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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> luckily scott heard a noise or somehow sensed what was up. kellye: a grieving mother speaking out tonight. who she believes killed her son and daughter-in-law. firefighters battling several blazes, home stand dismisses damaged or destroyed day before christmas. and a winter storm impacting holiday travel for millions of americans. now, abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. kellye: tonight, and arrest in the double murder of a reston
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couple. a 17-year-old boy from lord and is charged with -- from lorton is charged with murder. elicit upon a is at the live desk -- melissa dipane is at the live desk with the latest. and scott werey trying to keep their daughter away from somebody who they thought was a dangerous boyfriend. naming theare not suspect because of his age, but the boy being charged is a boyfriend they were worried about. >> they were uncomfortable with him. melissa: they had reservations about their 16-year-old boyfriend. >> a skeletal face. anyssa: they did what concerned parent would, telling the teenagers they cannot see each other anymore. >> they disapproved of all the time she would spend with them.
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morning, a final post on facebook, "a triumph over tyranny." later, there was an early morning rendezvous between the teenage daughter and the suspect. the police are not identifying the suspect because of his age. together.ent an hour and bunkley and scott heard a noise or somehow sensed something was up. melissa: the boyfriend shot the parents when they confronted him and then shot himself. the family is still in shock. she says she knows that scott and buckley would have no regrets over how they protected their daughter. >> i have never seen anything this horrible. suspect is in the hospital for self-inflicted gunshot wounds
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charging papers because of his metal condition. no word on if he will be charged as an adult. day before christmas eve, massive flames ripped through a three-story home in southeast. 21st-rate,ock of holmes on each side of the burning home were also damaged. nine people are displaced. the families are being helped by neighbors and the red cross. d.c., another investigation after fire was shooting out of a business on the 2400 block of 18th street. a second store was damaged. fire officials say neither will be open anytime soon, but nobody was hurt. and another blaze this morning at a funeral home in northeast. and hamlet at 12th street. nobody was hurt but the funeral home is heavily damaged. turning to the holiday forecast, a wet butar
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let's go to meteorologist brian van de graaff. any snow coming for christmas? brian: there could be a few flurries tomorrow night, but that is about it. .03,ainfall was only about but some of the rainfall tallies from the weatherbug network, frederick picked up .6, germantown picked up half an inch at gainesville elementary in winchester a little over .33 inches. 40's.of 30's and one last line of showers pushing through. the live radar from bethesda, northeast out of the beltway, the 270 split, over fairfax city, 66 towards gainesville and warrenton,. one more last her raw of showers pushing through. it will be a brisk d
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evening and then we dry out. tomorrow will be noticeably cooler. brian, thank you. now the great christmas escape. reagans the scene at national airport today, travelers making their way to their holiday destinations not faced with many issues. the airport not experiencing any significant delays as of last check. last minute christmas shopping, getting home to loved ones for millions of, for americans that includes driving. but conditions are nasty in some areas as winter storms sweep across 15 states. we have a closer look. reporter: a winter storm stretching from texas to maine is making life difficult for tens of millions of americans driving to their christmas destinations. >> it looked like my window was closed, but it is icy. reporter:
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icy conditions in boston and the rest of the commonwealth. state police closing a stretch of road near foxboro saturday morning. ,saltuts and car crashes spreader is out in force. the storm catching up with some massachusetts holiday travelers. >> i was going to leave in the morning. reporter: in vermont, the snow made driving treasury with heavy souribands in mis triggering multiple accidents. the same storm system causing severe flooding in arkansas and tennessee. up to four inches of rain reported in the volunteer state. severe windshear threatening to delay holiday packages at the fedex hub. noting there is a silver lining to these weather systems, a white christmas. >> it is a quick mover, so not expecting a ton, but maybe a enough to get you in the spirit of things. reporter:
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complicating the weekend for the people who will be driving to malls and shops over the weekend , trying to scoop up last-minute holiday deals. and remember, for the latest or much seven forecast and to check travel conditions, download the free abc 7 news app before you head out the door. no arrest at this hour in a shooting that left a man in critical condition. shots rang out just before noon in southeast on mellon street. there is no clear description of the shooter, but the police are looking for a gray or silver nissan. an update to report, a 16-year-old and her one-year-old son are safe tonight. they had been missing since thursday morning, but are now back home. and new details tonight on a fire that has burned more than 217,000 acres. the
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contained and is no longer a threat to holmes. today a memorial service was held for a firefighter killed battling the blaze. cory iversen leaves behind a wife, a pregnant wife and two-year-old daughter. fbi deputy director andrew mccabe expected to retire in the coming months. he took over the agency after trump fired james comey. robert mueller is investigating into russian election meddling. the president firing off tweets about the case from his florida estate, including references to wife and the hillary clinton email investigation. attacksp, a pair of planned for christmas day foiled.
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plus, other countries weighing in on the trump administration's plan to give weapons to the ukraine. ♪ [ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang! dang. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. kellye: the first astronaut to float untethered in space passed away thursday at the age of 80. he logged hundreds of hours in space that was best known for deployment, flying alongside the space shuttle challenger untethered. a suspected terror attack foiled by the fbi, and the person behind it is a former marine. image a miss and reportedly -- emiit
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jameson said the president's move to cite jerusalem as the capital of israel sparked the attack. reporter: family members still in shock after news broke their loved one was planning a terror attack on u.s. soil. a friday, the fbi foiled terror plot to target san francisco, and the man who was eson.d it, 26-year-old jam >> it is not my nephew they are talking about. reporter: the ex marine was planning to stage an attack on p 39 over the weekend. he met with an undercover agent and told him he wanted to conduct a terror attack using weapons and explosives. the fbi started watching him in september after flagging social media activity in which he liked posts about terror attacks and isis.
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his planned attack on those of the past few years, like san bernardino in 2015 and more recently in new york city. jameson was arrested and charged with trying to provide material support to a foreign terrorist operation. he has denied the allegations. if convicted, he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. new developments about the trump administration decision to give the ukraine lethal weapons. a senior russian diplomat said the u.s. will fuel conflict in the eastern part of the country. weaponshas wanted the to fight back russian backed separatists that have killed thousands. congress still needs to approve the deal. still ahead, landslides, flooding, and a desperate search in the philippines after a tropical storm. and a live look outside, warmer than usual temperatu
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kellye: back now with a stormwatch 7 alert. dead inn 100 people are the philippines after a tropical storm set off landslides and flash floods across the southern part of the country. dozens are still missing. desperate search and rescue operations are under way as the storm moves through another set of islands. in buffalo, new york, several inches making for rough driving conditions. they are used to the white stuff around christmas time, so good for them. somebody is getting a white christmas. brian:
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far northwest of town, a few flurries. kellye: it is hard to go from the 60's to a white christmas. brian: they can happen, but it will be difficult. we could see snow towards new year's eve. damascus, ase from gray start to the morning. clouds, every now and then the sky would brighten slightly, then showers would build in. outside right now, reagan 63ional airport, very balmy degrees, the wind out of the south southwest at 10 to 15. paltry,n inch, pretty at reagan national. mid 60's from annapolis to fredericksburg. north and west, the cooler air is moving in. 40's in winchester. showers --t line of it
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heavier showers crossing the city in arlington. as that pushes through, out the north side of the city, arlington, rosslyn, this line of showers will push through. once that pushes through, partly cloudy, the wind picking up out of the north at 10 to 15 and the temperatures will drop back. looks like we will be in the 30's later tonight. overnight, towards dawn tomorrow, 38 in the city, about 36 in leesburg, mid 30's warrenton. mixture of clouds and sunshine, but later in the day, the next round of clouds move in. christmas eve night, christmas morning, maybe a few flurries or a passing snow shower north and west of town. the big story fo
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wind making it feel like the 20's. the end of this stretch, increasing clouds, 46, a little cool christmas day, maybe a couple of flurries north and west of town. outlook, dry but cool weather. tuesday 40's, slipping into the 30's wednesday and thursday. the long-term models hint at a potential coastal system impacting us. we have the cold air in place, but the moisture has to come in line. some models are calling for lots of snow, some are saying no snow at all. we have a chance of snow showers friday and saturday. christmas eve and christmas day will be fine. and travel be ok. kellye: thank you so much. robert burton is here. robert: a great day for college basketball. coming
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hoyas walk all over their opponent.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the hoyas hosting winless alabama and him -- a&m. first half, the hoyas with the lockdown. walker rewards him with thedunk. 44-21 at the break. second half, georgetown continues to run awasy. georgetown wins 89-49. the realwing knows season begins in conferen
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play. coach ewing: we have to stay hungry. nobody expects us to be successful. we have to have a chip on our .houlder and continue to grind at the end of the year, see where we lie. robert: g.w. at harvard, the colonials with the steal. the past down low, finishing with the slam. g.w. in the second, increasing its lead. great ball movement. rewarded down low. 58-48.lonials win, an embarrassing performance from the wizards last night, losing by 35. that was against the brookl
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bradley beal had four. that is what cannot happen tonight, hosting the magic. hopefully they will bring some. tip-off is 7:00 p.m.. the caps get a taste of vegas tonight. the only thing is what happens in vegas will not stay there. 4-2-1.lden knights are 1 the capitals will face their old general manager, george mcphee, who is now with the expansion club. go the more games to season for the redskins, a taxing season, but they could still avoid a losing season winning out, 8-8. not great, but better than 7-9. what happens with jay gruden and kirk cousins? we talked about that earlier this week. kirk:
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come up before. i guess now that it is the third goal round of that, you just go out and play and let the chips fall where they may. sure inst want to make this season that we leave fedex field on a high note and give our home fans something to feel good about as they leave fedex field for the last time this season. robert: and right now, cleveland leads the colts 13-7 in the third quarter. it will be another year of wondering what kirk cousins is going to do. kellye: does he always give the perfect speech? robert: he knows exactly what to say.
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kellye: santa is a busy man. he got to work at an airport in maine, helping deice the planes. robert: that may be trying to do too much. kellye: the airline workers had to get the planes ready to take off and called on santa. he was busy, but when you need santa, you need him, and he came through, as always. robert: he needs to rest a little before his big night. kellye: just a warm-up. brian: just rain showers pushing through right now, the last round. they are moving from northeast to southwest. that will be the sign that the drier air is moving in tonight. 46 christs
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. christmas day dry but blustery. bundle up. kellye: thank you very much for joining us. we will see you at 11:00. have a great night. really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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tonight, breaking news. the holiday travel hazards. rain, ice and snow creating slick and dangerous driving in the northeast as millions are on the move. winter weather alerts across multiple states and who is in line for a white christmas. christmas terror scare? the shooting spree apparently targeting police. investigators looking for a possible terror link, and what we're learning now about that alleged christmas day bomb plot targeting a tourist site. fire in the sky. the strange glow coming from that object racing across space. what was it? tonight, the mystery revealed. explosive comments? did the president make derogatory remarks inside the oval office about immigrants from who countries.


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