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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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pennsylvania, the piling on to a massive snowfall record. more than five feet of snow on the ground in the past four days. at home we are at the beginning of a day's long stretch where we won't get above freezing. >> it is cold. bill kelly is tracking the winter blast from the weather center. >> it could be worse. minus 41 in cotton, minnesota. we are nowhere close to that. this is everyone warmer than that. it doesn't discredit how cold it is relative to where we should be. you need to know it's 24 in falls church. oakland at 22. 24 around boyd. the bigger picture is there is colder air to the west. that is what is heading our way.
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this is 11 in pittsburgh. if you add wind to it and it will take the numbers much farther down than that. high pressure is the dominant weather feature. so if you don't like to drive in the snow and ice and a lot of people don't, we don't have that in the evening planner tonight or the day planner tomorrow. down to 24 at 9:00. 22 at 11:00. we talk about that and break down the weekend forecast. that is coming up in a bit. >> reminder before the kids head to school. you can be the first to learn about closings and delays. go to to sign up for the text alerts. >> we have an update on the breaking news we brought you at 5:00. police chase that went from maryland to virginia ended in a crash. people in the car were wanted for an armed robbery on the cloper road in gaithersburg. chase just ended on the g.w.
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parkway. jonathan: must see video from interstate 95. look at this. firefighters were called to the bitter cold. >> everybody escaped without injury. but interstate 95 as you imagine snarled for hours. the fire kept resparking. michelle: now a "7 on your side" i-team investigation that turned up reports of dangerous working conditions at a post office. the employees telling us they are working 95 hours per week. the way we clock in and out is on paper. i don't know how they are
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you are not paid for the hours you work. >> a worker shared pictures of us of a mail truck that caught fire. a faulty door locked to leave him trapped inside. >> the postal workers are filing complaint with the union. jonathan: a shocking update to search for a police officer's killer. the facebook is saying they won't take over the investigation. sean suiter was gunned down a day before he was supposed to testify in a federal trial. this is the only unsolve murder of baltimor
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michelle: the heart of the evening rush. that happened in a road rage around 5ers p.m. yesterday. we are joined in the area with what happened. >> this is a scary situation. this all unfolded northbound when a man accused of firing a shot and pointing another gun. >> under arrest. around 5:00 tuesday night a 24-year-old man driving a jeep s.u.v. which changing lanes to take the seminary road exit. the driver carried him off exit four to washington boulevard. the driver flagged down a police officer who pulled the
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got hit by something after which the officer took his gun. >> the state officer checked out the jeep. >> he found a bullet hole and the bullet round inside. the driver and the passenger inside the jeep are okay. he faces multiple gun charges. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. crime alert to tell you about after an armed robbery on video. this is video of the 7-eleven. the guy walks in gun in hand and point it to the customer and the clerk inside. only on 6, the customer, the customer on the ground the father of three describe what is he saw and what he felt and what he is telling the children. >> i saw the gun and pointing the gun at my
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he said lie down there, lie down there. lie down there! >> go allock with what will save your life. go along -- that's what i'll say. don't be a hero. jonathan: saturday robbery was minutes after a police officer left the store. michelle: this is an update from the unbelievable scene. he jumped to the moving vehicle and punching the vehicle window. >> who could forget that? the police charged the man on a naked rampage in herndon. flores charged with three felonies and four lesser charges.
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drugs were involved. two dozen homes up in a blaze. a family is acting to make sure that those that lost everything can start over. >> crimes with help from the back of the recycling truck. what warned the driver that something was wrong next at
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jonathan: the firefighters were containing the fire before it spread. no word at this hour of the injuries or a cause. michelle: criminal charges in a crash with a horse and buggy. they confirmed that man robert lawrence was driving the pickup that slammed into 86-year-old maria's bugdy seriously injuring him and killing the horse. lawrence faces multiple felony charges and is free on bond. jonathan: virginia man wasn't able to attend the funeral for his wife and son a week after their tour bus crashed on the way to the ruins in mexico. behar recovering from injuries in the south florida hospital. he lost his wife, son and mother-in-law when the bus they were riding in went off the road and flipped.
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>> we are learning about the other culture and my 11-year-old was very excited about the trip. jonathan: behar were on an excursion. michelle: it took an hour to free the critically injured man and rush him to the hospital.
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michelle: a mother who l
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jonathan: it's been a week since this fire forced dozens of people out of the homes. tonight there is a community effort to help those who lost everything. >> 12 families were displaced by a fire that happened in suitland. now they are gettal help from the surrounding communities to get back on their feet. >> does it all fit? >> bag by bag. >> this is everything anybody would need. >> donna robinson organized and started a room full of donations. she heard that the fire went through before impacting the family she stepped up and reached out to the local community to the community. >> just bring it and i will go through it. they can
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>> she was flooded with the trash bag of clothes. >> it's a good guy. it hits home. >> most are geared toward the coworker sons and nephew but she hopes what she collected will go beyond that. >> she spent wednesday afternoon -- >> the last one. >> thank you. >> delivering a car load packed full of donations. >> i spoke to the fire department and they tell me they don't know what started the fire. this is under investigation. live in suitland, amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: this just in. in the past hour the i.r.s. is issuing an advisory addressing
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2018 property taxes this year. you know hundreds of people line up in fairfax county today to hope they could deduct prepayment this year for next year's taxes. but according to the i.r.s., those taxes are only deductible if the property taxes were assessed prior to 2018. so if you are prepaying what you estimate the tacts bill will be, you can't deduct it. jonathan: update to a bizarre drug bust in nebraska. elderly couple, caught with 60 pounds of pot. they said it was christmas gift for the family members but the family includes a son who is a prosecutor in vermont. the police say the couple's son was shocked by his parent's arrest and the drugs in their possession. the police say they follow the
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package to a customer waiting at a nearby church. michelle: another one for the books. a man targeted by a christmas decoration thief took matter ins his own hands. early christmas eve surveillance video captured someone stealing hundreds of dollars worth of the decorations from outside of his texas home. the homeowner decided to use the burglar face as the inspiration. printing giant posters and playing the video with the grinch song on repeat. >> this remains me of the grinch. >> there are the images. they will are optimistic he return the
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>> if enough people see it we will be caught. >> or give it back. >> hopefully. that is low. >> something we give back is the weather. this is cold. and how cold and how long it will is the headline. if you are heading out, beautiful shot of the capital wheel. we are at 26 degrees. that is one of the warmer spots. the winds out of the northwest are 5 to 15. currently 17 miles per hour specifically. it does pose a wind chill factor out there. everybody bele freezing. quantico at 28. fredericksburg at 29. this is colder to the west. that air working to the region. widespread teens and the single digits. overnight tonight we watch the numbers drop in the teens as well. it will feel like 13 out
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you. the high pressure is a dominant weather feature. a lot of times the nicer it is outside on days like this the colder it will get. clouds, super cloudy night. this is an ince sue later. if there is cloud cover it will bounce it back and lock in the heat. if it's clear outside which is what it is now and going to be tonight there is no insulator. so our temperatures will drop. we are going to drop to the teens widespread and maybe even single digits making your way to tomorrow morning. other than that i wouldn't expect the widespread problems.
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a lot of sunshine tomorrow. beautiful day inside and out. 129 in the morning. 25 by 12:00 noon. highs in the upper 20's at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. if you don't like the cold i'd love to say it's just a quick day or two and we'll rebound but not the case. 34 degrees before potential of snow saturday. the temperatures will be below freezing. there is a 24-degree reading on monday. the freezing temperatures for the middle to the end of next
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winter. all right. thank you, bill. jonathan: funny it's warm and we hope the nats play in october and now we hope the skins play to january. perhaps february. scott: not happening. >> building momentum though for next year. potentially a three-game winning streak. finish strong! that is the mow toe for -- motto for the redskins. we'll take you to ashburn where the skins are ready for a season finale against the
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scott: too little too late. the washington redskins trying to finish the season strong. win over the giants on sunday and the skins will close the year with a three-game winning streak. that is all well and good but the reality is the burgundy and gold will be sitting at home for the playoffs for the tect straight season -- second straight season. throw out every excuse in the book but it doesn't matter. there is something missing to get over the hump. josh norman honest on the skins missing out on the postseason. >> every year it's potential. last year's potential. this year's potential. i care nothing about potential. i care about the results. you can't put your hat on that. you can't hang your heart out on that. none of that. got to go out here and win
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games. scott: josh norman never afraid to speak his mind. the wizards receive new swag today. look at these beauties. nike unveiled every nba team city edition uniform. the district of columbia front and center. the team announced they will debut the new uniform on january 30 when they host ellicott city. according -- oklahoma city. it will be worn 11 more times in the rest of the season. also some college basketball action tonight. georgetown will host butler and the big east opener. hoyas are 10-1 so far on the season. good test for georgetown tonight against the bulldogs. jonathan: you know the drill with the uniforms. if they win every time they wear them they will keep them. nobody is superstitious there. bill: right. layer fun you head out tonight. cold one in the teens. tomorrow, sunshine, highs only in the 20's. little warmer on friday. we are watching potential and snow. michelle: "world news tonight" it
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jonathan: see you tonight at 11:00. stay warm. have a good night. don't miss your last ch
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tonight, the deep freeze and a snow emergency. a deadly arctic blast from the plains to the northeast. snow drifts burying homes. the national guard helping dig out. dangerous driving and a plane skidding off a runway. the midair security scare. the pilot on a flight from los angeles over the pacific turning around for a penger who wasn't supposed to be onboard. the celebrity couple live tweeting it all. tonight, the serious security question. how did this happen? tax rush. americans lining up across the country and in the cold to save money before the republican tax plan takes effect. what some are trying to pay


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