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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 28, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. deep freeze. winter weather wreaking havoc across the country. dangerous, icy conditions causing chaos on the roads. record-breaking brutal temperatures plunging below zero. the new year's eve ball drop expected to be the coldest in more than 50 years. plus more snow on the way now. we're tracking the new arctic outbreak for the holiday weekend. and breaking overnight. defeated senate candidate, roy moore, alleging fraud. his last-minute court battle. will it change the election results for that all-important alabama seat? as the president's former campaign manager comes
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fire. the woman accusing him of sexual assault. the latest on the investigation this morning. dramatic rescue. quick-thinking cops caught on camera pulling two teenagers to safety after this car flipped upside down and burst in flames. how the heroic police officers risked their lives and what they are saying this morning. ♪ and sweet dreams are made of this. lotto fever heating up after no one wins the powerball. the giant jackpots ballooning. more than $600 million up for grabs. will anyone take home the megamillions? and good thursday morning, america, and lotto fever has so many americans dreaming of those megamillions. no powerball winner again last night, but there's of course, another chance at the big prize that keeps on
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something that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. we're not getting that with the weather. that bitter cold not letting up at all. more winter weather is on the way. you're looking at snowy conditions in minneapolis just moments ago. look at this picture from our weather team. this is a fountain in new york city almost completely frozen over. it actually looks completely frozen over. >> it is frozen. it does look a little beautiful, but i would rather be inside. >> watching it from here. >> exactly. we'll begin this morning with that deadly freeze gripping so much of the country. the state of emergency, record cold and snow making holiday travel a danger for millions as calls for help to aaa sore, and abc's alex perez is in erie, pennsylvania where the national guard has been called to help dig out residents under 6 feet of snow. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. when you get that much snow, you run out of places to put it all. that's what areas here in
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officials dealing with mounds of snow that are dealicars buried and these owners can't get to them. from roads to runways, winter weather wreaking havoc all over the united states. kansas city, more than 40 accidents due to icy roads. icy conditions also turning runways into rinks. a plane skidding off the runway in indiana. the same thing happening in pittsburgh. bitter temperatures and record snowfall crippling the great lakes. erie, pennsylvania brought to a halt this week, buried under more than 65 inch of snow. even this snowplow got stuck. >> today we'll be out probably 10, 15 hours easily. we have been out since 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the city now bracing itself for another 10 inches of snow friday into saturday. oswego county bearing the brunt of the deep freeze under a state of emergency. >> we really got hit this year.
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city, this fountain turning into an ice sculpture. the coast guard breaking up ice in green bay. and just to give you an idea of how much snow we are actually talking about here, erie gets about 100 inches of snow all winter. so far, they have gotten 102 inches just in december alone. paula? >> jaw-dropping numbers. 102 inches alone in december. all right, alex. we'll send you shovels and hot chocolate by the way. we turn to rob marciano. is there any relief in sight from this bitter cold? >> it's only going to get worse. i'm sorry to say. it will be a long duration. they have had a long one near minneapolis. the falls there, single-digit highs, and it's freezing the rivers and rapids there. we have windchill warnings and watches. this is dangerous stuff over the next two days. check out these numbers. 15 below in
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here in new york. i'm glad to be inside. we will have another surge of cold air in half the country. 11 degrees, the windchill of minus 4. that could be the coldest since 1962. >> stop looking so happy about it, please. three words you don't want to hear. long duration event. >> with a smile on his face. >> thank you, robert. now to politics, and alabama republican roy moore filing a lawsuit to block the senate election results alleging fraud. abc's stephanie ramos is on the story in washington this morning. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. roy moore just won't give up. overnight in alabama, the moore campaign filed a last-minute complaint to prevent his loss from becoming official. he has refused to concede since the december 12th vote which he lost by about 20,000
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moore filed his complaint seeking a temporary restraining order to delay the certification alleging potential election fraud. that altered the outcome of the election. he says, this is not a republican or democrat issue as election interestingty should matter to everyone. the board is scheduled to meet this afternoon to certify jones' victory. the board meeting will take place as planned and doug jones will be sworn in by vice president pence on the 3rd of january. state officials said last week they have found no evidence of voter fraud in the senate race. in moore's complaint though, he also says he took a polygraph over the sexual misconduct allegations against him, and he says those results prove he did not know any of those women, dan. >> just to put a fine point on this, these last-minute maneuvers are not expected to delay the certification of doug jones' win? >> reporter: not really, dan. the secretary of state
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unlikely that jones would not be certified as the winner of that election. dan. >> this election in alabama continues to generate controversy. thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting. paula, over to you. >> possibly closure as stephanie said. president trump stirring up controversy on his working vacation in florida, touting his legislative successes. all as his former campaign manager faces sexual assault allegations. kenneth moton has the very latest. good morning to you, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it was a nice gesture. president trump taking a break to thank firefighters at a local fire station, but the president spent most of his time in front of the cameras talking about his first year in office. president trump's surprise visit. >> you do a fantastic job, so we wanted to thank you very much. >> reporter: the president stopping by a west palm beach re
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record. >> we have signed more legislation than anybody. broke the record. >> reporter: that claim, false. president trump has signed the least amount of bills than any president at this point in office. we catch glimpses of him playing golf nearly every day of his vacation. but a box truck blocked the view of the president hitting the lakes. corey lewandowski is on defense, now facing a sexual assault allegation. a trump supporter who wore a make america great again picture tweeted this picture. she said it was taken seconds before lewandowski slapped her behind not once, but twice. she was shocked, she wrote. she told abc news, if lewandowski, would, quote, apologize, that's all i want. lewandowski, a contributor with the fox
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the allegations. >> i'm not here to speak for joy, but i'm here to speak for me, and what i will do is let the process play forward. >> reporter: it's not the first time lewandowski has faced legal trouble. during the campaign, he was involved in a physical altercation grabbing a reporter by the arm, but the misdemeanor battery charge was dropped. >> thank you, we appreciate your reporting. let's bring in our chief political analyst, matthew dowd. good morning. let's talk about this lewandowski case. the president appears to be close to the accuser and the accused here. how does he handle this, especially because he has his own accusers? >> reporter: we >> well, this is a difficult spot for the president to be in. this is like "pirates of the caribbean" where all these characters are surrounding him, and they have problems. we know what happened with paul manafort, and the candidate he endorsed in alabama. a series of folks, in surrounding this world, and in the end, the president is barbo barbosa,
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big as corey lewandowski. it's a difficulty that the white house is in. >> i knew some cultural references would be thrown in this morning. let's talk about the president specifically, and his claim that he repeated that he has signed more legislation than any other president. so it is absolutely true that trump has some big wins under his belt, including the tax bill that just went through, but it's not true. it's verifiably false that he signed the most legislation. why do you think he keeps saying this? >> i'm just shocked that the president exaggerates like this. we haven't seen this before from him. in politics, we have seen all presidents exaggerate, and probably stretch the truth in this, but this president, when you look at the averages of this president, this president exaggerates or makes stuff up an average of five times a day. it has become commonplace in the presidency. he is sort of the olympic champion of this kind of stuff, and he continues to do it, and my guess is for the next
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two years, three years, he will continue to do it. >> hi, matt. it's paula. good morning to you. >> hey, paula. >> there is a lot of uncertainty with the tax bill that dan brought up. what should you know if you are one of the many people rushing to make those deductions that will soon disappear with the tax law taking effect? specifically property taxes. >> sure. you have a major tax reform change through at the last minute in a rushed manner right before the new year. we have the law of unintended consequences and this is the first one we'll see, and we'll see more. i paid my property taxes last week for 2017. those are still deductible because i was billed, assessed and it was all for 2017. you cannot deduct those expenses for 2018 unless you have been billed and assessed in 2017, and pay it in 2017. we need to look at if you pay 2017, you're fine.
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>> and it's really up to the municipali municipality, the local municipality to decide. we tried to pre-pay 2018, and they said no. it's up to the jurisdiction as well. >> as i said, this is the law of unintended consequences and we'll see more of this when you see major changes in a tax bill. >> matt dowd, thanks so much. we want to move now to the airport security scare, raising questions about safety in the skies after a tokyo-bound plane was forced to turn around mid flight when an unauthorized passenger was found on board. john legend and chrissy teigen were delayed a total of 15 hours. matt gutman is at l.a.x. to tell us what happened. good morning, matt. >> reporter: sources tell us which was likely not a mistake. they say one of two brothers with very similar names likely used a duplicate boarding pass to get on the plane, and then flight attendants didn't realize
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board until the flight was halfway to tokyo, which is one reason they are calling this the flight to nowhere. this morning, the fbi is weighing criminal charges against a pair of brothers who somehow got on flight 175, los angeles to tokyo, using a single boarding pass. the so-called flight to nowhere took off from los angeles at noon on wednesday and just four hours later, boomeranged back when flight attendants discovered the possible stowaway. it turned out to be a 4,000-mile detour. overnight, we learned the brothers have nearly identical names and used a duplicate boarding pass. one had a legitimate ticket for flight 175, and the other brother had a legitimate ticket to tokyo, but on a different flight on a different airline. >> once we get those answers, then you can kind of reverse engineer the process and make sure you don't let that occur again. >> reporter: and er
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hours delayed, that plane finally unloaded 208 very frustrated passengers in tokyo. >> mostly tired and pretty angry. >> pretty upset. >> definitely disappointed. >> reporter: abc news was there meeting honeymooners. >> there's no competition to give us back that day. >> reporter: there was also a very prominent tweeter, supermodel chrissy teigen. >> thank you for this awesome vacation, babe. >> reporter: her tweet storm went viral. now she is asking, i just need to know why we couldn't have flown to tokyo, and et settled s one person's mistake? the company apologized for passengers' inconvenience. now being a stowaway is a federal crime. it's punishable by up to five years in prison, and
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authorities are poring over surveillance video. but the airline could face hefty fines for allowing that passenger on board, and failing to make an accurate head count. they have offered all those passengers a $265 or thereabout voucher. if you are in the middle seat, i don't know if that cuts it. >> thank you. now to the dramatic rescue caught on bodycam. officers pulling teenagers from an overturned vehicle that burst into flames, and eva pilgrim has the story on how these officers risked their own lives. >> back up. the car is on fire! back up! >> reporter: a fiery car crash, three teens inside, four milwaukee police officers jumping into action. >> when we saw the car up in flames and we saw the two kids in the back unconscious, we knew we had to get them out. >> reporter: this car upside down afterit
7:16 am
pole. the bodycam capturing the rush to get the two teens inside. you see an officer tap on the window yelling. >> crawl! >> reporter: when no one comes out, one of the officers goes in, pulling the teen from the car, dragging him away. >> we started getting people out as quick as we could, knowing that was our job right then and there. >> reporter: the fire growing. the officers go back in, getting a second teen out, moving him to safety. >> come on. >> reporter: another teen was able to get out on his own. all three were taken to the hospital. and these same officers had actually tried to pull over this car for speeding just a short time before the accident. it didn't stop, so the driver will face charges for not stopping and for reckless driving. >> eva, thanks. and now to the big money that's up for grabs after last night's lottery drawing. still no powerball winners
7:17 am
of massive multimillion dollar jackpots that are sparking lottery fever this week, and abc's t.j. holmes is here with us. did you buy your ticket? >> no, because i'm not going to win. here we go again with this. the powerball, up to $384 million. if you take the cash, buy out. that's $239 million. you're not going to win that. megamillions, $236 million, and if you pay it out, $191 million. they have been rolling over, and i have been doing this since october now, and they have not had a winner, and you're not going to win, folks. your odds are great. everyone wants this warm, fuzzy story about the lottery. look at your face. your hopes and dreams. >> you dashed all of them. >> if you want to bring nihilistic sarcasm, absolutely. here's how jaded we are. someone won $4 million on the
7:18 am
drawing this week, so everyone was disappointed. were there any other winners? >> congratulations, folks. there were 1.3 million winners last night, and overwhelmingly most of them won $4. that means you doubled your winnings. congratulations. there was somebody that won $2 million in georgia last night, but overwhelmingly, most people won a few bucks. >> you need a hug, t.j. >> welcome to our new segment, keeping it real with t.j. continuing the keeping it real theme, let's sends things over to rob marciano. >> being inside is what makes me happy. i won the lottery today by staying inside for sure. look at new york, between watertown and syracuse, and they had to dig a woman out of her home. more lake-effect snow after more cold there. time for our snowy cities brought to you by burlington.
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through saturday keeping us cloudy throughout the day with a slight chance of passing snow showers or snow flurries. only a coating is likely at this slick with pavement ld be temperatures around freezing. another surge of arctic air arrives for ghs only reaching the p 20s. lo tthe teens, as we ng in 2018. ghs: 24-27and very cold. fridayam clouds. pm sun.ud remaining unseasonably ld. winds: sw to nw 5 mph today will be one of the coldest days in nearly a year. high temperatures are only expected to reach the upper 20s. morning wind chills in the single digits will give way to wind chills in the upper teens by this afternoon. at least it will look pretty with abundant sunshine; coming up, such a tough story. the four boys facing murder charges after a prank turned deadly. y are. take guinea pigs.
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>> seven is on your side right now with live, local news from "good morning washington." larry: we want to get a check of your top stories, a man facing multiple charges after a chaotic night in herndon that started when the suspect arrived at a herndon home and assaulted a juvenile. he thread and dust fled, and that began a series of carjackings, and a juvenile was it just a crashed car. the suspect is in custody. it does he may not be president anymore but many look up to president obama, many
7:24 am
the most admired america -- man in america for the 10th year in a low. hillary clinton was the most admired woman for the 16th year in a row. z2momz zi0z y2momy yi0y
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adrianna: -- eileen: at 7:25, bone chilling temperatures. do not leave home without the sunglasses and lots of layers. degrees, national, 16 the coldest morning since early january. it will feel like the single digits through 9:00 or 10:00. 16.unchtime, feeling like only feeling like 20 this afternoon. it is a 95 in maryland, good ride between the baltimore beltway and the washington capital beltway. southbound
7:27 am
the orange, silver, and blue line delays because of a signal problem at potomac avenue. a 10 minute vre delay because of a disabled freight train.
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7:31 am
have more snow and an outbreak over the weekend. cities heightening their new year's eve security plans after that deadly attack three months ago. unprecedented security will be present on the strip including the nevada initial guard and at least 20 armed vehicles. you can understand the insecurity in that city, but first this half hour, to those four teenagers charged for dropping sandbags off an overpass, and ikilling a man. gio benitez is here with the lathest. good morning to you. >> reporter: that sandbag crashed through the windshield severely injuring the 22-year-old, and he died two days later, and now those teens are facing charges. the sobering reality for these teenage boys spending their holiday season in a juvenile detention center. each between the ages of 13 and 15, openly crying, denying charges of murder
7:32 am
vandalism stemming from a prank that turned deadly. police claim the teenagers deliberately and fatally tossed a sandbag off of an interstate. it hit a car below. >> he is not moving. >> reporter: 22-year-old marquise byrd, dying from his injuries two days later. >> i will say today from each of the juveniles. >> reporter: this coming just two months after five teenagers in michigan were charged with second-degree murder accused of throwing rocks off on overpass on the exact same highway. one deadly toss of a six-pound rock killing 32-year-old father of four, kenneth white. the five defendants pleaded not guilty and face possible life imprisonment if convicted. in this latest case, an attorney for one of the boys, his client expresses remorse
7:33 am
victim, and the prosecutor tells us it's unlikely for them to be tried as adults because the bar is too high. >> gio, thank you so much. >> let's bring in a pair of guests. stephanie dowd is a clinical psychologist at the child mind institute, and areva martin in los angeles, welcome to both of you. >> dr. dowd, let's start with you. some of these kids, we're talking 13, and 14 years old. when role does the development play in this? >> brain development plays a big role in this. for teens, the brain is still developing. for the human brain, it's developing through the mid 20s, and so the part of the brain that is called the prefrontal cortex is responsible for planning, thinking through short-term, long-term consequences. controlling one's emotions and impulses. that is the last part of the brain to develop. so it's important to recognize that tee
7:34 am
engage in those behaviors. it's just an underdeveloped part of the brain for them. >> this is a horrifying story for both of us. we both have boys at home. can you say more about what drives these teenagers to do these things? >> it's hard for adults to comprehend that a teen could do something like this, yobut the important thing to remember is the teen brain is different than the adult brain. teens have a tough time understanding short-term and long-term consequences because they tend to be more impulsive and reactive. the other thing is that teens have more intense emotions. they feel their emotions more intensely, and so it's harder for them to hit the brakes in response to their feelings, and teens tend to be really influenced by their peers, and peer approval is highly rewarding for
7:35 am
in their life. >> i want to bring in areva from los angeles. those michigan kids just a few years older are being tried in adults and in ohio as juveniles. is that the right call, and do we take into account the physiological development we were just talking about? >> juveniles can be transferped to adult court, and states look at the age of the teens when the alleged crime occurs. they look at prior offenses and the severity of the crime. in the michigan case, the boys were older. although it was just a couple of years, that makes a big difference in terms of the criminal justice system and whether they will be tried as juveniles or adults. in ohio, the bar is a lot higher and they look at whether or not there is enough time to rehabilitate these teens, and the prosecutor has determined that because they were 13 to 15 years old, they can't be tried
7:36 am
different states look at these situations differently, and depending on the state, you can have what looks to be similar situations treated very differently. some in juvenile court, and some in traditional court. >> a young man was killed in this case. his family is in mourning. they want these kids tried as adults. this is an incredibly tough balance to strike. >> it substituabsolutely is, an prosecutors and judges have to make these calls all the time, and in some cases, families don't believe justice is served and in ohio, the families feel like these boys should be tried in adult courts, but the prosecutor says it won't happen, and they will stay in the juvenile system. >> just a point as we thank areva and stephanie, thank you both. this is a great case to discuss with your teenagers. >> absolutely. coming up, the baseball coach at the top of his game suddenly fighting for his life
7:37 am
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we are back now with that heart-stopping race to save the life of houston astros' first base coach. the world series champion was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at the team's big celebration, and abc's adrienne bankert is here with more on his miraculous recovery. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, paula. what's better than the world series? being there to celebrate. but the odds
7:41 am
alive after what seemed nothing more than a clumsy fall. the first base coach was an integral part of the first world series win for the astros in 60 years. proudly riding in the champions parade, but just hours later at city hall, he began to stagger, telling another team member he wasn't feeling well. by the time he was at the hospital, he was unresponsible, suffering from bleeding in the brain. the doctor said he had 3% of survival. >> i said, please, lord, don't take my husband. >> reporter: what no one knew was the night before the parade, he slipped on a wet floor and hit his head. he had no symptoms, not even a headache. >> i hit the right side of my head, but i didn't feel any pain, and i wasn't hurting, so i got up the next day and went to the parade. >> reporter: his story similar to other accounts where someone may not feel immediate pain af
7:42 am
>> natasha richardson fell monday. >> reporter: in 2009, natasha richardson hit her head during a ski accident in canada and died. she returned to her hotel room and went to the hospital. the autopsy report shows she died from bleeding into her brain. indaughter's case, the doctors performed a three-hour urg. >> i called and said, you need to come to houston because your dad has just -- it doesn't look good. >> reporter: but miraculously, three days later,daughter opened his eyes. this morning, he says he has zero side effects. >> i don't have any pain. i do not feel confused. i don't have any balance issues. >> he is a miracle. he is a walking miracle. but i do get kind of tired because he keeps telling me he is a miracle, so -- >> reporter: you won't hear the last of that either. the doctor says there was so much blood in his brain that i
7:43 am
pushed his brain onto the brain stem, and he is thanking the people who took him to the hospital, and saying, god used them to save his life. >> no side effects. 3% chance of survival. >> he went home and started to vacuuming and sent the video to doctors saying, i'm all right. >> thank you. we want to bring in our chief medical correspondent, jen ashton, joining us from boston this morning. hi there. >> hi, paula. >> we mentioned gnaw tasha richardson's untimely death, but how rare are these? >> you know, it happens. it's not common, but obviously, we do see it. it's estimated to happen in 5 to 25 cases of severe head trauma. we have to put that into context. there are about 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries in this country every year, and about 52,000 deaths attributed to that, and you have to look at the risk factors here.
7:44 am
about when you talk about a sub durl hematoma. as we age, the brain does shrink a little bit. and when you are on blood thinners, that can increase the risk of bleeding at baseline, and if you jar your head, and it hits the inside of the skull, it can tear those veins and give you a sub durl. >> coachdaughter was 65, and he was on blood-thinning medication, but he slipped and hit his head the night before, but he didn't have a headache. how would you know this happens? >> take a look at this list of symptom symptoms. there are many symptoms, and the key is a change in mental status. if you have any of these symptoms after head trauma, you need to seek medical attention immediately. go to an emergency room, call 911. obviously, not all of
7:45 am
symptoms mean you have it, but you have to err on the side of caution. >> thank you. coming up on "gma" this thursday morning, how bill lee lourd is honoring her mother, plus the heartwarming tributes po pouring. moving packages on a global scale, nobody does it better. he's also an avid cookie connoisseur. dig in, big guy. but when it comes to mortgages, he's... less confident. fortunately for nick, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. rocket mortgage by quicken loans.
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and we're back now with the tributes coming in from all over the world for carrie fisher on the anniversary of her death. >> the
7:49 am
trending on twitter, and diane macedo has more. good morning to you. >> it's hard to believe it has been a year since she passed away at the age of 60. the last movie, "the last jedi," calls her a goddess and icon, the deepest kind of inspiration. william shatner posted a photo of them together with the crying emoji, and the most touching comes from her daughter, billie lourd beneath the northern lights, saying her mother had an otherworld otherworld otherworldly obsession with them, and she says she loves her. also luke skywalker remembering her saying, #alwayswithus, sharing photos from the original motive and the "
7:50 am
and gary also posting, we miss you. they have traveled everywhere together. for those of you who didn't stick around for the end credits, tiny spoiler here. the filmmakers also pay a touching tribute to her with the words, in loving memory of our princess, carrie fisher. >> i miss thad. >> i did too. such a powerful role-playing leia. >> thanks so much, diane. coming up, the stunning spike in women smoking pot throughout their pregnancy. dr. ashton is back and tells us the dangers. to most people, i look like most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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there a draft in here? i'm telling you, it's so easy to get home insurance on progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. welcome back. the northern parts of the west have been enduring storms with snow. this beautiful shot taken at the lookout point there. yellowstone national park. that is spectacular. more storms on the way, and warnings up for winter storms. that could bring a couple more feet of snow, and the southern rockies, not benefitting from this sort of pattern. cascades, and getting
7:55 am
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>> seven is on your side right now with live, local news from washington. cracks and rex county, a man is facing charges after a chaotic night in herndon. drove off.truck and that began a series of that left a police officer and a child in critical condition. police are still trying to figure out a motive. multistate-- a chase. on a crawford road in germantown and it came to an end on the germantown parkway. the suspects crashed into a guardrail near the arlington-mclean border.
7:57 am
let's get an update on the weather. eileen: it is all about the cold. some of the coldest air all year. feels like temperatures in the teens later today that expect plenty of sunshine. it will look pretty. 27 is the air temperature this afternoon. inorrow morning, wind chills the single digits. tomorrow, we do get above freezing. into the upcoming weekend of the last weekend of 2000 17, a few snow showers are possible on saturday. sunday, 27. 20 42 bring in the new year. allie: that is a chilly forecast. chilly for the forecast and car drive today. on the left. prince william county, an accident before you get to prince william parkway under police direction. parkway itself is fine. open for business.
7:58 am
looks like this everywhere you go. the woodrow wilson bridge on the inner loop and outer loop, a fantastic ride. traffic watch. adrianna: news, traffic and weather updates anytime with our mobile app. my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house." people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bundle up. more snow is on the way. a new arctic blast is about to sweep the country as record snowfall already has so many shoveling out. and the new year's eve ball drop here in times square could be the coldest midnight in over 50 years. tax rush. long lines before that new law takes effect. january 1st, should you rush to pay some of your taxes before deductions disappear? and the big question for so many mile-per-hou americans, can pre-paying for property taxes before the new year save
8:01 am
pot and pregnancy. mothers-to-be smoking marijuana on the rise. what's behind its increase, and is it safe? dr. ashton breaking it down. which frozen pie comes out on top? what's tastiest? what's healthiest? the brand-new rankings straight from consumer reports. we'll eat our way through the top results this morning. and are you ready for the "marvelous mrs. maisel"? the stars of the new laugh out loud hit here live, and they are saying -- >> both: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] i spent part of last night watching that show. it's really good. >> i spent part of last night eating frozen pizzas, which we are about to do. >> a regular night in the faris household. glad to have you with us on this last thursday of 2017. >> i can't believe it, and this morning, we are introducing you to the brand-new american
8:02 am
there she is, our silhouette in all of her glory. we can't tell you too much yet, but here is a clue. she always shoots for the stars, and i would venture to say she is out of this world, and there are plenty of cute little girls waiting to meet her. >> they are so excited. also coming up, what is the craze zest present you received this holiday season? wait until you see what luke bryan got his wife. see if yours topped what he did. >> i got to say, the pants -- the pajama pants my husband got me are my favorite. >> pajama pants? pants? >> i asked for pants and knives this holiday season. i don't know when that says about me. >> sounds like the beginning of a movie. scary ending. >> scary weather out there. let's get to the bone-chilling cold. windchills down to 30 below in the midwest, and record-breaking snow grinding the traffic to a halt in some places. rob marciano is outside in times square braving the elements right now, and rob, how much worse is this going to get? >> it will
8:03 am
now. a scarf, gloves and hat. that would be welcome. the new year will be colder than it is right now. look at this picture shot by max golembo. they had to shut that puppy down until spring. certainly through the new year. it feels like zero in new york city, zero in philadelphia. zero in harrisburg, and that will cause frostbite in less than ten minutes. another look at the new year's weekend, minus 8 will be the windchill in chicago. 20 degrees in parts of the south. 4 in d.c. below zero windchills in new york city and boston for the ball drop here in times square. 11 degrees is what we are going for. that would be the coldest since 1962, and the windchill of minus 4. these folks are sticking around. i think they will be ready for it. prepare for it, and take care of the kids, pets and the elderly, and check on them b
8:04 am
cold can be dangerous for those folks. >> that's a good warning and you tempted fate that you were happy to be inside. the producers heard and took revenge. get back in here and get warm. >> thanks. we'll turn to the tax plan. stephanie ramos is back in washington with the latest on how the make the most of those deductions while they are still around. stephanie. >> reporter: dan, this morning so many taxpayers are rushing to pay their bill just before that new law, that new tax bill, takes effect january 1st. this tax bill would cut the amount millions of americans can deduct on federal tax bills. it's a new financial reality for a lot of people. the new law limits deductions for state and local income taxes and property taxes. capping them at a combined $10,000. accountants say some taxpayers could consider pre-paying next year's property taxes before the new year to get a larger deduction. that only gives you a couple of days to do so. experts say if you are itemizing
8:05 am
for 2017, check with your personal accountant to see if it makes sense. for example, if you have been assessed $20,000 in property tax, you could be saving between $3,000 and $8,000 by paying early, depending on your tax bracket. >> thank you. paula, over to you. i wondered if your father/son reactions are like the royals. we're getting a look at prince charles and his son, harry. he spent his morning hosting a three-hour radio show, and interviewed his dad as one of his guests. he calls the future king of england, pa, and that they discuss prince charles' passion for the environment and views on climate change. at one point, charles said to harry, quote, well, darling boy, it makes me very proud to make me think that you understand,
8:06 am
which harry joked, and i'm listening. there is a difference between hearing and listening. even when you look like you're staring through me. it looks like you're hearing me, but not listening. he is my work husband. >> i am guilty of that. both at home and at work sometimes. >> admission is the first step to recovery. >> yes. >> right. >> dodger. coming up, an alarming new study making headlines about pregnant women using marijuana. dr. ashton back with what you need to know. plus we're dishing on the top pizzas this morning. which frozen pies are the tastiest and healthiest? and we have excited young ladies here this morning because we are unveiling the brand-new american girl doll. it's all coming up right here in times square. carmax, we'll buyr even if you don't buy one from us. because maybe you're already buying a car somewhere else. or maybe you want to shop around. or, maybe you don't want to drive a car at all anymore... like, maybe you want to ride a camel into the dessert and take a deep hard look within.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma" on this thursday morning. thank you, everybody. if you want to blame anybody for the weather, there's your man. >> it's him. it's your fault. >> it was a long wait outside, but it's much warmer in here. sort of, kind of in a way. i'm happy to be inside. thank you. >> don't say that again. they will send you back out. >> i learned my lesson. >> you can stay inside for this hour. also coming to times square, ar arie, the new bachelor will be on the day after the premiere. he is in a bit of a conundrum. he is in love with not one, but two wimp drama. >> the struggle is real. let's sends things over to adrienne
8:12 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> bono is making the front cover of "the rolling stone" magazine with a near-death experience saying it inspired songs of experience. he won't talk more about it, but he is weighing in on the state of music, and he is saying, what is rock and roll? he said that's why the who or pearl jam are such a great band. sounds like bono ♪ still hasn't found what he is looking for ♪ >> well done. [ applause ] >> if they hadn't played that song at my wedding -- >> doesn't send the right message. >> did you pick the play list? >> no. they just played it. enough of that. let's move onto country music. keith urban is thanking his hard core fans. he is sending them trophies, opening up the statues, pla
8:13 am
then on the mantle. they get to keep them for a year, and send them back. it's nice to have it as a memory and tribute, and god bless you. >> it's like the stanley cup. they pass it on. >> that's, like, a cool mo men toe if you are a big urban fan. if you are an animal fan, this might be your favorite story of the morning. luke bryan surprising his wife with this christmas gift. carolyn blindfolded, and look at it. >> is it a puppy? >> kangaroos. kangaroos named marvo and todd. they are named after the characters in "national lampoon's christmas vacation". >> are they wearing diapers? >> kangaroos wear diapers. that's the most interesting christmas present. i haven't mailed mine
8:14 am
if there are procrastinators, no judgment. i get it. >> you don't want to mail a kangar kangaroo. i didn't know they were household pets. >> they go out in the backyard after they grow up and get out of of diapers. >> there is a follow-up story in this. >> he does have a farm, so i guess it works. >> yes. we want to turn now to our "gma" cover story on the spike in women using marijuana while pregnant. dr. jen ashton is back with more on this on the potential risks in moms. can you talk about this trend? what do we know about marijuana use during pregnancy? >> the trend is going up. we know that women who are pregnant and in the pre-pregnancy period are using marijuana more. we don't know how much of this use is medicinal versus recreational yet. the numbers are pretty stragering. 14% of teens report using. 18% of those using actually meet criteria for a
8:15 am
problem, and 34% to 60% of marijuana users continue use during pregnancy. so taken together, these numbers really get our attention. >> so what should pregnant women know about the possible risks and the dangers for their unborn child if they are going to continue the marijuana use? >> well, to be clear, acog, which is our national organization, is explicit. there is no safe use of marijuana at all during pregnancy or post-partum if you are breast-feeding. we think there is the possibility that marijuana use can affect the development of the brain, and there have been studies that have shown that women who are pregnant who use marijuana weekly are at increased risk for having what we call a low birth weight baby, and that's having a baby that's less than 5 1/2 pounds, and that carries its own risks. yes, we need more data, and yes, women need for options for
8:16 am
official recommendations are crystal clear. do not use marijuana during pregnancy. >> as a guide, what advice do you have for women if they have used pot recently? >> i think pregnant women can't be afraid to talk to their obstetrician or midwife about this. if you are using, or if you have used at any point in your pregnan pregnancy, stop immediately. discuss this with your health care provider, and listen, we have to err on the side of caution. you don't want to roll the dice with one baby or two babies and so, you know, at this point, the bottom line is no need for weed when you talk about pregnancy. >> okay. great advice, and interesting study. thank you, dr. jen. let's send things over to dan. >> thank you, paula and jen. switching gears to brand-new research from consumer reports on frozen pizzas as we head into prime footballen is, and count down to the super bowl. more people ever will be eating
8:17 am
get enough of football or pizza. there they are. subtly dressed. [ applause ] faryn on the left is wearing tom brady socks. she takes it to another level. i admire your subtlety. we break it down with our nutritionist, dawn jackson blatner. >> good morning. >> on any given day, 1 in 8 americans are eating pizza, and my question for you, does it make any difference whether it's frozen or delivery? >> i have shocking stats for you. delivery pizza can be, like, eating a double cheeseburger for just one slice. whoa. whoa. >> why is that a big deal? >> look at this. this is a lot of calories -- i was, like, i was going to convince him. it's shocking. so, like, when you think about this, that's even half of your salts
8:18 am
>> wow. >> when it comes to frozen pi a pizza, sometimes you can eat half to whole frozen pizza to be half of that pizza. >> they looked at pizzas and rated them on nutrition and taste, frozen pizzas. what were their picks? >> these are the top cheese winners. this is the american flatbread. tomato sauce and three-cheese pizza, and amy's. these are the winners. good job, winners. each one of them is about 300 calories per serving, and they didn't come in high with the sodium and fat. consumers found something interesting. that veggie piz sazas are healtr because the veggies take away the cheese, so the veggie pizza was the cold medal here. the california pizza kitchen, spinach
8:19 am
grand prize. >> are there other ways you can make these healthier? >> there are plenty of ways to make it healthier. you can add your own veggie toppings here. i love mushrooms and arugula. onions and peppers. you bake that and finish it with fresh herbs like basil and orega oregano. thanks for that. it makes it not only more nutrition, but it's fresher tasting. you get nutrition and a fresher taste when you add your own toppings and herbs. >> it improves brain health and makes you less likely to wear tom brady socks. >> i like that. [ applause ] you can't see a dietitian without saying eat a salad with your pizza. come on. >> there is going to be -- under your name, we're going to put the word, no fun. >> oh. whoa, whoa, whoa.
8:20 am
this is all a pizza party. >> how can we make -- for those of us who love meat on our pizzas, how can we make that more healthy? >> most people love a meat-topped pizza. take a cheese or veggie-topped pizza, and add your own toppings. think about grilled chicken or a lean turkey sausage or a turke . peppero pepperoni. >> what? >> yeah. fun. you're getting a meat lover's pizza, which is also a health lover's pizza. health lover and meat lover. did you like that? >> the way you're healthy is to make the pizza, like, the side dish to the main dishes which is the salad. >> they can be equal. you don't have to be a party pooper. >> your hit sl now somewhat fun. rob, over to you. >> all right. you can have the veggie pizza. we have hungry mouths to feed
8:21 am
erie, pennsylvania. still in the headlines weatherwise the last couple of days. but get on the swing, and yeah. how about this dismount? the half biscuit double twist and he sticks the landing. nice. almost. you need a snorkle. nonetheless, that is a lot of fun, and hopefully hwing through saturday keeping us cloudy throughout the day with a slight chance of passing snow showers or snow flurries. only a coating is likely at this slick with pavement ld be temperatures around freezing. another surge of arctic air arrives for ghs only reaching the p 20s. lo tthe teens, as we ng in 2018. ghs: 24-27and very cold. fridayam clouds. pm sun.ud remaining unseasonably ld. winds: sw to nw 5 mph today will be one of the coldest days in nearly a year. high temperatures are only expected to reach the upper 20s. morning wind chills in the single digits will give way to wind chills in the upper teens by this afternoon. at least it will look pretty with abundant sunshine; however, the sun won't be providing us any
8:22 am
all right. now to what's being called the new blowout. a so-called facial for your scalp, right? >> yes. >> the new beauty trend that's helping your hair fight off this bitter cold, and eva pilgrim is back on this new trend. >> any pampering is good pampering. we test the limits of our hair almost daily, and once in a blue moon, we decide to slap on extra conditioner to make it better, right? what about your scalp or roots? say hello to a new treatment, the head spa. >> reporter: getting that perfect 'do takes some work. lots of primping, pulling, heating, teasing and spray. >> people are so keen to abuse their hair, abuse their scalps. >> reporter: over time, that combination can leave a mess. the newest trend in hair, a so-called facial for your scalp. it's being introduced to top salons. >>
8:23 am
hair. >> reporter: the head spa revitalizization treatment is a five-step process that takes about an hour. step one, a real look at your scalp. a quick close-up to analyze what you are working with. >> so you could see, like, in your pore a little bit, it's a little clogged and this is from product. >> reporter: time from a detox shampoo and a nice little massage. step two, the fun part. a cleansing spa gel. >> i'm going to use long surprise going on the top of the head just to relieve some tension. >> reporter: and another head massage. next, this is where the real spa part of the treatment comes in. it's time to let off some steam, literally. steam coming off the top of your head. ten minutes later, step four. rinse and condition. before styling, we hit the last
8:24 am
step, treatment. then it's time for a quick blowout. >> you can see it's shiny. >> reporter: while it is relaxing, a board certified dermatologist says there isn't any clinical evidence that a spa treatment will have any dramatic long-term effects for your scalp. >> the reality is that a simple shampoo and conditioner will really get the job done. the rest is just icing on the cake. >> reporter: but she does say the massaging and the relaxing atmosphere can have health benefits and that's what this is all about. making sure clients feel good and look good when they leave. [ applause ] >> i enjoyed the massage. >> it's the best part about going to the salon is getting your head washed. massaged. it feels so
8:25 am
>> a lot of scalp complaints happen because it's cold outside, and that's kind of the issue. >> everything is dry, and this is a pretty expensive treatment, this particular thing we're talking about, but what about affordable treatments we can find over the counter or in the drugstore? >> if you are worried about the gunk on your scalp, look for shampoo with salicylic acid, and this is my favorite tip. wear a hat, not just to keep the heat on your head, but as weird as this sounds, it keeps the moisture on your head. >> interesting. >> so remember, everything you do for your hair -- >> hat head or hat hair. >> it will stay moist. >> interestingly, this is piquing your curiosity, isn't it? you have been riveted. >> not one little bit. >> thank you very much. your hair looks lovely by the way. coming up, the hottest trends for a home sweet home
8:26 am
your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you have never seen.
8:27 am
>> seven is on your side with live, local news from good morning washington. adrianna: happening today, a somber look back at 2017. the officers memorial fund will release the fertility report which includes officers killed in traffic accidents, shootings and other causes. this year's report shows a decrease from last year. larry: the wizards will be sporting a new look. they unveiled the city addition uniform. the uniforms for every team. it says district of columbia across the chest. the wizards will wea
8:28 am
the jersey starting january 30. adrianna: it is bitterly cold out there. >> the arctic blast is here to stay for quite a while. overnight tonight, dropping into the low 20's. warming up tomorrow if you can call this warm. we are still below average. a quick look at the forecast. for new year's eve, temperatures .t 27 an accident involves a pedestrian right before you get to prince william parkway. out. an accident at the intersection of 28-29 in centerville. no problems here. 95
8:29 am
and southbound across the occoquan. we saw a lot of southbound traffic around the 10:00 hour. but right now, everything is in good shape. that
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma" on this thursday morning, and what a fantastic audience we have here in times square. again, thank you, guys, for coming inside and not braving the elements. thank you. we cannot wait to reveal our special secret guest this morning. the brand-new american girl doll. there she is. you're going to find out more about her. so exciting to meet her, and there are adorable little girls here ready to meet her as well. first, we are looking at the new frien trends for a home
8:31 am
lori bergamotto. >> i love the audience response. >> yesterday, you were on the show to talk about old fashions, but now we're talking about bold choices for our home in 2018. >> exactly, and paula, you can't get much bolder than this color, which is the color of the year. it's this beautiful red. >> gorgeous. >> your cues nicely today. >> like the library with books on it. if this is bold for you, which this is a red carpet for your house, but if this is too much, sage. >> calming. >> it's been a rough year, and sage is a way to kind of just all relax a little bit. >> i think we need to relax. >> searches for sage went up 170% on pinterest just in the last couple of months. >> i love
8:32 am
it's the sign of life, and it's just ethereal and relaxing. >> it's, like, nature. >> this is therapeutic. i'll just paint the rest of this segment. i see this making a big comeback. >> there you go. so what this is, you may recognize this from, like, subways or from your elementary school floors. >> yep. >> this actually started in the 18th century, and it used to be a luxurious thing, and people look at it now as this is affordable and cool, and it feels like the '70s a little bit, but it can be expensive to do. there is that marble inside the granite. >> do we have a budget friendly option? >> we do. we found this on for $11 a roll. >> this is not the full roll. >> you
8:33 am
you can do it to your counter tops or floors. >> oh, this is perfect. >> you want to pick out our tile, which is right now, the trending tile, and all of this is from clay. beautiful, geometric tile, and g geometric designs and people are using this on their bathrooms to look like wallpaper. >> affordable and fun. now we move onto the kitchen. app-based appliances. this is going to distract me from everything else, and i'll end up burning the food. tell me how this works. >> they come in everything from slow cookers to coffee makers to even ovens. let's say you're running late or in a meeting, you can pop on your phone and say, stop cooking. or oven, turn down to just warming. there are a lot of things you can do. but if you are not, you know, a lot of people aren't into the techie thing -- or cookin
8:34 am
or you are, the instant pot is the number one seller on amazon this year. it is matting. this actually replaces nine appliances in your kitchen. a slow cooker, rice cooker. it can make yogurt. >> diane macedo was talking about this. it can make yogurt. >> you can do so many things with this, and the trend for 2018 that you will see, is everybody will come out with instant pot recipes, instant pop cookbooks. it will be about revolving life and recipes around this gadget. >> now we have no reason not to cook anymore. >> that's right. >> okay. >> get on it, paula faris. >> i'll get on it. we also have some trends for nutrition and plant-based foods? >> yes. i'm sure a lot of us here have heard of gluten-free and vegan, and a lot of that is around the idea of replacing carbohydrates with plant milk. this is pea mi.
8:35 am
p-e-a milk. i want to make that clear. this has a higher protein and less sugar. did i lose you? >> you lost me. >> there are things on this table like muffins and pasta, that you would think, that's not healthy for me, but it's all been -- >> plant-based. >> there are plant-based proteins. you have soybeans and chick peas and all of those things infused and replacing the bad stuff and putting the good stuff in. >> speaking of good stuff -- do i spell mushrooms? >> coffee. >> i smell mushrooms. >> if you have a problem with the acidity of coffee, it is easier, and mushrooms are good for you. not just a port bellsteak, peop. >> i need my coffee. >> this would be the healthiest cup of coffee. cheers to a healthy 2018. >> i need some
8:36 am
i feel like mushrooms need sauteed butter. >> cheers. >> cheers to 2018. coming up, the stars of one of the hottest new comedies right now, havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. [sfx: doorbell] can somebody get that? uh uh, not me baby! [sfx: doorbell] homework! it's mommy time! it's daddy time! i told you not to marry her. [sfx: doorbell]
8:37 am
alright. who's next? find year end specials now at havertys. life looks good.
8:38 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are back wit
8:39 am
of "marvelous mrs. maisel." am i pronouncing that correctly? >> maisel like basil. >> it's about a housewife trying to make it in the show business. it's by the directors oof of "gilmore girls." everybody, big welcome. [ applause ] i'll start with you. congratulations. you were nominated for best actress in a musical or comedy, and the show was nominated for best musical or comedy. how is it to wake up and find out you have been no, ma'am fmi a golden globe? >> it was amazing. >> i don't know what answer i was exhibpecting. >> it was amazing that everybody responded so positively to quickly. >> you woke up to the new? >> i was very asleep. the news
8:40 am
morning, and my dog made a noise, and my phone was blowing up. it's a nice way to wake up. highly recommend it. >> this show is based in the 1950s, but it's quite timely, having watched it last night and enjoyed what i saw. it's timely as it comes in the middle of the me too movement. i would to know what your thoughts are on the resonance of the show given current events. >> this is a show about a woman who is apologetically confident. it is written and produced, and directed by an extraordinary woman and extraordinary man who loves extraordinary women. it's -- i think it highlights some of the battles that women fought then and are still fighting today. >> it's amazing the battles continue. michael, your thoughts on this? >> yeah. i think especially speaking as a man during this period of time, i think men still have a lot to
8:41 am
perspective, so, you know, these female shows that are coming out now are pretty important. >> i heard tom hanks say, this is a great time for men to shut up and listen. that was a wise thing to say. i want to show people a clip from the show. in this scene, rachel, you're giving your wedding toast. take a look. >> though i knew love would be great, i had no idea it would be anything that could justify what i paid for this dress. >> what i paid for that dress. we're very happy. >> and because it's better than anything i would have imagined, i thought i should get up here and tell you all, that i love this man, and yes, there is shrimp in the egg rolls. >> shrimp in egg rolls, not kosher. hence the controversy. michael, in that scene, the two of you look very happy, but you turn out to be the
8:42 am
>> well, or the catalyst from which, you know, her career -- >> nice try spinning that. >> i don't see him as a villain. i see him as flawed, and if you watch the show, i think he has more depth than just being, you know, a superficial villain. >> that's -- i would agree with that. that is absolutely correct. all right, you guys up for a lightning round? we have a couple of seconds. >> all right. >> here we go. if you could live in any era, which would you choose? rachel first, then michael. >> the 1800s. >> civil war. always a fun time to live. >> yeah. >> i would say the '60s or '70s because of the music and pencilen. >> i like that. what's your favorite show to binge watch? >> "insecure". >> great show. >> "stranger things." >> also great show. who is your favorite comedian? >> joan rivers. >> and your character has been compared to joan rivers.
8:43 am
>> i liked robin williams. [ applause ] >> what is your favorite thing to do when not onset? >> have a lot of coffees with friends. >> nice. >> sleep. [ laughter ] >> and finally, what are your pet peeves? >> okay. i really hate when people are cutting food and they scrape the knife and the fork. >> yes! like a chalk board. i hear you. michael, don't do that. >> i don't do that. texting during movies. >> yes, i agree. >> i got a lot of applause there. >> you did. michael and rachel, great to meet you, and great job on the show. it is really good, and we should tell you that "marvelous mrs. maisel" is streaming now on amazon prime. let's go over to rob. hey. my little pet peeve is when santas are mocking us when it's zero degrees and they are doing this in and around christmas. 800 santas got to surf the
8:44 am
in the 70s,highs: 24-27 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 13-21 winds: n 5 mph friday: am clouds. pm sun. remaining unseasonably cold. highs: 33-38 winds: sw to nw 5 mph today will be one of the coldest days in nearly a year. high temperatures are only expected to reach the upper 20s. morning wind chills in this weather report -- excuse me. is brought to you by tide. michael and rachel couldn't leave of course, without giving the gift of warmth this holiday season. it's part of our warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. you can help your neighbors too by bringing a gently worn coat to any burlington store like michael and rachel. there it is. that was easy, right? we need these this time of year for sure. it is cold outside. adrienne, over to you. thank you, rob. now to the highly anticipated new season of "black mirror." it takes you inside a distaupe yan world, and we
8:45 am
see jody foster, and amy robach sat down with the star. >> nothing is going to happen. >> reporter: season four of netflix's sci-fi anthology has us ready for a binge aon this of this show. >> we see an archangel, and she loses her daughter at the play ground ground. i love the tag line. the key to good parenting is control. what could go wrong? is that creepy? that's really creepy. who wrote that tagline? >> did you? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: archangel, the fourth of six new episodes is directed by jodie foster and stars "la la land's" rose marie dewitt. >> we got to so many themes not just about technology, but relationships between parents and children.
8:46 am
tempted by the idea of, you know, wanting to make sure they are safe, but that leads to living vicariously through them, and it leads the a strange dynamic and there is a device that allows you to control what your child experiences. >> that device top secret until the series debut. >> they tend to be cautionary tales. >> there was a lesson to be learned. it's, like, a modern day twilight zone. >> i'm a huge fan. i didn't know anything about it, and when you read something, it speaks to you, and you feel like it's a personal story. >> i love seeing powerful, successful, talented female directors in hollywood and incredible actress as well. >> thank you. >> what is it like being in hollywood right now? >> this is new for us, and it will take adjustments i
8:47 am
collaboration with netflix. "orange is the new black." more collaborations down the road? >> i think so. they are making the best stuff on television, and they have this very handsoff filmmaker respectful approach that mainstream television doesn't have anymore. >> reporter: amy robach, new york. >> season four premieres tomorrow on netflix. up next, we're revealing the brand-new american girl doll. look h
8:48 am
8:49 am
and we are back now with the moment that we have all been waiting for. especially all these beautiful little girls here in our audience. we are finally revealing american girl's 2018 girl of the year. of course, they are all dressed up as a clue. a
8:50 am
she is. who do you think she is? you think she is an astronaut? uh-oh. i think so. okay, everybody. it is the moment we have all been waiting for. are you ready to meet her? >> all: yes! >> all right. here she comes. [ applause ] here she comes, girls. there she is, landing. everybody, we want you to meet luciana vega, american girl's 16th girl of the year doll. she is a creative, confident 11-year-old girl who dreams of being an astronaut and the first person to go to mars. she also hopes to inspire others, to gdefy
8:51 am
what do you think of luciana? what do you think? does anybody have anything to say about her? >> i think she looks amazing, but i also like that she has a backpack and it looks like a real astronaut. >> she is a real astronaut. she has a jet pack. what do you think about her? do you have anything to say, girls? nothing? they are all speechless. what do you think about her? >> i really like that she is an astronaut and she is trying to inspire people. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> are any of you -- i want you to raise your hand if any of you have dreams of being an astronaut or going to space camp. you do? how amazing is that? would you all like to go home with her? >> yeah! >> well, do we have a sprurpris for you. girls, go get your doll. [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
>> what an incredible moment. how awesome is that? i love seeing those big smiles. i love seeing these big smiles and we also have a surprise for everyone in our studio audience today. yes. you're all going home with your very own luciana doll as well. [ cheers and applause ] she is the american girl doll of the year, 2018. the luciana collection, it will be available starting monday, january 1st. congratulations, girls. [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by the new weightwatchers freestyle program. join today and feel the freestyle effect. we want to thank you so much for watching "gma" and to our studio audience, and thank you to american girl doll for making our morning so special. one more thing before we go. >> we want to wish
8:56 am
birthday to one of our beloved stage managers. fonzie. >> happy 21st birthday to fonzie. >> congratulations on your dolls. [ cheers and applause ] >>
8:57 am
now with live, local news from good morning washington. adrianna: a man is facing charges for firing shots in the middle of rush-hour traffic. last: it began around 5:00 night. jeep6-year-old was -- a switching lanes. he sped up past the jeep and fired shots. a police officer arrested him. today will be one of the coldest days in almost a year. you definitely need to bundle up this afternoon. notice temperatures topping out at 27 degrees. you will see sunshine in the forecast through the afternoon. cloudy tonight that notice temperatures falling into the 20's. overnight low temperatures will be 13 degrees. look at the
8:58 am
with isolated slick spots not out of the question. a coldr's eve will be one. 20 seven with temperatures dropping back into the teens by midnight. allie: a pedestrian has been struck on prince william parkway. it looks like eastbound lanes are closed. you will find plenty of police officers on the scene. is free and clear north or south bound across the occoquan. this is where we start to pick up in the middle of the day on the interstate. give it another hour and you 95 delays which are pretty heavy. that is the traffic watch. adrianna: news, weather and traffic any time on our mobile app.
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