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tv   Good Morning Washington 5am  ABC  January 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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stormwatch 7 winter weather advisory across the d-m-v! flakes falling fast in some spots. mother nature packing a powerful punch. we have team coverage of how it's impacting your morning commute, flights, and many schools. let's begin with stormwatch 7 meteorologist veronica johnson!
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vj toss to eileen
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(se washington) eileen toss to julie julie
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julie toss to johnny in calvert county
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right now -- the winter weather right now -- the winter weather
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travellers. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed across the country. and dozens of school districts closed in our area! just in - fairfax county, now closed. melanie hastings is at the live desk in the newsroom with more first up -- delays and cancellations on amtrak. northeast regional service between d-c and newport news and norfolk is completely cancelled today! amtrak is also operating a modified schedule between new york and boston. as for flights: the board at reagan national is showing more and more red. it's a similar story up and down the east coast. about 35-hundred flights are canceled today, according to flight-aware dot com. if you do have a trip scheduled -- the airlines are being
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all the major carriers have travel alerts in place. that means -- you can change or cancel your ticket at no cost. dozens of schools are closed or delayed in and around the d-m-v this morning. prince william, spotsylvania and fairfax county schools are closed. prince george's schools have a two hour delay. there are many more too. they are scrolling at the bottom of yor screen. you can get alerts when your child's school is closed or delayed -- sent right to your phone by signing up for our closing alerts at wjla-dot-com. larry, autria back to you. howard university is urging students not to return from winter break until sunday, because not to return from winter break until sunday, because some dorms have no heat. but for some students, that warning came too late.
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returned to campus early. and they're stunned about what they've had to deal with. howard university officials say there are problems with boilers and ruptured steam pipes in several buildings. crews are racing to restore heat by the time students return. the campus is closed today and tomorrow, because of a lack of heat. coming up -- a fake 9-1-1 call leads to police killing a man. how it happened and details on the person accused of making the call. plus -- here's a look at your stormwatch 7 weather on the go.
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way to clear the snow -- a man in pennsylvania attached a cardboard television box to his lawn mower to create a snow plow a few days ago! the family says it got the job done! this video has been viewed more than eight million times so far on facebook! veronica is that how you're going to plow your driveway?? caught on camera -- a crook begging to
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a crook begging to be let out of a store he was robbing. how he got trapped inside. and two missing girls have been found. how officers tracked them down -- after the break a happy update now --
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from texas who were missing. they have both been found safe in colorado. investigators report -- they spotted the girls during a traffic stop after pulling over the suspected abductor, terry miles -- for driving eratically. he is now in custody. an amber alert went out on new year's eve after the mother of the seven and 14 year-old was found dead in their house. police say miles lived in the house. we're now hearing a chilling 9-1-1 call... that led to an innocent man's death in kansas -- as the man accused of making the call, appears in court. tyler barriss is accused of making the fake call from california, but giving a kansas
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address. he also claimed he was holding other family members at gunpoint. this is known as swatting. police showed up at the address, where an officer shot and killed a 28-year-old man because he thought he had a weapon. barriss is suspected in at least 20 similar incidents. he waived his extradition proceedings in court yesterday. police have not found a link between him and the victim. check this out -- a robber begging to get out of a cell phone store in houston. an employee says the guy came in and pointed a gun at her. she was also robbed just weeks before, so she jumped into action. the worker rushed the customers out and locked the door. then the robber, john bell, tried shooting at the lock -- but that backfired: so -- he started begging. but the employee didn't let him out. the police came and arrested him.
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right now -- mother nature packing a powerful punch up and down the eastern part of the country -- including here in our area. suzanne -- kennedy is live in charles county -- with how this might impact your commute. suzanne toss to veronica
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a-t and "t" is raising the bar. we'll show you how.
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we'll show you how. plus, a credit card company has been double-charging its customers. how it happened, and what you need to know if you're impacted -- next.
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there. he'll join us live coming up in a little bit right here on good morning washington. anchors adlib overnight -- a-t-and-t announcing plans to roll out the next generation mobile internet. abc's kendis gibson and lynda lopez have deatails in this morning's tech bytes.
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powerful storm hitting the eastern part of the country. snow falling fast and hard in parts of our area. we all over the d-m-v bringing you snow totals, traffic delays, school closings and more. let's begin with stormwatch 7 meteorologist veronica johnson. vj toss to eileen
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eileen toss to julie
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julie toss to johnny in calvert county johnny in calvert county
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a winter blast is
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coast. snow even falling in northern florida for the first time in three decades and its not stopping there. the winter storm now called the bomb cyclone" is headed north.. passing over the d-c area right now. abc's stephanie ramos has more. the streets of south carolina -- looking more like a sled-dog race as south carolina -- looking more like a sled-dog race as
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moves through. take a look at this video from charleston. a woman on a snowboard, being pulled by her dog! they got about five inches of snow there -- the third highest snow total on record for that city. developing now. bad blood between
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his former white house chief strategist steve bannon. adrianna hopkins is standing by with more on the fued between the two who many thought were good friends. this feud all started after bannon called the meeting between donald trump junior and a russian lawyer..treasonous in the new book "fire and fury". bannon also said the trump campaign officials involved should have called the fbi immediately. in that meeting a russian lawyer allegedly promised to give damaging information about hillary clinton. in response -- president trump's attorney sent bannon a letter - demanding he stop making "disparaging statements" about the president, and his family. trump also said that when bannon was fired he not only lost his job but he lost his mind. the book fire and fury' is due out next week. abc news obtained an advance fury' is due out next week. abc news obtained an advance copy of the book by veteran journalist michael wolff. among the claims in
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many on team trump - including the candidate himself - didn't think he would win. the white house is dismissing the book as tabloid fiction. cars -- that can read your mind may soon be a thing. who came up with the technology -- and how it works -- straight ahead. first -- here's a look at your stormwatch 7 weather on the go.
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nature packing a powerful punch up and down the eastern part of the country -- including here in our area. suzanne -- kennedy is live on the roads this morning -- with how this might impact your commute. suzanne toss to ryan
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caught on camera -- people enjoying
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carolina. the national weather service says a little more than five inches of snow fell in charleston yesterday. this guy in north charleston - took advantage. he went tubing in the street! with the help of that truck that's pulling him of course. it's 5: and time for a check on weather.
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the fast-food war is heating up. mcdonald's, taco the fast-food war is heating up. mcdonald's, taco
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more have all come out with low-cost specials. the driving force in the fast food market is mcdonald's with their new 1,2,3 dollar menu. taco bell is doing its best to entice customers with new creations at extremely low prices. the mexican food chain is now offering 1 dollar nacho fries! if you want to go a little healthier -- subway is bringing back it's 5-dollar footlong -- for a penny less. and how about a "mind-reading car"... well -- nissan engineers are working on that. they're researching technology that uses brainwave sensors to detect what a driver intends to do, in the next fraction of second. the so-called brain-to-vehicle technology would
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times. nissan hopes to have some version of the technology ready for real-world use in five to ten years. much more to come here on good morning washington. brad bell live in ocean city, maryland. what do you have coming up? and don't forget. seven is on your
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather alert. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: nasty winter weather. it is a mess out there. fly in,now is roads are getting wet, and more and more schools are closing by the minute. a lot going on. in the last hour alone, fairfax, 11, and arlington county schools say they are closed for the day. autria: in maryland, prince george's county as well as montgomery county schools all closed for the day. for now, d.c. public schools, you are just on a two-hour delay.


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