatedly denied the allegations. six other women say he had inappropriate contact with them. alison: the testimony begins at the first trial with protest on inauguration day. the defense attorneys say they acted improperly. saying the peaceful protesters were caught up with the chaos. larry: this is new york first big snow of the season. five inches on the ground by the time it's all over. >> this morning's chill gave way to a milder day. >> he is feeling the freeze out
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bill has weather on the go for us. bill: it is a balmy 9 degrees in here. they give you parkas. you have to wear them when you are here. it's rudolph the red nose reindeer. this is all made from ice. this cave is made of ice. we have the reindeer games. santa. last and not least in this room, rudolph with a big red nose. christmas tree. this is pretty much everything you see made of the ice. we will see you in a few minutes. >> people are traveling ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. they expect tomorrow to be th
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there are minimal delays out of the airports. we will watch it for you continuously. no matter how you are traveling. if you are traveling. get traffic updates before you go. alison: residents of the fairfax apartment building displaced after the fire. skytrak7 over the scene. finishing to put out the flamings. mike carter-conneen spoke with those who got out. we walked out. the whole top was in flamings. >> the fire department backed up and was called to 4300 bob court. >> somebody on the outside of the building saw the smoke and fire and alerted 911 to allow our folks to get here quickly. >> the cause is under investigation. if it is going to happen. the fire department says late
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they are less likely to be home. >> i had to wake him up. lazy and get him up. they and the neighbors in 12 units displaced due to fire or water damage. >> glad i get to go home. >> chris focused. >> the rest of the day, i have it at 7:20. >> days before the holiday, he and his brother are grateful they are going home for thanksgiving break. >> the fairfax, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. >> new information just in the last hour and a half about that fr
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facility outside of philadelphia thursday nice. four people unaccounted for after the fire. two doesen others are injured. no word how it started. >> we have a submarine lost at sea with the 44 crew members. they last had contact with the sub on wednesday. it is designed to preside seven days of oxygen under water. the clock is ticking. >> today the police cleared and closed again the crime scene where detective sean suiter was shot and killed last week. they return to the scene to gather more evidence after the autopsy. >> the gunman on the loose. >> manhunt is underway in pennsylvania where a police officer was shot and killed in a traffic stop.
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rookie. they arrested one suspect. looking for the 29-year-old. >> the man who became the face of evil in america in the late 60's is dead tonight. charles manson spent 50 years in prison for masterminding the murders of the seven people in los angeles including pregnant actress tate. he was serving a life sentence and died of natural causes at the age of 83. larry: we are getting more details about the death of the singer and actress della reese. the costar of "touched by an angel" said she died peacefully at her home. she was 8 of. -- she was 86. alison: today is your birthday. happy birthday. larry: thank you. alison: you share it with the 4:00 producer mike jaffey. is it his birthday, too. and former vice president joe biden. we thought we would share this. former barack obama sent his buddy
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it appears to the memes about their bromance, obama saying joe, halfway through the speech i'll wish you happy birth -- and biden interrupts saying, "it's my birthday!" the president is so serious, not much for biden. larry: joe is always doing something like that. alison: happy birthday. larry: thank you. thank you very much. appreciate it. announcer: just ahead, teachers around the parents at a local school speak out about the sorry state of the high school. why they believe they are being ignored. just when they thought it was safe to go in the water. beach goers put on alert. it's not a shark. after the break, why the owners of the
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lisa: welcome back. i'm lisa fletcher. tonight we are talking about serious childhood food allergies. i'm enjoyed by the chief of allergy and imnologies. we are going to focus on a 14-year-old boy that lost his life after eating peanut butter cookie. how common are the allergies? >> they are increasingly common in children. it
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u.s. >> so we will be here in the "7 on your side" help center. 6:15 taking your questions for the doctor live on facebook live. go to wjla on facebook and we'll take your questions. join us at 11:00 for the exclusive and the story on this topic. back to you. >> growing calls of a recall of a popular minivan. kimberly suiters is looking into the complaint. >> imagine this. you are driving along. all of a sudden the engine shuts off. drivers of the chrysler pacifica says it is happening to them. look at the other things. 50 different drivers complain the minivans turned off without warning and they shut down the engine suddenly with
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just stopped. one driver said thankful that the dangerous incident did not occur while in the heavy traffic or on an interstate. another writes this is an unacceptable risk. center for auto safety agrees. it's pushing for nhtsa to recall 150,000 pacificas. that would be a big deal. because right now it enjoys a five star safety rating. i'm kimberly suiters in the satellite center, back to you. larry: look at this. the eyes are not fooling you. look at that. crocodile swimming at the florida beach. came ashore hollywood beach. a big crowd gathering to see the gator. a huge crowd. wildfire offers captured him and take him some place else. hopefully far, far away. you are from florida. it's unusual. >> it's very scary. let's ta
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now. larry: do we have to? alison: we do. bill kelly is live at the national harbor. fun things to do. it's festive out there. larry: before it's over he will see all of it. bill: we are! we will show, try to show you it as well. it's interesting. inside the ice, we'll go back. it's 9 degrees. constant 9 degrees. you come out of there where the current temperature is 45 to 50 degrees. it feels like you are in miami. it's incredible the difference. now we are inside and it is okay. use the backdrop. 50 degrees at national harbor. reagan national. this is a gorgeous evening. we look at the specifics throughout the evening, this the forecast. there is rudolph. in the backdrop, rudolph thing. 48 degrees. 46, 44. those are the numbers. the range as we go in the everything hours tonight. no bad
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9 degrees on the inside. look at the other numbers, low range. 30 to 40 degrees. mainly clear. it's colder. that is by tomorrow morning we will drop to the freezing range. there will be many of you not below freezing. the overall big picture. we look ahead to next couple of days. we have a dry day tomorrow. not just dry. relatively warm day with the south winds kicking up. it's up to 60 degrees. there is a big difference. but this is a cold front sweeping the way through. that is going to push through late tomorrow night and in the early wednesday morning. we this paused here. you will get the showers in the area.
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the wednesday travel is looking nice. i don't see weather related problems making your way out here on wednesday. let's talk about what is going on for thursday. high pressure building in by thursday morning. you can download the stormwatch7 app. this the thanksgiving outlook. 40 at 10:00. 45 by 2:00. on the cool side. 43 by 6:00 tonight. a lot of people throw the football around and spent time outside. you will be fine but you want a jacket. black friday shopping, oh's and the 50's for that. no problem fo
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52 wednesday. then we get in the weekend. it is hanging out in the mid-50's range. rain chances are on and off on sunday and then monday it's dry as well. look at this overall as where are the problems. if you look at the big picture i don't see this problematic whatsoever. so that is great news in my book. we go back inside. 9 degrees for the next time we meet. back to you. alison: sounds good. see
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larry: a few months ago he dumped out of the limo to direct traffic. larry: now find out how harrison ford helping another driver. alison: relief on the horseson for thousands along i-66. are you willing to pay to ride express lanes? let us know. >> i'm kellye lynn in charles county honoring the care-givers of the wounded service members. that is coming up in "spotlight on education." 123450 but first a look at what is coming up tonight.
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larry: there are silent heroes working behind the scene on behalf of their loved ones. kellye lynn shows us how they are expending opportunities for care-givers of wounded service member. >> it's been a busy morning for 32-year-old secret brutally, the soon to be mother of four manages her home, children, full-time job and the care of her husband. the former naval serviceman suffers post traumatic stress disorder which causes.
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she has her associates degree and will receive bat lor's from the university of maryland. >> i hope to continue it in 2018 with the masters. >> she will pursue the degree at the same school. only this time umuc will pick up the tab. the pillar of strength scholarship has been in existence in 2013. the partnership with the yellow ribbon fund. care-givers will receive free division for undercraj wait oring master's degree to save them $35,000. >> for myself i am looking for financial gain for my children to show you can set expectations and achieve them. overall just feeling of
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>> a chance to get something back after years of giving. white plains, kellye lynn, abc7 news. >> in southeast washington, a family is celebrating a home for holidays home. i'll explain all that next on abc7 news. >> later, "7 on your side" to make sure you know how to sell if that car you are considering came from a flood zone. >> it has the best public high school test scores in all of maryland. why are the parents so mad
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>> this is a shower turned in storage room. you can see the bricks behind the building. two of the complaints in poolesville about the aging high school.
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>> there areiacked exterior walls. and they have soiled up hol tri. >> if 10 is the taj mahal where do you put the poolesville high school? is there we are low. give us a two or a three. that is generous. >> the small rural community asked for a new building. this month the superintendent recommended wiping it from the to-do list. >> if you talk about the voting population of under 5,000 people we become the afterthought. >> today, they told us that the funding simply can't keep up with the search in countywide enrollment. 2200 extra students this year alone. it's due in the large part to the neighborhoods.
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>> hours ago the virginia governor broke ground to extend express lanes from 66 to beltway in gainesville. that is 22.5 miles. the work ramps up next spring. if you drive in the h.o.v. lanes, have the right number of the people in your car. they issued the tickets to the violators. two of those were for the third offense that is punishment by a $500 fine. larry: wow! merry christmas to somebody. okay. plenty of people hitting the roads to head open for the holiday.
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>> this is very nice. i like it. >> the anderson, homeless mother of two gave mayor bowser the tour of the two bedroom apartment that they subsidized for them. it's something they call home for the holidays. the 22nd family to sign a lease for the new place. they are hoping for housing for 400 families and individuals this holiday season. >> yes, the economy is good but not good for everybody. >> she and her boyfriend formed a cleaning service. >> we went together, cleaning service. >> she learned friday they
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building at the gainesville southeast. >> it's nice. >> it's nice. what do you say? >> it's pretty. >> they call me of all people. wow! what a blessing. >> the mayor says the $1600 rent that the city is subsidizing may seem generous but it's cheaper that they spend on a hotel room for the homeless family. we learned that they provided them also thanksgiving basket. she says it will be her first attempt at cooking a thanksgiving meal.
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>> a lot of eople walked away with the main course for the thanksgiving meal. white continuing the turkey giveaway tradition in honor of marion barry. larry: well, two turkeys would be the traditional pardon from president trump tomorrow. but today wish bone and drumstick are living it up at the hotel. ordering room service. watching premium movies. everything else. good life for them. in an hour now first lady melania trump will welcome the christmas tee to the white house.
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alison: lisa fletcher is a problem facing 6 million kids. >> two kids in every classroom in the u.s. has a food allergy. numbers are staggering. i am here on the facebook live set. we are with the chief of immunology and allergies. are you seeing the numbers increase? >> they are increasing. peanut allergies tripled. there is two kids in every classroom that is affected by a food allergy. >> how serious are they? >> they can be life threatening. they can progress for the symptoms that can be deadly. we want to be aware of the symptoms and what to do if they happen. >> so whether it is your chimed or if your child goes to school with a child with
5:37 pm
likely, jump on here and ask us questions. we here until 6:15. >> millennial fall come, a car that helped harrison ford save the day. he and a friend nearby after a woman's car rolled off the highway. they helped her out of car. she has minor injuries. >> all right. coming up at 5:00 -- what crews found as they began renovating the space needle. >> police are looking for this accused porch pirate. does he look familiar to you? >> the "7 on your side" wall of justice is next. >> the student crowned king. how the community came together to make sure a teenager with the down syndrome accomplishment d
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here is the elves. we are at the ice exhibit. he continues with rudolph. that is where they come up
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it will feel festive. we will talk about this in the extended forecast and we will go to the weekend and show you
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>> welcome to this week's edition of fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have a special alert today. does this guy look familiar? he is a thief who could find himself on your doorstep. it's broad daylight but he doesn't care. he looks like he is talking a nice stroll on a nice day. but then he sees the target. two boxes. he rushes up walkway. inspects deliveries and he is out of there. little did he know he was caught on camera. if you have any information about this guy, go ahead and contact the metropolitan police department. now take a look at wall of justice with our two newest addition first. prince george's county police look for jeffrey chipmen. wanted for first-degree burglary. anne arundel county detectives want michael wood for burglary and theft. they are also on the lookout for 54-year-old mary elizabeth lord, accused of breaking into
5:42 pm
$10,000 reward for information about shooting suspect darrell hinkal. prince william county police say alvin arguetta is wanted for abduction and assault and battery. a woman jumped out of a second story balcony to get away from him. if you recognize our fugitives, call the police. last week we featured deandre williams wanted by m.p.d. and u.s. marshals. he was arrested. we will see you next week with another edition of the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. larry: still ahead here, they are giving away a game that the redskins gave away. and what has people lining up today at fedex field. alison: first, "7 on your side" troubleshooting for you before flooded
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the final four. plans are underway to replace the dome with a hotel. parking. and green space. larry: many cars that were flooded after the hurricanes are hitting the market. we have information on how to spot the flood car. >> look at the cars. they look nearly identical. if you were in the market for a reliable used car you would snap of any of them. but they are not all equal. >> yaw can't judge the book by its cover there. the folks who keep track of the car history. he helped with us the flood car test. car caught in the hurricane harvey sat in the floodwaters up to the dashboard for 48 hours.
5:47 pm
>> i say this one. >> you are guessing red? >> the shopper number one was wrong. the shopper too even looked at the undercarriage. only shopper two picked the right one. the white one was flooded out in houston. >> you can see how hard it is. there are tips to look out for. check out the format. feel them. are they wet? loo look for sand in the trunk and look at the headlights. i'm horace holmes. alison: that is great information. thank
5:48 pm
there is a water main break the area. we are making the calls to find out how long the repair should take but they have the mess there. >> it's hard to think of seattle and not think of the space needle. >> it had secrets. they discovered a long forgotten box.
5:49 pm
inside there was a time capsule from 1992. it supposed to be opened in 2002 but it was forgotten about. >> we thought it had been removed. >> inside photos, drawing, letters space needle employees and a master key to the building's lock. yes, if you are wondering the key still works. beautiful spot. >> king dome in the background is gone, too. >> exactly. meteorologist brian van de graaff today had a chance to do the lunchbox weather. he helped them learn about the weather. >> we was out there for for lunchbox weather. he talked about the weather patterns. >> we had a great weather question.
5:50 pm
>> how do you find out what the weather will be? >> great question for bill kelly who is out at national harbor. larry: what is the answer, bill? they launch balloons at all times in different times of the day. the same time every day. they will go up in the atmosphere and they collect the data.
5:51 pm
there is a variety of things. this is cool stuff. this is 9 degrees and here is the ice. everything in here is made of ice. check this out. ed will show you that this is all ice. look how details this is. it looks like the cartoon will come to life. they say we want to find him. look who we found? the snowman! and then up there on the ice to his head. the scene created from the ice. it's very cool stuff. back to you. larry: thanks. robert: wow! brutal fourth quarter for the redskins. 15-point lead vanishing
5:52 pm
they were still hurt about sunday. erin hawksworth is out and about. erin: the redskins made sure the families will not be hungry on thanksgiving. what did you get? >> i don't know but whatever it is, it's more than what i had. >> i know i have a turkey. i have refreshments and vegetables. i'm happy. erin: the redskins defensive end was the only player that showed up today. after the brutal loss.
5:53 pm
>> thank you, everybody. i appreciate this. it helps me a lot. >> are you a redskins fan? >> you see my redskins gear? >> many can't get sunday's loss out of their minds. >> what about the loss? >> he cried. >> you cried? >> my son teased me about it. >> a little bit. i'm emotional. that's my team! >> we had it. i each emotional. you're want to make me cry now. >> at fedex field, erin hawksworth. >> it's okay for a grown man to shed a tear. >> there you
5:54 pm
>> pryor and thompson supposed to be at the giveaway but they had surgery. >> all right. thanks. >> okay. next 59:00 --
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alison: f.b.i. agents trying to figure out what happened along the mexican border this weekend. one customs and border control agent is dead and another is seriously hurt. scott thuman tells us what the president is demanding and how the government has had a hard time hiring agents. scott: it's calling for another construction from trump. >> we will have the wall. we need it. rough territory. >> prototypes on display last month, congress long been torn on the need. >> i don't support a wall
5:58 pm
border of our country. but i think it's important in the high traffic areas, in areas we mow that the cartel activity is strong on the other side of the border. >> personnel, is the other big issue for the president. he called for the 5,000 more hires which could help alleviate fears in the border towns. they have significant delays for the staff that is need for the hiring that may disrupt the mission critical operation. the low pay for a dangerous job is a contributor. >> this is a small community. you do
5:59 pm
happening next door. you think of it somewhere else. >> there were 720 assaults on the agents in the last fiscal year, up 48% from the year before. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. michelle: right now at 6:00 -- >> an amazing feeling of relief. >> from emergency to calm. how a father and his son walked away from this harrowing scene. jonathan: plus, the crime scene tape is back up as the police find a new clue in the haunt for a cop killer. >> plus -- >> from student to king. the community that banded together to make this teenager's dream come true. >> from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> we begin with the breaking news. a pilot is unscathed tonight after this belly landing in southern maryland. the pilot had laid owed his gear wasn't
6:00 pm
he burned off fuel before making the perfect landing. the investigators are working to figure out why the gear malfunctioned. >> that comes days after this one. we were calling it a maryland miracle. the father with two children on boardwalking away unscathed after the emergency landing turned crash. lucky for the kids, the dad, the man at the controls is a marine corps fighter pilot. >> tonight they are telling maryland bureau chief brad bell what went through the mind in landing of his life. >> that was the heroically calm radio call pilot chris curry made just before landing his small plane on a highway ramp in annapolis with the two sons aboard. >> it's inside the cockpit. there is a mad house. smoke everywhere. i'm looking at my oldest son. he is frightened. my youngest son is still sleeping surprisingly. is there capt


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