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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 22, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] adrianna: breaking news at noon -- sky track 7 over a house fire in anne arundel county on annapolis road in candles. heavy smoke coming
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rooftop. several firefighters on ladders, trying to put out the fire. once we get more information on how this started and whether anyone is injured, we will be sure to update you. more breaking news into our newsroom -- authorities are on the scene in reston where multiple people have been shot. our melissa dipane explains the incident has turned deadly. melissa? melissa: police say two adults were shot and killed. one was injured and taken to the hospital. this all happened at about 5:00 this morning. neighbors tell us the family that lived here only moved here a few months ago, and at least one child lives in this home. police have not released the names of those involved. they say the shooter is accounted for, and all the people involved in the shooting new one another. also just into the newsroom, we have learned a man was hit this morning by a metro bus. these are
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from the scene taken by our -- tweeted by our own kevin lewis that happened at rockville pike and munro place in downtown rockville. southbound lanes had to be shut down. the male victim has been taken to the hospital, but the extent of his injuries are unknown at this hour. get breaking news anywhere. download the abc 7 news app before you head out the door. the other big story for your friday is the weather. meteorologist brian van de graaff is in today. how is it going? brian: we have cloud cover starting to build in. temperatures are going up. all in all, not a bad day. not as pretty, not as brilliant with the sunshine. we are noticing temperatures on the rise. upper-40's downtown. upper--40 downtown. 46 by the bay in baltimore. typically this time of year we should be about 45 degrees. we are exceeding that.
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there is a system that will eventually spill some rain for us. we are still on the warm side of things once this cold air on the backside moves in. sunday and monday will feel different as the cooler air starts to spill in. temperatures in the 40's, near 50 today. tomorrow, would you believe it -- we are shooting for a temperature in the low-60's. a little cooler as far as travel. within the past hour president trump signed a $1.5 trillion tax overhaul into law. pres. trump: i was going to wait for a formal signing in january, and i watch the news and they were all say will he keep his promise, sign it by chris -- christmas? downstairs, i said get it ready, we have to sign it now. adrianna:
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signed a short-term spending bill to fund the government through january 19 and a $4 billion defense bill that provides money for missile defense. the president is spending christmas at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. support for the of portable care act is going strong despite efforts to end it. some 8.8 million people have signed up for coverage in 2018, down 400,000 from last year, and this year the open enrollment season was far less promoted. the trump administration praised the reduced advertising cost. numbers are not final yet, so the tally could still change. an important note on the ruling on birth control. a federal court in california has blocked the trump administration from rolling back obamacare's contraceptive made it. october, it was made easier for employers to deny contraceptive coverage. attorneys in virginia, delaware, maryland, and new york challenged the rule by
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-- filing lawsuits. yesterday, the court california ruled in their favor. the trump administration has halted an independent study on offshore oil inspection. inspections were created after the 2010 gulf oil spill. a spokesperson said the study was paused to ensure there were no duplicate efforts. 11 people, you recall, were killed when the deepwater horizon exploded, sending an estimated 3.1 billion gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. on wednesday, virginia will break the tie between two delegates fighting to represent the newport news area. shelly simonds and david yancey name will be put into a container, a canister will be drawn. that will determine the winner. this comes after a recount and a ballot challenge declared the race a tie. a local newspaper with an uncertain newspaper has into the new year with a new ownerip
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years the weekly publication will have local ownership. he says he has been working on the purchase for more than a month. he wanted to finalize the deal before the holiday so that employees new their job was safe. >> i think the return here will be less financial and more a way of giving back to our community and standing up something that has been an important part of the fabric of our region for a long time and i think should be restored to that place again. adrianna: he says he will enlist the help of local leaders to help guide the paper toward the future, and those leaders include d.c. chef jose andres and former mayor anthony williams. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, overnight, a car slamming into a church in the area, causing major damage. next, find out how this is affecting christmas day services .
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adrianna: all right, brian always makes me giggle before we come on air. so far, outside, it is not bad, but i feel like we will deteriorate into tomorrow. brian: we have some shower chances tomorrow, but here is the trade-off. it will be 60 degrees tomorrow. then we dry out for christmas eve, christmas day, and the temperatures come back. mid-50's today, 10 degrees above where we should be, to the low-60's with sporadic showers. with sunday we dry out. christmas eve and monday, temperatures on the cooler side. -- ay, a little love litt a
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haven country club. still some blue out there. temperatures coming up. manassas, 49. 47 in martinsburg. keep in mind, typically, 46 is where we land. we are above average for temperatures across the area. let's talk about what is happening as far as cloud cover is concerned. notice toward quantico, fredericksburg, leonardtown, they are seeing some breaks in the cloud. there is more cloud cover off to the west. quite a bit of moisture through the tennessee river valley. just will be in our neck of the was as we head into tonight and tomorrow. new england, boston ok, but to the north, rain and snow showers mixing. we are the cap a chance for showers later tonight. here are your temperatures. 40's and 50's across the area. tomorrow afternoon, we push into the low-60's despite the clouds
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notice the cooler weather to the far north and west. that is poised to move in here for the back half of the weekend. futurecast -- tonight, cloudy, but dry. 52 this evening. at bedtime, a few snap -- showers sneak through. all of us above freezing. and emilyshowers northwest of town and through the midday and afternoon they work their way across the city. showers. your 60 degrees. skies clear up by sunday, and temperatures respond. sunday looks like a cooler day out of the extended period of coming. the next big change after showers tomorrow, 40's on sunday. 37 christmas day. wind chill's in the 30's. the last couple of christmases, we have been in the 60's did that 60's. a cooler christmas on that extended forecast. take a look at that cooler outlook. a little rebound on monday. a cold or push
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take us near 30. longer-term, the potential for --as we head toward new year's eve. adrianna: all hands on deck at freedom way baptist church. the congregation forced to have christmas services elsewhere after a car slammed into the lobby days before christmas. more now from suzanne kennedy. suzanne: i just got off the phone with the pastor of the freedom way baptist church, and he says they will not be able to hold their annual christmas services. take a look behind me. you can see the building is unsafe. this is posted by the county. that is because a white crown victoria slammed into the building thursday afternoon. the car punched a hole through the brick wall. this is the second time in a month they have had an accident like this here. as a result, about 150 congress grants will worship next to the main church and only be able to have one service on sunday.
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the pastor says he has talked to the county twice in the last 18 months asking for changes to be made to the intersection. as of yet nothing has had happened. this building continues to be hit. adrianna: take a look at your screen -- police need your help finding this missing 12-year-old. he was last seen yesterday around 7:00 p.m.. he is about four foot eight, weighs about 90 pounds or so. if you see him, call police. in the sea, a vigil for the 17-year-old whose mother believes he was shot and killed for his shoes. he was shot outside of the frederick douglass community center in southeast on monday. his mother lives he was targeted over a pair of red nike jordan's which she gave him as a christmas present. e-house
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investigators believe the fire was sparked with a kitchen stove. ryan hughes is in germantown with the latest on this. ryan: the fire department tells me the fire started in the kitchen area and it appears to be an accident. we also learned the owner left for texas to visit his son for the holidays and now he does not have a home to come back to. take a look. you can see the damage out here. the windows are completely blown out and take a look at that roof. a local through the top -- a hole through the top after flames were shooting through. this fire was burning for a while. firefighters were first called around 9:00 last night but when , they pulled up to the 10400 block of brink road they found it with heavy fire. flames were shooting high into the air and spreading quickly. we are told there are no water hydrants in the area, which
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got it under control in 10 minutes. a burst to me they could smell it from blocks away. >> i saw that was a lot of his. andoked across the street, flames were shooting across the roof. it was incredible. son goingowner's through the home, trying to salvage what he can. it appears to be a total loss. firefighters -- investigators trying to figure out exactly how it started. we are live in germantown, ryan hughes. this boy was fighting for his life after getting accidentally shot by a family friend. now he is home. caleb harry was showered with gifts. caleb says what his dad taught him helped him to say -- state-run.
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-- stay strong. >> i can't is not a word. >> i can't means you are not willing to try. and son: both father say they forgive the neighbor for the shooting and he will not be charged since it was an accident. 12:15 p.m. time is running out for those of you still hoping to buy
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adrianna: business news now -- a big change in leadership for papa johns. the ceo found in the chain in the 80's. he will step
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no word if he will stay the face of papa johns in tv commercials. he came under fire when he said his company stock had been hurt by nfl protests. papa johns is an nfl sponsor. to fbi says toys to connect the internet could be inviting hackers into your home. hackther way to prevent a is to not have the toy, but you can minify -- mitigate the risk by turn it off when it is not being used. warning aboutng a a scam that promises up to $5,000 in cash, but as linsey davis reports, this is all a sham. linsey: the woman known for his -- her giving, --
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christmas is less than 10 days away i'm giving $5,000 each. -- a similar post coming from an account claiming to be from her own tv network. the real oprah fighting back with this message on social media. hi, everybody. i wanted to let you know that somebody out there is trying to scam you using my name and my avatar on social media, asking for money if you sign up for an own account on instagram. >> she is the perfect target because she has been so generous in the past. people expect that kind of thing from her. linsey: experts say there is a way to check. >> go to the twitter feed. see if it actually exists. linsey: some of the fake
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folks to privately send personal information such as you mail addresses. oprah has the final word of wisdom on that matter. bank: don't give up your accounts or personal information to anyone posing as me or anyone else is that matter. -- for that matter. have a merry christmas. adrianna: oprah is not giving you all money. this year will be easier to find out where santa claus is on christmas eve. norad is parting with devices like onstar and al-aqsa -- al-aqsa. still ahead, we get another chance of your holiday forecast. is a good one in store?
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adrianna: the tail around the salvation army is there is one person ever you're going around dropping priceless gold coins into donation kettles nationwide. the myth turned into reality when somebody dropped a $1300 coin into a kettle in california. it is rare, and it is one ounce of pure gold. the salvation army says it will help pay for 250 meals. it was deathly a morale rooster, and 6
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definitely a morel booster. with a kettle did not see who dropped it in, so for now, the urban legend will remain a mystery. staying healthy this holiday season -- experts say when you are with family, go easy on the booze. your blood sugar skyrocket from the sugar, but the alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat. experts also say stay active with the extra days off. one study found people that set for less than 30 minutes at a time had the lowest risk of early death. try not to stress out too much and don't skip sleeping. the holiday season only comes around once a year, so enjoyed, but do not overindulge. brian: i'm going to get everyone a treadmill and we will sit around the dining room table. adrianna:
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brian: we will live it up, and make up for the next day. we will talk about the holiday -- the three-day outlook for the christmas weekend. we have milder weather for your saturday with off and on showers. you can get out and about. know that it will be the warmest day of the stretch. christmas eve looking dry. a few flurries possible sunday night into christmas day. otherwise, cool and breezy, but drive. the last few years we have had one days, and that is not the story. adrianna: i wish it was 2015 at 69 degrees. since we're not going to have snow, it might as well be warm. still to come, no matter how you are traveling over the next
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adrianna: well, the christmas rush is on. americans are hitting the
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are on the move this weekend. a holiday travel frenzy. tens of millions of americans headed out of town for christmas. says over 97 million on the road between now and january 1. many facing snow and rain, hazardous snow conditions from the rockies in the upper midwest all the way to new england. 2.7 million americans are expected to fly just today. field, thousands of passengers were forced to leave gates and long security lines. >> we are waiting to tell us everything is ok. >> that is right, get through security again. a big change this year -- you might be asked to take any electronic device bigger than a cell phone out of your carry on. abouta is worried terrorists trying to hide explosives in electronic devices.
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so-called soft targets. as you travel, shopping gather together, we are asking you to stay alert. the nypd is a -- is deploying special canine detection teams and hundreds of additional officers. in las vegas, the city is installing 800 safety posts to stop potential vehicle attacks. ticking: the clock is and fast. today is basically your last chance of getting presents to your destination on time for christmas. if you are using usps, you have to ship today using priority mail express, and that is only to the continental 48 states. let's hope you're not trying to sense up into alaska and hawaii. forare already out of luck most major retailers like walmart and target. if you are using ups, you can get packages there on time, but expect a hefty
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ground shipping deadlines have passed. if you are a last-minute shopper, you do not have much time either. fortunate, there are some stores staying open even later. john gonzalez tells us you will not need to rush to beat the clock. fact that christmas day falls on a monday could be beneficial for the retail industry, an industry that is celebrating before santa arrives. we are inside the walmart here on riggs road. they are open 24 hours. we are here doing some last-minute shopping, and picked up this last dish this number. nice.uit is very what are some of the big sellers. open 24 hours is a great convenience for the customers. will be open all the way until sunday. john: according to the national retail federation, 59%
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consumers will start christmas shopping this final weekend. do i dare ask, are you starting your shopping right now? >> these are some last-minute items i'm grabbing for the kids. john: that is a hefty card. >> thank you. john: when you think you will be done? >> probably make another around the store to see what sales we got going on. john: thanks for talking to us, and good luck with all the gifts. -- is this for another stat 6% of consumers say they will be doing some shopping on christmas eve. 5% will do their christmas shopping after christmas, if you can believe that. in northeast washington, john gonzales, abc 7 news. adrianna: brian, i like what you are wearing today, but that suit johnny g. had on, my, oh, my.
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is one way to describe it. i do not know if i could pull it off. johnny did. we have scattered clouds building in. one of our cooler spots to the west -- cumberland maryland, 41. we are milder in the city. we will show you the other numbers we have across the area. temperatures continue to work their way up despite the fact we have a fair amount of cloud cover. over at andrews, with the president took off, up to 50. 55 in leonardtown. fredericksburg, 55. culpeper, 53. clouds building. by later this afternoon, we make a run at the pair of fives. as we head closer toby later tht does look like some sporadic showers are likely. not just tonight, but throughout your day on saturday, mostly cloudy with scattered showers
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temperatures tomorrow will make a run at 60 degrees. beyond that, we dry out. temperatures dropped back as we head toward christmas eve and christmas day. two latest now on that thomas fire still burning out in california. are making some progress, but state officials are reaching out for help. to explain all of this, here is -- john: it feels like it is the beginning of the end of the thomas fire in california. >> we are increasing staffing, maintaining the appropriate presence. john: officials say the blazes 65% contained. the fire, which has burned 273 acres is expected to be fully contained on january 7. >> we are working with the northeast wind that we have right now. it is red flag conditions for the area, but it is favorable conditions for the firing that is going on right there. john:
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california and the significant evacuation orders were lifted. the california governor jerry brown requested a disaster declaration from the trump white house. this would boost state and local officials with cleanup and recovery efforts, provide help to those that are homeless, or displaced for a lengthy period of time. the state is awaiting a response. brown also issued a statement, thinking all of those that have battled the blaze is, and reminded californians the golden state will recover. >> we are thankful to be standing here, moving to the holiday season, embracing each other. john: state officials say wildfires have scorched more than one million acres this year. adrianna: the thomas fire is expected to become the largest wildfire in california's history. it has already damaged or destroyed nearly 1000 buildings and homes. new details about the deadliest mass
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history. medical examiners say all 58 victims died of gunshot wounds. there had been speculation some people had been trampled as thousands tried to escape the outdoor concert, but that report also confirms the gunman shot and killed himself moments before the police reached the hotel room. and new details about the so-called slender man stabbing case. a 16-year-old sentenced to 25 years in a mental hospital, but she could be released in as little as three years. authorities say she had another girl tried to kill a classmate to impress the fictional internet candidate -- character slender man. -- the victim was stabbed in 19 times. the victim survived. we are learning more about the houston woman accused of killing a mother and kidnapping the woman's baby. a prosecutor says erica maranda alvarez want to cove
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miscarriage, and investigators say she used scissors to kill carolina flores maranda at her apartment on tuesday. >> she did not want to disappoint her boyfriend. she had been pregnant herself and lost the infant. she then pretended the complaint's infant daughter was her own child, took the infant home, and fed her child. been heldalvarez's without bond and the baby is in the care of relatives. the search is intensifying for a serial highway shooter. reports, several cars have been hit, and one person has been injured. >> somebody just shot my boss. matt: this morning, authorities are desperately searching for a driver they say is terrorizing rural california, randomly fi
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you. we will hold you responsible. matt: 10 cars have been hit in the last month along the fresno area. the density of the attacks all occurring in this 12-square-mile area. >> if this keeps going, it'll be a matter of time before a murder investigation. matt: it was nearly that. i man calling 911 after herb -- his boss was shot. my boss got shot. can you send an ambience? >> did she get hurt? >> yes, she is bleeding. matt: police say there are two threads connecting the shootings, noting they have been happening toward evening rush-hour, and most of the motorists say the shots of becoming from a dark pickup with oversized tires. >> a common thread for the reports is the victim say they heard lard --
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bangs as another vehicle pass them going the opposite direction in the roadway. adrianna: well, coming up on abc number seven news at noon, katy perry falling victim to a stalker. that man is behind bars. find out what he is accused of doing and the lengths he was going to go to to see the pop star. massive flames
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: today we remember a nberg found dead in his california home. he called
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he retired from broadcasting after calling everything from super bowl's, the lob pass, the final four come in major league baseball games. his family believes he may have had a heart attack, but they are still awaiting for official word. he was 82 years old. today polish man is in custody facing charges for stalking katy perry. he was willing to do anything to be with the star, as he puts it. with the details, here is linsey davis. linsey: this morning, a man is behind bars, charged with aggravated stalking of katy perry. >> he says he will do whatever it takes to be with katy perry. linsey: the 37-year-old from poland in the u.s. on a tourist these has admitted to following the singer of smash hits like " roar." following her all around the country, from toronto, to
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florida, according to a police report obtained by the miami herald. entered ahe allegedly restricted area of the american airlines arena, attempting to rush toward the stage. he recently went to a hotel she was staying in and hit in a stairwell. >> traveling around the country is something fans do to see concerts. not the grateful dead. this is a woman who is performing, and he says he will do whatever it takes to be with her. he followed her to a restaurant in cap. he goes to her hotel and hides in a stairwell. a stage. to it is more than going to a concert. jurski a judge ordered to stay away from
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adrianna: very scary. out scar -- outside it looks great. brian: tomorrow we are going into the 60's. there will be rain showers, and then we drop back. here is a three-day trying to. some people say i will not be in the christmas spirit. it will feel more like it as we head toward christmas eve. sunday, christmas eve, mid 40's. for christmas proper, only in the 30's. we have clouds streaming in. low-50's in warrington and culpeper. downtown, 47. a little clear toward fredericksburg and leonardtown where they are both in the middle 50's at this hour. i want to show you the bigger picture. we have clouds locally. if you are flying to dallas, there could be some delays. oklahoma city --
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louisville, kentucky, we are seen a wave of energy. in the north, showers and some snow mixed in. tonight into tomorrow morning, they are watching in boston. the potential for freezing rain. tomorrow, the big travel day, as i mentioned, there could be freezing rain mixing in a times, especially on the outskirts of boston. new york, philadelphia, the whole corridor, often on showers. look at richmond, 69. the middle portion of the country, cool, but drive for chicago -- but dry for chicago to detroit. the only trouble spot, salt lake city with snow showers. houston to l.a. dry fork christmas day travel. how much rain are we going to get -- there is a potentially could get up to one half of an inch. we'll see how it comes together. there could be some fog mixed in. temperatures drop into the 40's sunday.
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clouds and sunshine. 37 the high. it will feel like the low-30's when you factor in the breezes. when you look beyond, temperatures are walking around a little bit. low-40's tuesday. another cold push toward next week. longer-term models say an arctic push takes us toward new year's eve, and maybe the potential for wintry weather late next week. the bottom-line, where mile today and tomorrow, and despite showers, not an awful start to the weekend for sure. travel somewhat impacted sunday and christmas day if you are doing some day trips around here. you should be good on the roads and for flying. adrianna: around the world, to australia, where one man is in custody accused of potentially running down pedestrians in melbourne. investigators he heard voices before driving into a crowd of shoppers. 19 people were injured. police are calling this a deliberate act, but not terrorm.
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massive high-rise fire in south korea. started in a parked car in spread to the rest of the building. 29 people had to be rescued from the roof. others jumped from balconies into inflatable mats. it took about two hours to bring the fire under control. south korea's president is expected to visit the site later today. an investigation is underway after a bomb exploded overnight in greece. this happened outside of athens at a courthouse, just hours after the government approved measures to impose penalties against demonstrators who gather to protest auctions of foreclosed homes. right now known as claim responsibility. police say the blast occurred before done and that one of the attackers fired a shot at a police car while trying to escape. coming up national and
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up -- >> welcome to jumanji. autria:
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netflix, out today on will smith's "bright." it is the most expensive action will be netflix has made to date, and it is the worst reviewed. some critics called the single worst movie of 2017. "jumanji -- welcome to the jungle" is out and it is getting good reviews, but as nick watt explains, it will be facing tough competition. "jumanji
12:51 pm
welcome to the jungle" it getting good reviews. pitch perfect 3" hits theaters. damon also talking matt shrunk down to size in "downsizing." figures,"e "father the only adult comedy on offer. --l the money in the world" -- john paul getty greater thriller is getting reviews. it opens christmas day. >> it is one of the best dates on the calendar. nick: usually second only to thanksgiving. the week off of work from christmas through new year will decide whether this year was a box office turkey or triumph.
12:52 pm
which snagged a whopping $22 million last weekend is still killing it and might make the difference. the combined box office could still top $11 billion, just shy of last year, to make this the second-biggest box office year in history. wow.nna: still ahead, we share the story of a local family spending their first christmas without their father. straight ahead, see the special gift one officer is giving to
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adrianna: three months after a crash that killed a d.c. police officer, his colleagues are stepping in to help the officer's children get through the holidays. special creation is letting those children how their dad again. >> they are as cute as a button, and the eyes are just that -- right off the uniform of the fallen d.c. police officer barry eastman. >> my kids were thrilled to receive them. >> the officer's wife jennifer showed us the bears made for their children, five-year-old dasher.iolet and they are wearing neckties and patches on their feet. >>
12:56 pm
give daddy a hug. >> eastman says the kids have slept with the bears ever since they were dropped off. he would love that so many people are reaching out to my kids. >> officer is was a d.c. police officer for four years. in september he was coming home from work around 8:00 in the morning when his car crossed the centerline on route 32 and hit a tractor-trailer. >> they love talking about their dad. they are really proud of him. >> pictures in their elegant city home show a proud husband and father. on this first christmas without him, jennifer eastman is keeping up with tradition. jennifer: going to see christmas lights, baking cookies. >> officer eastman is watching out for them while these teddy bears where his pants. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. adrianna:
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nicest thing. brian: good stuff. sell -- knew how to sew. so you could tailor your own pants. adrianna:? brian: let's not go that far. you do not need many layers today or tomorrow, but as we head toward christmas day, it looks dry. they can be couple of flurries, but breezy and much cooler. only 37. the average is about 44. cooler than we should be. leading up to it, 50's today. clouds around. tomorrow, periods of rain. look at that number -- 62. for last-minute shoppers, just traveling sunday, looking good and seasonable. late next week week, another cool snap as we head toward january. adrianna: thank you for joining us on this midday. have a merry christmas and we will see you next week. brian: for next year.
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because we're saving you a ton of time with our get ahead guide to the holidays! clinton's throwing a breakfast bonanza with "gma's" ginger zee. >> that's what you're going to have today. >> announcer: michael's making one of his favorite holiday desserts inspired by his mom. plus, carla's hanging with an amazing friend who's changing lives one plate at a time. we're about to get ahead in a delicious way right now on "the chew!" [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hey, guys! good afternoon!


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