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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. fire at an antique store in mount vernon. incredible video coming in, flame shooting into the night sky. jay korff just arrived at the
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what is the latest? jay: just an incredible scene. i will step out of the shot so our cameraman can zoom in. this is the mount vernon antique center, billed as the oldest and largest center in the entire region. right now it does not look all that much, but the first news photographer on the scene, the video that he got just as the fire came out at about 9:15 -- i think he got here about 25 minutes after, just incredible, flames shooting into the night sky on christmas night, engulfing and destroying this very large building here. here is the situation, according to the deputy fire chief, whom we spoke with moments ago, they believe the fire started on the second floor. beca
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integrity of the building, there was a significant collapse of the second floor, crashing onto the first floor, which is then ignited the fire even more, fueling it even more. we are told that it will take hours and hours for them to safely put the fire out. they came here initially thinking they could hopefully put this out with an offensive stature. then wall started to collapse, they had to pull out so fire personnel could be safe. now they are in a safe defensive posture and no firefighters have been hurt. moments ago we spoke with the deputy fire chief william garrett. >> it will take hours. we will be here throughout the night, managing the hotspots after the bulk of the fire is knock-down. it will be well into tomorrow before the fire will be completely put out
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started we believe at about 9:00, 9:15. there are dozens of firefighters. the tough thing, they are battling the bitter cold weather. the fire chief believes this will not be out for hours, and then they can deal with causer origin, figure out what caused the fire. at this point, there is no way for them to determine at this early juncture if this was on purpose or not. that is the scene now. acta the studio. -- back to the studio. nancy: the bitter cold air settling in this evening. montgomery county issuing a hypothermia alert, insisting residents limit their time outdoors. meteorologist steve rudin has the forecast. it is really cold.
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getting colder the next double days. alexandria, below freezing, right at freezing at reagan national. the stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, mostly cloudy skies right now. we will stay dry, even though we have cloud cover across the mid-atlantic. tomorrow morning, maybe the day off or walking to the metro, grabbing coffee, upper 20's at 6:00 a.m., 8 a.m. lower 30's. 10:00, another shot of cold air on its way. more that coming up. nancy: on top of the cold temperatures, most of the day was very windy. treeis in bethesda were a fell on to way house, breaking the gas line. nobody was hurt and there was no fire, think fully. at one point, they were 11,000 people without power. at this hour, that has all been restored.
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close, we hope that you spent time with families this weekend. us inside thekes national shrine of the immaculate conception. ♪ about 3,600 people packed the national shrine of the immaculate conception for noon mass. amid the traditional christmas songs and readings -- >> a child is born to us. tom: cardinal donald world's sonage that god sending his is the ultimate sign of love. >> our job is to love one another. during and after the service, downstairs the church try to literally practice what it preached. >> what we are seeing is visible, tangible love. sometimes it can
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of a beautiful piece of turkey or wonderful piece of cake. tom: it was the 36th annual free meal for those in need, those who were lonely, really for anyone, no questions asked. there are also 1200 people who received meals by delivery. >> those were not blessed every day with a meal. tom: for this family, it was not just the meal that meant a lot but the volunteers who came here as early as 6:00 a.m. to make it happen. >> a lot of people saying hello, merry christmas. nice people. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy: a great holiday tradition in falls church. the 14th annual christmas morning breakfast held with dozens of volunteers serving hundreds of people in need. organizers say the community really came together. >> they cooked,
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they do a wonderful job. every year we get a ton of donations of coats and toys. we get about 200 kids with buses that pick up people for without transportation, and it is a way of giving back to the community because we can. to the food,ition there were also toys for children, volunteers handing out coats and scarves as well. in the district, a day of service with about 1000 volunteers with the jewish community center, cleaning up, handing out meals come and visiting people unable to get out. >> we do essentially what is most needed. we have folks serving meals, preparing meals. we do a lot of holiday activities. homebound or they are seniors or they are family as far away -- or their family as far away. >>
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and i are delighted to wish america and the world a very merry christmas. nancy: sharing what makes them happy this time of year, they say volunteering in their communities. president trump tweeted not too long ago that it is back to work tomorrow at mar-a-lago. , troops celebrating christmas together, serving several different nations. two loudping tonight, and county sheriff deputies are spending christmas in the hospital. they are expected to survive. gunfireic call ended in as neighbors detailed the incident. anna-lysa: neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief now that douglas
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bars at the loudoun county adult detention center. >> two officers have been shot. >> to have something happen like this is unbelievable. anna-lysa: when deputy surrounded his neighbor's house, he sensed something was wrong. drop offight came to some food -- she was leaving, she witnessed him physically pushing a woman. she called me and said, stay in the house, i think something is going on with your neighbors. anna-lysa: just before 4 p.m., loudoun county officers responded to a domestic dispute between douglas johnson and his daughter. when they got there, the deputies attempted to arrest him. he then pulled out his gun and shot two deputies. they are expected to survive. >> please clear the road. >> suspect in custody. anna-lysa: johnson is charged with two
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attempted murder. >> i had this bad vibe about him. it is good to know that somebody like that is taken into custody and not living next to my house anymore. anna-lysa: johnson is being held without bond and is due in court this week. nancy: a hit-and-run involving a truck and horse and buggy in mechanicsville, maryland. the horse was killed. as the manas there believed to be the driver returned to the scene and was arrested. monday night, abc 7 news was their win maryland state police and st. mary's county authorities handcuffed a man in connection with a suspected hit-and-run involving a vehicle and a horse and buggy. it is a common sight in southern maryland, cars sharing the road with the horse and buggies used by the homage community -- a miss
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amish buggyruck the . a person in the buggy was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. the horse was killed. officers placed a lookout for a dark colored truck that did not stop at the scene. when we arrived a couple hours later, the police were resting a man who they say returned. he declined to comment when we asked for his account of what happened. jay korff, abc 7 news. nancy: no white christmas for us, but coming up what parts of the country got more than they wanted. e meantox full of manur for the treasury secretary's home in california. get $100 billion worth of exchanges and returns.
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here are live pictures from the fire in alexandria. this is at an antique store on route one, richmond highway. are working during the bitter cold to try to get this under control, looks like they have made decent progress, but they say it may not be until the morning until the fire is completely out. fairfax county firefighters do not believe anybody was inside the antique store when the fire started. will continueion into how it started and we will have an update live on "good morning washington" in the morning. along, the pass actress who played louisa von trapp and the sound of music passed away. her son said she died of brain cancer.
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challenge-- won a from a foundation in journalism back and show way reader if an article is balanced. to treasuryent secretary steven mnuchin. the secret service has interviewed somebody who admitted to gift wrapping of the package and leaving it at his bel air neighbor's house. the secret service was called in to inspect the package. 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- expects stores to be busier during return season. shopping is spread out, but the bulk of returns and exchanges happen in the first two days after christmas. that is 40%. $90rts are expecting billion in returns, about a quarter of what was spent this year. here is one experts suggestion on h t
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probably return at the first or second week of january, when you will also see major discounts. nancy: also look carefully at discounts. if you got a gift card that you may not want, see if you can swap it in a store that sells a variety of them. parts of the northeast are experiencing quite a white christmas. lots of snow moving across new england. and now the lake effect snow erie ando the north, buffalo getting heavy snow as the wind whips off the great lakes. and in the midwest, this is the scene in kalamazoo, michigan. the wind created whiteout conditions.
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temperatures in the forecast. cold intots our perspective. steve: today's high was 41 at about 5:30 this morning. we had wind gusts early this morning at about 45. right at the freezing mark at reagan national. right now, 27es gaithersburg, freezing leesburg, 27 winchester, cumberland 27. the core of the cold air to the north and west. the like effect snow across northern ohio, upstate new york, western michigan. single digits in chicago right now, five degrees with a feels-like temperature of 12 degrees below zero. we are not looking at anything like that around here anytime soon. windchill factors in the teens and lower 20's headed our way wednesday. stormwatch
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skies for the mid-atlantic right now. a few snow showers earlier this evening along the mason-dixon line, did not amount to a lot. i don't think we'll see a lot more through the night. the temperatures eventually fall into the 20's, 22 to 28. the coldest air west of town. ,nside the beltway, 26 to 28 with wind gusts near 12. 7:30 tomorrow morning, a chilly start to the day. warm jacket, hats and gloves, you will need it walking to the metro stop or grabbing a cup of coffee. in thed sunshine afternoon, clouds later in the day, but it will stay dry for the day tomorrow. going to the outlet malls, the shopping centers to return gives, getting really good deals on sale items, tomorrow will be chilly but dry. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night, clouds. the forecast high
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below average, but the colder air arrives wednesday. moving through wednesday afternoon into the evening, only in the teens and lower 20's. it gets even colder thursday. the seven day outlook from stormwatch 7, flurries wednesday morning should not amount to a lot area 27 thursday. friday through sunday would you could be looking at a chance of snow showers. -- we could be looking at a chance of snow showers. it will not amount to a whole lot, but we will ring in the new year with very cold temperatures. nancy: fairfax county police spot a jolly man under the influence of milk and cookies. plus -- >> ♪ and mistletoe nancy: holiday cheer and the reason behind this performance.
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tree ♪ >> whoo! a southwest flight attendant serenading passengers this weekend. she has been with the airline 20 years. after going through divorce, she says she just wants to sing. and what a voice. also getting into the christmas spirit, fairfax county police radioed in a call around midnight, just around the time santa was making the rounds. eavy around the midsection with rosy cheeks. approach with caution. nancy: watch out for the milk and cookies. we posted the entire clip online. you c a
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7 news app. rosy cheeks get you into trouble. erin: there was a guy dressed as a giant reindeer at the airport. it was fun, santa claus on the plane. nancy: and a good victory by the wizards? exactly, the wizards and celtics are different from the teams that met in the playoffs last year, but it was a battle of the point guards.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: we begin with a special christmas day matchup between the wizards and celtics. the last time these teams met was game seven of last year's playoffs. the rivalry is not really the same after the off-season changes to boston, but these teams don't like each other. the wizards came to play tonight. great passing from martin gortat to bradley beal. he had 50 points at the half. washington led by two at the break. walle in the fourth, john with the two-point lead. the was his went on a 12-0 run and put this away. 10e wizards win, 111-
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important this was to the team. john: it was big. they are the best team in the nba. they are a great team, great coaches. he is one of the best players in the league. this is a big win for us and i hope we can win the game wednesday. erin: rematch of last season's finals, steph curry on the bench with an and goal injury. two minutes to go in the game, lebron james with a floater, good, tied at 92-92. next warriors possession, kevin durant with the three, no good. the offensive rebound, rises in fires, the warriors with the lead for good. they take this 99-92. there were
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steelers-texas. pittsburgh has to do with life without antonio brown, the best receiver in the league. the steelers really did not need him in the first quarter. the steelers take the 10-0 lead. upthe third, bell runs it the middle for the score. the steelers were up 27-0 wo easily.ily -- and won and the raiders and eagles in action right now with the game
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the final days of wish list are here. hurry in and sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment. steve: we survived christmas, 36 the high tomorrow. cold wednesday, with a chance of flurries mainly during the morning. upper 20's thursday.
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we could see snow showers. jimmy kimmel is next.
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espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. >> jennifer: it's a big night for you, jennifer. it's going to be okay. you just have to relax. have fun. and don't say the f-word. you can't say the f-word, right? >> unfortunately not. >> jennifer: for the whole show? >> correct. >> jennifer: not even once? >> maybe once. >> jennifer: all right, [ bleep ] yeah, let's do this mother [ bleep ]er! >> we should probably just cut her mike. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! with special guest host jennifer lawrence! tonight -- kim kardashian west. the results of our youtube halloween challenge.


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